Was this the hottest pixar character?

was this the hottest pixar character?

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Not even top 10.

>>138896303I don't know, is she Mrs. Incredible?

It's between her and Mrs. Incredible, obviously.

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>>138896345sadly, I don't think any pixar film featured any notable cunny

Aunt CassIs she Pixar? I don't care

>>138896303Oh come the fuck on Holla Forums, don't act like you wouldn't fuck her/fap to her.

>>138896303I'm yet to find a women who gives in to the power of a kiss, usually ends in me getting maced or them getting raped and murdered

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>>138896505Well, he had an advantage since she already liked him but was just upset with him at that moment.

>>138896303>femdom mommy gf>short hair tooyeah probably

>>138896303Not quite OP!

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>>138896505Women have to like or respect you before you kiss them.

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>>138896303cam whore yutencita/yutencia have the same nose, she hides it but there are nice photos out there. she is very look alike.

>>138896303Kinda miss the daily Janeane Garofalo thread, OP is such a bro

>>138896747>hasn’t made out with some random bar whore he hadn’t even spoken with


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>>138896505>tfw didLasted nearly a decade. She was shit near the end though


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>>138896434Riley from Inside Out.

>>138896505Kisses are underrated

>not the blue car from cars

not pixar but franny from meet the robinsons is wife material. yeah its not pixar so what

>>138896505Look at this forced rape, it's disgusting.

Edna Mode is the hottest pixar character


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>>138896303Stand aside

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>>138896442>Aunt CassYou are a fellow of good taste, sir. I'd stress-eat her donut, if you follow.


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>>138899606>>138899467>>138897173>>138896992Thread saved

>>138896303Joy from Inside Out

>>138899487>She's 12, you monster!

>>138896720>dfc and birthing hipsDuck status: MUH

>>138896303that woman looks kosher.


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>>138900692Is it worth seeing? I'm not into kid movies

>>138900692that clip is problematic

>>138900664People feeling guilty after falling to shadman comics of Ms incredible farting in her daughter’s face

>>138900714>I don't like kids movies. Wil I like this kid's movie? ???

>>138900878It's like someone saying they're not into horror movies but one can come along that is the exception. It could be different.

>>138900782that sounds so hoti've tried commissioning some artists i like to make some facefart pictures but none of them have accepted even though i was willing to pay extra and even more, at least twice as much as the already higher amount, for a physical drawing or painting

>>138896992>>138897173>>138899467>>138899606>>138900410>Look mom, I posted it again

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>>138900921It's a great film, but it is a film made for kids.


>>138900987look at those "people". what is that, an ostrich convention? i can say confidently that i c ould kill these people in 1 on one combat

>>138896747I guess it's time to work on my personality then

>>138896747>Virginity: The Post


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>>138896747Yeah.. that's never happened to me. And never will I think


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>>138901490>JPGWhy do you feel the necessity of ruining the thread.

>>138900987>man doing the backpack kid dance in the background

>>138900692he could have taken that french pussy right there, probably her asshole too if he wanted it. See, women are literally children with the brains of squirrels, one moment she is ready to mace him, the very next her nipples and clit are as hard as diamonds. They only care about how they "feel" and how you can make them "feel".

Unironically made my peepee feel weird.

>>138901580I fucked it up.

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>>138901614This is a cartoon you fucking incel

>>138896303None. They're all hideous potato people.

>no good porn of herIt's not fair, I love girls with big noses

>>138901764Your point? The writers and animators are trying to show a semblance of reality here, roastie.

>>138900692god i wish that were met. ginger

>>138901825Anon NOOO

>>138901851>Semblance of realityIt's a movie about a rat who controls a humans movements by pulling his hair to create dishes on par with a pro french chef

>>138900692how do you perform a kiss bros? i always chickened out because i worry i'll be bad at it. i'm 31 years old btw

>>138901920Is not rocket science. Like with everything is a mix of experience and knowing what to do.

>>138901919Yea thats reality, chefs are frauds anythings on par with what they do.

>>138901919>semblance of reality hereThe operative word in that phrase was "here", funny you leave that out

>>138901757Its to late now user.

>>138902049I also left out how I fucked your mom right in her mouth, get fucked retard

>>138902233>bingo, wazoooo, we gotem ya'll!I was trying to be nice to your gay ass, too, bitch. Learn how to argue or piss off instead of treating topics like all the cocks you switch on and off.


>>138902323Just because some kike gave you an artificial pussy doesn't mean you have argue like an irrational women, pozz brain.

>>138902390I am 100% a biological non tampered with man. Seethe incel.

>>138902477>he wants to re-transition You really are some sick fucks. You shouldn't though, you seem like you make a good little histrionic bitch.

