>so you wanna be a part of The Seven huh? well show me what you've got!what do?

>so you wanna be a part of The Seven huh? well show me what you've got!what do?

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be honest, if you had his powers, wouldnt you do the same? he did nothing wrong

>>138905313i shitpost on 15 different threads in Holla Forums Holla Forums and Holla Forums for 18 hours everyday

>>138905313I can shit up an entire board with nothing but "cope", "seethe" and "dilate". I think the Seven could really use me.

>>138905313I masturbate to loli incest doujins for 5 hours every day

If you keep adding people how can you still call yourselves The Seven?

>>138905398because you add people until you have seven retard

>>138905313>slowly inhale>then exhale"Sneeds Feed & Seed. Formally Chucks."

>>138905313I'm paid by Russia to convince people to vote for Trump

>>138905313I, too, enjoy milkies from mommy

Have you ever noticed how black noir's cock is the exact same length and girth as yours?

>>138905313Well, shot high pressure milks out of my tits, of course.

>>138905413I thought they already had seven kekIn my defense I never watched the show

>>138905413Hahahahah got eeem'

i can produce infinite quantities of breast milkalso i can tell obvious marketers to fuck off, lookfuck off

I am able to con millions of dumb goyim

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>>138905313Break Maeve's jaw with a sledgehammer.

>>138905334The fact I'd do the same doesn't mean it's not wrong. I just wouldn't care.

>>138905437>>138905518rent free

>>138905313My salary? I'll do it for free.

If you could choose a mid-tier superpower, what would you choose?No ''reality altering'' or time travel shit.

>>138905313Okay*Unzips dick* my name is Jazz

>>138905759Immunity to all damage and sickness.

>>138905759big chungus

>>138905759Wolverine-like regeneration or mind reading (not mind control)

>>138905759The ability to turn any business into a feed and seed store.

>>138905313I have the ability to shoot flames from my feet

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>>138907530Let me guess, another peaceful protester with self-inflicted damage?

>>138905759Being Captain America but better.

>>138905398Clearly a hypothetical position has opened up, how can you be so dumb?

>>138905313>punch him square in the face>he turns to me "wow, you've got guts kid, welcome aboard">I let out a creepy half smile

>>138905313Make one of his eyeballs explode with my mind.

>>13890819493% of his body is not on fire

>>138905334>>138905617I feel like I would try harder than him but then end up fucking up more dramatically

>>138905759Some mid tier jojo stand desu

>>138905759Teleportation. If you count it mid tier. If OP...Full regeneration I.e. immortality because no aging. It wouldn't regerate defects, just 100% health. So no constant inflammed appendix or wisdom teeth.

>>138905759Ability to understand and speak any language fluently regardless if I've heard of it or translated. Sounds lame, but I could travel anywhere around the world and find decent paying work immediately or if I wanted to, translate old ruins and shit and be a millionaire. Very inconspicuous so I'm not going to somehow get monkey paw'd

>>138905334I'd probably try to save people but spend most of my time shitposting on Holla Forums and chatting up my gf

>>138905759blue eyes

>>138905759Being able to animate the dead.Skeleton horde superhero when?

>>138905759Just make me Alex Mercer

>>138910002where do you get the skellies?

>>138905491gas yourself

>>138910035You carry the bones around in a briefcase.

>>138905759Invisibility is literally all you need to make it

>>138905759People keep treating super strength as low-mid tier so I would take that and start an instagram. It directly results with a long lifespan too.

I have me dad and me mum who love me

>>138905313When is this guy going to fucking do something? all he does is walk around, he could have killed everyone in the sewer in a second but just stood there

>>138909846You'll get bored, realize you could've picked better superpower and hang yourself out of depression.

>>138905759Matter copying so I can copy money.

>>138905759spit out real curses

>>138905313dance off, bro

>>1389057591.Indestructibility/immortality (including no aging) if possible2. Mind control3. FlyingAny one of the above depending on what qualifies as "mid tier", in that order

>>138905313i think this show is having the same issues that preacher did. its trying to be as different as possible but wants to fall back into the comic storyline. with such big changes to the characters motivations and arcs its going to feel super awkward bringing everything together. this season is where they shouldve done a one off for one of the main characters (like mothers milk and explain certain things about that character and his upbringing) but it looks like hes just gonna be some random tough black guy and homelander is going to be the one who needs milk or something. I think they got to many people on board to fast and Seth Rogan basically fucking ruins everything he is apart of.

