Such a nasty woman

such a nasty woman

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Kinda want to fuck Hillary


You'd have to get through Huma first. She has dibs.

I'd fuck her
in the face
with a jackhammer

Thats the name if my cawk

Ad hoc ad loc
quid pro quo
so little time
so much to know

i have been hiding something from you guys

my shoulder has been killing me for days but i never said anything because i didnt want to make such a pedestrian complaint

but the cats out of the bag now

my right shoulder is exceptionally painful to move

that's just how it is



what kind of pain

at first it felt like a trapped nerve but it has evolved


How long's this been bothering you for?

trapdoors are dumb objects

I'm not gay
I'm not straight
I'm Graight

it has been sort of there in a dull unobtrusive way for weeks since i moved all the heavy stuff to my new house, but the last maybe five days it's been getting bad, first it just hurt lifting my arm, now it hurts with any use of the arm at all

we did it reddit


oh shit what up cuckboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



Moot killed 4 chan.


more like
A character that legitimately did nothing wrong.

I still love moot

The great betrayer




Ahhh, gomen gomen.

I'm on break for 12 more min.


that sucks


Only 3 and a half hours left.
Want to get that Arigami game?

the furry ratio is getting scary

I enjoy the influx of our kind.

if you want. or look for something else


Furry shitter hour

I'd like a game we can play just a ton and not be bored.

a stealth game seems itd have limited worth




I'm sure I can find something. Civ just doesn't look fun to me.

Hey, handsome.



Nah not

how's your day gettin along there?

Goodnight britisher

I'm sorry.

Well enough.
I have to go back to work soon.

it doesnt hurt my feelings. just find a good alternative

why are you capping me?

Wwell, well ,well
thas not well ENOUGH



I'm using this for a game cover and seeing who notices.

Later guys.

i keep all the caps i put in memes

I thought of you when i first sa it tbh
have agood day at work matey


hey baes

take care squish

I've had the seinfield song stuck in my head all fucking day

spoilerz is here! ^^

hey, what's up?


nothing much, just feelin slightly tilted today.



blitz hooks are scarey
and into jinx chompers...
i know to stay a mile away for them op stuff...

why is that?

im not discussing this with you

When Theseius says "rip" she doesn't mean "rest in peace."
She's really just saying "I will rip ever black person to enter my sight limb from limb."

The racism is strong in her.


Lmao there's a story here

ku klux klan luka

unlucky in video games u_u







those icky black people :(



Grow up, woman.

"The Nigger Grave Digger" Luka

discuss it with me, grimmers what are we talking about?

adorarin how you be doin?

games are game, losing in them is really not that bad hell you were in that ow match where we lost cause we all kept picking the same heroes losing can be more fun if you take it that way

"Chimp Choking Champion" Luka

hotel is pretty nice. got a room all to myself. p sweet. only have like 20-30 minutes before it's time to go to the dinner though.

hotel internet isn't great.


What's next?

you are fun!
because you kept me company! i didn't really care of wins or losses~
as long as you played with me ♥

didnt mean that one actually
looking in my caps folder I dont have many suitable opnes right now tbh
I only started making it about a month or so back

what are you doing?

Ah, so that's where you disappeared to.

Good to see you're alive.


I was playing some pokemon TCG online because I realized I had, like, 13 booster pack codes for it.

While out to dinner choke their bandwidth with downloading gay porn.

"Breaking the jaw of every nigger in Crenshaw" luka

"Nigger Neck-breaking Nightmare" luka

i don't like the lewd one about me :c
the others are great tho *pets*

what am i supposed to do with this?

I'm in utah for a big gay dinner that my mom is getting an award at and other stuff will happen I'm sure. some retard feminist is the guest of honor, gloria steinem or whatever. but free food, so eh.

no, I just haven't been around a lot because I've barely even felt like getting out of bed the past two weeks or so. extra strength depression and all that fun stuff.

gay porn is pretty gross, honestly. porn in general is.

im unsure

hey cups! *pets*

you shouldn't care anyway, losing is a major part of life ask trump

oh? never understood the tcg for pokemon before, is it interesting?