How old is Linguini and Colette?I feel like he is" too young" for her, but he still ends up winning her over. It's pretty hot.

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>>138896303She looks like lady gaga

>>138901614>he could have taken that french pussy right there, probably her asshole too if he wanted it. See, women are literally children with the brains of squirrels, one moment she is ready to mace him, the very next her nipples and clit are as hard as diamonds. They only care about how they "feel" and how you can make them "feel".

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>>138900987Is that really him?


>>138900987I wish I could dance like that

That one redhead from that short film with the absolute massive ass.

>>138900664Redditors posting >shadman and not even understanding why they do it.

>>138896505keep trying bro, I believe in you.

>>138903561>lmgtfydid the mods finally block you posting your links?

>>138896303There is a serious lack of love for Mirage in this thread.

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>>138903646She's black.

>>138903583His artworks are edgy

>>138903740Maybe a decade ago.


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>>138903749I still don't like him because most of he is into traps and crossdressers


>>138903717And? She is still sexy as hell, besides she obviously a mulatta.

>>138903801America was a mistake.

>>138903764>that zoom

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>>138903764what a fuckin legend.hope he didnt speedrun to 40%

>>138903816Yes, but I guarantee you don't understand why

>>138903846The Federal Reserve.

>>138903764Is there any story to this besides his autism?

>>138896303>first time on screen >feminist rantImmediately shut the movie off as if a rat cooking wasn’t already an awful premise to begin with. 0/10 flick plus she’s hideous

>>138904313I don't know, is there a story to your autism besides you being a faggot?

>>138904313I found it on a speedrunning convention highlight thread and thought it was pretty funny

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>>138904693these are really the social skills of a third grader

>>138903646She's brown, so giving her the top spot is ridiculous. You have to overcome your gag reflex to kiss her = not hot.

>>138904777t. angry tranny


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>>138904777trips of the tranny

>>138904924>>138904995it's fortunate that it's aimed at a tranny in this scenario but don't pretend speedrunners don't act this way to everyone

>>138903561do your stories contain individuals of an african persuasion?

>>138901614How the fuck is this different from men?

>>138901825this is worse than the spyro subway

>>138904978A twist in the tale! It's probably his career

>>138903977well...fuck. You win this round user.

That's not elastigirl

>>138905104Dumb faggot

>>138903646Truthful post.

>>138896303>Helen Parr>Aunt Cass>Mirage

>>138900967Faggots like you is why every r34 chick has a dick. KYS.

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>>138904777He just told the disgusting tranny that the seat next to him was occupied by someone else, you disgusting tranny.


>>138900692that's rape guysshe's been rat raped

>>138903646also serious lack of quality r34 of her

>>138900692Did they just imply women enjoy sexual assault?

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>>138903717>>138904903>her skin is a slightly darker shade therefore she’s hideous!You fags are overly sensitive

>>138906337women are literally programmed to enjoy sexual assault.

>>138906360Shut up nigger.

>>138906532It's the fact that a movie for kids from Pixar implies it.

>>138901614christ alive

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>no one posted the girl with huge bazongas from the knick knack short yet

>>138906914Sunny Miami vs Sunny Atlantis

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>>138906914>>138907112>choose you’re character

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>>138901825So that's the secret ingredient.

>>138901614This is your brain on coom

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>>138907112>>138907139I'll take both

>>138896776top-tier mommy

>>138901614uh based retard department, we gotta code chad here

>>138902589linguini is like, 19, colette is about 25, or perhaps even older.

>>138896776Not pixar

>>138900692Ahaha I can't believe they got away with this

>>138903646She's too skinny for my likings, however I'm not going to complain if there is rule 34 of her

>>138906532With attractive men, yes. Not with anyone under a 9.

>>138896303For me it's Queen Elinor as a bear.

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>>138896992>>138897173>>138899467>>138899606>>138900410>>138896747>>138901219>>138901490>>138903764Heh, I get it.

>grows up absolutely fine with no problems whatsoever>has fond memories of "kitty" visits in the nightColette definitely was not the first to have non-consent normalizedNo I'm not putting Boo up for hottest pixar girl you retard

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>>138896505It was a different time.

>>138896303Eve was my wife when I were little.

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>>138900692rat rape

>>138900692would this be a good defense in court? the rat under my hat made me do it? share opinions bros


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>>138905840>shes been rat raped

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No one posted Riley?

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>>138908979Based. She's so sexy

How is Mrs. Incredible so fucking sexy after pushing three kids out? Is the implication that she's constantly using her powers to make herself hot as fuck?


