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When is Trump deporting you?

sup bitch


Saika is best girl obvs

Fuck that stupid Yui and Yukino bitch
Iroha is good too

Next week
I'm moving to canada

I was gonna go to the UK and move in with Subtle but Brexit was like lol no
So now youre stuck with me

Oh, ty fam.

Subtle is moving in with Desu tho

Why didn't you tell me that I couldve voted leave


what was the name?


Delicious Yordle

I have him added already.

no, im comfy, and full from fried chicken

I had some fried chicken too.
Like 5 chicken strips, a biscuit, and some red beans and rice

5 bucks

are we doing league?
i want more ivern

i'm a g-girl

i went just before they were gonna close, so instead of thighs they gave us chicken breasts instead :3

Yeah I'm on. I'm waiting for to finish her game

fucking breasts
the best part part of women too

Happy birthday to me

I don't wanna play


how was your cake

I got cupcakes

They are delicious

mei ana mercy diva


how casual.


dude, we need to try wagyu beef once in our lives
it's like $25 an oz but look at the marbling holy fuck

you're into prepubescent body styles aren't you

also why aren't you hiding your flag today?

Happy B-Day! ^_^
*hugs nicely*

That sounds awesome, def will try


well, its more or less the only good part of a woman

what does a nice hug consist of exactly?

Thank you kindly

I dunno

And nah not really, I don't have a preferred type.
I-it's all about p-personality...

good things!

yey ty echo for overwatch halloween achievements!

That's not an exact answer.

A hug devoid of unpleasantness

Well work didn't make me want to ky myself so that's always a plus

Considering calling off tomorrow


a firm grip on your back, and a boner pressed against your tummy


That's what we in America call a "Trump Hug"

colb pls, no cuckery

shit thats gay
I guess a girl would like that

it cant be beat fam, you should try it

it's a nice answer

one day of the year for yourself! to not have to do stuff~
sounds like a plus!

you can do it!


I've given my fair share of those kinds of hugs to my significant love interests and it led to a 100% rate of hips being pressed closer

It's not the right one

You're welcome :3


Any time.


it is a pretty nice feel

get on league

What? Emma said no so I'm your plan B?

I love my facebook holy shit

Leave me out of this fag-o's

sry that was kinda mean



I was originally gong to play with guero
I simply offered an invite to her
I am offering an invite to you as well

I didn't post it, it was some girl I used to know

I'll think about it.

Did you just assume their gender?

If I did I wouldn't be the first
She posts a lot of "I am not a girl" stuff

But when I knew her she wasn't into this stuff
And didn't have short green-dyed hair

I'm sorry, but you're probably a racist...

It's a subtle racism.

why is this a trend among non bionary gendered people



And you did not think to invite me?


Oh if Squash is playing I'm in

HAHAHA that's pretty funny because his name is Subtle and it's subtle racism

i thought we were going to play civ

no because you're constantly on OW

you're invited too

that pun was horrible



All puns are terrible, Grim.

there is no right answer with you people these days....

u_u *sigh*

*snuggles close*
playing with subtle was soo fun!~

pew pew we won quite a few!

and i got soo many loot box from lvling up

I will try it but i honestly dont 💡 its a game ill get into. Im still at work.

I only want to play with wish.

whatever do what you want

You are upset with me now arent you

Grim fuck them let's play crash landing


I will play kench and spit you at the enemy turret.

Yeah there is. You describe a nice hug with detail.

A select few don't have to be PUNished as harshly as yours


[insert detailed essay about the details of hugs]


Idk if I can do that without some guy reverse searching and finding profile

gonna give guero 5 more mins

whos gonna host the server


You're so kind, that'd be perfect to get me closer to the enemy so I could kill them all ^~^

You told me to be nice to him.

I will make sure you die in a way i find hilarious.

You. but you'll have to link me
I don't have it, only on my notebook and turning that shit on would take longer than downloading.

I'd die before I let you kill me! Baka baka!

Wana make a bet?

skype is always an option.

As is suicide.

don't be such a scrub.

Its hard. I was not able to do it.

Okay inc
She's actually pretty cute

Let's go, first one to kill the other one gets to kill the other one!


Buy george civ 6 and ill play lol with you.

I've never actually seen a real life sjw before

You do not want to play with Kyle.

Well she was
Before the hair
And that can change in an instant

She actually is pretty cute though.

But I don't want to play LoL with you...

A-Am I cute?

I actually meant that only scrubs take the easy way out.

On a serious note I don't think I could ever do something like that no matter how hard things are. I'm scared of death stuff.

Then just buy him civ 6 and ill owe you a favor or some shit.

Fucking hell

I failed in all 3 of my attempts. I cant die.


His Azir is pretty fun to watch.


