Honest review thread. where did it go wrong?

honest review thread. where did it go wrong?

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Too many love triangles/ teen drama. Mako was under-written. Republic City was never given any cool features other than Airbender Island or w/e it was called so it was a boring setting and we were stuck there for like one and a half seasons. Pro-bending was dumb.

>threw out the ancient chinese inspired world and mythology for muh 20s America and a christian creation story >threw out one of the best magic systems in television for a new superpower of the week shitfest>threw out having a ton of filler eps to build the world and characters, for a short 'story driven' show so everything was rushed>threw out interesting and well-developed characters for 2 dimensional cardboard cutouts that only serve for 'comic relief' or 'love triangle rival' The animation is the only positive quality I can think of

>>138903967I don't know, I haven't seen it but Korra is the perfect waifu material.

>>138903967She suffered from PTSD during all 4 seasons so she wasn't as perfect as Aang.Had to fight enemies much stronger than Ozai, so she failed more.She was also a woman.i liked it, but it's understandable why Holla Forums wouldn't.also Aang had like one big fight (against the big boss) in 3 books. meanwhile Legends of Korra was made for ryona fetishists

>>138904116>pro-bending was dumbwhy?

>>138904248Tenzin was right

>>138903967good dubbed voices:>korra>kuvira>tenzin>zaheereveryone else was shit

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>>138903967>four separate stories instead of an epic>side characters constantly fuck off>retcon bending origins>buddhist like spirits are now definitively good and evil>power level creep>fewer episodes per season>network production meddling>main character hot headed and strong willed so never stops to consider much>theme of show is balance but there is no nuance>MC doesn't give a shit about balance>>138904164>cgi gundams in avatar

>>138904231>mastered three of four elements at age 3>not as a perfect as AangThis is your brain on COOM. Stop defending your mary sue just because you jerk it to her.

>>138904276sure, but that doesn't mean having it in the show at all was dumb. it makes a lot of sense that pro bending became a thing desu.overall i think the way that everyday bending changed from atla was well done.

>>138904330i feel like i've seen you in every avatar thread... bit obsessed innit?

>>138904231aang wasn't perfect. he made mistakes and learned from them. yeah he had meditation but would use it as a crutch when he got stressed out. korra already has meditation down pat by the time the show starts and she can make herself into a giant avatar spirit. they also skipped learning bending. she also didn't even need aang or any of the help of the previous avatars

>>138904371Probending felt like Quidditch to me. The rules/ goal of the game didn’t make much sense to me and they seemed designed to allow Korra to Golden-Snitch a win.

>>138903967>More boring bending with simpler movements, probably because of the budget cuts>Bolin is a worse Sokka, and Mako has no character.>Asami has somehow even less character than Mako.>The show is full of good ideas, like the Equalists, or Unalaq, executed horribly.>The protagonist has unlikable traits on purpose, which is good, a hero needs flaws, but doesn't have likable traits to balance them out.But most importantly.>The love triangles and the shipping.If Korra and Mako stayed together, and love shit would never be a major focus of the show, seasons 2-4 would be infinitely better. Season 2 love triangle was the worst television I've ever seen.

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It was incredibly rushed so we barely got to know any of the characters, and it seems like the characters that were there were fairly one-dimensional and boring, except from the adults (Aang and Toph's kids)The love triangle was AIDSKorra suddenly learning to airbend out of nowhere was so shitThe backstory with the first Avatar virtually ruined the entire "lore" (hate using that term)The art and animation was good but the writing was bad

>>138904371Something 'making sense' doesn't make it interestingPro-bending is objectively less interesting to watch than real bendingIf they wanted to make the lack of spirituality in the modern age, and Korra trying to figure out what the purpose of a 'spirit bridge' is in that age the point of the show it could workBut it never was really. The villains were just generic analogues for a few other styles of government (or lack thereof in the Lotus' case) that Korra just has to punch to death. She never has to confront any failings of Republic City or its own culture, besides a few vague notions of 'corruption' which she also just punches away

>>138904507>Korra suddenly learning to airbend out of nowhere was so shit>Entire season we're told that Korra lacks something deep and spiritual to learn airbending, and must change withinWoah, that's really good. I wonder how they'll...>She just learns airbending for no reason when all her other elements are taken away....oh.

