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this thread fuckin stinks



Fuck me in the ass daddy


I wouldn't post it here even if I did remember it.

ain't no mercy got dat purple lamborghini lurkin


cross country car rides are unbearable hopefully you get tthhere quick

you rused me GOOD

god damn scanner you're always getting jobs
Where you workin now wboyo

Grounds Maintance
Basically a groundskeeper.

sorry i didnt mean it

It's been like ten hours and we have so many more to go ;_;


I hope you enjoy it while you're sticking aroudn there
what duties do you have?

I thoguht your sock dog was a shirt at first

Back throughout my life every 2 summers I would take a family trip up to Pennsylvania fora family reunion and I remember pretty well getting cramped up in a small car for that long

Worst feel
how long you gonna stay up in utah?

Uber a Tesla!

this nigga who was next to me got arrested for cocaine dealing lmao

I love the park

awful thread. Make a new one

thats the most american thing Ive seen all day

wew, i called in the weed

she is some kind of rag

but the black guy isn't even shot

Cleaning the carpark, warehouse, trailers and all sorts of shit with a grabber.

Smonk wed

Hello my name is Dr. Greenthumb

aw no it failed :C

It's absolutely true.
If you have a hi viz shirt and safety boots, you can work anywhere.

Calm down there rascist
we don't shoot people just because they are 'colored' overe here, okay/????


he text me trying to sell me cocaine

and i was like maybe monday but weed now?

but no weed now :(


Give (You)s.

I have a fair amount of leg room actually but yeah it's not great.

Just for like a couple of days, then the car ride again.

That wouldn't fix this, silly.

What are you a doctor of?

ALWAYS order your weed 4 hours early of when you wanna smoke it!


if it was him that dropped off to me atm that would be the case, he takes forever, but atm he has bitch boys run it to me and they take like 5 minutes

Hey there thread
Do u smonk wed?
Das pretty cool
Wanna smonk wed

feelss good having bitch boi weade runners

are...are we reall doin this right now...??

the bitch boys always think they hot shit tho lol

Failure at life and bad erp.




same here

really they are basically just the pizza man tho

Enjoying the trip still?

Smash trannys with hammers

holy shit, humans have stripes

they are just invisible under normal circumstances, but certain conditions make them very visible


we're fucking bioluminescent

not bright enough for our own eyes to generally detect, but yes, not only do humans have stripes, but we glow too :s

pic related, blaschko lines, our stripes


brb my doggo needs to poo

My dad and I see singing along with queen so the trip became pretty fun.

too bad they arent cool colours

Ugh, my tummie and my feetsies hurts.

Lay down and rest!

what happened?


Drank too much bleach

Erin, I didn't have any milk and remembered you put butter in yours.

You're a fucking genius.

I am now!

Lotsa walkings and stuffs 'cos mall.
And I guess I ate too much.
Or it was just super heavy.

On the bright side, this bubble tea is amazing.


TEA!!! is NOT!!! better thNWade!!!!!!


You know I meant head pats

Kek, that's always fun.
Until some weird death metal song comes on and the radio gets fucked and you start panicking and trying to change the station but the button is broken and your mother gets angry.
Fun times.

Had fun at the mall?

I wish people would not fucking stare at my phone whilst im doing stuff on it. there's private stuff in that gallery motherfucker

heey that's what I did too.
only though no mall but amsterdam.
got anything nice?

Ain't nothing better than wade. That guy rocks

under what conditions are they visible

pics of them?

.... nigger.
You listening?

Weed tea

Yay! Comfy Rin.

As if πŸ‘Œ

LOL, bumped into my neighbor when i took the dog out, he told me he'd give me some weed, i pocketed it, got inside ready for a smoke, turns out it's cocaine πŸ˜‚

We're listening to albums on our phones so no worries on that

That sounds like something that actually happened to you.

My opinion of weed tea is forever tainted
Me and my old buddy made some one time out of stems leafs some buds and lard
it was pretty grss for tea lol but it would have made a nice marinade

i have never actually done it i just know you can :x

skin conditions, google that name i said they were called


Ne, Ne
Ne, Kappu.

Which one should I open first?

I got a new backpack and some pokemon boosters. And then as we were leaving, we walked by Gamestop and they had an advert prop for FFXV and I kinda freaked out a little.

New backpack and Pokemon boosters. uwu

accidentally just got cocaine

i wanted weed

but it would be rude to go back and say actually i wanted different drugs for free


Yes, they're all steam siege.
Fuck off.

you best post a vid of you snorting that shit

oh well. looks like it's charlie time.

why would i do that?

ever done coke before?

The one with yvettle or however you spell that

this is actually an unbelievably funny turn of events but it would take far too long to explain


blew tens of thousands on it

it's like you've never even met me

It does sound incredibly detailed doesn't it?
Maybe it did, maybe it ruined the road trip and made us question our relationships with each other.

