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strawpoll.me/20895006Years ago I watched the Original Series and really enjoyed it. As a kid my older brother and father watched TNG a lot but I was too young. Dabbling in further Star Trek stuff now. Watched season 1 of TNG and now watching some DS9. What's your favorite Star Trek bros? Also Trek general I guess.

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The original series is the best. It has the most human and relatable characters.


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Bros...I forgot how much coomer material is in Enterprise with T'pol...I think Dax is my favorite trek girl but bros...

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>>138902610have sex. this thread is not for virgins only.

History repeats itself.

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>>138902857It's called sex addiction bro

>>138902891it's not sex addiction if one doesnt have sex bro

>>138902860I wonder why they thought he was the new spock


>>138902963Not how you spell it

>>138902344Best will always be TOS.

>>138902344DS9 > TNG = TOS >>> VOY >>>> ENT >>>>>>>> STD

>>138903127You forgot to put Picard and Lower Decks in there bro.

VOY = TOS > TNG = DS9 > ENT > LD > STD > PIC

>>138903156The amount of > needed for just lower decks would count as spam

>>138903195S-so endearing

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>>138902914Because Spock's the visor guy

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Lower Decks is trash


i like how shills are literally vandalizing this general with LD spam

>>138903127For me, it's TNG>ENT=DS9>TOS>VOY=TAS>>>Trek parody and fan films>>>>>STD>PICThe only thing "saving" STD is Pike. Don't give a shit about the new cartoon.

>>138905189>LOWits LD. As in "LEARNING DISABLED"

>>138905085kek & jej

>>138905202LD is on topic, gramps. Get with the times!

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Who wins?

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Deep Space 9 had good episodes here and there, but it's horribly overrated.

>>138905974Borg duh. Crystalline entity was btfo by its resonance frequency. Any dumb dumb could figure that out.


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>>138902860really makes you think

>>138905974borgs, even if the CE managed to eat all life inside the cube, I guess the cube still has some form of AI that can defend the cube in case of emergency.

>>138905974How does the snowflake make people disappear? Is it just magic?

>Watching Kingdom of God>see this guy>wait a secondhaha it's fucking bashir dudewhat

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>>138906656Siddig has been in so much shit, and he's always fucking good in it regardless of how shitty the project is.

>>138902344Just watched Star Trek II after finishing TOS The death scene with Spock was pure kino that and the motion picture was awesome and I'm super excited to watch star trek IIIAny ideas what trek I should watch next guys?

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>>138906698>looking at a decent image to post here>he was also in Game of Thronesdude my mind is being blown by the second

>>138902344Unpopular opinion. I liked the 3rd season of TOS best.

>>138906707IV objectively the best film

>>138906730It's a shame they should have done a trek like Game of Thrones. You could really flesh out the various races and have a common unifying story. I like the idea of federation romulan war of the mid 2100s

>>138902860Just because some people were wrong about TNG being shit doesn't mean nutrek is not shit

>>138906656He has been good in everything except DS9

>>138903195LD is leagues better than STD and SPIC.

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>>138907284>t. Kurtzman

>>138906186What is wrong with you?

Hey /trek/, why you so slow today? At Discord again?

How long can he go?

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>force myself to boot up sto again in over a year>play through the last two missions of the disco arc>sentient mushroom hologram Stamets and Excalbia Burnham are better written and have more emotion than the show's characters>epic teamup moment at the end isn't earned, though>Picard 7 is still bad.I know why they retconned their original version of 7, but still, they've had multiple versions of characters before.

>>138907702>cringe: hurr durr it's just a cartoon bro.>based: acknowledging the symbolism of Boimler being written as a stereotypical clumsy white male and recognizing the reverse racismBeen watching TV long mate?

>>138905775Jessie is in LOVE with LD!

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>>138907150He was awful in Game of Thrones

>>138908836Jack Quaid's character is treated way worse in The Boys but it's funny you don't have a problem with that.

>>138909171But Mecha HATES LD!