>>138904305i mean:>zelda wiliams voiced kuvira>j.k. simmons voiced tenzin>rollins voiced zaheeralso did you know?

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>>138904450the more efficient bending is based on modern MMA rather than ancient techniques.

>>138904519>Pro-bending is objectively less interesting to watch than real bending

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>>138904587That's the excuse they've told us, but I don't believe it. I think they had worse animators, who couldn't pull off the more complex martial arts.

>>138904519>Republic City corruptionI’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the way hand I like that Amon was using anti-bender sentiment and re-purposing it to fuel his own ambitions - it’s like how real-world revolutions of the proles were led by bourgeois/ aristocrats capitalising on the resentment of the people. On the other hand I felt like the Equalists had a legit beef and that Amon being a fraud allowed them to conveniently sidestep dealing with it again.

>>138903967>No culture all features >muh normalized metal bending >Korra mastered all elements in the first five minutes of the first five episode>no Uncle Iroh tier wisdomI hate that the legend of Korra gets more threads than the final season of Samurai Jack

>>138904551They had those great scenes where she's trying to go through the rotating boards and failing, implying you need to be more passive and adaptive to master airbending, and then she learns it by getting angry and punching in the air. So dumb

>>138904749>no Uncle Iroh tier wisdomisn't he in the show?

Why did they ruin all the old characters brehs?Aang being a shitty parent to everyone but Tenzin was the only part I actually liked. Considering he was focused on rebuilding his culture, and parenthood is a foreign concept to an airbender already. Although it doesn't explain why he wasn't boning Air Acolytes left right and centre, but I guess it's still a kids show. For all their 'stronk womyn' BS, Katara got totally shafted by ending up back exactly where she started doing literally nothing.Sokka for no reason at all wasn't even in the show outside of one flashback.Toph comes back and her personality seems to have regressed back to the way she was when Aang first met herZuko comes back and he's stilll acting like an awkward teenager despite being 90 fucking years oldThen they dig up Iroh's corpse to dispense the wisdom that SHOULD have been coming from Zuko in the first placeIt's like they just aged up the characters as they were in the original show instead of trying to show how they've grown and changed.

>>138904772He is in the show, I think he may have even been wise. But I hated him, along with all characters from the previous series, because to me they were nothing but>MEMBER THE CHARACTERS YOU LIKED?Yes, I remember, now fuck off and make new characters that I like. A sequel must stand on it's own two feet. Remember when they brought Zuko, and he did absolutely nothing except being there?

every character from ATLA became an abusive asshole parent somehow wtf

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one thing that bothered me was they wanted this show to stand on its own or something and reconned things but then other times it relied on you to have knowledge of the previous show with little explanation. wtf was up with the bloodbender's powers? I thought blood bending only worked a certain way

>Robs a bank, scars her sister's face, gets protected from prison by her mother, runs away and even becomes a pirate>Lin is treated like she's wrong to not get over it

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>>138903967shifting up of the tech level, korra being straight up wrong. making the avatar state into a plaything instead of a force of nature....lots actually.

>>138903967It was very lacking in the cool bending department right up until the end of season 3.

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>>138904728The most recent comic Imbalance does the bender vs non-bender thing way better

>>138904597>watching people punch elements at each other is more entertaining than a fully-realised magic system where a person's personality, mentality and physical motions all contribute to their bending prowess

giving general iroh the same voice actor as young zuko, when he's supposedly 40 years old

I don't think there's a single instance of Korra being right.- Annoying, arrogant main character with almost no potential for growth from the outset- Said main character is a spoilt brat born with loving parents into a peaceful world yet has no humility. This is baby's attempt at ez microwave "character development" but it means putting up with an asshole, unlike with a character like Aang who is a child who strikes the balance of being noble but also impetuous in equal measure as a result of his young age.- Mary Sue protagonist by virtue of people liking her despite her having nothing good going for her, being forgiven for dumb mistakes too easily.- Setting has jumped far too forward technologically that it basically deletes the appeal of the original fantasy setting- The steampunk/industrial era is realised in a very bland way with bad robot designs- Touches upon interesting themes but with little nuance and drops them too quickly. The bending/non-bending conflict could be developed further.- Stuff like metalbending and lightningbending being turned into commodities, stripping them of their value- Side characters are mostly underwhelming (except Tenzin). Genuine teen romance novel bullshit giving the entire show an impression of being more immature than the actual children's show written for children.- Aang basically turned into a stoic yoda man when he appears, no humanity.- Revealing the origin of the avatar was not required and it violates the mystique of the entire concept. Takes an idea of an extra-natural collaborative effort by humans and reduces it to divine intervention.- One-upping the above point by deleting the avatar's entire concept just to raise up Korra, burning bridges for future stories. Awful idea.- Who fucking cares about spirit bullshit. It's best kept as flavor, not plot.- Shoe-horned LGBT trash because why not put a cherry on the dumpster fire at the end.I'd rather have watched a sequel about Tenzin dealing with his problems

