Newt thread with a suspicious lack of newts

newt thread with a suspicious lack of newts

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hey, hows it hangin?

Super bored

I know this feel, ded thread does not help this feeling

watching chris hansen vids on youtube

Being an unproductive fuck feels like shit.

why do you look so wasted

the excuses on those asses

cause I am? pretty fuckin simple mate, also post tetten

it's very funny
there was one where a guy got caught twice
I've been laughing at his reaction all day but I can't find it

I just had a dream where my cousin gave me a fucktonne of legos for being the best person ever.


that's quite sad for him, maybe he should try people of age lol

can I give half a fucktonne for being really chill?

it was the very next day after he got caught too lol

hey bae, how u doin?

man I fucking miss playing with legos when I was a kid

I totally don't want to play with legos again as an almost 20 year old that would... uh...

A little birdie told me to invest in MannKind today.

Rolled 3 (1d3)sleep
watch for the dip
more money into mannkind

Rolled 1 (1d2)money into tesla too?

Hulla, Ana~

Of legos? Sure.

That would what?

1year from now i'll be a bag holder living on the streets

I don't have legos.....

wish I had some money in the first place

Just woke up, it's like 2 PM and I wanted to head down to Tripoli today, kinda late now.
Probably gonna go down tomorrow then.

Heyo Rin, what's up?

Don't do it Beepo, then you can't post here anymore.

Seriously though.
It was like, two boxes of 10k legos each.

It was a moment of like "This can't be real."
Then I woke up.


4:05 AM] Bebop: >stock bro gets online and tells me to pm somebody else
[4:05 AM] Bebop: >both log off after

super sus but god damn man he never tells me to talk to someone else or even gets on during the week

probably for the better tbh

gonna sleep now. i put a little chunk of money on it. watch it tank

How much is a fuckton?

Don't you hate where you have a "This can't be real." moment and it turns out it isn't?

Good luck!

It was, like, two boxes of 10k each.
Do they even make them that big?

sleep! but you just showed up so thought I'd say hey, I get lamer when tired

you shouldn't have questioned, you should've went into a deeper dream level text placeholder for inception sound effect

I haven't watched that.

Serious, though.
You can't tell me this isn't the best Final Fantasy Prelude to have been made.

Sup. Was Holla Forums dead before?

FFXV is looking to be a pretty good game compared the shitshows 14 and the 13 series were

No Beepo!
Seeya later though. Hopefully it doesn't fuck up.

That's a lot of legos...
I have no idea, I never had legos.

Aw alright, you should head to sleep though, you said hi. You're running on low hours of sleep right?

It's funny because neither of those are bad.

14 was underwhelming after ARR, but it's not objectively bad anymore.

13, meanwhile, it just really really slow, and until you get halfway through the game it's really railroaded.

Which was intentionally done to hammer home the kind of world it is.

Largest I can find on the lego site is 790.
And it's, like, 40$.

I don't want to know where dreamCousin got that kind of dolla, but she could spread the wealth, y'know?

you should, if nothing else it's incredibly fun visuals also I'm off now have a good day adorarin

quite, for I am the dumb! enjoy your day bae

I guess 20k legos was kinda spreading the wealth considering it was a gift.

I'm porbs gonna shower soonly.

the setting doesn't excuse a fucking 20 hour hallway

Wait, Ana, I lied.
The largest on the lego store is the building basket, which is 1k pieces and !!!!80$.

fuck man I really want to start collecting legos

I truly am a manchild

It's only 20 hours if you're bad.

But was it spreading the wealth correctly?
I'd rather he just gave me 100 dollars.
I always played with the magnetix stuff as a kid anyway.

Bye spoils! Seeya!

it was a guess, i haven't played 13 since it came out

Why do you always lie to me?

The dosh is a more general gift.
It's the kinda like "I didn't know what to get you so here."

It's 9 shockingly short chapters.
Then you're on Gran Pulse, and the walls fall down.

Because you make such cute noises when I hurt you.
I wanted to see if emotional hurt was the same.

Would you want 2k legos though?
Also wew.

But you were probably bad, though.
The combat can be awkward to get a hand of, so I wouldn't fault it.

And while it tries, auto isn't infallible at overcoming unskilled playing.

