Bring out the 15 hookers and the drugs

bring out the 15 hookers and the drugs

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you can be both trustworthy and silly

i ship arisu x sd

I don't see the mid-ground as usually the silly people make decisions hastily.

depends on the decision

when its inconsequential i like to be spontaneous


Kill yourself.

perfect way to clear up the schedule

Kill yourself.

I don't object this.

Spontaneous isn't a bad trait, but I feel like there are pretty many serious things which limit one's ability to be spontaneous.

i find a way

You may be right.

I only do if there's nothing serious going on, but it just feels like that's too common.
Then again, adulthood.

You guys are sort of predictable.

yeah adult shit stuff

i meant to say sucks but im retarded

what the heck is that dog?

I ship subtle x desu

Kill yourself.

Too bad everyone grows up, ain't got no time to be Peter Pan.

i never asked for this

It would be nice to die right fucking now


Nobody did, it's the path we chose.
We could have prevented this.

Beyond myself, who are "you guys"?

Anime posters.

we should walk hand in hand in death. forgoing all procreation as a final everlasting fuck you to our vile imperfect creator.

I suppose it's too late to point out that I didn't do it to seem quirky.


How absolutely quirky of you.

Although, why is it in Russian..?

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for I am the meanest motherfucker in the valley.

Sure, whatever.

Stop. This is getting out of hand.

Oh, my Youtube feed likes Russian videos.
I should stop watching Boris.
Fixed though.

last one out turn off the lights

The asinine posts that make up the norm in this place?

Asinine is my word.
Stop appropriating my shit.

Appropriating is our word, stop stealing our shit.

The lights were always out.



Love that picture so much.


oh, the second one's coming out soon


doctor strange in 2 weeks tho


project management is fucking gay

kill yourself

How far you must have fallen.

I was just trying to get ahead of the game

its self flagellation its tragic

Kill yourself.

kill myself

Typical. Because someone forgot to something(which is obvious to remember due to its fucking importance) i have to write 2 reports, rewrite a risk assessment, call 2 people, put in place a foolproof alarm system and make sure measages of my changes are communicated to other staff. Oh, yes and it all has to be done by tomorrow morning. All the while doing my already taxing workload.
I am so god damn angry right now.

So. Can i get some (you)

And tell me ; what's your favourite scary movie?

I'll flag you.



the thing or alien

Literally one of the top answers.
Genee changer.


Um ive never seen the thing
Sacrilege, i am sure.

Oh, scary movie of choice is the Michael Jackson Experience.

its a fun movie

(you) shouldn't be responsible for any of that shit

Do not reply to him, Scoots.

who put a sick up your ass today?


Kill yourself.

Said the hospitalized mental patient neet. Im sure they know about work, ey hun.

Is this a slight at me, or Fish?
The wording confuses me, and I haven't been to a doctor in ages. So I'm lost.


A badly veiled dig at fish.

The only acceptable reply to them is to kill themselves.

I been on that meme for weeks

You're too good for this world.

I have to go jack off.



I know a few Hillary supporters who were pissed when I told them about this yesterday and said I was lying. I wonder what they will say now.

life hack:

keep a stewdriver in ur diaper


I wonder if the two are related

Damn well #1


what are these abominations

Hillary for POTUS


photographs of me being animals


i fucking see

why does it have to be a tin FOIL hat

why not just a tin hat

or tin lined hat

why it gotta be tin foil

10/10 lighting really hides all the flaws by making your skin pure white

they are slowly getting better

they actually have beanies for that

see that's exactly what I was thinking


hello gorgeous, how are you?

i don't have flaws

describe better

beanies are life

neither do I as you can see in this image

Ew beanies


moog a cute

Fish kill yourself

shut up scoots

I fucking wish I could wear beanies in this barren wasteland known as pheonix

the first one was terrible, the second one was meh and the third one was cute

fish kill in on the track

Beanies are the cancer of the hat world

ju-on 2



scoots dont you dare

I'm alright. Woke up from my Nyquil coma a little bit ago and threw in some laundry :p

What's up?

Fish die

They're only a half-step above fedoras imo


i see c:

nothing much, chillig illig


fuck you all

snooting poppers sippin coffee

i like you and your hat also

A tip of the beanie to you

hila looksgreat in a beanie


thank you

How does Fish plan to pull off a beanie when they can't even pull off being a girl?





how did this happen

woop woop

I hope I have a free pizza for today. drum roll pls

I'm getting a tat in about 2 months.


that is frustrating

all I see when I look at that dog is a pug mixed with a huskey

can erin too have pizza?

why would you do this to me?

