I made a thread !

I made a thread !

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one of those moments where you have to hide a picture

JHoly shit


Oh? Like who?

Actually that is not worse than the band-aid one








how about you go kill yourself

What gives man?

lol err
I like most people and don't really wanna name names
People have their good and bad moments

Three things. One: Their PK is shittier than awful and they gotta fix it (besides not getting penalized of course). Two: They gotta stop being on the defense when are ahead. They have to be offensive so they aren't getting outran. When they go on the offense, they keep their opponents on their heels. Three: One of them games was against the Blues and they gotta figure out how to beat them. They can beat anyone but them it seems.




loli jsut took the lead gg

Oh, and the Canucks are cheating.

it's a shame all yours are bad

Yes, yes it is

she just fell off her bike



I'm happy with being just a decent euro poster.


I'm going to have 11 days to beat sun and/or moon.



can you do it?






I should not have started this


The one with Martin Shkreli is interesting too



You follow Destiny?


Yeah ^^

so adorable!

can..... can you train me in your pokemastering ways?

It just takes one easy step.


I'll start watching this now. Just gonna throw this out there though, the way he started his video is exactly like one of my favorite youtubers so I kinda already want to get it purely for that

I like that he started uploading to Youtube again, I don't get to watch his stream when all the good stuff happens.

I just have it running in the background, listening to Destiny tell this chick how she's stupid.

his videos are very informative i am binge watching them

Yo but real talk that Porter Robinson new song tho

fucking fire

A-1 Pictures finally did something good for once amirite?

what is that?

Agreed, I don't watch his stream much but the youtube content is always good
And sometimes the subreddit

Still the length of that is unsettling, there should be like a highlight video of it.

Git gud scrub.

I should be checking up on that. I don't use reddit at all.

I'm like an hour in and after the first 5 mins, it's just been stupidity non stop.

you monster!

You do realize you're watching an argument about politics?

They're on genders right now, it's great.

s t o p

Really, though, I just have fun with it.

I assume the levels of cringe have gone through the roof?

It's alright, the community's a little small
You won't miss any of the really good stuff if you stick to youtube tbh ^^
But definitely check out the Shkreli interview, I think he makes Destiny take an autism test



OoS or OoA?


Cringe is the worst meme ever

She's basically just uneducated, as Destiny can poke holes in anything she says. She refuses to address any example he gives when she says something.

Ha, gotta watch that tomorrow. I bet he has slight autism

Oracle of Ages/Time was best Zeldas tho

Is caffeine withdrawal suppose to suck this much?
Maybe going cold turkey wasn't a good idea.

Funny way to say Link's Awakening.

the assumedly alt right cringefest

oh you don't like do all the in depth stat stuff?

Links awakening nigga

better than OoS/OoA

A man after my own heart.

SSY was pretty decent.

I just listed the only games I played, it's normal procedure. As I understand, not that many actually played the Oracle games

I just enjoy listening to Destiny sperging, the content they discuss is mostly just to lure others in.

I guess I could call it by the official second hand embarrassment name?
It's a true thing though, I can't watch those things since the embarrassment I feel for those people is too much to handle.
Well then, she doesn't differentiate from the mass at all.

It was a weird time for hand held gaming.
Most people probably didn't want to buy both for the whole experience.

I kinda just recognize every pokemon's type, and in PVE the breeding and training literally do not matter.

So, uh.

I won't say you're wrong, however my opinion differs.

The Oracle of Age's sea/mermaid part was really bizarre, like Seasons' Subterrainia.

i cant stop yawning

It's not actually cringe though, just good old stupidity

I was too young to understand that the story continued, I just liked walking around killing stuff and growing gasha seeds.

I was stuck at the that tokay island in OOA for ages

Squash pls, I'm more of a Zelda fan than you will ever be ^W^

All the games are decent

except for Zelda 2:The Adventures of Link, we don't talk about that one

I'll fkn fite you


Eh, it was alright either way. Shame they never made the third one.

Jerking off to slash fics of the game doesn't make you a fan.
I could trounce you at any Zelda game.