N-no!? Do I look like a child to you!?

Yes, very much so.


Also, Fish.

You aren't old enough for legos until you turn 100.

too old for legos*


That lady looks so fucking done with the world.

Lego is for manchildren.

It's for people ages 4-99.


nigga the combat is the simplest shit. build combo, execute. heal if needed.

the combat is shit

the "leveling" system is shit

the weapon upgrading is shit

the story is shit

the characters are shit

there's no chocobos

what exactly is it that you even liked

Kek, I always found them super boring, I'd rather have an actual toy for 160 dollars.
You had a lot as a kid?

I'd just fall down the stairs if I was her

can't sleep, what do

take sleeping pills

Such my dick

Tell me you love me.

cure my headache


Besides, I'm a sitter.
My job is to play with kids.

That tells me you don't know how to play the combat right.

The levelling system has been done a thousand times before in a thousand other games and no one complained then.
Actually, it's similar to the system used in 10, which people loved. Go figure.

The weapon upgrading was generic, calling it shit more just shows you didn't understand it.

The story's actually pretty decent, if you're able to follow what's happening, and where.

The characters are pretty bad, but I've kind of grown attached to Vanille in a weird way.

There are Chocobos.

Well, if that's an option, then I'd probably go for that. Since 160 dollars is, like, 3 good blowjobs, and 1 good blowjob is like, 1 good game.
I never had many legos.
But I made shit at school all the fucking time.

Same. Life ain't worth living if you're too old to fun.

Love me, love me
say that you love me

there are chocobos but there's no chocobo riding, racing, or anything

if you sincerely hold these beliefs... well lets just drop the subject.

Stop, you are building them up for a life of disappointment.
They should be doing added curricula to enable them to get ahead later on in life.
After 13 play is redundant and uneconomical.

For the record, I don't actually like FFXIII.
It just isn't bad.

Objectively false.

The Cardigans are pretty neato.

I was just gonna go take a picture of me riding a chocobo somewhere without any physical barriers just to be a shitheal, but steam cloud deleted my data when I activated it.

I'm just going to kill myself now, I'm not playing 58 more hours.

Disabling steam cloud for it saved the day.

Not surprised you know the prices of blowjobs c:

I think that lady is just letting society put her down. She should dye her hair pink and keep playing with legos.


Only 'cause of a friend.

What's with you and society putting people down?

trudat fam

I mean, if you can't even ride a chocobo, you should just kill yourself as a FF game, really.

Oh, wait.

Combat's super easy so I should be able to kill this np.

I don't really have an opinion on those games but the map kinda looks like 3 hallways kek.

Sure c:

I want to fight the system and bring back Succubus rights, that's my life goal.

This works too.
My actual joke was to be to kill it with Death, but I wasn't controlling Vanille for that sweet 1% kill rate.

no has

no has

I love you

Drink water. Lots of it.

No fapping for a while


That first one you're in a valley, it's just where I saved 'cos it's the closest save point to a waystone.

More like succubus.

Ngl disappoint


You got anything to do tomorrow?

Yeah sorry I didn't open the other two because 3MB takes a while to load on my connection, the game looks really cool though.
That map looks pretty broad.

So, to end my stance on why people hate FFXIII.
It's not because it's linear, because in a 100 hour game, that's maybe 3-5 hours.
It's not because there's no chobocos.
It's not any of that shit.

It's because it's different and they're making excuses.

Which, like, fine, don't like it because it's different.
But at least call it what it is.

Frankly, it's not super worth playing.
I 58 hours enjoyed it, but I just found myself liking the characters' little quirks, and before I knew it I was in too deep.

If you have the money laying around and the spare hours, sure, but I wouldn't say to go out of your way for it.

When I get around to XIII-2 I'll let you know how that one is, supposedly it changed or "corrected" a lot of the stuff people actually had issues with.

(The earlier maps linearity.)


sorry :x

do you mean today, friday? work

do you mean tomorrow, saturday?

also work


That's not what my argument was.
My argument was "Your reasons for not liking it are bullshit."

it's all weaboo metrosexual garbage.

I'm not sure... To me, tomorrow is when you wake up.
So yeah, good luck at work, how many hours of sleep can you get if you go right now?

