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sup wellams

it is duh, go learn who that is and come back when you're no longer ignorant to scottish culture

I'm used to that.
although I might really easily fall asleep after.


Not too much. Slightly hungover and I have to start getting ready for my playdate soon. I think I'm gonna wear my burgundy booties today :p

Heyu. How's it been?


I've seen that movie~

What happened to the whole not wanting to do anything with the threads thing?


It occurs to me that Lynlee is rocking a shorts-based ZR.

You better not fall asleep before post-sex cuddles.

Excited for your playdate?

Hey bae

wait for the new one, it's where we devorce the english and beg europe to take us back

hi cutie

Forgot an image.
Because that's totally important and matters.

it kept me very focused when i needed to accomplish things.

now i have accomplished all the things and am free to spend the next few years being lazy and posting here again

not bad, unis heating up a bit, modded the street bicycle i bought ages ago to be a hybrid now and it runs smooth as fuck, currently contemplating sausages, mash, and gravy for tea :3


Right on.

Yess. Not even sure what that entails but last time we just like napped together most of the time after finishing a vidya ;p

Love bermuda triangle.

What's up Moogy?

That sounds good. I could eat a horse atm I think I'm having a beef craving which I might end up following through with x_x


these thoughts made me pretty comfy now

Of course not!
but by doing that I'll sleep quite fast.
Unless you demand something else.

being mentally ill in scotland is actually a rather reasonable life experience.

you might not enjoy going outside, but they're only gonna make you do that like every couple of years

you should get yourself a nice, fat, juicy steak to eat :3


i love triangle you ❤️


waiting to go out soon

though ive been waiting to do that for awhile now




go look for "dee dee yoker"

it's him, doing one of his more stereotypically scottish characters

and if that's too scottish for you, look for falconhoof, nick really likes that one


Nuuuuuuu. I'll save that for the inevitable steak-dinner my dad will cook when I finally get around to visiting him. Ugh.

Stop making me blush >///<

Samesies. Just laying in bed thinking up an outfit or whatnot. White girl problems lol

hes great


but like, fat slabs of beef fam

Isaw this nice news for scotland

do you genuinely watch limmys show? you didn't just find him after i posted him there?

ikr! :)

where are you going

I have seen clips

i wonder wat i should pley today

Yeah, but like... No beef.

I've had it literally three times since last December.

That cute short loli girl's place again^^

Remind me to wear my cat ears. I was promised pets~


i didn't read any articles about it, but i saw the word "scotland" with a baby box thumbnail earlier today, and i know what baby boxes are, so instantly i knew this was lovely news about us starting to do baby boxes.

heavy pets


there are like 3 seasons of half hour episodes, all on youtube, some on UK netflix

Ouh, nice desune.
Are you gonna fark?

I demand constant love and attention.


tata gyro maybe some other day eh

That would be nice.

I slept over that boys house but I'm not allowed to sleep in his bed anymore haha It sucked too cause I'm pretty sure I had to listen to him fapping and I wanted to help x_x

I dunno! I dunno if it even works anymore! I mean it probably does but more like I dunno how it works ugh

fun story: he is badly depressed, often suicidal. recently got put on SSRIs

someone once said tweeted: "comedy is often someone on antidepressants trying to cheer up a bunch of people who are already happy."

for the best

you are lucky you're still friends


I mean.
You don't need to be able to pitch to be the catcher.



kinda don't own it either.

nah... the game always game overs 15 seconds in.

I know. I hugged his mom last night lol

We're gonna be shopping buddies. He said his gf would love to go shopping with me too.

Haha I'm well aware of that, but I'm unsure whether or not she's even down for that with me.

I definitely would love to have my very own katawa loli


I'm always willing to provide that.
cause I love doing it.

shit son
remedy that situation
if you can buy a $20 league skin you can damn sure buy a $20 game

god bless

I must get good as Tracer... For daddy!

