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HoH: XmasNoms: Bayleigh/DavonneVeto: XmasBB Basement Winners: Dani, Xmas, TBD

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>>138910921first for the winner of this season

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second for canonical sloppy seconds

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twitter.com/janellepierzina/status/1302583578660929536?s=21Sloppy seconds and aggro janelle comfirmed


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When did Xmas start doing good

>>138911961this week


>>138911961three hours into the show, when feeds were down waiting for the west coast airing to end, when she made a secret alliance with tyler

>>138912570What's the nbuddy bombs

>>138911961she hasnt really had to do anything this week. everything is happening around her and she is benefitting

You have to impregnate and raise a child with 1 black Big Brother female. Which do you choose?

>>138912786Amber from BB16

>>138912832>Raising a half-reptilian childinstagram.com/p/B_LRpyUnbSM/

>>138912786queen kemi, obviously

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>>138912786bb3 danielle

Natalie Negrotti two nights ago

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>>138912786BB15 Candice

So I just finished watching BB6. At the finale April said she and Howie were roommates in the jury house. Uhh... She was with him instead of Jennifer? And he was kissing on her and everything. So did they fuck or what?

>>138910921how has the season been so far?I haven’t been around much this year

>>138913563i only read one line posts

>>138913227Natalie Negrotti one hour ago

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>>138913629your loss, the second line was the best.


unless one of the outsiders wins HOH in the next couple of weeks and takes a swing at power structure, my boy Memphis is fuckedsucks

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>>138914023only enzo and david want him out



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>>138912593but it was on the feeds, it happened later

if bayleigh is a triathlete now are they also gonna make her run and swim are they afraid that she might not know how to swim

>>138914292he is expendable to tyler, dani and rat


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>>138914577this would be based. that punishment was way too weak. 500 laps in the pool and 500 joggings in the yard

the big brother twitter posted the kaysar goodbye messages

realest dude out thereyoutube.com/watch?v=DwegXjny0XY

last night bay was ranting about being a beauty queen and how everyone loves her but inside the bb house she is hated for some reason and that she cant stand to listen to everyones stories and nobody listens to herthe usual update people didnt even take note of it

>>138915430shut up racist

>>138915521all of them took note of how she talked about loving swaggy in the hammock

Davonne keeps saying that was the game she went out on in 18 but didn’t Paulie and Corey lose that comp and Paulie went home?

>>138910921So are you all women and gays ITT or what?

>>1389156103 or 4 girls, 1 gay and at least 2 trans. the rest are dudes

>>138915600Paulie won the sprint comp

>>138915646Cool, thanks for ending my curiosity. Proceed with your dicussions, see ya.

>>138915610sorry meant to post this in the capeshit threads. carry on

>>138914701kek he looks more menacing with his mask on.

>>138915673you now you wanna watch

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>>1389156461 only tranny and it's bridgebro whos tried to kill himself multiple times so we'll be at 0 soon

>>138911527Knew that tweet was coming.

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>>138915810im not bridgebro and ive been here the whole time

>>138915886looking forward to your suicide you abomination

memphis is vertical

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>>138915810This is why trannies are always shitting up threads with blogposts and drawing attention to themselves. Am just humble user who watches Big Boober and likes to shitpost about it, where’s my nickname huh? Where’s the 50 posts discussing theories about my life and circumstances? Why am I a second class user here just cause I don’t take cocks up the ass or dream about cutting my dick off? Really grinds my gears to be honest.

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>>138916111>Janelle sucks>Nicole is the best female BB player of all timewtf I love Russell now?!

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This season is so boring and safe

you can always tell when NEET /bb/ flares up

>>138916166we have called aggro on many occasions

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bb3 danielle going after andy on twitter rn

>>138916203His nephew brought disgraceu and ruined the family name

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>>138916636what did Andy say? He deleted his tweet.

>>138916636i see andy was trying to whine about racism lol

>>138916566>Memphis “if it ain’t white it ain’t right” Garrett>Memphis “empty my nine in the welfare line” Garrett>Memphis “evicted quarky now let’s get the darkies” Garrett>Memphis “kick out the blacks so we can relax” Garrett>Memphis “kicked out the nerd who wouldn’t say the 14 words” Garrett>Memphis “destroying bayday for that bb payday” Garrett >Memphis “coon destroyer” Garrett

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>>138916885>tfw no more comfy kaysar and memphis morning convos

>>138916935bay tried yesterday because im sure the DR told her that memphis got a tv segment but it was just sad and forced

>>138916885>>138916917Movies where the protagonist is revealed to have been lying to the viewer all along?

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>>138916917>Memphis “destroying bayday for that bb payday” Garrett

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>>138916998you gonna get it anyway

>>138916917I'm reading it in his voice

>>138917005What's the plot twist? I don't get your image

>>138916998Once Bay is gone, DR will get Tyler to do it.

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i had a dream i was in the bb house competing for the half mil. for some reason memphis being aggressive really hated me and was trying to get me out. he had the HOH camera and took a video of dani talking to a few other in the kitchen and he when she walked away he caught me making this face. he showed it to me and told me he was going to show everyone and out me LOLi woke up but then fell back asleep and we were buddies. he was talking strategy in my ear and we were about to make an f2 and i woke up again

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>>138917534Apply for the next season that could happen

>>138917534>video of dani talking to a few other in the kitchen and he when she walked away he caught me making this faceTell me about your feelings for dani.

