>how about Dorsia?

>how about Dorsia?

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>>138919910as if that bitch had ever been

>>138919910Jean wants to go to Dubsia

Brainlet here why did he spare her? Was it just because she was "good/pure"?

no can do


>>138919999holy shit check em

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>>138919999Yes and nice quads


>>138919999Because he actually didn't kill anyone

>>138919999>>138920022Very nice dubsmanbut that’s nothing

>>138919999>>138920022Can i get in on this?


>>138919999Pure but she wants to take advantage of Batemans social status to try and get into one of the fanciest restaurants in town on the first date.

>>138919999>Make a good/pure character>Have her played by the most blatant slut in HollywoodBRAVO MARYThey did the same thing on Big Love.

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>>138920111>>138920099>>138920155HOOLYYYYY SHITTT

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>>138920111dumbass, it's implied that she doesn't know the names of any fancy restaurants but Dorsia which she only knows because she overheard him/them talking about it

>>138919999>>138920022>>138920099>>138920111>>138920155Someone explain this shiet to me, I’ve seen way too many bateman dubs threads for this to be a coincidence anymore


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Check these bad bhoys

>>138920205Fucking newfag


I need to return some videotapes.

>>138920205Meme magic is real, newfag.

>>138920244it's the little things like this that i appreciate


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>>138920544Very nice. Impressive.

>>138919999>>138920022>>138920099>>138920111>>138920155>>138920244>>138920544looks like dorsia is back on the menu


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>>138919999In the novel he spares everyone who has genuine affection for him. Jean, Luis and that one girl who said she had a good feeling about him although she's killed in the movie. Actually the whole "I don't want to hurt you" speech he gives Jean is actually given to that girl in the novel. Also checked.

the fuck is going on here

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>>138919910Why didn't Baleman just rape her?

>>138920796He had reservations...... at Dubsia

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>>138919999I believe it was simply timing with the answering machine. If that did not happen she would have been nailed.

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Rare Bateman incoming.

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They don't have a good bathroom to do coke in.

Don't you mean Dubsia?

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>>138920035no, he did, the director even said as much that sh wanted everyone to know Bateman really did kill all those people>but user, what about the bodies and blood in Paul Allens apartment?Pauls family found the mess there and surmised that Paul had killed those women and then fled, they cleaned the apartment and had the bodies disposed of using their money and connections, then they quickly set about getting ready to sell the apartment, the real estate agent was freaked out about Bateman being there and tripped him up by asking where he had seen the listing for it. The truth is, they were still prepping the apartment and it had not been listed yet.

H-hey, you got some dubs here?

>>138920035Watch the movie again. Read the novel. Then watch the movie again. Your interpretation is way off.


>>138920953shame he killed Paul, he could have gone on to try to save mankind

>how about you suck this dick on camera and we try to push it as "art"?

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>>138920781These genuinely makes me sad. Reddit pls go

I saw the acclaimed New York musical Oh, Africa, Brave Africa. It was a laugh riot.

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>>138919910What irl restaurant Dorsia based on?

>>138920781It's called a get thread, where people try and get there post number to end with digits in a repeating sequence, like this

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>>138921363Jiro sushi place

we're all gonna get gfs check em

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>>138921335the way patrick pronounces "laugh riot" with the emphasis on the first word always makes me cringe just a little

blessed thread

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>>138920099Your timestamp is doubles too.

sorry lads, I think this thread's dubs quota has been reached already, we aint getting any more

>>138921625Then what are these


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I must be a part of this

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>>138921335>“’Oh, I almost forgot,’ I say, reaching into my pocket. ‘I wrote you a poem.’ I hand her the slip of paper on which the poem – which took me a lot longer and more effort than I had expected – was written. I had always written her a poem before each date we went on together at college.>’Here.’ I feel sick and broken, tortured, really on the brink.>’Oh Patrick.’ She smiles. ‘How sweet.’>’Well, you know,’ I say, looking down shyly.>Bethany takes the slip of paper and unfolds it.>‘Read it,’ I urge enthusiastically.>She looks it over quizzically, puzzled, squinting, then she turns the page over to see if there’s anything on the back. Something in her understands it’s short and she looks back at the words written, scrawled in red, on the front of the page.>’It’s like haiku, you know?’ I say. ‘Read it, go on.’>She clears her throat and hesitantly begins reading, slowly, stopping often.>’The poor nigger on the wall. Look at him.’ She pauses and squints again at the paper, then hesitantly resumes.>’Look at the poor nigger. Look at the poor nigger…on…the…wall.’ She stops again, faltering, looks at me, confused, then back at the paper.>’Go on,’ I say, looking around for a waiter. ‘Finish it.’>She clears her throat and staring steadily at the paper tries to read the rest of it in a voice below a whisper.>’Fuck him…Fuck the nigger on the wall…’ She falters again, then reads the last sentence, sighing.>’Black man…is…de…devil?’>The couple at the next table have slowly turned to gaze over at us. The man looks aghast, the woman has an equally horrified expression on her face. I stare her down, glaring, until she looks back at her fucking salad.’Well Patrick’, Bethany says, clearing her throat, handing the paper back to me. ‘I can see that your sense of…social injustice is still…intact.’

singles and im not taking my meds anymore