Oh come on.
You told me to get one ages ago.

Kill yourself.

Erin gives me dur butters.

Not this time. I don't even have enough for rent again lol

i'm not entirely sure why i'd do it to myself, never mind poor lil u

im still saving for mine

Beanies are comfy.

Fish is a overweight tranny heap of shit who should probably leap into a ravine or pit as soon as possible.

How much would a shoulder tat cost?
About the size of my palm.

*Roll into a pit

depends on a lot of things

hey I'm losin weight man, I'm down to 190. that's 25 pounds in 2 months

slippery :3c

oh no! 🙁

Preferably at terminal velocity. Thus creating the third impact.

How do threads expect to pull off being a dick when they can't even pull off simple bullying?

Says ANOTHER fail tranny.

They can and do daily.

What if I want to be a vagina?

call them a tranny again lol

Rate my bully.

Massive vagina


depends who you hire. get someone good. look through their portfolio.

Being bad at it isn't pulling it off.

Then get SRS.


^ call him a tranny


you tried

Sometimes...late at night...I stand in my bathroom and face my mirror. I whisper tranny twice before I am struck with fear.
I know if I say it once more Erin will appear and give me dur butters.


We have yet to pick a place.

Giant enemy cunt, attack it's weakpoint for massive damage.

is tranny a derogatory term?

I still don't know




Technically, yes.

I feel it depends on the person and intent.
Like when people call me a dog fucker out of affection.

Just a badge to wear.

it's basically like "nigger" for trannies

Swedish even failed at being a boy

Kill yourself.


pls don't do it again

Oh Scoots. They had to try to pretend to be me to get replies.

And they failed at that even.

ive picked mine

Why are they even still breathing???

I can't tell if you're being purposefully dense or if you really don't get this joke

Are they good?

No pillow big enough to smother them.

I'll just never use it thanks

Kill yourself.

say it again, maybe it'll really sink in this time

Its like godzilla
But its fish instead
Fucking fail
I would suggest jumping infront if a train but the mess thats make and the danage to the train would be incomprehensible

Fish = tranny

To be honest, the person I'd ban in this dynamic is Squash.


I seem to be their only conversation right now.

And yet I have done nothing wrong.

The constant "Kill yourself" gets annoying after, like, the first post.

It's like n-word privileges.

^ tranny

Does that mean only trannies can say tranny?

but I say nigga all the time

well okay I kinda stopped lately but still

basically just don't scream it at me while you're holding pitchforks and torches I'm ok with it.

More like "if you have to ask, you can't say it" type thing.

not too bad i have two options actually

Fish tranny should fucking off itself
Atleast erin agrees

what kinda self hating whitey can't bring themselves to say "nigga"

fish = tranny

This thread is ridiculous lol

3 actually

It's good you have options.

Do the other trans here even like Fish?

squash gets annoying after the first post so

that is an accurate assessment, yes

who care they all trannies

When is it not?

Neko, please. You have not even given me a kiss hello.

Are you?


How I feel about Squash is the same as how I feel about almost everyone.

They're fine if they aren't being shitters.

I dunno. I'm gonna go find something productive to do


Fish is a mentally unstable hatchet job
Ravioli thieving land whale

no i'm british


Rin is a pretty hilarious fail tranny too.
Chemically induced mistake.


love you bye


if I become trans will I get the exclusive bullying too

Im a pioneer


asking for a friend

Nice tokai

he's always a shitter tho

tokai you are trans. and, like, the most popular tranny.

take it to the bank, you're there

Just a personal opinion but I'd avoid the "tattoos, bro" places with everything plastered in that shitty tattoo art that T-shirts were adorned with a decade ago where it's some bastard mix of edgy and cartoonish.

Bully is for Fish not because trans, but because shit.

sorry I stole your job

none-whites amirite


i just care about the portfolios honestly

puff the magic tranny

Good joke
Get a real job failtrap
2 failtraps together in the internet how cute


technically I have a job now.
it's in phases but hey, 8 EUR an hour.

Theymust be in the process of killing themselves

Fair enough.
No idea what you're getting but the places more about tattoos because tattoos rather than treating it with even a shred of artistic merit just always seem to be where everyone I know with a tattoo has a bad story from. And lots of regret.

