This is the most uncomfortable I have ever been during a movie. I felt like it was mocking me

This is the most uncomfortable I have ever been during a movie. I felt like it was mocking me.

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>>138895342Why did her sweater keep changing colors?

>>138895342I can't even understand what they're saying

what a fucking trip, i feel like utter shit.

>>138895539Same. Predicting a mass suicide.

>>138895539This left me more depressed and alone than any movie since Anomalisa

>>138895526All Holla Forums connoisseurs know to always watch with subtitles on

>>138895990>>138896133legitimately don't think a movie has made me feel this shitty before, too fucking real.

>>138895385there were tons of continuity errors. her glasses also kept changing.but I never really like it was all in their head moviesbut the stuff with the parents was truly bizarre so there was some entertainment.

>>138896133Man that movie was fucking depressing. I've only known one other person that's seen it.

>>138895342How so? I don't dig scary movies but I love KaufmanHow grim is it?

>>138895385everything is tinged my friend

We are ruled by kids with a crown. This is why the first global empire is crumbling.

>>138896436the world is just a marble. it’s so small. no idea why anyone wanted to rule it

to the people about errors in continuitythat scene with her at the house may have been a mashed up cut of her dating jake for years and years. so like each time she went into a different room the timetable changed by years or maybe even decades in his fantasiesit could of been jake remembering the details of the house wrong due to the time between when he was a young man vs old. like the dog that is always shaking he may not remember how it looked so it will always be blurryoverall great movie i loved it

This movie was cinematic blue balls. Loved the premise, loved the slow build up and descent into a dreamlike horror, the cinematography, but then they leave the house and it is like thirty more minutes of back to static shots of their faces through a car window. When we finally get to the high school it descends into an art house abstractness that ultimately harms and muddles the tying together of Jake's fantasy with his reality. This is probably the most important part of the entire movie and they turned it into a silent dance routine. Over two hours of build up and no payoff.I loved the weird little Robert Zemekis film within a film for some reason.

>>138896401If you are a neet or incel you will understand t. Neet incel

haven't watched it yet, is it better than pic related? i know the answer is no, but why not ask?

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>>138895342>don't you want to end your life, fellow white person?

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>>138896401its an exceedingly hard hitting movie if you're a fucking loser. i don't want to get old.

>>138896349I recommend Mulholland Drive if you haven't seen it, same depressing aftertaste

>>138896510>could ofthis is why no one will ever take zoomers seriously

>>138896539>>138896574shit, why watch a movie to feel bad? life is bad alreadyI think I pass

>>138896510Yeah that's the thing to keep in mind, literally everything was in his head so you have to look to that for explanations

>>138896596haha i wish i were a zoomeri feel so old these days

>>138896574>hard hitting moviewhat the FUCK is that?just work on your life extracting nutrients from the ground

>>138896623Personally it has definitely spurred me to change things in my life at times ex: Leaving Las VegasOther times it's just made me feel like crap. Ex: this movie

>>138895539>tfw I feel nothing inside anymore, so after a few hours the effect wore off>tfw it was a literal personal attackI can't even indulge in my sadness and wallow in my despair. I just... I can't even get off on being miserable anymore. I exist in a constant state of anxiety, fear and hate. I thought that it would stick, you know? Being sad keeps me grounded. Keeps me going. But then it leaves and I turn into a manic mess. I jsut want to be consistent. I don't want to change moods every 5 minutes. I want structure. I need it. Even if it's a negative one. I need something here...

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I tried to watch this movie with my wife, but it made her feel uncomfortable so we had to stop it. I think it is decent Kaufman kino though, so will finish watching it later

>>138896818I don’t know exactly how to help you, but I do know that whining on a Mongolian pedophile cartoon board won’t solve that

>>138896818It's hard having a mirror held up to you, isn't it

>>138896818You’re not on Reddit

>>138896818make some changes maybe?work to not be that janitorcause fuck jannies lmaooo

I fell asleep twice but I'd still say it was good

>>138896818life is what you make it yadda yadda. mental illness sucks yeah, life is a bitch.

>"it's quiet and safe here">tfw I literally used to think this when I worked as a janitor

>>138896994or did you?

>>138896818Just be yourself, bro. Go to the gym, find yourself a gf


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>>138895342I feel emotionally wrecked yet confused as fuck, which is normal for a Kauffman movie but this time its weird guys. What the fuck

Just when I was finally at peace with spending the rest of my life alone this movie comes out. Fuck you Charlie

>>138896510>may have been a mashed up cut of her dating jake for years and years. so like each time she went into a different room the timetable changed by years or maybe even decades in his fantasiesBasically, yeah. I think he's just trying to revise the fantasy until he gets a result he likes, but also feels real. So, there's a lot of "maybe she looked something like this," or "maybe that would've been the better time to bring a girl home" -- repeatedly reshuffling the details, trying to get the story to work the way he wants, but it never does.

>>138895385Better question is why did she keep looking directly at the camera?

>>138897273Could be he has these strong memories of his parents from his lifetime and he’s just inserting his “meet the parents” fantasy into it all.

>>138896864Maybe. But it's the only social interaction I get.>>138896883No, I actualy like that. I want that. It makes me obsess over my failings. It reminds me of what I am. It keeps me focused. The problem is that feeling goes away and I'm caught up in my self-delusions. Fear overtakes me.>>138896908You're trying too hard.>>138896933Logically, I know I should. I know that every passing second brings me closer to that. I know what I have to do. But I'm afraid. That's why I like all that depressing stuff. They're a wakeup call. The problem is that at this point, they don't get to me. They wash over me.>>138897023I'm not a schizo. I'm just a cowardly fuckup, I suppose.>>138897193I don't care about gfs at this point. That ship has sailed.

