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Personal/Professional life kinda.

I really wish you could try to impregnate me no matter how many times it wouldn't work

Why loco?

the name is taken

what's happening

No, no, it will work!
Even with guys!

If you poor enough semen unto their butt their prostate will become a womb!
I read it in a doujin once!

Not much, just about to grab a coffee.
Then a shower after that.

Wow Rin fuck off the fresh meat
I got her first

Unless you wanna trade for tokai, Im down


I see well have fun with that

Are you sure? Maybe we should test it


Fucking relax, m80.
I was just letting her know that I read in a doujin once that if you pump enough semen into a guys butt his prostate will become a womb.


What'chu up to?

My traps are malfunctioning
Lemme test out your womb to make sure its not a problem on my end

chillaxin rn


My prostate-womb belongs to only one person.




We can DP you if you'd like that way you'd still be loyal while letting me also get in on the fun since I know you kinda have a crush on me lmao

C-couldn't you test mine instead? Please

r u sure? i think they might just be kind of e-slutty dude

very punny

why did he make it a call of duty video lol

jeez man ur really like this right out the gate?

Nah, that doesn't seem like fun.

And we've gone over this, I just think you can be physically attractive, that's not quite a crush dude.

More of a flirt, than a slut, brotato.

I've been using that one for years.

even worse

Told ya I'm very horny these days. Sorry about that.

me too

you never said that to me but good to know

Good thing your opinion doesn't matter in this, uh... matter... then, eh?

I did not know you were using it.
I'm gonna go for a bit.

Oh my


I dunno but it was pretty cool

Oh yeah I forgot its my personality that makes you hate me lmao

yes wonderful

good point


what are you up to rn?

Set sail for Bánh mì

crossfaded af lol

Shit I was sitting in the other thread, didn't notice there was a new one.

what happened to u the meters ;_ ;

I'm trying to think of a pun about measurements but I can't figure it out.

i have fruitlessly contemplated this as well. mildly frustrating

A part of me wanted to say "I wouldn't want to steal you from our poor Spaniard who couldn't hope to hold a candle to me."
But I figured that'd be taken too seriously.

Did you do your laundry?

at least the ballads tend to be pretty good on the later albums tho


no woomy no cri

so is that a good thing?

Shouldn't be that hard, but it is.

Go do it!
You need those clean pants!


This is better than The Who, The Beatles, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson combined

Its so jazzy and I know all the lyrics ^W^

yes thats what makes it frustrating. oh well i didnt want to think of one anyway

the who and nirvana are bad enough to cancel out the other two so i imagine it cant be that good


The Beatles are shit tho
Im so glad that nigga got shot

jazz is better




good god wtf
plus they were already long broken up when john was shot and he wasnt even that good after the beatles u goof

But I don't wannaaaaaaaaa

We'll get one eventually, just gotta think on it.

lmao think of less repetitive insults

know what my favourite beatles song is?

none of them, they're all shit

no dont think about it. there are enough puns in this world already

What the fuck even am I supposed to write as a "verification of living expenses."

There isn't really a rent involved, and this is the first I've heard of this 100$ a month that's supposed to be paid.

Do I just write out a rent receipt for last month to that value?

But, Ana.
Clean pants.
For us to make a mess of.



I want to lick your armpits





Never, the puns must live on.

Yeah I guess I ne- wait what.

vamos a la playa

But I don't have any cute swimsuit!

go get one!

some guy found a deformed frog with a huge donger and i can't breathe i'm laughing so hard


If you live with your parents then just get a rentbook and have them sign and date it for you

I have been trying to "accidentally" kill myself by always sleeping with a full stomach. This is to induce sudden death syndrome. It's pretty common here in south east asia anyway especially to us Flips.

omg just do it properly, jesus, you're fucking depressing

Why not just purposefully do it?

You seem like a pretty reliable guy.

do you have life insurance?
if no, get it, and wait for the coverage to start

then kill yourself in terms of the coverage, make sure you make it look like an accident

that way your family doesn't have to pay out of pocket to bury your sorry ass


Can't because shamfur dispray.

I think I already have one.

