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it's micro management similar to that and starcraft.

gib drugs


Though you're free to stop replying.
I recall you kept spamming loli porn at me when I filtered you. So I assumed you liked my attention.




I always post loli porn though. That's my thing, and has been my thing for several year even back on Holla Forums

It was more in the line of you attempting to get around a filter by spamming different names.
So you aren't really proving a point.

listen 2 dis

And this is why I didnt want to have a conversation with you and ignored your "small talk" because it would just turn into this.

So I retain any further comments, and I yield to my bed.


You are far too easy.

Do it, bitch.

It's also kind of sad how easily baited you were back into this.

Just saying.

so uh
can a girl have a boypussy or how does that work


apparently hiding in my room makes me a bad housemate

gimme the link plox

everything i know is a lie'

sorry brotherdudejack

Still waiting~


send your hard earned tax dollars straight to my bank account

Well, George went to bed and now I don't know what to do with my night.

What is this?

I mean really I've duped you guys out of WAY more on medicaid than I probably ever will on SSI

I've spent at LEAST 100k in the last 3 months



I'm not in the mood.
Might play some OW before bed.

I never was fond of Doris Day.

I am bowing 2 u

still aiming for that skin of blessed thighs of mercy's?

I am just listening to whatever comes on to distract me.

Showing your butt is also a sign of respect and submission in some animals.

try that one

yay I'm good
come live with me

You Got: You got 75 points that means you're a pretty good housemate!
You're respectful of your housemates, you try to keep things tidy, and things have to get pretty bad before you'll write a passive aggressive note. Your housemates are lucky to have you.

I guess. I only want it because it's better than her other shit save for Eidgenossin because medic colors. I only really focus on the supports cosmetics.

we are nice people!

wew, why though?

There was a linkin park one I heard too long ago that I really liked.

I'm like an angel.

I'm not fond of her head in either model.
He hair makes it far too narrow looking.

They are an alright band, but I wouldn't listen to them much.

Post eve pls ♥

I used to listen to linkin park a few years ago. Not because I was full on angst.. well I was but I thought it was alright music.

well it is a subjective thing, just surprises me cause I don't see many having that opinion on her skins more used to people complaining about like mei's lack or zarya's especially




*hugs her tight*

They are a meme band. Not bad, but there is a major stigma to them.

I don't really care about Mercy's skins that much. I don't play her. Lucio and Zenyatta are better for surviving with their ults if used right, Zen can far out damage her, and Lucio has better mobility.

Ana beats them all if you can play her.


ana is in fact bae yes and she has some really decent skins

Merciful of Ghoul are the only ones I care for after her base skin.

I always liked Breaking the habit.

It's good to listen to what you like and not worry about outside opinion.

young ana is just great ur wrong & shame on u the halloween one though is incredibly awesome


Die young by Ke$ha

I dislike all of the young skins.

I actually like Ke$ha.

H-hey can I ask for babby first html advice



squash will you eat my ass for $200?

I retract what I said on Steam.

You know we're superstars. We r who we r.

for all but ana, this is okay

love it

A masterpiece.

I don't eat ass.

How sad.

My brother calls her Ka-ching-ah.

She just has better skins than the young one.
I like her more as a tested war mother.



u wouldnt even eat a cute gurls booty?

she basically is that just..... I don't know if that skin matches up to when she had already had pharah though given the halloween spray I'd guess it does

Your brother sounds like a dork.


I'll have to pass.

I would not.

I like the worn older look.

My family is all dorks.

Its not his fault he has a penis.

what if he just pretended to be a she?

1000. final offer

You're less of a dork then them. You're like a cool dork.

i dunno...

Shame. I would have done it for $1001.



What's wrong?

I'm not exactly cool.
I can give off a cool vibe now and then, but at most I am just somewhat enjoyable.

Try it once and if you don't like it then don't do it again.

Although you not being able to die is cool.

