7 tickets for the Batman please

7 tickets for the Batman please

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lol these people don't have money for movie tickets

>>138916133more like the fag man

>>138916133I thought these people were super annoying back in the day, but now I kind of miss them

>2007 was 13 years ago

But there's no chick in the movie for any of them to self insert as

>>138918323They have batwink.

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>>138918301christalso last stand of whiteness etc

>>138916133Bluehair is a qt, would.



>>138916133I used to go to stickam looking for these kind of girls back then.

>>138916133Thank god the emo fad is gone. Unfortunately these retards became the woke Tumblrites that now run leftist social policy in the west.


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>>138918499Some did, some just became normalfags.

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>>138918499no they didn't you retarded zoomer

>>138918241No, I don't miss them one bit. see this >>138918499It's almost as if leftism attracts obnoxious tards who love being victims, aka emofags.

>>138918499I was one of them and I just ended up hating everyone.

>>138918501>DA JOOOOZUnironically kys


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>>138918499emo and goth are the last stand of implicit whiteness. >you know this is true

>>138918593Yes they did actual zoomer.>>138918540As is the case for most fads. Normies get into it because they want to be part of a group with cute girls or boys but as soon as it's not cool anymore they stop. Some emos were really into it though and they became the Tumblr victim complex retards.

they took this from you

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>>138918499One of the girls I know that used to be an emo ended up in the black metal scene and became a skinhead.It was just a weird bunch, there was bits of everything.

>>138918499>>138918615Subcultures like emos were obnoxious but they were a necessary evil to prevent clueless teens from finding more dangerous identities. Everyone who's a tranny now would've been an emo if they were born a decade earlier.

>>138918499The only problem with emos is that for every qt there were 5 fatties.

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>>138918659Isn't this that psychotic super edgy emo who butchered a little girl?

>>138918823You're not wrong. Trannies are inherently a fad that tells impressionable kids that there is something wrong with them and since teens are looking for a sense of purpose they fall for that trap. Same shit happens with religion.


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>>138918501Do bitches just go to the surgeon and ask for the kylie jenner look?

>>138918824And of the ones who weren't fat, plenty would be bordering on anorexia.Very needy and clingy girls.

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>>138919137No, they simply answer the call.

>>138916197but mommy and daddy are rich liberals

>>138919326Most emos came from broken homes, likely from single parents, it's why they were so angsty.

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>>138918824I would pierce her veil if you know what i mean


>>138918444they were all whores who would show their titties and they always had really nice titties

>>138919534>>138918444You didn't even need to go to other websites, Holla Forums was crawling with them.

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>>138919395they weren't angsty though

When you show up to their group, and be like I have problems too you know.

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>>138919557Emos were, that was their whole thing, that they were edgy and depressive.Scene girls were the more upbeat (and fun) ones.

>>138919704practically none of them were depressedthese were ordinary people with a certain aesthetic

>>138919787Dude, there's a reason people memed so much about them cutting themselves.

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>>138919820because of the aesthetic

>>138919836And why do you think the aesthetic was associated with that stuff?A good portion of them were hilariously edgy.

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>>138919557>they weren't angstyAs someone who hanged out with my school's emos you have no idea what you are talking about.

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>>138919555It was such a special time.>browse Holla Forums in 2007 high school >emo friend that already graduated posts a pic of her with food asking how she should make it>say what's up and her initials>get her new phone number through myspace and start talking again

>>138918824Fatty emos were honestly the only kind of fattys that looked good though. I mean there was still ugly ones of course but the all black, heavy makeup and bright hair worked in their favour generally.

>>1389161337 dudes 0 penises

>>138920008it truly wasand it's all gone

>>13891899115 year old tits holy shit

>>138920080It worked on all girls because it's a very feminine aesthetic, that's why all dudes looked faggy as fuck.

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>>138920150but men look faggier than ever now

>>138920131She was 14 when she got jailed, so 14 in that pic, maybe even younger.

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The 00s sure were a bleak time. Then again, not like it's any better now.

>>138920202Yeah, but because they are scrawny faggots who haven't lifted a single weight in their life, not because of having long hair and eyeliner.

>>138919787This is true. Most emos were in it just for the aesthetic. Heck, i got called emo even though i never dressed like one because i was and still am a bitter asshole. There was maybe one in five emos that was actually depressed

>>1389161337 condoms for my penis please

>>138916133WHEN I WAS

Take me back.youtube.com/watch?v=g6LoC9KUVtI

>>138918499No they didn't, those people were too fat and bald to be emo so they leeched off the punk and indie genres and became hipsters

>>138920247i saw referring to every single man being a bodybuilder, which is an extremely gay look

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>>138920338>every single man being a bodybuilderIn what country do you live in?


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>>138918540>this will never be youwhy even live

>>138916133lmao why did Bryan Stars go scene like 5 years after it died?

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>>138920390e-boys are a thing, not nearly as common as egirls, but they all have that aesthetic.Lot of teen girls obsess over them.

>>138918301yeah if I raw nutted in a chick id have a kid thats 13 by now

>>138920372the united nigdom

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>>138919787Stop trying to gatekeep depression like it's something to be proud of


>>138920415But the dude is like 30 now. He was interviewing the biggest bands in the Warped Tour scene while looking like the goofy guy on the left and never embraced the aesthetic.