Grats on that, glad you had fun and stuff! ^-^
What did you do lmao

If I don't pull him.
I'm blaming you.


Only you, Erin.
Why is it that the more North you go in the UK, the crazier people get?

Same though.
I tried to steep my weed with butter, turns out it was vegetable fucking spread. Most worst and expensive cup of tea I ever drank.

Well it is actually ain't bad.
Only downside is now I got butter fingers and holding a mouse is hard.

Do it, it could be his coke for tonight; he'd be relieved to know you returned it.

atta girl

you're in britland, of course I haven't met you

Yikes. That's a bummer.

That seems fair

no ring size?

what's with the monopoly money tied with a hair tie?

That's the stupid shit that I should be doing.

Lol I'm doing drugs guise XD

Well, I kinda, like, stomped my feet a bunch and ran.

It's really weird.

No Yveltal. :<

I forgot, soz.


part of what's funny, is the dude that text me selling coke, and i was like a but you got weed, and he said know, well the dude outside asked me if i knew him, and if i took coke, then offered me the same coke rob was trying to sell me cheaper, lol


i mean
it would make the car ride alot better tbh

I'm so sorry

Β£50 notes

at the equiv about $100

why not just get a fucking job to buy your own drugs you lazy shit

A little weed would be nice, true

at the time equiv*



uppers are lame

but you didn't explain the hair tie

Good thing it never happened.

Ran... where?

it's rolled up and held that way with a bobble

it's a tooter

for snorting coke



abolute hands down worst class of drug

i am glad we can agree on some things

You prankster you

He ran.
He ran so far away.
He just ran.
He ran all night and day.

you mean a snooter

depends on the situation/atmosphere tbh

It's fiiine
another time then.
or I might just send it anyway and if it doesn't fit just do whatever with it.

it'd probably make a nice necklace

I mean if I had money I could buy LSD from a friend in oregon but I gots no cash and LSD, while untraceable, isn't always a good time

specially doing it alone

oh, weird, I always just make one out of scratch paper I've got lying around

... don't mean to sound like your mum/dad, but wouldn't snorting coke only to shitpost harder is a waste of drugs?

Ah, who the fuck am I kidding, I go on drug/booze binges and shitpost all the time.

there is no situation for me personally where id prefer them over downers

Uppers suck for me.
I'm already wired as fuck, sober.
MDMA is good tho.

we say tooter, do you say snooter?

what? how is it a waste of drugs? is eating to stay alive a waste of food?

Back in the old days they used to call me Johnny Goodmeme.
I was THE prankster.

He couldn't get away?

i mean shit nigga
you're living h the same life
You're ust gonna be doin the stuff you do sober but you'd be high right lol

yeah, you put it up your snoot!

uppers are universally shit except for cocaine and 4-MMC

downers are universally shit except for weed and benzos

psychedelics are universally fucking great

Wow aren't we all so cool
Talking sbout drugs

drugs are analogous to food

Past gamestop so I didn't have to look at the sign and freak out.

It kinda failed I guess.


Make a ne


I'm sure there's people that actually believe that.

cooler than u kiddo

Because drugs are for pleasure and side stuff, not vital, so it is best to have as much fun on them as possible.

πŸ˜‚fam el es deeπŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

What an unfortunate ability on that attack

kinda shitty charlie tbh

Platinum is easy...

Look at me smonk creqπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Like... if we're going with the drugs = food thing.
Having a potato on it's own is ok, good even; but it would be so much better with beans, butter and cheese.

it just happened

The coke someone gave you for free isn't of very high quality? WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIRD

sometimes i wonder where you are, what you're doing

sometimes i wonder that at night time, and i figure you're sleeping, and i think it's funny, that you're sleeping, and i'm thinking about you

I may be missing smarts, willpower, strength and many other things.
But I'm not missing smugness.
How long till you get there?

I wish I was there honestly, must have been hilarious for your friends.

its just glorified gold

Cokecake would know

I legit thought you died or something, onion.

Surely it wasn't real.

look i wanted to get high and now i have that option, it's not exactly what i wanted, but it's good enough, let me have my small victories

shocking i know

but this is central scotland, generally, the drugs here are great

Orion is barely better than stinky kammuu

Fuk u

I have no idea. maybe another hour or two

That was so fucking sweet I think you just dosed me into a diabetic coma

Wired, stoned, drunk or chemically koshed; no matter the state of consciousness, I'm still a fucking idiot. ;3

Coke whiretranny slut

I mean, sure.
But leave her on the bench and run a lot of metal energies.


Some old geezer gave me a weird look.