I thought more threads would have gone by again.

That wasn't meant to be linked.

its ok
spoilers apologized to me so I wont be so hostile to you on sight

fucking people who complain on the internet about wanting to kill themselves, fuck sake

Are you sure that's not just some myth that Filipino's believe, like "bangungot"

please be irony

Correct me if I'm misremembering but hadn't you made posts like that at some point? Unless they were iconic.




i don't believe so. i have discussed my depression, but never any suicide attempts.

Well it's a myth actually. But if it increases my chances by even 0.01% then there's no harm trying.

But I actually treat the people around irl me pretty nicely. I would have gone insane if I can't let these things out of my head.

go get a doctor dude

I have a few friends that go on about how depressed they are and talk about wanting to kill themselves followed by intentional nervous laughter.

It's sad the first few times but when they do it so often it just annoys me.

More shameful than dying of a full stomach?

same fam

gets on my tits big style

give me something to do

post the tokai butt

(under breath)
oh shit


What's so bad about your life that you want it to end?
There's nothing for you afterwards

I've been trying to kill myself by posting post-ironic memes but the only kill is my soul.

since when did we have so many foreign posters anyway

like i leave for a month or two, and when i'm back, the neighbourhood is already gone

I already have though.

Yep. People die with empty stomachs y'know. And the people around me will just think that I died due to nightmares or witch craft or some shit.

Sharia law is upon you, infidel. Hand over your anime.

It's not really impressive

..do you?

this is how the nazis started

we'll start with you

who are you, what flag is that, and when/why did you come here

Today at 5:17 PM
'do you not know what depression is
it depends on the severity
It can be lack of drive, motivation, low moods all the time, in the more minor cases
Things not feeling good
Things not giving you any sort of emotional response
Not being able to cry
Your parents beating you
I mean
Yeah thats depression'

what the fug

Is this an interrogation? I claim my refugee status!

Buy me dinner first, though. I'm very classy and romantic.

Nightmares or witchcraft? Do they not have doctors over there?

We get it the first time. Don't need to keep making these small comments 'by accident'.

same question to the KFC janitor wearing the public trip

who are we talking about here

Someone I know irl.

i'll have you know we're building a wall

oops i want to kill myself!


You think I can get in before you put it up? I'm a nice guy, promise.

idk the english are pretty dicked off about you fags tbh

i'm going to phone rob. all his little boyfriends he's send my way are junkie material. fuck them.

the atlantik wall returns

And a fast mover.
But I suppose the Mediterranean coast can be a beautiful place to do that.

They have the right to be.
But can we at least be friends?


I'm no longer horny

i mean sure, but i still wanna know who you are

yo goldie
how old are you and what are you majoring in

But can I still have a go?

Of course we have. But most of the people around us still believe in these superstitions so I'm pretty sure that's what they will think.

I can't see my own future. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I feel like i'll disappoint everybody around me including myself.

fucking hell grim, why not ask what his fave curry is and how much of it he keeps in the fridge

When can't you have a go with me?



What? What do you mean?
Am I missing a joke?

Neat, I'm Goldfish I guess. The flag is Lebanon.

19, Economics.

Go all the way then, seppuku on top of a pentagram and light up some black candles.

I like orange curry, whatever that one is.

okay, wonderful.

that question is for the second date

ya got me

how did you find us?

Is that not the right term?

Did I pass?

Bard. Found me on Holla Forums.

it's the internet, there are no winners. only losers.

I'm not sure what you're trying to get at.

Good enough for me.

It's hard van stapel lopen.
but it doesn't translate well.
You like wine?

Then they will just think I'm a nutcase though I may be one already or some cult fanatic. I want to make it look like an accident as much as possible.

next question, why is the suicidal filipino who is probably joshua joining us today?

hunger games or waifu

Who is joshua?

I don't drink, unfortunately.

Are you religious?


the former dev

and by that I mean do you believe in an afterlife?

idk how those fuckers dont ban you for blatant avatarposting

you have a mod guardian angel

oh dear, 555

erin what makeup do you use

asking for a friend

ohh right right
personal choice or cause everyone there doesn't?