>>138903967Season 2But it got back by season 3

>>138905876It was bad in Season 1even worse in Season 2and a bit less bad in Season 3 (but still bad)

>>138905876S3 being good is a meme user

>>138906063my ranking 1>4>3>>>>2

>>138906093more like 3>1>>>>>>>>>4>2

>Have 12 episodes to write a story>Know ahead of time that your story is constrained to only 12 episodes>Instead of writing a 12 episode long story, write one much longer then have to rush the ending for some reason>People still defend your inabiility to plan ahead by saying 'b-but they had less episodes this time it wasn't their fault'

>>138903967episode 1 with shit protagonist. /thread

>>138906550but then what changed since ATLA?why the sudden drop in quality?

>>138906617cash grab

>>138906617His name was Aaron Ehasz

>>138906617Mike and Bryan wrote all the episodes in Season 1. With ATLA they had a team of writers who would stop them doing retarded shit (e.g. making Toph a boy who vies for Katara's attention. Yes, they wanted that love triangle shit in ATLA)

>>138906683>>138906669and aaron ehasz is the man who stopped them? why didn't they call him for LoK too?

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>>138903967why didn't they air the 4th season on nickelodeon?

>>138906744Ehasz was the other lead writer for TLA, and it's pretty clear that he's the reason the writing was so good back thenAlthough that said, his new show is functionally identical to TLA - except the world isn't a fraction as interesting. So perhaps both he and Bryke were both just one trick ponies that happened to collide just right to make something great that can never be replicated

>>138906871>google his name>these pops upinverse.com/article/60971-dragon-prince-aaron-ehasz-controversyfuck

>>138906989>“It was just so much shutting women down, not taking women seriously, not listening to women, firing a woman and then shit talking her,” Harrod tweeted. She continued, “when I started there were four women there, 3 of us queer women, our voices were not heard when it came to discussions of women, discussions of lgbtq+ characters and themes, and sometimes even jokes were made in response to concerns.”>“The general feeling was always… this is Aaron’s company, Aaron’s show, Aaron’s stories to tell (yes, even the ones about women, POC, and LGBTQ+ characters),” she added, “and if you didn’t agree you were constantly at risk.”Imagine getting a job in the writing room for somebody else's show and bitching that he isn't taking all your dumb ideas. Then calling him a sexist for wanting to write his own show the way he wants

>>138903967From the first few minutes when korra is bending all the elements

>>138907074>our voices were not heard when it came to discussions of women, discussions of lgbtq+ characters and themesgood grief. I wonder what kind of shit they came up with.

>>138907074>this is Aaron’s company, Aaron’s show, Aaron’s stories to tell (yes, even the ones about women, POC, and LGBTQ+ characters),” she addedHow dare you want to have control over your own characters on your own show! You fucking bigot!

>>138907191allegations of sexist behavior

>>138907074fuck i want more dragon prince seasons. i guess i have to find some other cartoon that californian still haven't cannibalized

is the Dragon Prince actually worth watching or no?

>>138909136I haven't seen it but no

>>138909136only if you want to hear scottish voice actorsanyway, depends if you're craving cartoons. because there aren't many decent lately

>>138909302I like scottish people so that sounds pretty baseddoes it reference celtic mythology or some shit?

The only good things about the show was that it looked nice and the various big bads were more interesting (conceptually, if not in practice) than Ozai. Great porn too.Otherwise Korra is a far inferior character to Aang on every level, the scope of the series was too limited, the side characters didn't grow or change at all, it was far less tonally consistent than the first series, and tons of other less fundamental issues. Also the creators clearly spent too much time on tumblr in between shows.