How much is it?

Wow jeez, you could have just said no...



Kyle never repays favors.

What the heck? That's like $300 Canadian!

I can barely afford my weekly Subway!

E-Ehh? Actually? /////////

Are you an angel?

Also reminded me of Book of Eli.

Keep in mind he also thinks that about Desu

Ok luka


But not you :^)

Luka doesn't even know what $300 looks like.

Wanna bet?

Yeah sure, bet what?

What would you like?

A vial of your blood.


You're stalling.

Fine, but if I win I'll get that christmas folder. no poop allowed.


Subbu-kun am I cute?

Probably not.


Literally what.


I just think of all slavshits as gypsies tbh.


[squatting intensifies]



what'cha doin for ur b-day today?

Jolly Christmas inc.

Drinking and eating pizza

is it tasty?


did you ever answer my post?

oh happy birthday

Muchas gracias, igualmente


Yeah scroll up and look at your name plastered up dere



*noms on my healthy tasty yummy chikn lasanga with spinachi chikn*
We are doing alright!
Life is great!

i wonder wat age u r now...

[Bob Marley intensifies]

I'm 23 now

Send help, I'm spending too much money...

Yes, hi.

Yeah yeah

What can you do now, that you couldn't do last year?

Basically nothing tbh

On what?!


Check your phone in a minute.

I know the first half lol

nice some decent choices, most of which are incredibly useful in matches well all of them are really but like waaaay better than a widow only lol

do not live in your own place yet? ;~;

Spend money on me.

widow super duper situational these days!
ana supurior's her in snipin'
yeah! i play usefull stuff!
and on a plus side they are cute and bae
and enjoyable~

igualmente is like... "same to you"

Nah, I don't make that much in this area lol


when will you move into your dream home?

I read "stripin" at first

Many years from now when I have job experience and am not so dumb with my money

Darwin, be my Spanish tutor


you're living alright right now... but yeah... maybe you just need time.
to feel the right moment to move foreward and stuff.
not really a rush to do anything right?

Experience just takes time is all. You can't move forward without experience

this is not inaccurate

but...... it's not my birthday?

Stay strong!
we're all here with you!
in spirit...
just enjoy what we can for now

Es un cuento


Okay turning down the weeb, I'm enjoying things for now :3

im glad

This was stuck in my head when I got my pizza today, I don't think I'll ever not think of it from now on when I get pizza

gonna be honest this just confused me more

freinds are fun
because i get to nano boost tham and watch their reactions!

Spanish for "It's a joke"


i'm just looking at all the new reworks and stuff on PBE right now!

They're craaaaaaaazy

Glad I'm not an assassin player, lots of changes to adapt to

Rest in peaces Katarina ;~;


She looks really good if you're good at her tho

go to bed stubble

Wait, they nerfed her?

Why do you need to learn Spanish?

Donde esta la sonreír?

And buy me things because it would be nice!

It's less of a nerf and more of making her less mindless. She has more resets if you play her well now, way more mobile with the same damage output

Mostly for my job but also because I like the language

But you're not nice so why should I be?

they re built her whole kit

lemme look

some weird new pick up the dagger mechanic

Katarina: Draven if he was an assassin

that they are and ana's ult is pretty darn fun

oooooh ye that would've not jumped my head if I even knew a little spanish

Not Draven. DRAAAVEEN~~~

In the meanwhile...one-shot Ekko mains..



jajajajja you're tellin me

Dammit, I've hated that mobility she has.
Well, in general all of the mobile champs because I only ever played the slow ones.

Hopefully for the worse.

I am nice.


"your nano boosted!" Watches as insane laughing mei zooms around freezinbg enemys rapily to deth



hopefully for the funner... since i knida like kat ;~;

I hope you can find it.

Good one.

But it's 3am.

What time do you need to be up at?

Yeah kat is hawt, i wanna bone her

I can be.

Everyone has their moments, I suppose.

None cause my 9am got cancelled

Why are you being mean now?


I don't blame you, Spanish isn't really intuitive for the most part


Then you will HAAAAAAAAAAATE new Kat.

Me puedes enseñar español? Te pegare.

That champ was iconic ;;

I repeat: you're not nice so why should I be?

Oh wow, wanna trade? :3

Oh well, less of a reason to play the game now again.

Iconic as in the champ that I used to call the jump-whore as that's the only thing she does.

Good, you've managed to escape

Missing your ult?

If the kids were nice I think I might enjoy a couple days of it

Isn't that cool though!

Implying everything isn't better at 4am.


heya threaders!




Sup Colby~?

They're usually not too bad, but 5 year olds are pretty unpredictable.

I got those giant legos thrown at me because I had to put one in timeout because they went to play without finishing their worksheet.

