Nazi jew from Seattle.

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>>138908266So long as you don't call her white.

>>138908266you forgot>fem

She showed those goys

>>138908266anon im so glad you made this thread, for we do not have enough stormfront threads as it is.

>>138908266I loved when she dabbed on those black and yellow niggers

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>>138908266>>138908340You gotta be 18+ to post here kiddo.Why don't you take your superhero movies and go back to playing fortnite?

I thought she was from Portland

>>138908340>its ok when kikes do it>>138908323Shutup kike

>>138908377das rite

>Holla Forums doesn’t understand the difference between an actor and a characterI knew you guys were stupid but the spam on this board proves you’re even stupider than that

>>138908345>You gotta be 18+ to post here kiddo.

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>>138908266portland actually you yellow bastardalso i have a strange feeling the actress's ethnicity is going to be brought up as a defense. "she can't be racist she's a jew!" or something to that effect.i think it will back fire. i think this is going to be a two pronged victory for racists: showing racism is kino, showing jews trying to schnoz out of it and naming themselves.

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>>138908427of course when this doesn’t happen you will pretend you never said it would to begin with. heart disease is too good for Holla Forums sjws

>>138908266why would the writers make jews look so bad in their tv series? jews aren't that racist

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>>138908519>>138908427you incels really are the same as sjws but even dumber. impressive

>>138908266She has huge hips.

>>138908621BIG KHAZAR HIPS

>>138908603>you incels really are the same as sjwsWe arent 300Ib land whales with purple hair and cunts for genitals LMAO.>undermined again

>>138908519Cryptic irony but it back fired HARD. Just more meme fuel for Trumps victory come November.

>>138908427>when this doesn’t happen1) stormfront's racism is only just getting started. the character is casually and legitimately genocidal against inferior races.2) this is going to get even more problematic, such that the actress/writers will have to respond3) the will inevitably bring up the holocaust and how she's a jew so she gets it4) this will in no way appease people and the topic will shift to her being a jewin this world it is likely.

I’ve only browsed an hour or two in the last couple days and I’ve seen dozens of this same thread ree’ing about jews for seemingly no reason. as dumb as this board usually is something seems off, like the Holla Forumscels are particularly triggered and doing insane damage control

>>138908721>Trumps victory come November.lmao how delusional can one person be. repubs don't even like Trump anymore.

>>138908764>lmao how delusional can one person be. repubs don't even like Trump anymore.Oh dear.

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>>138908764How come you cuntoids cant use capital letters? I see it alot onr3ddit groups like FDS and lolcow.

>>138908764(you) better say sikeeven dems are noticing the chimpout protests

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>>138908749lurk more faggot we love it

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>>138908746it’s funny who is crying about this lol. a handful of sjws, and Holla Forums sjws what a surprise

Imagine Henry Cavill as Stormfront. Now that would have been kino.

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>>138908764aww, still voting Trump

I'm disappointed by the fact she doesn't dab.

>when you're so racist that a racist you are racist against triggers you. Cry more, faggots.

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>>138908323we can literally NEVER have enough

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>>138908857we're not crying about it.did you not hear anything i said?it's great.

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>>138908621Look again dumbass.

>>138908746>1)ya love to see it

>>138909009>the hero Holla Forums deserves

>>138909009came here to point this out

>>138908953AOC would probably be a crazy fuckDeep down you know she craves white cock/domination...

>>138909015you “love it” because of a victim fantasy you’ve concocted and you’re obsessed with joooooosso you don’t love it, you’re having a mental breakdown and coping

>>138908877Agreed.Chadville smashing inferior mutts and race mixers would definitely have saved Holla Forums

>>138909128you're projecting

>>138908519Her mother is Catholic. I think her husband is like Italian or something (then again, he looks like a bit of a Jew) so they probably don't care.

>>138909009kinda wild how predictable and (therefore) low IQ this site is. a racist character in a tv show and half the brainlets celebrate and the other half go into full damage control because they’ve spent years pushing a narrative that the media can’t have a character like this. this site is basically right wing tumblr at this point. a bunch of easily triggered, morally repugnant and stupid crybabies obsessed with identity politics

>>138909097AOC's boyfriend on the left. typical domineering type. these types always without fail fetishize white cock. you can be sure that the more a woman yells about white supremacy or whiteness, the more her porn results are about big white cock colonizing or bleaching someone.

