What’s so hard about getting an actress who has dark hair and blue eyes?

What’s so hard about getting an actress who has dark hair and blue eyes?

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davidduke.com/mp3/The Jewish Bias of the Nobel Prize.pdfhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Nobel_laureateshttps://blogs.timesofisrael.com/after-206-nobel-prizes-its-time-for-the-big-question/https://nationalvanguard.org/2011/12/the-jewish-bias-of-the-nobel-prize/

Most jews don’t have blue eyes

>>138916309Looks horrible. Lynda Carter has a sour face

>>138916309They came out as whores

>>138916309Extremely rare phenotype.

>>138916309just call daddario.

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gal’s look and accent went really well the exotic remote island foreigner “gritty realism” thing they were going for. plus she’s very tall which they probably wanted so she looked more imposing standing beside the male heroes. did I bring too much logic into what is definitely a Holla Forums SJW thread?

>>138916309Would've picked Bridget Regam m'self. She's a tad too old now, but she could probably still pull it off.

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>>138916709no one cares who you would pick, looks aren’t important for a character

>>138916532i think flat gal gadot may have a larger chest at this point.

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there's so much photoshop in that original picture lmao

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>>138916464>>138916591JIDF sponsored posts

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>>138917014what’s with Holla Forums SJWs and screenshottin tweets

>>138916789>looks aren’t important for a characterretard

>>138916309Should cast this literal amazonian who

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>>138917120They aren’t. You are a shallow NPC user.

>>138917014Linda isn't even dead but holy shit never compare her to that neanderthal skull kike

Imagine being Chris Pine in this scene

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>>138917216how come you incels are so obsessed with her skull shape?

>>138917242imagine being so good looking neo-nazi shills have to resort to making fun of the gradient of your forehead lmfao. reminds me of the 2/10 sharp knees neckbeard I wish you guys had self awareness for a sec

>>138917348reddit spacing

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>>138916500very common phenotype in the united states

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>>138917431this >>138917132

>>138916500It’s really not. But it’s kino.

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>>138917538Jennifer Connelly has green eyes, not blueYes, I feel robbed too

>>138917267because people that have actually touched women know that bone structure has a significant impact on their attractivenessand human beings can recognize wicked jews from a variety of tells, including but not limited to their neanderthal skulls

Lucy Lawless would have been good but she's too old now. Xena was just wonder woman with an attitude.

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>>138917649Can't believe I used to think she was hot.

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>>138917708then you turned gay?

>>138917626you are bafflingly delusional and vapid. you should’ve been given the old coat hanger user

>>138917267>>138917348It's a natural involuntary disgust response that people with actual good genetics get upon seeing the bird/rat hybrid features of the Jew. you may not be able to see it if you are A. Jewish. B Mentally Defective or C. Your DNA is actually DNS: Dead Nigger Storage.

>>138916532just kill yourself

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>>138917869you are fooling no one with this pseud Holla Forums stuff user


>>138917538Who are these two?

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>>138917823you asked, i answerednothing i said is incorrect>>138917869this guy gets it>>138917953this guy is almost certainly a jew

Antje Trauer was born for this role

>>138917994you arguing that a healthy world famous beauty contest winner has bad genes because her forehead is very slightly different from the average. if I didn’t know you were from Holla Forums I would think you were making fun of them by acting retarded. you are a cringe-worthy vapid loser my dude

>>138917982Cobie smuldersJaimie Alexander


>>138918172what the fuck are you talking about?if she wasn't jewish and connected she wouldn't win shit, or get any rolesyou are a fucking kike dude and you don't know what the word vapid means, holy shit

>>138916709perfect pick

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>>138918556always makes me chuckle when Holla Forums sjws claim jooz won things like international beauty contests or Nobel prizes for being jewish. you can lie and claim she was hired for that reason, but the other stuff doesn’t even make a little bit of sense logically. you really are the dumbest people ever

>>138918172Do you really think she's a world class beauty? Come on now.

Imaging not casting Christina Carter.

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>>138918656she didn't win Miss Universe, you know

>>138916591>>138917079>>138917953>>138918172>>138918656>Holla Forums/pol/Holla Forums/pol/Holla Forums/pol/Why, it's almost like you're obsessed. I didn't think a jew let things live rent-free, but I guess I was wrong afterall.