Would prefer you out of said funk.

laugh, or ignore it, because it's a joke.


yay free food and free travel fun! *hugs*
at least you get to go places~ ^^

are you having fun at least?

he's scarey!

i try... but they just keep on posting it!


when I get back from utah I'll try and force myself to be more social. it definitely helps. it's just the finding the motivation that is difficult.

hi hi spoilers. how's it going?

definitely regretting not bringing my mouse.

That's not the point.

It's not uninteresting?
It just depends on what you like, honestly.



Don't force yourself.

Just stating my opinion that I would prefer you to be in less of a depressed state of being.

better than most days?

yeah, it's alright I suppose.

I'm going to stream an absurd amount of video tonight, watch hulu all damn day. gotta catch up on currently airing shows. also gotta catch up on pokemon generations.

sometimes forcing yourself is the only way to do anything.

how's work been, anyway?

scary stupid maybe

better now that you are posting! you are missed, quite! doing alright yourself?

well then is it easy to learn and chill to play?


91 hours last week.
75 hours this week.

The Beast that will destroy the Middle East

miss ya lots!
*snuggles with you for comfort*

ya lol

im gonna go sleep
cause school coming up soon

probably never. but its suitable

doing that school stuff yet?


I was around the day before my trip though, and then I was actually posting a lot from the car on my tablet. I'm not gonna be here for much longer right now, but I might be around tonight some. we'll see.

I'm doing okay. just about to go to this dinner thing with my parents. hoping my hair dries some more before then. we barely had time to get ready after driving all day because we all slept in this morning.

so clearly hours are improving. that's good. keeps you out of trouble.

it's weird that you are missing me when I'm still here. and as far as anyone here is concerned as long as I have internet it doesn't matter one lick where my physical location is. kind of silly.


You don't have to be loneley

Oh, the new backpack I got, btw. ^_^

Yeah, but that doesn't choke bandwidth as much downloads can when done poorly.

As long as you aren't looking to go competitive.

I play with my little cousin sometimes and he's in grade 3.


still waiting


Yeah, keeps me out of drink, food, vidya, and bed.

backpack is p cute.

yeah yeah, but you know me. effort. all that.

all of those things sound like trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool.

why would you buy a 15 yo girl's 80s backpack

threadening, you?

yes but I like having you around sooo eitheer way though I hope you enjoy the trip in it's whole

wew nice backpack! I doubt I'd try comp in card games unless I wanted to jut lose lol


aaayyyyyyy its my nigga

All work and no drink makes me not up to finishing rhymes.

I like it.
It's a bit awkward since it's not my last one, but I like it.

And same, comp in cardgames is sure lose unless you have the money to keep up with the current sets.

what's good my home boy

my hair is significantly nicer looking when it's dry, as it happens.

so far the trip has been moderately enjoyable. I like my parents enough that spending this much time with them has been pretty nice.

you didn't need to finish it, I took care of that. the music man is one of the only plays I've ever seen. tomorrow I'll be seeing "the odd couple" so that should be fun.

hope work hours get back to normal soon for you.

what about it specifically is awkward?

MMy highschool friend john i hit up last night and he asked me if i wanted to wrestle today and I was like hell yeah and i been waiting all day to hit him up but nowo its dark and he told me he prlly gonna come over at 7 so we'll probly end up just chilling
really sucks
I was hype as fuck to roll ith someone
whats up ith you man

As do I.

Enjoy the play, Cup.

thanks thanks. enjoy what little time you have right now to relax.