I thought orion was kamuu

benzos literally don't even affect me at all

make me a little drowsy

don't know why anyone would abuse them

I'm literally immune to opiates, as I confirmed for real when I went to the ER, my kidneys failed and my liver was showing signs of distress so morphine, oxy, heroine, vicodine, and any other opiate are straight out of my view

I mean the only way up from IV morphine is dilauded or fetanol but there's no way in hell I'll ever even need it/get my hands on it.

only things that have worked for me so far are weed and acid

Dont be so hard on yourself bud

i have one numb tooth, so it's going its way somewhere fancy and exclusive in my sinus, but i'm not really feeling the buzz too good

doggo time

iunno how long it'd take though.
I'll try and send it monday.
with a scented letter

No. but both are pretty lame tier

Middle finger

With how much damage these new fangled cards do I doubt anyone cares about extra effects anymore

i found a ukrainian site that sold fentanyl salts by the key but i think it's out of your price range

Maybe he wanted a little bit of that boipuss

You're almost there cup, home stretch.

Gonna take the knot?

JuSt PoPpEd ThIs I Mg Of Xa N a X hAHahA i'm Not FeEeling ANyTHing i MuST BEe ImmMuNE HAhaH

maybe i am seeing things

wouldnt be the first time

You see one e slut you've seen them all

Just snorted some adderall ETMAGERD

Not a scented bear or pillow?

I shouldn't be giving you ideas.

Only EX and Counter-EX are that amazing.

My cousin runs Resistance Blizzard Regices, which prevents EX monsters from damaging it.


there's still the trip home ;_;

I just wish I had friends to do LSD with, because it's no fun doing it alone, especially when you have crippling depression and no friends

you do this to yourself

also reminder script benzos are baby dose, you gotta get dem research grades

Sorry Erin, I went full mum/dad mode.
You have your fun, being here is probably the best place; you have your own music, you can't get arrested/beat up/killed and around good friends. :3

I'm not hard on myself, just came to terms that a smart man does not drink a weeks wage and gigs 25 miles away from home, pass out in your friend/ex girlfriend's bed whilst annoying everyone, only to do an interview the next morning stinking of alcohol.

But ehhhhh, I can only do these things once a month now so everything turned out great.

but acid is a crazy powerful antidepressant

i can have great fun alone on acid

its funnier with friends, but it can get really interesting and naked alone

I'm waiting for you to find me. I've been waiting a very long time. When will you come for me?

Noo gold is blood-lust and anger

Hi Cupperz :3
I did died but I'm back until I die after I'm done here.
Did you miss me~?

Are you still obese and lonely? ^^

This one time, I actually walked past Kammu and we br-brushed shoulders.... >///

I took like 20mg and I just ended up falling asleep

You ain't never going pro like this. Bush league, kiddo. You're light years away from facing Brock.



They look nice, like grape flavoured.

Fuck now I want grape candy.

Bard, is this your mum?

Nice meem
Gg 2 ez

I maybe missed you some, yes.

its just what makes you you
Wish you lived in america, I would totally hang out with you ;~:

Those benzos were pre aite fam

yes im a doggern

Only like two hours probably but we'll do other stuff before going home.


thats what benzos DO STUPID

in an adult

i asked first

where you been

you were one of my chances to meet posters irl

and you DIES

i took like 11 of those 2mg diclazepams and i slept for about 2 weeks

it's when you're awake that they're like the bestest fun

triazolos are easier to stay awake on, a2 and a3 selective

i know right? they were very aesthetically appealing. they used the same pellet presses for all drugs that were active at lose doses, they just changed the colours, and that pastel purple was my fave.

how do you even get research chems

I mean I live with my mom and I don't think I'm responsible enough to go tripping without a trip sitter and my mom would NOT be having a good time if I fucked up and left my bedroom. I mean I could make a day out of it though, clean my room, take a shower, play some vidya while I go up, turn out the lights and get in bed and see where my mind takes me.

people call it being "drunk" but literally all I do is get a little drowsy

I missed Orion./

I don't wanna go big leagues with TCG, tho.

Pervo pervo pervo.

Plus, in America you have guns, deserts, better fireworks and hamburgers the size of my head.

Who wouldn't want to live there?

oh yeah, i sent you some of those

what did you think? how long/bad were you gone?

I believed in you ;_;

I just ate the last bubble in my bubble tea and now I don't even want to finish it.


the internet

after blanket ban, the onion land

if you want to get drunk then drink alcohol
benzos or zoids dont make you drunk

idk what to tell you man

wait, I have heard sotries that snorting trazodone can act as a psychadelic but it sounds pretty iffy to me


one of my things is to take suggestions serious.


I'll just get you a letter and stuff first.
there's always vday

oh thank you


this coke isn't empty, but it's not great, reminds me of the bit david managed to pick up in kilwinning for Β£15 a g

If I go big leagues any pokemon, I want to bring Mawile, and Mawile is just not as fun in TCG.

