The Boys

Being Ashley is suffering. ;_;

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Rule 63 version of Jared Harris

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>>138907620Ashley is the most realistic non-supe in the entire show. Imagine working with Homelander. What could you do but do exactly what he asks all the time? That's Ashley's character. She just wants to live instead of being killed instantly because she upset a supe. The most unrealistic character is the Breaking Bad fag.

>>138907620Ashley a cute. I hope she gets to dyke out with one of the supes this season.

>>138907620I thought this was Emma Stone

>>138907620>>138907838>Ashley is the most realistic non-supe in the entire show. Yep. She's a typical mid level manager and reminds me of quite a few people working in my office. Basically, they have no idea how to appease neither their bosses, nor the people they're supposed to be managing and end up pissing off both parties while playing the victim the entire time.

>The show ends with her and The Deep trying to re float Vought after most of The 7 die or ditch.

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>>138907620>>138908622She's honestly kinda cute in a plain, regular way. I can't put my finger on it.All the girls they've got in the show are top tier though

>>138907620She's like a less repulsing version of the mad men chick kek

i thought this scene was pretty hot

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>>138910093She has the same type of appeal as Elizabeth Moss.You would date her, but you can't figure out why you find her attractive because she is unquestionably ugly.

>>138911253She's way cuter than Elizabeth Moss


>>138908622Goddamn I would fuck her in the face.

>>138912868No she isn't you just find this charactermore attractive than the characters Moss plays because they are retarded.Put up a pic of Moss vs her, and just by looks alone, you will see that Moss is objectively more attractive Do it. I fucking dare you

Same actress?

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>>138913196No. The actress is only 28, despite looking like 40.

>>138907620I think she's cute. In a very unusual way, granted, but with clothes on she looks like the definition of "comfy".

>>138912868Yeah she looks like Moss. That is why I was like I saw this woman before


I wonder how she'll die.

I like her.

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>>138907774scarily accurate, good post user>>138908032she'd sooner fuck the Deep

>>138915111The smart money is on her pissing homelander off so he just kills her

>>138910715the physiogamy is so strong here, look at his deep, predatory eyes whereas hers are more round, doe-like. It intimates that she is livestock, prey to the superhuman

>>138915494That would be too obvious after Stillwell, I'm betting she lives or gets killed via some type of collateral damage

>>138908580>playing the victimbruh she could be killed at any time for the slightest fuckup by fucking superman

I have a fanfic of her. She's so adorable

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Redhead kino

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When's she getting her own general lads?

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>>138907620I was unironically expecting Homelander to tell her to get pregnant so he could have a steady supply of milkies

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>>138907620u kno with the few episodes we've had so far, somehow it just came to my mind that homelander would wanna just fuck her for the meme but idk

I was watching this and thinking the other day how shes actually not that ugly

My Colby-fu. Would wife.

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>>138915855>I have a fanfic of her.does she gill fuck The Deep?

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>>138907620she's annoying and hope she dies

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>>138908622holy shit shes cute here amazing what a change of hair does

>>138917290Something about her face works with the red hair and bangs. If she were blonde or brunette I wouldn't give her a second look.

>>138917618that's hot

>>138917618Perky A-cups with pale-pink nips. Perfect amount of pudge. Would smash.

She has one of the ugliest faces I've ever seen. Those nostrils are so horrendous they distract me from everything else going on in a scene, so I have to decide whether I want to rewind it and risk throwing up my lunch or just continue on and hope it wasn't important.


>>138918390I think you should try men

>>138917618I wanna put some cummies inside that tummy

>>138907620Did she see?

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She's an unconventionally handsome woman.

Elizabeth Moss looks like her face got hit with a shovel, theres no fixing that. This girl at least is actually cute sometimes

>>138918889It's the Harris effect

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If you think this bitch is attractive you either have really low standards or you're even uglier than she is. She is objectively a 3/10.


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>>138919117All women are 10/10s, I love all of you queens

>>138917751go away Paris.

>>138917299Excellent spacing. Very nice.

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>>138907774except hes good lookingand shes an ogre

>>138919157>man jaw>weird nose>uneven eyes>RBF>no cheekbones>ugly hairdo>toe thumbs>weird chin>moles on face

>>138917618Why did they make stormfront cutout so tall?

>trad Irish costume

>>138907620I just feel bad because theres a very good chance Homelander just randomly kills her and shes just trying to do her job ;_;

>>138917276>>138917193Homelander gets her pregnant for the milkies

>>138919449You forgot staying power. A distinctive look is hard to come by.


Has homelander killed her yet for stepping on his toes

>>138919655Distinctive ≠ uglyMaggie Gyllenhaal has staying power too, but nobody's trying to argue that she's attractive.

>> don't know about you but I have a boner.

>>138919580Probably to make up for the fact that Aya Cash is only 5' 2".

>>138917181look at those stompers

>>138908580She's so good in the scene that introduces Stormfront. She does a great job of seeming absolutely fucking terrified that she's going to get blamed after her last encounter with Homelander.

Wtf she is actually 28, I though she is 45 at least. What the fuck is wrong with women?

>>138917276can't do it in the metoo age

>>138920630she will stay this way until she's 45, mark my words

>>138920630>she is younger than meJesus Christ

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