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Based Stormfront going heel to make based Homelander get over as a face.

>>138908266>EP2>Non stop references to Portland and SeattleKikes on suicide watch. This really didnt pan out for them. Hiw long until the the show is cancelled.

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>>138909261That body posture says it all. She is a slave to him in the bedroomMust be nice

>>138909200never seen a /pol shill mention someone’s non-jewish heritage before. holy shit you all are panicking

>>138909200Shes Jewish. Birthing a Jew in Italy does not make it Italian. Being Catholic is just one of the ways they try to hide who they are. Shame it shows in her face and voice because genetics


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>>138909398Woops wrong pic

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>>138909387this sounds a lot like gender-fluid sjw stuff. Holla Forums is just sjw

>>138909433imagine how good it would feel to slide up behind her and give those things a squeeze

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>>138909235you are the same guy saying "pol sjws" in every thread right? just leave and don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out tubby

>>138909446Fuck off Moishe

>>138909387that’s not how genes or logic work. you can’t just pretend one part is more important than the others because you have a political agenda and feels

>>138909586>you can have catholic genesplease stop posting

>>138909387In Jewish Law the inheritence is matrilineal, from the mother except for Levites.

>>138909560You are SJWs, without a doubt. Notice how a racist character appeared on TV and you incels haven’t stopped spamming about it in how many hours now?


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>>138909586I guarantee she hasn’t got a lick of Italian in her. She is pure Ashkenazi


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>>138909632you are completely alone. whatever dumb belief you're shilling died before it was born.

>>138909613>>138909651I noticed Holla Forums pushes the “Jewish matrilineal” thing until someone has a Christian mother and a Jewish father, then suddenly they drop it. They literally are worse than SJWs, on top of their chimp intelligence. You can’t even call them dishonest or hypocritical because really what they are is NPC

>>138908266She cute though

>>138909651so now race is a matter of opinion and you can “identify” as something? wow you guys instantly adopt leftist beliefs when you lose an argument

>>138909726It’s just an explanation. Every half Jew is always raised Jewish and considers themselves Jewish, then hides under the ethnicity of the other half. They are a gypsy like cult and their genes are strong.

>>138909701Considering how low the avg IQ is here I would be concerned if anyone were agreeing with me

>>138908681You don’t look the same but you most certainly think the same way

>>138909820the eternal midwit, allow me to venture a guess that you have always seen yourself as "usually above average" too

>>138909877I know for a fact I’m well above average, but even if I were average I would be multiple standard deviations smarter than any Holla Forumsyp

>>138909817how is anyone stupid enough to believe stuff like this? Holla Forums brainwashing is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen. you are literally more delusional than a furry gender fluid helicopter

>>138909817is this satire? i can't tell anymore

>>138909920It's funny that you don't know how out of the loop you are in admitting all of this. Much comfort to be found in knowing you will never solve your problems, let alone know why you have them.

God she's cute imagine her nose

>>138910048Yeah I imagine it brushing up over my asshole while she looks my balls from behind and pulls down on my cock.

>>138910137Hahah imagine the Jewishness hahaha I fucking hate jews so much imagine gassing her out with braaaps hahaha nooo the kikerinos

>>138909817Genes don’t work that way, people don’t work that way, logic doesn’t work that way. I’m convinced the neonazi is the least intelligent sapien in the last 200,000 years.

fresh off reddit

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>>138909235Wrong it's because she's a 5/10 wide hipped cute jewAnd plays up the whole Dom Amazon mommy thing so it ticks all of Holla Forumss fetish boxesMe personally I just think she's cute and the jew playing a nazi makes it taboo and hot.You two can whine about iq this and midwit that but at the end of the day we wunna fuck her so I don't give a fuck my dick overrides my racist shit lmao fuck niggers fuck jews fuck Asians fuck you

>>138910048>>138910137she doesn’t have a big nose at all. I guess the alternative is being wrong about years of shilling so your only choice is to hallucinate a big nose on anyone with Jewish relatives? the psychology of right SJWs is interesting

Why did she kill everyone in the building?