>>138918765no because she’s not my taste, but I can also see that objectively she’s ridiculously beautiful facially. you Holla Forumscels are accidentally admitting this because you try so hard and all you can come up with is her forehead lmfao

>>138918772mah nigga

>>138918787>s-stop noticing that this board is crawling with airhead Holla Forums shills!!No.

>>138918822>ridiculously beautiful faciallyzoomers really need some better sex symbols, it' getting desperate

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more like guy gadot

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>>138918822I don't use Holla Forums, I just don't think she's really that attractive. A lot of models get success by looking unique or interesting, like that Cara chick or Grace Jones, but it doesn't mean much outside the elitist standards of those organisations.

>>138918904her face is literally a perfect human face. stop coping it’s getting embarrassing.

>>138916806She peaked in this scene and the Tomb Raider one. Afterwards she gained weight and started looking like a block.

>>138919042>she's not my taste>perfect human facebarely even human (homo sapiens)

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Clearly this ship has sailed by now but back in the day Courteney Cox would have made a great Wonder Woman.

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Trump voters want to deport THIS, and fund wars for the other one's country

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>>138919177>near perfect symmetry>hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to nose, nose to chin all exactly 1/3rd of total facial height>ideal heart shaped feminine faceIt is possible to acknowledge someone looks perfect but not be attracted to them. sorry if that goes over your brainlet capabilities. what’s funny is you’re attached to this because you’re obsessed with jews, pretty clearly. Imagine having a political agenda to say someone is ugly. you are such a bad person.

>>138919347>all this retarded reddit shit>and it's not even true because she's very asymmetrical

>>138919347Hairline to eyebrows = 50% of her face

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This thread is extremely infected with kikes. In order to shoo them, I have decided that I will spend the rest of this thread posting Bridget Regan photos which make a mockery of their Pteradactyl wannabe Wonder Woman.

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actros and actresses are picked based off their jewish connections retard


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>>138919401>literal math>Reddit shit>denying she has an uncommonly symmetrical faceyou are such an sjw lol. Holla Forums really really is just right wing sjws.

>>138919487>literal math to determine beauty>not reddit

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>>138919436you can only measure that from a straight on image you moron lolimagine trying to explain perspective and geometry to someone from Holla Forums. like trying to teach a dog calculus.

>>138919443I have a crush on her since that awful Seeker show, she looked so good in it.

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>>138919487muh Holla Forums boogeyman.

>>138919584isn't it Holla Forums that loves math and data?

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>>138916709Fuckin this!

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>>138918656>international beauty contests ran by jews that have been proved via Epstein as being just meat markets>Nobel prize committee started and ran by jews to give jews prizesyou are either a dishonest kike or an actual retard


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>>138919824I like her white outfit more tbfh.

Okay, I'm done for now. But every time a kike posts, I will post another Bridget to chemo him.

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>>138919861your work is appreciated.


>>138919729The Nobel prizes committees are Swedish and Norwegian mainly. They weren’t started by Jews and very few of their members are Jews. I don’t know about the beauty contest thing but given how hard you just lied about the Nobel prizes being Jewish means it’s safe to say you’re lying about that too. I gotta say I never considered lying to be an act that should be punished with death, but Holla Forums makes me strongly consider that position. It’s not just that you are incessantly (literally) lying, but also the intent behind all your lies being so evil and gross. You’re like rats in human form. Just awful awful humans.

>>138919729>Nobel prize committee started and ran by jewsNo, that is absolutely false. > you are either a dishonestlol are you fucking kidding me? What a shameless scumbag.

>>138919861thanks for your service

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>>138920025ok, so you're both a dishonest kike and an actual retard - guess i should have accounted for thatdavidduke.com/mp3/The Jewish Bias of the Nobel Prize.pdfhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Nobel_laureateshttps://blogs.timesofisrael.com/after-206-nobel-prizes-its-time-for-the-big-question/https://nationalvanguard.org/2011/12/the-jewish-bias-of-the-nobel-prize/


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>>138917014>she looks like someone else when her face is obscured and the image is blurrylmao

I also especially like how this whole argument started out about how Gal is an ugly kike, you said she couldn't be because she won beauty contests, and then when I responded to that you just ignored it because you got caught in a shitty argument.

>>138920351This is a reddit tier post. Who tf are you replying to faggot?

