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Tarantino > CostaStupid try-hard Non-American pseuds. Costa's films make no money, Tarantino's do. Simple as, better dialogue, better stories, more celver. Costa makes me feel depressed, Tarantino happy. You guys are stupid for rather feeling sad than happy.

Another webmless thread

wyler is underrated.

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Orson Welles was a hack.How did he make Citizen Kane?

Name a better actress than Berto.you can't.

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>>138912606This is some nice bait, I can't believe he fell for it but at the same time I want you to kill yourself

>>138912619BasedWhat have you seen?


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>>138912639Ambersons and Chimes are better>>138912648Cringy obsessed simp incel

>>138912487I watched that film when I was in high school and thought it was shit. Rewatched a year ago and man was I an idiot.

>>138912487Is it true if you fuck a bigfoot you turn into one?

Sorrentino is bad

>>138912785who is she? she looks like she can take a cock like


films to look forward to from venice?

>>138912934Because all his films/tv shows suck

Remember to vote for the 1970s canon if you haven't yet.

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To the WonderTree of LifeThin Red LineNew WorldBadlandsHidden Life(Still need to see the final 3)

>>138912619Definitely. His craft is superb, the detail and precision of his films give me the impression that he was an extremely talented individual. Eager to watch more of his films.

>>138912619he’s just a bit too jewish

>>138913073are you talking about Costa?

>>138913012Embarrassing. /film/ a shit

>>138912990Why? >>138913022More like final 4

>>138913131No Costa sucs

>>138913212says who?

>>138913012Welles BTFO. >>138913187Good. You can leave now.

>>138913209What final 4?I haven't seen Song to Song, Knight of Cups, Voyage of Time


>>138913410You didn't mention Days of Heaven.

>>138913469FuckTo the WonderTree of LifeThin Red LineDays of HeavenNew WorldBadlandsHidden Life

>>138913466no one important then

I watched Wake in Fright last night. The kangaroo shit was fucked but overall it was a good movie. It made me want to drink so much beer.

>>138913822NolanSpike LeeAva DuVernayBoots RileyRyan CooglerJordan PeeleDavid O. RussellSteven SoderberghDavid FincherSydney Lumet

>>138913964>Nolanstopped right there

>>138913822Alejandro Gonzalez-InarrituGuillermo del ToroAlfonso CuronNicolas Widing RefnBarry Jenkins

>>138913822Matt GroeningKevin SmithJudd ApatowJohn KrasinskiAdam McKayMatt ReevesSteven KnightThor FreudenthalPoopy DiaperPete DocterBrad BirdAndrew StantonLee UnkrichJohn LaesseterStephen Hilldenburg

>>138912976So far the best ones are only described as good, nothing amazing. Seems like the best films are waiting for Cannes.

>>138913822Celine SciammaEliza HittmannMiranda JulyAsgar FarhadiJafar PanahaiLisa CholodenkoGeorge MillerSeth MacfarlandJoon-ho BongChan-Wook Park

>>138913964>>138914008>>138914088>>138914308Take meds autist.


>>138914364Relax it's Sunday and am having some mindless fun. I listed directors I dislike

>>138914466Stop having fun autist.

It looks like Zhao may have tried to ape Alonso with her new film.


>>138914608Almodovar, Mundruczó, Dupieux>>138914524It didn't even play yet.

>>138914524in what way?

>>138912487What am I in for?

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>>138914738gay nonsense

>>138914712>>138914703A Still I saw of the film>>138914703>Almodovar, Mundruczó, DupieuxAlmodovar has been hit or miss lately

>>138914809Pain and Glory was good, and his Venice entry is a short film actualy (30 minutes)


>>138913187What would you put there? I don't even know why I'm asking because you guys never respond because you are insecure and embarrassed of your taste

>>138914802>>138914917the duality of /film/

>>138914897Pain and Glory and Skin I Live In were good, yesbut Julieta, Broken Embraces and I'm So Excited were not.

>>138912487>And with a budget a little over twice that of Cemetery, Memoria is his most expensive film to date. The script comprises a much greater number of locations as well as some unprecedentedly fancy toys, such as a 500-foot dolly, apparently the longest in Colombian film history, which I’m told required sourcing every dolly track available in the country. Today, Apichatpong is particularly happy with a construction crane, for some reason painted in psychedelic rainbow colors, that stands outstretched in the parking lot with two giant M90 lights atop its platform—the ‘sun’ shining through the set’s third floor window.New Joe film will be kino. He is also shooting with film/digital mix.