>>138910320Haha imagine her calling me a rightist sjw as she lightly zaps my balls and prostate as she sucks the cum into her jewjewoven while quoting Alex jones


>>138910283Get laid lol

>>138910364she didn't though. Plenty of peoplewere left. You can hear them screaming and being all black

>>138910558shouldn’t you be more concerned that you invented a fake reality all so you can pretend there’s more jooos in the world and they’re oppressing you? you realize you make men who think they’re women look reasonable by comparison

>>138910619Yu offering?

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>>138910390>>138910320>calling me a rightist sjw as she lightly zaps my balls and prostate as she sucks the cum into her jewjewoven while quoting Alex jones

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>>138910938/pol/ wins againbased dyke kike

>>138908266Best costume ever


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>>138908764Yeah, but they you.

>>138908340Vietnam fucking shit.

>>138909433My dumb ass thought she was wearing a Pepsi mask.

her personality is so ass, typical bitchy cunther hair looks absolutely retarded, lesbian dyke shitits hilarious watching Holla Forums pretend she's hot and likable just because she's a racist chud. the hoops you people jump through to justify yourselves are laughable.

>>138908764You just know he's going to win. Trump had very little chance of winning 4 years ago, but because he has so much money and connections he made it happen. Trump will win 2020 but not because that's what American citizens want, but because he's that good at getting his way. And there is far too much money riding on the line of his presidency too from people Kushner, who was completely bankrupt and needed Trump to win so that he could dig himself out of his debt, and other interested third parties.

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>>138909261At least he looks tall

>>138912541>Trump will win 2020 but not because that's what American citizens wantWhat if he wins because that's what the American citizens want?

>>138912541>literally half the funding of Clinton>10% of the media backing>everybody in power everywhere rigging the system so she would win>he still pulls it off out of sheer force of will and democratic processTell yourself whatever you want to believe user, but you're a fucking retard

>>138908519Audience isn't meant to know she's a jew

>>138912641I'm sure all the election fraud that is going on right now will have nothing to do with it.

for all the posturing that Holla Forums makes about being redpilled it's funny how they rarely do accept the hard truths

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>when they design the suit to make your fridge body more "curvy" looking

>>138912702That didn't answer my question.Also, election fraud doesn't inherently go in one direction. As far as I remember, Trump dislikes the mail-in balloting that's been pushed recently due to the fear of fraud being committed.So, what if he does win because that's what the citizens want? Or can it only be because of outside forces?

>neo-Nazi>kills a japIt doesn't work like that. Do the stupid writers really think nazis hates everyone outside whites? what is ww2

>>138912909yes. they’re retarded kikes that want to demonize the most viable form of civilization. for the most part it’s worked; the whole worlds caught up with the capitalism/communism leftism/rightism false dichotomy when it’s so painfully obvious a strong national socialism for a every culture would solve so much shit.

will she rape homelander?

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I dont watch this show. Is the character explicitly Jewish?

>>138913222only the actress

How much you wanna bet she won't say nigger or chink. """"Yellow bastard""" is just nu-racism inventes by the kikes to seem red-pilled. Having a racist not say any real racist words is bullshit. Yellow bastard is an old timey bullshit word.

>>138912909>Neo nazi>Neo vagina

>>138913133she represents american imperialism--->create terrorists/threat-->profit--->go kill threat--->HERE COMES THE FREEDOM

>>138908519>Jews aren’t that racist>Their religion says that they’re God’s chosen people and everyone else is inferior.>Oppress everyone else

>>138909350No children though? Not much of a slave

>>138908266What is this character? She is meant to be alt-left? Why is Stormlander letting her walk over him when he regularly bullies all other members of the Seven?

>>138908266The fuck? She has that edgy feminist side hair buzz cut and we're supposed to believe that she's a Nazi?

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>>138908266jews are white now?

>>138908266Nazi tranny Jew from Portland*

>no prelude at all to her supposed racism for 2.9 episodes>doesn’t say anything racist to the black people she kills but we’re supposed to assume it’s race-based>even “yellow bastard” wasn’t that far removed from the rest of her psychopath dialogueDid they forget to make her a nazi or were we really supposed to guess it from just that?

>>138912669Actually he had all the help in the world, and still barely scraped a win. This "against all odds!!!" narrative is laughable self-indulgence.