What I'm understanding is that it's not a terrible game, but it's not of the same quality of the others. Fans of the series like yourself would probably enjoy it more.
Either way probably not buying it, gonna save my money for Titanfall 2.

this tbh

Says the steam punk, bronte and Sherlock enthusiast


how come?

None of those are weeaboo metrosexual garbage.
Just metrosexual garbage.

For the record, I like steampunk.

steam punk?


if I fell asleep right now...

not enough

it's more rewarding if you fap less often

my faps were becoming routine and not as fun


I loved the shit out of the first game, played too fucking much of it and just had so much fun overall.
Then it got boring, was the same thing over and over.
Now with all the new stuff they're adding for 2, definitely gonna drop my life into that game. The concept of titans is just way too good.

Yes. You contrived asshat.


I didn't play titanfall.
Which one was that and what system is the second for?

It's a shooter with lots of parkour and amazing animations. Titans give you big dick syndrome and are generally just amazing.
It was on one of the xboxes and one of the playstations, can't remember which.
And Origin on PC, which was kinda shit but I felt that game was worth my money tbh, I waited for a sale though.
The issue with the first one was that they only had 3 titans and the pilots were all the same except the weapons, even though the weapons were SOMEWHAT varied.
The other mistake they made was they tried to tell a story through multiplayer which you don't really get to pay attention to during combat. It was a very generic story too and the characters development was basically through the beginning animations and the little skype calls on the top right of the screen.
Really really great idea, executed really badly. I'm hoping Titanfall 2 will pull it off.


I wanna cum with power!
only the very best sensations!


Nezi put dildo in pooper

Well, it seems interesting enough that I'd play it with someone.

But I don't have the money, so we'll see if you'll get a squad mate in the future, I guess.

so this is where this cutie has been hiding

Back off, she's my pet.

Is it on PC?

Website says Origin.


No no, he takes priority, sorry.
Even if I end up playing alone I'm gonna have so much fucking fun.



Oh, okay.
Your boytoy?

I mean, sure, but games are always more fun with friends!
The one thing I'm assuming FFXV won't give me ;~;


Why do they think this is a good idea

Its just a game.

sorry to say, i just got to him before anyone else did

scratch that i'm not really sorry

Ikr but at least pick something that gives you a chance

Yes, the best one too.
They definitely are, but in a game like this I'd rather be immersed. It's like an action movie and you're the protagonist.

Probably will make some friends buy the game though. But knowing EA, it's gonna be expensive.

too much effort for how tired i am

Shamelessly shilling this game right now.


same reason we thought 6 mcree was a good idea

Cause we are dumb


shit, wrong board

wait fuck, no, right board

You are maybe

I can't wait for the day Subtoe completely, irrevocably breaks up with Desu.

What rin said


I have crippling depression

Well, I'm having a seizure right now.

go be tsuchi somewhere else

I've done a bad thing.

... like... is this real life?
Did I die?

I remember the sickest burn I said to my friend too.

only trannies have crippling depression


Sometimes I wish I could just cut the bullshit and get sectioned already.

Scoots is a tranny confirmed.


What about me, do I have crippling depression?




Am I safe from being tranny scum then?


all depressed are trannies but not all trannies are depressed

tranny scum

Just a daily reminder that tranny is one letter away from being tyranny.

Well. Shit.

and one letter away from trannny

I for one accept the title of tyrant.


Trannies are Tyrants are Trannnies?


I am now a trally. Or a trainee


so is it Tyrannosaurus rex because tyranny

If a potato is mean to the rest of the garden is he called a dicktater?

Tranny scum disgust me

Greek Tyrant and Lizard, and Latin King.

trannny scum digest me

I identify as a fucking idiot.

Trannnys pls >>>/go/
3ns not wanted.

Tranny is made up term for attention seeking

I identify as the king of tyrant lizards.

This is me in irl real life

god made trannies as a test

Is it just me or do Tyrannosauruses sound kind of like a freight train fucked an airliner?

No. being tranny is a choice. But got only seals in predestination.
Tranny is devil spawn.
Sent to deceive heterosexual, god fearing men.

