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im pussy?

Well, off to sleep. G'night everyone

All of you can sod off if you think I'm reposing that.

I talk to Satan
(He listens)

Fuck, I should have left it.
You are my worst enemy, red squiggly line!


havea great night Adachi

Should I start making characters for every poster here on Death Road to Canada, in prep for a future stream with 'familiar characters' mode?

forgive me father for I have fallen


You remind me of a certain someone.
Nice to see that you're unwinding. Any plans for the rest of today?

i wanted that game so bad

Oh? Mind if I get nosy?

Probably not. I have a really early morning tomorrow so I'm probably gonna get to bed a bit earlier than normal.

your own pet bear sounds great too.
but I'm not sure if law allows it.

I once watched a natgeo program bout bears though and they attacked people in tents and stuff, so not sure if camping in canada is greatest of ideas.

Wait till sale, is good, but not dick tingling good.

I was a camper all through my childhood.

Like, sure it happens. Just not very often.

Eh, not really in the mood for questions.
May I suggest a movie?

Where my father livs, theres a person down the street with a large enclosure in their backyard and an actual bear
Probably need some permits but I have seent it

Who is this bitch?
Or is she an oc donut steel?

Fair enough.
I won't pry then.

By all means, go ahead.

I guess it's fine then.
but don't you DARE tell scary stories at the fireplace.

huh what'dye know

Just wait till your metabolism slows down
It catches you off guard

I used to be like that but recently Ive noticed that I will grow a belly if I dont watch what I eat
People tell me its cause I drink alot of beer but beer bellies are just a myth tbh

IT is a pretty good miniseries. Tim Curry really makes the show watchable or you might want to try the langoliers if you like bat shit insane stories.

Beer bellies are just the result of all the snacks and peanuts you eat with the beer.

This one time, when I was a kid
we were camping, on a night just like tonight
and there was a sudden sound

and it was the wind in the trees, good night.

People tell me that all the time.
But my mom's also small. I should ask her what kind of stuff she eats throughout the day.
And I take after her in almost every other way.

you legit had me tensed up meany.

I just know that one time we were camping in france and someone told a horror story involving me. was fucking terrified all night.

What are they about?

nini faggots

Langoliers is about bowling balls devouring the fabric of reality and IT is about a clown that devours kids for whatever reason.

I'll look into them.

We were never the group for spoopy campfire stories.

After all, anyone in that age range usually spent all their energy swimming, or hiking.

Some years, if we had a net, we'd even play tennis or badminton. Because why the fuck not.


K, I'll make a character based on you.
As soon as I settle my villager in Australia

Your enthusiasm makes your response entirely believable.


It kills your buzz tho
I'm also kinda weird like if Im drinking I dont eat because once I eat it sorta kills my drinking mood so I don't eat until I'm pretty much done drinking or drunk

Besides you get drunk faster on an empty stomach and the food will taste better when youre drunk too

Why dont you take after your dad lol
No wonder youre so wimpy/girly

that's pretty fun.
I'd always do badminton as well.
but it's always windy as hell so it's hard to play.

Canadian Netflix doesn't have either of them, hue.

'cause I didn't get to decide which genetics I got.
Hopefully I don't take after my dad in the ways that'll matter 30 years down the line.

I prefer the term "gentle."

Trees do a fantastic job of helping keep wind down.

Eh, you should have made an American account.
Besides, what's even to watch?
Bojack Horseman and Orange is the New Black?

the low countries +northern france are all stupidly flat so trees don't help a lot here.
It does make for better football ways though, if you're into that.

Bard, which traits you want?

I don't think most people drink to get drunk though, do they?

Is amazon prime good?
I heard it's coming over here in 2 months or something.

traits 2

Tried to make Yui with shades.

it's a scam

Yes, get it now.
Plus if you're a student you get a discount.

but is it a better scam than netflix

but noted

Its aight
I get it for pretty much free but never use it lol

Depends on the situation

gimme dat paranoid fam

Scanner. What are appearance options like?

