Who should replace Gina in The Mandalorian Season 2?

Who should replace Gina in The Mandalorian Season 2?

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kill women

>>138918289Why do celebs think their opinions are actually going to do something?


>wageslaving gives a person purpose and pride

>>138918289She's even more of a milf now that I agree with her politically.

>give us the freedom to become slaves!america is fucking stupid

>>138918442This desu, I can't wait for this fucking attitude to go away when 90% of jobs become automated

>>138918479I would say that no one is going to pay you to get fat and have babies but niggers do in fact exist.

>>138918289Based Republican muscle mommyfu.


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>>138918289Henry Cavill fucked up big time

Churches are open, you just need to be a career politician to celebrate.

Normies are such a meme lmao

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>>138918512-Corporate expenses will decrease as they stop having to pay human workers-Government taxes that increased revenue-Government distributes what it collects as basic income-Humans no longer have to workIt's basically that simple.

>>138918442not really but UBI will be utter shit and even worse, at least wageslaves can have aspirations cant wait to see everyone zonked out on catfood and weed

A friend of mine killed herself recently. I don’t know if it’s related to the quarantine, but I can see people who are already on the edge being pushed over by the isolation, especially extroverts

>>138918289Looks like tides really are turning over at Disney.

>>138918289This is why the media condoning mass protests was so fucking dumb, it gets other dumb people to think their dumb shit is also okPeople who protested in close proximity to other people should have been publicly shamed from day one, there are thousands of ways of protesting legitimate problems that don't involve densely packed groups of people

>>138918442Imagine not working a job you have a passion for lmfao at you cuck

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>>138918479It's actually the opposite, automation turns out to be more costly than regular human workforce (maintenance costs, possible taxing, etc.). At least in China, where a worker gets paid $2/h it won't be happening.

>>138918289She's done in Hollywood.

>>138918609I can't wait to see what happens irl. My bet is on a neo-surfdom for post-industrial countries though. Little different than what we have now.

>>138918442>its sciencifically proven that working at least once a week improves mood

>>138918766And what does science say about working 40+ hours a week at a meaningless job for peanuts

>>138918673>automation turns out to be more costly than regular human workforce (maintenance costsThis isn't true in most cases and definitely won't be true as automation gets more sophisticated. Well-engineered robots don't need much maintenance. Well-engineered robots can do work faster than humans.>possible taxingThat's why you carefully tax companies so automation makes only *slightly* more sense than using human workers.>At least in China, where a worker gets paid $2/h it won't be happening.That's a temporary issue. As China continues to develop, income will go up too and companies will be forced to pay workers more. That applies to any developing country the first world currently uses for labor.>>138918714I think that's naive.

>>138918673>money holds back human advancement yet againIm no commie but i wish comminism worked.

>>138918815>for peanutsthe world is more affluent than ever before (well at least pre-covid), poor people today in rich nations and in poor nations are better off than humanity has ever been. People at the bottom 10th percentile in the US lead richer, longer, healthier lives than 99.9% of everyone in the world did only 200 years ago

>>138918828>>money holds back human advancement yet againYeah the era of American capitalist hegemony has been so bad

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Eat the bugs dumb goyim

>>138918358Day of the rope won't spare you, tranny sodomite

>>138918414Because they unironically do in this day and age

>>138918902People can’t even afford to own their own homes you dumb cunt. So what if we have Netflix now and hospitals can keep our withered old bodies going until our minds turn to porridge.

>businesses and commerce aren’t essential>theft, arson, and property damage are

>>138918442Working =/= wageslaving moron.

>>138918766Im glad low income workers have the luxury of working once a week stress free lmao fucking retard

>>138919141people live longer better lives than ever. People, when do you think everyone owned their own home? We have made progress, everything isn't perfect but it is way the fuck better than humans have ever lived before

Well, which one do you think will be guys?