Are you serious? It's so hard to find cool people here. There's only like 2 or 3.

Yeah, I still don't get that.

fair enough young is still great though

List cool people!

I'm going to have to ask to see your list on how you decide who is cool, because I shouldn't be anywhere near a list like that.

Roadhog default skin is objectively best in the game because that belly is god.

That wouldn't be a good idea.

You either got 'it' or you don't.
Though there is honorary status.

It's okay


alright, I can go up to as much as 1,200.

I think i'll just take a nap right now instead.


Made me giggle.

Even if you're a dork, i'd say you're an honorary cool.

Oh no. A second final offer?
I can't eat the ass of a man who lied to me.


gotta give you at least he original skin is probably the best of his, the others are decent but really not impressive I wish the shark ones changes a little bit more about his gun

its not a lie, its haggling


Blue shark with tan shark belly.

Bonus points if you can stream your n64.

$6 and a slice of ham.


$5 and a slice of turkey

A slice of provolone.

best ever webm of roadpig, saving the team by hooking the exploding mech into the well lol well that and the one with the love affair with mercy

a slice of american with 4 deep fried cheese curds.

I wish I had the care to get good at DPS classes.

Just the curds.


waifu goals

you aren't? what about defense classes? since a good few can moonlight as dps if played the right way

Joke's on you.
I don't even like curds.


jokes on you, you still owe me an ass eating

I can play Reaper, Widow, Mei, and Junk.
I don't play the other DEF/ATK characters enough to be bothered.
I can play all the tanks very well.

Where are my curds?

well reaper and junk can lay a ton of damage down so that's good

Can't wait for Sombra to be a major disappointment tomorrow.

come eat them out of my ass

I'll have to ask mom.

But I'm going to bed.

I'm hoping she isn't but it is blizzard

happy bday Colbert

1 year closer to the end.

all the other kids with their pumped up kids bettter run better run

outrun my gun

you on the right
me on the left :3c


why you still awake daddy


I don't know.

where the super saiyan god fusion mode at tho

it's okay

Why? Give me one good reason.

it's on sale now. literally no excuse not to buy it.




you know what should be removed?


CUPCAKE I WILL FIND WHERE YOU LIVE AND probably just send you a pizza idk

Do not buy this.

you live like 30 minutes away from me you weirdo.

I don't know hehehe *Twiddles thumbs* :3

I have no interest in it.

are you encouraging me to do worse?

what would worse entail.

never cause vegito is lame and gogeta isn't canon

no, just nooooo

don't be a bigot.


I'm not a very mean person

SSG Gohan when

I don't like shitty games doe :^)

never cause he's a fag and won't train

yeah, I didn't think you were.

you wouldn't say that if they were human women you fursecutor. these jokes aren't working as well because there aren't any actual furries around right now.

the fucking election is in THREE WEEKS

it felt so far away

cous de ta when

I probably would anyway plus mercy's thighs have more appeal than any vn like thing lol

I'm so tired.

yeah it just doesn't look like that good of a game. I've only played a few VN type games. like danganronpa

so...go to bed?


css is annoying

I've only played the one 4chan loved/hated and I guess had a hand in the conception of? I think, not sure

I have no idea which one you're talking about.

ur annoying just kidding

but what did she mean by this?

about disabled girls

ooooh, kawata shoujo. yeah I couldn't even get past the first fifteen minutes or so of that game. it was boring. I'm not really into games that you use to rev yourself up anyway, I don't like all the extra work involved there.



Can't sleep. Clown will eat me.


I just found it hilarious, the psychotic dude especially helped that I was pretty high hows it hanging though bae?

a magical girl anime with rape?


Have you not watched this meme?

I said I was kidding!

clowns aren't even a real thing.

same as always. slept all day and or stayed in bed all day so I'm up late. wish I was asleep.


