Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams.

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The song I posted, while greatly related, is the exact antipode of how I feel on the matter.

I like this one better though.


Though, if Yano wanted to curve her little spine
and tell me that she's mine, I would not be complaining.

That wasn't related to the topic.

That wasn't related to the topic.

That isn't ever relevant to reality.

Aren't we memeposting


Better version.


Good stuff

Wait so does that make me a normie?


Also, I don't like Space Jam mashups because, like
they're 0 effort.
At least put some work into it.

Aren't you, like, 100x more normie than me, though?

Nah man
Just how unsocial/awkward are you in real life anyways?
Is it really that bad?

I actually tend to be rather popular any workplace I'm a part of.

I'll usually keep quiet, but it's not, like, out of antisocial behavior, or awkwardness, it's just a lack of things that need saying.

Oh so you're just sorta an introvert aka the stick in the mud type

Introvert, yes.
Stick in the mud, no.


I think people see me as unapproachable.
Because of the long dark hair, and how I'm usually quiet, and professional about most things I do.

Kinda why I wanna get my hair cut, and dyed.



Also, I usually know what I'm going to have for lunch, and even dinner, by 11 in the morning.

Is this really not a common thing?

Its called being autistic

This, Sobo, would be why I don't usually tell you about myself.

Im not trying to be a bully or anything
But that sounds so boring dude, like have you never had those random cravings depending on the weather?

Like if its really cold and rainy outside I would obviously go for Pho and cancel whatever I was planning on eating before
Or if it were hot af and I wanted something to drink a beer with I'd got for sashimi or oysters with some Asashi or Sapporo

Or is that weird? I guess its pretty impulsive but hey it makes life more interesting ya know?

I don't think about what I'm going to eat until it's time to eat, then I just go where I feel like.

Quick, what's an aesthetic bitmap font with kana support

That one used in dragon quest games

I mean.
Sometimes, I guess, but I don't see why the weather outside should affect my plans to eat inside.

Granted, I will do subtle things, like a cup of hot cocoa when I come in from the cold, or a glass of juice when I come in from the heat.

I do that for snacks, not for meals.
Meals take way too long to prepare to be impulsive.

3 dabs of thermal paste

but there are things that influence what you feel like eating, like the weather ya know?
Or maybe just TV commercials I dunno

Like, I totally want to get 2 hours into a 3 hour prep and then decide I want to eat something else.

Okay, those are extreme times, and only apply if you're making multiple courses, but still.

I don't eat healthy. Usually a sandwich or so every day.
Not bothered to cook anything when I'm living alone. Usually just chicken or whatever.

Yeah, agree, agree. But that still means I'm eating whatever I feel like eating.

Don't worry.
I'll make you lots of home cooked meals.

I want some chicken now, actually.

Can you cook some chicken?

Can, yes.
But we don't have any right now, I don't think.

Go eat outside, its so nice!
Jeez you're boring

Going out when its raining to a diner and just staring out the window drinking a warm cup of coffee is pretty great
Or getting high at the Wendy's parking lot then go get food after your finished smoking with your friends

At least i dont have to worry about making meals for myself unless I actually feel like eating something specific since my grandma cooks most of the time

I'd like some of those thighs though.

Fuuuuuuuuck, that's good.

I only eat outside when the weather's nice.

But I do know, all too well, the joys of a nice hot cup of coffee, or hot cocoa, or something during the rain.

Then, I guess dinner is served.


Just noticed I made a pun.

You weren't talking about my thighs?

Rin is the type of bf that doesnt really likes working and would rather be a stay at home "wife" and cook and clean and such but then you'd be like lmao no, get back to working cause I need your helping paying half of the rent


Also anybody here tried pall malls? How do they taste compared to marlboro reds?

When we meet up irl Im gonna cum in your bahn mi and watch you eat it

You must have shitty economy if one person can't support a family of two.

I don't know how to interpret this.


Your thighs.


Fool loves them
I'm not much of a fan, but they are pretty comparable to Reds I guess

Its fucking California you dolt
How new are you? lmao

asking for a friend

I was worried for a minute there.

I don't keep up on America's problems.

Can I change my theme song to this?

I have less respect for anyone here that smokes.

im awake

I smoke meats.