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>>138918616UBI won't stop people with aspirations while also giving 90% of the society what they want removing a shitton of issues.

>>138918939Mass education was a mistake.Democracy is a mistake.Vaccinations are a bad thing.

mfw she could dominate me like it's nothing and there's absolutely zero resistance I could put up

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>>138918673Automation comes in different varieties. Sure replacing an entire production line is hard, but things like customer checkouts have been largely automated years ago, at least where I live. Amazon has also been exploring warehouse automation to great effect and they don't waste money as speculatively as Elon does. Most industries around the world have been automated to some extent really. The industrial revolution was just the first step. We're now debating fully automated systems, but anyone thinking it won't happen as technology improves is just being delusional.

I'm about to report this retarded thread

>>138918815I love when NEETs act like 40 hours is a lot. 40 hours is absolutely nothing. I average at least 70 hours a week.

>>138918289she means black ppl are getting murdered so it's still acceptably woke

>>138918826>Well-engineered robots don't need much maintenanceLol, neets are so delusional

>>138918289She's one of the last few celebrities with a good head on her shoulders. Her character in Mandalorian is a leftist fantasy, however. And I don’t support that shit. But I can tell Gina is a good woman despite that. >>138919368Dilate

>>138918616UBI (theoretically) benefits everyone equally and removes a lot of the complex and wasteful bureacracy that the current bloated welfare state necessitates. And in our culture, when people have more income they spend more, not work less. Whether this translates over to a UBI we don't know, but we do hate saving money in the US.

>>138919399>bragging about selling your labour to your jew overlordsthe absolute state of wagekeks


>>138918826Cynicism can't possibly be naive at this point.

>>138918766Purposeful, emotionally fulfilling labour is a wonderful thing, we naturally gravitate towards it. Wage labour, outside of rare exceptions, is not that for the vast majority of the working class. It alienates the working man from his labour, from his fellow worker and from himself. Ms. Pro Athlete and Movie Star feels her work gives her a sense of purpose, which is good for her, I might feel that way too if I had her job, but for the average working man that notion is laughable.

>>138918414Why are people so stupid that they can't get the basic concept that protests and demonstrations happen in open-air environments and most businesses and worship services don't? That's the big difference. Want to worship? Do it outside, not in a building. Is it really that hard to get? People aren't exactly leaping at the chance to get on planes, either.

>>138919244>betterDebatable. Sure, we live longer and we have more money, but that's clearly not all there is to life. If modernity were so perfect, then the rates of mental illness, particularly in the most developed countries, wouldn't be absolutely skyrocketing as they are now. Some surveys of young people find that almost half struggle with issues of isolation and loneliness:addictioncenter.com/news/2019/08/gen-z-loneliest-generation/Perhaps these metrics that we have designed, like income, poverty, life expectancy, etc. are mathematically convenient ways of talking about life, but that ultimately lack something important. When you read the above article and some posts here, the word 'meaning' starts to stand out and I think it's an important part of the discussion.

>>138918625"Now you know how I feel", is what I think of that.

>go back to work goym

>>138919244the income inequality in the US is worse right now than the income inequality in pre-revolution France.

>>138919897And yet no industrial or post-industrial country has ever embraced Marxism. Several have become fascist though.

>>138919780I think it's more than likely that the "skyrocketing" of mental illness in the developed world is mostly due to there being more doctors able to diagnose it on one hand and more people seeking treatment for it on the other. You think if you went to Africa or the Middle East you wouldn't find a bunch of dysfunctional, PTSD ridden mental cases?

>>138918573Yup, he couldn't ask for a better beard.

>>138919777lmao, public gatherings are banned in most places right now. (unless you're protesting)

>>138918673The technology will eventually become more accessible and cheaper. Right now it's more expensive, but once certain automated practices become perfected, the technology will be far more accessible to businesses. Also, consider that while these machines and programs will require maintenance, they can't sue a company, they don't need an HR department, and they can work continuously as long as they are maintained. It may take longer to hit in areas like China due to their low worker cost, but in the western world, especially a lawsuit happy country like america, capitalism incentivizes automation.