Seriously. Why won't you kill yourself.


survival instincts are too god damn hard and this simulation is goddam hard to get out of




up too late. you?

that's really rude.

nope, I've heard of it through hearing of fsn

I'm alright I guess, probably should be asleep but whatever

aren't you usually up for a few more hours? I've seen you around here at like 4am my time. two hours from now

the past while yeah, not really by entire choice but it's a thing

do you have insomnia?

Sick at home, being not-productive!

maybe? I wouldn't know if it's that for sure, I don't really know all that constitutes insomnia unless it's just the inability to sleep at times

It's just Fate/Loli and I think it's p gud, but people say I watch trash anime so there's that.

you've been nothing but chill, I have zero reason to distrust you so I'll check it out sometime!


that's me every single day.

that is exactly what insomnia is. the inability or severe difficulty in getting to sleep. is there any particular reason you're up so late? how long do you usually sleep when you do sleep?

I'm bored with life

what do


that's boring too tho

guess ur fuked


maybe I'll just do another 9/11, that sounds fun

lately? I've been sleeping like 4-5 hours at best a night, 3 at the worst it's just things mostly stuff I wouldn't mention in thread but just stress I think? thoughts or something


let us know how that turns out.

stress and the like can cause insomnia. sometimes I have it these days, but lately I've been doing the opposite. just sleeping as much as possible.


Good lyf!

no. it really isn't.

all my life is at this point is shitposting and doing whatever I can to kill the time from day to day while waiting for therapy sessions and my SSI application to go through

sasme haha

gimme drugs to kill time in a good way

drain the pressure from the swelling.

But being NEET is good


are you telling me to jack off

why though? you are missed when you aren't around


this idiot bought a public toilet at auction and is converting the building into 4 studio apartments


imagine living in a quarter of a toilet

this sensation's overwhelming.

no, I'm quoting a song.

it is not.

I wish that were enough to make me not feel like such total shit that even getting out of bed is too hard.

sex drive

14 year old boy status

so new york apartments?


60 hour working week?

lol u take hrt and accidententally turn into a 14 yr old boy



Working out in the living room at 2am in my underwear.

Night showers are better than day ones.

#lenko blogging

I guess.... I don't think I'm good at cheering people up in anyway so giving motivation is probably blah too

the classiest hoe up in here




30-40 is best.

I think you're probably plenty good at it, but I'm not an easy fix right now.
I've been there. I know the feeling.

expand('dong'); // :^)

ha ha ha ha

doot diddle donger cuck erino

ha ha

how do I stop being dependant on psych meds?

Stop taking them and see what happens.

well it'd be nice to fix you somehow, though I'm not sure I feel right with the wording of that

Stop taking them and see what happens.

crikey, my next phone bill is £76, the 4G jew has swindled me

stopped taking them for a week after I weas hospitalized for rhabdomylolysys

felt weird as fuck and depressed 2 heck

I don't think anything will fix me except time. and I don't think I'll ever really be where I was before all this shit. feeling like this for so long kind of changes you.

I really would rather you didn't worry about it at all, especially if it affects you. this is why I'm not around other people much when I'm so down like this. other people end up getting their moods ruined by me.

Dude you don't take them in the first place if you don't want. Look for other things to get your dopamine kicking.




psych hospital would have gotten angry if I didn't take any of the meds that gave me

my mood is ruined for other reasons, I consider you friend enough that I swallowed my dumbass pride 3 times so far lol I'm pretty sure I'm alright with worrying about you and hoping to find some way to make you feel better

do it again lol



this morning is ruined

So that means you're on maintenance or just drink it when you feel down thing?



send hard liqour and friends

send soft drugs and pigs in blankets

omg i actually have soft drugs, AND the ingredients for pigs in blanks

this morning is saved

send good mornings

well if you insist.

I do but also I'm lame and should ky myself so likelihood is I'll fail a ton before I even manage the tiniest lol I'll try though!




I don't know who showed this to me but it hasn't left my head since I heard it.

hows it hangin?