I go out for a smoke break and you guys think I'm killing myself smhtbhfam

Damn it isnt dead

ive done some research. have more to do too.

was thinking something kinda little to begin with like this

not my forearms though. kinda want the option to be formal

Fish just do us all, including yourself, and end your miserable existence.

if I'm killing myself it'll be on stream fam



nice chin

When. You drug addled piece of shit.

So just something on the outer shoulder to be hidden by a sleeve?
I'd opt for something that doesn't require much shading at first simply to see how you handle it.

Don't you have lip and brow piercings?
I think that would be more of a detractor than tattoos on your forearms.

yeah that ones a chin stretcher and a face squasher

the animals tend to be chin squashed s face stretchers

but a round head isnt spooky

you know how there is like the part of your arm that rubs against your torso. that part

just my nose really. and i can remove that and put it back on pretty easily

Oh, the inner upper arm.
There's no real way to "show off" anything there so it makes sense.

I think the threads are better whenfish isnt here. Banfish.

yeah i think it's pretty modest

would kinda like something like this too

i want next tattoo semi colon. i earned that shit. i had another one i wanted by i forgot. maybe a neck piece of some kind, i havenone but it's small.

What does that symbolism again?

A single piece sleeve?
That'd be a pain in the ass to actually get, in just how long it'd take.

I need ink, im a wicked canvas.
Trubal so dope


it's a thing for people who survived or are affected by suicide. at a semicolon, a sentence could have ended, but it did not.

Sleeves are awesome. I might have to jump in on that. Preferably before i die.


well shit, I've survived 2 attempts.

Thought id seen it before. Tattoos, to me, ought to have meaning. Hence why im dragging my bastard knuckles getting one.


Single piece sleeves do look a lot better than whatever clusterfuck of bordering, random tattoos that just make a continued sleeve.

Third time's the charm~

I just killed myself.
What now?

This cannot be a coincidence

Pump the volume,
drop the treble,
dump the bass

In the venue,
in the function,
in the race

I get wasted,
till I can't function,
I'm off my face

I'm off my face


I just can't die as long as I'm alive.

Can I be an animu now that I said something nonsensical?

Please leave

purple lamborghini lurkin

Momma din't raise her no sissy.

Dat lambo

So tokai should leave


aint no mercy

My revolver is not religious, the revolution's born

tokai how do you survive spookseason

By knowing he isnt as wreched as you

nexit doesn't that good tbh


very simple.

we don't celebrate spook season.
we have St.Martin's day.
where all children get cute lanterns and sing songs to get candy.
no joke

forgive me for my wrongs

i have just begun

how about i suck your dick

They really nailed that song.

surely st martin is a ghost

Sure. Go easy on the teeth.

there isn't an english article

but what do you know
a spanish oneín_(Países_Bajos)'s_Day

Oh what do you know.


if you look very closely in the background of this image you can see the ghost of st martin riding his horse

spooky spectre? or photographic foolery?

the truth, will never be known.

Now this is dogeracing


dont spookify my culture

paper lanterns tend to be symbols for the souls of the dead.

Shit kultur

tbh a lot of programming languages terminate lines with a semicolon


I'm ordering pizza for lunch, what should I get on it


fuck you romanos



don't have pizza for lunch



Isn't the point of pizza for lunch to feel disgusting and want to kill yourself?

I think he manages to do that without pizza.


I've got 13 bucks and no lunch for today, I can either get something small at a resteraunt or get a medium 2 topping pizza

buy a supersoaker instead

Or kill yourself and save that money for your dumpster. Because your life is such trash.

Wowsers x_x

watch me whip

now watch me nae nae

why not buy bread at a supermarket.

some water with it etc.

the poppers are starting to give me the horrid crusty chemical burns around my nose

no class

Fish doesn't leave the house.


cause this isn't 50bc jerusalem

The only way to get fish out of the house is to cut it out. Ravioli heavy fail trap.

now watch me duff



duff duff




duff duff


hold on



we're calvinist okay


I'm not gonna be home for 8 hours and I gotta do something inbetween therapy sessions



hot damn

call the police and the fire man


hot damn

make a dragon wanna retire man


hot damn



hot damn

and my band bout that money~

I look st fish and think "damn, maybe sci ISNT so bad.


I wouldn't go that far.

wrong one

I ate all nine cans of Tokai's ravioli.


the fifth and the sixth i burned with the blowtorch

Did I say nine?
I meant one.