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>>138902860TNG still has Roddenberry's fingerprints all over it, STD is pure hollywood sci-fi trash.

>>138908836Funny how you identify with the clumsy Brad instead of the alpha Chad. Maybe stop being a cuck.

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>>138909616TNG S1-2 had his strongest prints and that's also why they were the best seasons, suck it reddit.

>>138902914I'm pretty sure they wanted to make people mad.Spock? a black guy!?shitty journalism.

I can't tell if LD is bad or not

>>138906656>rewatching naked gun 1 after finishing TOS>put it on the background and do something else>"Why did I hear Khan?"

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>>138909699If you hate it, it's bad. If you like it, it's good. Simple as.

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>>138908561That game has nothing to say anymore to be honest.

>>138909662The first 2-3 episodes of the first season TNG is pretty weak but I agree, almost every episode from S1-S2 TNG is like a "good" episode of TOS.

>>138909744The games are just about putting players through a string of battle missions so they'll keep ponying up for Cryptic's predatory business model.

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>>138909800Did you know, they just added the Picard Copy paste ship as a lootbox reward.

>>138909777You can always tell who actually watched TNG from the tourists (or those who at best only vaguely remembers it from their childhood) because they'll always parrot the same "TNG only gets good in S3" meme that doesn't hold up upon repeat viewings. The fact is the first two seasons had some of the best one-offs and exploration episodes and even the worst ones are still good camp.

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>>138909794well ffuck, at least points us to the right direction.

>>138909932>because they'll always parrot the same "TNG only gets good in S3" meme that doesn't hold up upon repeat viewingsTo be fair though, the meme of "TNG is the best when Riker grew a beard" rung true for me as someone who started watching ST 2 years ago, every single episode around that period of time has been an absolute blast.

>>138909911>it's trueThat's hilarious since I'm still not seeing a deflector dish. Ship itself also looks tiny af. Badass ship my ass.

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>>138910000I'm not saying post beard/spandex is bad, just that they're not innately "superior" to the first two seasons, just different. They obviously went in a different direction but there was never anything wrong with it being "TOS with updated special effects."

>>138902344TOS for me

>>138909911>>138909911>>138910017>The modern Inquiry Battlecruiser, like other ships of its lineage, are aggressive ships, designed to charge into head-on confrontations and come out unscathed. To further these goals, it comes equipped with a Variable Assault Deflector Array to ensure that it can come out swinging and shrug off any retaliation. This is further tied into its Cruiser Commands, to ensure that its team is as prepared as possible to follow it in its charge. Its sturdy construction and forward-facing weapons mountings round out the package, make it an intimidating sight to be staring down at. Those on the business end of an Inquiry often find their goals rapidly aligning with the Federation’s peaceful ideals. >Those on the business end of an Inquiry often find their goals rapidly aligning with the Federation’s peaceful ideals. Yeah this is what the Federation is all about.

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>>138910017It's also just an Avenger skin, so yeah the ship is tiny (but I do like the avenger)

>>138910319>Those on the Airlock end of an Janeway's cake often find their goals rapidly aligning with the birthdays peaceful ideals.

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Hey there, Treksters! Remember to Star TREK to the polls this November!

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>>138902860TNG was still rough around the edges in season 2, but it also had already produced a good share of high-quality episodes such as Measure of a Man, Q Who, A Matter of Honor.We're 2 or 3 seasons into nu-trek now depending on how separately you count STD and Picard, but can you seriously name a single episode of either show that even comes close to the quality of the episodes I just named?Even Voyager had a few big winners by the end of it's 2nd season. Even Enterprise managed to have a decent 2nd season finale.

>>138908836lmao that’s not what symbolism is you fucking brainlet


>>138906707The original 6 are all good.

>>138910319Hey remember when the Defiant was noteworthy because it was the only federation hull specifically designed to be a warship and not at least hybridize as a diplomatic/exploratory/scientific vessel?haha

>>138902610Which Dax though?