>>138903967It started wrong and went right

>>138909453>went rightWhen?

>>138909482well the earth nation was trying to squash the commies

>>138903967The romance subplots were garbage. Killing the legacy of the Avatar was a horrendous mistake. Instead of one overarching plot with one villain, it was a bad guy of the week plot for each season. I didn't mind the new setting, but I still feel that it was a bit too early for that much advanced technology. Also they kept forgetting that Mako could bend lightning until it was necessary to the plot once or twice.

>>138909695i honestly believe the remaining staff killed the show on purpose to shit on eshazs

>>138904399>korra already has meditation down pat by the time the show startsBoth her and Tenzin say in the first episode that she hasn't progressed in the meditative and spiritual side of being the avatar. She gets on Air Temple Island and can't meditate as good as the children.

>>138909136It's literally just TLA but the animation is gross and there's no humour or soul>Long ago the four races lived together in harmony. But everything changed when the humans attacked>A bunch of different magic 'elements', only there are a fuckton more than just earth water fire and air>A bunch of kids travelling to end a war (or prevent one starting in this case) The worst part is the constant anti-human narrative despite the Humans being 100% in the right for attacking the elf scum. The only good character is the main villain, but there's no reason to keep watching knowing the show will probably leave him disgraced

>>138905829It doesn't help that he just has a younger sounding voice. Dante is probably around that age.

>>138904876>Sokka for no reason at all wasn't even in the show outside of one flashback.Katara said in the first 10 seconds of the show that Sokka was dead

>>138910009more specifically: from AIDS

>>138910009Yeah but whyConsidering the first season is about non-benders what the fuck was the decision making process in killing Sokka off screen?

>>138910009that's fine, but he didn't have any kids? everyone else had tons except him

>>138904923yeah what the fuck was going on with this lol

>>138903967>1920s industrialized city settingThat was pretty gay, senpai

>>138904971she's so sexy though

>>138909941by main villain you mean the elf or the king's aid?

>>138910098I don't like that they killed him off, I was just saying that he did. I guess after 80+ years they didn't want to have every member of team Avatar still around and the fan favs were Zuko and Toph, since Katara really isn't much in the show either. >>138910125It always bothered me that Sokka was the only one to not have kids when in ATLA he was the one most ready to put a baby in any broad that looked his way. Toph has 2 baby daddies but realistically Sokka would have 9 children from 4 different mothers. I still believe SuYin is his daughter and Toph didn't want to admit it.

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>>138910354The dark wizard guy with the retarded kids

>>138903967Just really bad character writing, the started to do this shit in season 3 of ATLA too, they make the characters act irrationally bitchy, just so they can reconcile later on, but it's so unescarry and only makes them an eye sour.Like when katara was just being a bitch to her dad, they could easily characterize her as conflicted or angry without making her just insufferable to watch and the episode would have played out fine.LOK is like that times 100, everyone is just a fucking cunt.

>>138910434he's not the main villain obviously tho

>>138904231She was also fucking insufferable and was ridiculously impatient. She literally destroyed an ancient airbending exercise tool in a fit of rage because she refused to listen to instructions and tried to brute force her way through it, burning the whole thing down when that failed.

>>138904597>instead of an actual all out fight he'd rather watch benders chuck small discs and squirts of water/fire at each other>they also can't even get in sick flanking or use the environment to their advantage because they have to stay in their designated play areaYeah, pro bending was not nearly as interesting as real bending fights

>>138904971>Toph teaches literally everyone how to metal bend, even had an academy for it>Somehow she never taught anyone, not even her kids, how to feel that someone is lying based on their heart beat>It's an entire plot point that Lins advisor was a 'truth seer' who could tell when people were lying, and lied himself because no one else could do the sameSo fucking stupid

>>138907074>>138907698>Aaron's stories to tell (yes, even the ones about women, POC, and LGBTQ+ characters)Imagine actually thinking that the creator isn't allowed to tell his story how he decides, and that by making a brown/gay character he shouldn't get to decide how to tell that characters story