I feel almost back to normal today.

So that's reason to end it all?
Millions of people have that same problem and suicide isn't a solution
You also have no idea what the future holds
And I think the people around you would be more disappointed if you killed yourself

subtle with the #realtalk

mostly Laval, it's a less-known brand and as such is quite cheap, but it's very good makeup. i splash on liquid liner, mascara, shadow, brow gel and blusher, but the basics like liquid foundation, concealer, creme powder foundation, etc. are all laval

We do, sometimes we get banned, a few regular threadmakers got banned a bunch of times, but there's enough people now to just make the thread again.
But there's a mod that watches, I think. Rumor was going around that he was one of the posters.
You have the best webms by the way.

Personal choice. A lot of Muslims drink and I live in a pretty christian area so there isn't anybody that doesn't drink. Lots of those 24/7 places with whiskey and whatever.

When I grow up I want to be an FC3S.

I know

shit man

when we exodus'd out of Holla Forums we were ban on sight
that was a couple years ago
couple years before that we had one of our own try to sell us out to moot

dark times man

This webm is kinda cute. Is there a source on the dancing girl?


ohh okay
thank you

I suppose that's for the better.
It's kinda weird to think we consider it so normal.

What hentai is she from?


nope. though i want to believe

That's why I want it to look like an accident. Though in reality my problem would be petty compared to others. It's probably just the pressure and expectations of people around me.

this is a nice image

shikinami from kantai collection

Yeah, heard about most of that from the ones still on Waifu. It's always interesting to learn about.

What do you mean one of your own though? If you don't mind telling the story.

I'm actually considered the abnormal one for not drinking, and the question of "are you muslim" is asked immediately afterwards.
Lots of people dealing pot here, too. I live up in the mountains, 30 mins away from the city of Tripoli. Tripoli is a little more religious, on both the Christian and Muslim sides.
Lebanon is a pretty rad place. You see all kinds here.

Thanks, /g/ sometimes makes neat stuff also I just started watching that so neat too.


I wasn't part of the community then
but he basically gave out tripcodes or ips or something from an extension posters used to keep track of each other


the finder admin password is "incredible", go and get revenge

lol no

you've changed man

All my info on that shit is so inaccurate now.

That is pretty interesting.
It's pretty smart to not start though, I bet a lot would want to do it over.

I know

I'm Alice.

, lied Alice.

Makes me glad non of the Alice retards post here.

it shows markers IPs in plaintext, if that is any incentive. you can also reboot the entire demon.

So you believe that this is the only time that you get to be conscious, yes? Then why do you want to throw it away?
I'm assuming the answer is going to be "because it's bad enough where the void is better"
But if it's that's the case, put a little energy into making it better, or just wait until it gets better on it's own.
At the very least, if you have the bravery to get rid of yourself, do something else with it. Enlist in the army or sell your shit to travel somewhere and start again, your parents can yell at you but they can't stop you.
I'm pretty young but a lot of the people I met across the internet seem to have found a second purpose after army discipline gave them a direction to go in life.
Just, don't give up and die meekly like that, you're capable of more.

Britain is more culturally diverse than Lebanon. We only have westernized Arabs and full Arabs here.

Ah, damn. Sucks, what did he get out of it?
And they only claimed to be part of the original community, most likely they heard the same story from someone and are just doing it for oldfag points.
The only people I saw there are the ones I already know from here.

What shit?

Only reason I don't start is because I'm afraid of addiction. Getting drunk sounds like fun though.
I always wanted to smoke, the people doing it looked so relaxed. Just not bothered spending so much on it every day after getting addicted.

I saw.

The thread DOX.

a laugh, probably.
maybe mod rights.
He seemed like a nice person when I first joined.

and bonus dox, the pony password is "chickun"


Every community I've seen seems to throw shit at all the other communities.
Being in them for a while, though, everyone seems alright.

What parts did you know that ended up being wrong?

When did you join?

It's pretty addicting.
And getting drunk can be super fun.
but it can make you really miserable in a matter of seconds.