DS9=ENT > LD > TOS > TNG > VOY > TAS > STD >>>>>>>>>>>>> PIC

>>138907284Uh yeah it is

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>>138908044The food puns in the show are pretty great if you haven't noticed yet

>>138911226Switch TNG with DS9=ENT and it's perfect.

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TNG > the rest I'm too lazy to sort

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>>138906707Just watch all TOS films, only 5th one isn't that great and 3 is just decent.

>>138910319You have to take any lore blurb from STO with a grain of salt, since they have also dubbed countless feddie ships that are science vessels as "combat escorts" and other silly gaffs like that. STO's staff do not have a direct line to the ship designers for the new shows, so they have to just make shit up and hope they're getting it right.

>>138911136>it was the only federation hull specifically designed to be a warshipThe Sabre, Akira, Steamrunner, and arguably Sovereign were all designed specifically to be warships to combat the Borg. The Sovereign is obviously able to fulfill any variety of missions despite that, though.

>>138911226TNG>DS9>TOSPOWER GAPENT seasons 3/4>VOY>TNG Season 1>ENT Season 1/2POWER GAPLD>PIC>STD

>>138911311>Cerritos has Mexican food like nachos and burritos >Vancouver has poutine and other Canadian dishesinb4 they encounter the USS Novichok with a dead crew

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>>138911792>nachos and burritos>"mexican food"user...

>>138903156>unironicallyno he didn't

>>138902860kurtzman stop posting

>>138910926There are a couple episodes in STD that have some merit, or rather potential in their premises, but are so godawfully executed that it just kind of ruins all the fun.>Harry Mudd attacks the USS Discovery using a personal time rewind device so he can brute force it until he successfully steals its tech and escapes unscathed>neat>Harry Mudd begins to fucking execute the crew en masse and giggle while he does so>what the fuck is this shit, stop this, this isn't funny, this is psychopathic>the entire premise of the infinite time loops isn't used to force a creative resolution from the crew, instead it's used to force Burnham and Tyler to actually hook up at the dance instead of just kinda ignoring each other>that's right, this entire plot was used so the writers could justify a couple characters with no chemistry ending up together at the end of it, and to give Burnham a dramatic romantic counterpart so that she can brood over how awful it is that Tyler is a Klingon laterAnd that's the moment I realized that there really is no salvaging STD as a series, whoever is in charge is a fucking dumbass who is handed good ideas and wastes them on intercharacter drama

when is this fat fuck going to shit on LD already?

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>>138905974Borg wins thru attrition. They'll adapt to its unique attack method once they've thrown 1-2 cubes at it and analyzed the telemetry data.

>>138906656I kept waiting for Bashir to announce "Computer End Program".Kept watching for O'Brien or Garrick to show up.

>>138912079It would literally be Mike's Trek autism vs RLM's policy of never reviewing animated works.Which will win out is anyone's guess.

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Fuck ENT though, seriously.

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>>1389114423 is awesome 5 is fun, first half of it is great, second half it falls apart a bit

>>138912318>shooting God in the face with a Klink disruptor>not great

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>>138912313denobulians are creepypasta people

>>138912313I saw an episode of ENT 10 years ago about how Phlox could've cured space plague but didn't. Is it a reference to that?It made me quit that show.

DS9 is Best Trek.

DS9>TNG=TOS>VOYeverything else is shit tier

>>138902344really sad voy isnt top 3 desu


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IT'S UP!youtube.com/watch?v=ET15EGpcUNM&ab_channel=Trekyards

>>138913110It's weird that they couldn't figure out the platforms were there to erect a shield grid around the moon to prevent the explosion from causing collateral damage.

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>>1389068522 is the best. 5 is underrated kino


>>138913262TNG > TOS/DS9 you brainlet.

>>138902860Just more proof next generation is gay

>>138913110>>138913239I'm more surprised they were able to get the showrunner to address their ship autism.youtube.com/watch?v=sRm5uTzYIrc

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>>138912318Aside from Ship's destruction everything else felt bland to me, even David's death.In 5 I like only one scene, with Bones' father. That one is really good. Everything else is just ironically funny, like "What does God need with a starship?"My favorite is 4, but mostly because it's so joyful, so enthusiastic.