It's embarrassing though how stupid some people can be, and then they just keep on going and don't know how to stop at all, that's the point where I have to stop watching since they're hurting themselves, but they're too stupid to realize it.

I thought you went to bed Loodz

Also Link 2 was a pretty good game.

He won't stop purring ^W^


So what was wrong with it?

Had no idea there was one planned, I played through a continued game later on and beat the final guy and freeing both oracles. What could be continued?


I am in bed, I just accidentally started watching something and I can't fall asleep.

What wasn't wrong with it?

It was suppose to be a three part game based around each of the Triforce pieces.

I don't recall the way it would work, but it was cut because over complications.


A lot, but you could name the things that you found bad about it instead of being a dumb ass.

Sadly I have to head back to work.

It's just very awkward to watch.

Oh hm. Budget might have been tight.

Not tonight, I have a headache.

It was completely generic and utterly forgettable.

It was the Oracle of Secrets but they had no way of implementing that theme well or even a mechanic for "secrets" that worked. They felt three would cause the "codes" to be ridiculously long for variables, like longer than Golden Sun's transfer via text, because they didn't want to use a transfer cable.

What the heck, did I just headache-zoned when I wasn't even asking for anything? :^)

It would have worked the way it did with two, but with three games instead.
The over complication were that they couldn't figure out how to password-link three games in a decent manner.

Controls were clunky and unwieldy
Maps were just confusing.
There was a huge lack of direction.
Numerous bugs and errors.

While I'll agree that the game is good in concept, the actual execution leaves a lot to be desired.


Adventures of Link's combat was better done in the handheld games.
Where it wasn't a conflict to simply use the controls.

Oh yeah dude I met this chick at work and shes a weeaboo but shes like super shy

Oh yeah and I have a new nickname at work apparently
What kind of a nickname is professor lmao


oh that's good to know!

I knew someone who went by "The Professor."
I asked her once if I could call her "Big Sister" and she laughed at me and was like "Sure."

Then everyone told me to stop trying to get into my pants, but by that point I was like "Why would I try to bang my sister?"

fixed that for myself. Fuck all y'all.

They also had no way for "secrets" to work in the game as a mechanic, since the other two work as map shifts to solve puzzles.

How'd you sleep?

Morning again

I just said I had a headache and I thus don't feel like watching porn, baka face.

Just a bad meme mostly

I'm not a bad meme! You're a bad meme!

It's 7:30pm !


Oops! Good evening then ^-^

with my eyes closed :^) really though I slept alright enough, not long but enough. how's your day gone?

How are you ?

She's a pretty good boat girl.

img.flag {display:none !important;}
just sayingggg

I like what they have done with the great people. Something I wanted in Civ5

It's about to end, playing a game of league with my friends before going to sleep. Was a very relaxing day of doing not much of anything.
Heading to work soon?

Doing fine! Playing a game with some friends, how about you? Day went well?

I found a few cuties with the kantai collection tag. Nothing as lewd as yours though

no got back just a couple hours ago actually, winning in league?

I mean.
Maybe not as a unique mechanic that wouldn't be too clunky and unwieldy to base a game around.

And the only way to make it a general exploration mechanic would be to make it like OoT if to play OoT you had to constantly toggle the Lense of Truth.

Which would actually just be the Rod of Seasons but with different flavour.

Da, I went out and ran and signed up for a 10k and have an interview for work tomorrow

my dad send me a video of a christian mom explaining why monster energy drink is satanic.

what do I respond


With this.

the picture?

but that was the entire point of the video

You're doing something wrong if you can't find lewd KanColles.

"Hail Satan."

the shirt just references it is all

just say lol or something

Well, the other two work literally the same: the mechanic just changes the map to fix/move in another. I -think- there were a few rough drafts and interviews about it that was basically the same: the "secrets" was like some alternate world you could mess with to fix things in the "normal" one. So all three would have been the same mechanically, just thematically different.

You should kill your father.

