Why is Tarkovsky the only good Russian director? What gives?>inb4 Eisenstein

Why is Tarkovsky the only good Russian director? What gives?>inb4 Eisenstein

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>>138915998who's this qt?

>>138915998>anything russian>good

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>Balabanov>Zvyagintsev>BykovThese are the first who come to mind.Just watch more kino, user.

>>138916030my gf

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Im going to be the next. You will see.

>>138916091>he hasn't read Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, Pushkin, Turgenev, Bulgakov or Pasternak

>>138915998>Aleksei German >Svetlana Baskova

>>138916272>BaskovaIs this bait bratishka

>>138915998Isn't Auggie trans now?

>>138916213>DostoevskyBoring>TolstoyShit>GogolHohol >PushkinNigger>TurgenevMiddle school tier>BulgakovAnother hohol. >PasternakJew


>>138916213>reading ok incel


>>138916359>hurr durr I didnt get it

>>138915998What Russian directors have you seen?

>>138916030>>138915998>>138916159>>138916340She’s a coalburner

>>138916515all of them

>>138916540even better

>>138916540>>138916159>>138916030Don't misgender August (male)

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Someone post the comic with the tomboys being turned into trans by GLOBAL HOMO

>>138916540Proof? Women (formerly) like her pretty much never fuck black guys in my experience. If they do it’s always the least tough oreo type.

>>138916213>no Pelevinshameful

>>138916359filtered poltard

>>138916793It’s actually really strange. I remember an article by a prominent dyke actress or something, can’t remember who though, lamenting that butch lesbians basically disappeared overnight and now they’re all “transmen”.

>>138916878postmodernist garbage

>>138916091>who's me

>>138916924>no Platonov

>>138916676>gay trans mantrans man = women that thinks she's a mangay = faggay trans man = women that thinks she's a man that is also attracted to guys

>>138916676>tfw no pussy-having transman gf

>>138916889I feel like a Holla Forumstard would at least pretend to like dosto. he’s just a baiting retard.

>>138916676Next pride I’m going to find a way to niggerrig my amo to be powered by my car and blast a playlist of anal cunt’s homophobic songs and do karaoke covers of the village people and disco with fagbashing lyrics. Will be epic.

she browsing 4 chan I suspect this thread is started by her classic August

>>138916030plague_you on chaturbate

She just got a german Shepard , bitch is red pilled as Fuck

>>138917285Yes, this communist tranny is very redpilled.Seriously, what's with this place always drooling over the most disgusting SJWs of all?

>>138916999I’d honestly rather fuck a trap than these chicks that take hormones to grow a pedostasche. Somehow feels less gay.

>>138917321This place is filled with Americans, they are all anti-white SJWs in one way or another, and a bunch of simps.Oh well, at least this tranny cunt joining the 41% is only a matter of time.

>>138917321/tv/ is a leftist board nigger

>>138917321>mfw I remember this thread full of people wondering which democrat they would go for and everyone was going "Hey, this one is redpilled", "No this one is redpilled"What the fuck lmao.

>>138917364Can confirm. Traps are better

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>>138917382No wonder, it's full of capeshit discussion, autistic screeching and cuckshit.And even worse, it's full of Amerimutts.

>>138917237Big if true

>>138917414Why her vulva is so puffy?

>>138916030Some mutt activist, hopefully she'll get shot in the head in some riot, it's always hilarious when women are on the recieving end.

>>138917512Son, that ain't vulva

>>138917512A-user, I...


>>138917285>bitch is red pilled as Fucklol


>>138915998I fucking hate russians

>>138918739Are you p*le?


>>138918739Russians are based.Americans are cringe.

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>>138918739Russians are sub-human dogs. May allah strike them down

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>>138918739Don't worry it's mutual

>>138920510>obese millennial Amerimutt larping as a muslim calls others subhumans

>>138920602>pedophile subhuman gypsy Mongolian rape baby larping as white and calling others not white.

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>>138916987So she's a woman?

>>138920510Why are americans so racist? Russia is less racist than you people

>>138920084she's literally built for BBC