What did you think of Hercules (2014) starring Barbara Palvin?

What did you think of Hercules (2014) starring Barbara Palvin?

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>she’s in it for 5 seconds

>>138915446Best 5 seconds of any movie ever made

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>>138915495True but I wish she was in it for more because I want to ejaculate inside of her I fucking bad


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>>138915632Like if I walked into a room and some random person was inside all tied up and she was in bed naked and said something like>you can have your way with me if you shoot this innocent person with this gunI would instantly get naked grab that gun and shoot the fuck out of that person and fuck her until I died

Palvin is a WHORE and a SLUT

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>>138915749based homicidal coomer

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>>138915833I would shoot you to fuck her too

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>>138915361I want Palvin to grind my pelvis. :3


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no tits, mud-colored skin... what's the appeal?

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>>138916069why did you post this disgusting bug person

>>138915833Me at the end


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>>138916069darker skin>lighter skin

>>138916110this thread needed an attractive woman

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>>138916220insects are not attractive

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>>138916238>>138916220>>138916069ignoring the racism, this woman is not qt

>>138916322>ignoring the racism, this woman is not qtCringe

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>>138916220You need to be beaten up

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>>138916322most straight men would consider her a 10

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mogged by meghan

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>>138916390God, make your own threads, schizo>>138916404"No!"

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>>138916377look at that rugged manfaceher body has no soft, feminine features

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>>138916069People who find this attractive are more braindead than trannies or even Indians

>>138916473She has an extremely attractive face and body. You're just posting generic asian woman #572852. Make your own threads and fuck off.

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>>138915361All this AND she has cute feet too. Clearly not human

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>>138915511Seek help you cuck

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>>138915436>>138915495>>138915397god damn I knew she was hot but I didn't know she was this CUTE

>>138917231You think any of these guys merely pretend to be flaming homosexuals, that way they can get this job without suspicion and whack off to the memories later?


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>>138917231I have no doubt he gets a sniff in here and there

>>138916404Hungry skeleton

i love babs!!

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>>138915511homo>>138915951homo>>138915678also a homo


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>>138917718why did you post this picture of yourself?

>>138915361Fire crotch gal was better

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Hungarian women are so damn hot


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>138918419I don't understand what that answer means, I will assume you agree with me

WHY IS THIS COOMER THREAD STILL UP? /applies for the well paid janitorial position

>>138919164you want me to destroy it with some BBC ?

>>138915361Senior Principal Systems Engineer from Lockheed Martin here. After reviewing her body of work it is clear that she was conceptualized, designed, and manufactured from inception to receive the BBC in every aperture.

>>138919164babs is Holla Forums related

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>>138919319yep, looks like she is fulfilling her destiny

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I love jerking off to Babs

>>138919319>>138919381Every single one of his boyfriends has been white

>>138919381He's a literal R1 haplogroup mutt

>>138919774his ?how is Hamilton white again ?and I am pretty sure his black crew are the ones actually fucking her, since he is clearly gaycan't find the photos right now

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>>138920159Well Hamilton is half White anway. and is there evidence they were together other than a few pictures at various events ?


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>>138920405prime cope right here, guys

he is mega gay

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>>138915361>>138915436>>138915894>>138916638>>138920159what a beast, jesusi wouldnt last 10 minutes

>>138920159>hank hill assDisgusting

why arent these girls geting pregnant every year?