What does the S stand for?

What does the S stand for?

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>>138914726Sucker of dicks

>>138914755>/thread/threads own post. Newfag




>>138914726She is so fucking hot and CUTE



>they didn't cast Dianna Agron for supergirl>they thought her thick thighs and flat ass wouldn't sellAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH



>>138914726super submissive slut

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>>138914726I want Stormfront to kill this bitch as she would naturally do if they were to ever fight eachother.

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It's the Kryptonian symbol of the -El family.

>>138914946ThisWish the pics of her getting fucked were from the supergirl days because she is so much hotter now


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>>138915899go back


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Submissive to Lena

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>>138916630I remember when this bitch got killed in Jurassic World. kwab

>>138917011maybe they're going to find forresterin polandwhat does this have to do with sneedposting?


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>gets beat by her bfKek what a bitch

>>138914726Hope, it's a krypton symbol

>>138915770Defeat her then fit her with a Kryptonite collar and put her in a sex dungeon.

>>138916630Kara totally belongs to Lena.

>>138914726>What does the S stand for?On my home planet, the S stands for Sneed



neck kino

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>>138920237>>138920185Is this whole show just an excuse to show neck fetish scenes ?

>>138914726it's meant to wind, like a river lmao


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>>138920278The show should up the neck and bondage scenes.

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>>138920185reported. this is a work safe board

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Shall I continue?

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>>138921031conceptualize the fragrance


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>>138916630Why is she so perfect?


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