Bet 9 cans is fishs breakfast


I don't think nine cans would be enough for Fish.


what is this ravioli meme

fish got kicked out from trap house for stealing ravioli

When Fish was at trap house they ate the LAST FUCKING CAN OF UI'S FUCKING RAVIOLI.



Cant wait until fish chokes to death on their own vomit while od'ing on drugs. Nothing of value lost. I feel most sorry for the people who would have to clean up. greenpeace dont deserve that.

taylor swift wrote a song about it

od'ing on ravioli

Wow. Mean.

I've got half a mind to waste one of my needles to make a meme image


Gonna inject some raviolis?

rin no bully 😒

directly to the bloodstream mayne

Its another case of history repeating


How do you mean?


Of exploding fat troglodytes

*cuddles wuggles snuggles*

you okay princess?

How can our bully be real, if our screens aren't?

I don't have IV needles though, the ones I have are meant for muscles and would pop my veins like tomatoes

i swear, Porter Robinson has some of the most feelsy songs and lyrics ever

als ik in slaap val, slaap in mijn armen

Apparently they've an animation out/coming out

porter robinson my main nigga

ties with madeon for favorite artist.

I wanted to go to the tour location near me but the tickets sold out literally an hour before I went to buy them

Wasn't everyone in that house obese?

"give them shelter, like you've done for me" - Shelter

"since you've awakened her again, she depends on you" - Sad Machine

Literally kill yourself swedish

ooh, is it the same anime character as in the Shelter video?

he brilliant, so good since he figured his style out

It would seem so.
Hence the severity of Ravioligate

Potentially. Ooble mentioned it yesterday, I didn't pay much mind as im not in with Porter


Oh, I see I see :(

I think so! I just like you and want your attentions :p

Scarlet didn't seem obese from the one picture I've seen of them.

But what would I know, I weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, everyone is morbidly obese to me.

get in with porter bro

remember that knife party song, Unison? it was a remix of a porter song.

he super neat

You almost feel bad for the subflooring.

i wanna watch game of thrones with you in our jammies and eat piZa and paint toes

she's not overweight but her body shape is doing absolutely everything it can to fight that.

Why sad Magdelina?

the neighbor downstairs moved out because of us

sarah isn't quite fat, just....


Y-you don't think obese do you



I love sleepovers

Do me a favour and remind me to tomorrow sometime.
Otherwise ill forget.
This old brain.

It is a testament to the craftsmanship of those whom built that structure.


Isn't dumpy like fat, but cute?


Rin makes me want to stop eating again lmao



dumpy is not necesssarily hideously fat, but of a short and wide shape. a lil choad thing.

It's time to purge, Tokai.
Lose some weight.


Rin makes me want to stop eating boogers lmao

Lots of mean today is all. I'll get over it. Maybe.

But my bmi was finally good..


He's taller than you, too, I think.

I'm disgustingly small.

And not even short to justify it.

Oh, okay.

I don't.


Threads going to thread.

you are perfect just the way you are

Aren't Maddie and I the same height?

He want the succ

Become a walking skeleton to scare kids on Halloween.

blowjobs do nothing for me ive had several



Then just run around saying you're a Jew that escaped Auschwitz.

blowjobs do nothing for me i can tell by having quite a few blowjobs in my time and some of the pixels


if i sooked moog i would shatter his concept of reality

blowjobs are basically on the same level as cuddles for me

and nigga, I LOVE cuddles.

Bet his little nuts are quaking

what is a sook


I've been eating insatiably lately but I think it's working :(

I know, I know. But ya'll s don't gotta be so mean all the time.


i ain't never ate a dick i wasn't prepared to finish

My piercings work magic ;3


Yong Sook?

You're shorter by one inch.


I give remarkably good head according to my testimonials

we are highly anti-anti-Semitic

Good job I am not mean all the time then

"excuse me, are you going to finish that di-"
"YES" - me

His girth throbbed in my mouth as I slid them up his shaft.


Yeah, I shrunk an inch^^


Good job.

Gary motherfucking oak

Fucking Jew sympathizers are as bad as Jews.

What would this place be without wanton vitriol?