Official /trek/ rankingTOS Movies (except TMP) = TNG > TOS > DS9 = VOY > ENT > TNG Movies > STD > STP > DEK > TAS > TMP

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>>138913819>TMP last

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>>138913865Yup, it's the absolute worst. I'd rather watch a 24 hour marathon of Threshold than sit through The Motion Sickness again.

You'd have to be an actual brainlet to think STD and SPIC are better than LD.

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>>138907159Looks like they just slightly redid the Luna Class.

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>>138914078The only ones saying this are baiting. LD is automatically better just by staying consistent with the era.

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>>138910319After all the other bullshit that the federation has to deal with in STO concurrently, including constant invasions by the Borg, Species 8472, Mirror universe Leeta empowered by the Pah Wraiths to teleport mirror universe fleets into the prime universe and attempting to invade DS9 on an hourly basis, Tal Shiar remnants trying to reconquer the Romulan Empire, Iconians, and anything else out there, more militarized ships isn't too far fetched.

>>138914195>LD is automatically better just by staying consistent with the era.Consistent with what?

>>138910017Looks more like a Nova than anything. The forward-tilting pylons also aren't a good look.

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STO is such a boring, repetitive mess I'm surprised people are still giving them money for JPEGs.

>>138914195Technically, golden girls is better than PICARD.

>>138914141Its secondary hull is much smaller than that of the Luna relative to the saucer. Also bigger impulse engines that protrude in the back.

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>>138914195>I'm ok with CBS hiring a giant walking thumb to make Rick & Morty -tier jokes at my expenseImagine the cope of LODEFAGS desperately trying to like this shitty cartoon because they desperately want to have new Star Trek that they like. Imagine the degree of Stockholm Syndrome a faggot would have to be suffering. No. shh... wait.Just...Imagine...

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>>138914195Hating on LD is just a meme at this point. Even Dumbcuck admitted he enjoyed the last episode.

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>>138914397>a giant walking thumb.It's funny because it's true.

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>>138914319STO is literally about giving players slightly different shit to blow up and slightly different ships to do it with.

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>>138914141I wonder why they didn't use this for Picard. Feels right at home next to that turd: >>138910319

>>138914397Sorry, Gary. You already said you're enjoying it. No takesies backsies.

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THE SHAD IS MADyoutube.com/watch?v=PiK3lGglxWk

>>138914582The whole appeal is that it's YOUR ship that you (kind of) designed with a name and number you chose. It's why there's that whole partnership with that company that 3D prints ship models.

>I'm trying to be cute, quirky, and clever with my comments like my favorite cartoon Star Trek>But it just comes out all awkward and wrong.

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I love Star Trek. My favorites are TNG and DS9 but I also really enjoy watching VOY, ENT and TOS.

>>138914676Didn't that 3D print deal fall through? Or did they get another manufacturer?

>>138914700Try pointing out that you are always right because you KNOW.

>>138914773This but unironically.

>>138914861I also have gotten some manner of joy from watching TLD, but it really isn't my style. PIC also had a few select good moments but not enough to redeem it. Still, I don't despise it as much as many anons. It was, on the whole, bad. STD is trash. But I will still watch at least the first episode of season 3.

>>138914773This but my extreme irony circles back on itself and becomes sincerity again.

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>>138915048>I also have gotten some manner of joyLike Almond Joy? or Lisa Joy? or waifu Joi?

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>>138914780To my knowledge, they still have a partnership with Mixed Dimensions and there's a dedicated button in-game that will create a scan of a ship. I've heard the quality is iffy, though, especially on smaller (read: cheaper) prints.

>>138915114Just simple joy, user. Pleasure. You should try it some time. I had Almond Joy when I was in the US and didn't like it much. I don't know who Lisa Joy is and JOI isn't my cup of tea. So the joy I get from Trek, even from TLD, is beyond any of these. Tuvok is my favorite Vulcan character.

