The Boys Season 2

So S2 is being reivewbombed, what happened?

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they're releasing one episode a week. Completely goes against the entire concept of ditching cable and subscribing to an online streaming service.

what's x-ray?

Lefties are pissed at Stormfront for some reason

>>138917653i find it kind of funny they cast a kazarian trickster to play a white supremacist

is imdb per season as well? Seems odd S2 gets 2.5 stars and imdb shows 8.7. That said, I've enjoyed episodes 1 and 2 so far. They need to cut back on the hero-social media shit though, it drags on a bit.

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user you can literally just read the 1 star reviews and see that almost all of them are about the release schedule.

>>138917653funny because the reviews are all from right wing retard mad the show bashes christianity and their views

>>138917388Is it the incels or SJWs?

>despite having overtly anti-capitalist and anti-nationalist themes The Boys triggers many on the Left while the Right near unanimously loves itI don't get it

>Idk bootleg sneakers and watch>Probably from India or TaiwanI left a bad review for this line alone. Fuck pandering to Chinese insect communists

>>138917438No it doesn't, you fucking idiot. Once the season is fully released, you'll be able to stream the entire thing at your leisure, but in the meantime, they don't want to release all of the episodes at once and have people watch it without paying with free trials. You are a fucking moron and I hope you get beaten in the streets.

>>138917653Anyone who has seen "You're The Worst" knows that you hire Aya Cash to play truly terrible people. Stormfront is so obviously going to be a despicable villain.

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>>138917774Reading the one star reviews it seems to be neither/both- the thing people are upset about is the release schedule. They want it all now, and are mad they have to wait

Breaking Bad chads can't stop winning

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>>138917507Bullshit facts about the movie or show you're watching

>>138917779You forgot anti-Christian as well. Honestly I feel like the "left" that hates it is a very small and loud minority. The show is very good and most people from all across the spectrum generally like it.

>>138917873>Bullshit facts about the movie or show you're watchingThat’s a really cynical way of saying “movie trivia”. I don’t really care for it, but some people like that kind of stuff

>>138917779I'm very left and enjoy it a lot. I think this user is right >>138917874 and a vocal minority is far too quick to pan media it doesn't have the faculties to analyse.


Holla Forums is rising up against it because of the relentless shill threads

>> allows us to discuss each episode more thoroughly. We can speculate and debate specifics.

>it’s a boys fags shit up the catalog again episode

Odd, I don't see any ratings at all, unless it's a region specific thing...

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>>138918224I like how homelander just carries the show to the point where they make him the main character with the actual main characters being side lined.

>>138918278If you weren't paying attention you would absolutely conclude that "the boys" is referring to the supers

>>138918224I think you have to watch it on a computer to see them, scroll down to the bottom>>138918106>Holla Forums is rising up against it because of the relentless shill threadsexcept all the negative reviews are about how it’s one episode per week. At least I haven’t seen any that are specifically about the stuff people here have been complaining about. I did see one one star review complaining it was too violent

>>138917817>fucking idiot>Once the season is fully released, you'll be able to stream the entire thing>without paying with free trials>You are a fucking moron and I hope you get beaten in the streets

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>>138917653>>138917779you retards are making up narratives that do not exist

Why can't you people watch a single thing without review bombing it

>>138917388Consider for a minute it isnt any good, its 5/10 at most

>>138918450They do exist. Just on one or two hyper-political websites who review everything purely based on how accurate it is to their politics.

>>138917817so you are pro capitalism? >alright, adding that to my notes

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>>138917817Seething so much while defending a streaming service lmao. It doesnt get more reddit than that

>>138917653Nigger whatAll the complaints I've seen about is are conservatives whining that the show is leftist propaganda for daring to suggest that nazis are bad

>>138918587I mean HERE that’s the complaint- nazis are mad it’s not nazi enough. But the reviews on the actual site don’t bear that out.


>>138918071lol imagine being leftist, pathetic

It's a dumb series for edgy teenagers and overgrown children.

>>138918721Forgot pic

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>>138918744>overgrown childrenSo 90% of general audiences?

>>138917759The show makes fun of corporate pandering to both the left and the right you dumbass

>>138917438Spastik. Learn some patience you damn zoomer scum. It's better this way.

>>138917388>righties hate them for not going racist enough, genderbending characters, and casting a Jew in a Nazi role>lefties hate them for making Stormfront anti-feminist and killing blacks (not the Asian though, or calling him mean names)



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>>138917388It's a boring show full of cliches. The premise is nice but thats about it.

>>138917759How the fuck would you know what political affiliation the reviewers have? I'm what you fucks call an alt righter and I love S2 so far.