Though, I did see a M Mawile EX collector thing that had both Mawile EX and M Mawile EX that looked super nice.

*Singles awareness day

I just don't get the love for that Pokemon

I haven't had any benzos since my script ran out, and i've got one of those psychs that just absolutely fucking hates benzos with a burning passion and will not likely never let me back on them

i beg to differ

most drugs work for everyone else but me mayne

shit sux

Maybe stop flaming me when I'm here? Or... d-do you like me, scootsy-chan~? ^///^

Honesty makes for a sweet Oreo :3
I'm waiting for my hug u_u

I kinda got a good job, more of a social life and some hobbies x_x;
And I had to stop the drugs and alcohol cause my work has zero-tolerence.

Tell me which Blood you are and maybe I'll have missed you too :3

If you could be any doggo which doggo would you be? o_o

I've mostly used vday to make some sort of move on a crush I had.
so for me it's always been you get to try day

I find Litwick the cutest.
And it is just a fucking candle.

get you drunk is exactly what they do

but they don't do the thing where you can't think

so you're in a very dangerous state where you're drunk, but you're still having ideas for things to do

That's because you built up a tolerance, you fukkn druggo


i missed you poppin.



Popped 2 a time, like getting drunk without booze. Cill. Ermthey lasted but not too long. Always woke up feeling "normal". No feeling of deficiency or sluggish.

last time I took some I acidentally killed the script, lost 3 days, and when i came out of it around 4 a.m I was carhiopping across town
found like 60 bucks and some led flashlights and some sunglasses
I went to bike home and went over the handlebars in front of a cop but he kept driving lol

two numb teeth now

they cocaines have found the sinus holes

well done intrepid explorers

Yes I am~

What state is it in again?

That's unhinged.
That's the exact drug that I should never, ever, ever do.

At least with booze I can forget to walk before getting into more trouble.

You thought i was suggesting you got me? Bo i am saying its too easy to get you tilted. Peace gas nase your weak.

they put you in a very active state of drunkness

you do thinks outside the confines of the sofa

it's a terrifying prospect, lol

didn't that story include a garage?

i cant alcohol well


yeah, it's terrible, if they don't put you to sleep, you have like loads of energy but are completely shitfaced

it's like the only way alcohol could be made more socially destructive

i love them

You wonder how many youve taken... should i take more.... shits legit

I've literally been immune to opiates before I even took my first one

and I ythink I only got properly high off of benzos the first few times

ur just jealous you have to feel all your teeth all day

fuck me I want a drink

you take one, and it's killer strong, so you forget you've taken it, and the effect intensifies, and you get that bold delusion of sobriety, so you take 3 more, and forget you did, and when you wake up next month and everyone is mad at you you learn you took 30 and had a fistfight with a cat

You can have one later maybe.

Litwick I'd absolutely adorable


LOL I think that was were i found the money, in the car in their
Felt pretty not so good about it because I'm not about that thieving shit
Also I remember there was like
a firefighter suit in there
I wanted to take it but it was heavy

fuck man I WISH i could go into a disassociate binge like that so I could skip a month in life

still trying to hide from me

i would take so many i'd go into a coma for over a week, but on reflection, when i woke up, i was never hungry, so there was clearly a lot of sleep walking going on

Wodda ya fokkon kep ey doyn

I'm really glad flags are fixed again.
I love my flag

Identify yourself


haha okay surrender monkey
'white flag' is cute as well
french people smell like URINE because they are aways PISSING in their PANTS!!

Welll don't worry, you ain't missing much.

Imagine if I got my hands on them
Something would at least die before the night is through.

Oh my. Look who's here.

can you stop sending english tourists to amsterdam.

f r o m a g e

the last of the free charlie

thank you, drunk stranger who knows where i live and more mysteriously who i talk to

Goldfish's boytoy

*Returns the embrace with a delighted glance* I missed you too :3

Did you ever meet other posters~?

Hihi Scan ^^
Missed me~?
I certainly missed you!

What colour of coat?
I want a snow-white husky ^^

Oh, my bad. Now you've gotten me all flustered with your fancy vocabulary. Maybe we should take this conversation to a more private venue~? .////.

Then weed instead :DDD

Playing hard to get w-won't work!
I'll just nag you until you do...
hug hug hug hug
hug hug hug hug hug hug
hug hug hug

She's adorable.

I'm Rin, lol.

It's always been, as I called it, Singles Awareness Day for me.

I'm not complaining.


Fucking lost it

Damn gotta get me one of those

nope :c

however, i finally have my own flat all to myself, so peeps like you, scoot, yams, etc. are all entirely welcome to stay whenever it is convenient


Wait you actually were kuus? Is this for real?

i have been found out. i'm nobody important tho

i like the sound of that

Yes, even better is that you're one of the few people that I can actually remember.