My brother just gave me a user on his account, so I didn't really have a choice.

I watched UBW on it. and have been watching Skin Wars, and Pokemon on it.

Fair enough, hah.

You sound like quite the expert on this.

No, netflix actually has a decent library. amazon has a couple of exclusives and free shipping.

Spoilers you're not gonna save any money with the free shipping.

like right now all Amazon Netherlands sells is ebooks

Also, it depends how much you use Amazon.

can you use the america one?

Depends on your shopping and internet uses.

I do a lot of shopping off amazon so I get free shipping on a fuck ton. Also, the video streaming isn't bad. The Man in the High Castle is a great show.

When did Netflix start featuring porn?

C'mon, the Japanese would be treating the Americans like second class citizens and the assassination plot was stupid.


That's why the americas are good for camping and europe's good for city trips.

Netflix has a decent library ANYWHERE BUT HERE

well not at all



The American one is more for free shipping and the TV shows are a bonus.

I'm exhausted and lonely but I can't just ask people to sleep with me, they tend to get the wrong idea

Don't do it then.
It's not worth it.

Probably have to unlock but doing the best I can.

Which perk?

Anime Fate usually cuts the sex out unfortunately.
And Skin Wars is a body painting "reality competition".

I suppose that's a fair assessment.


Friend of dog O wO

Sure it isn't entirely realistic. But it is well made. And enthralling.

Yeah but.
If I want someone now, what are my options.

I think I remember that show.
Fate's sex scenes were really bad in the VN...

I don't even drink

I used to have big ears as a kid and my sister would always call me dumbo and I like cried when she would


this makes things lame


I use to have caps of them just for how awful they are.



How's this? Couldn't find schoolgirl uniform.

Give me a baseline and I'll try my best to do it.

I'll see how it goes.
mostly just really tired of netflix

oh and road trips over there, we might have no borders but its still small.
you ever went on one?

waow you're like my little brother.
what a pushover lmao

True, I'm hoping that they'll do a series about Starship Troopers. Hopefully, they'll actually do it right.

I was the "bully" between my sibling and he was four years old.
I was a violent little shit as a kid.

that's so adorable!!!!!!!!

True, at least it's not as bad as Clannad or Higurashi..

hahahah same here
being the eldest is bomb

or maybe I'm just really picky with movies

Not my kind of music, but a good find

~bullies you~

Found better face, I THINK

nah that can't be it

I enjoyed stardust

Good luck with the movies!


Let's bully Soto everyone

I mean.
Yeah, but it'd be amusing to have that horribleness fully animated, y'know?


Tohsaka Rin.
Or Rin Kagamine, whichever you can do more justice.

Or just Sakurako if that's easiest.

My friend and I used to go cruising, like, all the time.
Only, like, as far as Toronto, but still.

I've also been as far as Baltimore, and... somewhere in BC, I dunno.


yes :w

Rin the one you posted?
Ok, what perks and traits?

It's Billy Squier.
Everyone has heard it.


Is that the guy who says ABSO LUTELY at the end of adult swim shows


Yeah, same.

I think after my practicum I'm going to go and drink like every night and just become an alcoholic.

haha thats my dad

I don't know anything about rock music because I don't like it

It's music your dad probably listened to.


What the fuck.

thank you
I mean, if I really want one I'll just do it on popcorn time

that's coool.
would you ever go from coast to coast?
that sounds like a great time

pls, i had hair to wash and balls to shave

It's literally an arrow being pulled from their asshole.
What the holy fuck.

I've posted every Rin.
Kagamine is this one, I'll post Tohsaka in the next.

Perk: Explorer
Trait: Practical

The fuck.


would it have been a decent scene?

These types of things shouldn't be surprising anymore.

sleepin' in the carr, or motel thingy.
a real adventure


How's this?
Tops are limited, can't change color of top either

Are you implying I have the kind of relationship with my father that we talk about music?


Yes, we all know your life is wonderful and happy.

Probably not.