Ok she's based wtf

>>138919777>open-air environmentsLike the recent smashmouth concert that libcucks lost their shit over? I guess the virus was attracted to the music but avoids protests because its woke

>>138919275ok Putin

>>138919996It's not about the developed world vs the developing one, even within the former the rate of mental health issues has been increasing over time with a disproportionate effect on young people (those most symbolic of modernity).sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190315110908.htmhttps://www.anxietycentre.com/FAQ/why-is-mental-illness-on-the-rise.shtml

>>138918652Imagine actually caring about the virus.

>>138919780Life is better in basically every possible way. Life was fucking terrible everywhere before capitalismCan you even imagine needing to have like 10 children and seeing 7 of them die before adulthood?There is a reason that in every poor nation when sweatshops arrive people really really want to work in them, its because their previous lives as subsistence farmers fucking sucked and were considerably worse than working terrible factory jobs

>>138918442You've been getting paid to sit at home for months, you have the internet at your fingertips and could learn a million skills to get you out of your shitty job you hate.Instead you posted on 4chan every day.

>>138919897income inequality is a mostly nonsense stat. It has no direct correlation with quality of life or anything else. It can be a problem in certain extreme situations, but a lot of different things can contribute to income inequality, some good, some badIts really just a political talking point for lefty populists with no economics education


>>138920118Tell me: how do you "ban" a protest in a free society? It's something that flirts with illegality even when they get a "permit." Your only option is to impose curfews and try to disperse them, because the alternative is locking them up, and all that does is create even better circumstances to spread the virus. Churches and businesses, on the other hand, are already ideal circumstances. If you met outside, you'd at least be on equal footing with the protectors, but I see no one anywhere suggesting it.


>>138920301Capitalism has done a lot of good for humanity. I'm a Marxist and I will still readily admit that. I just think that we are technologically developed enough to move on from it and that this would mean another great leap for our quality of life.

>>138920439*AHEM* > N-

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>>138918766wagie cope

>>138919399I work around 50/week and it's way too fucking much. Especially considering I'm salaried and required to work at least that much.But every day I talk to people that flex at me saying "I work seven days a week (and that's a good thing!)"Spending all your time working doesn't make you a better person, it doesn't build character. You're just spending all your time working, don't act like you're better than someone that just wants to work 40 hours and spend the rest of their time with their friends/family/hobbies

>>138918289It’s weird because basicslly nothing is closed where I am and there are zero problems. I don’t understand why America is destroying its economy.

>>138920431Protesting should absolutely not be banned, but protesting in tight formations should be, there are countless ways to protest that don't involve being really close to hundreds of peopleMore importantly though the mainstream left should have condemed their people when they started this mass close quarters protest during a pandemic thing, it should need someone to ban it, people should have been kept in line by social pressure but reasonable democrats became afraid of the crowd and went silent

>>138920325>You've been getting paid to sit at home for monthsNo I haven't and I don't know anyone that did. I keep hearing this, who tf got lucky enough to get paid even though their job was shut down??


>>138920561>No I haven't and I don't know anyone that did.Then you're all fucking retarded since you were eligible for unemployment during that time.

>>138920447I just don't see any possible way to move on to something that is likely to be better, more likely just going to break shit and all end up worse if we try something dramatic> this would mean another great leap for our quality of lifeI think looking for a leap is misguided, we have been seeing constant, stead progress for 200 years, it has shown no signs of stopping (well the recent rise of populism is a bit troubling, but too early to call it a serious long term trend I think)

>>138920561if you had reported income before the shutdown you could be furloughed and collect unemployment for quite a while. I only got two months but was bringing in nearly 1200 a week unemployment (600 federal bonus, ~550 state)You and your friends, as NEETs, wouldn't know this