*pat pat*

This is honestly quite surprising.

Poor form orion.

Ey shush

weed is gay tho

Why is he, like, having an orgasm?

This is some Fight Club/Shutter Island plot twist right here.

I'm scared. What is real?

ahhh this charlie is nicer that it lets on

it's cut with something with an icky taste, but you let the smell swish around your nose without letting the drip ruin it, and it smells very very cocainey

and i'm a lil buzzed

wish there was more

Still busy, just finishing up now. I'll be with you in a bit c:

Black white!

huh but
even when together?

well okay the irish are way worse
then the germans

see, we actually have somebody named Nobody Important

so what is your name

i have good healthy teeth and don't need no hard degen drugs

Definitely scary.

now why would that be?

I want daddy cum to snort owo

Post butthole

How sad.


nobody needs hard drugs

but first world life is about getting what you want, not what you need

o-open up!! uwu

Thank god for living in a civilized country

: ^ )


last night I masturbated so amazingly that I was like, I can fuck myself better than anyone ever could.

t-this isn't a sign is it

By the way, Cupcake, new generations episode.

Typical Hellraiser contraption, built within the warp.


this is a good feel
but it doesnt feel very good after

Fishis terrible

post one that actually lets us see the whole ass

I'm gonna need to drink to forget that image
bring in the jameson boys

that sounds like a predicament, I always liked the named bob, but alas i'm not really named that.

so just heaven, would be alright

i need a bed time story, be quick about it

Breathe, nigga.

i like hellraiser cause movies that directly or symbolically depict hell are very interesting to me.

i'd do dirty things for a live action version of Dante's Inferno, that's my fave idea of hell

eh I felt amazing, had to catch my breath for like 10 minutes but then slept like a rose.

I might get drunken stupor tomorrow at the time of my day but I'm still breathing and so happy I came

I hope you enjoy your time here heaven


ukip attracting tory defectors

lol bielections

that's the best I got and I'm not getting taking another pic just because you want more

also it's hard as fuck angle and I'd need someone else to do it for me

goddam short arm genes

Semi related. Dan brown inferno is all related to dante

oh right, i forgot this isn't 4chan, oh well

I mean orion being kuus. I knew onion years and years ago but didn't think I knew kuus.

I'm behind on these. might catch up when I get to the hotel.

fuckign same that would be the greatest film of this century

I thought you were dead!
Where the heck did you go? D:


That's nice to here. Now you have privacy to do your dirty things :3
I can't ever meet yams cause he will eat me :x
I just changed flats cause my lease was up and ahhhh it was exhausting but I have a much better one now so all is good ^^

Nope, but I have great respect for her and I've missed her ever since our last emails u_u
Or, I could be lying. That's up to youu :3

Did you disappear too? :o

I don't know everyone here and it makes me sad >:
But at least some of my old friends are here ^^

But scootsy, all I want is for you to have a good opinion of me ;_;
That's all that matters to me, please don't hurt me like this...

Then sniff coke. Whatever takes the edge off :3
Drugs are fun until you die~

No I like that too. But more importantly, what beautiful place would you like to roam freely? ^^

that's the best I got and I'm not getting taking another pic just because you want more

also it's hard as fuck angle and I'd need someone else to do it for me

goddam short arm genes>>1421226

wtf's ukip there for
you had your referendum

No, constant alcohol abuse fucks my memory

fucking gay m8




im a mod here fuck face i can do whatever the FUCK I WANT

might as well be, really

weeell since I'm a dog with a lotta fur I'd want to live in a cold place.
like scandinavia or russia or canada.

it's the uk independence party
you have your independence now
what's left

wanna get drunk on monday?

i have champagne but i need to get flutes

i'll look it up

there is an animated one, but a live action one that takes itself seriously would be fun

exactly ^^

ouu, your new place is nicer?

nah, article 50s not been triggered just yet
keeping the pressure on til its all said and done

man I don't even have ambien because my mom didn't want me on it because it's addictive but benzos are A okay!

your mom is a slag and i'm her fuck toy

Basically the da vinci code...... but the dantecode.
And cant monday :( i have say/sun/mon off but Tuesday is work
Unless daytime drinking

I got college
but if you do Tuesday it's fine

but the tories do that

No one wants Swedish


aaaahhhhh idk. i could drink now, but i refuse to drink champagne from a mug, it's flutes or bust

U turn on brexit imminent

the more you live, the more you learn they say

it is coded a bit more shit, but seems to be functioning at least

the story of the divine comedy is my second favorite story of all time
an actual real movie with work put into it would be incredible
i am really down with the representations of hell too that shits afascinating

Hmmm. Well it's nice to see you again. We can reconnect when I get home from this trip.