I just got in the first 15 minutes and it's made me cringe the entire time. It feels like a movie that I would've made like a year ago. I feel like I'm ahead of the curve on a lot of this shit, it's a similar feeling to when I was on 8c4an in 2018 and seeing our memes and injokes get popular with normalfags months after they turned stale for us. Or like when I was a kid and I went through my rebellious phase at 10-12 when everyone else started at like 14-18.In fact like in all the media that's trying to appeal to a specific type of people (especially all of the "doomer" memes) in their 20's, 30's, etc, I always watch it and I'm like "wow, that sounds like me when I was like, 16". I don't get how people seriously are still going through this kind of shit when you're 20 or 30. I was a fucking "doomer" when I was 16 and then I moved on. I was le edgy reddit atheist at 10 and there's still niggas today that start this shit in their early twenties. Like holy fucking shit, I don't think I'm just precocious with all this stuff, it's just weird seeing how all of these people are going through these juvenile "phases" when they're fucking ten years a grown ass adult.

>>138897385how old are you? unless you're like 40 or older shut the fuck up.

>>138897406>a specific type of peopleI meant "a specific phase that people go through)

>>138897406Memes have warped your perception of reality, log off

>>13889742423. I'm not saying that I'm not in a reversible position. But I'm too scared to take a step.

>>138897406so what are you going through right now?

>>138897500Everything warps your perception of reality,Maybe you'd like to tell me how exactly and why it's bad, though? I'd like to hear.

>>138897406>you can only be depressed when you’re a teenager Just wait until you have to start working, paying bills, caring for your family and ageing parents etc.

>>138897554Dude are you me? Legit same here man. Idk.... this movie makes me want to change my shit for the better ngl. Im decent looking but just a coward for most shit with relationships or committing to a career. Im gonna try and hopefully not back out this time. Hopefully

>>138897071yea sometime around the baby it's cold outside talk, and during the singing at the endlots of the car dialogue could have been cut entirely but I get what kaufman isalso I like Jesse plemons but fuck his bitchass beta charactersFargo s2, the master, Irishman and now thisnot to mention how fat he gothe's still a good actor but it's sickening

>>138897638At this point I've given up on physical attractiveness. I'm only working out to be healthy. And I clean up because I like being clean and tidy. But I've stopped wondering if I'm ugly, decent or good looking or whatever. I don't care. And I don't care for>tfw no gfThe moment I stopped worrying about that specific thing, I started actually sleeping, for the first time in years, so there's that. I have a general picture of what I want. But I'm too scared to try and get it. Like I said, when I'm sad, or just "blue", the fear leaves me. So I like that. It keeps me sharp. But then the sadness leaves, and my manic mood swings come back. The fear and anxiety come back and I lose myself in daydreams and self-delusions. I know what I am doing is wrong and is leading me down a path that there's no escape from. But I simply cannot stop.

>>138897586You view reality through shallow 4chan memes based on the language you used Somehow led you to not be able to empathize with a movie character

>>138897745It's a shame to be typecast as a boring creep but he does it do well

>>138897772I keep a clean cut appearance for hygiene but need to start working out again(as quarantine made me get from decently in-shape, to out of shape). I just need the motivation honestly, like you said for your case with not caring is the same shit here with me too to a lessar degree but its also like with internalizing everything deep down

>>138897772I'd recommend seeking out a physical skill-based hobbyboard sports, martial arts, tennis, dancing, hell even jugglingsee if you can't find some pattern of mental growth and physical confidence in something, and it could inform the other parts of your life that's lackingmy life has exploded for the better since I started skating and surfing

>>138895539You don't have to be a neet or an incel for this to feel personal. That scene where the janitor is talking about the odd kids and the camera pans to the girl walking alone is my life.I've always been out of step. I've tried hard to run away from who I was but I'm still walking out of step and alone. I have the trappings of a normal life - education, career, house - but I've always been alone. This is likely to continue to my death. I am the girl, I am the janitor, I am the pig.

I turned it off during the dancing. Couldn’t take anymore.

>>138897570I was "depressed" for like the last two years (had zero motivation to do anything, failing classes, etc.) Luckily I'm somewhat privileged so the consequences haven't caught up to me yet. I got back on my feet a little and got a job which has helped build back up my motivation and help me become more disciplined.I had fucked up manic/depressive moments like that for those years where I was fucking screaming in my car and crying at how much I was fucking failing. I obviously stopped failing last spring and my mental health started getting better. Over the summer, though, I had this revelation about death that basically instilled me with a true, gut-wrenching despair. People know about the rick and morty style "lol nothing matters" psychological horror shit, but that kind of despair is too high-brow and thought-based. The kind of despair I'm talking about is the true fear of death, that can't be "summoned" just by thinking about it. It's really hard to articulate, but to me it's kind of just the feeling that even if the afterlife existed (or if anything exists "outside" orur universe) it's just all more layers of bullshit, forever. That your life is like a movie and when you die it just ends and burns up and you can't even think or reflect on anything afterwards. That sounds exactly like the rick and morty shit I was describing, but trust me, there's a deeper feeling behind it. Ironically I think kaufman's earlier film (Synecdoche NY) actually hits on what I'm talking about exactly.It's pretty random. I've been having a (possibly-related?) health thing where I get nauseous for hours after I eat that makes the despair worse. The nausea isn't crippling but it complicates things.I had edibles for the first time like a week ago. I took slightly too much two separate times and that's made me despair for a whole week. I'm getting over despair but the weed has made me realize how crazy I am and how things could be much worse (which isn't a good thing).