You're probably right.
But still.
What the fuck.

Sleeping in the car is not nearly as fun as it seems.

Works for Sakurako.

Name should probably be Rin, though.

Also, why'd you put Bloody instead of Bloodsy?

what do you listen to

I've done it!
but the fun is the adventure part, cozy is also fun but that's no adventure.

Would be cool.

I still enjoyed the animated series though.

Oh right
Nothing traumatic or weird has ever happened to me


I was a really sensitive lil kid when I was small
I used to cry over everything
Now I'm like the complete opposite

I'll push you over bby

I hope you start balding in 2 days

You don't have it in you fam

Eh, many years of MFF posting truly gross porn as desensitized me.
Thankfully, he doesn't have any scat or sneezing.

That's 3 done!

Car Ride coast to coast is not as much of an adventure as it seems.
Unless you're stopping at, like, every stop along the way.

And that might be less fun than expected.

... What?

It only means he's gay if he makes you wear the clothes his buddy Steven left in his closet during that summer freshman year where they experimented with butt stuff. Steve took it kind of hard and never felt right about anything after that.

Read your name as Bloody, sorry.

Fuckin' crooked

This got a little too dark for a crappy sarcastic quip.

You're probably right, I can't do anything.

Hope ya learned more than feeling shit about it tho
If not, you are in for a lot more.

But I've done judo

well you kinda gotta stop a lot for the adventure, otherwise it's just travel.
are there no fun cities along the way?

Oh, thank God. I thought the only thing left was the book, video game and the silly movie.

It's just videos of girls sneezing while wearing little to no clothing.

Did you remove me?

Nigga you've seen how hairy I am, that shit ain't happening any time soon

I don't really have fun with cities.

How is that something that, like...
This is going to give me a headache, let's talk about something else.

I grew up with just an older brother so you kind of grow up used to being a dick to them.


Trust me, it's not the worst.
Do you own any dogs?

oui, obtenir pantsu bu et post

Yeah, but I enjoyed the movies in their own right. Not a good adaption of the book, but still. The series was good. I was a kid though so I was biased. I quite enjoyed it.

Never played a game though.

I'm not taking advice from you, fag

Yes, I'm really in the mood to deal with you at the moment.

Two labradoodles.

You never played Halo?
The game was slightly inspired by Starship Troopers.

Psshh, have fun with hairs in every orifice.

The news

~bullies hard~

I'm a pretty dark person

I learned when to say "it's too big"

I see.

I suppose I shouldn't compare amsterdam with every other city.
there's always stuff there.
oh oh but the feeling of being just away from everything must be pretty swell too right?

I especially enjoy the mouth hair

Eh, they seem like they would be very hyper no?

Darwin, I think I asked you this before, but can I have your Yano folder?

I'm largely ambivalent, honestly.

Halo is fucking gay though. I refuse to accept that Halo was in any way inspired for Starship Troopers.

Able to name some of the artists or bands you enjoy or some favorite songs?

Terribly so, yes.

Y u no like halo?

what's something you'd super much wish to do?
just in general

Because I have taste, bardo!

Well, there's Warhammer 40k, Crysis, Starcraft and Tribes Ascend as well.
inb4 purge memes.

Having had hyper dogs in the past.
I feel sorry for you.


Learn a bunch of languages and be a translator or an interpreter.

Become a real grill.

It's horrible.

So, just walk them every day.

ever tried duolingo?

I'll make you my real grill

As soon as I get through every poster, I'll do a drunk stream with 'familiar mode'

There's reasons why I usually don't.

I have not.

How sweet.

What do you guys do when you have something you have to do but you don't want to do it?

I can see Warhammer 40k to a point. Starcraft was of course based off Warhammer. Crysis, no clue. However I would wager more that it is just a spin off of the general idea of future warfare now.

Tribes is an interesting one though. I don't think it took much in terms of direct inspiration, though it does sort of correlate with what is in Starship troopers.

Bard, smile my love.

They walk you don't they?

