The Boys

Who is your favourite character?For me? It's The Deep.

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>>138911861Probably because you can relate.

>>138911861Homelander. I've been skipping all of The Deep's scenes with his Patton Oswalt gills

>>138911890>implying OP ever got a blowjob

>>138911861Why were the gills talking?

>>138911861Billy Butchah, cuz he's facking diabolical. Epic show btw

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>The Boys

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>>138912081how can a drink that looks so good taste so shit

>>138911890Yeah, I have gills too.

every scene with noir is kino

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The "stay in your containment thread" man

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>>138911861im surprised this show is actually funny in a unique way, i've never seen a joke like this

>>138911861S1 ATrain by far had the best scenes >runs through Hughies gf>hospital visit>kills his gf>fallout with his bro>smashes girls head super fast in to the wall in subway >starts fluttering around when he's too high>fight scene where he's going to beat the shit out of Starlight, but has heart attackit seems like they're turning him into a straight villain in S2 with no redeeming qualities, though

>>138912755This is the only part of the comics they need to adapt 100% accurately

>>138912030He was high as fuck on mushrooms.

>>138912874What happens in that part?

>>138913603He asks people if they want gum

I don't get the point of this cult thing they're doing with the deep, they kept focusing on how they were making him drink that specific soda, is it supposed to mean something?

>>138911861I really hate looking at those gills. They skeev me out

>>138914228I think the show is poking fun at other shows that rely heavily on marketing campaigns for funding and that's why they went with Fresca. Nobody on the planet drinks that shit. It would be like marketing Tab cola in the 90s

>>138914228>>138914338The drink is definitely going to be some sort of brainwashing think for the cult. It does work as a parody of product placement too though, which fits the show pretty well.

>>138911913i thought the voice was faggy

>>138912661this is true, so i'm wondering how they are going to ruin that

>>138914228I think the cult thing is a joke on how a lot of hollywood keeps joining Scientology.

>>138914338psychic fingers man used a FRESCA™ to cut the tape off his hands, its not parodying anything

>>138912871The hospital visit was straight up kino.

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>>138914972Dont ever reply to any of my comments again or I will beat the shit out of you

thoughts on the boys>season 2huge drop of quality compared to season 1maybe its not that it is bad, but how great the first episode of the boys wasthey put out 3 fucking episodes and I am less hooked than I was after watching single first episode of season 1>deepwaste of screen timetoo bad they could not make something interesting with queenwould love to her have on screen more, but not like they choose too, boring, eye clawing shit... rather from position of not giving a fuck and while being evil can be good too>black noircoolest character>homelanderhe is fucking carrying the show now on his sole soldiers>butcherkinda started to be caricature>stormfrontso they hired 40 year old jew to play someone who act like 20 year old instagram girl>restawaiting, something

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>>138915539why does Huey suck now? He's too whiny and I thought he grew out of that quickly in season 1

>>138915628who the fuck careshe will never be the draw of the series...

>>138915043is A train even that much of an asshole compared to the comics? from what i've seen he's a normal dude way way way in over his head

>>138915655that's true but he's supposed to be the straight man character that the audience relates to, and yet Butcher seems more relatable despite being written like an uncaring asshole

>>138915750Comics A-Train is actually like that as well, just more exaggerated. From A-Train's appearances in s2 so far, I think he's more accurate to his comics personality there than in s1.In both, he is essentially just the typical young superstar blowing through drugs and hookers, but in the comics it's a lot more apparent that he doesn't really like any of the rest of the Seven and none of them like him, aside from Jack from Jupiter who they cut from the show.

>>138912098>The Girls

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>>138915915oh yeah, don't A Train and the Deep end up leaving the Seven? they seemed to be the only 'redeemable' of the Seven, even if they're still assholes

>>138916021The Deep is the only member of the Seven who doesn't die, but that's really just because he's a non-character in the comic.

>>138911890I too, enjoy Fresca.

>>138915628They didn't know what to do with himRemember he chooses to go against the supers out of revenge, and he kills translucent in cold blood.He was being set up to become more off the rails and vengeful, but at the end of s1 he lets A train live. So now what is his motivation exactly? Not revenge any more, just a mild anti-superhero feeling? That's weak.

>>138916093 comic A train didnt deserve that death since Hughie's gf's death was an accident missed opportunity for a redemption arc but Ennis is a fucking sperg so what can ya do

Is there a more overrated piece of trash than this? When I was in film school the alumni and I laughed this garbage out of the building. The French noir it rips off is superior in every way. Scorsese is a hack.

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>>138916334Holy fuck, Scorsese BTFO what a faggot

>>138914972no, he used some Homelander energy drink

>>138916334Thank god someone said it, this faggot is an overrated French noir rip off artist

>>138911890OP got raped?

>>138916298Ennis hates superheroes if they aren't Superman, so that's why every supe in the comic is either a grade A cunt or literally retarded.That's one change I really welcome in the show. They've made the Seven have much more depth which allows for some empathy, even if most of the time they're still terrible people

>>138916334Jesus christ Scorsese just keeps getting BTFO, what a gigantic hack

>>138916334This is the best pasta to have come out from Holla Forums in a long time, Martin Scorsese is an overrated moron

Butch ramming that fucking whale with the boat was great.

>>138916334Kek it just got revealed that this fag has been taking it up the ass from Deniro. Thank fuck this loser has gotten exposed

>>138916334Scorsese getting destroyed again. What an embarrassment

>>138916334>Fuck this faggot who actually even watches his terrible movies

>>138916334Based. Scorsesecucks eternally seething

What was his problem?

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>the boys starlight porn parody>it's VRgod damn vr porn, just release normal videoswho the fuck is strapping a $500 headset on to jerk off

>>138917272>who the fuck is strapping a $500 headset on to jerk offOH sweet summer child


>>138911861i like homelander, deep and stormfront seems cool so far

>>138917095pic related hasn't stomped his shit in yet

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I like "turn off the tv man" and "find something better to watch" lad.

>>138914826>Pessimism is a good lifestyle choice

>>138915539>so they hired 40 year old jew to play someone who act like 20 year old instagram girlImplying that's not how 40 year old jews act irl.

>>138912871I'm hoping for an A-Train redemption arc. I really like the stress associated with trying to stay the fastest man in the world despite getting older and being forced to take superhero roids to stay on top.He's positioned as a villain but he's more sympathetic than most of the other characters on the show.

So what was the point of the scenes where Kimiko was trying to explain Boy

>>138919609They were the few words of communication she knew, so she was trying to make Frenchie understand the link between girl (her) and boy (her brother)

>>138911913>allThere was only one

>>138912661this>him just sipping soda through a straw>him scaring the dude away so he could play piano>his entire solo scene in S2>him crying when the compound v shit was revealedbest character

>>138911861>don't know the actual song, so when I see the lyrics I hear Selma singing them in that episode of The Simpsons>mfw

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>>138915628Because they're probably trying to set up Butcher as the bad guy.Why do you think that even when Butcher was in the right to try and take the shot against Kimiko's brother they were all siding against him, or when they were all on the boat he was the only one who wasn't fellating him. They're trying to make him seem terrible. Moreso then he actually is

el sexo

>>138919609>>138920055Kimiko's actress really sold the expression and emotion during the sign language scenes with her brother. Poor thing.

Why didn't Homelander just laser the terrorist's gun? He did it in his intro scene, so it's not like it's a hard move, and he was out of sight, so he could have xrayed through a door or panel to get to it--besides, when he does it to the robber at the start, he has great control, hitting just the gun

When will Noir stomp Homelander

Hughie is literally me.