No flute tomorrow?

the tories arent a hegemonic party, there are more than a few in there who wanted to stay in the EU, may included

swed fish aint the worst

ayy lmao


Yeah it has a few downfallls
Kind of secluded as well
We're just here to avoid the bans

im just kidding sweed id probably fuck that


This episode
actually gave me chills.

They need to make this a full anime, because they're really really good.

To the afterlife, I thought that was well known by now.

I got better.

How's you?

No it is not.


toot scoot flute

scoots can't do monday cause work tuesday

what about tomorrow?

i can probably get a flute somewhere.

it is a wonderful depiction of hell. every step so graphic. i love it

cheapest i can find is 4 packs for Β£10 but i do t have Β£10

could prolly get a pack of plastic ones dead cheap, but it's fuckin champagne, not cava or prosecco or some shit

Like, Cupcake.
the rendition they used for Super Ancient Pokemon.
The melody line
was ominous chanting.
And Primal Kyogre just did not give any fucks about anything.

I got chills, it was great.

A small loan of a million dollars


Okay, battery is dying. Bye bye. Trip passed pretty quick thanks to you guys.

uncorking champagne in front of a plastic flute would feel so....

underprivileged people buying a new car ish

Replace alcohol with pre-workout!
Then you'll never forget anything :3

Sorry M-Mod-chan .///.
Please don't b-beat me...

Canada sounds best.
Would you let me be your owner? :3
I'd feed you well~

Mhmm, better scenery and less noise. It's so difficult abducting and killing people in built up regions u_u;

So a nice little place on the outskirts makes my hobbies a lot more convenient :3

Reconnect in what way~?
If I remember correctly, you were a lewd pony. You and Iza~

I didn't see you there o_o
I'm pretty happy with my life but I'm always exhausted. What about yourself?

Battle! Super Ancient Pokemon is why ORAS's legendary fights actually felt... legendary.

Dewa, kappu.

if you can give me a small million dollar loan for some flutes tomorrow, we can get on it tomorrow

so why did farage fuck off then


nah but, vday doesn't have to be special really.
don't need a specific day to show love.

tomorrow's lovely.

That works

his job was done, hell only show back up again if shit doesnt go through

yeah, i guess you wouldn't call it optimal

but hey, if it works it works


tokai and scoot we on for tomorrow.

open invitations to the thread are extended

does this mean Kermit is incoming


But working out TAKES EFFORT! ;w;


except oobles

the invitation isnt open for you

if you want to join you have to ask me very, very nicely.

i fucking love looking at my flag

Mostly boring, doing boring Canadian things.

Ran to the mall today for Volcanion, ended up getting a new bag and some Pokemon boosters.

I pulled a Magearna EX which is a lot less good than it first seemed.


drinks tomorrow

i fucking hope not
what a scum of the earth

invitations to what

when and where?

the original is much better

drinkies tomorrow

in thread tomorrow

maybe tinychat, idk, i don't think i currently have the required computing power

tinychat probably

What's a Kermit?

do not say his name


i don't even know if i can drink champagne.

generally speaking, i hate whites.

your current machine isnt powerful enough to run flash?

Zinnia's fervent wish has reached Rayquaza!

Not really.


they keyboard is because it's running an ubuntu fork, which renders certain keys on the built in keyboard usable for about a second of every four minutes

he's a manipulative narcissist who tries to patrol and censor anything said about him
He'sone of those people so self cettnered any time that name is mentioned he gets an email notification or something

sure then
we'll see how it goes

that'd kinda depend on the situation

although it is nice to be like close with birthdays and christmas or something.
but that's nice anyway.

I'm gonna go cause scoots hurt my feelings ;_;

Not when you're on pre-workout. It's like speed divided by 5.
Gtg, byebye scan-chan *glomps*

But at least it seemed good and that gave you a little bit of joy, right? :3

Sorry to cut the conversation so soon, but I gtg :c
It's been nice catching up a little. See you soon sweetie *hug*


Loco? o///o

I wanna continue this when I return :3

*Hugg* Cya Erin

oh, btw, my server is living on past my murder by neglect attempts

they sneakily managed to steal money from my bank for the dedicated IP fees, and my domain appears not to have expired when it was supposed to either

i could bring all the thread services back to life if you wanted

Man nnnnnnn nnn I LOVE white wine

Well, that's a bit different.

I suppose.

See you, me.


oh man that reminds me
I still don't know what to ask for my birthday.
tips anyone


do you want my attention or something
do you have a conversational topic
This feels like a pointless post, and I dont understand why you added me into it

good riddance



its dry and bitter and unpleasant. i gag on it. same as rosΓ©. i enjoy red because it has enough body, but nevermind body, white doesn't even have soul.