>>138896818Do not listen to anyone on here who gives you any shit. This is the absolute truth, you have depression. A common misconception about depression is that you feel sad all the time, when, in fact, you feel NOTHING. The absence of sadness tends to be that slipping point from beginning to immediate depression.From here, you now need to do a few things. First, if you have a heavy vice (drinking, drugs, gambling, etc) get help for it. Don't stress, everyone needs at least one vice, But if a certain one is ruining your life, it has to go. Next, see someone whose job it is to assess your head. Strangers on the internet and our own self diagnosis is not the best. If our stomach hurt and we didn't know why, we would go to the doctor. So why not with our heads?Finally, after those are somewhat in order, you then work on yourself. Look at who you are and where you are going. Take a hard look at your core believes, your passions (if any, if not that's a new step) and what you realistically want in the next year. Starting from the very bottom or the tip top is hard in their own ways but both can be done and same with everything between.Good luck. Keep a sense of passion and imagination but never fall victim to living in it. You'll miss a lot of what real life has to offer.

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>>138898458>Couldn't take it anymore.Why not?

>>138897874>motivationFrom what I've noticed in my life, motivation runs out. Motivational movies, slogans, books, nothing works. You need to look inwards and find the worst parts of you and allow them to take over. In my case, it's worked. Introspection points out all your flaws. If you become even more critical of yourself and station in life, you then are left with a mixture of despair and anger. This helps. Also, a goal. The truth is, it's all up to you and me and whoever else. There's no magic moment that will push you forward. You need to do it yourself. The easiest way to do is just to go in reactionary mode and go all>I'll show themIt's cliche. It's hollow. But it's the only thing that truly works. Motivation doesn't work unless you have something concrete that you want to achieve. And even then, it leaves you. Motivation runs on "good feelings". It's a self-delusion. You must break it and embrace your failures. After you've torn yourself down, you're able to objectively look at whatever strengths you have and then use them to get what you want. There's nothing else, really. A friend of mine, an actual retard at that, use to say>I try my best>I prepare for the worst>I hope for the best>I expect the mediocreYou understand?>>138898030I run when I wake up at 06:00 or so. There's nothing else I can do. I'm really cramped up here.>>138898543>depressionI don't think so. I'm able to feel fear and anxiety. I have manic mood swings everyday, from euphoria to... something stable.>heavy vice Used to watch porn. A lot. I cut it off. I'm not proud of the how, but I did. Nothing else, bar sloth born out of fear.>assess your headNah, I know what is going on with me.>Finally [...]I've done those. I know where I am. I know what I have to do. I'm just scared.>Good luck.Thanks for the tips and concern user.

>>138897772>>138897385>>138897638>>138896818>>138896349the movie took inspiration from david foster wallaces ideas and he was always about understanding each other and kindness and empathy towards every kind of pain and misery. i dont think it was an attack. i think the delusion themes are there because delusions/fantasies/skewed nostalgia create unrealistic expectations of what reality should be and then we are hurt even more when those arent met. i think the movie is ultimately being understanding about lonliness and it wants to help. death is real and there is no going around it. the movie doesnt present solutions to this, but i honestly believe it presents understanding of that kind of pain. i do think the singing scene was way too on the nose but the dancing scene straight up didnt feel right bcuz it presented the janitor as the villian. but i think the point to that scene was that the janitor wasnt the actual janitor. he was a simplified caricature just like the other ideals. i think that scene was meant to poke fun at people who villified the janitor. but i dont know. otherwise it feels to dissonant with the david foster wallece stuff. im split on those ending parts and unclear on how to interpret them. the pig was funny

>>138898568I realized I wasn’t enjoying the film. The dancers were nice looking but maybe I didn’t like the music or something because at that moment I just lost all interest in continuing.

>>138896368The father was BASED. He likes sports photographs.

>>138898715>all about empathy>kills himself

>>138897828The memes and language exist for a reason; They're convenient to use and make otherwise specific, intangible ideas tangible and easy to point to. As for "empathizing with a movie character", I just think that's a ridiculous phrase. I get what you mean, but that's not how empathy works. You have to be willing (or at least, lack opposition) to empathize with someone, and if you're saying that every well-adjusted person should empathize with movie characters, then I just have to disagree for obvious reasons. Not because I'm well-adjusted though, obviously.

>>138898715>dancing scene straight up didnt feel right bcuz it presented the janitor as the villianHe saw himself as the villain. The one that didnt act and thus ruined the potential relationship he invisioned with The Woman.>>138898764He killed himself? I thought he just like died in his car

>>138896554I thought it was better. Synecdoche was great but the scale of the film was so big that some scenes felt out of place or unnecessary. This new film is much more stripped down and focused imo

>>138898715All I know about DFW is that movie with Eisenberg. I've wanted to read his books for a while, but I just never found the time. No, that's wrong. I wouldn't have found the time if I was doing what I was supposed to do. As it stands, I just didn't read them. I should. And I agree that it's not a literal "personal attack", it jsut hit too close to home.