Being 23, doesn't feel any different than 22 tbh

Time for bed, g'night.

It's easy to do so if your friends first get you into it and then they stop playing it.
Like why even play multiplayer games alone?

It's a nuisance.
Also sleep.

rein is a great one to boost too

ye plus they don't even bother teaching it up here unlike frencho

Ah, yes. Happy birthday, you misleading spoiler

new client
and sandbox mode
and reworks
and free loot

Whats this?

Heh, heh, who has friends?

Eradicate the French tbh

i'd rather tab and see if gengji's ult is charged and then make this face

and press Q to watch hi go ham! ♥

new leage client


Did you do anything fun for your b-day or did you just work like a grown-up~?

I think I understand your feelings a bit better, that would suck if you're not in the right mindset to deal with it

I don't know about you
but I'm feeling 22

they make good stuff so I rather they stay, french canadian thoooough

problem is a good team will mess his shit up the moment they notice him ulting, in quick play it's a great move though

bye bye es deezy

I think you have to be 60+ to be able to be consistently in the correct mindset to deal with 20 or so 5 year olds.

I love this man

I just worked honestly, after work I got pizza and rum I guess


We have stolen all of their secrets though, they serve no more purpose

lol yup. that's not bad :p

they arent gud enuf tho~
he go too fast!

I'm sure it has it's heartwarming moments though ^^

Could be worse

I wish I could take tomorrow off tbh

Mhmm, they're incredibly adorable.

Plus being called Mlle Emma gives me the butterflies :3

Yeh. me too x_x I got sent home sick tonight and it sucks because I kinda need the money ugh


have we? if so, drop them nukes

I guess some

Sent home sick why?

i see too many rein boosts!
i wanna see unique things happen!
mei going ham
symetra going ham
gengi going cray
hmmm... who else would be funny...

We have all of the baguettes.

Cause I'm sick?

I almost passed out a few times and my head feels like it's gonna explode. My nose was dripping like all over the place and I didn't want to throw up in the fryalator both of which are like kinda bad situations for kitchen work lol

Oh... yeah, stay home and recover

sym would be horrible until they buff her, you can always ult reaper and turn him into a hurricane of death

do we though? do you really want to risk we missed even one recipe?

My walk home was terrible but I stopped to get some vitamin waters at least.


Did I do something wrong?

aw jeez don't look at me like that master....

We can recover the recipes in the ashes

Get some sleep.

I'm gonna try to very shortly. Still kinda processing my last couple days lol

Something big happen?


You were kind of a huge asshole yesterday actually.
But it's probably just me being stressed and grumpy .

a good sym would have her phaser full charge and dance round them and sap them of all their life! when boosted :3

i find reapers hard to boost ;~;
i want to... but i almost never see them round....

I had a lot of shit going on. I am sorry.


Seeeing you is the bestest part of my night :3

Mhm, I'm used to it.

Eh, I slept over at that girl's place again. I'm not sure where it's going or whatever. Her Nana and this other lady hugged me today when they swung by and it was weird, but seemed like a boy-fail which was rad. Idunno. Weird stuff, but nothing really big I guess. We talked some fuckin' insanely real realtalk which was kinda cool. I'm just not sure about the situation or if there's even a situation or like if I'm just one of her girl friends (not gf) basically now, y'know?



HAI MOOGEN~~~~~~~~`

I was told the same thing yesterday.


You're fine, be cool

Well, that was a long day.


Allo 'homura


This is like, Harry Potter, right?

Stop that. I already feel bad enough about it.

Darwin never feels bad when he makes me upset.


Not to oversimplify it, but I feel like you're over complicating things


Mm'kay, I'm going to go watch anime or something then.


I never make you upset. :3

were you stuck a working all day then?

I'm almost ALWAYS mad at you.

It was awful.
They had expectations of me.

Bye, I guess.

Quite possibly, but I know for sure the move isn't to like get handsy and ruin my sleeping in her bed priviledges...

not much. I gotta down some nyquil soon and feel better for work tomorrow. Do you happen to know if nyquil goes bad? Mines' from like last year sometime.

Only because I do not give you my number.

i dont think it does

You already realtalked once, why not do it again?

I have 4 of the numbers in it, and a paper with your name on it.
I'm just too lazy to narrow it down past 20 at this point.

Whats the second best?

That was their first and last mistake

am I /anumus/ right?



Okay. I'll triple check the bottle for a date or something too.

We realtalked about our dark pasts, not what might come of the future. I dunno.

I guess I'll have to see her again at least one more time cause I have some clothes she let me borrow lol



One of these days, you will kill me.

No. That would be too kind.
I'll simply say something that throws your followers into a frenzy and let them have at you.