>>138917388It's holding up to S1 imoI don't understand the Stormfront character though. One minute she's the edgy feminist the next she's rivalling Homelander for being evil and killing innocents?There's nothing wrong with the jump I guess but it felt so jarring. Especially after 2 episodes of being the outspoken misfit and now suddenly playing up the PR fascade

>>138918764Your pic has less reviewers, how?

>>138918587I figuratively live on 4chan and haven't seen those complaints about this show.

>>138917817You could still binge watch it with a free trial after all the episodes are released, you just have to wait a month. Are you functionally retarded or something? This isn't even an argument that makes sense.

The actress playing starlight is fucking terrible

>>138917438>>138918884People have such short memories. I don't recall people complaining when Breaking Bad was an episode a week on Netflix

>>138917759>>138918587Conservatives fucking hate nazis you mong

>>138918937lmao same except I'm not an alt-righter I just want separation from nogs.

>>138917507If you pause the movie it tells you who the actors in that scene are and gives you a bio on most of them.Sometimes it pretty cool.

>>138917388It's extremely bad, unfoccused and the main character is so charmless that the villain became a semi-protagonist

>>138917653Black cocks!

>>138918068Sure but X-Ray is an even worse way to describe it.

I rev up the playback speed at 2x every time Hughie and the rest of the gang show up.

>>138917388>Millenials crying because all the episode are not available now>SJW crying because they can't stand female characters that are not morally perfect>Incels and rightwing crying because muh based Homelander is evil and because the big corporations act like big corporations


>>138918278A story that was about a absolutetly brutal ("""toxic""") masculine antihero is turned into jack sparrow Le Random Brit for the show, immediatly becomes a flat dude with no charm, the villain is now the most charismatic of the entire show>>138918375No you wouldnt. At all. You don't even have to make mention of how the comic is titled because it's a reference to Butch's old neighborhood where mobsters used to just say "send the boys there"

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>>138919041I'm a conservative and I don't hate Nazis. They're just right-wing autistics.

>>138918068who the fuck thought calling that xray was a good idea?

>>138918955in the comics it was a dude nazi upfront (the name is supposed to be a obvious nazi reference), he lasts about 3 issues (out 70) but it's a jewish show so they made him/her a central big new villain (though for some reason she's a "secret nazi" now even though she talks like a hollywood stereotype of a jewish woman)

>>138919165It’s fine, what’s wrong with it? An x-ray is a way of looking inside something, clicking that gives you a look inside the movie you’re watching. I just think you’re looking for things to be upset about.

Companies did this to themselves. They should have never released whole seasons at once. Dumb idea. People consume and forget about it within a week. Now zoomers can’t cope. I have no sympathy. No stupider generation.

>>138918375oops my bad I read your post all wrong >>138919238

>>138917438Doom Patrol and The Mandalorian both did one episode a week and they're way better than any Netflix original.

>>138917388Stop shilling this garbage.

>>138919171Hughie is such a little bitch in s2 and why is Starlight such a fedora tipping Atheist? I get not being Christian anymore, but going on a "God isnt real and nothnig matters" speech is so cringey

>>138919200>>SJW crying because they can't stand female characters that are not morally perfect>>Incels and rightwing crying because muh based Homelander is evil and because the big corporations act like big corporationsCan you point to one single review on their website that says anything like this?

>>138919415I thought that was gonna be a way to get inside the BDSM guy's trust, but nope she immediatly ruins it so there was no reason for the speech

>>138918884Upvoted every single one, they are right, this is inexcusable shit. Spergs who forget a show when they're not being dripfed can go fuck off back to Nigflix.

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>>138918450have you seen twitter?

>>138919343see >>138919367

>>138919409Is Brendan Fraser still in Doom Patrol and will it get a season 3?

>>138917388I didn't like it, but I could tolerate weakly releases when I thought it would be 3 a week, but now that its just 1 a week, yeah, I made a review complaint. And I don't give a fuck how miserable old boomers consumed tv in the 90s or 2000s or their selfish need to to have "discussions" or whatever, can you ol' miserable fucks, fuck off already.

>>138919409Someone posted about doom patrol in another boys thread, now im watching it. Bretty gud, cant get enough of the phat tiddies mexican latina


>>138919520the funny thing is S2 was already finished by the time S1 aired, they didnt even need to wait a year to release S2

So what was the point of the scenes where Kimiko was trying to explain Boy?

>>138919415>I get not being Christian anymore, but going on a "God isnt real and nothnig matters" speech is so cringeyShe was raised deeply religious and then it was abruptly revealed to her everyone who had been telling her that her entire life had been cynically lying and were deeply immoral. It would be really weird if her character wasn’t jaded by that, don’t you think?