MOTY I always love how his movies have this dream logic and this pushes more on the unsettling side of things.Pure and distilled kinography

>>138898831>He killed himself?he means david foster wallace>He saw himself as the villain. The one that didnt act and thus ruined the potential relationship he invisioned with The Woman.yeah but why does that scene happen after the scene where they converse in the hall. that scene has resolution and he accepts that he shouldnt project his desires onto his fantasy woman when she rejects the slippers. that scene provides a resolution with the hug. why does it go back and now he is chasing after an ideal fantasy again? and in the ideal version he did go after her. so he doesnt see his ideal self as the villian in that case no? is that scene just his fantasies slipping away? then why does the closure scene with the hug and the slipers happen before it?

>DUDE it's about the fog of memory and psychological inner space so it totally doesn't make sense but it's okay because it's on purpose so it's genius but it literally doesn't make senseEmperor wears no clothes garbage.

Holy shit I just got to the Bonedog part and it made me lolIs this subverted later or are we supposed to think it's deep?

Why was the dumpster full of empty ice cream cups?? Has he been replaying these fantasies for years trying to find the right fantasy girl?

>>138898785Fair enough

>>138899162>Is this subverted later or are we supposed to think it's deep?That basically sums up the whole movie

>>138899217cringe, yet based.

>>138899162If you thought that was funny you're in for a real laugh riot later

this is a movie might have to grow on me. liked a lot of the of dialogue but that 20 mins lost me

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>>138899186ice cups and all the ice cream stuff was connected into nostalgia and fantasies. and the high school was the lonely death. so i guess when you die or get old, when reality hits you, all that shit goes in the trash

>>138899449It was cute how he was too shy to talk to the girls at the ice creme shop.

Did anyone else laugh during it? I kinda chuckled when david thewlis was talking about fucking on his bed and when the phone call from her friend was just a muttering mans voice

>>138895342So the woman was just imagined by Jake because he never actually got to go out with her in the first place. The only real memory he had with her was at the bar. Everything else is just fantasy of what could have happened. But since Jake knows it's all unrealistic, he also knows the woman wants to "end things". Hence why everytime she thinks this, she's interrupted by Jake, who is trying to stop her from thinking this. Jake is the janitor. Just a sad, lonely man, full of regret, too afraid to confront anyone. He's basically a 4Chan poster. In the end he kills himself like one too. Nice. >>138899186It represents all of Jake's (the janitor) failed relationships.

>>138899551I thought it was a dark comedy, no?

>>138899569>failed relationshipsBut did he even ever have Real relationships?

>>138899109Yikes, imagine one being such a simpleton

>>138899578Yea all of his movies kinda have that, people label this as a horror movie I don't exactly see that, definitely psychological something

Okay I'm 30 minutes in and I get it, kaufman. haha the awkwardness is exaggerated because it's supposed to be what she's thinking projected onto reality>the basement door has weird scratches because she percieves it as weird and not because there's actually something going on>jake seems like he's lying about the dog and acting suspicious because she thinks he is, the dog is real and the basement (if she went in) would be normal>she percieves the family as weird and awkward and therefore they are shown as weird and awkwardi'm predicting that if there's a twist, it's that lucy is an imagined story written by the janitor dude or something. or it'll be left up n the air

Currently halfway though, what should I expect? Also what the fuck is going on? Why does this feel like shutter island rip off?

>>138897638Not that guy, but since we're on the subject, I'm recently 20 and it's making me miserable thinking about it. I still live at home, and I don't have any of my friends from high school. My college us online. I have no idea how to make new ones. It was so easy at school. How the fuck do you make friends as an adult? I have no one to talk to besides my brother and sister, and us three are as close as it gets, but I'm 20 now, and there's gonna be a point where I don't have them anymore, and they're the only relationship I have. I'm not ready for us to not live in the same house. It's such a dreadful thought to me.

>>138899612Probably not. Just relationships he wished he had, but never had the courage to actually follow through. It isnt clear if he has ever even talked to a woman before.

>>138899653>>138899666Its not much of a twist, they give you all the information you need quite early on to make that conclusion.

I have crippling chronic depression and I learnt a long time ago to not watch kike-created memetic weapons against my psyche. You need whitepills guys, not evil spells.

>>138899653hmm maybe theres a reason the movie isn't 30 minutes long

>>138899653>watch a quarter of a film>have to post about it on an Angolan gorilla milking forum because finishing movies is for adults with attention spansWhat a horrifying existence you must lead.

>Dude it's all a dying hallucination and shows how he regrets his lifeReally? This is what Hollywood considers high art?

>>138899614Imagine being such a simpleton you think this film is actually good.I had to read a plot summary of the novel it's based on to figure out that the janitor, the main Fargo guy and the girlfriend are all the same person and that he killed himself at the end. Sure it was hinted at, I had basically figured out that the janitor and Fargo guy were the same person, and I had a suspicion that the girl could possibly be him/a figment of his imagination, but I couldn't properly interpret the ending(and consequently the rest of the film) because it was never confirmed or made clear. It never had that "oh" or twist moment. That's not clever or deep, it's just a bad storytelling device to make you think the film is deeper than it is. It's like if The Sixth Sense never properly let you know Bruce Willis is a ghost. This movie is about as deep as the Sixth Sense, it's just trying to make you think it's something more by veiling its twist. That's not clever or intelligent, it's just obnoxious really.

