Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everyday

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everyday.

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do you like my new folder tsuchi

Jeez holy

That was your steam name like a year ago.

God is dead.
God remains dead.
And we have killed him.


What's wrong?

It's completely saccharine.

Oh, it was actually 50

This is my personal favorite. Do you rike it?

I'm hard.


mandy. no.




Furries ruin everything.
Where's God when you need him to smite those sick fucks?

I hope you burn in the deepest pit of hell for whatever the fuck this is.

They call me Anime Goggles.

didn't you see the image? furries are the reason he won't come around to clean up the filth anymore.

Good evening, love. How goes your night?

Pain is the only thing I CAN FEEL

Like. So. Ducking. Hard.

Alright. I don't hurt as much.
I threw up blood from drinking the other day.

you aren't even gay.

Yeah, I'm sorta at 1177 completed.

That's not Good! Don't do that....


Oh. Right.

The frick?

HE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't plan to drink anymore.




You have a problem.


I have a problem.

Yeah, I know.

His mouth is almost smaller than his nose.

Good! Drinking is bad, mmmkay.

Probably some of it. But I have other aspirations. And I do enjoy doing things besides smoking pot and playing games, its just the easiest mind numbing thing to do. I haven't been prescribed anything lately. I was on valium for like a week did wonders then left the hospital and now no one wants to give me it.

the tree is p cute

he tried to do duckface

I know. Though I'll drink some juice with you.


I'd help you but won't.

Oh, it IS Chijo. juice?

Cause I've been afraid of changing!

I don't think we're on the same page in this conversation anymore


Hey, if the doctors think you can get through it without medication then that's for the best, just as long as you make sure you're communicating with them how you've been stuck for the past year.

Please forgive me.

alright, that's enough social interaction for the day. bye again.

Were we ever though? Anyway I need to pass out for work and such. Night cups.

That's a yes. Sadly I must dream that sweet dream of death. For a few hours. I'll talk to you later love. Be safe, damnit!


Love you~

That's not someone I should remember, right?

It was a problem 700 series ago. Now it's just insanity.

bye bye ;~;

Probably not.



But how do I stop?


Lobotomy, perhaps.

Do you know a guy?

He's not good at English but he doesn't charge much.

I don't even know how you know me cause I don't even know you.

The doctor doesn't understand my struggle! I miss my pysch from the mental hospital, he gave me the drugs that worked.All I have is a therapist now. I need a new psychiatrist. I do but they don't give me much help it even feels like they don't believe me sometimes.

That is Darwin.


French / Japanese?


What like evolution?..

I get it, I wouldn't want me to know me either.

Turn on the waterworks, it works every time.

Who knows what he's speaking, it's all "bar bar bar" to me, but he had an icepick and a winning smile.

The poster's name, the guy you don't recognize, he's generally known as Darwin.

Hm, fine. I'm in.

I thought that was a bloody penis from the thumbnail.

I may have gone a little overboard.

You really should know better by this point.


That's what Ui calls his.

I can think of worse people.

He only fucks underage dudes, though.



Once I see a new psych I will. I need meds.
But I've never known a Darwin, that just makes it more unsettling.

Eh. Just kill me fampai

I knew I should have went with Sci.

I still haven't gotten back around to playing this, I've been busy with bad games.

Goggles watches mainstream stuff.


Sci can't even get his hand to say yes, let alone another person.


Well he knows you.

I don't dedicate my time to the intricacies of being a weeb.

>not watching only a e s t h e t i c stuff




Which is weird cause i'm like the nobody of nobodies.


I’d post my MAL but I’m too self-conscious.

yo pettanko-chan/kanra


I always thought they were just sexist.

They be stealin' his food stamps.

Provide evidence.

Some guy called Chijo, not from around here, Darwin recognized him.


you really believe that don't you~

cute texxt

I do.

where's chijo from

The heck you doing up at this time?

That's honestly part of the game.
jus sayin

He's working real nigga hours.

See? THIS is the reaction I was afraid of ;_;


You are cute text.

Uh, waking up for school? But I decided to stay at home because my throat is killing me and every time I cough I die.

I'm not sure, probably mlpchan, but you'd have to ask one of them two.

There's also naked white people.

Is that less of a problem?


equal amount # hash tag equality lmao

You're the reason why anime was a mistake.

so why is it a but then?

fucking pones

Alright then.



Hello grim

I don't like this meme. I posted on /lewd/ like what 10 months ago, that's about it. Other than that I never really had a presence.

Oh damn.

Poor ikti.
Do you not have vacation? When do you have yours?


You know, then even I'm impressed that Darwin made note of you, I had no idea he ever even went to /lewd/.

just kidding

not butts allowed... that's lewd wayy too lewd

I don't have.

moar illya~!


Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough to keep him from the boipussy.


I need more Illya.

* s i p *

I swear to fuck if I don't get that fucking Mercy skin I'll be pissed.

create moar :3


Fair point.

i have it.

*pours u a glass*

Do not become generic healslut #2323423213123 that plays Overwatch.
Have some self respect.

Yeah thats pretty much how it feels.

I really don't know how he knows or remembers me.

of what.

I play support and I can tank.

milk ~

No time.

Too much moe to finish.

Not at all?!

a glass of candy







finish wat?

Boat girls.

lmao heard dat guys voice from that clip while readin dat


they are cute


Very cute.


THe heck?
How come?

what is even going on there?



dressing like a real girl is too much work

And I seem to be shit at Phara.

dressing like a real girl

more like
ranch dressing

Soldier with jetpack

oh by the way here's that video of ui trying to figure out how to shave on acid

Nobody reply to Fish.


I did that just to spite you.

she is adorable




You mean amy the beast who probably has aids. I mean she did fuck my heroin addict brother. But anyways i'm out.

I wanna watch the full thing.

You keep trying to cling to jokes instead of making your own.

Eat my shorts.

howdy chijo


Why must you be so hateful?

Is chijo cute?

Because I'm overworked and under fucked.

look up old OVW promo tapes
Which will probably be near impossible.

like 5/10

sucked his dick once

Test, get on Steam for a moment.

There is no need.


There is always a need.

I legitimately think down on you.


You're too biased to answer honestly because you hate me.

I'm not gonna watch if it doesn't have boobs in it.

This ruins everything for me.



Someday I'll have my man.


if I was biased I'd say you're a 2/10 nutbasket worse than me



Fish, you really can't judge considering you'd fuck anything with a pulse because you're a low standard retard.

Sorry I meant dicks.


I don't fuck everything with a pulse

just every person I can

I cannot offer. Forgive me.


here some dicks



Just fucking OD already.

But it refused.

Sum up the song for me.

Overworked and underpaid. Tonights the night everyone gets laid.

But you fucked a midget.
Can you really cast stones here?

Whatever you say kiddo~

She fell in love with my brother was to stupid to see he was just using her cause he was high and bored then literally said "I don't believe you" when he told her the truth that he was just using her, many keks were had. But I really gotta go

I'm very confused right now.

at least I don't go punching holes in the wall because someone insulted my online waifu

is this like a meme poster or something

Seems about my dig.

You seem more keen on Test as a sexual fantasy than I am.
Care to share something with the class, Gilligan?

hi Dp


The entire trap house is like a bad joke.

The ref and the guy getting pinned are buds
The ref can't count his friend out for him to lose because they're friends
then a montage happens

NewYork music is really nice.

[Passive Aggressive blank post]

I mean, most of you people seem to have the most shallow of standards when it comes to this stuff.
I tend to not follow it for a reason.

I was not aware that was a thing.

yeah i try to keep it chill but i dont think ive seen more dislikable people clustered like that


We enjoy making fun of each other.

Okay, now post the gayest thing you've got.

FUckin' GOTEM ~ ! !

You're not aware of a lot of things.

what is this trap house everyone keeps mentioning?

Give me time. I will find it.

Yet you always sexualize it.
He doesn't.
Does your heart break from this?

Most things are trivial and not worth the effort.



Ui, Sweed, others whose name i believe causes an email notification


they had a house together?


lol wth is that

It was more of a rape dungeon.


kuro of course~

Speaking of trivial, I'm bored. Is there any calls happening?

I just do it to emasculate him.
He doesn't seem to mind and takes it strides.

Email notifications are no more, apparently.

Scarlet and its "girl"friend.

i assume it was just an apartment of various mental illnesses

i dont gt that kind of shoooping ability tbh

I take pride that Scarlet and the other awful trannies don't get to be in the Discord.

I'm in one with George for the night.

I'm waiting.

Hey thats a nice sub penis.

I'm gay but I don't suck dicks.


very feminine

Slowly but surely running out of Kuro. I need more Kuro.

Alright, don't worry about it.

I post gay stuff but

i mean this is pretty homo


My dick actually has 5 heads.

Why do you have a fear of dicks?

god damn I just wanna smoke some weed once in a while

Just do like Erin and do coke.

the 5th one is all mine

that's not what I wanted to post.

Well, not technically. Just a repulsion.

cokes expensive as shit mayne

wew sounds like hell


What about the other 4?

Why? Do they intimidate you?

its a lot worse now that they are here instead of there

kuro is beutuful

Of course, tanned loli is best.

