This saga is better than the actual movie

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>>138899825Just like with Fant4stic, everything surrounding the movie is better than the movie.

>>138900590>>138900630He claims Joss Whedon was being abusive and fucking everything up while WB mostly looked the other way.

>>138901372didn't he know that the film was in a rough and unfinished state and they had a deadline to keep? Joss did the best he could to come in so late in production and patch it enough to where it can barely meet the release date. he was probably stressed out and didn't need some literal who actor who thinks he knows everything telling him to do this and that.

>>138899825So are they going to say fuck it and recast him? I'd be surprised if he kept the role.

See what you will but the cast seems to fucking love Snyder and only put him over in interviews

>>138901534Zack's probably just very nice to work with sort of like Alex Kurtzman.

>>138901534that's because Snyder is a humble Christian and not a greedy kike


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>>138900772>put respected veteran white actor in Star Wars>he starts shitting on the franchise because it's literally shit now>put white actor in Justice League>he refuses to shave his mustache and insists you CGI his entire mouth>marvel already had war machine, falcon>but look at this OTHER nigger!>m-m-muh niggers

>>138901439The film was finished by the time Zack had to leave. The producers thought it was too dark and want the Marvel audience so they had to add some quips in. That was Joss' job.

Who's bright idea was it to cast a fragile negro a mentally unstable twink and a bed-shitting domestic abuser to headline a multimillion dollar competition for the MCU, I can see why WB pulled the plug on Zack's version of JL and go in a different direction


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>>138901895>Star Warsjustified, he was the main character of the franchise and had bigger star power than the literal who who got cast as a side character>refuses to shave mustacheBc he had an obligation to the next film he was doing. They had finished filming the scenes for Justice League. Had they committed to making the movie they originally intended, they wouldn't have needed reshoots.

>>138901895>he refuses to shave his mustache and insists you CGI his entire mouthThat was only for Whedon’s reshoots though

>>138902560He didn't refuse either. Paramount wouldn't let him

>>138902613It would have been based if he did it to fuck up Whedon’s reshoots

>>138902303Wouldn't it have been easier to add a cg moustache than trying erase a real moustache with cg?


>>138899825cyborg looks terrible

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>>138902685Yes but why would you willingly make your own film worse and more expensive to help your competitor?

>>138900772>>he doesn't tell anyone about his ass cancer and dies leaving you without a flagship characterThe red pill is that Disney hired a dying Nigger to cash in on his death. Bringing extra propaganda to their brand. Look, now everybody’s paying attention to Marvel‘s next move. ... and if you don’t address and pay homage to this nigger, you are racist. It’s perfect.


>>138899825>black affirmative action quota #256 cries about respect he DESERVES but no one is willing to obligeBoyegang assemble!

>>138902685Maybe, but it doesn't matter. He was under contract for MI:Fallout when reshoots became necessary and there wouldn't have been a problem at all if the JL production weren't a shitshow of frantic corporate compromises in the first place.

>>138900772>>he doesn't tell anyone about his ass cancer and dies leaving you without a flagship characterYou are now aware that film stars have to divulge medical history and undergo examinations to helm multi million dollar movies for insurance reasons.Disney knew

>>138902746I think that's unlikely, films are insured against things which can get them delayed or cancelled like actors getting injured or ill or dying, poor weather preventing shooting etc. If Disney knew he was a dead man walking they'd likely get turned down for it, and they'd have planned out what they were going to do with the franchise after he kicked the bucket.Then again, they are filthy jews so who knows, maybe the flailing is an act.

>>138902907>maybe the flailing is an act.Exactly

>>138899825everyone involved in dc movies is retardedprove me wrong

>>138900772CHADwick was based for fucking over Disney and leaving his family plenty of mousebucks faggot

>>138901895>he refusesHe was contractually forbidden from shaving it, but I guess contract is some sort of social construct for seething tranny.

>>138902934You’re wrong.Prove me wrong. Also you’re a man child retard.