They are fraudulent Nigerians/Africans, they will stop at nothing just to con you, they are fake agents from Nigerians/Africans.
They're all over Facebook posing themselves with different pages, names and photos of the Illuminati organization.
The Illuminati will never contact anyone with individual names, we don't send agents to contact or recruit people if they have not been confirmed by the supreme grand masters lodge in the united states.
So please ignore anyone claiming to be an agent of our organization recruiting people, they are Nigerians and Africans who only want your money, they are not in anyway affiliated to the Illuminati, please be aware of this so you don't lay your blames on the Illuminati.
You can only be contacted when your payment for your initiation/membership form and the materials needed for your initiation, have been confirmed by our supreme grand masters lodge in the united states.
The Illuminati offers wealth, fame, power, protection, knowledge and any other thing you wish for including a tax free life, free medical attention, a free pass to travel around the world like every other member, emotional and creative lectures, to improve your mind.
We have been doing this for years. We watches everything and nothing is hidden from us. We are everywhere.
We have members all over the world.
Throughout our organizations history, many citizens have inaccurately portrayed us in a negative manner.
These misconceptions have been perpetuated for centuries through videos, photos, articles, books, and unofficial online resources claiming to understand our mission and members.

how long has it been since you've seen him. wait, like you were going to wrestle?

nothing much man, just had dinner, chillin etc

All in all, it's just really different when wearing it.

sorry... uwu

aww... anything your'e doin till then?

threadin and staring at video games, and thinking about youtubes and stuff and sipping my drink
and waitin on cute pics to be posted

trying to figure out what to do.

might play civ 6

you'll get used to it fast.

nothing to be sorry for in the slightest.

Saw him about 2 days ago and like 4 or 5 before that
we usually hang ou a few times a week so thats cool
and hell yeah,, he's like 17 or 18 around 6'0 or 6'1 and about 160 or so
watches alot of ufc and does alot of looking up into techniques as well so its's always fun when the person I'm up against knows how to actually fight back properly
I like sparring with my siblings but they dont know much technique
It's getting cold though so we have to wrestle soon or its not gonna happen again til spring

and keep up on all tthe current strats, speaking of comp pokemon though I heard in the like actual non-card game pokemon tournaments that the players are often like riding out the clock to cheat wins why are people so lame?

oh? that's great to hear! hopefully it stays enjoyable possibly more than it is now!

everything cups is posting is adorable, so there's that?

i wanna play too!

cuppers still loves me? ;~; *sniffles*

this image makes me sad

yea the one in the pink pj's is adorable ♥

he's like 17 or 18? damn dude i bet hella heads are into backyard wrestling around you, huh?

that's cool though. gotta stay active

this girl is cute


unless you mean the girl that i am posting

then nvm

hell yah bro, MMA is super popular around here
all the friends in my friends goup and my friends friends group all wrestle with each other but their a little young for me to join in with them
Fuckkiin sux
what do you do for your activities?

nahh I mean this cutie

Yeah, definitely.
Especially since my last one's kinda fubar and it's either get used to it or not have a bag.

I only really pay attention to the official comp scene, and last I looked at the rules, stalling tactics are biased against.

Why is it in Russian though ._.

i was confused by him being 17 or 18. so he was probably a freshman or something while you were a senior.

activities? masturbate?

i'm not really active anymore and am paying the price. i used to play tennis


His life is like a bad joke played seriously.

yeah that too

all I know is some dude was ranting about it on youtube and he showed a video where this dude is stalling and the girl he was facing who would've won otherwise was like clearly broken up over it

I can't get off unless i can imagine a sweett and cute russian girl whispering in my ear or moaning unpronouncable wowrds

Link vid.

... ........

Is it even hentai?

wow it's friday already

it's sad but also nice when things like that make you feel better about yourself


Yeah, I've been out of highschool for like 2 or 3 years now
Im 20, almost 21 actually, another 2 or 3 months or so

This kid is the
younger brother
of my old best friend

I knew him when he was just like 12 or 13 years old, this kid, and I started hanging out with him through my old best friend and then my old best friend got a gf and I havent seen him in like a year so i just started to kick it with the younger brother
they are basically the same person
The younger brother is a little bit cooler tbh

I've been interested in tennis since I was younger but never had a chance to try it
wwhats it like?

s wa fragile no s

the irony
it's mixed in between talking about the rules so you might have to skip a few seconds here and there

it is

yeah, we'll see. should be an experience at the very least.

what happened to your last one? tell me on skype because I'm leaving now.

hoo boy. I do not know how to use a hair dryer. goodness. oh well, still damp, gotta deal with it. that's what I get for having three pounds of hair.

alright, I'm out of here. see you all later.

laters bae

ah that's cool. i still have a solid highschool crew. like i don't get to see them often since they're scattered around the country, but when we chill it's still oldschool

what's tennis like? i donno it's like you hit a ball with a racket. it's kinda dope in that it's an individual game unless you're playing doubles. if you lose, it's cause you fucked up

bye love

I am here

what should i do?