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>11amwakey wakey

>>138917534its really fuckin weird ive never had a single bb dream in my life but in the past week ive had 2 dreams where im playing on bb22

>>138917731i have them every season but usually the HGs are different and its a different house. all-stars in the bbcan house type weirdness

>>138917984Bbcan is bad for your brain and dilutes the brand tbph. If bbus is a busty blonde high end escort you date for 3 months every year bbcan is a tranny giving you dumpster blowjobs.

>>138917984i dont like the my mental state is regressing towards someone who watches minor league bb

>>138917731>>138917984I always no life the feeds and this is the first year that I've had bb dreams. Is it something to do with all the cast members being familiar already? /bb/ psychologists where you at?

>>138918149>>138918215ive never watched a single ep of bbcan. just a few highlights that get posted here. i just mean to say the house is always really over the top and not the bbusa house. its not even the bbcan house cause i dont know its layout. its just really grand

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rat unitard without the outer part

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cody going to rape scare dani

>>138918869Sittin' Right

Who was in the right /bb/?

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>>138919071thats actually funny

>>138918694kawaii desu ~~

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cody is so sexy, ladiesi wouldn't mind being stuck in a house with him :)

>>138919071Why do leftists hate black conservatives so much.

>>138919274this is a big brother thread

>>138919024Andy is wrong. Just admit you didn't speak up because it would have been bad for your game.

>>138919274Because they see them as traitors.

questionhow do vegans contend with grilling after the meateaters cook and leave their animal residue all over it

outdoors is open

>>138919024>we were saying bad things because of production and casting not because of us

>>138919303Wtf why?

>>138919233very true

>couldn’t care less intensifies

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>>138919316they deal with it like the spineless animal simps they are

youtube.com/watch?v=WNsS2b3lYYcwe're back gals!!!

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when was the last time they gave them the grill I don't remember it since 18

Imagine waking up to this every day

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>>138919538OTT, 20 and 21 all got one

>>138919538didnt they melt some plastic shit with the grill in bb18?

monke dying laughing in the bathroom with a banana in her mouthCUTE

the bbcan house is too fucking bright

>>138919773weird I don't remember it in 20 and 21 at all

>>138919874onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-bbq-kick-back-with-a-cold-beer-a-juicy-burger-and-hot-buns-around-the-pool/also here is kc giving angela a bite of a burger right off the grill (when she still ate meat)

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>>138919452>do you think Ian can become the first two time winner?>YES

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nicoles skirt is too big. almost as if her costume was sized for a larger girl. they were counting on bay getting it

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>>138918149>>138918435Bbcan has been better than every modern us season, except for 17

>>138920392Gr8 b8 m8 r8 8/8

>>138920392we are saving unpopular opinions edition for the next thread

there's only one thing bbcan is good for, and that's neda

ian just let xmas beat him at backgammon

>>138920488gr8 8s m8 r8 8/8

>>138920488>>138920509How has it not? Only thing that is worse is that it's twist heavy.

>>138920161Is he crying at the end? Kek

Why is he sitting like this?

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>>138920855power move

>day hanging out with the girls laughing and having a good time>bay isolating herself and sleeping

>>138920992day is gonna win this season

>>138921049if tyler gets out early maybe

>>138921049xmas won't allow a buddy to get into F5

>>138919452>tyler wants to play a straightforward game and just win comps this seasonwtf are we not gonna get the mistman this season??

niggers are so ugly broswhy can't we have an non-nigger season

>>138921584mistman even misted his long-term gfwow

>>138919024No one is even racist this season and twitter cry babies are making BB22 out to be jim crow n shit. just stfu.Also, two POC in BB20 managed to make it all the way to the end, JC and Kaycee, there's no bias, they were good players unlike Bay/Day/David

>>138919677she's cute, smart, and fun you miserable retard

>>138917731Like 60% of the dreams I remember take place on a cruise ship, I haven't been on a cruise for like a decade but my brain goes thereThe other night I saw like this elevated perch that I wanted to check out, but I had to cut through like an outdoor pool area to reach it. The pool area is empty and dark, everyone is inside partying.Anyway, Cody comes outside and thinks I'm Nicole. He tells me to come back to the party. "Nicole what are you doing out here". I try yelling back that I'm not Nicole but the noise from the party is too loud

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>>138919677my dream life

>>138921595watch the n-bombs bro

>Worst Nicole gone>Janelle gone>Kaysar gone>Bayleigh soon to be gonewho can stop her?

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maybe christmas shouldnt have put up the buddies

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>>138920992>punches walls>gets pissy at the smallest comments>storms out of conversations after simple slips of the tongue>always acts superior to everyone around her>never attempted to play the game with anyone except Dayvonne and somewhat Tyler>never participated in any of the game night charades>instantly betrayed the first person that game to her with a genuine game plan to climb up from the bottomI DON'T GET IT! HOW DID I BECOME "THAT GIRL"!?!?

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>>138921894nobody is going to read that gay shit

what are buddies?

>>138921796She won't win. her and Cody have the stink after the wall yeller incident and the Kaysar suicide bomb. F5 is going to be Christmas, Tyler, Enzo, Memphis , and either Ian or David depending on who the house perceives as a better goat.

>>138921894Tamar is easily the loudest black woman to ever play BB and she won