>>138899740it's 3:40 am and I can't call my bro to watch it with me, my friend. i'm just trying to simulate that social dimension for the full experience. my full experience.

>>138899691You're bitching about it at 20? You have your whole fucking life ahead of you to turn it around. Try being 35 without a family, your own place, car, wife or even steady girlfriend, basically any markers that were supposed to signify adulthood or manhood. You just exist as an automaton for a dead end middling white collar job, only now you're middle-aged and all your opportunity and potential are GONE.

>>138899775>had to read a plot summary of the novel it's based on to figure out that the janitor, the main Fargo guy and the girlfriend are all the same person and that he killed himself at the endlmao and you call other people simpletons

>>138899775>b-b-but I don't want to use my imagination, I just want to be spoon-fed a concrete ending

>>138895342this movie re-triggered my crippling fear of aging

>>138899775>>138900060I thought he had a stroke or something.

This movie makes me grateful I went to trade school and bought a car

stopped paying attention 20 minutes in, didn't get the end. Shit movie.

>>138900060As I said, I suspected. The only thing I couldn't figure out for sure was that he killed himself, but again, that's because I was still waiting for the film to either confirm my suspicion or tell me I was wrong and give some piece of information to explain what was actually going on, so I couldn't properly interpret the ending.>>138900115You know, I can enjoy more abstract filmmaking, David Lynch, Jodorowski, whatever, but I prefer when the absence of concrete plot logic is embraced, unlike this cookie cutter Shyamalamadingdong thriller TWEEST shit masquerading as art.

whatever the point was, it wasn't conveyed well through the means of film (kaufman is simply a bad director he should stick to writing)

It would be interesting to find all the sources he made up his girlfriend out of, like pic related is why she quoted verbatim Pauline Kael's review of A Woman Under the Influence.

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>>138900382you want some sort of judgment from the film itself on jake? there's nothing explicitly placing the film in jake's camp or out of it, but i think it's leaning towards his camp if anything. but of course it would be, he's the creator of the story.

>>138896508Because we are even smaller.

>>138899691I remember feeling the same way at age 20, don't worry so much about it.1. 20 is not old, it's just about the very start of it all.2. You're always going to have your siblings, you may not always live close by each other, but they're your friends forever3. You make friends as an adult the same way you did as a kid. Before you had structure and routine, you all had to be somewhere together for most of the day, workplaces are the same way.You're doing college online so it's gonna be difficult to make the same friends as irl, just get through this for now, appreciate your siblings and try to join a club locally to meet other people.If all else fails, unironically VRChat has saved me from a lacking social life in a time I had no job. Gets you slinging banter and making people laugh, reminds you that you're fun and able to make friends.Don't worry so much man, 20 is still super young.

>people say we're like points moving through time, but i think it's the opposite>time is like a cold wind blowing through usdid i literally waste 2 hours of my life to watch a faggy film version Death Stranding?

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This film made me cry

>Dude, the two main characters are the same person LMAO

holy fucking reddit film and thread.only the house was somewhat interesting. the rest of the fucking hour and a half spent in the car with that nonstop verbal diarrhea was mind-numbingly boring. i genuinely can't respect anyone who can think shit like this has cinematic merit. tremendously uneventful.

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>>138896554It's better.

>>138898463Holy shit what a narcissist. Nobody cares.

>>138901181Yea no one had any super powers or shot any one what the fuck was the point, i'm going back to watching the boys and rick and morty, flippin epic

Movie really makes me not want to die alone. Never wanted marriage before this.

am i just tripping or does the ACTUAL actress becomes a completely different person in one cut in the car on the way back for like 5 seconds

>>138895385whole face changed one time even

>>138896368>there were tons of continuity errorsit's not continuity error when it's a conscious decision, mate

>>138901181Not enough flying men wearing capes for you?

>>138901562She did, she became the actress that is in the movie Jake as janitor was watching.

The most horrifying scene was realizing how fucking old David Thewlis is now.

>>138901689oh thank fuck

>>138901726He's not even 60.

>>138899551of course. There was plenty of humour here.

>>138901481It's just a blogpost on an anonymous imageboard, user. If you don't like something, you don't give it (yous)unless you're retarded.

>>138899569Cringe, 4channelers for sure fucking more than cringe redditors

>>138900344Yeah I really don't know why people suck kauffmans dick so much, he does the neurotic jew schtick much less effectively than kafka or even something like barton fink

>>138901468No it wasn't. Unless you didn't "get" synecdoche new york. This is basically just the discarded rough draft for that film.

Not seen this film but I recently saw this dreamlike film that left me feeling positive about life

Attached: the-swimmer.jpg (770x1182, 441.11K)

>>138902257Saw that last year and still think about it from time to time.

Stop watching artsy fartsy sharthouse, watch good movies like The Lighthouse instead.

I got filtered I think

>>138895342Just give me a yes or no if I should watch it

>>138902680Yeah I got filtered. I dunno if i got filtered because it was too high iq for me, if my ADHD was flaring up too much for me to truly pay attention, or if Kaufman was so far up his own ass it didn't actually make sense. Gonna have to watch it again I think.

