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>>138916807Was he wrong?

Oh, wait...I guess the average white american is rich now.

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>>138916834No? What the fuck is wrong with you saying something like that?

>>138916855Probably yeah he is a nigger afterall

>>138916834When are us incels going to rise up and take it to the blacks, jews, shemales and the bloody chinese? 'ate em so much i think and post about them 24/7 online!

>>138916834It’s just all so tiring...

Say what? no I;m not going to look up a capeshit interview

>>138916834can't wait until ai can filter blacks off the internet desu

>>138916807>is a drug addict>kills a woman>shieeeet i dindu nuffin


>>138916855Yes, Annie supposedly grew up in a poor single parent household.

>>138916834Here. They should go back to africa and be kangs there. Sick of their shitty behaviour and constant complaining.

>Oh no, he's right and I'm wrong. I guess living in a mundane midwest suburbian area for lower middle classes qualifies as privilege.

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>black>drug addictWhat did they mean by this


>>138917097>lower middle classesOxymoron.

>I can be materialistic and immoral because I was poor at some pointTruly using that high nog IQ

>>138916855Yes. True happiness cannot be derived from material wealth. Money can make life easier, but like Biggie Smalls once said mo money mo problems.

alright go back to africa

>>138916834>he can't handle one black dude on tvnow imagine how black people must feel having to look at snow niggers 24/7

>>138917172>Everything's a spectrum but lower or upper middle class is an osymoron.Retard.

A-Train did literally everything wrong.

>>138916866To be fair no poor person can have a house like that

>>138916834Don't worry, the system is already barely sustainable, and they're burning it down unless they get more gibs. Everyone knows tolerance is a luxury, I mean, it's not something you have taking a midnight stroll through Chicago.

Having parents that work hard isn't a privilege, my dad has the demeanor of a God damn shaolin monk when it comes to basic work ethic. It's amazing in a world full of lazy gibs me dat fucking crybaby lazy niggers and nigger lovers. I guess growing up destitute with 10+ siblings does that to a human. Monkeys never learn.

>>138917283you can if you are a superhero like everyone in this exchange was

>>138917210>True happiness cannot be derived from material wealthThis is actually a cope poor people tell themselves. Same garbage like "everyone's beautiful on the inside".

>>138916834Niggers. They're called niggers. Haven't met one without a chip on their shoulder over their own race selling them into slavery.

>>138917248I feel like they didn't kill him just so they could see if he'd manage to fuck up even harder than before. He and Deep are comedic relief.


>>138916834Completely normal, it's called NES (nigger exhaustion syndrome)

>>138916866>>138917283Her mother still used her to win pageants and stuff though, I think.

>>138917172plain moron

>>138916834everyone except your mom

>>138917225Maybe they should go back and make their own tv shows about chicken and rap.

>>138917383Nah, drugs in your brain make you happy.Take the schizoid pill.

>>138916834you can call them niggers user, nobody's gonna look at you weird for saying a simple word here

>>138917172the only moron here, I’m afraid to say...is you, old bean

>>138916807Didn't his parents get paid for injecting their son with v?

>>138917225I like how "anti-racists" plainly acknowledge that people just want to see their own race and not others but it doesn't shake their retarded worldview in the slightest.

>>138916807honestly as a non american I interpreted that phrase as a way for him to cope with the fact that he is a deranged guy

>>138917383The pursuit of wealth and the pursuit of happiness are separate paths.

>>138917097>I guess living in a mundane midwest suburbian area for lower middle classes qualifies as privilegeCompared to growing up poor as dirt to a single mother in a vermin infested apartment in a crime ridden neighborhood? Absolutely.


>>138917692Come on now, I'm no BLMfag but vermin is a bit strong don't you think?

>>138916834lmao at all the try hard teens an incels who just cant resist le naughty nigger word posting responding.

>>138916807I grew up without money and i think that anyway tbqh.

>>138916834prior to this summer i was total solidarity with black people. now i just wish they would all fuck off with their infinite bitching and stop being a cancer on society. with some exceptions they have now defined themselves as a people by the song "whitey on the moon".


>>138917692>single mother in a vermin infested apartment in a crime ridden neighborhood?Oh yeah? Well, orphaned homeless kids with downs syndrome living on lumps of plastic floating in the Pacific has got it way worse. Fuck your priveledged ass.


>>138917692>single mother>crime ridden neighborhoodSo the things blacks bring upon themselves?

>>138918100lmao, naughty nigger word posting: the incel favourite hobby! So good, its better than sex!

>>138918094>orphaned homeless kids with downs syndrome living on lumps of plastic floating in the Pacific has got it way worseWhat race are they?



>>138918254Wow could you be any more assblasted

>>138917826cities have a fuckload of rats and cockroaches.

