>we began to hunt the enemy day and night

>we began to hunt the enemy day and night

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makes me laugh every fuckin time

>>138917981based gook

>>138917981>this isn't even my smuggest form

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he did literally nothing wrong

>>138917981i don't know how can americans ever recover

>>138917981>most poweful nation on earth gets btfo by 4 foot tall illiterate rice farmers>b-but muh hippies muh jane fondathe fact that you let jews and women dictate your foreign policy makes it ten times funnier.

There was the granny who killed a bunch of G.I's too.Imagine dying to a 18yo womanlet.

>>138918634How often to you think about the US?

whats this from

>>138917981based and slant-eyed

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>retards ignoring the existence of South Vietnam like they would South Korea if they were conquered by the North and citizens killed

Just goes to show that the true enemy is within america

>>138918891South gookistan is probably the worst country on Earth Kim should have taken it over.

>>138918783I‘m an american so fairly often


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>>138917981Did he do anything wrong?

>villages torched>women raped>b-but look we killed some soldiers xDWho cares chink lol

>>138919057Kek vietnamese were the original tranniesbbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-34929437

Why amerimutts can't stop losing wars ?

>>138918990Sucks to suck

>>138919148>bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-34929437Chad vietnam "ladyboy" vs the virgin gay soldier killed.

>>138919193Post country

>communist guerillas won against the mighty USOH NO NO NO

>someone makes this thread>american zoomers seethe despite having no personal connection to or understanding of events that transpired 45 years ago

Vietnam gave us literally the best kinos there is though, so i dont mind them losing it

>>138919087 cope and seethe

>>138919219The virgin "pretend to be badass after your country gets torched and raped" vs the Chad "pretend to be a victim after you rekt a gook country for a couple years on LSD"

>>138919057lmao that picture can’t be real

>>138919292>y-yes our women orgasmed in ecstacy as Americans raped them and smashed our babies skulls but look we bombed some soldiers in our country xDWow cool kek

Amerimutt seethe thread? Amerimutt seethe thread!

>>138919057Why is she allowed to wear dreadlocks like that? And the old woman too, long hair hanging down wtf

>>138919269Yeah and it works every fucking time, you would think they wouldn't fall for it another time


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>>138919087>>138919293>>138919346t. Pablo Gutierrez-Smith, 1/8th pure german ancestry

>>138919269>spend literally more on your military than any other nation on the planet>still manage to lose to rice farmers who larp as gerbilsthe absolute state



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>>138918802ken burns vietnam war

>>138919570Did she peg him later? That would be hot

When the average vietnamese soldier get a prime pussy as reward, the average american soldier came back at home with his wife fucking tyrone because of MLK


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>>138919264The US could have levelled the entire country whenever they wanted, they CHOOSE to withdraw. Them "winning" is like saying you beat Superman just because he decided not to swat you like an insect

>Ky was an “unguided missile” according to one US diplomat. Known for his flamboyant uniforms, his gaudy private life, and his public pronouncements. He once told a US reporter “what Vietnam really needs is five Hitlers.”

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>>138919776Yep, with her Soviet trench rusted bayonet


>>138920163could've, would've, should've. Invading the North would mean war with the Chinese and Russians. The US got itself into a war it couldn't win and it's entirely their fault for deciding to back the French. I don't understand why you guys can't just be gracious in defeat.

>>138920163cope, the us did basically "level" vietnam do you know how many fucking bombs they dropped? or are you a zoomer who thinks countries can nuke whoever they want lel

Now his kids are making shoes for Nike to sell for a 5000% profit to Trayvon in America, who really won here?

>>138917981BASED, MUTTS BTFO

3rd world cope/obsession thread, must be 6pm in europe already

>>138920163Lmao this coping, keep seething

>>138920363while Trayvon fucks your wife

>>138920450keep your cuckold fetish to yourself, europoor


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>>138920163They did level the country you fucking retard. They literally changed the populations gene pool with agent orange on top of that

>>138919796>implying americans dont enjoy getting cucked


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>>138920172>steals the nation's gold before fleeing Holy shit what a bitch


>>138920219>guro femdom short stackBased

>>138919796>>138920533>>138920450Why are europeans so obsesed with niggers and cuckolding? That shit's disgusting, no one wants to hear that.

>>138919256THIS IS BRA ZEEL

>>138920163>I chose to loseWe're reaching levels of cope previously thought unattainable

>>138919408>died at 44Let me guess, aids?

>>138920715>1988Yeah I'm thinking AIDS

Imagine being some GI in vietnam dying a miserable death in some vietcong booby trap in the jungle for your jewish overlords.

>>138920646have you ever been on /int/? 90% of the cuck posters are American flags lol

>>138920918>Mfw Euros are so backwards they can’t into VPNs

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>>138921006>i-it's just VPNs I-I swear nice cope

>>138920163holy fucking cope


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>>138921186Reminder that reading this guy's book is required by law in vietnam

>Marine Roger Harris (Vietnam 1967) recalls calling his mother to tell her not to believe what she reads in the newspaper or sees on TV. “We’re losing the war… everybody in my unit’s dying. I probably won’t be coming back.”>“You’re coming back,” Harris says his mother responded. “I talk to God every day and you’re special.”>“And I said, ‘Ma, everybody’s mother thinks their son is special. I’m putting pieces of special people in bags.”kino

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boomers STILL seethe over based anti-imperialist jane fonda

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>>138921299she was an edgelord

>>138921299How many viets did she fuck?

>>138921299>Lots of people protested, but she was our girlKino

>>138921239Why did Ken burns put this in 2 different episodes?also the Jap vet was based. Most tragic characterWtf were the side-character subplots about? Like Mogie? Are they important people at all, or just the only families that he could interview

>>138919264>2nd biggest military on Earth>lose to Afghanistan

If burgers had just given a bunch of assets to South Vietnam and used special forces only they'd probably have won

>>138921676>lose to Afghanistanjust like America lel

>>138921299>white imperialism badSpotted the nigger.

>>138921696They did both of these things though

>>138921729USA got Afghanistan to change its government to one that sucks our dicks; meanwhile the Afghan commie party is dead and powerless, just like the USSR.

>>138921676>2ndThe Soviets had the largest and most powerful military on Earth. The US used nukes as a deterrence.

>>138921879Lol no, the Soviet and current Russian navy is a joke. Also the US literally has more enlisted men you restard.

>>138921794The taliban still control like 60% of the country

>>138921794There's literally nothing stopping the Islamists from taking over the country once more besides a corrupt American funded police force and Army. Based on the success of the South Vietnamese Army when America pulled out I'm sure it will go great

>>138921942Eat shit you dumb fucking nigger, nigger nigger nigger DOUBLE NIGGER.



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youtube.com/watch?v=9pHEUhAD3tMthese Vietnamese little shit don't fuck around

>>138920172Based af

>>138920646>American media dominated by blacks>American sports dominated by blacks>American politics is now solely centered around not trying to upset black people>American cities are burning because of blacks>American porn is promoting interracial"b-but euros obsessed"

>>138921239Great moment

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