>>138902344How much time do I have to sink into DS9 until their everyday issues shit and the annoying brats stop being a thing?

TOS > TNG > DS9 Watched all of TOS and TNG for the first time a year ago. My opinion on DS9 isn’t worth shit though because I got filtered halfway through season 2. I just didn’t like any of the characters except the Cardassians

>>138915611that means you're a psychopath, user

>>138915920Was she a fan?

>>138915920Great that you enjoy it.Protip: Avoid Discovery and Picard. These shows will only make you mad. The other stuff is okay.

Enterprise is the only Trek with characters who feel real. Everyone else are pod people.

Why the fuck hasn't transporter technology been banned? We've seen it malfunction 18 fucking times in just the few ships we've been able to see, imagine how many happen in the federation combined.

>>138915760Why? Everyone besides Gul Dukat or the tailor were flat out uninteresting. I grant you that Odo had potential until the episode where they revealed his backstory.

>>138902344Best show in the spirit of Star Trek: The Next GenerationBest show in terms of quality: Deep Space Nine

>>138916525>the episode where they revealed his backstorythat's not in season 2...


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>>138916498Still safer than shuttles.


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>>138916749There's a chance you might die in a shuttle accident but you'll definitely die if you use the transporter. And no one will even mourn your death because they'll just carry on with your clone.

>>138916958So perfect.

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>>138916982shuttles are comf

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>>138915114>hipster vinyl and record player>hipster Westworld poster>hipster electric typewriter just laid out for the shot - didn't even bother to drop the power cord behind the desk>some who cares five dollar billNo wonder Wasteworld turned to shit.

>>138916692At least it was sincere and had /heart/ and /soul/. LODE would just make some retarded wisecrack or snappy quip and the rest of nuTrek would turn into some shitty soap opera designed to boost their mary sue.

DS9 > TNG > TOS > ENT > VOYI personally like ENT more than TOS, but it isn't better than TOS.

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>>138917083Omg inorite, like why doesn't she just buy a smartphone??

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>>138917017mar-mar's my boo

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>>138917182Having known you for as long as I have, I'm genuinely shocked you don't rank ENT over TNG.

>>138917166>defending a non-canon timelineweeeeeeeeeeeew

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>>138916982>it's another 'transporters kill people and leave behind soulless husks' post

>>138907159Its one shitlayer above STD and Picard with all the other shows flying in space above.

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>>138917275Still the best uniform ever created for Star Trek.

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>>138916692To be fair the UT has always been a retarded plot device.


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I'm up to season 2 of Enterprise. It's been 15 years now but aren't there giant bugs at some point?

>>138917360Why is her arm above her boob?

sh-she's pretty... r-rite bros? I mean... she's cute.. in a way? r-rite?

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>>138917324>flying in space aboveDSN is literally a mall. It ain't flying SHIT.

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>>138917408season 3

>>138917421Dislocated shoulder. She fixed it.

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Its sad that I want Corona to bankrupt my favourite franchise. But thats how it is now...

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>>138916632In season 2 there’s an episode where they reveal he’s an alien goo man from the other quadrant, what more could there be to reveal

>>138917644Amen. Hopefully we get at least one more season of Lower Decks before it all collapses.

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>>138917753>Hopefully we get at least one more season of Lower Decks before it all collapses.Nah. I'm ok with it just collapsing.

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>>138917753LD is air. I dont care about it, good for a giggle. Its STD s3 and Picard s2 that are the true horror.

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>>1389178032 more seasons would be ideal. 5 more if possible but we'll see how it goes.

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>>138917936How hard is it /coping/ with being so bothered that you cant full retard openly dunk on /trek/ anymore now that it's getting worse and worse and you've been reduced to "ironically" half-agreeing with /trek/ just to stay afloat?

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isthisliv.com/4cc/stream.html/trek/ playing in the quarterfinals vs /sneed/

>>138911903Sorry, Los Angeles food.