This subject disturbs me. but im happy things are okay for you seemingly

What do you mean? Sorry :(

You're getting there.
Just learn how to duck in from the side and wipe the back line.

eh..... but that game has lots of naked black people running around...

Didn't take you for a racist.

It's okay.

what the fuck luka




Paint me however you like dear.

what? it's a weird game.

what's that funny last one?

kyle did you see the star citizen thing i showed you

Dude, so I got delayed and sent home early yesterday. I was all like wtf, m8. I got my worth out of it though cause I literally could not stop eating work food it was hilarious.

whats wrong with naked black people

I don't hold high expectations for you honestly.

The trailer vid?

Oh, shit.
I totally just assumed, I'm sorry.

I wish you luck with that!
Seduce her over to the ways of the dork side!

beef is 2good tho
im gonna buy a couple of joints of that lovely stuff when market rolls around again soon

holy shit nice

watchu have exactly?

you being racist.

the co-op preview

Gotcha. I might just try and nail down Tracer as my only play for a while. Takes some getting used to when you are constantly changing champs.

She's more of a nerd than a lot of you guys, definitely more so than me! It's fuckin' adorable.

There's like imaginary testosterone in it so I stopped eating it.

lol Well to put it in perspective, usually you "get away" with grazing like fries and a small chicken tendie here and there, but I was making myself texas toast blts and full potato skin orders and stuff. Then I went to the bar after work :p

in a video game?
it's lewd.

You expect things of me?
color me surprised.


unless I'm asleep of course.
but I'm willing to bet you don't sleep shorter than me


Yeah. I'd be down to play it.

I feel ya. That's what I'm doing with Ana.

Not really.

eat fish then :/

its natural

that had a different filename

I like fishies. Mostly chicken though.




Ana so good to play though. Not gonna lie. Like 76 so versatile. Can go full attack or defense.

I know


hungry is as hungry does lol

but you have a problem with naked black people running around.

Also you can turn nudity off


It's part of why I favor her and Zen over Lucio and Mercy.
I like to be able to defend myself a bit.
Lucio can stay safe, but can't kill much save for knock offs. Mercy is just garbage.

You are ew!!!!

Mercy is alright, but I feel hamstrung playing as them. It is no good if your team refuses to protect you. And only wants succ with no give back. Atleast with Ana you can deal with that and give a little.
Lol, this innuendo.

honestly i just don't understand what makes that game specifically soo popular amongst you.

I better log on and see if they raided my mine filled hellhole welp

the adrenaline rush+antics

I'll be honest. It's hard to keep a Tracer doing her job in my scope. But a good Tracer knows how to stay alive on her own. Health packs are your friend with her. If I was Zen I could do it better. But you need to learn self sufficiency as her.

Its like minecraft.... and Day-Z.... in one

sheer survival man

it's fucking intense

Yeah, I need to get to know the levels better. Like I know them but I dont "KNOW" them.
And as a tracer I think you cannot really do your role justice if you are relying on succ. Gottta be proactive.

spent 4 hours playing, never saw anyone. then somefucker whacks me outta the blue.


were you on our server or a diff one?

i'll think about it.

Yours. I am in the southern hells. where is the HQ? I am in a mexican style hellhole right now.

you can also be a god and destroy shit like this

Hop in a custom game and just explore the maps.
Learn where packs and escape routes are.

It's a PS4 controller.
She's hitting the same two buttons.
And is ignoring the Dpad and left analog stick.
She never touches the right stick.

You step sister does not play videogames.
I'd say she's leaving bad comments on youtube.
But she isn't even doing that if she isn't using the dpad.

Bitch, put that thing down if you aren't going to use it right.

check coord X11

i dont follow

know how in the queues to gigs and nightclubs if the doors are late to open people start shouting "shenanigans"

can I tell you a secret

that was me

turn on your grid


Yeah, thats the main issue. Its also muscle memory the waps and wee wahs to just do them instant


We can learn together. I have to learn vantage points for Ana anyhow.

why would you fuck during games
you're destroying your team/highscore


kyle can we play gta online when i get home

what if i don't want people to raid me or break my stuff?

thanks dude. time to check my shit and head on the road.

fear the ana

it is a fact of life.

not an if, but when

Who is this?

