pause the movie at 45:45, take a screenshot and post it hereothers guess

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>>138909612Looks like some gay star trek shit>>13890966120000 league under the sea?

>>138909721>20000 league under the sea?yup

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>>138909702Hero?Mulan?red cliff?

you guys will never guess this

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>>138909756it's Mulan

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Attached: 6.png (1920x1080, 1.06M)

big win if you get this one.

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Attached: 7.png (1920x1080, 1.81M)

Attached: 8.png (1920x1080, 845.46K)

Attached: 4545.png (1920x1080, 2.23M)

>>138909975shin godzilla?

>>138909874Taken?Taken 2: The Streets?Taken The Third?

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>>138910004collateraland yes for Taken 3

Attached: 9.png (1920x1080, 2.55M)


Attached: snapped00004.png (1280x688, 661.41K)

>>138910141starship troopers

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-09-06-16h33m50s030.png (1920x808, 1.84M)

>>138910180Drunken Master

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>>138910268hot fuzz

Attached: Untitled.png (1920x1080, 1.88M)

damn. the stuff I have saved on my computer are too easy. I'm going to have to bust out the external.

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>>138909918Regarding Henry

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>>138909836i'm thinking of ending things

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>>138909612Phase IVNice post user


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>>138910391Onna ga Kaidan o Agaru Toki


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>>138910496correct!>>138910532winter soldier>>138910516nope>>138910526yup

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Attached: snapped00010.png (1920x1040, 2.82M)

>>138910564ten commandments


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>>138910564winter soldier is correct

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>>138910641thief of baghdad


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>>138910570jurassic goat

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>>138910472gimme a hint. is mirielle darc in this film?


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This is way too easy

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>>138909891you can count on me

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>>138910673apocalypse now?>>138910714fantomas?


>>138910728inception>>138910755king of staten island>>138910779nope>>138910779nope

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>>138910762 >>138910730incorrect>>138910714yes

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>>138910472the swimmer?


Attached: Untitled 9.png (1920x1080, 1.5M)

>>138910784>>138910797Inception is right! this is my last one. everything else I got is super obvious.

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>>138909918Patriot Games

>>138910872gone girl>>138910875yup

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>>138909891The Sweetest Thing?

>>138909975Battle Royale?

>>138910268The End of the World?

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A tough one let's see if there are any horror movie connoisseurs..

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>>138909975That's too high quality for BR

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>>138910907on the silver globe?>>138910830Saving private Ryan?>>138910643Antichrist?

>>138910695no>>138910838no, but there's a lot of swimming

>>138910472>>138912804La piscine

>>138912679>on the silver globeyup>>138910472swimming pool (2003)? or maybe the swimming pool (1969)?

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>>138912896blade runner?

>>138909918Indiana Jones


>>138910797Is that young Belmondo ? In A bout de souffle ?

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>>138913400that's Belmondo but the film is wrong

>>138910268shaun of the dead

>>138910857female prisoner?


>>138910857female prisoner>>138912344braindead


>>138910459Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

>>138910570Goat Park

>>138912382The Beyond?


>>138914074>braindeadYup ! >>138914342>The Beyond?Nope, it was released a bit later.>>138914460Wait, you're not me.

>>138912849close. the director did a remake of la piscine

>>138915614ok so it's some Ozon flick

>>138909755Last tango?

>>138916446It's Cosmopolis

>>138910472But you have so much to live for, user.

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>>138916593first love

>>138916557Looked like Marlon Brando fucking that French chick


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Attached: 1575771522057.jpg (1920x804, 217.15K)

>>138916892a dirty carnival>>138916848i saw the devil?>>138916933some kang ho song flick

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>>138916933probably the show must go onI watched all of his movies

>>138917140secret sunshine

>>138917058>a dirty carnivalcorrect>i saw the devilit's the city of violence>>138917188it's secret reunion>>138916748it's a bittersweet life

>>138916593bittersweet life?


Attached: 45451.png (1949x1073, 2.94M)

>>138909829Falling Down

>>138917268the scene where she runs to him for help only to find him doing karaoke alone was the saddest thing I've ever seen

Attached: 41412.png (2560x1080, 934.72K)

>>138917727so I got it right?


>>138917916neatIt's my second favorite lee chang dong film after Oasis


Attached: guess.png (1920x804, 1.29M)

>>138909918KEK obviously Gaytriot Games.


Attached: 00.45.45.jpg (1920x1036, 876.17K)

>>138910570Muslim Sex Fest 17

>>138917730Rambo 3?

Attached: 00.45.45_2.jpg (720x304, 97.38K)

>>138918581polar express

>>138918500You got it.

>>138909829American History X?

>>138912382Demons 2


>>138918398Hard Boiled


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>>138914342>>138918987Nope it has one of the greatest music theme in horror if that helps. Oh and meant that this movie was released after The Beyond, I realized afterward that the way I said that could have been confusing.

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>>138919863Bridge on the River Kwai?

>>138919863Apocalypse now

>>138910496>Phase IVHoly shit, this movie is real? I thought I dreamt this as a kid

>>138919902Nope.More recent.


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Attached: hhhhh.png (1406x756, 2.11M)


Attached: file.png (1634x908, 1.39M)

>>138920126It Happened One Night


Attached: movie.jpg (1063x605, 122.12K)





Attached: D.jpg (1920x816, 167.2K)

>>138920445Ghost in the Shell 2?

>>138920736Nope. Hint is that there's a mid-film credits scene.

>>138920734galaxy quest

>>138920265Under the skin

>>138920752End of Evangelion?


Attached: climax.jpg (1280x688, 124.35K)


Attached: 1571468364575.png (1440x1080, 1.08M)

>>138909953In Cold Blood?

>>138920915groundhog day?

>>138909612Good luck

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Attached: useless.jpg (480x360, 17.06K)


Attached: 4545.jpg (1917x939, 281.34K)


Attached: ninja_dog.jpg (1920x1080, 228.11K)

>>138910472>>138915762Must be Guadagnino. Call me by your name? I havent seen it



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generic shot from an ungeneric film

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>>138921171Nacho Libre.

>>138921131Discreet charm of the bourgoise

>>138919863Good bad and ugly

>>138921244Nice digits and correct muh man.


>>138910169>>138910141Have you seen 1995's 'Space Above and Beyond'?


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>>138921193Batman Forever? (lmao)


>>138921138kung pow. love that movie