>>138910959Maybe it's a special thing that only certain people are able to do?I was always iffy on Toph being able to do that anyway. Not only was it OP but it hardly ever came up as a plot-point, and I can see why the writers downplayed it. If Toph can just tell when everyone is lying all the time a lot of story ideas get thrown out the window

>>138904231Korra was too OP from the start and got "PTSD" from losing her powers for like a weekend more than Aang did from seeing the skull of the monk that raised him like a sonIf their intention was to portray a whiny inconsistent bitch they did a great job, but obviously they weren't going for that

>>138911099You can't really claim it's a special thing when lightning bending and metal bending were ridiculously rare and now it's a common thing.I would have been fine if they just dropped the lie detector thing, but it's stupid that they made it a plot point, and it revolved around one of tophs fucking kids. There's no way she wouldn't at least attempt to teach them to do it

>>138904618It was budget issues.

>>138903967Watch E;R's 'The Legend of Whorra' series, very comprehensive answer to your question.

>>138911246that guy is the definition of a sperg

>>138903967Should've focused on Amon and the conflict in the city for more than one season

>>138911305Chi blockers were too overpowered. Especially when you consider that they shouldn't be able to even touch earth benders. Both Toph and Aang regularly used rock armor, which if used would protect their pressure points and be immune from getting tazed. But for the sake of drama this technique is never used in Korra

>>138911246Reniggings is much better

>>138904164pretty much this thank you

>>138903967-Wanted to have a protagonist who was cockier and more violent than Aang, but were obviously nervous about making her "unlikeable" so her characterization is REALLY incoherent and vague.-Attempted to be "more mature" than the first series, ironically is a lot LESS mature with less likeable characters who behave like bad soap opera cliches (because that's what they are, esp. Mako). -Attempts to flesh out the setting only made it more ridiculous. Apparently for thousands of years nobody invented shit and everyone just relied on benders to provide everything. And now everybody's like FUCK BENDERS, creating a weak X-Men cliche. The writers' increased attention only makes the cultures of Avatar feel more cramped and less creative. The network obviously restricted the depiction of non-bending weapons, creating ridiculous workarounds

>>138912111>who behave like bad soap opera clichesI'm still mad that both Korra and Mako knew that Bolin was into Korra, and upon seeing the two of them kiss, Bolin cries like a shitty soap opera character. Also even though it was completely fucked up of them to do, Bolin is treated like he was overreacting to it

The killed off the avatar concept which essentially shepherded the world for the next gen. Its an allegory for the LGBT not saving the world for the next generation.

>Korra and Asami are lauded as shining stars of LGBT representation>neither of them were considered by the writers to be gay until season 4>their relationship has no build up and just happens>Asami isn't even an actual character, bitch is walking cardboardApparently they break up in the post-show comics too? Haven't read them.

I feel bad for the Earthbending lad who's about to learn he's the Avatar, and when he tries to get in touch with his past-lives, he finds out he only has fucking KORRA to give him an endless stream of terrible advice


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>>138904597Anon would you rather watch pro fencing or a real medieval battle?

>>138912583it's just retarded tumblr-culture where their headcanon was the two characters being together since season 1 and then when the relationship gets a vague wink of acknowledgment in the final 4 seconds of the series finale, retarded girls who spent more time looking at fanart than the show feel catered toAnd the creators did the typical "oh they're totally gay, we're confirming it now a month after the show ended in an interview but not in the show itself" which is hilarious and cowardly

>>138912668It could honestly be hilarious if it wasn't made by Bryke>New Avatar having trouble with Airbending>Korra's only advice is just wait for Airbending to 'happen' to him, worked for her>Having trouble with a spirit conflict>Korra remembers the time she defeated Spirit Satan, but even she has no fucking idea what Jinora did to save them all

>>138903967New story per season, killed off Amon too early also equalizers stopped after Amon gets caught to be bending which is eh since they're fanatics who believe bending is bad, Dark Avatar was so shit (If I was gonna write it I would have written that when Aang "died" another Avatar was born but since Aang was resuscitated new Avatar is an empty husk/apathetic/spiteful), Spirit World being open being perceived as a good thing when there are evil murder spirits, etc. Show was meh

>>138911246its kinda sad that the two biggest videos about why korra sucks are by a neo nazi and a brony/tranny.