I wouldn't want someone to fuck me during vidya.
Because either you're not good and only one person's enjoying it.

Or I'm going to get mad at you for distracting me from what I was doing.


i wonder how far i can keep away from that.

I'm about to head to work.
I would be down for it when I get home though.

Wait, for real?

okay. we have a new heist to prepare for

Babe, where'd you put the PS4 controller.

Never mind, found it.

if you play like a hermit you wont have fun

Alright. I need to level up so I can use sticky bombs.

Maybe it's just not for me then?

we could also play something else if youd prefer


bathro- oh ok



Nah, GTA is fun.
I just need to get use to the controls again.

you don't even drink.

Drinking is hell.

when the elite co-op comes out youre getting that too

Yes, mistress.

what was going through your mind that that would be gross

cheers to that *hic*

good slave

now lick my cunt

Controllers vibrate these days.

everything vibrates these days, it's uncanny



I spaced out cause my in game character bashar al-assad died and everyone thought I was talking about the real one lol

psssh why would I use that there.
nothing healthier than playing in the bathroom.


You never RP when I try...

your games controller vibrates, your to remote vibrates, your phone vibrates, your seat vibrates, your bed vibrates, your toothbrush vibrates, your mp3 player vibrates, your car keys vibrate, if you told people in the 1940s it would be like this in 2016 they'd have told you to fuck off, you queer retard

i told you i am not good at those things

tv remote*

why does autocorrect not think tv is a real word

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, and PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness are both out, it seems.

I don't know why but I kinda want to fuck that animal.

Which is wrong because I don't want to turn into a furry


this is a great crowd

It's ok. I'll take the lead.



guys, you know what would be absolutely fucking awful if it existed? tinned donner kebab

not shavings of it, just a big fucking cylinder of donner meat in a can, £1 a can from your local supermarket, made by some generic tinned foods company

I expect some damn good cyber sex when I get home.

I'll catch ya on the flip side.



i mean, can you think of a worse food item to come in tinned form?

*pets gently*

picture it, right there next to the tesco value tins of corned beef, luncheon meat, and spam

If it includes a cheese slicer all is good.



it would be suspended in a thick yellow fat too, you know it

And you wanted to share this disgusting idea because?


yup, andi t would have a jelly like consistency


are you feeling healthy today?


if it was old enough, it would has gone runny, like whole tinned chickens

Reasons are like raisins, nobody likes them.



rather ill actually

it would also smell awful coming out of the tin, and have twice the salt content of standard donner meat



tesco chicken roll smells exactly like fart when you first open it, i bet dinner would be brutal


how about we go one better then? princes donner meat sandwich spread in a jar

what's ill today? ;~;


could be allergies

a donner pop tart
donner bovril
donner scented air freshener

The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30ft.

too far, its gotta be actually conceivable as a product from the standpoint of a food product company

how can we utilise this power

keep a warm wet mini towel near you~
*hugs tight*
and press it against face to releive!
it will absorb all the bad air, and you'll only breathe fresh and clean

aw, i couldn't find a single donner air freshener on google

chicken is nice

im glad to hear that

missed the new thread

-slow clap-

I still hate how shitty the series became. I wonder if it even ended.

She was so fucking perfect.

there's a new thread?



oh no

ill bump you

would you be ok if your gf sucked 37 dic

I would not

i miss korra...


this one was quite shitty yes
I still think urabe is adorable tho

Before anyone asks.
I haven't sucked 37 dicks.

i was super late



what a relief

I miss Kuvira


at least ur here now?

she piloted an evangelion!

my eyes hurt

I haven't sucked any dick, I'm just perma thirsty.


rub em and have some tea


what was it again..