Erin, why did you do this?

late 2012 I think

do what




Aren't you supposed to be more of an oldfag?


felt like it

big woop, wanna fight about it?

why, are people fucking with it now?

Are you rejecting me?

I need to get one either way it seems.

cause that shit doesn't mean anything any more.

the last time that meant anything, eddy was a regular

He plays OW sometimes with us.
Haven't seen him post much though.

and I was still team !kittensORw

I don't think so
when do you think I joined?

was jc

no clue


Also, Tokai, don't corrupt Ana.
Wait until after ~s~he moves in with us and I coax him into trapdom.

good to know he lives at least


Have you ever had an erection so hard, and strong, that it could support the weight of two people?

I love you guys!

Meh, good thing I never got into it then. My dad drinks sometimes though, has a bottle of vodka he hides in the fridge in some compartment.

That's not too far back. What were the threads called?

I don't know what I'm rejecting.
Nobody bought me dinner.

it's called priapism and it can lead to genital gangrene


anime/animu circlejerk

Yeah. Kind of wish he and I didn't stop hanging after we broke up.

Before I left /g/ for pony.

there were like 2 grims before me
maybe you are confus

Right now.

necrosis of the donger

i remember that.
did yous hang irl?

I am a he.
And I don't have the figure to be a trap, unfortunately.

Has anyone ever tried starting it up again? Granted this place is better for image limit and spammers.

At least we aren't stuck with Grimmy.

My what?

Pretty sure you're you.


those shoes, dear

You think you can do it?

You can have plenty fun though!

why are the guys who posted cp on this board not banned?

You mean like my exes?
I am lost.

Yeah, this tbh fam.

sometimes, you must be lost, in order to truly find yourself.


people have tried starting their own at /lewd/ and /imouto/

but failed horribly

animus is the culmination of people that just got tired of being banned, new people and old people alike
from pony, furs, and anime

it's a pretty ok place

we originially came to /aneki/
but then our admin had a meltdown

the mod drama is fucking hilarious

mod/admin bias

It's too early for this.

sorry dude

So this is like initial D except no corners and no drifto and more nascar should I watch this?

Who was it that had a meltdown?

You can join Tokai and I for our dinner date.


Well the rest of it still stands.

Also the s was supposed to be crossed out but I accidentalied the tildes ~ instead of.

We can try.

Did you just assume my gender?

dude is gender neutral in a progressive society, you scumcrumb

Kek, they live in Saudi Arabia, I'm alone here. It'd be pretty easy to go buy some whiskey or something though, don't need an ID.

It's pretty neat here, though.
can you give the rundown on whatever happened with the admin?

Sounds freaky, I'm down.

to be fair hanging around these threads might do the job for him.

I know.

w-why ever go to saudi arabia?

boo didn't call me loremaster for nothing

one sec ill write up the history since aneki

Depleted uranium hard.


Yo, this is gnarly.
Type it up, I wait anxiously.


Freaky deaky, dude.

What's hip and happenin' with you today?

Not necessarily.

molligender is the best

sorry, ishyeddt*

people is oppressive to otherkin, and non-beings, entities is much more appropriate.


my gender is jungle child

I identify as a non-entity.


what's your master plan then?


I see there are also fur and pony posters here too. Why aren't they banned and flayed irl?

We've lived there for most of my life. It was easy to get a job at the time, low cost of living, pretty friendly people in the residential compounds we lived in.
Weather was a bore, always hot and always dry. Food was super clean and the education under foreign management was really good.
No taxes and no interest on loans was really nice too.
I lost my ability to speak Arabic naturally while I was over there. Too much English in our school. Now I think in English and translate it when speaking, it's a big disadvantage in social circles, makes it really hard to make jokes or understand puns.


g8 b8 m8



With a couple'a traps it's only a matter of time.
We just have to ease her him into it slowly.

That was a serious question.

Some people were not lucky enough to be born with feet.

You will meet no resistance from me, I'm down to not be manly.
It just can't happen.