Asami should've become a villain, like maybe Korra should've accidentally or intentionally killed her dad, she could've gotten dark avatar powers in season 2, then been the villain for the rest of the showShe did nothing for three seasons despite always being around

>Dark Avatar>Only uses waterbendingWhat a fucking travestyThere was literally a scene where he kidnaps Mako, Bolin and Jinora for no reason. Would it have been that hard to throw in some scene where he 'steals' their bending with spirit magic or some shit?At least we could get some decent action out of that dogshit finale>>138912926Pretty sure that was one of the leading theories on Amon's identity at the time

>>138903967Season 2.Everything else was great

The villains were pretty good, wan arch was good, 1st and 3rd season was great. Fighting scenes were amazing, everything else was shit.

>>138903967The main thing is that you got older. Trust me. I never watched ATLA when I was young, so I watched them back-to-back as an adult and Korra is perfectly fine. It's different, sure, animation is better, themes are somewhat more adult, shipping can be a bit overdone (though that's also the case in ATLA, don't kid yourself) and the final season was pretty weak with a rushed villain. Other than that, it feels like exactly the same show.You just got too old for cartoons. Be happy about that.

>>138913495No. I watched ATLA as a kid, Korra as an adult, and then ATLA again.It might as well be a microcosm of Luke vs. Rey.

>>138903967Hlfway through first season. Twist with Amon was kind of forced. It would be better if he was who he claimed to be. That would be more powerful, than sneaky waterbender with daddy issues.Korra should loose all her powers and be forced to regain her bending through next seasons, while combating Amon all the way. She would be humbled and would avoid becoming annoying Mary Sue, who resolves everything by the end of the season. Also, no magic carpet canon destruction dickery.

>>138913550Because you are biased in favor of ATLA with your fond memories.

>>138913630No. It's just a worse show in every respect except animation quality.

>>138913630You're probably retarded, then.From any reasonable standpoint, the original show is better. Korra fails as a sequel but is also bad on its own terms.

>>138913624>That would be more powerful, than sneaky waterbender with daddy issues.I really don't see why people take it this way. There's no indication that he didn't believe in his cause other than he used bending one time in a pinch. His personal family issues are merely a microcosm of the potential problems with bending and therefore he has reason to extrapolate them on to the greater world. I don't think it was executed well, but one positive of Korra is they went to lengths to note individual element benders could be really fucking dangerous, matching or even surpassing the avatar, when they were true experts. So I think it suits that a villain was "just another x element bender" pushing his skills to the limit rather than some 6th element bullshit or whatever.The problem is they ended him too abruptly, as others have said.

>>138913790Not the guy you replied to but I watched Korra season 1 before I watched Last Airbender and thought it was mostly decent. I did watch it in one day so the story didn't have much time to drag on and it likely papered over some of the weaker parts as a result but it was actually pretty nice as a one season story(with some massive holes in the worldbuilding and lore because I'd not watched ATLA). I then watched ATLA and afterwards the rest of Korra. What was interesting about watching it this way was that things in Kora that were standard(metal bending, lightning bending, pressure point chi-blocking) were rare so them showing up was kind of underwhelming as a result, also after watching season 1 of ATLA I still couldn't work out who Sue's mother was meant to be and why I was meant to care(Toph didn't get introduced until season 2).Korra season 2 was pretty bad, way too many plots going on at the same time until the end where they didn't really converge in a satisfying way and the final boss' motivations were really underwhelming, he wanted to be the evil Avatar because Kora's dad wouldn't let him be king, well done wanker, Amon had a great motivation before the blood-bending reveal and left me expecting some kind of continuation of this theme.Season 3 had based Zaheer and his people managing to destabilise most of the world in just over a month and Season 4 had Kuvira being forced to fix the world and become a monster to do it.I actually liked the aesthetic of Korra a lot, the steampunk early industrial age city was pretty cool, the spirit world opening a portal in the city was kind of a nifty idea which was under-explored.

>>138910792that shit wouldn’t be a problem if it was portrayed as a bad trait and she worked to move past it with character development but she doesn’t at all

>>138911099couldn’t she only do it on certain people? like she couldn’t tell when azula was lying that one time. i always thought she could only tell if someone’s lying if they’re a shitty liar

>>138903967the very first episode when it showed her being able to command all of the powers on a very base level as just a baby.