The abandoned TV show that had Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman managed the look perfectly, with an actress who has the physicality to do half of the stunts herself, easily enough for a TV show.pyxis.nymag.com/v1/imgs/311/fb3/4e62391427f66a71d105b2488b0bee0b82-01-wonder-woman-2011.rsquare.w700.jpg

>>138920267Wait, are you seriously confusing jews winning Nobel prizes with jews being the ones who award Nobel prizes? I knew pol is stupid but holy fucking shit guy Yes, they have won an insane number of Nobel prizes, despite having every disadvantage. This is part of why jews are known as the smartest group.

>>138920429lol we all know it's you, schlomokeep kvetching

>>138920470keep lying about there not being jews who fund and run the committees, schlomoeveryone believes you


I see three (3) kike posts since the last time I posted a Bridget, so I have some to make up.

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>>138920351if gal were actually ugly, people other than neonazis and moose-lems would be saying it. by saying she’s ugly and proving ur an anti-semitic shill you’re really arguing she isn’t ugly.


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>>138920556>confirming this openly to be a kike


>>138920525I don’t care who believes me, the Nobel prize is easily verified as a Swedish and Norwegian enterprise and is not in any sense of the word run or determined by jewish people. you are so desperate to even be attempting such an easily disproven lie. pol is so pathetic.

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>>138920556lol. Nah she’s pretty damn ugly

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Only thing Gal needs really is a bubble butt

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>>138920591are you saying only jews can read dude? because anyone who has eyes can tell you are a fairly standard neurotic psycho antisemite internet bot. doesn’t take a genius to see it.

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>>138916500lol. such is life in shartlands

Waiting on Wonder Milf

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What about Lucy Lawless?

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One day I’ll marry me a blue eyed amazon qt with nice phat ass wish me luck anons

>>138920931Good luck user.

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Wow nobody posted that tranny that does porn and looks like Amouranth? Am I gay for expecting that?

>>138921097What is this image trying to convey?

>>138916309It would be a non jewish one and that is problematic

>>138921117Name? and yes.

>>138921152there’s plenty of jews w/ blue eyes, even if that fact is triggering to the likes of you

>>138916309Jews don't have both those features.Black irish is a rare commodity and for the last 15 years they've been drowning out average hotties, in favor for your new catwoman etc.

>>138920556Fuck off retard. Eva Green, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, and Melanie Laurent are all beautiful and good (or at least decent) actresses, and they're Jewish. Gal Gadot has a fucking zika head, is a shitty actress, has a shitty body, and talks in a stupid way. She sucks, and being Jewish has nothing to do with it.

>>138921396Alison Brie is Jewish and has both of those features. I’m not even a celebrity person and I thought of one in 5 seconds.

>>138920470Jewish discoveries rely on pouring insane amounts of money into expensive scientific experiments.Jews are incapable of real intellectualism, just look at any of their efforts in literature or film - a few Italian migrants blew them out of the water


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>>138921604this honestly could be the funniest example of coping I’ve ever seen. they are also can be writers and filmmakers.

>>138921708for the amount of jews in the film industry, it's telling that the best directors are not jewish, and the high profile jewish ones are responsible for turning the medium into consumerist garbage

>>138916500Thats because hair and eye color are controlled by the same genes. If you have blue eyes, your hair color will be blonde. Most blue eyed women with black hair dont actually have black hair, they just paint it

>>138916309Find a pretty Greek girl w said appearance and you solved your problem

>>138921472All of them (except maybe Eva) Are hideous user. The idea that you find them attractive is comedy itself.

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>>138921765you guys straight up lie about how many Jews are in the film industry. not that many of the best directors are Jews because there simply aren’t that many Jewish directors. Same with actors. neonazis are constantly lying, and that includes vastly exaggerating jooz in muh media

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>>138921882>not that many of the best directors are Jews because there simply aren’t that many Jewish directors.

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So uhh who’s Gal’s pornstar equivalent?

>>138921765sounds like cognitive dissonance. you have proof that most directors aren’t Jewish in general but instead of admitting that, you just try to have it both ways.

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>>138921882>there simply aren’t that many Jewish directors>only >330top zozzleen.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_film_directors

>>138921604why do you guys do many mental gymnastics to discredit Jews? this is embarrassing. is it because you’ve spent thousands of hours getting brainwashed on Holla Forums so if you admitted you were wrong about most of it you’d experience regret and shame? look up the sunk cost fallacy.


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>>138922037I noticed Holla Forums never understands that, for example, this number 330 needs to be compared to the total to mean anything at all. At a cursory glance this list spans many years and I’ve never heard of most of them, so 330 is probably quite a small percentage of the total.

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>>138922057Watch any commercial and you’ll see the jew agenda