Also test is a tranny

they sound like geese

T-rex evolved into geese
You heard it here first

I geese you have a point.

honk honk honk sssssssssssssssssss

Geese-eye youknow is best yandere

Remember that I look better than you in girl's clothes and can drink a week's wage in a day.

Get on my level.






[Citation Needed]

i can sit on the sofa and shitpost

get on my level


Remember in 2012 when "call me dave" cameron went to Liverpool he saw scanner and declared britain broken and then bet the uk economy at the Casino Royale Burger joint

what thee fuck

You don't look better than me in girl's clothes.

Prove it


That's a normal response.


Average night in Liverpool

How do I stop the mortal dread?
I'm starting to remember things that I really don't wanna remember what I did last night.

I'm not allowed to post the picture of my legs, sorry.

rin post pics u fag

I did this test thing online and apparently I might have ADHD.

Then you aren't
Simple as
Lyin rin

Don't you already know that

mine said hufflepuff



Yes, but apparently I have super ADHD.

fuck i fell for it

What makes it super?

Wow, like superAIDs?

Iam so bad at this game

I have really strong combined type ADHD.

Yeah, except instead of having a rotting dick I have, like, the best brain.

i need coffee but i have no milk and i simply cannot face butter coffee

i will have it black, no sugar, that's almost drinkable

but aren't you like an autistic savant

How do you cope?

why doyou think that
Iam like autistic unsavant if autism is a thing

Repetition, repetition, re petition, rape a pigeon.

You're a fucking nutter.
I'll get a street named after you, since I'm not allowed to reproduce.

cause you sparkle with autism but liek you also know things that only real smart people know

i'm not a nutter, i'm like the most normal person here right now :s

No, that's me.

I faked it until I made it but nobody told me what to do after I made it

But u adhd brain is almost as bad as tranny brain.



what the shiggy diggy fuck is butter coffee


nigga you take antipsychotics so you can sleep

now you sell out and program for people who disgust you for great profit

exactly what it sounds like

nice peridot

nice interrobang

oh i have to go like right now

bye amy nice seeing you

Okay, boring repetitive tasks are a weakness of mine... but is Superman any less OP because radiation fucks him up?

They stopped prescribing them when I stopped taking them. Now I just stay up until 4 in the morning.

Die loco

Byebye. ♥

I kind of hate programming tbh


but i bet you like monies

Nice thread we have here.
Would be a shame if some one crippling depression


only trannnies

That name does not fit. At all.

Crippling depression is a myth, created by the man to put us trannies down.

i do t get it either

it's more like a wha-WHA‽


you could buy pastries and a tree

Sounds grrrreat!

why not just pay me in pastries and trees tbh

lol sweed is drinking butter coffee right now

you know it

as soon as the cat was out of the bag that butter could be a beverage

I think I still have arachnophobia.

'cos, like, there was a spider in my bathroom above the sink and I didn't see it at first, then I did and I jumped, and took, like, a minute to work up the nerve to grab the soap, then it took another while for me to actually turn the tap on.

i'll pay you in mud pies and knees

I am not usually a tranny and I am usually depressed. Now what?

10 years ago and I'd've just not washed my hands.

I dunno, ask Erin.

only trannies have crippling depression fag

There you have it, Yams.

i have well managed depression like normal people.

you faggot trannies with your crippling depression are disgusting to the enth degree

So... Robin Williams was a tranny?

he died choking himself, what do you think

Mine has become a lot more manageable since I started on Concerta.

Tranny aka the disgusting degrading degenerate and dolewalling docilities, dreary and detestables.

I think auto-erotic asphyxiation...

i wanna listen to music but jeremy kyle isn't done with the peasants yet

On dicks, I bet.
Fucking trannies.

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is useless


sertraline 200mg keeps me mostly all good

"Guys make the best girls"

Fucking tranny sympathizers are just as bad as trannies.

If clinical depression and ADHD are both caused by your brain being like, "Nah, fuck that" to dopamine stuff how are they not the same diagnosis with the same meds?

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is fake

Being a tranny is a mental illness like being a poofter and supporting social justice.

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is lying

it's nowhere near that simple, but if you say it like that, you sell more drugs

to actually adress your question, because adhd is dopamine deficiency, depression is serotonin definciency

but neither of those is actually true

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is manipuate


Yoghurt is fake
Just milk and germs

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is unnature

(Protip, yes we are.)