>>138902685>add a cg moustache than trying erase a real moustache with cg?He already had contract with other company when they needed to shoot the scenes without the moustache.

>>138902934Everyone watching Marvel movies is retarded.Prove me wrong.

>>138903014>You don't like my hecking superheroino movies? You're a MANCHILD!

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>>138899825Literal nobody decides he won the lottery with his JL casting, goes prima donna on the set when the producers and director were already exhausted dealing with affleck and gadot, is politely but firmly put into his rightful place, goes off on Whedon/Johns now that he senses the winds have changed at WB/AT&T, finds that they haven't changed as much as he thought in that hollywood doesn't put up with nobodies biting the hand that feeds them.There is nothing here of interest, we've seen suddent fame go to the heads of so many shooting stars, watching them burn very brightly for a brief moment as they burn up in the atmosphere.

>>138899825He was in talks for Flash movie again too, guess he can kiss those goodbye

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>>138901895>marvel already had war machineOh yeah, remember the first guy Marvel hired to play War Machine only to fire him because everyone got creeped out because he wouldn't stop boasting about beating his wife?Hilarious.

At least boyega was kind of a main character in SW, but no one gives a fuck about this random nigga

>>138903364Nah, he got fired because he thought he was the star of Iron Man, and wanted more money for part two. Of course Perlmutter, beign a stingy Jew, said "No", and hired Don Cheadle, who went on to have a good career in the MCU.Meanwhile an entirely new field of mathematics was invented just ot calculate how butthurt Howard is.

>>138903014All the decisions they make are financially bad for them. Bad actors, bad actors in roles they shouldn't play. Not planning this EU shit for nearly as long as needed. >>138903076Never did I say I like Marvel movies. They are generic actionfests that got old 5-6 years ago. At least the DC movies feel different, though they all are still horrible shitshows. Compared to Marvel movies, which for the most part feel exactly alike.

>>138901372Did the fag only apologise for slavery three times a day? The nazi bastid

>>138903744>Perlmutter, being a stingy Jew, said "No"A stingy jew he may be, but refusing to pay an uppity nigger more than motherfucking RDJ and the two Chris's were paid for each of their solo movies was not in any way wrong for him to do.

>>138903744lolno he only wanted the same money he got for IM1

Every single cast member had issues with how their character was portrayed by Whedon, why does this darkie think he’s so special?

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Doom Patrol Cyborg is far better

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>>138903283This fucking Flash movie is so transparently life support for the DCEU it's embarassing.The entire project has been fucked from the start because they tripped in Marvel's wake and have been tumbling down the damage control hill all the way to rock bottom... yet they think ANOTHER movie dedicated entirely to damage control is what's going to salvage it?!?

>>138903895>WW>AQM>shazam>SS>life support for the DCEU

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>>138903744>Meanwhile an entirely new field of mathematics was invented just ot calculate how butthurt Howard is.Why don't they just use the maths that Howard invented?

>>138901439josh reshot haft the movie.seems like he had enough time

>>138903895Yes? The multiverses concept is extremely popular and people want to see it on screen.

Imagine getting bullied by a supreme beta male like Joss Whedon

>>138904041It's smart too because it makes all the other DC movies and shows canon to the DCEU.

>>138902907>jews commit fraudShocking I know

>>138903999You will never be white.


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>>138902728this is one of the most heart wrenching webm I have ever seen; you can see the utter desperation in heir eyes. a bunch of slave trying to entertain and act cute on command, but there is no hope for freedom for any of them. They hate each other and themselves so much, I wonder which one will be the first to kill herself.

>SNYDERCUT imminent >Joss BTFO>Cyborg bringing the fact that Joss is a child-castrating pedophile to light>Snydercut imminentNo idea what’s wrong with any of this.

>>138904552It just means that Ray Fisher will be dropped as Cyborg and he'll be replaced by another nigger, which doesn't really matter since they all look the same anyway

>>138904628Why? Will he still be in the Snydercut? Yes. So who cares? What is the issue here? Joss is an actual pedophile who deserves to be jailed for life. What is the issue and why would Cyborg be replaced?

