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Good morning /Who/. I love stories.

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>>138903197What a coincidence!

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Why is /who/ always dead on the weekends...

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>Listen, if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a hack showrunner who would destroy years of canon, could you then kill that child?>We're talking about Chris Chibnall, the most talentless showrunner ever hired. You must destroy him. You must complete your mission for /who/.>Do I have the right? Simply touch one wire against the other and that's it. Chibnall ceases to exist. Hundreds of millions of fans, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word Chibnall>Then why wait? If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria you were destroying, you wouldn't hesitate.>But I kill, wipe out a whole era of canon, then I become like him. I'd be no better than Chibnall.

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>>138903910based Genesis Of The Chinballs pasta

Glad you like the 9. Here's the next one.

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>>138903950is that rory in the girl who waited?

this is now /Darv/ the official Arthur Darvil General

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So how could they fix Chibnall's bullshit? How could the one who comes in after him repair the damage? Should they just ignore it like they do the Valeyard? Or is that a poor comparison? It always felt like they WANTED to use the Valeyard somehow but were always at a loss as to how.

>>138904069Use this dude which i've said in the past.

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>>138904069Ignoring it would be best, but if they must bring it up again, have it be the Trickster from SJA

>>138904241>>13890425213 Holla Forums Road is where the Doctor Who General lives and it's home to things WAY beyond your imagination. There's an extraterrestrial Graske in the yacht, an autistically-engineered Croat GENIUS in the binge, a companion 'investigator' across the page, and a whole universe of adventure right here on the OP.>Ready?ALWAYS.

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>>138904030Based and darvpilled


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/who/ - outside the janitors, beyond the binge. The Chibnall era is when everything changes. And you've gotta be ready.

>Torchwood series 2 finale>Jack puts his brother Gray into cryogenic storage in the Hub>Next series Hub is blown up and completely destroyed>Gray was surely killed in the explosionWhy has this never been addressed?


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How do you go from this...

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>>138904989...to this???

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>>138904839No one cared about him.

>>138904927I should start writing fucking Hell Bent but this is entertaining.

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>>138904989To this?!

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>>138904989>>138905021why don't they just design a mini mech/power suit? Imagine Dalek cybermen, Dalek gundams.Dalek armor is outdated, stupid and slow.

>>138905044What, you mean Chibnall wrote a big revelation about the main character's past that was completely ignored by following writers?

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>>138905279Because then they wouldn't be Daleks anymore

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>>138905021to this

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>>138905406I quite like that design for the Dalek mutant actually. It's got that Classic slimy green and I like how the 'eye' looks genuinely alien.

>>138905448It's one of the only things I give Chibnall's era credit for. It's great, and genuinely freaks me out. If I had to criticise it though, it'd be for being a bit too "bog standard squid", it just lacks a little alien something to make it uniquely Dalek.

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>>138905406I-I'm going INSANENIGGERMAN HELP!

>>138905550>"He ordered another treble, and began chanting to himself" recalls our onlooker. "I could hear him saying 'Nyssa, Nyssa' and laughing in this manic way. He then turned to this really big bloke and said, 'At last, I've cut you down to size'.>Ainley produced a torch, believing it to be the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator, and then tried to 'kill' people with it. When this did not work, he began bellowing "Doctor, Wait!" and stroking his beardtop kek

I want to impregnate the doctor so fucking much bros

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>>138905750>Is that a cock user? Oh, love me a cock. Used to have one, once.

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>>138905750>series 13 she gets impregnated and has a time baby>timeless child 2.0>names it River Adric, after her wife and favourite companion

Hey if the Doctor was immortal, right, and fucked (Susan's grandmother), does that mean the entire family tree of the Doctor is all immortal too?

>>138905692where was their sense of humaaaa

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>>138905750>>138905794Girl at my college looks exactly like this but a bit cuter (obviously, cuz she's younger)Should I go for it?

>>138905899Duh. Go for it.desu Jodie's a cutie but they dress her down in the show

>>138905899Only if she has a mute Indian friend for the full 13 experience.

>>138905750You just KNOW curiosity got the better of her and she’s had AT LEAST one all black gang bag

>>138905928>>138905933Tnx frens. Next time I'll ask her out this week.why can't they dress jodie like every other doctor? would be way classier and cute

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Personally, I absolutely despise every single episode of both classic and new who as well as the TV movie and the spinoffs. I also hate every single incarnation of the doctor and every other character. I also hate every doctor who audio, comic, book and video game and any other doctor who media that exists.AND I SAY THAT AS A FAN!


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>>138906134I kind of agree. In most stories, doctor does nothing.


>>138903950city of death

Holy shit, this is good. The second half better be just as good. Move over Happiness Patrol, new best story of the season.