Also I'm not doing much today, probably procrastinating the bibliography I was supposed to write about five days ago and messing around here. You?

some people are born without checking their privilege

You have more bestiality saved than I do.

i find great comedy value in dogs having sex with things that are not dogs


My second busy morning in a row is done.
Just kinda faffing about now.

the duck/goose thing is my fave

yeah got it in a box, my pretty pink princess box

Fucking check your privilege you fucks.

But when I have sex with things that aren't people I'm a creep.

so burn it you shitlord

away from populated areas to avoid contamination with gender gas

You're oppressing me.

Beastiality the best


I can just imagine this old dog guy BARKING LIKE A BITCH when he let that DOG COCK in his ass

that's actually pretty neat..
We tend to only think about the burqas and stuff

Start with exclusively her pronouns!

shut the fuck up cupcake

no I want to spread this gender disease and infect all trans

i never said that

i'm pretty sure i have even been supportive of you getting fucked by a dog

i'm sure the dog had fun too, i find nothing wrong with the situation

oh wait thats sci

Want to find out what I sound like while I take it up the ass ;o

I'm merely a collection of random energy fluctuations in space, distorting random electron energies around the planet earth such that this message is seemingly typed and posted to this specific internet forum.


Well, we don't want to put her off, so first we have to try to be subtle with him at first.

Sadly not all share that ideal.
I've had enough threats thrown my way for it.

save it dog breath

you probably smell like, well, dog breath

Sniff me and find out.
*Bark bark*

it would be abuse if it was you fucking the dog, then i'd be mad

but the dog fucking you is no problem to me, if he's up for it have fun dude, i won't judge

Eh, I'd fuck a dog in heat, but I like it up the ass more anyhow.

I'm just a conglomeration of errant particles.

Does faffing about involve doing random things until the day passes by and it's time to sleep?

Oh no, the burqas are still there, and the actual Saudi people are closed minded as fuck.
We keep to ourselves in the compounds and generally don't associate with them, if possible.
Mom stands out a little too much though, very pretty and doesn't cover her head. Wears patterned burqas with lots of colors. Usually gets stopped by the religious police.
Always funny hearing about that when she comes home.

It's a verb to you, you entity-phobic shit.
Also now you're just changing my gender mid-sentence.

That picture is so fucking good, holy shit.

that's terrible mang, man cock is not shaped for dog pussy. you'd hurt the poor thing.

I could explain why that's not true.
As long as it's in heat there wouldn't be any issue. Dogs are made to take things larger than the average person actually.


Also you assumed my gender again.
My feminine penis is offended.

To faff about is to spend time ineffectually. So yes, yes it does.

Is it really entity-phobic if you entitled entity fucks are literally worthless?

I'm sure I have no idea what you mean, Ana.


so fun story, in the quantum world, particles can be more than one place at once

this bred a line of theories like, for example, there is actually only one electron in the entire universe

we are all made of exactly the same handful of bosons

gender is not real, and neither are we.

Are they? More on that?

what's subtle got to do with this?

don't they wanna come over then?

Dog vagina is made to expand greatly for the knot of the male. And dog dick is usually the same size around as a persons. Depending on what breed we're talking about. I wouldn't put my dick in anything smaller than a husky.



So /aneki/ was created at Holla Forums because Holla Forums was the more free alternative to 4chan where users were mainly in charge of their own boards. A glorious utopia. Or so it seemed.

It was made in late 2014 by Buttfox, a person from the old animu threads.

Prior to this, there was a scatter of avatarposters due to the ruthlessness of the new janitors at Holla Forums.
People either quit or roamed around Holla Forums, Erio led me to his own little threads in Holla Forums's Holla Forums and it was pretty comfy there, but soon after, a poster named 10x told me about aneki and it was great, a lot of old names I recognized posted.

So yeah, we were all having a good time posting, but there was slight drama over the mods fox had appointed, mostly by personal bias. I clearly remember a poster named Lexi being one, and lexi and buttfox are known for their history.

some posts were being fucked around with(edited, censored) by mods/admin himself and it pissed people off.

Ultimately, this mod/admin abuse exploded with the admin himself outright banning a user just because he had personal beef with them.

Now, we as a community don't take this shit lightly. We migrated to aneki due to the sole reason that we were being (unjustly) banned.