>>138915540That's true but Azula was literally the only person who was able to lie well enough to not be detected

>>138904164unironically that first point all the way. Avatar's world, aesthetically, was so much better and more interesting than the run of the mill steampunk esque society they came up with. Hell, the end of season 1 just devolves to WW1 airplane dogfights and warships.

>>138912916It was done purely for brownie points. And of course major kids networks aren't on board with it, so any and all implications of a relationship happen in the last minute of the episode and they aren't allowed to confirm it until weeks after it airs.They were hardly even fucking friends during the series

>>138912926The equalists would absolutely have kept going even without Amon. They would of course be pissed about him lying and using them, but they'd still believe in the cause even if Amon was a fraud

>>138913137>Korra literally sacrifices the world to save Jinora, knowing other people could be killed and the world would be thrown into chaos >She also had no reason to believe Unalog would keep his side of the deal, which he didn'tHonestly fucking retarded.

>>138915437Also she constantly was sneaking out to go meet up with people and do pro bending instead of her training, and she randomly figures out to be light on her feet during the pro bending match rather than her actual fucking training. She's the avatar in what was a time of peace, before amon showed up. Her entire existence was about mastering the elements and she had one more to go but would give up after 1 minute of trying to go and do whatever she wanted

Was being a loudmouth, quick to anger, irrational jerk who never learns meant to make her an endearing character?

>>138917402I mean if you were designing a character for Tumbltards to relate to, then they nailed it.She's an atrocious person personally and professionally and yet everyone adores and relies on her.

>>138917465It does seem like she was made as a self insert for fat autistic women who like to argue for the sake of it.

>>138917402Korra being basically the opposite of Aang at first was a perfectly fine ideaBut she literally never changes

>>138906744They probably thought they could do no wrong, considered how some fans still treat them. Just look at the live action shit. A show doomed to fail from the beginning only gets shit on now that Bryke dipped out.

>>138917707>Korra being basically the opposite of Aang at first was a perfectly fine ideaExcept it's not.Aang is a literal child and he exhibits both good and bad qualities like a human being. She's older and stuck-up.

>>138917402Don't forget that her actions never have lasting consequences. She's a complete cunt to everyone around her and yet they all end up loving her. She knew how Bolin felt about her and was literally on a night out with him (as friends, but still) and kissed Mako. It didn't matter at all to Korra about the situation, but rather what Korra wanted.And she's not even made out to be the bad guy for this, everyone immediately forgives her

>>138917780Older, stuck up, and fucking easily tricked. First episode she finds a guy preaching about how benders are oppressive she disagrees and yells how bending is cool>Let me guess, you're a water bender>"I am">And I bet you'd just love to use your bending to knock me down right now>"I'm seriously considering it!"How the fuck are you so easily baited? Also just hearing another persons opinion got her angry enough to say this shit

>>138917856>Umm sweety Bolin is the bad guy for thinking Korra owed him anything :))))))))

>>138917780Having her be the same character as Aang would have been pointless and boringSo it stands to reason that the best character for Korra to be would be someone the total opposite of Aang - whose journey is about learning the things we never got to see Aang learn - which in turns gives us more information about the universe that we never got a chance to learn. Those mainly being airbending, and spirituality, the things Aang was already adept at from the start.

>>138917964>the way Bolin comically sobs like a bitch and runs away with his hands flailing It honestly really pisses me off how they made him act over the top just to solidify that Korra is somehow not the one at fault here and that Bolin is just overreacting

>>138917964it's ok, bolin won in the end. he got that cute airbender girl

>>138903967The second season when she decided she can make a decision for millions of people to live with ghosts now. In our world that's mean guillotine.

>>138903967I'm just mad my ships from Last airbender didn't happen(Toph/Zuko).

>>138903967Aang was a huge faggot and Katara's little bitch boy so any world where Aang was the Avatar was going to be shit. The faggotry of Legend of Kora proves that Firefox Ozai was right. The genocide of the Air nation was a big lie. Discover the truth.

>>138918016>Having her be the same character as Aang would have been pointless and boringI don't really agree. You could easily take a character like Aang and put them in a completely different setting, with different side-characters with different dynamics. Most protagonists are balanced or blank slate characters and their interactions with other more polarised people is what creates interesting situations or drama.I could accept a Avatar being a moody teenager who's hormonal but Korra is too old for that.