If you -have- to do it then I would just get on with it

I forgot what name you are using on Steam if I have you there.

it's really neat and works like a video game.
and bothers you everyday to use it.


or sigh and get it over with

Has to be done ;~:

go to bed

It's not even 1am :c

They wish they could manage that one.

Where'd you get this picture of me.


So does my drawing app I never use.

I must have weak willpower then, because I always seem to avoid doing something I hate until I can't anymore. Life would be much easier if I could somehow get myself to do stuff asap

I like Tchaikovsky
Kesha and 21 Pilots in particular have pretty catchy stuff, but I really don't care that much who's songs are on the radio, I never buy albums
I have a Pandora station tuned for Peter Fox, Ratatat, and Lindsey Stirling that I really enjoy
The problem is when a song is like two minutes long and gets played at least once an hour on every top-40 station on the radio, I can only enjoy it so much

Go to bed.


Are you talking generally or you have something you should be doing now?


I said catchy not good

Generally. Right now, I don't have anything in particular pressing.


but being an artist isn't the most useful.
at least for like personal stuff.
I'd never discredit art.
Try it out anyway! it's gamey and inviting.
what languages do you want?

I hear cocaine makes you do things
but you don't have that from me


You have school tomorrow, yes?

work is very important and i have to do it or i dont get the money i need to live and the people who require the services of the job I'm employed for don't get the product they need
Smalltown life nigga gotta do what you gotta do to enjoy the shit you dont

I know that feel way too well lmao
listen to the work radio and theres alot of them that repeat and it really ruins in

wish we could turn back time

swedish you need to moisturize your fucking dick


Maybe, I guess.


-pounce lap-

Are you the flan I think I know? >_>


You should pounce on a grenade.

Learn Mandarin.
That way you can actually haggle for that million dollar shack.

But sleeping alone ;~;

If you think about the consequences if you don't do stuff, that could motivate you

Yeah but not 9am start thankfully

nevermind, going to bed, nini

That is one of the many languages I'd like to learn, yes.
Cantonese as well, since I apparently know a lot of Cantonese.

heh I get that.
I guess it's easy if you start getting back at french.
then german or something, cause it's close.
and from those two you can p much go anywhere.



Tough titties.

nighty night scannybones

Pretty much, yeah.
I could get my french back if I bothered my friend to help, but I dunno.




Yeah, I mean I always do end up doing the stuff, but I always wait until the last moment and it hurts my sleeping schedule. I've always been impressed at people that can finish large projects days before they're due.

Good night

Unless you want to order dog or move to Hong Kong it really serves no purpose. Learn Japanese so you can watch anime before everyone else.

Hmmn, fine. But not much longer though.

the hardest part is always actually going for it.

I mean. I guess.



Pretty much.

The only real reason for Cantonese is because, as I said, I apparently know more Cantonese people than I realized.

Found my new coffee image.

Maybe this one.

Can't really follow that up with anything other good luck with the seven tones.

but that's for a whole lot of things..

first one is cuter

I relate to both.

Whats up with you buttfox how are you doin today'

No problem.

Pretty much why I haven't already asked any of them to teach me.

That's true for all of them.

The first is cuter, but the second is life.

Though this is also apt.

Today was mostly filled with studying.
I thinking about getting Torchies Tacos in a bit.
How about you Bard?


Got me some munchies
I'm waiting forthe night to come around the time I normally get off work so I can go see my best friend
jUst been laying around since I woke up
I hate days I dont have to work because theres just nothing to do

Whats a torchies taco? first image that pops into my mind are those Takis mexican chips


if we were millionaires the problem wouldn't even exist. like who cares if you don't do the drawing or guitar playing you wanted? MONEYYY

suppose you can post whichever you feel more

I wish I could make all 4 moves Hurricane tbh

This nigga has a bird that cant even fly

Yes, I know the feel.
Torchies is a chain restaurant that serves tacos. Which the tacos are pretty good. Just don't get the barbaroca tacos.