All I know is the pharmacist in head is like Asian parents - it expects a lot more from me before I get my happy drugs.

(If you touch your dick to tranny you are, in fact, gay. That's all there is to it.)

your first fap was in the shower?

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is malice

smoke some weed and chill dude

That's like saying whacking it to snuff hentai makes me a necrophile.

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is pharmaceutical

Ew, gross, drugs.

Tranny is hormone
Tranny is bazinga

Tranny is hormone
This is bat country

Can't stop here

Tranny is tranny
Tranny tranny tranny


It does though?

hey amy i got a new house wanna come down stay for a bit?


Tranny is hormone
Tranny is deceive



The fact I'd fuck a newly dead person if I'd have fucked them while not-dead makes me a necrophile. Silly~

Will there be surgery?

that bitchs name is brian


if you'd like


Tranny is hormone
Tranny is ungod

I'd hit it so hard the tectonic plates would shift.

And then I'd probably fuck her, too.


Stop. Disgusting tranny sympathy.

I actually have a holiday coming up that I've been meaning to extend... where you at?

Tranny is disgusting.
Like the nigger in the black world.

with your penis?


Face, fist, whatever, she'll be knocked off her feet either way.

Best typo. Thanks, brain! :3c

I can loan you my sabs-beater for this endeavor.

kilmarnock still, 15-20 minutes or so south of glasgow

if you really wanna, hit me up on messenger and i'll give you the address so you can plan travel and stuff

Did (you) just /a/ssume my gender?

For the record, I might hit that like a freight train.

With a freight train.


Compensating for something?

Cool. Maybe we'll be able to nerd out on the new Pogeyman game.

Great. Rin. Sabrina. All we need is fish to post and it is a disgusting tranny thread

i live in ayrshire, which is like, the most violent region of the most violent country of the most violent planet in the entire solar system

if you get it, i abandoned my 3DS along with my kindle and my macbook pro and stuff when i fled inverness last time

Butt why?

If you aren't compensating for your micropenis and crippling depression with owning modded cars then you're doing it wrong.

Brb, gonna go work on my supra.

grab up some markers and your kneepads and I'll get the posterboard

No, it's only for beating sabs, nothing else. It's a psychological thang.

Have you gotten your ash-greninja yet?

Do you get that just by doing the demo trial?

i was staying with people in inverness, and i was hating it, and i went down kilmarnock with my dad so he could take my stuff back up and store it, and i was getting grumpy texts the whole time i was away, and when we were done packing stuff into the van, i was like fuck it, i hate those guys, i'm not going back, so i just stayed in kilmarnock and everything i had in inverness stayed there

are there people who like watching stuff like this

For telling the professor to transfer your data after the trial.
I'd get all the itemus first though.

You need to get better at picking friends, dollface.

Well the game's not out yet so I have plenty of time. Oh fuck I still haven't finished my "living" Dex.

i kinda knew it would go tits up

the guy was one of my best friends, but his gf was like thee single biggest most unstable cow on the planet

you simply cannot get on with her

You mean like me without the charm?

My work bff from manc's favourite insult is cow. Hilarious

My favourite insult is "chuclefuck" or "dipshit".

I swear waaay too much.

Some items you get by talking to specific npcs on specific days.

Mostly they seem to be valuable items, though, not items of value.

Me neither, I'm kinda panicky, but then I remember FFXV is coming out in a bit over a month and forget about pogeymans.

The beginning of the video is screwing off and then it's just normal. I made the webm from the video that I only got to make the webm. I like not normal stuff generally because that's just boring.

the guy snapchats me again now

turned out the bitch was cheating on him, then left to live with the guy she was cheating with

they were engaged

yam you are like totally fucking placid compared to this porker

I keep getting distracted whenever I start filling in the gaps. ADHD is a Hell of a drug.

Anyone who makes me seem placid needs to be in a straitjacket.


Pork her


feel sorry for the guy, best friend moves away, fiance leaves him for another dude

sounds rough

Please ky fish tranny scum

he is like thee nicest guy, works his finger to the bone, and just gets zero respect for it, it is sad.

i hope his life is better now.