>>138903895Also they had to fire the original director because he was too woke who was probably was pushing for more Cyborg screen time.

>>138904126In a word - BASED!

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>>138904406>words words wordsThe right can't meme

>>138904650>Why? Will he still be in the Snydercut? Yes. So who cares? What is the issue here?Because he's been in talks to appear in The Flash>why would Cyborg be replaced?Because he's causing trouble for WB

>>>"News of the rocky production traveled, and Clarke says the crew on the famously disastrous Fantastic Four, which was filming nearby, even had jackets made that read, AT LEAST WE’RE NOT ON TERMINATOR." >Terminator budget/BO: 150/440>Fan4tastic 130/167

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>>138903895The DCEU doesn't even need to exist anymore now that it's established that everything is in the same multiverse. They can have movies in multiple different universes and the characters can still crossover whenever they want.

>>138904723it appears my superiority led to some controversy

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>>138903850Because this was what was meant to launch his career, and now he has no career and he's burned every bridge he had with WB and no other studio will want to hire him. He's fucked and he wants as much as he can before he's obscure again


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>>138901439Was Joss effectively managing the production's time when he cornered Gal Godot's body double and threatened to end her career if she didn't let Ezra Miller lie on top of her so he could redo that joke from Avengers 2?

>>138905675>Was Joss effectively managing the production's time when he cornered Gal Godot's body double and threatened to end her career if she didn't let Ezra Miller lie on top of her so he could redo that joke from Avengers 2?Yep

>>138900613Say that again.

>>138901372>whedon>abusiveIf you let that fat cuck abuse you, you're the problem.

>>138905811Cringe.Any woman has the right to refuse a weird, twitchy terp like Miller being on them.

>>138905978Tell that to Eliza Dushku

>>138906014that would be an honor though, I'll take the woman's spot

>>138903079that's not what he said and congratulations on proving his point :^)

>>138906056Anon flash has a female love interest.

>>138906110Sorry, I can't stop thinking about Ezra sucking dicks so I projected it onto the DCEU

>>138906640>I can't stop thinking about Ezra sucking dicksThat makes two of us

>>138901501Recast him in what lol, DC universe is a dead in the water clusterfuck

>>138904858lmao karma

>>138907043He was in talks to appear in The Flash

>>138905675>source: some guy on twitter

>Cyborg actor fires back>actualy confirms he's refusing to cooperate

>>138906900very gay but relatable

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>>138899825This guy is never working in Hollywood again is he?Maybe he knows it and that's why he's doing this I guess.

>>138907342why is he such a degenerate faggot?

Dude asks for an internal investigation and thinks it's gonna be made by the government or something instead of WB lol

>>138907391I think he's cute and I want him to blow me.

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>>138903880>eh, He’s black. Whatever. Stick him in the suit.

>>138905675What joke?


>>138903838RDJ wasn't "motherfucking RDJ" when IM1 came out. He was still trying restart his career after his 90's drug madness. Howard was actually the bigger star at the time.

>>138902728>I-I must act c-cute for all the mentally ill k-pop fans

>>138899825>shoehorn a nigger into your capeshit to appease rabid libtoids>spend the next few years getting accused of racism and dragged through the mud by the same niggers and libtoidsthis is fucking delicious, keep it coming please

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>>138905590ezra is an absolute unit hereis this photoshopped

>>138902728K-pop feels even faker than idolshit, didn't think that was possible.

Snyder sucks.

Is it even possible to do a Motherbox / Darkseid plot without Cyborg

Black fragility.

>>138908623No, it's from mid-to-late last year when he had put on quite a bit of weight and then they had filmed that episode

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Why do black actors love to ruin their careers?