>>138914949Window Water Baby MovingArt of VisionDog Star ManMothlightThe Dead (1960)23rd Psalm Branch: Part IThigh Line Lyre TriangularWavelengthChelsea GirlsEmpireBlow JobMy HustlerOuter and Inner SpaceCouchBeauty No. 2Imitation of ChristScorpio RisingInvocation of My Demon BrotherTom Tom The Piper's SonDiaries, Notes and Sketches (Walden)Flaming CreaturesUnsere AfrikareiseArnulf RainerPortrait of JasonIn the Year of the Pig

>>138915208when will it be released

>>138915462>haha look at da colors flash

What's/film/ favourite Costa movie?

>>138915462Avant teens are embarrassing

>>138915531absolutely retarded>>138915542Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?

>>138915572>Avant teens are embarrassing>TeensI'm in my 30s, bud

>>138915586I know random flashing of color is the true genius. Speaks to my soul

>>138915630So you've seen none of the films I posted?

>>138915626You are acting like a teen in your 30s then. You were supposed to have grown out of it by now.

>>138913513my Malick list, which varies every year or so:The Thin Red Line/The Tree of LifeKnight of CupsVoyage of TimeDays of HeavenThe New WorldA Hidden LifeSong to SongTo the WonderBadlandsnot that I dislike Badlands but I don't get as much out of it as his other films.

>>138915572Back to /mu/

>>138915669These films were shown at bars and museums in the 60s, teens would have had no idea what these were. You think Anger was for teens? It got confiscated/banned.

>>138915680Explain to me why random flashes of color is genius I'm looking for a good laugh.

>>138914466ah, are you the misogynist sperg who claims women can't do art and fails to take into account patriarchal hegemony? if not, you've a brother on this general.

>>138915736Unironically what are you talking about?

>>138915743What? I just listed directors I disliked....

Not sure if it’s /film/, but I’m curious what everyone here thinks of Rocky.

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>>138915503Next year

>>138915869mediocre at bestFilm made for boomers

>>138915811Explain to me why Brakhage and Warhol touch your soul.

>>138915674Does Malick make you believe in God?

>>138915462>when pleb pretends to be patrician with muh experimental directorsEmbarrassing>>138915542Colossal Youth

>>138915884Neither are just 'flashing' colors.You're so out of touch with reality that it's not even worth explaining.Even Costa likes Warhol.


>>138915912>>when pleb pretends to be patrician with muh experimental directors>Embarrassing>Colossal YouthEverything about this post says 19 y.o. virgin. BRB getting laid.

>>138913012>PlaytimeFuck yeah!

>>138915743Most mentally ill post I've ever seen. You okay, tranny?

I got a poster, well more of a leaflet in the mail today, it's from the 1972 screening of The Human Condition in Japan. It's really cool.

>>138915969Says the person who thinks he is clever for namedropping Brakhage, Jacobs and Warhol. Kek. You will never have sex.

>>138912902She’s like 16 in that film lol

>>138916014post pics

>>138915928You can't explain it lol. You know you gonna look retarded when you try.

>>138915531>>138915572>>138915912I literally made this list to make fun of the Brakhage poster from the other day. ffs.

>>138915462nostalghia.com/TheTopics/Brakhage_and_Tarkovsky.htmlBrakhage BTFO

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>>138916027so what. its legal in many places. 16 year olds have gone through puberty. they are adults.

>>138915743Women can't do art. Well they can, but it's almost ALWAYS shit.>If this upsets you I don't care.

>>138916041What is there to explain?Warhol is very hit or miss, but it's a form of moving photography, the precise shots he uses either creates that sentiment or do not. It's like Benning. He also made narratives, and they usually express a form of chaos.Brakhage's are about the reduction of man to meat, and trying to find spiritual meaning behind it.Jacobs is capturing an aesthetic or a moment, Little stabs of happiness is him reflecting on his faded friendships, and Tom Tom is just people moving in and out of the Camera. Blonde Cobra is mostly nonsense, I kind of like it though.


>>138916193lol thanks

>>138914738where tf can I find this, rarbg's torrent is dead



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>>138916193So you like simplicity.

Some user told me this was better than Joan so I watched it and it wasn't, still pretty good though

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>>138916358>so I watched it and it wasn'tIt's okay to be wrong.

>>138916357No it’s not my favorite type of filmI just posted that list to make fun of the Brakhage user from the other day It’s good and I understand the appeal/acclaim, but it’s not my favorite

>>138914809>Zhao aping Alonoso>A still I saw of the filmlolz. best post of the thread so far. this type of absolute nonsense is what I expect from /film/.

>>138912487A fucking hack.

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>>138916011>>138916185 do cinephilia and misogyny go hand in hand or is it just this place?

>>138916193How do you tell if an avant garde film is bad? If I get a camera right now and just film whatever random shit I have around my house and then say it's about the reduction of man to meat, and trying to find spiritual meaning behind it. How would you say it's bad?

>>138916785grow out of referring to films/art as good or bad. these are awful qualifiers and only describe prejudicial subjectivity.