Hi fluffy

That doubles shit always seemed stupid to me
We ha to play badminton in highschool phys ed sometimes but they always made us play doubles and I alays got stuck with the worst people
I bet an actual ball would be way better than birdie

my favorite fish! how's it hangin?

I have no idea, watch some anime play a game? uh take up kite flying? my ideas aren't amazing

Huh, how about that.

He shouldn't have been given the win, it should have been a loss by default.
Especially given a that it was a 5 minute stall.

See you.


Get OUT of my dreams
and into my car

when i played varsity i played mostly doubles cause i was ranked like 6th to 10th on the squad. we had a pretty good team. i actually liked playing doubles cause there was less pressure and i liked the other 6th to 10th dudes on the team. we didn't take shit as seriously as the wannabe pros

Get OUT of my head
and fall into my arms instead

Kind of.
Things like that just confuse me more because how do you even get to that point?

That's nice, Eva.

About to head off to sleep in a bit, just sayin' hello and stuff, yo. You good?

What's up?

That's pretty fucking sick
I bet that was a nice feeling to be near the top of teh team talentwise
I used to run cross country and got damn I was way nearer the worst person than the best

what? be a 27 year old man living off of welfare, pretending to be a girl on the internet, sipping iced tea and waiting for cute images of underage anime girls to be posted?

check your damn priv son

What the fuck

all I learned from what I read and watched there about it is that the rules either allow it or there's favoritism in the tournaments cause it seems only certain people get away with it and it's seemingly always blatant as fuckthis is why these people never got into sports though, harder to abuse bitch strats lol

what's so depressing about that?

nice to see you still have no substance in your retorts and that's ignoring that it took you 8 minutes to think of the best reply

you pulled a me, lameo! I'm decent though, had yourself a good day bae?

dont you 'fuck' me

the best players were fucking assholes. they were the rich kids who were also played golf

me and my bro started playing with wooden rackets lol

we were the true champions to even make it to varsity

ugh what's with all the fish

I agree that it goes against the competitive spirit of the game, and he does kind of prove how it's explicitly against the rules.

It was a bad call by the admins, entirely, and she probably could have challenged it, but the same reason why they let him get away with it probably would have given her a dq if she did that.

Kinda a bullshit situation.

gotta get with the times

Do you have a problem, sir?

I love you, Bard.

whats the difference between metal rackets and wood? i mean besides the materials

thats my friend be nice teepee

I sexually identify as a Goldfish.

Yep yep, a nice long day of doing absolutely nothing! It was really great.
Gotta get some work done soon though. It's a pain, but it has to be done.

I think he's 30.

That's nice, Eva.

no it's just like there's a swedish fish and now a goldfish. are you a trap too?

wooden ones are hella small and heavy and like they used them in the fucking 70s

they're way harder to play with

that's probably true

is it weird that part of me thinks that he's going to have a grand reveal eventually?

i mean isn't the cat already pretty much out of the bag?

even chiri didn't keep it up after he got caught

Unfortunately not, don't have the body for it.
I gotta be tuff guy

tp ily

and there aren't metal rackets. they're usually graphite i think

yeah tbh it's things like that which are why e-sports are always going to be a complete joke to the masses ignoring the obvious fact that most people don't see video games as anywhere near "sports"

before bed? or just like during this weekend? good to hear though that it was a good day!

it's so easy to tell you're mad, you stop even trying and just repeat yourself like a kid at a playground covering his ears and saying lalalala


well at least there's that

are you actually a towel head?

y-you too ;;

what's up bro

oh shit it's this guy

Or is it?

chilling chilling chilling chilling

That's pretty gangsta
yoou feel it made you better?