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>>138905759Repair anything my hand touches for over 15 minutes, including people physically.

>>138912551your mom have cancer?

>>138910379What a fucking sad sack you are.

>>138912807Nope. Cancer can't be "fixed" anyway since nothing technically was broken. It's just cells multiplying differently. Remember also I have to place my hand on there for 15 minutes, so it wouldn't work for the brain for example. If cancer is removed or the part of the body is seriously harmed in the removal process, that's something that can be repaired. But the person would have to suffer a lot, not sure people would trust a crazy man that can fix things magically just by touching them.I'd use it for fixing accident deformities that happen to me and appliances that break/machines that stop working.OP asked for mediocre and honestly flying or invisibility are pretty OP, so I'd be pretty happy with this low-key power that I can use to make a lot of money+ keep myself from being injured for life.

>>138905759bullet-time. I'd just fuck around with watching regular things happen in slow motion like i have one of those high speed cameras

>>138905759I’d wanna regenerate like the guy in the show

>>138905313He's never shown flying so far this season. What's going on? Running out of budget? Was a CGI whale and an exploding head too much?

>>138905759Spidey sensePre cog is best power

>>138905759Fast travelling through power lines

>>138905759The ability to vibrate. Sounds stupid but think about it. Use it against a building, you can make it collapse. Replicate a speaker's vibration, you can make any sound. Hell, vibrate faster and you can make gusts of wind. Instant earthquakes. Please the ladies. It'd be fantastic.

>>138913621We are 3 episodes in, retard

>They just suddenly show up on footI understand Homelander flies and A-Train runs very fast but what about the others? Did they use a chopper or sometthing?

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>>138905759Ability to never age/regenerative healing and enhanced senses

>>138905759Literally just either invisibility or mimicryI wanna be sneaky and coolEither that or the ability to "create" computer code in my head and implant it into systems

>>138910865I don't think The Boys is trying to do comic storylines, they hadn't done anything like in the comics except Starlight having to suck dick (and even that was a different dick than in the comics) and maybe around half of backstories. MM's backstory is going to be different, they said so in an interview.Preacher did almost everything from the comics but in different order and with some new stuff added.

>>138914042the comic is practically unfilmable, at least they tried to add sequences from the comic when they could.

>>138914323>I can make this post disappear. Just watch

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>>138905759the ability to control my own memories. i.e. remember every detail perfectly or erase a memory i don't want Eternal-Sunshine style.orAbility to turn on/off the pain receptors in my body at will. No more toothaches or stomach pains but still can feel things i need to

>>138910747flying is the only one of those three that qualifies as mid tier. immortality is like, the basic god tier power. mind control is up there too. mind reading, however, could be mid tier

>>138913898The guy in all black is a homelander clone in the comic, so they could each bring 1 extra person with them.

>>138913898The fliers sometimes carry the others. Noir also has a jet.

>>138914217>>138914042Stop beating around the bush and just admit it. They don’t wanna adapt the comic accurately because the comic calls out the exact kind of corporate shit that Amazon repeatedly commits:>The Female’s origin>MM’s origin>Swingwing

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I can turn my little pee pee into big pee pee pee using images in my mind.

>>138905334I'd [DATA EXPUNGED] all of the world leaders and just watch the chaos unfold

fuck a meteor

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>>138905313>5 11I'm taller than you LMAO

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>>138905759Always win at H2H combat.

>>138905834You are now a military guinea pig, enjoythats how most of these super powers turn out anyway.


>>138914642And Rogen is a Hollywood fag and he's probably terrified of putting something even mildly controversial, like all the backstory to Vought, Stormfront being a nazi, all the degeneracy even outside of Herogasm, child abuse X-Men, pedo Batman and whatever else.

>>138905347This but unironically. Also in 15 years of shitposting, I've never lost a thread. I ALWAYS win :^)

>>138909846I remember reading about something similar in Horus Heresy, pretty fun power.


>>138905313It's too late. I've already won.

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>>138910747>1.Indestructibility/immortality (including no aging) if possibleNever ever be able to die is more of a curse than a super power.

>>138905313apparently you are the big shit around here... any particular reason you never have seen black noir's face?

>>138908194Yeah, Portlanders where throwing molotovs last night.Hit some guying who was yelling at cops. Cops were the ones who put out his feet.