>>138916697Misogyny is a totally sensible and natural position. It's healthy to be a misogynist.>Everything in balance

>>138916833So nothing can be bad? A video of me shitting on the toilet filmed on my iPhone shouldn't be called bad?

>>138916932>Misogyny is a totally sensible>Healthy to hate womenman, this place really does attract stunted adolescents, doesn't it?

>homossexual>patrician taste in women's titsHow does he do it!?

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>>138916963the point kinda went over your head, amigo.

>>138917078I understand the point which is why I wrote what I wrote.

>>138917045homosexuals know their shit when it comes to style

>>138913012Where are the charts for the other decades?

>>138917019Misogynist>a person who hates or discriminates against women>a person who discriminates against women>merriam-webster.com/dictionary/misogynistYour flat out lying and passive aggressiveness is pathetic. Everybody with experience hates women a little bit, not totally, if you don't you're inexperienced.

>>138917215>Everybody with experience hates womenthank you for proving my previous point, child.

Btw, she's Eva Green's aunt.

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>>138917045Most homos have better taste in women than majority of men. >>138917207In the OP megalink.

>>138917110if you understood, you wouldn't have used the term to describe a recording of your bowel movement. you remain stuck in a binary conceptual paradigm and apparently either presently lack the critical thinking skills to grow out of it or are incapable of such.

>>138917286How long have you been married?

>>138917356Who are you to tell me how can I describe my own work?

>>138917555I am the user who twice proved you're an imbecile. Care to make it thrice?


>>138917177>>138917335I mean, look at Kika, for example. Juana and Kika are both butterfaces, but THEIR FUCKING TITS OMG!

>>138917286Yesit's natural for the sexes to have animosity towards each other. I'm guessing you're very young.

>>138917607No you proved that you shit in random places and nobody could call it bad because it makes you sad. Stay seething Euro tranny, I BTFO yesterday. American films are too much for you, no electricity where you are from, retard. ahahhahahah

Imagine shitting your pants and calling it art, imagine being not an American and not seeing our blockbusters. Absolute retards, I bet Europoors haven't even seen Dark Knight Yet, bnot my fault you live in third workld countries, retards.

>>138917045You can appreciate aesthetic beauty without being sexually attracted to someone, this is especially for true for artists.

>>138917286>>138917359Well kid? Why are you suddenly so silent?

>>138916324>>138916367Cool. Congrats user.

>>138916785It's conceptual/theoretical art, if you've seen any Brakhage you'd realize that that is not just me talking about of my ass.Yes, but it's not that easy. If you start doing that it'll take years to refine, and have anything worth showing off. You have to understand these films still abide by cinematic conventions: a manipulation of emotions resulting in a harmony. Mostly, these films do not work.You can instinctively feel if something is good, bad, profound, shallow, etc. without actually understanding it. film appeals to the subconcious/spiritual realm not just thought manifested in words.

>Vincent Gallo isn't a homosex-

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>>138917359Why would anyone marry?

>>138918098Because I'm talking to my friend who is a Moderator and he's working on permanently banning your IP. I can't be on a board with sexist incels like you.

>>138918159Kek. Wrong site.

How similar is Apichatpong to Bi Gan's movies?

>>138918108sissy hypno appeals to my subconscious in a realm thats not just thought manifested in words

>>138918159>pathetic 12yo replyYeah that's what I thought.>>138918146It's always been a trade off. The deal has just gotten shitter recently.

>>138918159Based. Thank you for cleaning the scum.

>>138918257Not much

>>138918159BASED friends with a moderator user

>>138918281Yeah IDK, it gets murky on some level desu.IK you're trolling, but I've thought about this a lot before, at what level would porn be good art. I mean most contemporary porn is low budget and just terrible, but certain forms of amateur porn could actually be profound. I mean Harmony Korine called a celebrity sex tape one of the most profound films that he has seen, and if you look at films Korine has reccomended in the past, they are all good stuff.

>>138899164Hate to rain on your parade and diligence doing all these but man is this a statistically insignificant mess. Oh fine it's memes and 'who cares' except as time distances the chart from these threads they will take on an aire of definitive authority as they get reposted and passed around the site when you title them "/films/ GUIDE" which imo they absolutely should not - representative of nothing more than a half dozen schizos personal taste that happened to be on /film/ those 3 days. Better a '/film/ August 2020 vote' with the number of people who voted explicitly stated

>>138918370>>138918314I hope you are getting paid for this obviously novice samefagging.>You don't have to reply, I'm not going to bother reading your cope/seeing your crap photoshop anyway

>>138918495There is like 40 regular posters here. Who even gives a shit, the picks are decent and if somebody isn't well versed in some decade there are some good starters there. Why are you even taking it so seriously, do you have autism or something?