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>>138906099This, more women in suits please.

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Time Heist > Listen

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she looks so much better in a smarter, darker costume

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>>1389063114 seconds later...

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>>138906311reminder the suit was on since raven

>>138906463No it wasn't. Capaldi changed into the black one for Lie of the Land, for example.

>>138906463Imagine the smell

>>138906501Also changed for Extremis

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>>138906547and thin ice

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>>138906501>>138906547>>138906575my headcanon s10 does no exist

the suit was on since WEAT

I wish he was wearing the Tshirt+hoodie in the finales :(

>>138906645It was on since Deep Breath.

>>138906645How long is it for the Doctor from the start of WEAT to the moment she defeats Tim Shaw on the crane?

>>138906687we don't know how much time passed between the Pilot (pissfu) put he back in the Tardis and it landed

>>138906743>>138906687also his hair grew a lot

>>138906743That's true, but I imagine not that long? Bill looks over the Doctor, then Puddle Girl arrives, they take him into the TARDIS, then Bill does her little speech, leaves with Puddle Girl, and the Doctor wakes up, and then the TARDIS pretty much lands right away. I imagine that's probably like half an hour to an hour from his point of view? I don't see any reason why Bill/Puddle would spend forever taking him into the TARDIS and then hanging around for hours?

>>138906846for all we know the little nap could have lasted centuries

>>138906912True, but I doubt it. Doesn't Bill's tear/the droplet of water basically kickstart the Doctor regaining consciousness?

>>138902794nice paint threadwont be here for a few days unfortunaelty

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>>138907098last of the time lords?


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>>138906121i tried to do the regenartion scene but i made peri look like a hippo

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>>138907135no its a sja episode

>>138907093my head hurts

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>Emergency Programme One means I'm facing a janny that should never get their hands on this general. So this is what you should do. Let the thread die. Just let this old post gather dust. No one can open it. No one'll even notice it. Let it become a strange little thing standing in an archive. And over the years, the board'll move on and the post will be buried. And if you want to remember me, then you can do one thing. That's all, one thing. Have a good binge. Do that for me, user. Have a fantastic binge.

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>>138906176>>138907203Yes.>>138906203It was Girl Who Waited.


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>>138908034Logopolis!Your turn.

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>>138908226looks like the end of time to me



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>>138908177The Mark of the Rani


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>>138908376Sontaran Stratagem!


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what's this episode

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trying to build up a leela collection after seeing the sun makersany contribution would be welcome

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>100 posters>16 posts/trek/ is dead

>>138909745It's not /who/ if it's more than a dozen and a bit posters trying to keep the general relevant

Someone fill me in...what is the premise of the new Time Lord Victorious series?


>>138910118James Goss needs a new car.

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Kindaanon hereno-one told me 5 was this comfy

>>138910877except last one

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Social Distance of the Daleks

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>>138911108>>138911151I always like seeing the mix of different designs. I wish we got something similar with the Cybermen, the most we ever get is the 2006 Cybus designs with whichever the current version is. Bring some classic Cyber costumes in


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>>138911210They had the chance in The Doctor Falls and didn't. It's a shame we saw the Mondasian ones and then a jump to RTD and Moffat Cybermen. It would've been kino seeing an Invasion Cyberman and maybe an 80s Cyberman too, even if they were just in the background.

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>>138911210>>138911308Thinking about it, Asylum could've been better suited to the Cybermen. A place they keep all the Cybermen that went wrong. Protected by nanoclouds that convert you (much more a Cyber idea than a Dalek one). All kinds of spare parts lying around, old designs, new designs, heads of old Cybermen, skulls / body parts, and it wouldn't matter about older Cybermen designs looking knackered since the whole point is that it's an ancient Asylum where they've all gone haywire and mental.

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>>138912015doctor does kinda nothing

>>138910118Females ruin a TV show for 8 year old boys

French fag here.Just found this on twitter. It seems that the Bogs were the first to try to introduce the show to a french audience in 80's.

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>>138912420That explains a lot, actually.

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>>138912482That's a Zygon, you can tell by the spots on the neck.

>>138912420The call that saved /who/

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>>138912420all french people are tennantfags or smithfags

Fooken' kinoWhat I like about Doctor Who is the variety of tone across the eras. 6's run felt very edgy and action-packed, and grimey, whereas 5's run is more uncertain but much comfier. Something about the jungle setting really appeals to me, it reminds me of a usborne introduction to science book from the 80's. Tegan has some fantastic moments and Adric ranges from inoffensive to pleasant. I suppose Nyssa is missing but she would probably just have crowded the cast.Let's see if the Doctor does something.

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>>138912420I love that Hartnell is wearing Tom Baker's costume.

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>>138912760>Let's see if the Doctor does something.