>>138902348Another pleb filtered

>>138897554Wah wah wah you fucking baby grow up

>>138902796there's no fucking way I'm sitting through this shit again

>>138900512at the end of the credits there is a list of citations for most of the intertextual references made, if that helps

>>138899775I watched this movie drunk with friends, and I would've sort of agreed with you.I watched it again sober and actually paying attention, cos it bothered me that my favourite screenwriter made a film that didn't gel with me, and I realized that the amount of conveyance and overt frankness with the fantastical nature of it's plot made me feel stupid for expecting a twist, given you don't even have to do much heavy lifting to come to an accurate conclusion about the movie's nature within the first twenty minutes. Unless you buy in, you really can't engage with the plot in an effective way at all, which can make for a frustrating first watch. Once you buy in, it's a fucking fantastic film and absolutely intelligent. I urge you to give a rewatch, you don't have to come to concrete conclusion about a movie like this on first watch. You'd be doing yourself a disservice.

This film is very unsettling, and I'm not even a lonely introvert

>>138895342>>138897273>>138896510You guys didn’t get the story exactly right. I didn’t either. Good thing i was watching this with my girlfriend who actually read the book. Once you get what’s actually happening it’s actually kinda depressing.The actual story is about Jake, who is a Janitor in present time. The young Jake you see was in the past. The entire movie is in his head and his girlfriend was never actually his girlfriend. Jake always had trouble communicating and making friends. That trivia night never ended with him asking for her number cause he was too afraid to ask. That’s what she meant when she said that line about the mosquitos. Jake was just another bite out of thousands of “non-events”.Jake never let go of this woman he never even said a word to. And right before he kills himself the plot of the movie intangibly takes place(the movie only alludes to this rather than showing it). “I’m thinking of ending things” actually refers to Jake. The book ends with him slitting his throat and dying alone.

>>138903514>Jake never let go of this woman he never even said a word to.He even created a whole personality for her made up of movies, books you see in his room, there's a bit of his mother in her, even a bit of himself too. I'd be interested in rewatching it just to see on how much of this stuff I could pick up on now that I fully know what I should be paying attention to.


>>138903514>reads the Wikipedia summary of the book’s plot and comes back to say his “gf” read the book

>>138895342Is it scary?

>>138904232Yes, if you’re scared of not accomplishing your goals and dying alone after living an uneventful, unfulfilling life

>>138902348>implying The Lighthouse isn't artsy farsty sharthouse

>>138895342It DEMANDS repeat viewings

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>>138904220Have sex lol

Boring af film. Hated every minute of it. You simpletons would suck Kaufman's maggot infested toes if it made you glow hard enough.The only people who "feel" anything about this are raspy voiced pseudo intellectual mid-wits "enduring" their own 20-something existential crisis.>>GUhhh but its kino!Basic cinematography framing and OCD attention to the details of floral wallpaper and the color scheme of a character's sweater doesn't make a film kino.Also this film can be summarized in one pseudo beloved word. Cellar Door. If you don't get the reference you're a summer baby.This will be another dumbass controversial /tv film just like mother! god help us.

>>138896519I somewhat agree with this.I liked the movie overall, but seeing as it is technically a dark horror movie, and the book apparently has a very dark ending, they could have gone all out on that front.Most people would have been very uncomfortable and maybe slightly scared after they leave the parents house, they could have continued doing that until the end up went with something more uplifting, albeit technically still sad.One thing I couldn't figure out were the feminism rants the woman had, if they're all the same person, why is that guy so large of a cuck? Do American men really buy into the notion that it's so hard for women because they have to gatekeep their eggs?Or was it the screenwriters shoving their own ideologies in there?Or was it in the book in the first place, and the author is a faggot?

>>138904599You have to watch it more than once to get it. It demands it.

>>138904599>Also this film can be summarized in one pseudo beloved word. Cellar Door.That's two words, buddy.

>>138895385Because it was all in his head

>>138904609Jake just really thought that. You don’t have to agree with what she/he said. The movie isn’t about the labors of being a woman, it’s a throwaway line. Why do you virgins seethe at anything you don’t agree with.

>>138904770It wasn't a throwaway line though, it was said with intent several times throughout the movie that life is so unfair for women because they have to say no, which is somehow way harder than picking up the courage to ask in the first place.Especially the part about the "rape song" made me laugh, but then he just goes and apologizes like a desperate simp. I mean, if anything that makes the movie even more sad; even in his fantasy he has to grovel in front of women and still doesn't get any.

Did Jake really stab that kid and rape that girl?

>>138904943nobut he wishes he did

Is that Fat Damon?

>>138904599>Noooo, there are no flying men wearing tights and capes, I want muh quips and happy endings

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>>138895342this shit is even more bleak and depressing than requiem for a dream>>138905235yes

*writes and directs kino in your path*

Attached: kaufman.jpg (1200x1200, 171.61K)

is this the only good movie from 2020?

>>138905643So far.

>>138895342Charlie Kaufman is really a one trick pony at this pointall his movies have nevrotic characters, everything is going on only in their mindsI think, and I'm saying this with the best intentions, that this is some sort of inherenty jewish thing: everything has to be psychotic, and complicated in a way that create a deep meaning for the most trivial thingsI kind of liked being John Malkovich, but Synecdoche, New York was really comic, at some point

>>138904220Kek this

There is nothing gayer than this quirky intentional lower case spelling of every word, even in titles and at the beginning of sentences.

>>138895342i turned it off at 20 min and watched nacho libre instead

>>138906926now this is based

>>138895342Are you an aged incel?

>>138898669>heavy vice>Used to watch porn. A lot. I cut it off. I'm not proud of the how, but I did. Nothing else, bar sloth born out of did you cut it off may I ask?