>>138918096The full seven seasons would obviously be the absolute golden goose but even 4 like ENT would be pretty nice.

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>>138918205Not really. LODE is just bad and un-treklike and the only people who support it are either boomers and cucks defending nutrek or trannies, such as yourself, trying to "own" trek fans.

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>>138917746watch the season 2 finale and the opening season 3 two-parter.

>>138918408I agree, I'm looking forward to this week's episode and finding out what the debris field is all about.Part that flies at them looks like an old nacelle so that might be a clue.

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>>138918520>I agree>And to that end, here's me shilling for the next episode>implicitly disagreeing with youNo you don't agree. You're just a tranny faggot who is trying a new tactic. And it's shit and you're retarded. The Lower Decks cartoon is trash and yet another low-quality, failing nuTrek endeavor that nobody actually likes.

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>>138917421Bad animation, because its trashTRASH

>>138918628True, it's good to see Trek is finally back.

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gib tendies

>>138918746I agree, you are a faggot. That's so true!got 'em!

>>138918628Yes, Lower Decks is indeed based.

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>>138918770>>138918773Agreed, she perfect.

Attached: gibtendies.jpg (1200x675, 131.01K)


I agree. This IS their waifu. omfg lol

Attached: 1582143386432.jpg (500x500, 52.08K)

>>138918408Joke's on you. I enjoy the show and not only hate STD and STP but also all 3 Abrams movies.

What would you do in the Nexus, user?

>>138919016This is where you're wrong. I love Short Treks but hate the rest of nuTrek. Get on my level.

>>138918718Star Trash

>>138919040>I love Short TreksIs it because of the chipmunk?

Mariner looks like that THIS in real life?

Attached: 1585543453182.jpg (400x225, 70.2K)

Into Darkness is still the worst thing to ever happen to Star Trek, because it soullessly capitalizes upon and squanders the acclaim of its most celebrated entry.

Attached: JamesMikeWoK.jpg (1024x576, 85.26K)

>>138919019>>138919001Spend time with Mariner in the cumf crew deck.

Attached: 1597337741020.jpg (1920x1080, 282.71K)

>>138919019All I would do on the holodeck BUT FOR ALL ETERNITY.

>>138919146Are those white features?

>>138919153Yes please.

Attached: Mariner (2).jpg (1041x1073, 159.72K)

>>138919146looks more Jewish than bl*ck

>>138919210They're ugly features. Not black or white. She's objectively ugly. But she's not black or white. I asked around and nobody seems to know what she actually is. But what's really offensive is that they have her playing a black character with really white features. It's just offensive and racist on so many levels. They really shouldn't have made this show, it's so problematic.

Attached: 1586793122886.jpg (2231x3456, 1.77M)

>>138916525>Everyone besides Gul Dukat or the tailor were flat out uninteresting

Attached: 73306448_p0.jpg (1273x1451, 632.57K)

>>138919147>admiral insignia but no gold piping on the uniform

Attached: Spock-smashes-a-computer-Imgur_547606_1.gif (400x300, 2.98M)

>>138919301There's a reason they're voice actors, user.

Attached: 1446049526-oconnell-and-cruise.jpg (1195x1197, 246.51K)

>>138919506>HEY O'CONNELL

>>138919506>muh voice actorAnd blackface is still "just acting". You're literally doing the same thing and it's fucking wrong. You're making excuses for a bigoted show that stole a role from a black woman so you could have your "cute" "black girl" with a nice "clean" "white girl" voice. Shameful! Lower Decks is just racist.

Attached: 1593213905371.jpg (1261x566, 106.89K)

>>138919784Why, yes.

Attached: 1588592340985.png (327x370, 165.02K)


Attached: tendi.jpg (304x901, 56.59K)

>>138919001This war is wearing on me.

>>138919832>>138919784They actually look alike, lol.


Attached: 1578515368111.jpg (640x480, 59.98K)

>>138919784Why don't you like it then?