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How does it feel to know that you are now a minority in the Doctor Who fanbase and that pic related is the majority?

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>>138913406I don't mind because I'm not a bigot

>>138913479there is a difference but how to know how much of those people are just attention seekers that use the trans umbrella to be relevant.

>>138912559That's a fact. I have never met anyone in France who likes 9 and 12. And no one cares anymore so they don't even know about 13. I don't blame them.

>>138913406people who like doctor who S11 and S12 are definitely in the minority bro lolidk a single person who likes it but i know a bunch who dislike it

>>138913280 The best stories are when he's in over his head and you're unsure of whether he'd actually make it or not. The Davison years added a sense of this - you always knew Baker was going to come out on top.Would Earthshock have the same impact if you knew that the Doctor was going to win?

>>138912550>He regenerated? Domp eet.

>>138913406>that pic related is the majority?The majority hasn't watched past S4.

>>138912420did they answer?

>>138911365Ditch the nanocloud, replace them with Cybermats or something, and this would be kino

episode with this theme when?

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Doctor Who is dead.


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>>138914408Chan I love Doctor Who tho!

>>138914266the woman who fell to earth


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>>138914461Yaz and Jodie's trip to the Autism Clinic

>>138914616The Tsuranga Conundrum

Slitheen when?

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why are fans like this?twitter.com/OurTardis63/status/1302637969090772992>After watching this video I want 9 & 13 to meet as a way of showing a "vulnerable" man (especially post-Time War) embracing his inner "femininity".

>>138914793Is that even a real person ?

>>138915014Yep.David Morgan-Hewitt. knowyourmeme.com/memes/absolute-unit

>>138914904>why is Twitter like this?fixed

Hartnell in HDyoutube.com/watch?v=J9H88qv6TMs

>>138915124>>13891490413th: you need to understand your fragility9th: (pic)

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>>138914904>>138915192>“Doctor! That’s amazing. How did you defeat the Daleks again?”>“I used my inner femininity, Rose”

>>138915178That's really well done. Imagine if the Beeb actually gave this much of a shit about restoring all of Classic like this

outer Holla Forums is making fun of us>>138913971

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>>138915328why not re record all lost episodes with David Bradley

>>138915328The channel's pretty new but he's done a few. youtube.com/watch?v=WUvKogVEg64https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHDQgknwpnMSome feel a bit hit and miss (like the Power one). Can sometimes look a bit 'cartoony' almost with thick black outlines and stuff. And some of it loses the charm if it's too crisp, but good experiments regardless

>>138915339This might new Who's worst scene.The fact that some people buy this "love story" disturbs me more than the timeless child.

Robbie the Cyberman is not impressed

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>>138915400Troughton really looks like Robert DeNiro in that first clip. I think the issue with the second clip is the ironically the high definition isn't well defined. Everything there blurs together.


is it kino? youtube.com/watch?v=VVSXgUPf4g0

>>138915863no goth girlDROPPED

what the fuck language is this?! youtube.com/watch?v=aYFW3mSRAVc

>>138916073We really need more variety in the types of QT companions they go for.

>>138915455>some people>still the most popular pairing in DW fanfiction

>>138916170Portuguese. Not sure if standard or Brazilian.

>>138916177she was part of this seriesfuckofferino.ml/wiki/Goth_Girl

>>138916232>most popular pairing in DW fanfictionis 1st doctor and martha


>>138916397fuck off cats

>>138915863Lmaoing at Omega's gigantic head and retarded expression.Also bloody hell, that thing's as long as the s3 final 3-parter.


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>>138916650>>138915863Regenerationdoctor you are a niggarehashes tv regenerationslame

those rags apparently got in the doctors head (she says GET OUT OF MY HEAD) and they say "we see even further back" but how? the doctor doesn't even have those memories. and even if she did... has literally no other person who's scanned their brain in any episode since 1963 seen the timeless crap too? how come some random fucking rags can?

>>138916897the Morbius machine apparently did as well

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>>138917116Imagine the state of poor 12th would be right now


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I'm so hype for Series 43 ladsfuckofferino.ml/wiki/Series_17

okay lads who wrote the Series 13 page on the Wiki and predicted Spyfall / Timeless Child?>Address the problems with Moffat’s overarching story of his era and undo The Day of the Doctor’s undoing of the Time War ending.fuckofferino.ml/wiki/Series_13

>>138916897I'm convinced that "The Timeless Child" was just an innocuous throwaway line in The Ghost Monument and was only made to be something bigger after they saw fans speculating about it

The parallels between Davison and Whittaker go beyond "passive blonde Doctor and three companions fighting for screen time">Season 19/Series 11>presented as a reboot of the show, going back to its roots, has a lot of mostly boring stories and historicals that tend to meander around >Season 20/Series 12>goes full memberberries, bringing back or referencing as much stuff from the past as possible, at the expense of the current charactersthen watch it be like>Season 21/Series 13>has as moment so embarrassingly bad that the controller of the BBC wonders if cancelling the show outright would be beneficial

Would you be hyped for a two-parter called Doctor Who and the Chocolate factory and Doctor Who and the Great Glass Elevator?