With that image, then say "I'm a slave to the devil's jizz."


this is like the time he told me all about how brexit was a sign of god that he hates britain
im not even kidding.



can't kill own blood

you're the devil?

Just started, I'm so trash with le happy tree man but he's so fun and uplifting.

You do a lot of running?
What's the interview for? What work?

Oh there was plenty lewd. But the subtle lewd is a bit more fun to post sometimes

I saved this image


Teasing the other posters or something?

Your father is literally Satan and trying to get people off his trail.
You're doing God's work.

Something like that. It's a bit different than just opening up the 'masturbation' folder and dump from there.

sleep you dolt

happy tree man? lol

not you too

I've been doing that a lot yeah it kills time. Some bank I forgot I even applied at I hope I get it, it pays nice


Kill your family, Tokai.
God wills it.
God forgives it.


Why not?

I have it all neatly organized.


the crusades are OVER

kinda wanna not sever relations again

I just use my phone camera reel as fap material :^)


I occasionally look in the mirror and can't resist. Guess I'm old fashioned.

Oh well, I feel sorry for you to have a such religious parent.

I did

30hours of no sleep + a 3 hour nap = me

Why not sleep for a lot longer?

Ewww, that's so creepy :3

I woke up to news in the background and slight light

I thought it was a work morning
so my body and mind are in hustle mode

eh there's way worse parents out there.
and it's not like I live with him anymore.

Should close all electronics devices and sources of light if you're going to take a nap.
Why not nap for a bit more then?
Or are you going to force it through the rest of the day until going to bed for good?

I guess, but those are still pretty dumb.

Just learning from you!

oh well shit man, get some caffeine into you

you know once you're in that active state its nearly impossible to go back to sleep

its 8pm atm so idk

bad idea

I'm just comfortably waiting until he goes completely senile really.


because itll fuck up my circadian rhythms even more

Oh well, try not to drink anything with caffeine and you should be good to fall asleep during the normal hours.

That sounded a bit harsh, but if that's how you feel.

Yeah, but it's cute when I do it.

he's just a bad bitter and old person.
I don't hate him at all but it'd be better for everyone if he becomes completely harmless.

We're talking about flexing, yeah?


fkn pedophile

That still sounds a bit negative.

Hair brushing!


Seems we got a bit confused.

Also that satellite thing on her head looks silly :3

Shut up, it's adorable!

sounds like suffering

I really can't think of any positive thing about my dad other than that there's worse parents to have.

velociraptors are the biggest fucking niggers that ever lived

they were cute little fluffy chickens

Does it provide wifi too?!


sorry was reading reddit stuff

the little fucks keep ambushing me whenever i find an even remotely viable base location, and without a base i cant build the tech required to kill the cunts

That's pretty discomforting.

I kind of wanna take up falconry.

For sport.

oh is this ark or whatever


Ivern, new hero
Looks like daddy long legs smoked a lot of weed.

Are you in school or looking for a job right now?
What time you heading to bed?

It's just a thing to deal with.
or not deal with in my case.

first gotta get yourself a hawk

Yes, 9 bars.

Maybe not so silly after all. Do they undress often too?

Or a falcon.
Or an owl.
Or an eagle.

which is best?

True, I guess.


I'm ready to start teaching others to play this game because I'm done playing with fucking randoms all the damn time.


What rank you at?

silver elite master on that account
it's so bad. i get people all the time who go "this is my first ranked match"
it's like a giant "FUCK YOU" from valve


Falcons and Hawks are most common.
Apparently Owls can be harder to train.

Remind me about laundry in an hour.

That should be easy though to scrub the floor with those.. scrubs.

You smurfing?


We all find a way though.

hawks seem cooler

I might sleep in half an hour though.
I'm heading out tomorrow.


It's kind of hard when all of my skill is actually based on communication/teamplay. Sure my aim is good enough and I can soundwhore enough to solo rounds myself but sometimes it's just bad. I start to trust teammates on their callouts then they fuck me
Very annoying

Not intentionally

Oh, fair enough.
This video is an hour long so I'll probably be fine.

that sounds amazing for multiple reasons

Uhuh, a pervert who should be asleep.