Also fuckin check this shit out bro I just bought it today
My acoustic bass
same model mike Inez from alice in chains played on the MTV UNPLUGGED concert
Got it for 200 bucks off because of the top, too
One side is a bit lighter
but I think it gives iit character

god me man

how many people have your trip

probably like that dude that you used to cyber who quit

probably soto

that same thing that you are doing!


I guess the only proof I can give you is to check the label on the water bottle.
But yeah.

During the weekend, too lazy to do anything now tbh.
Probably later too, just hoping I'll get off my ass and work at some point.

Anyway, I think I'mma get ready for bed now.

ignore this post

Sleep tight.

I refuse.

Just Soto and him I think, but he's long gone so


well if it's made sore enough, I'm sure you'd have reasons to not sit on it

night rin

I just needed to upload something for someone


ytsze jams
whats this????

Only if you tuck me in.




And kiss you on the forehead before you drift off to sleep.

You can't tell me what to ignore and what not to ignore, I'm a free spirit.
Row row fight the power!

that's a sweet bass man, congrats

yeah it definitely made me get good quick

switching over to a good racket finally was like putting on glasses for the first time

that's pretty cool man. i sadly do not have enough knowledge about lebanon to make a comment related to it

what made you find this c-fuck



yeah lol what even happened to him?

he was actually pretty cool when he wasn't obsessing over a poster


Moved on to real life, got a job

Proud of that lil nigga

just leave already jeeezah


oh really? you still in touch? good for him


Chiri still says he's a lesbian and did after his blog was posted.
For God knows why.

That's nice, Eva.

Oh cool, you're a fish now too.

Lebanon has a trash crisis right now and a shit ton of economic problems, so you can make a garbage comment at the next Lebo poster you see.

Bard found me on Holla Forums.

And brush your hair behind your ear and cover you again if you rolled around in your sleep~

I'm a lesbian

Every once in a while, pretty rarely

Also idk why but I've been watching a ton of these videos recently

I'm a lesbian

You spend half the time we're in the same threads together actively trying to piss me off.
I'm not a maso, man.

Ugh, please, you're making me actually ache for this.

good boy you caught my drift!

lol no I win cause you're just too stupid to even manage to reply like a normal person ever, essentially you're sci at this point that's nice, sci

I'll gently nudge you awake in the morning when it's time to get up too, lay my chin on the edge of the bed and ask what you want for breakfast and how'd you sleep.

lame :|

oh really? i coulda sworn he was pretty open about it when i was like what the eff chirbir

do you guys like burn garbage on the side of roads?

when i was in albania all the burning trash and diesel fuel made me really sick. fortunately it was super easy to get codeine

sweet. i discovered the world of ant collecting on youtube. i don't particularly like ants but it's actually really interesting, like how you can start with like a queen and raise a huge colony with a little water

dude you're so weird

h-hello there....*looks down at the ground shyly, the hue of my cheeks shifting from a moonlight pale white to an ever quickening crimson, like that of a blood moon*

You horn dog, spoils!

nothing ;~;

... it's lonely.

I am no such thing! that's a lie, I am very much most of the time

I don't see how, there's reasons why single player games exist

So doting~

I'm pretty sure you've seen all my comments on that matter.

madeline opens with a post to my mortal enemy

i dunno...

I'm your mortal enemy now? neat

I love the over the top sound effects they put in this show, it's completely stupid but kinda charming

*teleports behind you and lightly brushes the hair out of your face *

Heh... nothin personell, kid

nah, i don't even remember what we were arguing about

yeah nature shit is cool when you're baked outta your gourd

owo what's this?

You made it plenty obvious, silly~
I mean considering all the stuff we talk about here, kek.

Nah, it's something like we don't know where to put it and it just stacks up. There's no landfills and the snakes and other pests live in the trash and fuck people up.
That and the corrupted politcians left and right, it's all just a fucked situation which is sad considering Lebanon's scenery is fucking beautiful. People are insanely nice if they aren't trying to scam you.