The admin couldn't take the heat and he gave the admin password to Luka, one of the posters known for censoring posts.

Enough was enough, and we made a new board called animus.

Now in animus, people were super touchy about the admin/mods. In the beginning, the admin was erin I think, she's known to be a pony poster who knows how to make scripts that ease posting, and the best part of her was she had no bias. Mods were initially elected based on group agreement. I think ikt, goggles, and lexi were the originals.

drama about lexi was had and she was booted

then adminship was thrown around - this is where my memory is faint - but erin gave the password to squash - then changed it, then gave it to chii, chi decided to say fuck it all after a while and let one of her mods spam the shit out of the board, then she gave the password to bebop

ultimately the people in the admin role couldn't take the pressure of trying to make EVERYONE happy. Between this, mods were assigned and removed including myself (for a day, shit was lit)

some mods like amy were insane, giving out their mod passwords in public because they melted down

now bebop is reigning admin with mods being spoilers (how the fuck did this happen?????????) clockwork(this guy stayed a secret mod through EVERYTHING) and moogs(cool dude)

mods these days don't dare abuse their power because the community will eject them

and that's how it is

fill in details/correct me in pars where I'm wrong

disclaimer: this is a history of mod drama based off the best of a man's bad memory, things may be incorrect

I don't know. Spoilers was editing TP's posts to prove they were a mod to someone.
I never was fond of them doing that.

For some reason, it's arousing me. No idea what's going on there.

Then I'm faffing about, too. Not sure what to do, and I don't want to do any actually work that might benefit me in the future.

We don't have the money to spare on being able to go back and forth. We save it for holidays when it's the whole family moving. The scholarship was a blessing on our income.

put it in a paste, it's bound to come up again

Ah, buttfox.

I'm sleepy okay..
lemme lay on your lap

oh I see, but then they can come at a certain point.
Would you like to visit Syria when it's peace?
I've wanted to go there but.

Faffing about is the best way to spend time.
But you should get your work done instead of throwing it all onto your future self.

Look at this dude, getting all aroused 'cause some Canadian is calling her weird things.

Welllll, okay.

if you want poster highlights for this thread
Erin is a badass who doesn't give a fuck about anyone and did things like: beat the shit out of her neighbor and record in on vocaroo, spend a couple of hundred thousand dollars in one year on things like cocaine and apple products, and loves her dog

Sci is a newer poster who is unstable at times and has posted cp for attention. He had a visible breakdown that was documented (by me), tbh he just needs someone to give him tender loving care

Squash is an amazing older gfur poster that has been through hell and back and he is my best friend and I love him

Rin is a (trans?) poster who is pretty cool and if she says ur cute, ur cute.

Tokai is a crossdressing poster who grew up on anise milk, making him extremely feminine. He is an avid history buff and a really chill person in general. #pouncingcaterpillar

Ikt is an old pony poster who likes all thing computers. He's not very good at making friends and has been stigmatized for this, but he has a kind heart.

Grim hey that's me, what can I say, I joined threads to make friends, and I have made them. I'm pretty down to earth but I get pretty vitriolic when people shitpost too much or piss me off

did I miss anyone

good idea
ill add it to my pb



What about Ana?

Or you know.. Just want to run a clean board.

like the first time i have ever been called a badass, doushio



This is the sweetest description I've read about ikt.

ult is broken


Make me admin.
I'll make this board great again.




thanks you too



I actually think you'd make a neat moderator


Pretty rad, one thing though. Did Chi go by any other names?

Yeah, we see each other sometimes, my Dad works here in Beirut now, but we never get the chance.
I don't like my mother. I love her and she loves me but there are extreme problems.
Nothing really special in Syria, I don't think. One of my best friends was Syrian though, he says he only goes back there for family.

Meh, future me can deal with it.
Also, now you're just doing it on purpose. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel.



Sign me up

Yo, can I be admin?

I would be willing to take up the roll honestly.
I would probably ban Sci on sight though.

I don't think so.
I used to be really close friends with her.
But ultimately, she had the mentality and temperament of a child. It didn't work out.