I'm too sleepy


Don't need to fly when I can hit you with that 100% accurate Hurricane boi

The problem would still exist.
Because I wouldn't be learning the skills I'd like to learn.
Money doesn't change that.

I probably will.
And usually do.

I might still post coffee girl when that feels most apt.

Im gonna be happy fly ing from pallet 2 lavender in 5 seconds



fugly flaccid and flaky
the 3 f's that are swedish's dick


but wouldn't you be busy doing all the fun stuff money gives? I know I would.
Get a nice apartment n fill it all up etc.

mhhm sweet

not if i use a REAL flying pokemont
like LUGIA

Lol black nerds

Lugia loses fam


That doesn't work in VGC.

I was making a funny involving Lady Cassandra.

You have interesting ideas for what might be fun.
I dunno, love.

I havent followed pocket monsters in forever
but when I used to play I got a haunter that had hypnosis
dream eater
night mare
and i think shade ball or some fuckin weird thing maybe psychic but idk if ghost can know psychich
it was my favoritest combo of all time ;~:
put a nigga to sleep then fuck em up


Shut up Verlis

Sleep is straight broken tbh, that's why putting more than one Pokemon to sleep is banned in competitive lol

Haunter is my favorite of all time


To be honest, the first time I saw Yano, I thought she was a Rin.

'night, Sudden Death.

sweetest dreams Es deezy

a-are they?
buy any clothes/books/games/instruments/decorations/media I'd want! travel anywheere~
it's total freedom!

nee nee esdee

Mein fucking nigger right hre

nini sd

i dont understand
im dumb

i love it


Unearned freedom is a lot less enjoyable than you'd think.

It's only really enjoyable when you get to that point yourself.

That flap of flesh I posted.
Her name is Lady Cassandra.

She yells "Moisturize me!" a lot.
I named the image swedishFishsDick.jpg

And now it isn't funny anymore.


oh the doctorwho motherfucker
look im sorry im like half a brain
buying more brain pm me

..but how could I ever get to that point.

Is Lugia even common in VGC? I mean, muscling through that thing without toxic is kinda difficult in any format

Hard work, I'd wager.

I haven't seen any in any Worlds teams in the past few years.

This year especially it seems moot. Mostly Double Primals or Primal + Xerneas.

people work hard all their lives and never get anything. or always miss that good spot.
whilst others do nothing and live like a king.
it's just ugh

So yeah, toxic + stall with something that can take on those mons

Pretty much.

Battles are timed, and if both players still have Pokemon when the time is out, the criteria is biased against stall teams.

Stall doesn't take THAT much time. Lugia is just hard to beat conventionally because Multiscale + super high defenses + recovery

I had naps

Also Lugia is stall in itself so I mean

don't get me wrong though I'm not that capitalist greedy consumer or whatever.
I can live really happily with the little things I've got. but I could also be happier with things that cost money. (like my own place) or our place

Why not go do VGC with Toxic Stall then?

Personally, I still kinda wanna go with a Mawile trick room.
We'll see if Gen7 changes that.

And he doesn't show up at VGC very often.
Except on weird teams.

Though the same can be said for Mawile.

Need money to buy that castle, yeah?

mornin nerus

Spring Regional finals in Masters for you.

Actually having property in Amsterdam is only for the rich though.
Over there it's way way waaay cheaper to actually own a thing.

Because I don't do VGC at all. I kinda understand the meta tho, and I understand why the meta is how it is, but that's not what I talk about most of the time. They're nerfing Parental Bond next season, so Mega Kang isn't gonna fuck up the meta anymore

I see, hehe.

Fair enough.

I mean.. it's not like I actually searched there h-haha..

watcha doing tomorrow?


owo *nudges ur bulge*


I have a meeting in the morning.
Then I might go to the mall with my friend.



oh fun!
mhm that reminds me I promised to hang out with a friend this week.
gonna get your ring size?


b...but... you can just not look at my front u///u


Oh yeah.
I'll try to remember.