I'm going to cut them off....

yeah I don't know about the others but ui was a bit weird since I saw him post more often

nah, just not into it. I'm still messed up though because gay and penis are wired in my brain as humor.


Why did I open this


i really wonder what fucking happened in his life to make him so fucking stupid and eager to impress and gloat

really damn hateable


Well, it is interesting to see an orgasm from the inside.

No you won't.

Are you sick?

Must be sick.


Go to sleep!

I closed it before that.

I have no idea but most people do try to impress others, though in far less exaggerated ways

i'm thirsty.

whatever thankfully he is sparse

Just get some tap water.

nah. i just like to dive 20 ft into muff.

'twas fascinating. violent muscle movements.


Flavour ~


Make stuff!


mhm, how are you doing?

Cum hydrates.



Alright, Bear Grylls. Enjoy drinking your own piss/semen.

im doing okay. how about you


Welp. Tonights box didn't have the Mercy skin.

I always do.


Welcome to hell, bitch.
I'll take it one step further than you can every fucking time.





Sounds pretty gross.


wew im getting roasted?

I* plea the mememendment

CTRL+F is kind of narcissistic.

*sips on my MiO instead*

What the hell is that?

Oh, aanmaaklimonade.


google: mio energy


alright enough


any plans

meme amendment:

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


Calm down there, cowboy.

That's what it's called like here. Probably. Syrup?

not really, was thinking of playing some overwatch buuuut the not sleeping as much seems to have taken away the energy for getting into that that and solo queue is hell in that game lol anything yourself?

oh yeah pretty much similar


might play civ 5. or elite dangerous.

anything to avoid taking my bfs attention away from studying i guess

You can't put reigns on common sense laws of the internet.

The allegations are mere defamation/slander and drama. petty bullshit for sure.

What flavour?

So are you going to start an actual conversation, or just bitch about memes?



I don't know. What do we converse about? We clearly hold different opinions on everything so I'd rather not.

How dull.

I enjoy company of those who agree with me most of the time on matters.

I have quite a few people here that I have talked to for a long time, and my good "internet" friends know when im trolling, because im very good at deception and shit. I used to be a door to door salesman and i sold appliances and cell phones.

I know how to converse my opinions in any way I like, and be very pig-headed in my iteration of things I talk about.

You quarrel with Ray too?

My day was pretty enjoyable as well.
Work was kind of hot, but I got to do the easier shit today.

oh sounds like fun at least

Civ V sounds like fun!
kinda makes me want to open it up.

right now?
uh some kinda berry flavour colored blue?

look at me i am good at thing

if i can make a decision


6 in 3 days


that soon? ._.


Tempted to buy a Civ 6 key and dump it in thread along with hundreds of fake codes.

stop it kyle


flip a coin?

When will you be playing Five Nights again?


tell me what makes this new one special?


I won't.

i just picked civ

i let the game pick my leader

they've restructured the tile system i believe wonders take up a tile and they added a district system

whatever that means


I don't enjoy games like that.

oh well good luck then!

thank you thank you

i play on easy mode


And the AI does smarter things? ._.

Why do you think you are so easily scared?


i couldnt say

"oh i dont like those rts games"

Well, now I'm not really scared. I've gotten use to that shit.
I don't do jumps well. I'm a very timid person IRL and having a fucky heart doesn't help.

I'm gonna back 2 sleep.

How many times did you finish DS3 now?

Yeah. Step up.

oh... so you're really new to civ games then? o_o
shocking... i've been playing since version one on MS-DOS

Sleep well~

wow wee

ive only played 5

though i am a fan of fireaxis generally with their other game series

Fucking toasted.

there was a kinda of fun simplicity to it back then too~


i dont think i was alive when that came out


Ui did not talk to me about my day.
Was it because there was no argument to prove themselves with it?

...what can't really be that young... o_o
can you?


not a bad choice if looking to be relaxed during it

we got to sing this in choir the year I was there

fun stuff

i was born 3 years after it came out

thats the plan :3

I already told you why.


so do you rly like stuff in civ 5?

Ray tells me about his day every time whenever we are in call.

You asked how to start a conversation and I gave an example.
Though I appreciate you painting me in such a B&W perspective considering we've talked twice.

Do your EXes bitch you out each time as well?

even though i play it causally yeah i like the busy work and the sense of improvement

Maybe. ;_;

good man, a chill game is always boss

Have you ever tried C&C type games?

Date me. It will be hilarious.


i havent

Those were sub rosa conversations. Darwin pls.

I also said I don't like talking to people who differ in opinions, and I thought it implied I was talking in part to you.

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God forbid you widen your perspective by talking to people who have different view points.