>>138920561sucks to be you, i've been on UC since march and now im getting the 300 extra a week because my job still hasn't come back

>>138920609>populism is troublingNeoliberals deserve to be windchimes

fucking BASED mommy please infect me and choke me out with your thighs

>>138920301>in basically every possible wayBut it isn't, that's the entire point. People judge "life" with these metrics that inevitably reinforce their idea that things are always best at the current moment. I'm saying it's possible to have a world where people are poorer yes, they don't live as long yes, but they live much more fulfilling and contented lives than they otherwise would. The latter criteria are largely left out of discussions about life, because they're more complex to model.

>>138920721populism is shitty antidote to neoliberalism

>>138918573The split was inevitable, Henry was insecure over Gina hand-mogging him.

>>138920679Lmao why would I be complaining about this if I was a NEET Why is that the go to insult even when it doesn't make sense Retard

OP is shit, he forgot her most important tweet. She basically comes out as a Trump supporter.

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>>138918479>>138918609>>138918714>>138918826>>138919244>>138919258>>138919333>>138919596>>138919656>>138919996>>138920122>>138920301>ITT: retards thinking the Satanic-Zionist elite will allow a global dystopian way of living where everyone will get high, play vidya and eat burgers 24/7Even if this happened, you'd feel even more enslaved than before, living in an empty bland prison where the majority of people won't have any aspirations and will be constantly on some kind of soma pill (see Brave New World). Also see this: >>138919249


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>>138920721Trump and Bernie are certainly a troubling trend. Populists need to just fucking pay attention in school some of the time

>>138918442Americans are literal slaves

>>138920949well then you are unironically retarded, shoulda signed up for unemployment.

>>138920753>I'm saying it's possible to have a world where people are poorer yes, they don't live as long yes, but they live much more fulfilling and contented lives than they otherwise would.Fucking how? Why do you possibly think thisYou can't just ignore all the data and then suggest some other way without any evidence if you want to be taken seriously.

>>138920955i love her Holla Forums

>>138921005Who aren't slaves? What country has an economic system that is better than such slavery?


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>>138921086He's a larping neet that thinks he's beaten the system by leaching off his parents until they die.

>>138921086Maybe one of those Western European countries that constantly laugh at America’s non-existent worker rights and for-profit healthcare system

>>138921086North Koreans, they all work for a common purpose.

please someone post the webm with her as an android

>>138921043>Fucking how? Why do you possibly think thisThink about the actual metrics we're using. We take life expectancy, for example, to be representative that we're living "better" lives now. But ask yourself, would you really want to live to 120, hooked to machines, pumped full of pills, with no family and few friends? Is a society where this happens to most of the elderly really better than, say, a hunter-gatherer society where that old person lives in tight connection with their descendants up until the day they die? Being useful, having meaning.>without any evidenceI've posted three different links already that show how young people, those we might say are most symbolic of modernity, have extremely severe mental health issues. Young people feel isolated and alone, they feel alienated from societies around them. Don't you think that's an important aspect of being human? One that isn't clear when we talk about GDP, wage growth, and all the other metrics?

>>138921176they are like almost exactly the same thing as AmericaThere is no logical way to classify Americans as slaves but also not Western Europeans as the same

>>138920531I agree with you completely.

>>138921285>But ask yourself, would you really want to live to 120, hooked to machines, pumped full of pills, with no family and few friends?DO you think this is the primary reason life expectancy has increased?People are living longer, more active lives, this is a nonsense obfuscation. People are able to lead meaningful lives much much longer thanks to modern medicine, also people don't have to see 50% of their children die which is nice, or like a 25% chance your wife will die from childbirth in her lifetime

>>138921293Nah, mate. I live in Germany, which is hardly a Worker's Paradise, but I'm still grateful I don't have to live in America.