>>138908266>>138908287>>138908340>>138908411>>138908835>>138908953>>138909015>>138909009>>138909335>>138909261Is she /ourgal/ ?

>>138910846wow she does NOT have a good body

>>138914928most definitely our girl


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>>138908266All jews are racist and only promote niggers because they are their biological weapons for world domination


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>>138908266She was fucking unpleasant to watch too. Like her jokes weren't funny cause the actress didn't have any comedic timing so she just came off as snarky and cunty. Unless this is some weird lefty thing where they say the alt-right aren't funny or can't meme or whatever? She seemed like a character out of Lena Dunham's Girls than The Boys.

>>138910938>there are people that didn't see this cominglel>>138911340ironic

>>138913177why would he not want to fuck her?

>>138908340>hurr durr nazis evul xd

>>138915160She's a nazi feminist

>>138908519>jews aren't that racistLiterally think they're "chosen" by G-d to lead the world over the 99% of other peoples who they view as barely sentient and clay to be molded for their benefit, clay that must be rolled until it's one color and uniformity, with millions of excess to be disposed. Can you not into the Greater Israel project?

>>138908427What a waste of a classic reaction image

>>138913177That would be kind of hot. Calling him a pretty little bitch boy while he rages uselessly against her powers. I man can dream.

>>138908266>she turns out to have a dickWho is it even satirizing anymore?

>>138915341That's my point her Nazi shit was probably made to be unpleasant on purpose to make it not look cool but she's also doing feminazi shit which makes her more of an insufferable cunt

>>138908746>3) the will inevitably bring up the holocaust and how she's a jew so she gets it>4) this will in no way appease people and the topic will shift to her being a jewExcept they are getting off on it. See you don't get it. This is Joos literally basking and luxuriating in having a genocidal Jewess hardcore racist as a main character, because whites cannot have one used like this who warns laughs and slaughters minorities on screen. Stormfront is literally them showing how superior they believe they are. They could not have cast a more Jewish looking actress, she's more yenta than the girl from Ash vs Evil Dead. They want us to discuss this, it's baked into their celebration. It's called chutzpah. They don't give a shit. They'll have a sadistic snarky Jewess hero because they are so far ahead in their game plan that they're condescension for minorities needs bit be a secret any longer. It's weird you think that normies will get "redpilled" off her character and it will "backfire."

>>138908266Her fucking fridge body was so mogged by Starlight. Like they couldn't find a more attractive actress for Stormfront than her?

>>138908427>i think it will back fire.Twitter and Holla Forums already think the boys season 2 promoting white supremacy.

>>138909726What about Chelsea Clinton, Hunter Biden, and Ivanka Trump Kushner? All are Jewish. And it's no cohencidence white elites are marrying into the gold devil circle.

>>138915624Yeah it's just so predictable and pathetic at this point. This season reminded me of that godawful Hunters series they had where the Nazi hunters were pretty much as worse if not more than the actual Nazis. These series just feel so funded by the state of Israel with their chutzpah showings more than usual.

>>138908603have sex incel

>>138909993t. Jon Stewart t. Kirk Douglas t. Natalie Portman

>>138908266I just came.

>>138908340Based as FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!


>>138908266How to get jew gf?

>>138912330>her hair looks absolutely retarded, lesbian dyke shitIt's a nod to the Nazi undercut, dumbass

>>138908266I wonder if they'll use the fact that the actress is jewish as a way to point out how racist a lot of jews are. I know it's a long shot but a man can dream.

>>138912909>>138913133>Nazi hate-kills Jap Hadn't considered this. So many mousetraps they set. It's like Borat, which is brownface used to get whites to hate Arabs while also portraying whites as racists who hate Jews

>>138916121Just get an arab woman and race mix her until she is an inbred, hook-nosed pale woman.

>>138915868>This season reminded me of that godawful Hunters >These series just feel so funded by the state of Israel with their chutzpahExactly. You're noticing a new trend, where Jews are outwardly depicting themselves in US media as lawbreaker murderers with attitude, and Uncut Gems is tied to this trend. They need attention. Israelis literally are Nationalist Socialist supremacists constructing an all white nation that has the nuclear Samson Option. As Americans sink into debt and illness, we'll be barraged with more characters like this, and more unapologetic righteous Mossad antiheros. Shitloads of US shows are adaptations of Israeli shows. Apple+ has a dozen in the works.