Awww, why don't you play a game or something? waste the time?

Only for you~
Would kiss your hand while you wake up and get your thoughts together.

Also I haven't seen them, not sure. But I'm just messing around, I'm fine with vanilla stuff too.

which one is this fag?

Another gay Canadian

yeah that shit is sad. i found albanians quite nice as well even though their country was fucking trashed

Heh. If only I were single.

Nini, Ana.


Four Canadians at the same time?
I'm not even sure if that's close to the record, but that's still a lot, no?


Am I wrong?


Dude was just fucking retarded.
"Haha. I am the greatest troll ever. I said something dumb and people called me dumb."
And every single time he'd show up he would just go on a rant about making some chink soup. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


nah there's hella moosefuckers


tbh I just bant when it comes to you, it's never really got actual animosity behind it though I've lately found that sometimes people here even take that seriously, sucks but ye

wew lad

you got me there, it's not my fault though I blame you entirely probably cause you are so adorable

Goodnight, sweetpea.

Eh, what can ya do? Right?
Gotta just power through it and hope it all works out, that whoever in power makes a good decision.

Used to be, at least.
I guess some of them still post occasionally. Haven't seen Nimf much. Wish from time to time. Ain't seen Eva either. pls no X=Eva theories.


or that shit where he would sensually eat sushi

or get people to play strip post with him

dude is just a crazy drunk though

i guarantee that dude was putting down like bottles way harder than i could ever

Chiri pops by sometimes I guess. Sarah(?) be gone...

The sandals ruined that for me.

it's a pretty massive country

kinda surprised how white they are still

yeah honestly soilers, i'm always surprised when people like don't talk to me for months when i go off on them

yeah for sure


get the hell outta there

nimph and wish have been posting semi regularly

eva is soilers

i miss dope old school canucks like punk and zander

Knew this was comin'
Did I forget a Canadian? I'm bad with flags.
Probably plenty from before my time, people I didn't know well when I was there, or whose stay I missed.


It's all that snow, man


I've been trying, yo.
Everything is expensive, colleges that accept me end up not letting me in because of their countries' policies or some shit. Either that or they make me pay triple the cost for being an international student.
Lots of paperwork because of my parents' fuckup earlier on in life, it's all just shit.
Nothing to do, every weekend I go to some embassy or get some papers or some shit. Just moving the situation slowly.

Also do you mean the drawfag Zander?

The guy's face holy shit lmao

youll have a crazy boner right before you die

the only important ones

it takes blacks decades to adapt to that level of tundra

I think he was just like a crazy hobo.
His income was literally collecting cans on the side of the road so I think he was just your token hobo.

I only would ignore you if I didn't feel like joking around at all and you were already into it, even then it would never be longer than a day at best lol

Never heard of them.

Thankfully, the antivenom is pretty easy to come by in places where that spider exists

I lol'd

They need extremely large amounts of fried chicken to power the adaptation

I feel like watching a nice nature documentary

any in particular you recommend?

You're pretty adorable yourself, you know.
Do you read any books? Watch any series?

it's not their fault they are lebanese lol give them a break

yeah that's my dog. he used to be a regular in the day but haven't talked to him in a couple years

you know him?

got me. i honestly never took him seriously and would love his rants

dude do you know that nigga ninjah?

he's been ignoring me for like 3 years!

i met punk

and then his girlfriend wanted to fuck me lol

too far

watch "grizzley man"

he dies at the end

I don't really watch a lot of nature documentaries, but the series of videos I linked is pretty entertaining. I dunno, watch a bug documentary

Oh... I should have gone with watermelon

This one is actually really cool, spiders are crazy

I found a nice one

Eh, it wasn't really their fault tbh, just annoyed because it messed up my life.

And yeah, he posts on the drawfag threads on Holla Forums. Pretty nice guy, we met when some shitposter threw the waifu and drawfag threads at each other.