>>138895342You can always spot an underage if they don't understand why Kaufman's films are terrifying. I can't even watch that kitchen scene at the beginning of Synecdoche. The one where the radio in the background nonchalantly skips ahead 10 years before the scene is even over.

>>138901673Only true connoisseurs such as ourselves can appreciate the cinematic depth of staring at Jesse Plemons' fat, bloated face through a frozen window as he and his imaginary girlfriend endlessly mumble pretentious liberal arts school drivel.

>>138905296Nah Requiem for a dream was too anti drug grimdark. This was more darkly comical. It didn't give me the same pit in my stomach feeling Requiem did.

lucy wonders how long it takes to get hypothermia.the janitor is just sitting in his car indulging more imagery: dances and lifetime awards and applause for showtunes while he freezes.he gets hypothermia, which is why he removes all his clothes (it feels hot) and wanders out.he's probably not found dead in the car or inside the school, just frozen on the ground like the lambs.

>>138897406It's called arrested development user. Currently there are millions of manchildren out there, product of a generation of fucks who spoiled them too much. It's not a surprise people in their 20s and onwards like capeshit and pseud garbage like this film or gosling sperg wish fulfillment fantasies. It's also not a surprise that many of these people lean left and happen to be mentally ill.

>>138908700I posted it yesterday. Everyone told me I was a schizo. The TLDR is everytime I got a raging boner and wanted to wank it to some new gangbang or whatever, I instead clicked on cuckshit. Blacked, amateur, subreddits even. Whatever, as long as it was that. This made me feel sad, humiliated, angry. The urge to jerk off passed. And I did again. And again. And again. At the end I came to see all of porn for what it was; a way to self-cuck yourself. Whether you're watching some amateur couple or the Lansky or Brazzers or whatever stuff, you're still passively sitting there, on your ass, getting off on some guy fucking the girl you find attractive. I rewired my brain to see that. Willpower's not enough. You'll quit porn cold turkey, but one week, one month, later, you'll be back. No, you need to associate it with something damaging to your psyche. And considering cucking is the the most humiliating genre, to a man anyhow, that exists, you just do that. Eventually, when you want to get off, you won't think>oh yeah, better go watch a closeup of a guy's cock entering the pussy of a woman I find attractiveYou'll rub one off to imagination, or a picture from /s/ or a Hendricks webm from here, anything but self-cucking porn.Anyway, this is my way. For me it worked. I don't know about other plans.

>>138904770Must be nice being able to turn your brain off and mindlessly consume media

>>138895342Stop smoking weed

>>138904599r*edditors btfo'd

>>138895342I saw it yesterday and was falling asleep, soldiered through the dance scene and when this MOTHERFUCKER started to sing, and the song lasted for more than 5 fucking minutes i just turned it off and fell asleep on the spot.I don't even know how it fucking ended because I was zoning in and out even before that.

>>138898463>eats edibles once >turns into a fragile depressed maniacAnd yet you claim you're more developed than other people lmao

>>138912501Based, I was considering watching it, but all the praise in this thread sounds shallow and your post pretty much just seals the deal, thank you for saving me sleepy user

Was he an incel?

Attached: jake.png (1243x820, 1.02M)

>>138900738>prefers to waste 20 hours actually playing death's stranding.


>>138904832Oh my god you are dull.Even if he is a fucking radical feminist, that just makes him that more of a loser.Like a white knight on the internet who can't talk to girls IRL.

>>138896857Do yourself a favor and don’t bother

>>138913716I mean, you could tell yourself thats what the message is but I think its pretty obvious that isnt what the writers intended.

>>138913992Actually, it is very important for the subject.The fact that he feels so strongly that the woman should not be approached or objectified is, in his mind, the perfect justification for him to not approach her.

>>138911884Wow user I'm impressed not gonna lie but wait do I really have to obsess on cuck porn wtf?

>>138909880That’s interesting but why does the engine of the car start at the end of the credits?

>>138905466I hate extremely talented people like him. I wish I was as talented as them.

its just a dream lol

>>138914428>its just a dream lolNo

>>138914248because he’s only thinking about ending things

We literally see the janitor in the window of the apartment in the first scene of the film. He's narrating exactly the imagined girlfriend is saying.

>>138895342>written for the screenholy shit this fag is so pretentious I hate him

>>138914449yes its the jannies dream


>>138914222You don't obsess over it, that's the point. It's a blockage of sorts that you slowly conflate with porn. Look, I could've told you to go to /gif/ and watch some scat or whatever, but it's like watching gore. You get grossed out for a moment but you get over it and 10 minutes later you want to wank again. You need to make the connection that porn is something bad, harmful, humiliating. And what's more humiliating than cuckshit? You know those pastas that get posted here>das rite whiboi, your daughters be takin da Bee Bee ZeeThere are actual videos like that. Captions over music and whatever. It's not just b8, there are actual people who jerk off to such shit. I saw a guy once put a dildo up his ass while having his dick in chastity and watching blacked. It's downright bonkers. Anyway, you don't have to do it everyday or obsess over it. You're sitting there and you've got a boner you can't take away because you saw a porn thread on Holla Forums. You rush to open the front page video of some verified amateur. Just click on the cuckshit vid. After a few minutes the boner's gone and you feel dirty. Repeat. Amateur ones are even worse, since the cuck actually holds hands with thot as she's getting railed. Repeat.After some time, you won't even want porn. All porn will seem like self-cucking to you. And you'll be free. It souns weird, and it is, I know, but it's kinda like "overloading" your tolerance. I was in deep coomer mode when I devised this plan. I wanked daily. I didn't use paper, I just used my shirt and underpants to wipe off the cum. I didn't wash. I was looking for more and more hardcore stuff to get off. Even roughplay had gotten stale. I couldn't get it up unless there was some actual hardcore action going down. I needed to be done. I tried cold turkey, but still, my dick was conditioned. So I did that. And now I'm free. No desire to watch porn. I get boners over clothed pics. I've returned to normal. It's crazy, and awful, but it works. Also>checked