How can you say you love her if you don't even suck her dick?



wait... did u not watch it all way thru? :O

make me tea

I did

what kind?

is this from your childhood


rest in peace kuriva

the kind that tastes good

I'll get you Russian Earl Grey

The average American butt is 14.9 inches long

The average dutch man is a woman.

The average American male has seen at least 1 dick.

Fuckin' fagos, ammirite?

its from your parent's

takes a special kind of person

I'm bored

post a pic of yourself



but my dad had no color tv


but its from their time

I'm way too shy for that!


There is a town in Newfoundland, Canada called Dildo

what time we talking about?

Fucking Newfies.

i evil

ayy lmao. feels fuckin good yo

that girl reminds me of a youtuber i know

Each month, there is at least one report of UFOs from each province of Canada.
for anyone who wonders, I just occasionally google ''useless facts and post em

independence when


Ontexit when?


yay Ufo's like canada!

Declare yourself the emperor and make it happen

godamn cia

or canada likes ufo's

Good avatar.

I would say 70's-80's



what's that?


.... im bored

thank you

oh ok they were there


black tea with citrus etc

lets noobrush on rust


Post more of it.


lets leeg?
lets ow?

Let's do something!!

I never understood if I'm a 90s or 2000s kid

don't have it anymore

are there any?

Does anyone have a link to the "Alice leaks poop" doujin? I've been trying to troll for it for a while now, with no success.

youre cute

all over!


Desu faps to scat.

N-no, you are

do you have any?




Is it bad if I unironically like that song beyond the meme value?

*pet pet*
howre u today?

nah, im all natural

link doofus, these nails are not for typing



I'm pretty happy someone is patting me~

W-wait, pet!?

tokay ur kinda kawaii when ur lazy


inter changable!

Long nails are kinda gross, tbh.

B-but I've never been someone's pet...

What am I suppose to do?

If you can't jump a fence, you won't want to walk with me.

And you have no idea how hard it is to jump a fence with long nails.


oh thats cute

no duhing

no worry I'm just being a bitch
I'm a nailbiter so I can't even grow


Stay adorable cute and friendly snuggly for me~
*hugs tight like a teddy bear*

why not?
you did it first! hpmhphpmphh

To be honest, I am too if I don't make an active effort to keep them trimmed.

I should really not cut them as short as I do, though.

That sounds easy... and if it makes you happy, then I don't mind! What kind of animal am I?



Well it's my privilege

oh okai
yuh you gotta be careful or else they'll bleed

a Panda

I can grow long nails but I trim them whenever because typing on a keyboard makes it a bitch to have any nails.


I don't cut them so short that I'm cutting my fingers.
But close.

Same with being a fence jumper.

+"I can" somewhere

girls should only have them if you're super into bsdm

I used to be able to jump a 6' chain link fence in two movements.

My friend tried to copy me once, and almost broke his leg.
I gave him so much shit for it.

who dreams this up

Pandas are really cute!
*hugs back while licking face*

Those animals aren't cute, Karen!


be more careful theeen

Giant Sea Snails!

I'm super careful.
Just more use to biting than trimming.

duduu du du

then only bite?

Biting's gross and takes longer.

tell me about yourself myterious user~



mhm that's true.
and a heckle for when you do want polish


nail polish

not the junks from poland

W-we'll see about that.

nom nom

I'm not mysterious at all, just an user who lately feels too lonely and bored. I also don't know how to interact, sorry about that part... but I'll give my best to be the best pet you ever had!

You ever, like, suck your boyfriend's dick, only to realize this man isn't your boyfriend, and isn't even a man, and you're a cisgendered bigot trying to genocide the gays?

You've found your home then! here~
Adorable pic ♥
you'll fit in just fine. :)


I'll wanna defo see when you do that

no more foood

I wish I had more pictures to show you how I feel~

I hope everyone is as nice as you, I'll give as much as affection to everyone as possible

ayy who else /dead inside/ here


*stuffs you*

I'm a nice freindly lady! ^ ^
(harmless and caring)

I sure hope i get to see you around moar! :D
You are doing great!
your pics are perfect

Here, don't feel lonely!

