You're an average guy

You're an average guy

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>>138918856thats not average that's short

>>138918856Imagine lying about your height and still being a manlet.

>>138918856Im 171cm bros

Still mogs everyone on this board

>>138918856For you

>>138918856Woah, I'm taller than him.

You're a big guy of my heart, Tom :3

>>138918856tfw same height but no one ever called me 'big guy'

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>>138918856That's pretty short. I am taller than him and people make fun of me for my height all the time.

>>138918890Where the fuck is this short go fuck yourself thats literally definition of average

>>138919424everyone on 4chan is 6'3 slayer with 8 inch dick

>>138919424That's the average height in Scotland and UKIn my country the average male height is 181cm

>>138919424White people average is unironically 6" and height is increasing, the smaller people are from older generations, 5'9" being the "average" are due to non-whites and old people with worse nutrition and shit.I unironically believe the average 18-20 something white male is 6'1"

>>138918856That's a giant in hollywood

>>138919047you're a big guy for me, user

>>138918856He didn't say "You're a tall guy"

>>138919545What the hell not me

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>>138919561Enhightenment of newer generations of "whites" is because of BBC my dude

>>138919561What's with retards like you and their "back then they didn't have enough nutrition" shit? Do you seriously believe food was somehow invented just now and back then people ate rocks? Kill yourself with your over processed crap

>>138919652huh? blacks are shorter than whites. especially the western blacks that dominate the slave trade.

>>138919637Nothing's stopping you from lying.

>>138919697Stop replying to jews and asians

>>138919545and 150 iq

>>138919672older generations did not eat enough meat and the meat they did eat was mostly processed shit like ham. Chicken was not cheap yet and culturally they ate a shitton of bread/corn/potatoes. They got enough calories, but they absolutely had a shit diet. Any rural boomer and their parents had bad nutrition.

Average male height is 200 cm nowadays keep up manlets


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>>138918856Except I don't use fag units so that means nothing to me

>>138919790Meat is bad for you. Also, how come they didn't have meat when they were rurals? Every rural i've known has at least a pen of chickens. You've never been on the countryside. Everything is cheaper there because you don't have that precious "economic growth" superinflating everything

Height is increasing. I'm the shortest of my generation at 5'11" and I was born premature. This coming from a manlet dynasty with my dad 5'8", granddad 5'6" and greatgrandfather fucking 5'3" my Brother is 6"2" cousins range from 6"-6'8" none of us have tall moms. Average white person is absolutely 6"

>>138919424canadian herecanada

>>138919940kill yourself, footfag

>>138919545Pretty much, pic related me with my gf

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>>138919561>White people average is unironically 6" and height is increasing,have fun dying at 50

>>138919966>Meat is bad for you.filtered> Every rural i've known has at least a pen of chickensused for eggs and sold. rurals don't eat the meat they raise if they are farmers. They sell it for profit. And of course i'm talking 1930s-1960s rurals, who in many areas were still living like it's the 1600s.

>>138920094I will live on through my children eternally. Once manlets die they die forever, because they can't pass on their genes.

>>138919561Not anymore due to diluted genes. Whites in America are not fully white anymore.

>>138920071your gfs arms and ankles are thicker than yours

>>138920199America was never white, i'm not am american and i'm not talking about americans.

>>138919561>White people average is unironically 6source

>>138920058nah I'm more of a sneaker guy desu

>>138920094>live in netherlands> avg male height > 6ft>Average life expectancy is 51>mfw smirkwojak.exe

I'm 1.75cm and i've been bullied all me life about my height, got called midgit and spat upon on the reg

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>>138920315go outside, look at the average white boomer and see his son is multiple inches taller than him. The average includes short ethnics and short boomer/GG whites. Average millennial/zoomer is 6'0" if not taller.


>>138920240nah our whites have higher percentage of blue eyes than most of europe and higher iq, you're coping sry europoor

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>>138920182>I will live on through my children eternallyyour children will die, and your children's children will also die. you are just an animal.

>>138920596>our children will die, and your children's children will also dieThe atomized individual is a myth, we are all composites from our language to our hobbies to our genes. It is the spirit which is inherited, flesh is literally the memory of the spirit, amazing that this hylic manlet retard has the audacity to call his better the animal. All is yellow to the jaundiced eye I suppose.

>>138920412>>Average life expectancy is 51i do admit i kek'd

>>138920793i didn't and you should go to 9gag

>>138920759>flesh is literally the memory of the spiritcope harder lanklet you're never losing your virginity

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>>138920821>she's gonna be dead by 40 cope

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>>138919561then you're an idiot making shit upi teach at a big mostly male university and the average height is like 177-180 (5'10"-5'11") and we're a very tall countryi highly doubt the average western country somehow has a significantly greater average young height than we do

>>138919697Except every statistic and personal experience proves you wrong.It's common knowledge African Americans are much bigger in height than white americansIf an African American happens to be short like the famous Kevin Hart thats an exception just like the tall white americans who are an exception

>>138920499im 5'11 and my dad is 6'2 because he married a short woman (my uncle who married a tall woman has son that's around 6'8), offsprings aren't always talleryou probably just suffer from selective bias, only reigster the zoomers taller than you while walking outside

>>138920071thats two dudes.

>>138918890Only in Netherlands

>>138920071Damn she's ugly. She also looks like she's in her 30s. You got duped hard, man.


>>138921003woman have negligible influence on height and cluster around their average.

>>138918856>dad 5’11>brother 5’10>me 5’5Just fuck my shit up

>>138918856>averageManlet detected.

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>>138921259>one half of the genetic material has minimal influence on a major hereditary traitcitation needed chief


>>138921353>I have no concept of what X and Y chromosomes areas expected of a tranny

>>138921465ill take that as no proof

>>138919790>older generations did not eat enough meat and the meat they did eat was mostly processed shit like ham.What they lacked was regular access to fresh fruits and vegetables during winter. The reality is that people now eat too much meat.>>138920134>filteredToo much meat gives you shit like digestive tract cancers, hearth issues and obesity.>used for eggs and sold. rurals don't eat the meat they raise if they are farmers. They sell it for profit.Bullshit. Farmers that mostly farmed something other than livestock usually had some livestock for their own use and to trade with neighbors for their other side product, its damn hard to deal with all the meat from a cow by single family, even when family sizes were bigger than now. Just like dairy and meat producers usually had some of their fields for something other than livestock grazing, like potatoes for their own use, bunch of apple trees and so on. While farms back then weren't as focused on one or two products like the current norm, they were already specialized to a degree.>And of course i'm talking 1930s-1960s rurals, who in many areas were still living like it's the 1600s.Nope. Just no. Farming started to rapidly change in later half of 1800's towards specialization.

>>138918890that's average bro

>>138921640This. Rural folks always ate a lot of meat, and the extremely healthy kind that's now being sold as luxury item. That guy lives on another planet.

>>138920071stop posting pics of your bully with his tranny gf

>>138922019thats a youtuber called callmekevin