Fishy gib steam edition

Fishy gib steam edition

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Stop fish




that's what I have been doing, haven't got a skin since roadpig's though given I have almost all of them now

magic karp used splash

..... it wasn't very effective.

Elma so desperate



I love this song

lonely :(

I've been saying that for weeks.

i only need ana's now. i have everything else

savin mah 5k credits for sombra unlocks!

you into animo?

Pffffffffff lol

Gimme >:3




Whatevs trevs. Carry on.


ive seen some but it's not really something i actively look for

what have you seen?
which did you enjoy?





Good night
Have a good sleep

scoots have u heard flumes new album uwu

Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing OVA, a few others i dont remember

sleep well homie

those are good anime

Not yet

what an adorable awkward little shit

hellsing ova was lit

have you seen fma brotherhood

i like them all but they arent really as good as some live action shows


ive had it recommended to me

FMA is great, but it is 64 episodes long.

So... that's a consideration.

gave me hope for new music
I had pretty much given up on newer stuff last year but damn

Swedish leave

very rare for me to get that sense of attachment to some chars in live action like I do in anime

I'm all for tragedy and thrillers these days

SWExit when???????

fma&fma brotherhood
ghostin shell
space dandy

it's so good, the length won't matter.

I need to get back to study


lol no thank you

you should look into westworld

its just starting really

i tried space dandy but wasnt into it

FMA is my fucking jam I fucking love it, watched both series more than a few times and both movies twice.

Full MENTAL asshole lol


Yeah, I thought that might be your reaction.

Oh well.


what did you not like about it?

Its a remake isnt grom?

its just too good

lack of consequences wasnt really something i was willing to stay on board for

sombra is just the longest arg ever, if she doesn't have a slenderman ult I'll be disappoint

grade a show

Wolf children - is lite hearted

Witch hunter Robin - is more serious and composed with real depth to it.

and, The Cat Returns - is ghibli cuteness

so my friend and me were eating hotdogs and we happened to get into a discussion about how wasteful it is that there is female and male hotdogs and how when you make them you have to make them from two packages because they are hard to tell apart and bad stuff will happen if you do not make a mix and so while pulling out two packages explaining this and showed me how unnecessarily large the hotdogs had to be to accommodate for this male female hotdog constraint and started preparing one by adding it to a hotdog bread and adding ketchup and mustard and condiments and just as we were about to reach some grand conclusion to what the problem was and what the solution was my alarm clock and I never go to know what the actual problem was but it felt like something greater

how the fuck do you tell a hot dogs gender?????

the arg is still going -_-

the intro is so art

Fucking white privilege



youjust know

a food master....

Why are you posting a rerun? I remember this from several months ago. :3


you posted it on my stimm profile I noticed

it was one of my greater dreams tbh

I actually recorded one I had like that a few weeks ago. The run-on sentence format works well.

So I had a dream that there was this weird ritual in a room in the basement of some guy's house and my mom and dad and idk who else was there and the guy was filling some big metal fire pit kind of like$wgis$ in the corner of the room while chemicals and stuff to make an explosion and there were foldout chairs near it in the room and I didn't think it was safe to sit in the room with it but my mom kind of smiled and assured me it was and also there were a couple of little kids there who just jumped in the metal container and sat in it smiling while the guy added a bunch of stuff to make an explosion and I could tell this was probably going to be an explosion I shouldn't be in the room for so I went outside of the room and just looked around the edge of the door and sure enough there was a massive explosion and my clothes caught on fire a bit but I was fine although the people in the room clearly weren't and my dad came out on fire and idk how many people died and also there was some burning black skeletal demon or something come out of the room like the explosion created a portal to Hell and then I woke up

So I had a dream that there was this weird ritual in a room in the basement of some guy's house and my mom and dad and idk who else was there and the guy was filling some big metal fire pit kind of like$wgis$ in the corner of the room while chemicals and stuff to make an explosion and there were foldout chairs near it in the room and I didn't think it was safe to sit in the room with it but my mom kind of smiled and assured me it was and also there were a couple of little kids there who just jumped in the metal container and sat in it smiling while the guy added a bunch of stuff to make an explosion and I could tell this was probably going to be an explosion I shouldn't be in the room for so I went outside of the room and just looked around the edge of the door and sure enough there was a massive explosion and my clothes caught on fire a bit but I was fine although the people in the room clearly weren't and my dad came out on fire and idk how many people died and also there was some burning black skeletal demon or something come out of the room like the explosion created a portal to Hell and then I woke up