The ending was so fucking retarded>Kuvera builds a giant fucking mech with a spirit cannon, of course this is all done off screen because the logistics of this is fucking retarded>Mech is shown to be able to fire from the outskirts of republic city>Despite this they still pilot the thing into the city and try to swat the airbenders and hummingbird suits like flies>Despite the movements of the mech being retardedly slow, no one ever thought to bend a giant hole in the ground and cover it up with a thin layer of earth so it would fall in and get trappedHonestly it's fucking retarded how that whole thing was handled.

>>138903967>where did it go wrong?From the outset when they decided that the new Avatar should be a strong black woman.It was doomed because everything became how she is being oppressed and how she isn't going to put up with mansplaining because she is a strong womyn.

>>138904448>they seemed designed to allow Korra to Golden-Snitch a win.How?

>>138904330But she doesn't master fire until she's 17, as is established in the first episode of the show. Moving a pebble =/= mastering earth

>>138903967the episode where she dates the fat guy just to make his brother angry. literally can't stay loyal to one person for an entire episode that is some fag ass shit

>>138904399>korra already has meditation down pat by the time the show startsHave you not watched the first season? Because you're wrong

>>138912973Doesn't detract from the fucking merit of the videos m8

>Post yfw you have only seen the original series because everyone says Korra is a dumpsterfire and you never gave it a shot.

>>138919073Korra isn't just bad, it retroactively ruins your appreciation of the original series. It's one of THOSE kinds of sequels.Avoid it like the plague.

>>138903967There is only one good American Anime, and nothing from Nickelodeon is worth a damn.Fight me

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Bryke and Ehasz are both incapable of making good work independent of one another.Watch TDAP and see what I mean. It hits the identical beats of characterization as ATLA, but none of the interesting worldbuilding or morality of ATLA.ATLA was good because the three of them were able to bounce ideas off one another and cancel out each other's brainfarts.

>>138919107genndy makes good shit tho

>>138919073I was one of those unfortunate people who loved ATLA and got super hyped about Korra when it was announced. I don't think I was ever as hyped for a TV show or any piece of media for that matter. Looking back on Korra and the way it ended, it truly was ground zero for the 'last minute lesbian' copouts and LGBT ship-teasing that has become endemic to american cartoons these days.

in defense of LoKtop tier female character design. to this day i still COOM a lot to them

>>138919129>>138906871These seem to be the most likely case

>>138904923I could see Toph not being a very good parent

>>138920282Didn't she say she couldn't even remember who the dads were?

>>138920410yeah she became a whore

>>138920282I would make Toph a parent but not as an adult.

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>>138903967>All of the new characters are less interesting and entertaining rip off of old characters>Setting is just new york >fanfiction tier writing (Dark fucking avatar really?)>choreography is worse>Pacing in every season sucks

>>138909922and then it never actually effects her negatively because she can just punch air all of a sudden and Aang shows up when its convenient

>>138904248was boring, I will never understand why they spent so much time on probending and then rush the A plot with Amon

>>138904597>>138904597>everyone bends the same in probending, basically just boxing>every culture and person has a unique style of bending and you can see in choreography

>>138904587in the original show there were a shitton of different bending styles and tecniques which made fights interesting nd dynamic, making everyone just punch and kick at eachother is a massive step down and shit world building

>>138915540she can only tell if someone is a shitty liar if they're not standing on anything like a rug. how the fuck would toph's power work if she was talking to someone sitting on top of an air bison for instance?

why are korra's shoulders and arms so big?

>>138906550>spend a third of it on uninteresting probending>fuck off and hang out with asami>oh shit amons invading republic city and we only have a few episodes to figure this out

>>138906871I think he was a writer and bryke is an idea guy, even LOK has cool ideas but none of them pan out well

>>138921823Because it's hot.

>>138910393Hard agree on the sokka thing, Sokka was always portrayed as really traditional and he got so many girls. Not only that but he was from a tribe on the brink of extinction, theres no way hes not breeding like crazy.

>>138904305what is this 3 fps shit?

>>138912973>neo naziBased>Brony TrannyGross

>>138918620She's not black lol.And I don't remember sexism being an integral part to anything