You act like your respect actually means something lmao

hey hun

watcha up to?

And here I hoped he was secretly Snoop

We out here smoking penises.

To be honest.
I respect anyone who can do a good smoking.
That shit is fucking delicious.

Meats, I mean, not drugs.

About to run an errand for my dad.


Still jelly Ikt got high with Casper irl

Is that the plan for today?

I've been daydreaming for some hours and will prolly just binge more rwby

You ever, like, wanna go to dinner with someone, just because they live a few hours away from you?

Hope you enjoy.
Tonight I guess I get to work at my 5 perfect waves.

And finishing my Weiss to 10.


Of course

In a few hours I could be in Belgium, France, Germany or England. so no.

oh yeah, fun.
If I do characters right I can actually get rank 1 now. I think I need yang 4 more levels up.

lol youre a broke ass bitch Tokai, dont say you can be somewhere when you dont have enough money to get there in the first place


The union let's me travel for free cause I'm a student.

the student union and school thingy.

European union also helps but

when does this freaking demo come out? I'm very tired of waiting.


pouty flan



Don't worry, since the brexit we can't do it anymore.

but we might go and buy up all stores with the superior currency.


Date you

Hello desu


Good morning darling, how are you

lol good one

Doing perfectly fine, was about to do random stuff before sleeping.
How about you?

Can someone tell Desu I said hi

He has me filtered and I want him to know that I said hi

u wot

my sister gave me a macbook because my old laptop broke and I'm still trying to get used to it. Why are you going to sleep so early !?


soto says he really hates you

desu soto says he hates you and wants to fuck subtle and not let you watch

ha. nice tokai.

lmfao I love you guys

Laughed pretty hard ngl

I'd be surprised if his dick even works with all the meth and coke he does


he said to tell you it doesn't, but he has a large collection of strap ons.

And you already have Ruby, Jaune, and Pyrrha.
So yeah, you probably could.

It is already.

What happened to your old laptop?
I'm not sure, I'm just a little tired and there's nothing to be awake for. Internet is better in the morning anyway.


It was almost 10 years old and both the fan and battery died so it would overheat and shut off if it was on for longer than 15-20 minutes heh... I guess that's true I do jack shit until about noon or so, morning internet is comfy internet



no longer rankless!

ruby looks great in the dance dress, but I feel sorry.

it wasn't last time I checked. maybe canada is finally first in something.


Fucking CSS how do you work

Man desu is really pissed at me for some reason
I dont even know what I did


Holy shit how do you survive on a computer like that?
The macbook is better, no?
Also you got bad internet too? Sharing with others?



Guys please don't bully Soto, he's a delicate flower that needs love and attention.

I love you Soto.

HA good one ana

It would be pretty odd to not change your theme song all the time, because that'd be some heavy obsession for one song.


You never showed me your panties btw

Toppest of keks.

w-well I ended up buying a pc a few years back it's just that my laptop never got upgraded with it... Yes it's much better but the no right click and the os is different so it takes getting used to, but it was free so I can't complain. Yeah I share the house with 3 other people but we're all home at different times so sharing it doesn't really affect anyone so it's w/e

I am sensitive ya know

imma do groceries

do 'em hard, tokai.


Yes yes, innocent.

I like her later outfit.

I mean, I just downloaded it so.

Probably, but usually theme songs only change once per season, unless something huge happens.

They just don't understand you like I do.
Behind that friendly and joyful face are the brooding thoughts of a sad man weighed down by expectations and burdens placed on him.

I am here for you.

The no right click thing is really fucked. I never understood it.
If you use a regular mouse, it just uses the Control button or whatever when you right click, makes me think they added/removed that just to be unique.
Ah yeah, lucky you, fast internet tho? I got a really shitty one.

yeah you would just download it so. nerd.

Sometimes you just find better songs very fast, sometimes it takes months.

At least my back works fine unlike Cupcakes

my back works fine. it just hurts constantly. dick.


ayy ikt gib rubs

I meant just now, you slut.

I guess.

a back rub would be so nice.

yeah you would mean just now you slut. nerd.

Although that changes a lot depending on what you relate to due to your moods.


Forgot to thank you for that rap thing you sent yesterday or before, something about money and planes, but I can't remember the name or which thread it was.
Mind sending it again? Also, hi.