This fucking job makes me want to neck myself

ahaa you would dream about spoopy rituals

do it already fam

same thing happens here in america
but most people just redneck themselves

Nope. You overweight piece of tranny shit

Good one huehuehue

I sneezed and got dizzy afterwards, send an ambulance

Hope its cancer


What do you use to record stuff?

you mean like league or


Its for a game thats not league.

idk this feel

ffmpeg with nvenc

Shadowplay or bandicam.




there is a one letter difference between showed and shoved

doge is the e-god backward

thread is ded as fuck tonight

welmies went nini and I have nothing left to shitpost about

to be fair mate you could really shit post about anything no matter how mundane it may be, I think the general reply seems to always stay the same I'm unsure of why that is toward you but it's a thing I guess

It starts.


Expect more now that I know how to do this.

it would've been a nice flanking had that guy not been stupid with aiming his tackle thing


I was untargetable so it wouldn't of hit anyways.


me too

oh? yeah I don't really even know the game, I was just guessing he could've hit well guess it was a shit plan all around for them

Man, I'd like to say this bef-, you know, before, well, you know, everybody says this, man, but sh-, this is something else, man, like, it is no big story about you going, you know, we couldn't make it here, so we go over to England, and America doesn't like us cause, you know, our Feet's too big, or we got fat mattresses and we wear golden underwear , it ain't no scene like that, brother. You know, it's just, man, just, you know, I'm just laying around and went to England, come pick up these two cats and, now, here we are, man. It was so, you know, groovy to come back here this way, you know, and really get a chance to really play, you know.

metal music?

Getting teary eyed reading about leopard seals trying to feed penguins to a photographer in the ocean

I'm metal af.


up for a few qp matches?

I'm uploading another one where someone rage quits.

mhm~ ♥


hop on anytime then

just one min
washroom break

"We're processing this video. Check back later."

I'm not sure how long this takes.

I'm having more fun than I should.

a few minutes to 10 maybe?


avant garde music


Hellooooooo thread

This is just noise.

hey nezzers


ur a big utuber now!

ur now a battlerite youtuber now.
first of ur kind
ur gonna be soo popular now..

Saintvicious is about 400 elo higher than me and I wanna pass him.

all music isjust noise

not quite my style

if you only liked girls
that would make you
a nezbian

*continues to be salty she doesn't have overwatch*

But this is like advanced noise.



how are you?

lol what

What about some abstract ambient?

pass him!

alright, bit tired of taking all the golds in damage at this point even as rein, this night is weird af in that game how are you?

hummmm idk


ughh that feel

I'm super sleepy

gonna lay down in a sec

woulda hit Master rank but had a Widow main AND a torb main that refused to switch the whole game

those types are scum, scuuuuuuum like ky pls level


Weekend is finally here.

it's thursday, my dude


MY weekend starts here! I got no classes tomorrow, they're all concentrated on the first four days.
Tougher days but longer weekends.

when you gonna give the succ then?

Since I'm free all day, whenever you want.

I know those weeks
I gotta work one more day then I'm free
What are you gonna do with ur weekend?

No its not.

all the times then

Which game? I only know that one and bloodline champions.

Today and tomorrow I'm probably going to do lewd things and play a few games and most importantly, sleep as long as I want.
Then I'm going down to Tripoli to see my Grandma and her family and hang out with them a bit.
What about you?

Yes! Another reference and song in the playlist, thanks for the artist too.
My knowledge grows.

I'd be down for that, qt.
Got a discord?



spoilerz ran away from me...

hmph hmph hpmh

What did you do, fluffy?

i played a few games of ow with the rare reclusive spoilerz!