>>138915044eh, what most people mean when they say undying is that they can't be killed by others/natural causes, but they can choose to end their life. I doubt anyone would want to actually to live forever without having a choice on when to end it.

>>138908752Unless you're his son he'd 100% kill you for that

>>138905398>The lone Rangers

>>138908752Hehe youve never hit someone have you? Child

>>138910032>godlike power>tfw you realize you aren't you, you're actually a virus that thinks it's Alex Mercerkino

>>138907402>>138908352>>138908930>>138908955>>138909846>>138910002>>138912551>>138913749>>138913998If it doesn't stop homelander from doing this, you won't make the cut

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>>138905334I would do much worse things for the public eye like killing all the jews and jew advocates of the world

>>138913756That already exists, it is called parkinson

>>138915802I mean they asked for mid-tier powers and he'd probably pop anyone who doesn't have a god-like ability. I just wouldn't care to reveal myself.

>>138915017Like I can call a bus or a cab anywhere I am with just my mind alone.

>>138914907>15 yearsyou have already lost

>>138910117i think the invis guy was also more or less indestructible

>>138905759have the right answer to everything

so, is there any reason as to what abilities you're going to get with the serum or is it completely random? also, how did homelander's son inherit his father's powers?

>>138908752Feel like this would actually work


i just spoiled the end of the series for myself and wow that is fucking dumb as shit lol

>>138905383got any recs?

>>138905313"I'm gonna do what is called a gamer move."

>>138915802Why was there so much blood?Eardrums don't bleed that much do they?

Translucent Man was relentlessly handsome.

> 108 replies.Is this actually good and a tongue in cheek satire of the capeshit genre or are we being unironic here?

>>138916538The Deep doesn't have godlike powers.And yet he lets the Deep hug him and is pretty friendly with himAs long as you're not crippled like that guy he won't be as harsh

>>138905759Chronicles-tier telekinesis would be sweet

>>138917860its decent and since half the movie industry is at a complete halt its not like there is much else to talk about

>>138917860It's not a bad show.

>>138917876The deep will fuck you up if you get near water.

>>138917815He probably had super sensory organs in his ears or something.

>>138917927In water.Near water what can he do? Beach a whale and cause it to die again?

>>138917927He couldnt stop 3 dudes on a boat

>>138917924> 2020> Unironically liking things.>>138917925Fair.

>>138917989plot armor.>whale rams boat>no more 3 dudes

>>138917927No he won't. As shown in episode 3.

>>138914907Your mom asked us to let you win so you don't throw your diapers against the walls. She sounded nice and posted tits so we obliged.

>>138917945At least perforated eardrums can healThough he might still have permanent hearing loss

>>138917876Homelander bullies The Deep every scene they are together. They are not friendly. I feel like Homelander did this more to prove a point to his secretary that she is his lackey and that no one gets into The Seven unless he picks them.

>>138918114>At least perforated eardrums can healNot really.

ok homelander here you go, you can call me the crusher btw

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Homelander in the seven is like Superman in justice league.What's the point of everyone else?

>>138918183mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ruptured-eardrum/symptoms-causes/syc-20351879>>138918163He at least lets Deep hug himHe might only like him cause Deep always does what Homelander wants but he doesn't just laser anyone with a meh power

>>138918197Nice strap on, dicklet.

>>138905313i show him my warface

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>>138918275what you say phaggit?

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>>138918031You can only go off what hes shown in the show. He showed he couldn't kill or stop 3 dudes on boat. Call it what you will

>>138905650>it's another, Holla Forums is ashamed of the kike cocksucker they put in office.

>>138918274My dad had his eardrums ripped from an explosion and needed ear plugs when he went swimming and was deaf on that ear. When it's fucked, it's fucked.

>>138917860It's fine, mostly because of the guy in the OP pic which is why you see him everywhere on Holla Forums.

>>138918324It says there>UsuallyAnd I originally said "can heal" not "will heal"

>>138918296I said NICE STRAP ON, DICKLET.

>>138918360Fair point. Guess it can heal if the damage is minor. Judging by the blood in that scene my bet, in this case, is on won't.

>>138918369thats it wyte boi, its time to show Homelander what I am made of and CRUSH your boipucci

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>>138905334Nah, Id try to be good. Id kill all lolicons and pedos though.