Was it yesterday?
I'm bad with days.

Da, my internet is okay, not the fastest but not slow as heck it takes about an hour per gig I download. Hey I have a question

qt do you know your html




That's it! Thank you.
The beard guy's voice is pretty good.
I'm bad with time too, Goldfish memory.
Here's one about money too. Really like this band.

Ah okay, I think I have about half your internet speed then, or something!
Are you American?
Ask away.






fucking dhl mixed half my address up with some spanish address :/

What's more aesthetic?



Da, I am American I live in florida.. The question is...
Do you want to be friends with me ?


Is Desu trying to take my soul? What do I do?

Have some more money music.


both are awful
consider squarespace

it's a trap. don't do it.

Being friends sounds nice.

Cupcake. I'm digging the music.
Only me?

Tell him you already have an owner.



this hurts

music in the game? haven't started it yet, just finished the download a bit ago. in a conversation with someone though so I can't focus on it yet.



if your website cant be read on a toaster youre doing web design wrong

Linus please



But it's responsive for ultramegawidescreen up to 320x240.

I'm taking the leap.

No idea if our tastes align perfectly or whatever but I've always liked everything you've linked.

Yes nice.. very nice

Well, let's be friend then!


so is utf-8

oh you made me so happy

This is UTF-8.

why you gotta make it gay bro



Anything really goes for me, minus wall noises and those other odd genres which don't really make any sense to nobody else than /mu/
Mystery Skulls has some other good songs too.

not plain utf-8 it isnt

Everything is plain UTF-8!

ur mums plain utf-8


why cant you be reasonable for once

because that would be no fun

I am going to be so disappointed if this game doesn't have Rhyhorn Racing.

Or at least racing of some description.

This is no fun.

you know what is fun though?

explain this face, woman.

I just didn't expect you to be so...

nothing about my situation is normal. the conversation was with someone online. it has ended. I will be leaving now to do my typical daily thing now of feeling like shit and staying in bed all day and trying to feel less like shit with video games.

Great! That makes two of us~

Aha, I like you a lot more for that /mu/ comment.
And yeah, that one was extremely nice, I love that kind of stuff.
Hey, maybe you can tell me what genre this is? I've been asking all around.




Sounds like a mix of French House/Electronic in general.

Ana, be careful to not open pandora's box.


Ah okay, thank you, thank you.
I'll be asking you about this stuff a lot from now on.

Seems like it'll be fun tho.

Giving constructive criticism

I'm gonna go watch animu I think. Please do your best to enjoy the rest of your day my love

Bye bye, sweet pea. Enjoy your day, too.

Fun doesn't make it good.

Oh boy, more responsibilities.



wanna know?


It's probably gay af

ikt peen





finally the perfect movie for nicolas cage


when we playing civ?

My power went out during the night so it hasn't started. I can call, but I'm in OW.

Damn, that seems pretty great.

Does anyone else think Arctic Monkeys songs sound really sad?

oy vey

are you at least downloading it

Most of them have pretty gloomy lyrics.

my legs are sooo smooth now



My dick is so smooth now

I'd have to ask my spouse


so ask him

When we were 15 we wouldn’t dare let that shit be seen
But now it seems mutalation’s gone mainstream
I see you at my shows, scarred up from head to toe
Like there’s no point even trying not to let it show
Cause we all know, "Emo kids like to hurt themselves"
Too many feelings and not enough self control

she's afwezig

in english?

You have my permission.


you're not her!!

am I the only one seeing the flags kinda broken



What's afwezig mean?


I was showering.

Thanks, Amy.

born in the wrong time

Next time I hit level 50 right when a holiday event starts I'm killing myself.




You're really schattig you know that

acting like that doesnt work so well irl

No problemo.

Where's my toothpick?

RIP dreams and hopes.

I'd assume in the bathroom.


what do you look like

its actually redemption 2


God fucking damnit

pizza time!


why is adobe reader so shit?

Not Retribution or something?

Red Dead Redemption 2: Retribution Redistribution, the Resurrection

yeah i was expecting an r word but i guess not

i guess maybe john marston is involved? Or revenge is involved?