Woah! You should put that on your resume!

u bully teasin me!

that I do! despite telling another person here I didn't cause it was easier to get them off my back lol

huh? I was just done playing, jesus

Its called Battlerite and its made by the same people who made bloodline champions.

Its pretty much Bloodline champions two.

I'm just joking, fluffy~

Ah okidokes, guess I won't ask for it for now
Your day been going fine? Did anything?

It did look really similar. The dude you were playing looked like Gunner.
Nice finisher though.

;~; i wanted moar of u...

It literally is Gunner.


well they aren't here so you can have it if you want but my day has been alright enough, just a lot of the same stuff with even less sleep how has yours been bae?

don't we all

thanks for selecting me out of all the people in the world to play with~
im special!

the list will probably grow, I just had issues with trusting people to be added most places hold onto that feeling though, cherish it

Literally literally?
The game any fun? How hard is it to collect bloodlines and whatever?


Eh, only if you want to give it. Let's just drop it if you don't. Won't ask again.
Sleep was perfectly shit, kek. I stayed up too late playing with too many people from different groups and ended up with no time for myself. Just games and games over and over.
Probably gonna rest all day today and just do whatever I feel like.

The heros have the a lot of the same skills so it can't be that hard.

Seeker is coming out in a few days.

Dysnomia#1563 it's a good idea, get yourself some makeup sleep for all that thooough it is nice to know I'm not the only one fucking up sleep!

I'm nice though? ;~;

*snuggles close and lovingly*

well I added you, that says.... something?


I tried for like 30 minutes to find a decent epub file download of the new stephen king novel, but the file that I kept finding I had no idea how to use, so I finally had to go with the audio book, which took all of 5 minutes to download, put on my phone, and check to make sure it was right. it's like they don't want me to fucking read properly.

I don't know who you are but you're name and tripcode make me hate you.


Yup, just went through the homepage.
Shame about Alchemist though, I really liked her original design, she looked supercute.

Yeah, I love sleep. Sleep is the most important meal of the day.
Your sleep is messed up too? What times are you going to sleep/waking up?

Love you too, fluffy.

What are you reading, cuppers?


you used "you're"
as in, "you're a retard for using the wrong you're"

it's called "end of watch"

it's the third part in the series that started a few years ago with "mr. mercedes" which was very good. so was part two. I'm looking forward to part three.

*nods and pretends to know about book*

around now then waking up in about 4-5 hours, it's really horrible of me to do to myself

I like the way she looks now.

And all the more reason to never stop hating you.

What's it about, though?

send cuddles and decent vidya in 2017

I wouldn't expect you to know about it. they don't let crappy countries like lebanon have good books :^)


murder mystery type novels.

what the fuck is lucky number 7 and why are they a fucking faggot

So when do you plan on killing yourself?

I know you've thought about it.

cupcake, so obviously that answers your other question as well.

quite frequently I do, yes. doubt I'll ever do it.

Hope Fish is hanging from the rafters as we type.


I was suspicious. But bloop a bleep.

I'm more of a drink bleach and take too many pills type

I hate blue skittles

it's not like it's hard to tell.

True, not sure how much more that structure can take.


You don't even need to get a rope when you can just wrap your grotesque hair around your neck.

it's always adorable to me how jealous people are of my hair.


True. It is hard to find any poster who can compete with your faggotry levels...

Gotta wake up for work?

But the hammer pants...

They have them but I'm not bothered to read anymore, too stupid and lazy. I never get any of it done and get bored too fast.

If I wanted to look like Chris-chan I would just buy a wig.

Shes still got fat shorts.

and don't you fucking forget it.

I enjoy reading quite a bit, but lately it's hard to get ebooks for free and I'm not paying fucking money for them.



whatcha up to?

I fucking LOVE blue skittles

Victory by forfeit.


why do you post my vidya waifu

Green are the best flavour, like the ones you have there


Bojack's pretty good.

So. How are things? you enormous dicklord.

Someones gotta do it and i'm the best candidate.

me on the right

me on the right

yeah, it's suffering goldy complete suffering

did she have too much purple drank

me on the left

Blue skittles are so bad you can't even call them a race


what makes you think that

wait, what it's just the lighting I-

shit nigga am I colorblind, I could have sworn these things were fuckin blue.

it's pretty amazing. where are you in the show?

going to utah this afternoon. gonna be gone for a few days. probably still be around somewhat because I'll take my laptop. sup with you?

lag ;~;

i want her too!!!!1!