Doing really good, stressed over a paper because there were no sources, turns out I read it wrong and now it's easy as fuck.
You? How is the great spoilers doing?


i took a pill in ibiza

I'm alright enough,so you managed to rid of all the stress? if not we can always find a room

That went from 0 to sexual harassment in under 5 minutes.

actually 6 so we are beating records here

I read this as " I took a pizza pill"

To show avici I was cool

Do you know how to make gifs? I got a shitty program that loses colors and saves an absurdly high filesize

You can only do so much with a .gif.

"xD" - you

p.s. am: JMJ, GS, CMA. pm: YHOO, CREE, MANH

not really but if I had to guess that paintshop program jasc or whatever has an animation version, other than that knowledge I'd be lost



I'd think it was a little less shitty than this.
Her eyes aren't even blue.
It's the program doing it.

Ah okay okay, that's a start. Thankoo.

It only supports 256 colors.

seems like that's not the best attitude to go into that with...

The gif format?
I thought it was just a compression thing that was used.

Helloooo cup!


hihi. that was all

A gif is like an old school format that only supports like- windows 95 tier colours. It's a web image after web image slide show.


sorry I'm not of more help bae

I'm sure my attitude will kick back up sooner or later, so this is about the best I've got til then sadly I'm sorry

Are they easy to make? I just used gif because it was more common.

Meh, and that many images is bound to inflate the size of the file.

That was just enough :3
Just woke up or heading to bed?

Just talking to me is enough, I want this day to pass a little faster.
Whatcha doing today? Any plans or whatever?

send hard drugs and memes

And the size, yeah you get the idea. Webm is to my knowledge the newest and best web-friendly format. It's essentially a video rather than a series of images. It's just not supported by a lot of things still because old people don't know how to kick it with the hip.

Ah yeah, the second bit is why I wasn't making webms, seems barely supported outside of the chans.
You made any gifs, though? Any program you used?

no need to apologize, silly. I'm the one who's such a pain right now.

neither. I slept pretty much all day so I'm just awake this late. I wish I could be asleep now too. wish I could sleep like...let's say 22 hours a day would be nice.

sleep soon for a handful of hours then work, then probably some underwatch with a couple friends what about you? anything fun planned soon?

you are not at all a pain, more a reliever of some of it not even including the lewd things

well not sure how, but glad I can help at all.

Gifs are stupid. I don't make them.


cause you're just so darn awesome aaaand adorable


webms are for hipsters

nah, webp is for hipsters

oh yeah, names

yeeeeee you get it, that's why you are too

Sleep is the most important meal of the day, after all.
Now 24 hours, that would be ON POINT. Sleeping 24 hours a day every day, that's the life, wouldn't you say?

Where do you work again?
I got a lot of masturbating planned today. Probably a little homework too, maybe some games if I'm bothered.
That and sending some documents to Beirut sometime this week so the college doesn't kick me out.


a small bookstore in town, part time as it was originally supposed to just be a thing until I figured out what I wanted to do spoiling the ending, I have not figured out a darn thing

this is ridiculous. no ganging up on me.

How long have you been figuring out what to do?
Also, where did the PharahXMercy pairing come from? Besides Mercy being a good pocket healer for her.


why do the flags look like shit

What should they look like?

we are agents of truth, come to open your eyes to just how amazing you are cuuuuups

I think mostly cause of that but also in the backstories they weere roughly in the same area helping in their own ways before recall so people probably just put it together then found out about the cute ship name best place for all your medical needs, the PharMercy

flags are fags, that's why

yeah, that would be perfect actually.

no smug.


No fucking way

yes xinfinity+1

I want Mercy to trick-or-treat me.

Yes smug.




Also incredible.

Can't wait for the slutty Christmas outfits and the porn that will spawn from them.


Luka I fucking love this image.

mercy is made perfectly, probably better than them all but A+ on thee diversity

What was that again with Tracer being too sexy?

that picture is weirdly erotic.

no smug zone.