>>138908805niggers only know how to destroy

>>138905590>>138908623>Ezra Miller>180 cm>Grant Gustin>183 cmSomeone is lying here

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>>138908805It's the "GIBS ME DAT" mentality. They think they deserve everything that the people around them have, even when they're Z-listers surrounded by A-listers, and the fact that they don't is proof of racism and they think saying that in public will force their bosses to give it to them.

>>138908794I think he looks really cute fat desu

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>>138905590Kikes. It's always kikes.

I want to prolapse Ezra’s bussy

>>138908897the faggot is literally on his tippy toes you retard

>>138908588it's specially ironic because Geoff Johns is responsible for putting Cyborg in the Justice League in the comics, replacing Martian Manhunter from the original lineup

They should just replace him with Steel, but people keep remembering the Shaq movie instead of giving him another chance. Hell, use Static Shock, too. No one will cry for fucking Cyborg, he's just so lame in most modern works.Steel was covering for Superman, but you can make him different. Make him the tech guy that Cyborg was, plus he has a big maul, people would go crazy for him clobbering enemies with it, and he can also be appealing for being a working class hero.

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>>138908918snyder and affleck will force him back into the gym for flash solo and JL2 and 3


>>138908993The difference in their head height is clearly much bigger than how far he's off the ground

just make cyborg full metal lol

>>138909054As they shouldHe is not that fat anymore though, these are recent pics from last week

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>>138908074"haha wouldn't it be funny if you tripped and landed on a woman so it looked like you were groping her or having sexy time but really it's just a misunderstanding hahaha that'd be so funny and weird haha"

>>138909231We’re both cursed with the tendency to store fat like a woman, it seems.

>>138899825This nigger started being based for mopping the floor with Whedon and the Johnsverse but now he got so cocky he will destroy the whole dceu and fuck Zack Snyder. God damn nigger.

All because he didn't want to say booyah

>>138909329That's not a curse for a man who likes to wear women's clothingMaybe you should consider it

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>>138907391Probably abuse

>>138903076Why do fans of DC always bring up Marvel movies? I don't even think about those quipfests an hour after seeing one, and I've only seen like 5. All the new DC movies suck ass though, why do you deny this and bite back with school kid-tiger insults "I know you are, but what am I?"

>>138908588WB fucked itself pretty bad when they shoved Snyder

>>138908805It’s the younger ones, I really doubt Samuel Jackson was doing this shit when he was younger.

>>138909984Who abused him?

>>138899825the movie hasnt even been released yet kike

>>138902685Probably would have been better to just delay the movie a year and do everything right. People would have been more hyped after Aquaman.


>>138910425That's Whedon, m8

>>138910058nah fuck that talentless cunt

>>138910124Jason Momoa and/or Lenny Kravitz When Ezra was 14 he started dating Zoe Kravitz who was 18 at the time they started dating, they tried to put them together and get them married to form a future stronger Hollywood alliance. But Ezra and Zoe clashed too much (she hit/beat him a lot) so it didn't work out. He was never the same after that.

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>>138904941>DC shits on their tv shows and restricts them from using their characters>Now they're sucking the Arrowverse's cock because they have fan goodwill and use the multiverse idea to save cinematic faceTheir execs should just kill themselves honestly

>>138910712Wrong picture sorry That's from the movie they made together, Beware the Gonzo.

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Is his career basically over now? Nobody wants to hire a fucktard like this who creates pointless drama over a flopped film's production.

>>138901684>probably"Definitely" is more like it. He is heartily praised by pretty much every single person that's ever worked with him.

>>138901372That’s pretty fucking tame honestly, I expected something actually interesting

So is Ezra on estrogen or something? Like was he forced onto it from childhood because he literally looks ike he was specifically sculpted over years of surgery and hormones to be some trans icon or some gay shit like that. He just seems like a male plastic whore. Everything about him seems fake.

>>138901372Considering how awful the movie was I believe him

>>138901534>>138910855the only reason he keeps getting work despite being a terrible director

>>138911120sheeny comment

>>138910615Fuck off Whedon

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>>138910955He was raised by all women (work-at-home mother and two older sisters)...enough said am I right?