>>138919479Yes, he voices Robotman and plays him in flashbacks. It will most likely get a season 3 since season 2 ended on a cliffhanger due to corona and it's on HBO max >>138919542I've recommend Doom Patrol to all of my friends who liked The Boys and they've all enjoyed it. Glad you like it user.

Imagine complaining because you cant mass consume thing, fix your dopamine receptors you brainless zoomers

>>138919409Literally no one watches doom patrol though or know what it is, and it looks even more low budget than netflix capeshit.

>>138917388>more the boys spam

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>>138919591she doesnt need to tell everyone shes an atheist though and why Christianity isnt real. All she was even doing was blackmailing some guy, didn't need to go on that tangent

>>138919659I dont know the budget, but it looks pretty nice. Some cg is bad but i think most of the good stuff is practical, or at least looks that way


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Why do you get so mad over a show? ._.

>>138919659Who cares how popular it is? I just care about whether it's good

>>138919667>she doesnt need to tell everyone shes an atheist though and why Christianity isnt real.She really doesn’t though, it’s literally just that one guy, and it’s in the context of them talking about the fact they both attended the same bible camp. Losing your faith as a Christian is a life changing event- the thing that’s really unbelievable is how little she seems to bring it up

>>138917388havent watched the boys. should i watch it?

>>138919925watch s1, and wait for s2 to finish airing so you can binge it

>>138917438What? Just to get one more month of Prime subscription?

One of the biggest problems with Netflix is that because of how much content they have after about two weeks any new film vanishes into the ether. If you watch interviews with directors who's films were bought by Netflix right after they found out you can see their heart breaking. For a good example look up "I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore": this won huge at Sundance, but because Netflix put up the best bid it was thrown into the sea of content. Understanding that, it was always inevitable that some streaming service would try and return to the old model. If they can get people back on board with one episode a week they can keep a TV show in the public conversation for months as opposed to weeks at best. But it would involve a pretty major improvement to the quality of writing in a lot of cases, because having a week to digest something makes a lot of people stop ignoring plotholes, leaps in logic, or narrative mistakes. One big one for this season is Deep's entry into his new church. In one scene Eagle is trying to recruit him and Deep insults him and his cult, and then moments later the female handler arrives, shows him a tablet and says someone important wants him to do something. Then, the next time we see him appears to be the same afternoon, when he attacks the main cast and the whale ramming happens. The scene after that, which appears to be less than an hour later, Deep uses phrases from the cult directly, enough so that Stormfront recognizes them. Unless that handler mind controlled him that is some of the most inconsistent writing this show has ever seen, to the point that it felt like I legitimately missed an episode. If I could have finished the series already I wouldn't care. But most streaming shows have shit episodes, and waiting a week after a shit episode isn't how these were originally designed.

>>138918397>too violentDid the retard not see season 1?Or are there people out there who watches whatever, and don't give a shit about watch order?

>>138919587She was trying to communicate that the superterrorist was her brother.

>>138919033Moron. Netflix wasn't even available everywhere and not as nearly popular as now when Breaking Bad aired, so how do you expect "people" to remember that?


Does butcher get hia dog in season 2 it has the best and stupidest bita in the comic

>>138920097>One big one for this season is Deep's entry into his new church. In one scene Eagle is trying to recruit him and Deep insults him and his cult, and then moments later the female handler arrives,Etc. you go on from thereI think we’re meant to understand that the b-plot involving the deep is transpiring over the same length of time as the main narrative with the rest of the cast- so a series of days/maybe even a week or two. Considering this is a unique complaint nobody else seems to be making, I have to assume everyone else got that and this is just a problem of you not understanding how cutting in tv shows work

>>138920307yes the dog was in the trailer

>>138918840>I don't have self control>need to binge watch b4 the hype is over

>>138920174She recognized the oragami folded bird thing as something her brother used to make, but didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate that beyond the word “boy”

>>138920489Yeah, ok, thanks Kimiko.


>>138919033Breaking Bad was 10 years ago dude


>>138918184Oh boy, what great discussions. I'm glad that the retards bitching about stormfront and "leftist writing" will have material for two months instead of being done in one week.

>>138917438You mean like every single show ever?You either wait a year after for the full season or you see it week by week you fucking zoomer.>>138917653Lefties obsess about things they can't have, like family or love.


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>>138917822This. I mean she fucks random niggers in allys in the show. Her characters are evil.

>>138917388I'm waiting until I watch the whole season before I leave a review. Why are people rating this now?

>>138918278"The Boys" in The Boys are simply the most boring characters that ever existed. I mean the one dude spent 3 episodes building a fucking dollhouse?! Fuck them. I wish they were all written out of the kino.