>>138920466>ugh scene kids looked so faggy UGH

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>>138920381You could always go for one of those mentally ill girls who never moved on, user.

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>>138920515Yeah sure whatever, go spam your ebin deanos elsewhere, bong, bet you have a pretty big folder full of them.

>>138920390Because being outdated is now quirky or nostalgic


>>138920150god damn it i want a fat emo qt so badly FUCK

>>138920564liftmong seething he's been found out. you a top or a bottom?

>>138920597Fat emos were likely the easiest girls in the 2000s.

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>>138920150Weird that back then I would have thought this girl was too fat but now I like this kinda build.

>>138920628I just don't care about what happens in your country bong, and your Deanos are your own faggy thing, the only worthwhile subculture you ever spawned were the skinheads.

>>138920526>22She never even got to experience it, she's just a larper.

>>138920648Unfortunately there were barely any at my high school, it was way more awful rap-influenced chicks and almost no emo/scene chicks. I would kill to go back in time and crush fat emo pussy, fuck

If you were one of the only scene boys in your area you could fuck girls way out of your league just cause they wanted someone who listened to the same music.

>>138920648>likelythey were so easy it was actually harder NOT to fool around with them


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Do kids even dress like this anymore? I guess there are still punk, goth, and emo kids. So I guess there still might be scene kids. Never got them anyway. Back in college in the early 00s, I got into goth even though I was 20 years too late.

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Bros... I want to go back


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>>138920787>I guess there are still punk, goth, and emo kids.there aren't

>>138920717Who cares, as long as she's an upbeat, feminine girl that sports the look she won't be too different from the real thing.

>>138920779>>138920648All emo girls were easy. They'd suck you off just for letting them ride with you to a concert.

Guys, remember Liz Vicious?I remember


I don't know what's worth fighting foror why I have to screamI don't know why I instigateand say what I don't meanI don't know how I got this wayI know it's not alrightSo I'm breaking the habitI'm breaking the habit...Tonight

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>>138920787>>138920845There's goths in Europe, but they are all in their early 20s and they are all all either commies or neo-nazis.

>>138920390When was scene a thing? I never got it. I thought it looked even trashier than emo.

>>138920787Zoomers basically don't have any kind of look anymore when they're in real life, they save that shit for Instagram and Tiktok only

>>138920935still some of the best tits on the internet

>>138920893I used to go to a goth club. Though surely a buncha emo and scene kids went too. I remember one time I wore a Gaiman's Sandman shirt and some girl outside smoking a cigarette struck up a conversation.

>>138916133 the positive outlook for the guys in that dead scene is that it died before cancel culture became a thing. how many of those "sensible" manipulative "bad boys" did misc sex crimes, rape n shit.

>>138920929>>138920787Zoomers just have no actual aesthetic, it's a mess of everything, they just take bits of everywhere.You can lurk tiktok and you'll find just about everything, even girls that almost look like scene girls.

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>>138920923Like 2007 to 2010.

>>138920850i had a threesome with my skinny emo gf and her chubby emo friend when i was a teenager. it was the first time i realized thicker girls are way better in bed

>>138920929and then they go with whatever look is popular that month to get on the latest meme dances

>>138916133Goddamnit why do I find emo girls so hot? They're even worse in recent years with the adoption of all the sjw shit. And yet i get such uber boners for them.

forget scene kidsgive me egl and ega kids any day

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>>138921056That unironically sounds like a heavenly threesome desu

>>138918355>tfw born too late to fuck a qt emo twink

>>138921092These girls haven't been a thing for like 10 years.It's a different thing that people now call anyone with a bit of hair dye an emo.The fact that they didn't give a fuck about politics is one of the reasons people miss them.

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>>138921092>all the sjw shiti think that maybe you have a bug in your head. what does that even mean anymore "sjw"... nobody seriously fight that fight. you mean they want healthcare and dont want police to shoot blacks in the back? you are turned off they fight for that social justice? bah, just a bunch of drones in here , repeating pol ideology as if it gives them an identity... and in a few years it will something else.

For me? It's Alternative PAWGs.

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>>138918499>Thank god the emo fad is goneIt's coming back actually and it's not even brought back by the OG emo bands but by zoomer soundcloud rappers

>>138916133>7 tickets>Cameraman is not invitedOh no

>>138921189Having any trust in politicians is a redflag.The government will always be a spook.

>>138921212emily is the GOAT. patrician taste sir


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>>138921230usually people fighting for the underdog, the leftists, are wise to what you just said. they know without changing institutions it's just inefficient compromises but still they fight, thinking its better than nothing. good for them.

>>138921215Doubt it'll be the same, and bring back the same type of qts.

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>>138921343No they don't, they have proven they are all blind supporters of whoever claims to be on their side.There's libertarian parties and nobody votes for them. Spooks, both the government and the voters.

>>138921148Yeah exactly. All the "dark and edgy" lame jokes would be super refreshing now.

>>138916133Emo aesthetic looks so good on girls but on most guys it looks awful

>>138921189Holy pseud

>>138920717This, I'm her age and remember emos but they were all older kids/teens.