Good morning.

Go to bed then :3

Good evening!

Kek, what happened?

You don't play league? He's got really thing legs and a treebeard going on, takes long strides when he walks and is generally just hilarious to look at.
Fucking love happy tree man.



Oh well, I mostly just rely on my aim and game sense, got to hate it though when I pick up an awp and get a few flicks in a few rounds in a row they suddenly think I'm an awp god and have to use that gun for the rest of the match.
I'd just rather take an AK-47 or M4A4 for those easy taps and reliable clutch moments.

Goodie, wouldn't want you pantless would we.

if we don't, the world'l just move on

Yup! Good night Wishy.

My head is killing me. I don't even know why.

Thankyou again. I was a bit surprised to see the notification.


Sweet dreams.

Yeah that's pretty weird. Like, it's part of your body so it's trying to kill itself?

no I sort of suck at mobas, only tried them a few times and each I was really not good at

I can't 1v5 good enough all the time apparently

Same. I prefer the scout a lot :^)


But isn't it better to carpe diem every now and then?

I just woke up.. I think I only got like 4 hours sleep but my head is having none of it.

It's not my fault. I offered to keep sleeping but it was adamant on being awake.

Was there a reason that I was overlooking? I don't feel like I've thanked you enough.

Hey SSD. I managed to keep warm enough to survive the night.

it would be foolish to carpe diem without memento mori

No reason.

I mean how are you unintentionally smurfing? Did you just drop too hard or did something happen to your main account?

They're also not fun at all when you're playing alone, especially when you get four teammates just ready to blow at any mistake. Some people forget to just have fun.
What do you play though?

Don't worry about it, it'll be fine.

osu! is having none of my hand today.

I always pick the scout at the start, even though they nerfed the jump accuracy.
Unless I play the retard strat with the Nova, because who even expects that in competitive?

Glad to hear that, you slept with the socks on too?

O tempora, o mores to that one.

I jump around games but overwatch a bunch lately, then some indie things like binding of isaac if I wanna chill out I'm super lame

I am going to try and keep this a good day just to show my appreciation.

Osu knows I'm a gaijin.

Yeah I was nice and toasty during the night but when I woke up it was really hot and I had to shed it all off.

I find it peculiar though how it can get cold in your country.

Sounds like a fair trade.



Yeah, me too :c

Let me remind you that I can't survive in anything under 24*c.


G'night Tracer.

That's horrible.
I die in anything over 25C.

Didn't your teacher ever tell you to not copy answers?

heh I'm gonna be done with Carpe noctem soon though.

Good night!

Nah that's not lame, a lot of my friends do that, Nuclear Throne, FTL, Enter the Gungeon and all that stuff.
Ever played Darkest Dungeon?

Then you might as well get to bed.

Ana, I think your name fell off.

I'm trying to look into how to slowly acclimate myself to colder temperatures. Not really sure how to go at it except try to let myself get a bit cold during the nights until it aches.

Well no, because they only told the people who got caught doing it.

hey now I first gotta finish my tea and then brush etc

Oh, clever.

brush deez

Thank youuu, didn't notice.


It happens by time, I don't really notice the cold at all until I lean on my hands or cross my legs.

Do it hastily then.


nope not yet buuuut it's on the list of things I do plan on trying out!


I think the flags broke when you put yours on, the servers couldn't handle it.

I don't need stress before bedtime!
im enjoying the tea

All my friends like the cold temperatures. I hate it.

Was never intended.
Wanna OW ?

This is a good image.

Better channel that inner Buddha then.

I'm not really a big fan of the -30C or lower temps but otherwise they're alright.

No offense taken.
I guess I could play a few matches before bed.

Gotta grind the halloween content
I'm already behind subtle

I've only gotten like Dr. Junkenstein from my 2nd box and that was it.

Nig I all I got was an assload of blues sprays and voicelines.

Oh and I got that intro for Genji with the pumpkin.

I got the mercy skin on my first box and the reinhardt intro on the second one. I've only opened four boxes.
Easy game.