I know it's the one meant to be sexualized, but I like Widowmaker the most.
French are qts, the ass is a bonus.

Ahahaha that fucking ass scandal shit.
God damn, I'm so surprised anyone cared in the first place.
Kerrigan evolved high heels.


Oh man, that SJWs haven't had a go at anime already.



I remember my friends tried to convince me once that it's called a blow job because you're supposed to blow on the penis.


tracer is quite fairly sexy but dat blizzard media storm just bringing in the dollars for them

you're weirdly erotic, lets get a room or just out in the open on a table, works too

you're not wrong, widow is fucking great it's a shame how little use she has in game for most cases

soon tm

morning bae

It isn't? What are you supposed to do then?


Morning, Spoiler.

I still haven't figured that out.
But it seems way too obvious to be true.


2hu music.

sleep well? also I think I'm going to get that game! and possibly watch the series

there is a really horrid lack of brown skinned girls in the forefront of anime that I've watched, it is a saddening thing for erections all around

Is this why they call you spoilers?

Further investigation is required.

a e s t h e t i c music

Well enough.

Don't worry, I main Weiss!

We must travel, practicing these "blow jobs" on all the men of the land.

Or just each other.
And Tokai, obviously.

why is there so much anal of this chick


Brown anime girls are the best.

Particularly Choi and Kuro.

I got asked to choose a name and I was abusing the spoilered images option so I thought it befitting then they taught me how to spoiler text and likely have regretted it ever since :^) but I chose it, I also spoiled star wars here so there's that

Why are you searching with the anal tag?

I didn't, I searched the name.

I'm out of ideas then.

>you’ll never have a house in the suburbs with an mx-5, skyline r32 and a 180sx dorifto parked outside

who is not mained? so I can try to get used to whatever is left lol

they are! but who are choi and kuro? is one who you are posting?

Doesn't matter.
You could have a team of 4 Jaunes if you really wanted to.

Just pick whoever you like and have fun with it.

I'll get my trusty surfboard and pliers, the adventure begins.

Kek, that's a better origin story than most superheroes.
Speaking of teaching stuff, how do you repost images?

There are only 9 doujins with Kuro on ex with only 4 having the anal tag

This is Kuro.

Choi is Choi Mochimazzi!

Our faggotry will know no bounds.
We must show them the truest form of queerdom.
We will show them.
What it means to go
even further beyond! ! !

Thighhighs with shorts is actually really fucking good.


Also, just post the same image twice.
This board allows duplicate images.

Yes, that thing!

I'm pretty sure Lynlee has grade A ZR.
With shorts.

oh! my bad I thought it was like a mario and luigi setup where only one of each character goes, this works far better

what do you mean? just post the same image twice? if so I think you can freely here but on other sites I think you like change pixels

oh wew they are both cute but that onsie pandas man just wway adorable

It wouldn't let me before.


Wait what, it worked? Really?
It kept giving me the duplicate image exists here thing.

There are achievements for having one of each of team RWBY, and one of each of team JNPR.
And one of each spoiler.

Not on this board as far as I've ever known.
And some weeks I only have two or three images, so thank god for that.

So what's that girl's full name?
And what? Why would you only have 3 images?

Nah I got it, thanks tho.

Erika Yano from Shirobako.
I still haven't watched it, I just know I saw her once and really liked her.
I thought she was a Rin Kagamine at first.

Because I post only three images.

could you be bothered to give a short description of what each is good at? like they all had different weapons so I figure their styles are different

you shouldn't rely on an idiot like me, I'll probably give you a bad answer or two bae

I don't mind bad answers if you're the one giving them.

Thank you, thank you.
Will probably search her and her thighs up for scientific reasons later.

choi a best

hey wait, you can't be going making me smile you know that is completely unfair

I want one.

Well, it's something that's probably easier to feel out by playing a round or two as them.

Especially since I fucking suck at describing things.