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>>138901825The internet is ruining my life

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>>138909223Damn you don't think her parents are gonna tell the police, do you?


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>>138909274Where is this from?

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>>138901825what in the name of all that is holy is this

>>138905069If you think women function like men youre in for a big surprise.

>>138902589have you never been around older women? they literally worship at the altar of young cock.

>>138900714Best pixar movie imo

>>138896303She's pleb filter

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>>138901920do what I did and practice with mom

>>138896303>French accent

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>>138900714If you like The Triplets of Belleville, you gonna love this

>>138909672This guy knows what's up. Although you can't go wrong with Brad Bird.

>>138908979Nobody watched this trash

>>138896747I got my first kiss from some drunk chick at a bar I'd barely spoken to.

>>138902589Colette is not an "older woman".

>>138901920You need a rat pilot for a start, didn't you even watch the clip?

Is Ratatoing worth watching?

>>138896720>der Mann des Shad


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What the fuck is his problem?

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what happens if someone kidnaps me, then kidnaps a girl and makes me rape her at gunpoint. Am i guilty of rape?

>>138910103you can plead coercion and it'll probably get you an easier sentence

>>138910085Ratatoing is the parody version

>>138910218if it's not a porn parody don't bother

>>138901614how the fuck do you guys come up with these posts?

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>>138901920I started typing a serious response to this and then realized it's either bait or I'd just get a hundreds replies saying only Chads can kis.

>>138901614Ugh. Grow up.


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>>138901614>he could have taken that french pussy right there, probably her asshole too if he wanted it. See, women are literally children with the brains of squirrels, one moment she is ready to mace him, the very next her nipples and clit are as hard as diamonds. They only care about how they "feel" and how you can make them "feel".I wish


>>138896505>>138900692>27 year old and 18 year oldhow did they get away with this? same in Tangled

>>138901920First you get a GF, and then she'll teach you because she is the main benefactor.

>>138909672After Wall-E

>>138910740Based indeed

>>138896303Ki from Mars Needs Moms

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>>138898891>Ywn be Edna Mode's "And Guest"Why live

>>138896303You posted her

>>138910740You don't like ara ara, user?

>>138910946Is that a Pixar movie?

>>138911192its a disney movie, close enough

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>>138904693>>138904777In his defense there's absolutely nothing wrong with being so disgusted by a tranny you tell it not to sit near you

>>138908980This bitch looks like Tiktaalik

>>138900692it was a different time



Nobody posted the best and biggest pixar butt of all yet baka

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>>138912662jesus christthis kills the irishman

>>138909344choo choo open wideIllya-kun's ghost in the shell on shitflix

>>138896776>>138896442Cass is Disney Animation Studios.

>>138912662Not Pixar.

>>138896720You can't stop me from jerking off to this


>>138912689Not Pierce Brosnan

>>138910946goddamn that facial animation is kinois that movie any good?

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>>138906536>t. Snowflake

>>138913474Come up with your own insults.

>>138913507As if calling someone a nigger for pointing out their retardation is a good comeback kek

>>138913405It's absolute kino my friend!

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>>138913409>dirty kneesAlso, I can't like this movie. It was hyped by by a chick I dated (who also handmade a Merida costume for Halloween) and then it turned out to be one of the worst Pixar movies I've seen.

>>138901614Based as fuck

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>>138900692>everyone talking about #metoo is this rape bullshit>no one talking about that eye glance when he mentions "little"

>>138907112based sunny miami poster

>>138901920The first time I kissed a girl it was very awkward. She said I was leaning on her too much, I used too much tongue, and our teeth kept knocking together making her giggle. You get better with practice, though I've only killed two girls in my life so I don't have a wealth of experience. It's an 'in the moment' sort of thing. Basically if you're thinking about what you're doing, while you're doing it, you're doing it wrong.

>>138896303No the blonde secretary in the Incredibles

>>138914079>though I've only killed two girls in my life

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>>138913684cool i'll check it out maybe

>>138901614So many samefag replies from pissed off normies. They know you speak the truth.

>>138914079>though I've only killed two girls in my lifewell, that escalated

>>138913684I would have sex with that xeno

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>>138896303What ethnicity is this?

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>>138914735utterly revolting

>>138896720based shadman getting free advertising and making 4chan incels seethe

>>138914735This is extremely upsetting. I feel a strong urge to rip of his nose and then punch him in the face repeatedly, in minecraft of course.

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>>138896903how do I do this? Do you just look at each other and go in with tongues?

>>138914942Yo, is that real?

>>138909223We know Stabler.

>>138896720OH NO NO NO NO

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>>138915474literally based, now they can't call shadwomyn a pedo without being TERF bigots

>>138901920Read fanfiction and practice on your hand or inside your elbow

>>138910074he was german. we all are like that.