>>138921285>Young people feel isolated and alone, they feel alienated from societies around them. Don't you think that's an important aspect of being human?seems like appealing to vague feelings, there is no reason to say this wasn't also a problem in the past, we are just better able to collect such data now,

Hot. Based. Strong.

>>138921389dude, its almost the same thing, Americans are a little more prosperous, but its not much differentIf one are "slaves" the other very certainly is also

>>138918625The world could do with a lot less extroverts honestly.

>>138918289Based >>138918358Godless faggot

>>138921398The older generations that are alive today don't have anywhere near as severe mental health outcomes. The hypothesized reasons for why its uniquely affecting young people didn't exist when they were young.>>138921361What? The primary reason has to do with improvements in medical technology. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the longevity this is enabling is better or more meaningful. >also people don't have to see 50% of their children die which is niceWhataboutism.The point isn't comparing modernity to the past in their entirety and assessing which one is better. It's that older societies may have had discrete aspects which were superior, like having meaningful relationships with people which is discussed in one of the links I posted.

>>138919399worst part of your post is I just know you're not earning much if you're this proud of the time you spend working. Might as well be dead.

>>138918289Yo based but it was still stupid when she was punching Mando right in his big helmet

>>138921102That's because, unlike anybody who's worked on the movies, he likes the lore, and hires people who feel the same.

>>138921693>But that doesn't necessarily mean that the longevity this is enabling is better or more meaningfulbut it does, its stopping people from dying young from now minor conditions. Vaccines most notably are turning people from dying at 6 to living long, physically and mentally capable livesAlso its allowing old people to remain physically viable longer through joint replacement surgeries and more advanced physical therapies, likewise allowing people that suffer what were once debilitating physical injuries to rocery rather than live lives as cripples, and even allowing people with extremely serious physical injuries or genetic problems to live way more meaningful and productive and independent livesTo characterize our increases of life expectancy as just a few more years on some fucking machine is just wrong and you should read a book or something for even suggesting it. The single biggest factor for the increase of life expectancy is young people no longer dying of communicable diseases, the exact opposite of your characterization

>>138921693>Whataboutism.This is not whataboutism, its a very specific example of how we are increasing quality of life, having children die sucks, it used to be extremely common before capitalism, now it is extremely rare thanks to science. Everything is improving all the time, you can't just make up some vague, unquantifiable complaint based on feelings and ignore the tremendous progress we have made

>>138921361>more active livesNot that guy, but this is utterly false. If anything, more and more people are getting lazy nowadays, which is a subsequent effect of the advent of machination into people's personal lives. Less children are going outside to play with their friends, and instead they decide to spend their time in front of a glowing screen. Even 10-15 ago when smartphones weren't still a thing, and when the computer was the substitute to it, it still isn't the same as having a mini-computer in your pocket all the time. Physical activity is and will always be an important part for the normal functioning of the human body, especially for children/teens that need to spend their energy one way or another. I'm not some kind of neo-luddite, as I think that technology as a whole has drastically improved the quality of our lives, but I think it is crucial a line to be drawn somewhere when in regard to social medias and smartphones (which later will develop into an AI/automation problem). Yeah, sure, some wagie jobs like burger-flipping and warehousing aren't really that important and can be easily automated, but here, like the smartphone thing, we need to be cautious as to what kind if jobs need to be robotised.>>138921398From my experience with communicating with older people and people before the smartphone/social media era (which is relatively recent), psychological existential problems back then definitely weren't as prevalent as now. Rampant nihilism and social disassociation is a real thing in modern times, and will definitely get worse.

>>138921883>It was stupid for muscle woman to do what muscle women doKill yourself

>>138921918Yes, it’s simply wonderful that people can just breed unchecked nowadays. Looking forward to the year 2100 when four billion Africans are running around

>>138922102>Not that guy, but this is utterly false. If anything, more and more people are getting lazy nowadayseh, by more active I mean physically able to do things, as opposed to his example of people tied to machines unable to do things