I don't want to over or under exaggerate my... quirks... but I'm kind of a bit neurotic.

Would you fuck a transexual fish? What would that even look like? A mermaid with a dick?

I'd hit it.

me too but i just do drugs and relax 24/7 and it makes me seems like a super chill person

You'd shaft anything amy
Youve no shame
Even that disgusting troglodytes TROLL-lol-dyke fish

I daydream about homicide, make rrreeaally dark/mean jokes, and hide. That usually does the trick.

I wouldn't fuck an ugly male or a rotting corpse. Or children/animals. Most other things are fine.


You may aswell fuck a pig if you fuck Swedish

Do I look like a Tory to you? I'm fucking Scottish.

Den stahp com oahn

this is the lifestyle that keeps me normal

always having a good stock of blunt wraps, pink rizlas, and poppers.

I haven't smonked wed in a while

i smonked a little this morning

need moar

5 months here and I can't inject the cannabanoids until I get my neetbux through

I have reached a certain level of understanding with the people I know, so I can pretty much get away with being my usual self.

I have a20bag at home
Just never have chance

i still have to reign my shit in, but i got pretty good at it

say what

jelly :3

People just leave me be when I say "I'm bored now bye". It's great.

Ayayaya maybe this weekend
Smonk wed eveydai

why hasn't anybody said "PINK rizlas? i've never seen those before‽"

that's because they're limited edition in certain countries and are really rare

those ones are italian

thanks for asking

but they are basically identical to rizlas blues so the novelty stops at the colour of the packet

Stop gloat fagatron

nigga it's rare smoking paraphernalia

people go nuts for this shit

I'm a party animal.
Does that count?

I could probably make an allowance.

Nuts in moist


Tranny is hormone
Tranny is mistaken

Tranny is pure
Tranny is forgiveness

I was born with my penis and I love my penis.

Trannies killed the threads.

pure faggotry and forgiveness from heteronormity I mean.

Spamming bullying like anyone gives a shit is what killed the threads,

Wanna play Overmemes?

Ok, Fish. Calm down.


yeah sure
gonna jack off first

Shut up, Rin.

Send pics.

Tranny are scum

I'm using this nifty sleeve that glows in the dark

it's p cool


Sabrina is the worst offender. Smh

I haven't been around much. Did an army of transgender people roll through here and trash the place or something?

tranny = loose stool

Nah, but tranny are scum

For your dick?

I have mental images of grim getting ghost bj now great

we have a few people that are like the bread and butter of threads

they make threads chug along

those people havent been posting as much
vidya, and other stuff like life I guess

also there hasnt been much drama, which really gets threads going


You're welcome bby

who are bread and butter

butter list pls

Grim has special underarmour for fapping

its a bunch of people
doesn't take much just use the archive and you'll see some names that are always there in high velocity threads


just to name a few offa my head

I havent used it in a long time, lemme treat myself :D


grim enchants his wife beater with magic shitposting curry powder

Can i be important poster? Am I making the cut?

i donno

that sounds icky

Didn't even make the cut

i am bread and butter


Its time to call Riot-chan.

I may not be bread and butter, but maybe I can be that dessert you only order on special occasions.



pecan pie or tiramisu or similar


Sabrina is black forest gateaux




the most heavenly of flavors

all excellent deserts

love this sonk


grim pls no

I'm stealin' that webm, Mr. Grim.

Be a happy Scoot!

It's that season. I'm gonna eat all of the pie. All of it!

Kill yourself.

iOS has finally learned to play videos inside the embed

praise be

My favourite -^^-
Reserved only for Christmas.

now i want pie


I am >.< im trying

it's a long way forward
so trust in me
and give them shelter
like you've done for me ❤️

Is it just me or does it look like she's getting off when she wiggles inside of it?

I have fudge blackout only on my bday

dem creampies

go for it

now apple

dur webm support


Cannot say ive heard if that... why so special to merit the honour?

iOS ❤️️

Never android again

did you fall in love

once a year because it's so delectable

simple os for simple people :^))))))))))))))))

You people are fucking weird, reserving particular cakes for particular days.

God, just bake 'em all at once and turn into a little piggy.
It's what I do.