Please don't corrupt my avatars.

Why not? I think a person like you deserves to smile every day.


I'll give you a candy.

good deal, alright I'm always up for just jumping straight into it blindish kinda got assumptions given thee certain weapons but we'll see!

that is inaccurate though you're doing it more even now! reeeeeeee

Thank god I don't have work today.
I gotta make more people here.

Their weapons, and what they do in the show, aren't wholly indicative of what they do in game.
Which is weird. Kinda.

Just like the genuine material.
Good job, you nailed it.

Which option made me tsun as fuck?
Was it the Practical trait?

oh well there goes my theories out the window lol

I think it was random.
Attitude and skills and stuff.

For me I went with 'Oblivious' and 'Hard Hitter'. Dumb and can knock anyone on their ass, but slow.

wake me up

Ruby tends to hit lots, and she sets up her ult really quickly, and has a really strong ult.
Her heavy attacks are kinda super good, esp since some of them are also ranged attacks for stuff on the other side.

Weiss sucks.
Until you upgrade any of her attacks.
Her upgraded ranged attack is just rape.
Her upgraded ult is a great panic button.
She can freeze enemies with one of her combo attacks, and a fully upgraded ult.

The rest I don't really ever use.

Oh. So next run, I might not be tsun as fuck?



I think that was just highlighted because I can't click hyperlinks very good.

Everyone, post your theme song.
Everyone rate them.

neat! I'm looking forward to getting into this even more now, I should try to get a few hours of sleep though laters rin

See you.
Hit me up on steam if you do.

I will take said candy.
I made them order me some last week and promised to buy them all, still haven't arrived.

Says you, everyone judges themselves badly.
Look at cups.
Not me, though. I'm fucking awesome.

Thank you for letting me know this game exists, this week looks a little more enjoyable now.

Aw shit, bye.

MAybe, maybe not.
I gotta make more people and do a drunk stream one day.

I'd wait for halloween sale.
They may iron out a few bugs.

The game is actually bretty good.
It only gets better when you make people you know to put in it. A bit like FTL.

If I'm not tsun af next time, gonna be so sour.

I'm going to pirate it because I'm a jew.

I really like lollipops.

You can lolli your pop, just don't pop your loli.

I don't know what that was supposed to mean, please don't ask.



I said don't ask.

Pretty good/10

I am not asking, merely judging.


Somehow seems fitting.

Don't judge the hand that pets you little missy!
Or the pets might get really rough!

Tbf, this is a 'Pirate it, then buy it if you super like it' game.

I can tell you a few indie games to stay clear from.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is like marmite or mayo. Some like it, some don't. An acquired taste.

Hyper Light Drifter is fucking awesome. You best buy that shit. The music is done by Disasterpeace so you know it's good. (It says you need a pad for it, but fuck it, it is that good, you'd get gud regardless).

Crashlands is a good time waster.

I can go on.


Sounds good.

Made me sleepy and happy.

I forgot I was dealing with a deviant.

I know I'm scum, but I do this for most games. I pirated Darkest Dungeon and This War of Mine and a few others.
I usually buy them if I feel they're worth the money afterwards.
Thank you for the recommendations though, I'm writing these down. Got any more? I like pixel games too.

On that note, do you play any Dota?


Very, very rarely.
And only with friends.
And only for fun.

For the record, that image was selected before I noticed that last post.

Kinda wanna watch Shirobako for Yano alone.

Watch Gugure! Kokkuri-san! instead.
I can assure you it's worth your time.

Doesn't matter if you can't even see. All you need is Q and huge nuts.

The whole Sam and Max games.
Everyone of them.


Wait what? You bought aghs?

Her ZR is so good.
In shorts.

I used to be able to build a Panda so tanky that I could just walk through anything.

And you're the one telling me not to corrupt her.

I am merely appreciating a girl's sense of dress that shows that absolute territory.



Need to make another one of these for Ana.

new I guess