But bones and drugs don't work that way!111!!!111!!!!11one


well we knew america and israel are the same

I mean if you want a boring hugbox
Lol nothanxxxx been there done that


but a cute one

Tranny scum



If you're a tranny and you know it your home is Holla Forums

If you're a tranny and you know it your home is Holla Forums

If you're a tranny and you know it and you really wanna show it

If you're a tranny and you know it your home is Holla Forums

my bones are about as dense as a thick soup and i think i'm still the same height i always been

could go for a wee shrinky shrink

I think America is the last bastion of antisemitism outside of Arabs.

i dont think it's that bad

That sounds boring.


i just realized how many people are complaining so nobody is going to know what im talking about

If I could choose to, I'd lose, like, 3-5 inches.


Holla Forums doesn't represent america I'd like to think.


Fail tranny finally left

I'd happily take them from you

i would lose six inches and maybe a shoe size or two

running a bit short on inches subtle

that picture is ancient

8 inches and that the same as my dick

I keep going to this new mexican place but I keep getting disappointed by it

theres a Mexican dineropening right ascross the street from it soon

I wonder if it'll kill it

post cute anime girls


I'm talking about height, so I don't think you can get them on your dick.

there is no good mexican food in massachusetts



Antisemitism is protected by free speech and there's plenty of groups that hate Jews in America, despite our government supporting Israel and the fact that Jews run hospitals, legal firms, financial institutes and Hollywood.

I lost 3 inches of hight and 3 shoe sizes in American women's

an unchecked compulsion to buy disappointing mexican food


"men" under 6ft tall

Its back

you can't play jenga sideways

Was that actually mean?
It felt kinda obligatory.


feels real good to be less than a man


grim buy me disappointing pizza

you will regret it

I should be tankful for having such a diverse choice


Gay thred.

Didn't I buy you bretty gud pizza before

these groups that hate jews are more important than the groups that don't like jews like the government and highly ranked institutions

yeah i can imagine thats a perk of the city

at least we have good chinese food

brb, moving to America.


I have a place ive been ordering from over 10 years

you can feed 3 people from one $10 serving

everything is fresh usually too


Considering it's the only western, first tier nation that it's even legal to be antisemitic without thought crimes being labeled "hate speech", yeah, it's pretty significant.


man not to be racist but they are usually super generous

that's was my birthday, like 6 months ago

So they allow islamic hate preachers?

How backwards

I know a place half a mile away that has 20% higher prices and 30% lower portions

plus a ton more salt

did you finish that 2L coke in one night too?

no, i kept it in the fridge, i declared that last drinks worth unsafe to taste about a month later

my birthday is right after Halloween

you should make me something
I like handmade things


do i make a cute anime girl grimu


have to see you pose irl to make sure

i used to make ghosts

i'll make you one

You just switched the point from america is antisemitc to america just allows anti-semitism

like usual.

this lmao
barrel bomb those fuckers

An early gift



I love it


I quite literally said America is the only place that allows you to even be antisemitic.


that snake looks vaguely pleasured

Grab em by the boypussy

Allowing isn't the same as being.
Just because we allow muslims doesn't mean we are islamic etc.


who has that pic of a dock licking an angry snake lol

Argue with my doctors not me. I clocked in at 5'8 3/4 6 months prehrt and I'm now 5'5 at 2 and 3/4 years hrt

oh you fag

dohoho got it.

Swedish die

not dock

but here is doggo

how is that gay?
you want me to judge you on being an animu grill
you gotta atleast pose like one

gender doesn't matter

Then it must be lying.

The entire alt-right ideology is antisemitic, the entire push that got Trump to even be a candidate even though he likes Israel simply because it's anti-Arab and of his own business connections.

what is an anime pose

it's quite an engaging lick

not the little kiss you get from shy dogs

... pose

engaging licks

That gay ass nico nico nii pose.

Please don't encourage this.

Gonna tie grim down and shave off all his chest hair

brb doggo

and we have the Dutch Folk Union literal nazis marching whenever they like.
and the largest party in the polls Party for Freedom openly wanting to ban the Quran and mosques.

are we extreme now too?

how well do you think ketchup works as shaving cream?

I will sever your neck with my teeth.

im not gonna do that



you'll get the rash of the dickins, it's acidic

wow scrubs

that's the tingle I felt when I put it on my nip

Nico Nico Nii
Anata no HAATO ni nico nico nii
Egao todokeru Yazawa Nico Nico~
Nico-nii te oboeteru Labu Nico~


Wish they'd stop calling it so early


It's not for me, it's for grom lol

Titanium Oxide in toothpaste will get you high

It depends on the representative numbers.
Alt-right is one of the major political factions currently even though it's just racist dudes that are entirely composed of low income whites.

