>Peter Jackson>The Black Plague

>Peter Jackson>The Black Plague

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>>138914070...that sounds like a terrible combination>Sam menses>Life of napoleon

>Fred Durst>my death

>Seth Rogen>The Holocaust

>>138914070>Zack Snyder>The crucifiction of Jesus Christ

Robert RodriguezThe Nanjing Massacre

>>138914070Ron HowardThe Wright Bros first flight and everything leading up to it

>>138914813>ava duvernay >the lynching of Michael brown

>Stanley Kubrick>The Moon Landing

>>138914070>Michael Bays.....SHOAH

Mel GibsonBenedict Arnold biopic

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>>138914070Tom GreenThe Holocaust

>>138915059>Mel Gibson's real true story of the holocaust......The holohoax starring Vince Vaughn

Tim Burton Boxer Rebellion Musical

Harmony KorineVietnam war

Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker9/11

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>>138915059I need this.

Clint EastwoodWounded Knee

>>138914070>Zach Snyder>the great siege of Malta

Sam RaimiThe War of Northern Aggression

>>138914070Tommy WiseauThe Holocaust (Shoah)

Uwe boll proudly presents the great Chinese famine

>>138916002I'd watch this.

>>138914856>>138915164>>138915167>>138915844>>138914889>>138914856He said historical events, dumbass

>>138914070>Christopher Nolan>Otto Skorzeny biopic

>>138915059A patriot and hero

2007/2008 Financial CollapseMichael Bay

Steven Spielberg9/11

spike leeanything from the crisis of the 3rd century

>Terrence Malick>Rasputin Biopic>Gasper Noè>Gilles de Rais Biopic>Mel Gibson>Jean d'Arc Biopic>Zack Snyder>Assassination of Caesar>Ridley Scott>Fall of Constantinople>Clint Eastwood>Robert E. Lee Biopic>Werner Herzog>Spanish conquest of the americas

CoppolaBattle for Grozny

>>138916273lemme guess. a blond hair, blue eyed Roman beats an African Christian to death for not burning incense to an obese white Caesar?

Michael Bay9/11

Sam Raimi Director and Star2021 Global Genocide (Documentary/Found Footage)

>>138916304What? Why?

>>138914070TarantinoJones Town

>Tarantino>The making of Apocalypse Now

>>138916375>Michael Bay>9/11I would love to see this !

Alejandro Iñárritu

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>>138914070Ridley ScottThe Battle of Chosin Reservior.

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>>138914070Why would Jackson direct a film about negroes in America in 2020?

>>138916754We're reaching critical levels of BASED here

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>>138916508This would be neat.

>clint Eastwood presents the hero of Kenosha

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>>138914070>Richard Kelly>Casey Anthony Case 2008-2014

>Tom Green>The Crusades

>Kubrick>life of Francisco Franco Imagine the fucking shots in Africa/Canary Islands/military academy

>Alejandro Jodorowsky>The 2016 US presidential election

Francis Ford CoppolaMaybe like a grand serious about the Mafia expanding in the United States

>>138914070>David Fincher>Cambridge Analytica

>>138914070I made this years ago so they're probably too old now

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>>138914070Michael BayThe Kino-Korean Hyperwar

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>>138914070>Wes Anderson>1905 Russian Baltic Fleet

Mel Gibson>ZOG


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Nolan and the battle of bir-hakeim. I wanna see how he manages to still shit on the french despite them having the starring role.

>>138916002The weak should fear the strong.

>Robert Rodriguez>The Bath Salts craze

>>138914070>David Fincher>life of da vinci starring dicaprio


>>138917054This is good

>Quentin Tarantino>Joan of Arc

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>>138914070george lucasthe american civil war.

>>138914070>Mel gibson>the ritual killing of simon of trent

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>>138914070You mean as a zombie film, right?

George millerThe battle of gallipoli Or the great emu war

Spike LeeThe fall of Constantinople

>>138916581would watch

>kubrick>my birth

David LynchThe Great Emu War

>>138917911I demand a cast for this immediately.

>Fincher>m00t biopic aka Social Network 2

>>138918793>Uma Thurman as Joan2 1/2 hours of her feet

>Spielberg>Sack of Corinth

>>138918833Too old. Need fresh blood.

it's funny how so many of the anons can't lose their incel identity even for a short post in a thread like this

>>138918863Her daughter


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Paul Greengrass1993 WTC Bombing

Jordan peele >the battle of rorke's drift130 English soldiers defeat a force of 4000 Zulu warriors

>>138915059>Mel Gibson>The Conquest of MexicoIt would be based because Mel wont downplay the subhuman religion and culture of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Wes AndersonThe Rape of Nanking

>>138914070steve mcqueenamerican slavery

>>138918883who let this bitch leave the kitchen

>>138914070>Guy Ritchie>Emu War

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>>138917911Off, imagine the feet shots.

>ridley scott>gulag archipelago

>Neil Breen >Armenian genocide in 4 parts

>>138914070>PTA>The fall of Rome

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>>138917535Fucking great idea

>Ridley Scott>Metabarons

Fritz Lang - 9/11

>>138914070>Zack Snyder>Norman Invasion of EnglandProbably wouldn't be historical, but I'd expect it to be kino.

>>138914070Wes Anderson, The Battle of Cannae

>>138916062Imagine thinking this is an original and hilarious comment to fill in a catptcha for

>>138917148>Hwan empire collapsed approximately 3 inches of avare penis lenght>jackie chanWould watch

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The fall of western civilization a 10 part series by ken burns>episode 1 women's suffrage

Holocaust directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the twist is that it really did happen and Hitler was right about everything

>>138919175Picking Ridley Scott for a historical movie is basically cheating.

>Mel Gibson>Dirlegang raiding easteurope

>>138914070>Nolan>The Mass Escape from Stalag Luft III

>>138914070>Bob Crane>An orgy involving me and some other people

>>138914070>tarantino>me being taken advantage of by Selma hayekThe event hasn't happened yet, but it will be historical and retold for ages once it does.




>David Lynch>Elliot Rodger biopicPolytechnique but with more blackpills and less feminism.

>>138918956holy kino, how tf would that play out?

>>138914070>paul dano>tulsa massacre

>>138918956>british in war of the worlds style fighting machines>zulu women and children running in fear being shot with heat rays

>>138915844>I did not gas them, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not gas them. I did not. Oh hi Himmler

>>138914070Christopher Nolan - J.Edgar>mr. President, I'm FBI

>Christopher Nolan>Battle of Alesiahardly any dialogue and the language is latin

>Mel Gibson>life and death of Joan of Arc

>Armando Ianucci>Diogenes biopicpic related in the title role

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>>138921872>>138921901would definitely get nominated for a load of oscars

>>138914070>Peter Jacksonare we continuing to pretend this guy is good ?Literally everything that hes done that isnt the 3 LOTR movies is dogshit.And he even managed to make Tolkien dogshit with the Hobbit cashgrab

>>138917911Already exists, it's called Fate Stay/Night

S Graig ZahlerBatavia shipwreck