You are making me blush friendly lady! >//


Feeling happy is fun!

become americanized~ consume, consume, consume

If you're crying you're not dead inside yet.

Do you intentionally misspell friend? Because you do it so consistently.

I'm pretty anti-american

Oh, cool.

not every american silly, I'm not anti you.

Only two types of people I hate on this earth.

And Canadians.

is that fucker pretending to be me i will cut him

The NSA and Homeland Security will mark these statements down.

Somebody jam one of those glass brushes down my throat


if they do their job right I'm already on it.

honestly at first it was just misspellings because i don't backstep on my typing
just to get the paragraph typed out and posted
then i noticed yeah, sure whatev's right.. did a 'few' intentionally.

an now i'm just like back to whatever, 'if i feel like spell checking i'll do it"
but like... yeah.

I do whetever, whever, if i feel like it~
nothing for me to fret over or stress about, ya kno?

look at all the american object in your house
and smash them


I prefer the new loco

Everything's probably Chinese anyway.

I legit looked cause I was interested and most is either asian or european.

doggo walk

she look cute in that! ^ ^

you're chinese?

looks like youre genuine non-american then!


can i be loco too?


As a matter of fact, I am!


you just cant resist that jeepers creepers crypt keeper pussy



you are worst loco

so you buy product from homeland!!

shoo shoo china man

Oi that's like 3 generations back.

It's one of the many I don't post even though the art's good. I'm just not fond of it.

Mistakes were made.

good evening test
how goes it

Got home about an hour ago, got some food in me. Nothing happening on this end yet, you?

Now I know not to click that
you took one for the team honey

well, I'm just against the imperialism.
america is okay

What are you now? ._.

i'm fond of it.

how cozy was the throne
did he treat you nicely and take you all over the town together
was he you knight in shining white armor?~

Don't make it gay.

A meme.

what do you plan on doing next?

oh cmon you couldn't have seen this coming~?



Drinking a belgian beer

I'm prepared to deal with it for a while, yeah. It was fun.

me too thanks

this is exactly what america has always wanted

i'm almost bored enough at this point to play league
i even have the client open

what makes it belgian?
does it have a waffle in it?

What did you two even do there?

*pat pat*

It's produced in Belgium.

Played with weapons, browsed like a million shops, bought some trinkets, watched a few shows. Stuff like magic shows, parades, jousts, a little bit of comedy.

You have time to turn back.


97+ is a 2000's kid p much

spotted the kid born in 96

I want to play IVERN though
he's such a fucking goon

I was born in 93 fucktard

iunno I grew up on WWII films and documentaries so I always thought of anything american/english/canadian as the good guys.

ah that makes sense.

so its just... beer?

Sounds absolutely enchanting.
Which was your favorite?
what was your favorite thing about hanging out together?

you're old

HE IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I just don't breathe, I won't notice my stuffy nose :D

produced in belgium.
Belgian beer.

Anything '93+ might as well be 2000s

When Squash got so drunk he was convinced that he was born without feet.

hot steam

also press the roof of your mouth with tongue and press the bridge of your nose back and forth simultaneously

you're a baby

Squash tells me.... things happened....

I told him he had no feet


I suppose it's also about where you come from.
trends aren't global.

I'll be surprised if you have a good time playing Ivern, he seems really bad from what I've played with and vs.


hehe xd

still just... beer.

absolutely hammered

ever going to get back together?

we should play!

So you're a person?
not a canadian?


It was goddamn hilarious.

Presumably we're both going to AX.


i'm about 4 games into playing only ivern and even losing is more fun than normal league actually

If I do anything to the roof of my mouth it'll get itchy and I want to die even more.



I bet he's shit and you play one game and you get bored.

People aren't objects
people r not ur tools for mass evil
people r people



people are pretty easy to use as tools and or objects.
we do it all the time.