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>>138911377 he never stood a chance

>>138899825Ray asked Warner Media, the parent company of Warner Bros to investigate into the toxic workplace environment at Warner Bro's. That statement from yesterday was from Warner Bro's two different departments.August 20th - He announced that Warner Media/ATT will be hiring a 3rd party investigator. To investigate toxicity and the abusive workplace.August 21st - He announced he was going to be vetting the investigators. (TIKTOK video he states this, any case like this you should always know who is paying for the investigation)The investigator that both Ray and WB are referring to is the one that was hired by Warner Bros' (Not Warner Media).Again, Ray wants an 3rd party investigator that is being paid for by an outside source, not from WB's payroll, or have any bios towards the case. Which he probably has by now.

>>138899825Can you say career suicide? This guy and Boyega are never working again... damn loud niggas redefining what being blacklisted means. Not to mention that with Chad dead that essentially takes care of the whole talentless generation of black generation build around the SJW agenda. Did nobody explained these fuckers that in order to criticize Hollywood an actor needs to have a very well stablished name capable to affect box office by the millions so Hollywood would have no choice but to overlook the transgressions? These guys are not Morgan Freeman or Idris Elba, these are loud literal who´s just like the guy that played war machine. Nobody watches the movies for them, they can be replaces by any other black actor wanting a break and most people won´t even notice...

>>138901734Bless you user

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I'm pretty sure WB would have no problem throwing Whedon under the bus. After the abysmal performance of JL I doubt they'll ever hire him again. The problem is Fisher also wants them to shit on Geoff Johns, which is simply not gonna happen.

>>138911120Low test comment.

>>138911377Poor fucking bastard.

>>138911377>that mommy pic>how he’s stroking her face HNNNNNNGH


>>138901895>he refuses to shave his mustacheHe was filming another movie where the mustache was needed you fucking nigger loving clown.

>>138901372I dont think hes being honest but I dont mind Whedon getting thrown under the bus

>>138911531>The investigator that both Ray and WB are referring to is the one that was hired by Warner Bros' (Not Warner Media).he doesn't even know it, he's just guessing

>>138899825Why does he always end his tweets with A >E ?

>>138901534>but the cast seems to fucking love SnyderYeah because Cyborg role was first AAA role for Fisher, so of course he will love dude who pays him huge money for doing nothing

>>138913470Autism > Evidence

>>138913470Anal > Ejaculate

>>138909045George Floyd's final form.jpg

>>138913701George Roid.

>>138911295fuck Whedon's untalented mongoloid ass too

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>>138901895>>he refuses to shave his mustache and insists you CGI his entire mouthit was on contract, he could shave the stache because he was too busy buttfucking Tom Cruise.

>>138902685a Superman with mustache would have been kino.

>>138903895isn't the main actor a super faggot now?

>>138908588>shoehorn a nigger but cyborg is a black dude, there was no "shoehorning"

>>138909100look at this >>138904698it's the perspective i think

>>138915520>essentially attacked a biological woman on camera and isn't facing any repercussions or consequences and Warner Brothers is pretending like it didn't happen>meanwhile the Robojogger is getting his ass reamed by their lawyers for merely questioning the company at allhe possesses the unique combination of being Jewish, a faggot, but also probably sleeping with people in Warner Brothers.

>>138901439joss should be put to death

>>138915757he was shoehorned into the justice league.originally there were other classic JL characters there, not cyborg and aquaman

>>138909030martian manhunter is black when morphed into a human tho

>>138915856but I thought Wagner Corp was based

>>138900613>Just like with Fant4stic, everything surrounding the movie is better than the movie.Mr Fantastic punching the directors is my fave.