Yeah, sounds about right.

gender surgery

cant stand rose either but
Aw man i could drink white for days

do you like to pair your red wines fodstufff with stuff or just to drink?

You aint shit

Too many years

consider XP


i can pair reds pretty well, it's intuitive, and when in doubt, the sauce will tell you what red it wants.

but liek, just as a drink to drink, i like chilean merlots, perfectly nice ones come rather cheap.

elementary OS

it's built to work like OS X

mhm how come?

you can use that in november



the worst part of cocaine is how it runs out

Those are fun for the kids.


ISIS will make you have a beard against your will

I will definately have to look into that sometime
We have a local winery here in iowa called Tassel Ridge that make a pretty solid grape hing I've been hooked on here for the past few months

i don't know if I can wait much longer

Three tons of nitrate fertilizer.


if you can do whites we can be a team, a wine pairing partnership

Whereis my mene

i have fucking poppers, i don't need to stop getting high

thank you tsuchi

that's more excitement for my birthday than I have

I'm not from frisia


Maybe I'm just having a mid life crisis

Have you drank 6 and a half bottles of wine by yourself?
I wouldn't recommend it

I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I want text meem pls

you should buy a sports car and get a haircut and go buy a cheap floozy

If only these lines actually happened

you have more bacterial cells in your body than you have human cells

and you don't think that that's just the neatest shit you need to get the fuck out of my face

Christmas and birthdays are fun for the kids, and therefore worth celebrating.

Singles Awareness Day is just for shilling on a pre-determined day to show someone you have feelings for them.
Like, if I like someone I'm not gonna way for an arbitrary day to make it apparent.

I will start keeping an eye out for something memeable
you can jut FORCE inspiration, you know

And a moving truck.
Park it under your parliament building.


Same, tbh.



Look at this fucking bird

Savage birb

kim jong un is sick

they say it's because he addicted to cheese and it's too much cheese

Time tomorrow erin for drinks?


no no I dislike vday like that as well.

but I disagree christmas and birthdays are for kids.

I don't think I should steal isis's job

it me

Cut the cheese???
Im lactose intolerant!!!!

idk, ill have to go to argos for flutes, so mid afternoonish?

apparently it's emmental he's addicted to

Kill your parliament, Tokes.
Make the Netherlands German again.

What song you addicted to atm fam?


wtf :s

he's in hospital because of it, apparently it's gotten him so fat his ankle has fractured

That works

man i don't even know

almost wanna say purple lamborghini but i think i mightn't just be meming

lemme check my youtube

Lyin bout ya boi kim

I'm not saying they're for kids.
Just that they're worth celebrating because of the kids.

And otherwise suggesting I don't really care about holidays, but will celebrate them depending on who's around.

wew, 30th anniversary of The Gay Times

W. e. W. 🌈



Crank dat

This fucking thing I've been looping it all fucking day holy shit

man i wanted weed, the charlie just left me sweaty and restless and wanting more

Germans don't deserve what they got now tbh
forever the enemy

now that I get.

iunno like, I've very rarely gotten the experience of that nice special christmas or whatever.
because I had noone genuine to celebrate with.
so I've always just been kinda dreaming of one of those days where it's just, sweet.







listen to me
what's your name again?

That's a nice picture.


WW1 just needed the spark of a lone Yugoslavian.
WW3 just needs the spark of a lone, gay Dutch boy.

who was that sniper they called the deadly snow or the violent frost or something like that


found it random

except that the netherlands is completely irrelevant to global geopolitics

The russian?

The White Death?
he was finnish

i think so? maybe? i thought he was icelandic or a swede or something but i could be way off, i tenner the face but not the name


knew it

thank you

SD's ancestor

There was Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the Russian lady during WW2 that has various modern nicknames themed about that.

The day man
Fighter of
The night man


ah, i was thinking of the other one


Snipers are lame

omg it's my fave boy


nick i feel like crap

my neighbor was very nice to me and made my night much more fun but the consequences were rapid and cruel

Childish gambino is new lando calrissian

I like drooling pictures

think i'm gonna vomit :s

the icky taste in that coke was not something friendly

Its why you want mkat
Shits lethal for longer
Me and dorito did it so hard we couldnt talk of 5 hours

Guess what I have

You're a smart girl
Figure out why you should not care


Cool story


get to the bathroom
dont want that mess

I gotchu fam

Da fugg


i vomited


shit was under pressure while i ran to the toilet

i want a refund

what do you have?

i did

if i did not have such supple cheeks from all that puffing i would not have held it in

Tbh, that sticking your tongue out thing is only hot after they've swallowed.

love this



Did I do bad?

Whitey is the bane

No thanks, too lewd.

That manga was so strange. Never saw the show tho.