Oh, right.
Not everyone is capable of eating 12 pounds of cake without gaining weight.

Never mind.


It suits my minimalism and my desire for cutting edge

no webm support is just one of those jony ive things.

some day ill retreat from life so i can spend all my time lifting heavy weights and running long distances, just so i can cram my fucking face with pie

I never had dat cake you caked, Scootcake. Is it your favorite?

"Nobody cares about the big-horned sheep."
That should be in the popular vernacular.

I think she realized she was eating too much purple candy and it was going to her hips, but who knows. You could be on to something.

Grim. That looks divine. I want to bake it.

Is Apple going to make their own webm like they did with FLAC and ALAC?

Can apple devices even play FLAC, or does it have to be ALAC?

It is it is. Only for the superest special occasion. What is dessert take on pisters gere. Who are we as caeks :333

I can't fap to this

too feely

i doubt it. i think webms will work on iOS fairly soon.

they usually have a pretty sound agenda with these things, like, the refused to adopt flash, which sped it towards its death and replacement with HTML5 in the modern web, which apple were waiting for.

I'd imagine they are watching webm very carefully, and once it has proven its utility, integration will begin.

I never asked for these feels tho


Groovy song tho

Aaah, I'm bad at this kinda stuff!

But um...I would say that I could see you as key lime pie. Sweet, cool, and just a little bit tart. :P

sad machine does that too



I actually didnt like sad machine as much

Flicker was nice tho

i fell in love with sad machine for a while. flicker also good song.

And god forbid you fuck your settings with VLC

A little bit tart? Ooooooh could you go on? Im intrigued.

Muh ego

Actually, that last video you can see how compression works and it's fucking hilarious.

Welp. I got all the big skins for OW for Halloween now.


ur image is borked

knew it. iOS still doesn't save multiple gif frames. so weird that they kill gifs, but don't have webm support either.

What's this song?


it's terrible

I just remembered that "tart" kinda means slut over there. Not what I meant.

I dunno. Just look at this cute slice of pie!


It sounds like one of those songs from shitty indie games that try to act like NES games that I'd've played.

That is why i asked, you saying skud is a sweet sloooot :o

H'weee deed nawt eckspekt daht

Do Britbongs not know what tart means outside of the informal implication of slut?

of course we do, americans are the ones who dont know stuff good


I had to leave a party early to come home and do busy things but now that I'm here I just want to sleep

Also that special feeling when a lot of people farewell you loudly.

it was us who made the tart-slut allegory 😂

Yeah, but it seems kind of obvious that Sabs wasn't calling scoots a sloot in that context, and a bit asinine to read it like that.

Actually was being more jestful. But, if i say ur asinine ur asinine and junk.

he widnae hae sex wae ur

a hink e's a cheet cuz he widnae hae sex wae ur

Please pardon my ignorance. ♥

You make me purse my lips sometimes. That's kinda what I meant! I think.

it's okay, it isn't your fault dear. you have a history of terrible administration

Is that in a good way or a scolding way :3

"I swear it was a joke, but I'm going to meme at you because it's all I know how to do."

Force memes are what's really killing threads.

Anyway, I need to bounce, going shopping with friends.

Bitter fruits are my favourite. Go on.

Have a good day.

Be shame if you let the door hit you on the way out.

Don't you dare have a good day.

I can't seem to find it on YewToob, but BBC America ran a great promo a few years back urging Americans to tune in and learn the proper pronunciation of words. It was cute.

Both. That is to say, amused.

Take care! Buy something fun.

lol, that's so demeaning, i'm so sorry 😂


Well, you know me... the enigma, i am always eager to please. So this isa good thing.
:3 also limes are nice.
Bakewell tart.

Naw, it was cute. Just Mama Britain teasing us a little. ♥

Mhm. And as much as I like pumpking and pecan, I am a fan of the ice box pies, 'specially lime, lemon, and chocolate! Do you guys eat ice box pies?


this horrid tranny has zero ass and tits

What on earth is an ice box pie?

Tranny is failing

tits are over rated

i believe it's what they refer to as a fail trap

how horrifying

said the homo

Got run over by the car.