I can survive to heat really well but a simple breeze and fricken heck.


my religions teacher used to call me that


nvm nini


Nini, Ana.




not a lotta, you?

watching news

waiting for civ 6 to come out in an hour

going to rule the world? lol

couldnt say

here have some trailer goodness while you wait youtube.com/watch?v=ny3hScFgCIQ

i saw that

kinda weird direction

Oh well, that might be a lot more easier to get used to than heat.



it's the telling of old man logan from a different timeline, so they're still trying to follow the comics just random as fuck parts of it, still looks gooood just nice to see x23 getting a legit role


you too


i just want to rank up
i hate this

You too.

you see the red dead 2 trailer?

I can days that reach 42*c fairly okay but if got anywhere near 12 I am dead.


But it's 10:30.

ye hoping it's as fun as the first if not mooooore

I forgot to put a picture.

coming soon to pc in 2024

lol rockstar hates pc, not sure why though since the modding community extends the life of their games like crazy

Mata ne~

Fine, I will just go to bed.

their games kinda suck for modding. i mean it has some just because its a big game but its not great

they dont really hate pc recently. gta 5 is pretty well optimized


I was just watching. I really love that part of the background track with the piano.

It takes money and aeroplanes.

We're not allowed to be awake at the same time?

yeah very pretty overall

they arent strapped for cash

But I'm playing OW.

Oddly that doesn't even feel so cold.

I was quoting a song I was listening to

They definitely aren't but I guess giving it some exclusivity will make people want it more and like GTA people will buy it for consoles. Eventually when it comes to PC a fraction will purchase it again.

Are you fricken kidding me? I need like a jacket and stuff.

yeah sounds pretty sucky

they cant really schedule the game like they did with gta 5. i mean their placement there was really lucky. but yeah i dont think we'll get it for pc in 2017 tbh

is that sarcasm

What the fuck is the Nintendo Switch?

New Nintendo console, what else?

Well good thing because I need to finish the first one after the mountain of other things I need to do and finish.

game console

I'm not sure halp

their new gimmick console

i doubt the games will be connected that much


Yeah... but still.. It's something I wanted to finish.

Nothing about its design makes sense.
It's just an iPad with two controller parts attached to the top and bottom.

Are you nutz?

its a good game

its so you can play it on your tv and then if you leave the basement you can play it and look like a sperg in public

Yes, watashi Emma desu

I'm straight up bonkers

Ending was spoiled for me. Kinda ish. I know the fate of the protagonist.

That the kind of thing you'd say when you're trying to show people how much attitude you have.


hows it hanging though sebs?

I think it's more common to wear a jacket or a hoodie than just a t-shirt.

I'm lost. Why am I nutz?

worth it anyway

pretty much. i dont see the appeal. but nintendo fans seem to like it i guess

no complaints. was gonna watch westworld with hubby but that fell through but im cool

I'd like to wear nothing in any condition. I'm kidding that would be absolutely embarrassing. I Just want to be comfortable in most high and lows.

I was just answering Tsunchi's question

Then I withdraw my J'acuse.

That shouldn't have been capitalised.

I tried to find a friend to hang out with tonight and the faker friends of mine dont even have the common courtesy to give me a yes or no
They just log off for like 5 minutes then hop back online
it's a y/n question shit
is it that hard to type the letter 'n'

Skyrim is a six year old game.
Why is it even being made to be a big deal?

Oh my god..

they need 3rd party support

That's just J'adorable


I graduated from french anime university.

Real talk though, I always brain fart and use a Japaboo particle mixed in with my French.

Really desu ka?

Yeah, pretty much.
It's weird that I don't really do it with English or anything.


why are you waking up at 10 pm

One of my friends who reads a lot has been teaching himself Korean. So sugoi.

scse you it's 8 here

Oh boy.
Next they'll add easy to use online systems.
You never know what those little rascals at Nintendo will think up.

Ouu, that's pretty neat. Given enough time I can read Korean aloud.

But I'll still have no idea what it means :^)

fish I...I'm sorry to tell you this....
you're living in the past........
just....just let it go....