Lets not start this again, guys.

Start it.

lol, i think i still have that piece of the dudes shirt, my friend jason who was in the army told me i should keep that forever cause it's nice to remember the times you royally burst someone, so i took it with me when i moved

OH, I missed subtle

subtle is a taekwando master who recently discovered his latent homosexuality
he's into shitty anime but he's pretty okay

good call
I would have done the same

You're the best ❤

didya go to the mall yet?


Thanks for all the typing, Grim, appreciate it.

I would back anyone that can take the role seriously and knows how to separate the job and their personal feelings. I know bebop had some trouble a bit ago over the latter but I talked him through it.
I remember Erin and Chii having problems at times but I always tried to advise them as best I could so they could stay on top of things.

found it


I doubt we'll ever have an admin that does the job without bias.
It's just human nature.

no problem
also don't trust goggles
he thinks hes hot shit but ultimately he just wants to hold power and quash anyone that disagrees with him when nobody is looking

he will mislead people and do nearly anything to stay mod tbh

the best admin is one who doesn't post
so there is minimum bias

bebo is doing a good job

Sign yourself up.

That middle one's for Tokes, I take it.

Future you is going to suffer for this decision.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
But whatever it is, I hope you can figure out how you feel about it, 'cause I'm sure I don't mean any offense if I'm doing it.

Not yet.
Gonna sext my friend so he knows I'm available.

I actually forgot that was a thing.

I mislinked

The hell are you on about now?

tbh at first i though bebop would just want to watch the board burn, but he has kinda taken the responsibility on board and become a fine admin.

To become admin?

I cannot have an opinion on that for sure. I have always tried to moderate without bias and I'd say I've done alright so far. I wouldn't like to administer the whole board because of the pressure but if an admin has a freakout I would put my hand up.

With you however, I feel as though you'd take it all in stride (which is not a bad thing) instead of talking things out with the team.

what the fuck is this

Yeah, I think he's doing a stellar job right now.

oh god

it would be nice if he didn't snapchat me gay shit all day and night

but he's a good admin.

where's MY synopsis daddy

that one time you guys were in a bed together makes me soooooo moist

you arrived too late


also don't trust grim
he thinks hes hot shit but ultimately he just wants to hold power and quash anyone that disagrees with him when nobody is looking
he will mislead people and do nearly anything to become a moderator tbh.

What does he send!?

oh theres my folder

give snapchat


Bebop isn't going to give me admin.
It's not a big deal to me.

I'm not as awkward here as I was when I was admin, so I think I could do fine. But again, I don't see myself getting admin.

Luke, I bought a new tail.


I had my 15 mins of fame
I'm good

Don't trust Goggles, got it.

Don't trust Grim, got it.

Yeah it was, thanks.
Future me can suck a cock. Present me is the coolest guy around.
And yeah I dunno either, probably some new fetish. Will look into it later, probably.


I'd say bebop is doing okay.

him playing with guns, him playing with computers, him playing with games, him in the shower, shit like that



Save for Sci's return, I would agree.

Oh okay.

Lewd stuff.

Send pics.

who are you


it's my arm with the orange wristband

I might after my shower.

What is he not playing with.

Sci has been vanished. What's a Sci? Who let you in here.

The splash Sci makes when he joins is pretty hilarious, tbh.

fuckin sweet


Sexting to do it in the mall?! you big pervo

heh that happens, im just gonna be stuck here hosting game really.

awh make sure to do it someday.
hmm that's always a trouble, I didn't contact my father for 2 years for such reasons.

well the historic sites are amazing!


nice trips furfriend


Don't look at me like that.

I've been asked that question so many times this week I don't even know what to answer anymore.
I'm Goldfish, been here about a month, I think.

The real question is, whose cock.

Maybe. Maybe.

Which game you hosting?

remember when you threw a bible at me

pepperidge farm remembers





















Dude, forget Syria, come to Lebanon.
We have Baalbek and Jiitak. Way cooler than Syria.
Meh, hopefully you're better with your dad now.

I know a ponyfag that lives there. He was talking about the bullets flying at one point when one of the clerics got pissed.