It's a pie you cool in the refrigerator rather than bake in the oven. They're most popular in the summer, but my mom and I have key lime on Thanksgiving and Christmas too.



i'm sweating

black coffee is a sweaty beverage

Oooooh that sounds tasty, cool and sharp palette?
I want to try
Like when you have cheesecake straight from being refrigerated for hours. Has that cold sublayer to it.

I thought it was my ex at first because of "her" face.

bet that mushroom cock does big cums

Speaking of black...

Oh, yeah. It's comparable to cheesecake, but not nearly as thick (unless you do it wrong).

probably. Not mine BTW. I have no tats.


Food challenge food challenge:3


That's not vomit. It's drool.




I meant to add something but forgot

Urgh....drool? Sounds..... lewd,.....



shut up and fuck me



now what

so pale

Egg white


im caucasian

Scuba, I have to get going for now. It was nice seeing you. I'll try to bug ya gain later!

whos !trap?

you would be the one to ask huh

hopefully not a disgusting tranny

Beats me.

My penis can't extend oceans though.

party pooper

Bye❤️️ Happy hunting


not sure if its fish or some new poster

are you working today

Atleast they arent a disgusting tranny

fucking faggot


Yeah. I have to head out at 1:30.

I won't change my trip

Please change your status from living to dead

Kill yourself.

should have guessed



if i knew sweed irl i'd go on holiday and buy her a really tacky shark tooth necklace as a gift to give her when i got back and she'd just have to grin and bear it

I'd call in if I didn't miss so much last week.

she'll just cut herself with it

i wouldnt suggest you do that

bwahaha fuck off you hate it that's the point, now wear it or i'll get all offended

I know. I'm trying to get money to move out for now.
I think if I can get a grand I can just leave whenever. And I have like 600 now.

Then erin would stab them with a knife and end their miserable existence

Is Erin being mean to Fish for not accepting a pretend gift in a made up situation?
I mean, Fish needs to fuck off and die, but DAMN.

i think someone did that to me in february, lol, dunno if they did or they just stupidly thought those necklaces are anything but cheap ugly shit

how much do you make in a month

I would say jump in front of a bus fish, but bus/bus collision would be devastating

maybe they genuinely saw it, and went "oh, that's nice, we should get one for erin"

babby's first holiday abroad

Better to go by a week.
No overtime: ~$460
With overtime: ~$650

Before taxes.

oh you have wiggle room then

either way

i have no love for that gift

congratulations, you disappoint me

Wiggle roomwith HOT CUM


erin you might have a problem

i'd probably like anything you give me unless it's a literal bag of shit

I don't get many gifts

Swede is dumpster

when people are like "fuck, idk what erin likes, she's girly, let's just get her hello kitty stuff"

i appreciate that. that's nice. minimal thought goes into it, but *just* enough goes in to make sure i won't hate it, and that's all i need.

fucking shark tooth necklace, jesus christ


You don't deserve gifts.

Kind of.
I need to work on debts as well.

oh yeah wasnt considering that

If I had to get you something I would probably get you a gift card for a Conoco gas station.

I'm bad at this shit.

Real girls, like erin, deserve gifts.
Not tranny trash.

shark tooth necklace obsession

pretty sure it symbolizes penis in some sort of way but I'm not entirely sure


do you guys have costa coffee? or marks and spencer? a gift card for either of those would be lovely.

I deserve gifts, Squash.

i think that train of thought speaks more about you than me fam

Why do you bring up wiggle room?

god damn it manchester if I knew where you lived I'd report you to the authorities

more about me wanting to insert penis in your face, sure

You deserve a swift kick in the crotch.

I don't drink the stuff so I only ever notice Star Fucks.

dohoho you old card

I know you like that bby, you want sum fuk?

quality of posts is very high

starbucks is terrible. we have those, but in a very small quantity, because costa steals their market in the name of all that is good and true

Swing and miss.

Is swede killing themselves as we type


i need some pizza

no reason

everytime I go 5 minutes without posting scoots thinks I'm killing myself

They got me through school when i had to be awake.
They are shit though.

Down, boy.

This is a thread that is new.

Kyle Manchester aka Squash lives in MO, USA.

Make some yourself; if you make it from scratch with quality ingredients it's p healthy.

He lives in Iowa.

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