A steady diet of lead paint chips and mercury.

you didn't go this time right?
than that means your gonna see some cray stuff

...actually, Test! Go buy yourself a nice green sweater with a horizontal stripe on it and some boy shorts~
and just wear your casul sneakers with them ♥
oh a buy a cute flother and take that all to ax

but really youre prolly gonna see alot of kewl anime stuff... i'm jelly.

he is a perfect cinnamon roll shut your face darwin

prepare to be amazed
he is fun fuck you

people are basically just tools made of flesh
hands are really useful


not created equal

Is that a formal invitation? ^^

Everyone was created equally.

Some were just made more equally than others.

I will not cosplay anything at any convention for any reason.

I'm sure the con is fun, but most people go to get drunk and high for several days straight.


they arent your hands
the person wont do it the way you want to because its not you?
only your own hands


the thing is that you might have no idea that you're being used.
that's also a driver of pushing your agenda.


this lol

You definitely weren't created equal.


you can come hang out with my ax group test
we go to see the actual convention and not to relive our high school glory days
i mean, it's a fucking anime convention and most of these people don't even go to the animation panels or the artists alley


You do not understand what you are saying Luka. You do not understand. Do you not comprehend what you are saying? Are words a puzzle to you? Do you only think of them as a combination of sounds to get what you want? I mean I know you figured out "6 inch club marinara mr subway" but do you know what each individfual word means? Do you care?

I bet you dont. Because you are a petulant little shit and you need to sit. the. fuck. down. And stop acting like a privileged neet scumlord.

Dont start shit when you clearly do not know A GOD DAMN THING.

That's probably a good thing.

Why would I want to go to either of those things?

guilders here I come



you dont know?



I welcome your new German puppet government.

Good night!

True. I'd imagine the last thing you want at a panel is a drunk high 16 year old in a 20 something year old's body

I guess if you have even a passing interest in art or animation


You ever suck a EUCuck's cock in the hopes that he'd spray his thick, amazing currency all over your face?

I haven't.


Great observation.
for a retard


we do
every day

This game is kind of cute.
Kinda want it now.


nini *pets*

no hilae no
gold grillz


Yung carer

It's what we get for being Europeans.


pls, toki looks way cuter than rohm


hila so chill

Who the fuck is rohm?

send a reason to live


I don't read that paper


Gay Nazi and founding member that was killed for being a queer.
And for being a threat to party control.

Philly Cheese Steak R.L. Stine
in philly delphia


That's like reading stormfront for the latest news on immigration.


what about black people luka

it was a political move you retard

ikt go to bed

anyway sleep

nini ikt

spoiler that shit

Damn straight




Yeah, you're right.
Hitler's constant anti-gay rhetoric and sending them to death camps definitely wasn't a factor in him executing a political rival who was a homosexual. Totally unrelated. Hitler loved him some gays.


I'd go to the artist alley I guess, it's probably all overpriced and nothing that I'd feel glad about hanging on my wall though.

Girl dick.

It's all porn.

you guys know me so well

you don't go to anime convention if you're interested in animation. that's where you go to feel bad about animation.

why do I even try.

You really have a talent for taking a point and ripping it out of the actual context and then proudly displaying your discovery.

Way more than half of it, I'm sure.



You don't live alone enough to hang any of it :^)

thanks for sharing your opinion friend

want more from him?

Saying he didn't specifically target him for his sexuality is like saying Obama birtherism isn't founded in racism.

Really terrible attempt.

there you go again

If I lived alone I still wouldn't hang weeb shit on my walls, let alone porn.

whoops, wrong fields


what is goin on with that belly button

I never thought I'd argue on the internet with a gay dude saying Hitler wasn't homophobic.

no idea

hop off my dick

Yes cause that's what I said or implied.
Great going.

send qt traps willing to join a harem


send vid of orgasm

I have no shame. My walls would be full of chubby 2d grills and gun breakdown posters


wow, 10/10 would fap again

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i want to hear you too

It's time to stop.