Did you do my boyfriend?

is luka here?

yeah but mkat feels like it may actually kill you

first whitey of the new flat

the toilet is christened

Don't think so

im trying to learn luc and its so fucking difficult

He's out panhandling.
Don't interrupt him when he's on the job.


good job

me neither

The picture

I thought you meant drooling in the lewd sense.

Thank you~


Or what's luc?

a man can make over 70k a year panhandling in nyc dude

its crazy

wanna play?

wait no
thats not right



no, the black adc

nah im sure they love it

Ngl pretty much true


I'm bad?!

In a bit maybe

Luka doesn't play male champs tho

Well sort of, but not THAT lewd.

Panhandling is illegal in Texas and they will fine you for doing it but usually they just scare them off.

im a good boy

I hope you're going the Youmuu's -> BC build that's popular right now?
I used to play a lot of luc I guess

it's fucking frightening when drugs put you face to face with your own mortality :s

someone told me that meme build is no good

idk what to build man

you just read this terrible bait. Not multi link for effect

Lucian is the most free ADC to play though.

Just ask TSM's worst player :^)


Speed did that to me so bad.
I laid in bed wired and staring at the ceiling

It's the most popular build I think, I would trust it

Just do Duskblade > Youmuu's > BC

How about this lewd?

Neat, I am not exiled yet

speed never got me that hard. i think 4-MMC is like the only thing that's ever done it

that feel when you're so damn high that it seems impossible that someone could come back from that kinda state alive


its hard to do that



Battlefield 1

how is it

neato burrito, it fun? :)

It's actually like 12/10

same here man

I did see some undercovers arrest a group of those subway pole/breakdancers

its p dangerous; all those feet flying someone could get hurt

plus you can watch chimps swing around at the zoo


the lategame falloff though

my old best firend used to say neato burrito
you're the only othter person i've ever heard say that lol

God damn. Been that bad. That was the no speaking night. Like 13 of us. In a rural cottage. Booked it fir a 3 day bender. Had everything. All sniffables, smokables and pills. At one point it was 4am. Listening to conversations go by and my brain blocked my speech. Scary. Got paranoid as fuck snd had to go lie down.

Mad weekend

Maybe I'm copper II or something but Duskblade on Luc or MF is legit top tier

huh :o

lol sounds nuts :3


hey there yannus mcmannus

You don't rush it.
Usually it's the 3rd item after youmu and bc. Kinda like the cherry on the top.

ive played mf with that build, it's disgusting what it does to people

eat shit and die

is it different from 4

It's meta on Jhin for sure

i dont desrve this

I don't know about NYC but here they're weirdly proactive about hobos.
For the most part, they're not criminalizing them for being hobos but just trying to force them off the streets into shelters where they must undergo substance rehabilitation and job training.

Kind of

idk I haven't had a problem with it yet

we deserve nothing



We also found a missing dog. 3 of the party went off for a wander for an hour. Suddenly one if them came running in "we've found a dog".
We all looked at each other
A second later this bloody border collie came bounding in. That eas it. It was pets galore for an hour. Their owners came by looking and we generously returned.
Our geordie contingent tried putting on their best posh accents mad women.

I was playing 4 just the other day and it's weirdly held up for an FPS.


I don't see as many as I used to. I think cops ignore them unless they start disturbing the public. Maybe there are people in vans that take them away to shelters or something

it pays for itself in the ad and ms, but its expensive and wasting the passive in lane phase feels crappy unless you're rolling the lane with hard cc on your supp

still a pretty game

still stupid fun

spook ahead

Yeah, I mostly just use DMRs and Carbines as a Sniper class.

Based hameru

Like it has the same heart and feel to it
But it's so much better holy fuck, this is terrifying


i used to love sniping in that game

glad you like it

That is a little better, I am partial to the gags though.

I'm just decent with the pistol so I mostly just motion traps to clear buildings, C4 traps for vehicles, and use a DMR for medium range, usually the M14.
Last I checked, I had like 2200 kills with it.


I might be drinking so that I can keep up tomorrow

preparation is such a great thing


When you watch clown porn IT comes

notice the word might

it's a mystery

you can never really know

fucking love that word

i like her

there you are
lets play


my pickem's hot over 36 points
so i got the more rare icon!

Leeg of lozers

nice job man
I didn't like the icons this year so I didn't do the picks

they are rare
and one time only, so i'm thankful i picked almost good this time.

wish we stayed longer at the fair

someone could've won me a teddy bear or something

you should pick your secondary so we can start

i did?

im just waiting on you right now...


to the dead!


Taliban aa

-_- fukken normies

Erin you'd like dis because there's an entire map where Brits murder sand niggers

It's getting so cold....

Thats what we do best. Kill other ethnic groups.
Number one.