>>138917663The main difference is that Davison was well loved, and ratings were good for him (and improved too).Another parallel is the TX slot is changed (Davison airs on Mon/Tues nights; Whittaker on Sundays).

>>138917663>>has as moment so embarrassingly bad that the controller of the BBC wonders if cancelling the show outright would be beneficialThey really dropped the ball with Androzani.

>>138917801That's true about the ratings, however the ratings for Jodie's first season were the highest in NuWho since Smith left.They only dropped hard in her second season.

>>138917663Season 21 / Series 13?>Ends with a story so embarrassingly cheap and shit that the audience is left with a bitter taste in their mouths for the following year

>>138917931Her first 2 stories did well because of curiosity factor - people always tune in for a new Doctor, and there was a lot of hype. The trend was downwards though. Let's not pretend ratings didn't fall during Series 11 too.

I see more of a parallel between 7B and 11 desu

>>138917882>>138917943kekMemes aside, it was the Myrka in Warriors of the Deep, prancing around like a pantomime horse, in a brightly lit set that made no effort to disguise how bad it looked.

>>138917943isn't that series 12?

>>138918037Not too dissimilar to the Dregs in terms of how bad they were edited in, episode ends with "all goes to shit" and everyone dies

>>138918069kek, it's every Chibnall series.

>>138918037Seasons 19-21 still have more good stories than bad though.

The /who/ wiki is fucking gold. I've only just started reading through it.>"The Master reads out a Wikipedia article on the Timeless Child to the Doctor for about 40 minutes. (Quick summary: the Doctor was a magical baby from another dimension, the most special being to ever live and the origin of regeneration, also she has an unknown number of mind-wiped pre-Hartnell incarnations who did clandestine jobs for the Time Agenc-- the CIA- I mean 'The Division'. Shit, right? It's shit.)>After this, he basically kicks the Lone Cyberman out of the episode and takes over his army. He basically creates a bunch of CyberTimeLords who can regenerate. Why? I have no idea.>The Doctor breaks free by forcing the Matrix to watch loads of Doctor Who (mostly the bad stuff) and then uses the Death Particle (I guess Chibnall forgot to give it a proper name) to nuke Gallifrey for the third time. Then she gets kidnapped by Judoon and taken to the a prison, all while going "What? What? What?!">Oh, companions fuck about with Cybermen but it's not really important."

>>138918168It's very adolescent, in a good way.Who came up with all of it?Also we should fill in some of the stubs.

We've had clalapostingWe've had peripostingTime to enter the next stage

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Just copped The War Games and The Ice Warriors on DVD, what am I in for?

>>138918762War Games is long but full of twists, great pace, good characters and a lot of kino

>>138914266You're onto something>Aliens come to Earth>Shapeshift into distorted ugly human forms>Say they identify as humans and anyone who disagrees is arrested>Some start eating people>SJWs say that we shouldn't judge all of them just because some are eating people>Doctor has to put to a stop to them

Doctor Who isn't alive.



My sister who stopped watching Who when Capaldi joined has gone back and rewatched his era and now thinks he's the best Doctor.

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>>138921023>The Doctor doesn't know twitter decided to reattribute the series to Hermoine Grainger after J.K. outed herself as problematic.

>>138920718Based, now post pics of her feet

>*stops series 9 from fulfilling its potential*

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>>138921357Doctor Who and the Brutal Mogging

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>>138921435On the left, a cast iron, unironic 20 point 5/10. On the right, Quasimodo's uglier bong cousin.

>>138908856Cold Blood!

>>138915455there isn't a single romance involving the doctor that has been good, ever

>>138921757Factually inaccurate.

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>>138921757The Aztecs

>>138921757Romana and Four

>>138921857based and capaldickpilled

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What's the worst piece of Doctor Who media ever made?

>>138921757The Aztecs

>>138922039I love it for a laugh but Dimensions In Time has got to be up there as one of the worst doctor who bits of media ever.

>>138921857possible contender, but it's not a romance in the usual tv show way>>138921876>>138922114accident/ruse involving cocoa, is it not? am i misremembering?>>138921914>divorceOH NO NO NO

>>138922179Yeah, but Hartnell also develops a fondness for her in the end. He drops her ring on the table, goes to the TARDIS, then looks back and goes to collect it again. It's understated and sweet.