>>138908266>Nazi jew from Seattle.literally too spot on for 4chan to handle

>>138908266Why did she kill those black people?

>>138916292Borat failed in that aspect, because it made me want to throw jews down the well.

>Butcher's wife despises Homelander with all of her guts.>Decides to raise his kid in a loving environment.I guess an abortion was off the table or are they just going to gloss over that with more needless pop-culture references from half of the cast.

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>>138915122I have a hard time with respecting any person in power&politics who gets fucked instead of doing the fucking. Imagine that the politician in control of your taxes, police, etc... gets dicked down every night like a little submissive slut.

>>138917361What if it's a tall amazon with a bitch for a bf?

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>>138908348Same communist-ridden hellhole

Love her strong jaw

>>138909350>>138909261The fuck? He's posterboy for submissive soicuck progressive male. She dominates him

>>138910211>I’m convinced the neonazi is the least intelligent sapien in the last 200,000 years.Genes don’t work that way, people don’t work that way, logic doesn’t work that way.

>>138916662>Shitloads of US shows are adaptations of Israeli shows.Name five then. Or at least three. Popular ones too

>>138909433Oh my

>>138908266>she turns out to be a manRuined of based?

>>138914714Ashkenazi jews are europeans who converted. It's no different than calling kaifeng jews asian, mizrahi jews arabs, beta isreal jews black, or sephardi jews lazy. Deciding to no longer pay attention to the second half of the bible doesn't rearrange your dna


>>138914928She’s a big tiddie Jewish poltard. Of course she’s /ourgirl/

>>138908746>>138908427>2) this is going to get even more problematic, such that the actress/writers will have to respondis this a new shill method?It's just a Evil NaziWhy are shills pretending the blatant Le Evil Nazi will be interpreted in some controversial way? Why are people pretending a show with 3 jewish creators are pandering to pol or that leftists are mad or something?

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>>138915624>>138915868it's just a nazi "white woman" being evil, you fucking retards

>>138909009remember when Jessica Jones was spammed here too by shills? Dur>>138909235>spent years pushing a narrative that the media can’t have a character like thisWho the fuck says media cant have a show where the villain is evil?The show isnt showing the genocide of blacks as a good thing you retard, she's a villain, in the comics it's a nazi the Boys lynch

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>>138911340remember when people thought his transformation was insane and that he was absolutetly jacked, monstruous and shredded?holy shit even i got more muscles than him

>>138914513nazi's have a shaved head DUH


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>>138909613No jew follows this stupid "law" which has no basis in anything, and it's amazing how people still believe it.

>>138919503>Ashkenazi jews are europeans who convertedthey're not at all, you fucking retard. There was some mixture, but barelyjews had ghettos of their own, they were a insular closed people.

Attached: AAAABckqc--9Zi1n7ubJbqbqIv6goSiP1lnrmnMD1jB3T0pP9Tg5dU3bDJftaq8OYsIwYhHS5dYkawD3ZhX_ZAgN5RPkfgg6.jpg (426x597, 142.64K)

everything she says is wright.She's my waifu.

>>138908519Jews are literally the most racist and hateful people on the planet.

>>138920000they might look fondly on someone with a jewish father or even a grandfather or whatever, but in a very broad waybut the rules are "you're only jewish if your mom is" even if they're not religious at all and just think 'well he's culturally jewish'

>>138920125There's no fucking rule that says that. Every kike who crawled out of a shiksa whore's poisoned womb considered himself a full-blown kike. The White side of the family is always ignored. In fact traditional Judaism says that the father has to be a kike, tnot he mother.

Superior nazi superhero coming up

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foking cunt

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>>138908764Lincoln Project doesn’t represent to the base, retard.I see hundreds of Trump signs/flags on my daily drive.


Attached: 1542046425746 (1).png (960x960, 1.76M)

>>138920235>In fact traditional Judaism says that the father has to be a kike, tnot he mother.that is just flat out not true, goddammit research it just a littleand the attitudes of 'jews' borned of a jewish father differ. Religiously, they're not jews by religious jewish law, but they might be 'culturally' if they were raised in close proximity (or at times, as you see with actors or journalists, it's flat out opportunistic "oh actually im a jew to nazis, so im a jew now")

>>138908266Is it good?