>>138900714It is worth seeing. There's good universal themes about creation/consumption of art in this movie that place it high in a general list of movies (in my opinion, but I believe many people would agree with me) and not simply being a good Pixar/animated/kids movie. I believe it is the most artful of all the Pixar movies, so watch with an open-mind and you might find you enjoy it.

>>138896303>liking Mediterranean jewsNO

>>138913915It's a funny little joke.

>>138903091no, Shadman is taller

>>138913915Where the fuck does he say "little" there?

>>138896303She looked way hotter when I was a kid

>>138896303Why did you post one of the ugliest characters ever rendered by a computer?

>>138904777oh yesh, I don't know man, but playing the same videogame over and over to beat it in the smallest time possible, constantly checking for exploits and sometimes even trying to look for the source code (if available), don't you think you need a special type of personality for that?

>>138896505>Usually ends in me getting maced or them getting raped and murdered

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>>138896720i love shadman's shit but the >shadman meme still cracks me up

>>138915902not until this gif did I realize Ralph looks so much like Bill Burr

>>138912720They might as well be the same studio at this point

>>138903717Latina, I think. Elizabeth Pena voiced her.


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>>138915289Lol no, the cat is on a green screen...they added the people later. There is a video explaining the cat only dances alone

>>138903646I had a huge crush on her after watching The Incredibles. Holy shit how did I forget.

>>138896303>riding the ratatouille ride at Disneyland Paris>You see a Colette that's about 20 times your heightthatsmyfetish.jpg

>>138904693Based autist telling like it is


>>138896303Not exactly Pixar but it's Disney so 50% but Rapunzel in Tangled is by far the sexiest 3D woman in a maistream feature animation 3D film.She's so fucking hot and perfect, everything about her, her character, her body, her voice, everything.Literally perfect.

>>138896505>>138900692You can still get away with this if you're a chad.

>>138901367based twisted psychopath

>>138904978Damn. Told the tranny to not sit next to him then told the real girl to sit next to him. Based autist!

>>138904978Based austic


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>>138896720in the last couple of years he finally ditched the excessive piercings and freckles on every character and his art is actually really hot now but i only get bullied for saying so

>>138900692Jesus Christ, Raimi.

>>138910074He made a huge mistake

>>138896303Charlotte sartre

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>>138915733He's also mulatto

>>138900692This doesn't work in real life and I'm not allowed to live within 3000 feet of schools.

>>138918477is that the source of the daddy shirt femjak

>Cartoon woman>Huge schnozz>Tired eyesWhy is this such a hot combination?

>>138910740True Alpha males date women 10 years older

>>1388963033D was a mistake, why they are ugly deformed hideous? Anime is better.

>>138905527I don't like futas or traps, i like girls farting on faces

>>138901920Tongue play, bit of sucking, pick a lip, swap repeatedly. Very easy once you get the hang of it.

>>138918684Personality is sewn into every part of her body and that's a pretty large part of attraction, despite guys pretending they don't care about it.

>>138910740>>138911152>>138918732>woman is older than the manthats enough to get me to watch it and buy the Steelbook

>>138918477I remember that video of her sucking a black dick.

>>138914735Looks like one of those vlogers who come out the closet on camera in the most dramatic fashion possible

>>138906532actually true

>>138902653I genuinely fail to see how that is reddit in anyway whatsoever.

>>138910740Oof yikes she hit the wall

>>138918995I agree user, but 10 year limit. You can't push too far

>>138912763But it is though

>>138908726Same, the perfect robofu

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>>138919502Nope. Disney Animation. Was originally paired with Moana.Also, the character is a caricature of the director's girlfriend. Entire short is somewhat autobiographical with the heart vs mind conflict being based on his Brazilian/Japanese background.

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>>138919929Oh shit I thought Moana was Pixar


>>138904978King's got moves

>>138919929Why American animation started to gradually move away from mostly realistic animation and beautiful design to ugly animation and super deformed ugliness that is almost anti human? Is there a deeper cause?

>>138901614Who hurt you, unironically

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>>138919717She's so cute, lads.

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>>138901614anon you can't just post something this based out of nowhere

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>>138920615I would buy her if they sold her

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>>138915763not in that particular webm, but he definitely says in the "scene" youtu.be/ReGci_n5f0w?t=201

>>138920296It's shadwoman now


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>>138914942What is this "in minecraft" meme, seen it twice now. Outta the loop on that one but I guess I'll see it all over the fucking place now

>>138921027I had a toy of her that I was really fond of.Adorable, adorable lil' bot.

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