Let's settle this.strawpoll.me/20897074

Attached: EnsignButterscotch.jpg (568x763, 91.81K)

Who will win the /decks/ war? DC or LD the Resistance?

Attached: 1597678275949.png (210x240, 10.71K)

>>138919956Honestly, I'm not sure anymore. I guess I do love Mariner.

Attached: bitelip.jpg (478x446, 41.51K)

Hi, I'm new to star trek. Which show is the best?

>>138920385The Animated Series

>>138913425WTF he actually confirmed main engineering to be in the deflector pod between the nacelles??!!

We're not done yet.

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Attached: 1597559675400.jpg (522x576, 305.58K)

>>138913626I love 3. First one I saw in the theaters.5 is just dumb fun with the big three doing great work.I have no hate for the original 6.

Attached: 5E89402C-156B-4189-AE67-236EFDEA8146.jpg (953x636, 316.71K)

>>138920627More forceful, pls.

>>138919784I'm a voracious fan of minstrelsy and no, that isn't blackface. >>>Holla Forums

>>138920763Here we fucking go.,,


Attached: spack.jpg (474x564, 44.46K)

>>138920490Deflector must be linked directly to the warp core.

Attached: core.jpg (1920x1080, 347.93K)


>>138920763Anon does have a point though. If the actress is of mixed race then the character should be too. It would make more sense for Mariner to be half-white.

>>138920912Nah I'm sure about this one.

>>138920919Anon does not have a point

>>138920919She is half-white. That's why she has white features.

Attached: awesome_dream.jpg (1920x1080, 209.26K)

>>138909735If you hate it, you're a rational human being. If you like it, you're a raging faggot covered in AIDS sores with tyrone's warty cock down your distended throat as your run your toothless mouth up and down his rancid shaft, meanwhile the win whistles across your gaping puss dripping asshole.


>>138920990She's does not have white features. That's why she doesn't have a floppy white nose and doesn't lack a chin like the white person next to her

>>138919956Because i'm obviously not a racist shitlord hatebigot. I like proud women of (mystery) colors, I just dont like racists taking roles from black women.>Holla Forums being this posterior perturbed

Attached: 1582993689957.png (800x800, 656.07K)

>>138921007I agree, can't wait for the next episode. Gary and Doomcock already admitted they like it so it's good to see people finally came around.

Attached: 1599375048672.png (255x204, 43.54K)

>>138912692What made me quit is how much of a fucking retard Archer is. Pretty much everything he says and does is stupid as hell, and that combined with the way the actor plays him makes him come across as some naive puppy who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Also I cannot fucking STAND Phlox, he made me turn of an episode multiple times just because he was in a scene too long. The crew should just have been T'pol as the captain with Trip and Porthos as the Spock & Bones.

Attached: stearcher4.jpg (600x636, 260.37K)


Attached: 1596990471071.webm (786x1000, 114.01K)

>>138921065No, she's definitely lighter than her mom with a smaller nose. Mulatto for sure.

Attached: 1598367360726.jpg (524x524, 57.68K)

>>138921025It's the current Holla Forums 2.0 shitposting tactic. They spam every thread with this because they want to punish anyone who talks about the new trek. You're only allowed to discuss things in their Holla Forums approved agenda, like how all trek aliens are Jews or the newest eceleb gossip.

>>138921115It's over for the Fandom Menace. The internet is turning against them.

>>138921163We've seen her father, though.

Attached: Mariner.png (289x256, 133.95K)

>>138920990She literally has the ugliest features of both races.

>>138921111No sweetie, (You)'re a racist from Holla Forums falseflagging as some strawman and (You) are anally agonized for being found out.

>>138921224holy shit Admiral Bix Nood

Attached: 1589356815597.jpg (552x480, 43.11K)

>>138921190pretty sure DC posts here,

>>138921224>We've seen her father, though.Both her mom and dad are darker than her. Meaning her dad isn't her real dad. Which isn't surprising since it looks like she inherited her mom's thirst for white men.