>>138918436Homeland Euphoria more. Plenty. Get used to it.

>>138920399Who can know? They're drip releasing like Disney cucks to milk subs.

>>138920324"The base" is increasingly and rapidly shrinking to diehards.

>>138920497Nah we’re getting an influx of former liberals thanks to the nigger riots.

>>138920064They absolutely are, you fucking retard. There was some mixture, but no more than any other slav or germanJews had ghettos of their own, they were a insular closed people who believed Jesus was a false prophet and that their children should be sheltered from the Christian ideology

>>138920562Hilarious delusion.

>>138920565How the fuck are they "europeans who converted" then?

>>138920586Yeah just ignore Don Lemon panicking and telling nigs to stop rioting because Trump passed Biden in Wisconsin, lol.

>>138920637>passedon what metric?

>>138920696Google the polls nigger. I’m phone posting.

>>138920562This is one of those things where Holla Forums repeats a wishful thinking on twitter a bunch and then thinks it's actually real.

>>138920751They all show Trump behind in Wisconsin, and in various other swing states. Can we skip to the bit where you discount any polls you don't like already or go "BUT 2016!?"?

>>138920770>Hillary has a 99% chance of winning

>>138920831Thank you, that was prompt.

>>138920815Polls are skewed due to primarily polling large cities; so you basically need to add an extra 15 points or so to whatever his current rate is.

>>138909009Why do people even remotely like this fridge?

>>138920887>"Google the polls!">"actually wait they're fake"

>>138920900because it's fake and a shill campaignRemember how marvel netflix shows were their bestest favorite ever and everyone here was supposedly jerking off to that 6/10 Jessica Jones bitch? And then when the shows stopped airing nobody remembers them or even spams meme lines?

Attached: EhKLfIHUcAIHEHH.jpg (527x680, 41.65K)

>>138920938Polls saying Trump is tied basically means he’s ahead by 15, hence Don Lemon shitting himself on air.

>>138920989Jessica jones sucked though. It was feminist grabage.The boys is an actual story that is being adapted and being adapted well.Moron.

>>138920997They don't say he's tied, user.

>>138921037your show is gay, you fucking homo

>>138920997>>138920887>15 points>I have absolutely no idea what elections in America look like and just repeat memes

>>138920900Right? She's a Zyklon B-list literal who

>>138920635>be european>worship odin or mokosh or whatever>some guy with a big beard and black clothes says his religion is better>gives some arguments you agree with>agree to grow beard out and not work on the weekends>close yourself off from your neighbors who worship multiple gods>romans show up and rape their mediterranean blood into you and your neighbors>hundreds of years later they force everyone to convert to the sequel to your religion>decide to continue to close yourself off so your kids don't join>hundreds of years later some dickhead thinks your 0.01% arab blood is more significant than the 0.01% arab blood of the christian living one block over

>>138908340Post more webms please. Thanks

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>>138908340Why would a nazi be racist towards the japanese? This makes no sense.

>>138908519Apartheid Israel would like a word

>>138911670this is more telling than you know

>>138908340Like.. what's wrong with being racist here?This guy is a terrorist? Why not enjoy your job?Did armies used to make their soldiers hate the other side so killing was easier? It was a part of war?

>>138921523>45She did waste a bunch of innocents for no reason

>>138911582t. Mark Wahlberg

>>138909200Her maternal grandmother is a jew. Her dad is a jew. She is a full on jew even if her mother was raised catholic.

>>138916973>aborting the super babyBought would have just sedated or put her ass in a coma before his birth. She was needed since the experiment is too raise a hero with a loving parent instead of being in a lab

>>138921366you wrote all that nonsense for nothing, just gay fanfic

>>138920324No you don't.


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>>138920887>"look up the polls!">"the polls show Trump behind">"uhh, y-you have to add a bunch of points to Trump because reasons. If you completely change all the poll results, hes actually winning!"Why are Trumpfags so retarded?


Would bet $100000000 shes not Jewish in the show

>>138912541Great analysis.