>>138918420I wonder how much Vought is going to have to pay him for that

>>138918421Imagine the scene... just walk in there, slam your dick on the table and while shouting "I'm in the 7 now!".How would homelander react? Submit or BBQ your dick with his laser eyes?Only one way to find out.

>>138918421that dude looks like a shitty hapaYou know the blind guy was a hapa too?

>>138905759Portals.If that is too high-tier, then blood manipulation.


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>>138918472They must kill him. The danger he poses to their product is too great. If he pulls a Boyega and starts talking shit even after getting tons of money... no, they can't risk that.

>>138918480InceLander wouldn't be able to compete with me so obviously he would submit and make me leader of the seven right there>>138918507No, I am the most powerful race on Earth, Filipino

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>>138914800God the comic is so fucking cringe but the depiction of Indians is accurate

>>138905759I want to make people explode with a thought. Over distance would be nice. Like who I see on tv, I can pop. I just have to see them or a picture of them. I would make the world better.

>>138905759my power is having everyone else's powers

>>138918539The flip is truly the lowest race. On par with abos.

>>138915781Well, minus the part of not being myself but a virus copy of myself, ofc

I have the power of reflecting bullshit powers.

>>138918632The avg flip doesn't need compound V like the rest of you sissies on earth

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>>138918434>>138905759>>138915802Oh I like this one but do i get homelander'd or not? Doesnt seem too defensivepowerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Phenomenon_Embodiment?

>>138918682A wooden ladle.

>>138918632>Mad white boi repliesSo fragile

>>138918296Nice cock, but is that girl taller than you? WTFIs she a giantess or something?

>>138918778pic related is 5'6

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>>138918296That's the fakest dick used for stuffing I have ever seen, and I have seen a few because I was into hair metal bands when I was younger and am a femanon. Now I will say I have only had sex with my husband in my entire life and leave because you know why. Disgusting chinklet.

>>138918434>powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Bio-Radiation_Manipulation Human chernobyl? Not great, not terrible

>>138918858don't worry bby, ill add you to my list of white girls to CRUSH

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>>138918682not only are they the most powerful but also they´re the ugliest fuckers on earth

>>138905313Recite the entire plane scene from the Dark Knight Rises

>>138905334Nah. I would just live my life like i did now. Also Homelander is wrong

>>138905759The ability to fly

>>138905759Chameleon/shape change.>never get caught if you keep a low profile>pull off high-tier white collar stings/setups>make money on the side as the highest-priced escort on Earth>become a celebrity to get free shit>advanced:learn to become were-bear, giant/tiny, impenetrable armored demon, invisible etc.>turn self into giant dildo and chill in sorority house bathrooms.The simplest powers are best.

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>he no longer gets (You)s on Holla Forums>dumps his dick folder on Holla ForumsI bet your father is very proud of you.

>>138918774The spanish bvll raped your ancestors

So what was the point of the scenes where Kimiko was trying to explain the Boy thing?

>>138919643she was trying to explain the fench guy that the dude on the boat was his brother but why she couldnt use google translate or something to let him know is beyond me though

>>138919572>ot great, noIt was the other way, they sexd the Spaniards and created the Pinoy Empire that lasted 400 years, also Cervezas San Miguel and Jollibee.

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>rates your show because it's being drip-fed

>>138905759Control every organism except human(niggers are not human) with immortality & anti aging till I wish to die.If this is not mid tier then ability like Kevin from Ben 10 with immortality like I mentioned earlier.

>>138910035I am a wizard that has skellie with me at all times

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>>138915802>>138905313powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Meta_TeleportationI'm going to fuck up homelander's dreams for all eternity

>>138905759Absolute Logic and Reasoning abilities.with this alone I would destroy all of you.

>>138918322(rent free)^2

I'll show you how far I can pee, you'll be amazed.

>>138905759Immunity from all bans and "your mother will die in her sleep" posts

>>138919560You are out of the loop my man. NexgenCrusher is a /mu/ meme not some random user spamming his own peen

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>>138905759Reality altering.

>>138905759Become a poltergeist. I can posses any body and basically i cant die since technically im not alive.


>>138917905>Chronicles-tier telekinesis You could fuck homelander up with just this. I mean have you seen how powerful Andrew was at the end of chronicle? And that was just a short time after he got his powers imagine how powerful you'd be if you trained for an entire year

>>138905759vector manipulation


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