Attached: theygonfuck.jpg (1622x2706, 586.85K)

>>138921306DC liked the last episode though.


>>138921388Gary also said on stream that it's the strongest one yet.

>>138921268except you're the one defending obvious racism, not me. So who is really "Holla Forums" here. Seems like you are. They at least were able to get a proud non-cis black individual to play the Captain in accordance with the black body that they portrayed. You do violence to black bodies by supporting casting a light skinned actress to portray a black role. Just stop being racist. It's not hard.

Attached: 1590516619304.jpg (300x450, 44.31K)

>>138921421holy shit that's the Captain. omfg what is the problem with this shitty show and horribly ugly people? Seth casted massive cuties in his cartoons. lol ffs why are leftoids such gross fucktards?

Attached: 1588112433799.jpg (600x600, 110.52K)

>>138921421>you're the one defending obvious racismNo, I just asked why didn't like the show when it's clearly racist since you are a racist roleplaying as some twitter sjw.

>>138921533you're babbling, you bigot.

>>138921268Just ignore him, he's getting desperate now that he realizes he's the only one still crying about LD.No one has his back anymore.

Attached: 1597420145538.jpg (1399x1484, 786.65K)


Attached: 4343434222.png (1117x981, 1.58M)

>>138921517>Seth casted massive cutiesPic unrelated?

>>138921614>a hur dur durThat's what you sound like when you attempt this shitposts that dont' track with reality. Literally that.

>>138921517Did you mean to post a different pic, user?

Attached: star-trek-tng-data-spot-750x480.jpg (750x480, 43.54K)

Holla Forums pls go

>>138921648>a hur dur dur >redurxThat's what you sound like when you samefag these shitposts that dont' track with reality. Literally that, just once more.

>>138921582Are they gonna fuck or not? In the last episode, she said she's trying not to feel anything around Boimler.

Attached: 158849532403.png (912x950, 1009.7K)

>>138921517Lmao Noel Wells alone mogs everything in that photo.

Attached: Noel_Wells.jpg (470x568, 50.8K)

>They have to shill the Tendi actress because their Mariner waifu is so beatThese straights are getting dire, boys. So, sad. You hate to see it.

Attached: 1589423157357.jpg (1024x684, 156.9K)

Look upon my work and compare

Attached: 1803477-sat10_0k_6_t.jpg (332x500, 25.36K)

>>138921517>massive cutiesI don't think you know what that means, user.

>>138921517Even tired trillbitch looks better than your cast, Seth.

Attached: trillbitch.jpg (599x637, 83.22K)


Attached: maxresdefault (2).jpg (1280x720, 122.13K)

>>138921728I wanna Tawny gf, guys.

>>138902914Believe it or not next to Stewart, Levar Burton was probably the biggest actor cast for TNG thanks to Roots.

>>138905974borg, we never see the great crystal entity in combat against a ship that can defend itself and both times the enterprise encountered it they were confident that they could have destroyed it if the situation required. Hell the first time around the crystal retreated from the enterprise when lore got beamed off, implying the crystal new it couldnt seriously stand up to the enterpriseand a single borg cube was able to kill 38 federation ships (albeit smaller size) without getting a dent.

Attached: ricky riker star trek.jpg (884x890, 189.73K)

>>138921854I think he's lost it. The Family Guy cast photo was the last card he had left and now he's going cuckoo for coco puffs.

>>138921889Also reminder, Geordi was originally a member of the bridge crew while Worf was a bit-part just like O'Brien.

>>138921690I think she's going to fuck Ransom first.

>>138921979200k subs, bromo

>>138922050>200k botsOof. A few million would be more impressive, DC.

>>138902344TNG always has been and always will be the king.

Attached: farpoint1_029.jpg (689x530, 71.03K)

>All the LODE-guzzler samefagging in this thread

Attached: 1597063922294.jpg (700x519, 67.18K)


Attached: trek tiers.png (1215x898, 592.32K)