Nobody else here compares to me.

I will destroy isis

Whoa with the hate speech, Adolf.

S3E5, that underwater episode just a while ago was brilliant with the ending.

lol wut


that was one of the best episodes of a cartoon I've ever seen, ever. it was pure genius, and the ending was perfect.


But she lost her big scarf and cute hat.

Yeah, fuck that. We have to read Watchmen for our english class and it's in black and white with half printed pages.
Sad life.

Hanging out around here and with some other people, probably gonna do some lewd things soon.

Hopefully you'll pass out of it soon.


Nothing much, really. Just really angry. In a perpetual rage atm because I had the spend the last shift at work clearing up someone elses mistakes. The job is hard enough to do without needing to write reports and clean up after someone elses incompetence.
I didn't finish my shift and get to bed till 1:30am, up again at 6am to slog. Such is my life at the minute.

Utah? Anything specific in Utah? Family?
Is it Mormon family you come from? if not I know who I am mistaking thee with.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I never played the first game

lol they weren't even close
Does this grass look blue to you huh?

So greeeeedy~

Calm down Linda

I think you'll find all of our economic and social problems point towards the blue skittle
If we exterminated them we'd have a much better time

you've never ha a black friend/watched a 90's movie ith any have you?

well if someone gave the succ already

watchmen as in the graphic novel?

huh. well that sucks. you seem like you're literally angry with rage, for sure.

my mom is getting some award for lgbt activism up there. she really wanted me to come. she lives down in arizona like me, but the award thing is in utah so her, me and my dad are going up there. it's whatever. I dunno. might be good to get out of here for a few days.


I'm better than you tho

setting the bar nice and low.


better at sucking a PENIS

why lewd? ;~;

A change of pace and scenery is always good. Your mother sounds like she is doing good things though. Atleast the activism is brilliant.
Have you ever been to Utah? Are you going to do the runningman? What is there in Utah... like.... salt flats?
Um, yeah. I am just growling and baring(?) my teeth. Feral Skooz.

The ending just cleared it for me, like it all seemed so stupid at first.

May God have mercy on Isis.

Adolf Subtler pls.


cupcake did you watch it yet


ur a penis m8

Bard. Make a meme of scoot. I want a bard word meme. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!
Please! Make it savage as fuck.

They already died.

So now that you understand your place I'll be taking that folder off your hands.

yeah, she really is a great lady. she's definitely found her calling with all this. been a much happier person since I came out. and she enjoys that we've gotten closer again because we were drifting back when I was afraid to come out to my parents.

I doubt I'll feel like doing much up there though. my mom is bound to drag me around to a bunch of stuff, but my back hurts too much for walking around and whatnot, so I have no idea what all we're going to do other than the award thing. I think she said something about a concert? or a play? I have no idea.

no, not yet. it's high on the list, I promise. I'm slow to watch anime.

RIP in pepperoni pizza.



only if you promise to call me "master" or "neko-sama~" every time you use it

sucks should watch some, aren't you older than me?

Here's Alchemist, she's qt.

I'm a super lewd person, that's why~

Yup, gonna make a Rorschach folder at some point, that character is just incredible.

Well, that might happen in time.

Calm down, Isis


Or we could just stop talking.

I had a feeling that was the dynamic... Atleast my fuzzy memory recalled that info. But its great being open with the 'rents.
I get some ribbing on account of stuff. Its literally my mothers go to schtick at family gatherings.
But, boom! people like your mother make the world a better place. Its easier to love than hate.
Oh, a concert OR play sounds fantastic... also get a tripped out scootay to zip around on. Plant soe wicked ass grinds.

im an old lady......


Then I'm not giving it to you!


Oh god I really like her new form now.

can't stop me now

And nothing of value was lost.