I'm in a bug mood atm

am not! I haven't read a whole lot since I was in highschool but series there's a few of, in fact I'm currently watching an episode of the exorcist buuuut westworld is damn good too how about you?

the guy named nin? that's a surprising run of being able to ignore someone

give me 2d boobies

colbert i kinda feel bad that i have no black irl friends

how long ago was this?

zander is an old school Holla Forums bro

one of my favourite posters

him ignoring me kinda being a meme of sorts

he used to throw me a bone on new years

Anime tiddies?

neziwi pls response

you should have gave him your bone, it might have fixed shit

eh he's a curly headed mexican who likes traps

would not bone

tig ol bitties



What about butts?

i keep forgetting why nezi ignores me



take one for the team nigga

not much. squashing beef with soilers

just waking up?

i don't think i would ever fuck a dude


i am
buck it sucks playing alone...

Same as yourself, read an insane amount in highschool then just stopped, I can't really hold my concentration long enough to finish a book.
Last book I read was 1984 a few months ago.
I've got 2 seasons of Grimm I'm gonna watch when I finish the shit long list of anime I have.

If you mean my parents, it was around nine years ago, I think.
If you mean Zander, it was about three or four months ago, might be completely wrong, though, my memory isn't too bright, hence the Goldfish name.

If I see him again you want me to tell him anything?

nah just havent posted for a bit

yeah tell him TP said hi and try to link him Holla Forums without getting banned

i'm not entirely sure if he knows about this place

It was always more of a "how the fuck does he get this far from reality" than anything, where they've done nothing but sit in an echo chamber of their own self validation that they legitimately believe their own bullshit.

What are you playing?

i thought that was your just waking up image

and you OP'd this thread

Will do, I'll head back there at some point.

nah i have a different waking up image

it was like a twenty minutes absence i think


fair enough

grimm is quite a decent series so far aaaand I know the feeling of a super long back log of anime, people here keep adding to the list too

no I'm in the mood for tits



got me man

why do any of us still post here

makes me want to lurk draw threads tbh

good to hear he is still bored and using his name

it's actually his last name

more like a couple hours

did we just become new best friends


civ is quite distracting

Okay jeez

that sounds pretty gay, bro...... but ye totally

what is that

Do you remember how his character looks?
There were two people I remember. One being a dude with a big afro and the other having some kind of candle on his head.
I can't remember which one was Zander, but I think it was the one with the candle.

its a videogame

Yeah, I stopped back in season 3 until someone yelled at me and told me to go finish it, so I got all that to watch again.
That and 50 gigs of anime to go through, fuck that.
What are you watching right now? Anime?


until the next time i call you out on your bullshit and you go on an autistic spoiler ridden rant

his characters were like kinda well drawn stick figures

oh... sorry

and this

Maybe it's a different Zander then, I never saw his stick figures.


yeah if you're not seeing anything stick figure related it must be a diff zander


did you see that new nintendo thing

I've been slowly working through that re zero anime, it's been pretty good also keeping up with dbs next in line is up in the air though, maybe that fate prisma thing

if you can't take the bants, I won't do it again lol just say

you banted me?

what even is a bant

fuck i miss zander ;;

Maybe he just used that one character since waifu's about sticking to a character.
Can't hurt to ask around, I'll let you know if I find him though.
I mean, how many drawfags called Zander can there be?

I've been wanting to get started on that too, but finishing Space Battleship Yamato due to a friend's EXTREME recommendation.

oh bant is short for banter

or joking

or trolling?


it's banter yo

Sing. Sing a song.


i mean it's likely he has folders of anime girls considering how long he posted in c-jerks

i did

another gimmick

Nah, he only posted with that one candlehead character, I think.

zander actually met wish

true story



it looks pretty cool

but i still have a PSP that serves adequately for my travel purposes


I don't know how to explain that to you, I apologize

wew just googled it and that ship looks awesome, I don't know if it'd work in space like that but damn would it be styling

yeah it's often used in overwatch and lots of other games, my bad for not using a more chan related word

Or the afro head, look here.