I can't fucking stop laughing.



the orange haired one is better for you


all memes aside, how's you today?

You literally just exist and are complaining that someone is giving you a ride, for free, to a doctor's appointment, that's free.


More gore.

Scarlet had me believing in the alt right meme for a bit.

I realised how easily manipulated I was and how retarded scarlet and her girlfriend are

OMG right?



It must be so hard of an existence to just complain about all the free shit the government gives you.


The scientists are wrong. That is really how grils are made and

Well, a good friend of mine saw me falling, and they pulled a rope around me and lifted me out of the emotional rut I was in. I could not be thankful enough to her. I think I will send her some chocolate or something later.

I'm under 2x as much pressure as I should be because I have to catch up, but I'm back on track and I am so thankful for that.

Because God is dead.
And we have killed him.

You realize it's all just memes right

Like I realise I'm fucking blessed to be given free Healthcare for my serious physical and mental issues and I wouldn't say a fucking peep of complaints about anything irl because I have no complaints

it's just a prank bro
I'm not actually a blemish on this earth

I'm worth it guys

move to scotland

like everything is free and you're entirely encouraged to complain about it

who dealt the final blow

That's retarded.


why is this so arousing

you're a sissy at heart

More gore MOAR

I know where I'm moving to come the turn of the year.

Black Lives Matter movement.

because she is FIT and BATTLEREADY

her face looks like slightly melted butter in this one though

Lol loser

i would love to have you in bonnie wee scotland.

If you had to move in with 1 poster in this thread who would it be and why

scoot because we are cultural kin

hey what do you know, that's exactly the base of the party for freedom still currently highest in our national polls.
what you call rednecks, we have tokkies.

"When after all, it was you and me."

I would move in with guero because I could help him get his life on track while shooting large game

in that one you just posted she looks like she has jaundice


Tokai because who the fuck else would I pick?

I'd probably mocmve in with Erin or Grim. More inclined to say erin as she wouldn't badger me about shit and the 4am craic would be lit.
Grim would be good too because he is responsible curry daddy



Muslims get out!

yes I realize that Muslims actually have enough less a problem with trannies because it's "homosexuality that can be fixed"


you seen how cute i am

spend all day fucking me in the butt is what i'd do

That's sadder than all the bullying tbh

Mmhm, mmhm. Relateable for sure. Glad you're feeling better.

Sabrina because we're compatible and we'd be super adorable together.

this shit goes in a blog

totally unexpected

youre right now that I look at it
rip the oversaturation

it has to be someone other than yourself you narcissistic fuck

has to be a poster in this thread btw way.

Was it muslims who say that fags should get their dick cut off and become grills so they aren't fags anymore?

Oh. In this thread?

Tsuchi or Erin.

except when i want to post bloggy shit, i'm allowed, that's what we had the seat belts installed for

Seatbelt? On mr bones wild ride?


Welmies because Erin's a bit to coo coo for me and >men

pretty sure saudi arabs force homos to choose death or sex change

that's it

the catch you doing gay stuff once, and those are your options

No one wants you fish


Wait. Why me?

Kinda wish I were saudi arab rn.

I feel like welms would be the kind of gal to encourage you to get alcohol poisoning and then leave you there as you died

then tell the cops she fell asleep and didn't know what happened to you

that's okay whatever i'll just eat all this ravioli myself then you fat faggot

here take that you fucking infidel
you're a girl now
allahu ackbar

Cutters shouldn't shack up together

oh tokai

he can't go to the police if i create a situation of domestic abuse. like he feels he deserves it when i beat him and rape him. like i come home one day and the dinner he made is cold so i rip off his maid outfit and lock him outside on the balcony half naked while i go out and get something to eat and when i come back he's pissed everywhere and crying and screaming but the neighbours are as afraid of me as he is so no one has done anything then i drag him back in by his bitch hair and press him into a radiator while i fuck his ass raw.

you think the death of god is recent??? fool

my life is on track
just not a very good track maybe

that actually is great wisdom

Grim, although Erin would be 2nd because I just love those crazy things like printing posts and the Buscemi faces.
I'm amused far too easily.

Why not?

What a terrible accusation.

I have never once encouraged more alcohol consumption.




Then I could give Tokai horrible V.Day shit.

"You commit Jihad on my heart.

*strokes your hair*