>>138917210money helps ALOT to achieve true happines from something elselike, more than anything else

>>138916807Hypocritical statement coming from him, seeing how he spends his cash and she wasnt exactly rich

>>138916866If you arnt at least middle class you dont get to be white. So yes. Its one of the conditions of being white. Not being retarded. Poor, pale caucasions are just pale niggers.

>>138918413Especially for nogs because they're like women with their need to buy nonfunctional baubles and trinkets to flaunt status.

>>138918463Okay rabbi.

>>138918267Xe's blasian

>>138917172>lowermeaning at the bottom of>middle classmeaning near the middle of wealth levels>lower middle classmeans just barely qualifying as middle class and only a small push could cause the family to fall into poverty.

>>138918317Assblasted? Naughty words dont offend, i just like laughing at lifelong virgins and what they do to pass time!

>>138918648Yeah, going on to online message boards and being passive aggressive is THE sign of a poon master, take it from me.

>>138916807>thread is supposed to be about wealth inequality >a bunch of REEEEEEEEing about black people by Holla Forumsacks insteadThe obsession is real

>>138918747Home alone on sunday, son. Wife takes the kids to see the in laws so i shit post!

>>138918873Because most people would rather live in a state without nogs than one without wealth inequality.

>>138917604also thought this

>>138916807>"no please don't destroy the evil corporation I want to keep my luxury cars and hookers and shit"he's supposed to be in the wrong

>>138918873chuds will be chuds

>>138917225I don't need to justify why I dislike niggers on television. I don't need to justify why I dislike niggers in general. They are just shitty, loud, arrogant people.


>>138916807Why did they make the black guy say that?

>>138919283A Train defines himself on superficiality and his possessions. He goes to clubs in the middle of the day in his superhero outfit, he lies about having a girlfriend because of his brand. He's shallow as all fuck and absolutely meant to be in the wrong. Dunno how people aren't seeing this.

>>138919845/pol/cels are white niggers

>>138916807will he literally have nothing if Vought goes under? that's his own fault, if he had actually grown up without money he'd know how important it is to set some aside, especially when you have millions now

>>138919845>They are just shitty, loud, arrogant people.Why are so many of their women so damn loud?

>>138920142Why are crows? Why are seagulls?Even old arab accounts talk of them as people with nothing worth listening to who will not stop talking. It's their nature.

>>138916807So he's racist because he assumed she grew in a rich white and blond family?

>>138920041people get itbut the show played that scene straight and starlight looked remorseful, so unless she calls him out later it just looks really dumb

>his power is running fast>is a crack headWhat did they mean by this?

>>138917383It's not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more that is poor

>>138918148No, white people sneak into the homes of upstanding african american families and inject their males with a drug that causes them to behave like animals and abandon their families to fight each other to the death in the streets.

>>138916866>You want me to believe you moderated anonymous boards for 10 years for no remuneration?

>>138918148>born to a poor family in a shitty neighborhood>its your fault dude just dont be black next time :^)

Why do you whiteoids hate blacks with such a burning passion? You never see this amount of scorn against spics, pajeets or even gooks.


>>138920041People argue broken clock. Doesnt apply when he literally OD his girlfriend and treats his family like shit but people consider being rapey being more scary than a legit cold blooded killer so who knows any more.

>>138921724because they are so n-wordish

>>138921518can confirm. i'm the sneaky white guy that loves injecting black bvlls

>>138921724Blacks hate whites now whites are just responding to it. What a shocker really. Tell white people theyre terrible racists who should be destroyed. That they become exactly that.

>>138917172Anon indirectly raises an interesting point though. When does lower middle class become upper working class or vice versa?

>>138921724Blacks are the club in the fist of the jew.

>>138918254this might blow your mind but i have a girlfriend, a big dick, a well paying job and i /still/ hate niggersi use this site because it's now the only place on the internet where people can be honest about things like this. dilate.


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>>138921817all races hate whites though

>>138917283Move out of the cityWith what you pay for a shitty studio in a major city, you can purchase a 2 floor 2 bathroom 3 bedroom house if you are willing to live in the Midwest with a shitty internet connection

>>138921930>With what you pay for a shitty studio in a major city, you can purchase a 2 floor 2 bathroom 3 bedroom house if you are willing to live in the Midwest with a shitty internet connectionAnd then spend hours everyday in traffic cause all the jobs are in the city. RETARD

>>138921886Not asians. Or Mexicans. Most mexicans I've met wish they were white and within one generation mexicans are basically anglo white

>>138921886Envy is not hate.They might claim to, but their actions say otherwise. I don't choose to live specifically where the people I don't like are.That's why Japs are honorary Aryans. They're successful enough to not hold animosity like others.

>>138916807He dresses like Sportacus