>>138918884Oh snap! That entitlement.


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It's just badNothing ever happensI dont have time for meaningless drivel

>>138920511I would really love a non canonical bonus scene where she’s desperately writing the word boy over and over again, and then shows it to the Frenchman and he immediately understands exactly what she’s trying to say. Just perfectly gets it, and knows exactly what is going on. I’d just love to see her reaction, because even if you don’t speak the language, you’d HAVE to know this isn’t an effective way of communicating that complex a thought, right? Also, how is it she can understand what everybody is saying to her in English, appears to be able to write it legibly, and still can’t communicate?

>>138919573>the funny thing is.Oh you betcha, this is a real leg slapper, mhum.

maybe people realized the show is trash

>>138920695>You mean like every single show ever?Netflix' rise to fame was literally on the back of dumping whole seasons at once to binge at your leisure, how have you bugbrains already forgotten this?

>>138919371Stupider isn't a word.

Girls get it done

Personally I like when shows release week to week. Gives time to talk about the show. No Netflix show that has dropped all at once has ever had the same kind of discussion around it compared to Lost or The Sopranos.

>>138920394Every shot I referenced happened in the same episode, which is clearly a single afternoon. When a character entirely changes their vocabulary in a matter of hours it tends to alarm people. Maybe you should actually watch the show instead of 'assuming' people don't understand how things work. k?

>>138917438Nah, I’d rather they get released weekly than all at once. “Marathoning” shows is unhealthy and ruins the experience.

>>138919409>doom patrol>goodHello reddo

>>138919200Who the fuck is crying about homelander? Kill yourself chapocel

Okay, I saw the plane scene finally.Why didn't he just laserbeam the gun?We see in the intro scene that the villain can't fire the moment a gun is laserbeamed, the bad guy just stands there screaming for a bit. Easy fucking peasy.

>>138920685Well it works better when dealing with thriller and mystery shows.

Fickle triggered Americans.

>>138920957It’s not clearly the same afternoon, time progresses foreword in the rest of the show but the times the keep cutting back to with the deep take place in the same place with the same lighting because that’s when they have their meetings. In between his scenes he also reads a book and completes a journal for review. Because it would take such a long time to do this the reasonable thing would be to assume that time has passed and this is taking place a short while later. You’re retarded ass just looks at where the sun is in the sky and the fact that everybody is still wearing their same super hero costumes and figures “well, golly! The Deep sure can read fast!” Christ in heaven, it’s like you’ve never seen a single movie before

>>138920631Better Call Saul's had weekly releases since the first episode, retard.

>>138919033Breaking Bad was made by AMC, a cable channel, who then licensed it to Netflix. Netflix had no choice but to release an episode a week. Also The Boys isn't Netflix, it's Amazon Prime

>>138920946And it never will.Less because of the quality, but more because people consume content far more independently.Same reason the music records from 60s 70s whatever are never gonna get broken. People just didnt have options, they do now.

>>138920872I really can’t stop thinking about it- okay ignoring the fact she can clearly understand English, even in that situation if she recognizes the person they’re after is her brother, and wants to communicate it to the others but can’t, wouldn’t you at some point just start drawing pictures Pictionary style? Like if you knew you were on your way to kill your brother and had a pen and paper you would do more than just write boy over and over, right? Or if you couldn’t even do that wave your hands or something- do anything to signal this is important and we shouldn’t continue

>>138918884>oh no, our clients are as demanding as when they buy a kitchen appliance, that's not fair

>>138919455Why do zoomers love binging everything?

>>138917438Is this really the reason? Who the hell has time to watch all episode in 1 go? Even if you have the weekend, shouldn't you hang out with friends and family? who has time to watch all those episodes?

>>138917388>imagine paying for this shit

>>138921903nice bait, wouldve worked if it wasnt for that pesky current year

>>138921195Your thought pattern is "why didnt Homelander take care of the terrorists safely". The answer is he literally doesnt care, why would he safely take care of terrorists?

>>138922004I’m convinced the only reason tiger king was half as big as it was was because they released all of it right at the start of the pandemic. If people had any other option, nobody would have watched it

I actually can't stand watching pretty much any of this show not featuring homelander. The gay nu-sincerity nihilism just makes me angrier and angrier at these faggot millennial writers basically bawling directly into the screen about their thoughts on societal issues (which are all fetid stinking corpses of mid-00s with less depth than South Park covering the same shit). Is this demoralization?

>>138921903>shouldnt you go outside during quarantine(you)

>>138918884They have a point. If they have all the episodes on a hard drive somewhere what's with the fucking delay

>>138921903>hang outFuck off coofer

>>138917388Is that you Amazon? Fucking deliver my dildos already you fucking cunts.