>>138918439Anything I say is art if I'm allowed to use my subconscious

>>138916061"He looked puzzled as it was being translated to him and he said, "Don't you know that Tarkovsky went on talking about this for the rest of the day? For two hours they were raging and carrying on. And he's still talking about it!" He said he'd known Tarkovsky for years on and off in Poland, and many people think he's taken a vow of silence like in Andrei Rublov. For weeks he'll never say a word. He said he'd never heard him talk so much all at once and he said, "I'm very jealous!" He said he'd never seen him so excited about anything and that my films would cast a shadow through his work.I was very grateful to get that perspective from the Polish film maker, a perspective I might never have known."A nice easing of the situation by the translator. At least Brakhage seems sincere, and not conceited like the rest of the US filmmakers.

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>>138918599>GUIDE to the 60s>5 Antonioni lol at no Marienbad which I could've catapulted from non-placement to 13th place if I'd been here to vote.I agree it's a fine activity for us regulars to have some fun, I just don't like the way it's being presented.

>>138918711There are 4 Antonioni's. Pretty kino. Shame that Red Desert isn't in, you are correct. Yes, well voting through 7 days or something would have been too long.

Antonioni self conscious

>>138918829Zabriskie Point won't make 70s

>>1389130121. Apocalypse Now2. The Devils3. Nashville4. Stalker5. A Clockwork Orange6. Mirror7. The Ceremony8. Barry Lyndon 9. McCabe and Mrs. Miller10. Taxi Driver

>>138918887Yes, that would be correct. The Passenger might.

Fellini self important

>>138918159Based, misogyny doesn't have a place on 4channel

Tarkovsky man-child

>>138915542Colossal Youth


>>138912487lol she gets fucked by a fish

Is john Lasseter canon?


>>138919272>you just know

>>138915869Would watch with family or casual friends, would never watch on my own.

Starting with Lav Diaz today, not sure what to expect..

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How would you sum up In Vanda's Room?


It depends on the way you evaluate them. But if you dont want to develop some defined sense of evaluation for yourself, one way that always works: Lets say you watch 30 avant gard films, there is bound to be one or two that you like more than the rest of them some reason. Those are avant gard films that for some reason are good to you. It can be as simple as that. Or you can go beyond that and look at things like interpretation and execution blabla

Gallo gay

I know this is probably seen as filmed theatre as much of what makes it great is Albee's playwriting but what does /film/ think of this? I'm fairly pleased with the direction Lehman took with this.

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>>138916785>>138916963Forgot to quote you on this >>138919868

>>138919900it's okay, but with american kitchen sink I prefer Jon Jost and Cassavetes notably Sure Fire and Faces respectively

>>138919615Long static takes

Bresson pedo

What should I watch next and what should I delete from my list?

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>>138920341You should go back>>>/r/eddit

>>138919318Yes, so are the first 5 Pixar directors (Stanton, Bird, Lasseter, Pocter, and Unkrich with Unkirch being fringe) Cars, 2, 3, and Coco all were not good films.

>>138920341Depends. You should watch previous Costa's films before CY if you haven't seen them. Same goes for Lancelot du Lac and Bresson imo. All of those are at least decent. Watch L'Avventura and Sansho

>>138912487WTF did I just watch

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>>138919900It uses the medium well. I wouldn't call it filmed theater. Fun film.

So, this one is from VeniceFF, looks interesting, and the guy I know who's currently there said it's great. Never Gonna Snow Again.youtu.be/bIkas95UPF8

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>>138920129Appreciate the recs

Anyone here is an erotic aficionado?

>>138920473Kino. Based Rivette.

>>138919792you can't

>>138920578Looks like art house capeshit. Fun watch, but I doubt it will be good.

>>138921512>arthouse capeshit dafuq?

>>138920634My name is Mrs. B and my favorite eroticc adfficiando is Edstrom. He is so fucking sexy.

Why is TSPDT so highly touted, I was just looking at the 21st century and there was interesting stuff I've seen posted on here like Eugene Green, Gradieux, Dumont, Roy Andersson, Costa, Straub, Alsono, Serra, Reygadas, Llinás Seidl, Zvyganistev, but then there's Booksmart, Barry Jenkins, Peele, Joker, Mission Impossible. I guess it's good if you remove the American titles, right?

>>138915883>>138915944>>138919505Pretentious twats

>>138922015>TSPDTWhat do you mean?>BooksmartI think it's a generic comedy but it's about muh lesbians or something so it got good reviews>Barry JenkinsMoonlight was decent, Beale Streat was not>PeeleHe's praised for political reasons mostly, but he's not as awful as this board makes him out to be. >JokerLe not like other capeshit>Mission ImpossibleThey're praised for being good action movies, and they're in fact good action movies, see no problem here.