Are those the legit dubs?
Because that's just brilliant.

wait come back

More like euthanasia



it's abridged m8

hiya spoilers

he is pretty cool, yes. another friend of mine was quite fond of him.

the one who teases me about it is my dad. my mom is one of those types who is too afraid of saying something offensive on accident, which I can understand, but I much prefer my dad. he's hilarious and I love that he's not afraid to make gay jokes and shit like that around me.

a scooter. I really do need to get me one of those. just give up on walking entirely.

what are you doing up this late anyways?

Its team 4 star

I'm waiting.

now my heart just skipped a beat I might be dying, send halp also why so adorable?

go have children and teach them to steal

are you doing alright?

I don't know.

I had to google what that means.

Had to look that one up too.

It was my dad's 50th birthday party last week... So I proceeded to lampoon it up. It was an 80s themed costume party(as my dad is forever stuck in the 80s) So I figured "if you cant beat em" and ashowed up as Freddie Mercury. Shit was mad luls.
I really shouldnt have been told there was rum that night,
Nothing wrong with bants.
I mean, we have evolved past the need for such primitive forms of mobility.

They did the whole show.


stealing is bad!

You'd disgust him.

do you have anything you have to do later?

Nothing important.

only bad if you get caught

So glad I don't know this feel.

i got cought

Jesus, I'll add that to the never ending list of things to watch.

No bully, Rin.



okay I'm goin ta bed nini famarinos

give me a dollar for it

die in ur sleep

I never am. how are you?

very nice. freddie had a dope ass look in the 80's. he was always amazing though...

true. legs might as well not even exist at this point.

bully me harder

It's just a bit of passive aggression.

It doesn't actually mean anything because no one who I was talking about will read it.

Don't worry about it.

Hulla, Ana.

Nini, Fish.

Hulla Kit'n.

do you still go swimming in the winter


nana swedo

sleep well

i'm worried about it now

Sleep well.

Maybe they did, you never know.

It doesn't relate to you.
Not directly, anyway.


I'm just an adorable kind of guy~
calling an ambulance don't die on me nigga

not if they want it.

How about I just get it for free instead?

I mean I could but I've been just working out on land lately.

They might, now that I called them on it.

I mean, ehm.
Nothing much, yourself?

you pharased it weirdly
in over complcated way

you have a cool job

Rin, no bullying.

I dunno, I think it was obvious what I was getting at.

It's not my fault I'm a cunt!

I mean, you could try to tone it down.

You can't

ooh I love silent hill games
what does it look like up close?

I'm just being bored and waiting to got out for a quick sec

Its okay.


rip in piece

tired, would be better if you would be tooooo

it's okay, I'm too lame to die


something about implications of being good enough to bully?
and something about hoping it not you?

yeah yeah. you should stop asking how I'm doing and just pretend I'm fine.

no cause I care about how you feel, you nerd

you should stop doing that.

now that ur not playin games
what are u up 2 now?
besides thred?

you won't give me nothin

That's no fun though.

It looks like fog so thick you can't see to the end of the block.
It'll probably clear up once the sun comes up.


Not even close.

Yes and now i'm going to bed without giving you anything.

rin is mad tokai earned his dick sucking chops on Don Loco Jr what she's trying to say

Honestly what you typed looked like gibberish of words strung together in intrinsic way, not to be mean or anything.
Your wording nigh clear at all to me, it just made little to no sense, lack there of clarity.

no! duck the rules and duck you right in the nice ass

sleep soon, bout it other than here

give me these things you request of others when you go to bed!

Fog is kinda cool
It probably sucks to drive in tho

I hope you die in your sleep

I'm not sure a duck could fit in there.


are u comfy? ♥

That's not quite right either.

Rest well.
Don't wake up.

I love fog, honestly.

That's no fun for the other person.
Anyhow try to be less of a bully when I'm away for a nap.

nick buy pizza breakfast

it is

It's not worth it to be one in full force.
The people here neither make it fun, nor know how to do it back in a way that matters.

Stop trying to parse the words individually, then?

have a nice nap

I'm unsure either but I know things that may more likely


thanks adorarin, you've made me feel all warm and lame on thee inside

Sleep tight.

new thread

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re parse

Rin just mad that tokai has loco as his side bitch