>>138910712Momoa? Any source or info on that?Snydercut seems so based but why would someone as seemingly cool as Snyder hire this tranny mess

>>138913350How would WB even know then? This was ment to be a 3rd party investigator hired by Warner Media so all that information would go to Warner Media.Taken from WB statement yesterday, look closely at the wording.>Warner Bros. remains committed to accountability and to the well-being of every cast and crew member on each of its productions. It also remains committed to investigating any specific and credible allegation of misconduct, which thus far Mr. Fisher has failed to provide.”

>>138915897well sure, but that's the comics "fault", snyder just followed through, though yeah, martian manhunter should have made it inthere was a "theory" floating around the time of Man of Steel that the army general was actually martian manhunter, would have been cool

fucking niggers every time

>>138903364Terrance wasn't fired because of that. He was fired because he wanted more money, het got more money on first movie than downey jr.

>>138909240Just like my Japanese animes

>>138915972I honestly doubt Snyder wanted anything to do with Justice League when he originally took the job for MoS

>>138915937to me, this is a weird thing to say about a platonic male costar

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>>138904126they aren't canon to DCEU, they are on diferent universes.LOL this gonna be a mess if 4chan can't understand the concept

>>138907471>Dude asks for an internal investigation and thinks it's gonna be made by the government or something instead of WB lolWB hired a company to do a investigation, That means that they are interested to solve the problem.Now Fisher says that it is Wb and Not Warnermedia, as if they aren't the same company.

>>138915956>How would WB even know then? This was ment to be a 3rd party investigator hired by Warner Media so all that information would go to Warner Media.If it goes to WB it goes to Warnermedia.snyderfags trying to push that Warnermedia is a good guy and WB is the bad guy is really funny

>>138916287“Only made one of him” also seems like a nice way to say “he’s weird” but yeah I agree a little

>>138903370I think that might be part of the problem, Cyborg was kind of meant to be the main character in Justice League, and that was taken away from him.

>>138905431Based Pizzolatto hired him

>>138915956they said this is already the second investigation

>>138916262yeah, perhaps you're right, though it would have been nice as some sort of "easter egg" or something

>>138907208Flash is going to reboot everything besides aquaman and wonder women, so the looter is not essential.

>>138916325Everything is canon you stupid fucking idiot. All these different universes can now interact. That means they are part of the same fabric of the multiverse. It seems to me that you are the one that cannot understand such a simple concept. Please get fucked and read a book

>>138917124yeah they can interact, but I don't need to watch DCEU to understand CW verse.they are separate

>>138917003who would put Cyborg as main chaarcter on a JL movie? cyborg stuff would end up on the cuting floor one way or another

>>138917003>Cyborg was kind of meant to be the main character in Justice League, andthen somebody realised he's an incredibly flat actor?

>>138902685DC wanted this and were willing to pay for both all the CG work and for any trouble caused. But why do them a favour you know wont be repaid?

>be liberal faggot Joss Whedon>support this woke culture>get called out by a black guy for not being woke>anti-woke fags rush to your defenselol why are you like this bros? Why do you only defend lefties that are getting what they asked for?

>>138901895vet lmaohe served 2 years and found a way to get himself hurt.Based for playing the system, total cuck for trying to claim valor on a half served tour.

>>138918049lmao he's not talking about that mutt

>>138917056Who said? What second investigation?

>>138899825What is this facial expression supposed to convey?

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>>138918429there was a first investigation. nigger complained that it wasn't a third party investigation. they conceded a third party investigation. nigger posted screenshot from an email to his agent where he says he thinks the new investigator was hired by Warner Pictures and not Warner Media and he ended the interview before going into any details, and then he provides no evidence to the claim that the investigator was hired by Pictures. Bear in mind that the legal team is the same for both.


>>138918429 they already did a internal one and found nothing,

>>138910955He’s on something because those are some fucking swollen tits/nips>>138907342>>138908918>>138909231

>black guy>ever cooperating with an investigation

>>138919298Klinefelter's, shitty genetics in general

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>>138908074This joke>> (around 1:29)

>>138915904That was a fairly recent thing, he used to be a white Detective.

>>138899825niggers are literally worthless name one thing niggers are good for