When we go spend some time at a computer cafe you can hear 'shibal' being shouted a lot because of league.

сука блять

Whoa, are they Faker? :o

Kahkte byazavut?
I probably butchered that translation but I didn't know how to spell it

Yeah me and Faker are like BFFs.

you're tellin me
i dont eevn speak ruskian


Well, I mean, if that's what you want to do.
I prefer wearing more usually.

no wait

Why would he be bffles with a wood 5 n00b like you?

Anu cheeky breeky iv damkya!

Have a good sleep!

he say you brade runnah


I dunno.. I thought I can be fun to play with or something.

i could go for noodles real bad

The solo European awake again am I..

toothbrushies nana


*toothbrushie tim nana

no cappu pasties linux :(

Shut the fuck up tsuchi.

Heya, diggies~

I just realized I haven't sent my family my new number for the most part.



What's a Nintendo?


I don't know, but it sounds pretty gay.

What's your number?


Haven't known my mothers number for 2 years now
Never even thought about it until you mentioned it.


We couldn't text anyway. I can only text in the US.

[isolation intensifies]


💔💟💗💕💗💕💞💟💝💖💗💖💗💘💗 💗💖💕💖💗💞💝 ❤💗💕💖💟💞💝💟💟 💗💔💟💗💕💗💕💞💟💝💖💗💖💗💔💟💗💕💗💕💞💟💝💖

We got emoji back?
Or did it never leave?

Move to be new country.

the latter i think

welcome back btw

Who is it?

What are you talking about, I just saw this thread on the first page and started shitposting.

thatd be mod abuse

if you say so

I mean
why would someone tell lies on the internet

couldnt say

would be pointless

Where am I even supposed to go?

I couldn't tell you.

ikrsmhtbhimho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 💯💯💯👌

Just go down the list.

I promised Tracer that today is going to be a good day so I'm not going to think about that kind of stuff.

I'll try not to ruin your mood then.

where's bebop?
I fell asleep and he's offline

Only good vibes allowed.

what about ambient vibes?

As long as they don't contribute negatively.

[ N E U T R A L I T Y ]

Is chill negative?
is hypnogogic ambient?

Bard you are allowed to give whatever vibes you want because you're words are special to me.

and already I'm starting with the typos

Ohh, I like this one.

Vancouver triche au hockey,

I identify as a StuKa.

People run when they hear you whirring?



I identify as meme.
Pic related, it's the infamous mfw the pÜssy too good

Dead thread.







Yeah, fuck my life.




Grim you WICKED DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also he sounds so much like a pro wrestler it's scary

alex jones is my hero

alex jones takes on the burden of reality for the masses

he has to live a life of stress and paranoia because of it, he does it all so we don't have to

he's the modern day jesus

I'm currently a truant. Quick what do I do?

Go back to school.

acquire weed and then form a posse of other delinquents


Start vaping.


the one boring but useful reply

I feel I like total shit I just want Bardock back

there there master san it will be alright

Beerus's vision was actually Bardock and not Goku.

When Freiza blasted him it just knocked him into another one of the universes. which is why hes still alive in in the movie about him





you really think they would bring a character that long back back?

they brought back freeza dude

I didn't even go to school to begin with.

I'll call it the kool kidz klub

It would be amazing.

but i mean they already brought back frieza before
I would expct tto see broly or cell before bardak

How does this thread get a velocity of 1.1k?

Broly isn't canon.


Armour penetration.

Robbie rotten?


When you're trying to solve a problem you've never encountered before so hard you had to leave your computer twice to chill out only to come back and take the easy way out.

lol what a bitch

It's still a good day.

no no my sister isn't a part of this soto

When you're trying to solve existence and keep running into walls, and moments where you should have died but was saved at the last second. xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


How old is your sis anyways?

Omg I love this.

I know you love me fam

28 about to be 29

Oh pretty much the same age as my onee-chan

oh? that's neat, wait how old are you then?


fookin ded

i just got here but more hgore pls





even though it's ded