I want goo

when i get to go to sleep :(



Oooh. Nyquil does have expiration dates, but it's like 3 years or w/e

Let's see if I can start typing Revynese lol


I feel bad because I don't want to do anything and like 3 people want me to do shit.



I had an absinthe flashback cause of the taste omg

Why that?

I kind of want to take a week off from everyone.

I love sleeping and taking showers
because for those few short moments I can be away from the world
and pretend that somebody cares

Wow bardo that was sad :(I

then do that

I would get lonely.

then dont

aww heck!!!

"He's going to have at least 300 ping"


u wanna trade?
Im not doin nothin 2 nite and ill hang out with ur friends for you

I might just listen to something or play N64. That or Dark Souls.

Thats very sad

Send Noodles



Ethanol could crush a watermelon between her thighs

A bond of trust is there, regardless

Oh god now I sound like Grim


i'd give anything to be her watermelon

She seems like one of those people that go to gym and just take a ton of pictures of them self instead of actually doing anything.

Do thse people really exist? lol

Nah man, she has a brain and votes

Yes, especially in California.

They're probably more common than people who go to the gym to workout.

That has to be so embarassing.... i could iimagine them being laughed at by actual gym people

Probably less embarrassing than the people who use the equipment wrong though.

What are you implying here?

Its not like anyones gonna say anything.

I respectfully disagree.

Nothing at all

I bet you're one of those people who does like, CrossFit.

Also why are you still awake?


Not really, I actually don't really like gyms at all.

I don't know, just not tired enough I guess..



cheer up buddy

Good man.

That's unfortunate, I was thinking about forcing myself to sleep but I got distracted by video game streams.


Is it? Do you want me to leave to badly or..?


Well no, who would I talk to then?

I just think that it's important to get a healthy amount of sleep. It's pretty hypocritical coming from me though, I suppose.



Can't top me, it's not hypocritical enough.
Iunno,. not enough options around here? These people I don't know ? Your boyfriend ? Your ex-meme-boyfriend ?


Oh, I didn't know you were here.. Hi.


Ignore the time. I don't know why it did that.

Yeah nice little story~
i posted it earlier in discord. ^ ^

yeah me neither lmoa

Out of all the people currently in the thread, how many fit that description ?

what happened to the flags?

Nobody else exists but you and me, baby.

I'm feeling aggression (?)


How flattering.
Do you skate?

been like that all day

Why would you ignore me

this old machine just can't keep up

fix it?

hello there yes hi

Her body grosses me out.

I used to play hockey, so I sure as heck hope I'm good at skating :3

Nan da

aw yah and how would ya go about that ?

That was for Emma but I like talking you too.

We were osu friends. Why would you do this!

Wanna prove it?

somewhere between disturbing and funny

I didn't even ignore you!

How would I prove it?

s-sorry I can never tell who anybody is talking to nowadays

I may have missed this and would formally like to withdraw my question and complaint.

I'm talking to you, silly.

Let's go skating.

upgrade parts?

Selfies Nu de vous patinage

Well thanks gogs, you too
I hope your day was a good one
or at least better than they have been

where dat human part store at
gotta get me some

Today has gone better than the yesterdays.

What an absolute baka.

Eh? Right now?

I told my boyfriend that I'd go skating with him so I sort of want to go with him first :3


cyborg Bard!

Dude sonichu audio books are fucking great.

idle hands are the devil's plaything
suppose yoou ended up a bit busy today eh? I know my days always go pretty alright when I have things to do
Kinda lame was hoping to cross paths with a friend or two tonight but none of them were free

is this a real thing

No rush.
So long as I ever get to see your sick skills in action.
At least you'd have something to compare me to.

le hockey et le froid?

I'd kick your ass in hockey 1v1


I'm not sorry.. I will be destroyed.

Starting to like you, you crack me up.


You will be destroyed? By who?

I'm Canadian though, we can't lose.

Ask the picture.

Well you were rather bitchy before, if I liked you I didn't like liking you.

Getting that sweet sweet revenge and ego stomp on you personally is only going to make it all that easier and satisfying for me.

If it helps, Echo, Wish is fucking awful.

The looney toons dog?

I'm still a cunt tbh.

Until the Canadian wins, y'know just like EVERY other time.

Why do you always talk about me? Kinda creepy tbh :x

Tbh, Tinytoons is where it was at.

too bad we can't email weed
i'd burn with alot of dudes here

Never even seen an episode of that tbh fam

Maybe a little.

A more likeable one so far.



I mean, what more could you expect with fucking Cam Ward in net?

Yes, that.


Dude sonichu audio books are fucking great.

What did you watch then?

that's the same kind of panda I have

is this real?


Brown Illya > White Illya


My posts are coming out like 20 minutes late.

This is bad.