He only posted with one of these, although I'm pretty sure it was the candlehead one.

you used an uber chan word

it's ok

it's hip to be square, no?

yeah i have no idea dude

but as you said

how many fucking dudes on Holla Forums can be namefagging with zander

dude mac demarco is kinda based

I thought trolling is the chan word? either way

they are both mainstream love

fair enough

Goodnight, dude.

Yeah, only on the third episode, taking my time with it. it seems super cliche but since it's a remake of a really old show I guess I should expect it.
The ship would be nicer with a Jacuzzi though.

Yeah pretty much, yo. Either way I'll let you know.

even at my workplace, "troll" is used daily

i've been known for my soft trolls

please do

bye towel head

Am I the dude?

I meant to say dudes.




I was closing my other chats first, gimme a break fam.

You're the little girl.



as long as you'd be in it :^) sleep well though bae! hart

really? my job has little of that, what do you do?

no break given

Goodnight to you too ♥

check your staying privilege



Can I still be the dude?

Onii-chan pls >////////////

....... goodnight

it's just because like me and the managers are like locker room talk galore

i make quotes and then people send me POs

....... goodnight

holy shit daisy?

what happend to you?

i thought you ky'd


i don't have much time to be online during school

life is life

lol well at least it's an enjoyable time, the more boring a workplace is the worse the job ends up


oh you're like just starting college huh

how is that going

yeah fortunately i can shoot the shit with the managers

the owner is an asshole though

Should I buy Fallout 4 while it's on sale?

nope, still high school
and it's sorta meh, i hope it gets better eventually

how have you been?

why don't you pay back your stepdad first

It's shit.

or wait till the halloween sale event when you forget about it and become disinterested by then, and it becomes too late?
i dunno... your call.

do not

still highschool?

what the fuck dude

been fine

hella busy and i started smoking weed again

I don't have anything to pay him back tho

Is it entertaining shit?

I mean it's only $30 right now, that's not a lot for me

Por que no?


Really you're better off torenting it, it doesn't have very lasting appeal or a good story or questline

Real question, what do people find attractive about braces? It's just.... why

dude didn't boo creep hard on daisy?

miss that dude

always gotta be one, usually higher in rank too

hey slut

2 or so more years and i'm free

sounds comfyish, have you gotten into a routine of doing shit?

I assume the torrents have been available since like... 3 days before release? I guess I'll just do that. I bought NV and FO3 but I feel like those were worth supporting

??? I have a 9-5 dude


I think that people get girls with braces mistaken for younger girls.

I regret having frenchie buy it for me

Are you just replying with greentexts of what I say now?

I figured as much, but it never has that effect on me. They just look like women with shit in their mouths

Shoulda made him suck your dick

Cringe inducing.

yeah he wants what can't be done

i have a routine where i go to work m-f and get drunk on fridays

but with weed i'm like always high

you said you can't pay back your stepdad

so you're just going to waste your money on shitty first person shooters

no she has braces

and i find her endearing

Someone posted a girl with braces or maybe the same girl and some people thought it was CP.

Braces are ok i guess.


yo neko, isn't colbert kinda pretentious

how do you get shit done while high?

wew what a dick

For immaterial things, sure

Idk what you're going for there honestly

The shit on their teeth is just so distracting like damn

Yeah you're gonna get hate

i usually drive in the slow lane when i'm super blazed on the way to work tbh. i get a little bugged out by tailgaters

dude at 6am, weed and coffee feel the same

My ex that I was with for too long had them so maybe that's why I don't mind them.

Holla Forums has a new screencap feature.

i did it because he hates you

with good reason

its a fun game
go ahead
have fun
its a whole new world
enjoy it.

what are you waiting for?~

never tried weed, so i don't really know what you're talking about

sounds like a fun way to start your day though?


Yes TP, I know why you did it

I know you know why you did it

Mostly because I still have new saves on New Vegas and FO3 to play

yeah i guess

i donno do you have an addictive personality?

it's going to be a bitch for me to quit weed again


so how was your day love

i only beat fo3
kinda gave up NV
but Fo4 rekindled everything~

Only decent thing that came out of it is my son.

hey gogs, hows it hangin?

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i do

i'm assuming you do as well?