That doesn't follow the pattern you dumbass.

i meant redemption not revenge im retarded

shut up whore good god suck my cock please

Sure thing, sugar.


wat even does this mean? i know that what it means is that the probability of the sum of all individual worlds in the set is 1, but how is it meant to be read?

Face down, arse up
That's the way you like to...




yeah, i read it, im just not used to reading it, and im not sure on the proper way its supposed to be read, i mean it looks like it should be interpreted as an assertion that "1 is equal to the probability of the sum of each worlds probability in set omega"

its like im still in year 6

Too young for my years, but I didn't really care about that look deal in Drive, just the job he had as an escape driver.


thats the kind of thing my mum would have sung while pissed out of her head at the time, it didnt take too long for me to grow out of liking that kind of thing

god my mothers an annoying drunk

That's how it's written anyway.

Wait, are you thinking of the dance track the band I quoted stole the quote from?

so, am i reading it right?


my little brother really ruined my apple pie moment by mentioning a creampie.


'sfar as I can tell.

You don't like to make cream pies with apples?

this is why people should use more fucking brackets when they express shit

Now that's all fine with me.

but having to eat is a lil gross

I'm ready if you wanna play btw

I mean, it's what makes sense.

The probability of every world is between 0 and 1 inclusive, and the sum of them all is 1.

'show I read it.

Sounds good.


i know, but uncertainty

I literally just put on a Ken Ashcorp song seconds before seeing this.




Still slow here after awhile.

thats a rather lewd pose

It's always like this in the morning.

Oh, yo Axel. We met on Waifu once, Karen poster.

Roll Call

Sabrina C.Honey
Eva, where are you :<
That red masked guy wrestler comic bad something
nobody important but is to me that I give random names every time
That lelouch guy
name orwhatshisface

sup Karen poster

Doing good, you been alright?


fuck, who was that guy who used to post as lelouch?

Kinda sour that Axel didn't include me in his roll call.

Hello, this is Bern, and I am a girl.

Hi, Louise.

Hi I'm Kuus

Yep. tripcode?

there were more but I had to reply.


I don't get the joke I've been gone for awhile.


Roll call pt2

If I even remember them


I thought you were Emily.


T-That was someone else.


I'm Rin.

We are both guilty of this.

Which Rin?

Yes, but I didn't make anyone fall in love with me.
Martin only loved mine because he sucks any old fags dick to try and seem relevant.

Wait...THAT Rin?


what happene to flags

That seems like you did an appalling job.

No idea.

World war 3

The real fucking Rin, goddamn.


It isn't my fault Martin is a retard.

They told us ww3 would be a cyber war but they didnt say it would be like this

It runs in that family.

I'm told he's become a vengeful NEET stalker by most everyone. At least when I was a NEET I worked and tried to improve my life.

How are you Rin?


Roll all pt 3

That Inconsistent poster guy
That soldier guy
that accel poster

Axel has not listed me...

He goes to college.

I was told he dropped out.
Or is failing massively.


Yes hello this is dog.

There have been multiple, but I'm going to just assume you mean me.

I will ridicule him next time he shows online.


Go for it. Let him get mad at you too for arbitrary reasons.


The one from /x/ ?

It used to be because he thought I was cucking him.




Chap says it's because I cheated on Eddy apparently.

He went after Ed for lying about his age.

What is strange to me about that first sentence is that he KNEW Avery and I were being facetious. The second one makes sense. He talked to me about it.

He got pissy about it AGES after it was out.
He doesn't exactly have a right to be pissed about shit like that. Not like he's trust worthy.

*Goes back into lurk mode*

I am fairly certain he had a crush on Ed too.




Holy god. I cucked Martin hard.
This is great.

what the fuck is wrong with new york


Ok Luka.
Let's not get too racist.

I can only speculate.

blacks cause global warming??
just another reason we must elect god-emperor trump

Psst, Test..

Nah, seems right.
Snuffs said he brought me up out of nowhere on how he couldn't understand how he could be willing to know someone like me IRL.


Oh, I am sure that is just a notion everyone wrestles with at some point.

Either way it's funny as shit.

girl drama

So is this just a history lesson


It's LORE now.

No, because that would imply DICE got anything right about the great war

I am sure I would enjoy it more if I appeared there more often.