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>>138895342>This is the most uncomfortable I have ever been during a movie. I felt like it was mocking me.And that's exactly how Charlie Kaufman wanted you to react, because you're an utterly predictable NPC goy to him who wasted two hours on his caricature of white Americans with le tortured feminist as the obvious Jewess substitute

>>138914723Holy shit I've finally found some good advice in this god forsaken chinese basket weaving site thanks user I'll try my best I just wish to happy man

>>138898669Chap the state of you.I don't care if you live or die but I'll show you the way forward. It's so simple it's retarded.1. Hard Cardio.2. Meditation.3. Conversation.That's in order of importance. If you're not doing these 3 things then you don't want to feel better, you want to wallow, which is fine by me.

>>138909105It being pretentious drivel is kind of the point, my dude.

>>138915189Well, I hope it works out user. Like I said, it's a crazy idea and method. But, it's so crazy, it works. It's pretty heart wrenching. You won't feel good doing it. At all. It'll eat away at you. But that's the point. It's hard, but it's the closest thing to a "surefire" method I've thought of, since you carry it, always. Porn is destroyed for you, forever. I don't know if we can go back to getting boners over a pair of tits like when we were youngins, but you will be able to get off normal hot women solo, and that's good, at the very least.>>138915251I know, I know. Like I said, I like to wallow, it keeps me grounded. But it passes and I have manic mood swings. But it's alright. I hear you user, and thanks. I'm running a treadmill at mornings. Lift some weights. I eat good, no fast food and the such. Conversation, that's tricky. I don't go anywhere bar the market and such. I have my parents, daily, so there's that. As for meditation, I've downloaded some books, but haven't read them yet. I want to get my affers in order, but, like I've said many times already, I am a bit scared.

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>>138915546Nike nigger>Just DO itHonestly:>Just turn off your brain>And fucking DO IT

>>138910670Yeah all these lefty neets on 4chan, give me a break

Attached: Im.Thinking.of.Ending.Things.2020.webm (1440x1080, 2.83M)


>>138895342>movies shouldn't be fun>videogames shouldn't be fun>comics shouldn't be fun"If you are having fun, I am doing it wrong"t. that jew from Last of WUS

>>138915445All I'm asking for is a more interesting visual setting for that drivel. Endless interior shots of a car does not make for interesting cinema.

>>138914090This is what I thought; while the lines come out as something that any leftwing university student would write, it could (for what is perhaps the first time ever) be the characters legitimate viewpoint, and not some writers political opinions being shoehorned in.But I doubt that.

>>138915807legit that dog spooked me, had they gone full on horror I think it might have been one of the scariest movies ever.

>>138915784Trying is spoopy, because you can fail. If you stay stationary, you can comfort yourself with self-delusions and daydreams. Until, of course, yo urun out of time. I am the janny. God, I need to change. I'm going to bed early tonight (actually, this week I've been able to maintain a very good sleeping schedule, for the first time in years) and in the morning I'm doing it. I'm just doing it. No fear anymore. What should be my final movie to signal my rebirth user? I'm thinking some melancholic, something NightCore. Maybe Le Samurai? Rocco And His Brothers (kind of a Delon kick today, don't know why)? Rewatch Good Time? Maybe Stalker (I've actually not watched it, even though I've seen Mirror and the like)? Is there anything there that could be similar to my situation abotu fear and indecisiveness?

Attached: 1368102018976.jpg (1125x1107, 101.88K)

>>138902796>or if Kaufman was so far up his own ass it didn't actually make sense.that's definitely not the case here. Movie may be unclear in some departments but the main things are strongly defined.

>>138916335Movie 43

>>138916335Nothing matters except whether you do it or not. Fuck motivation, just do it. Fuck your feelings, just do it. Fuck your mind, just do it. Believe in the 3, just fucking do it, you will be rewarded.

>>138915251An actual helpful post on Holla Forums? Couldn’t be.

>>138915165Is synechdoche pozzed as well?

>>138915971what's the point in pretending you don't understand what he meant?

>>138895342I have crappy taste, but I really like that wallpaper.

>>138916589Come on user...>>138916595I know, it's not about motivation, it's about closure of sorts. I need something to end with. It's nighttime. I'll go to bed in a bit. I need to finish this... "gracefully". Definitively.

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Movie sucked ass, why do you pretend to like it?

>>138916952>why do you like something i didn't?common theme on this here board

i can't stand people who read theories online, pick one they like and regurgitate it everywhere as if they had connected the dots themselves while watching the movie. that's why I hate artsy fartsy movies like this, it attracts fraud hipsters like flies to shit

>>138914740>>138914816>>138914882>t. onions guzzler

>>138916335Unironically Fight Club. No film would suit you better.

>fucking and whatnot

>>138896519>This is probably the most important part of the entire movie and they turned it into a silent dance convinced only new york jews appreciate the musical shit.

>>138917086Was it supposed to be appreciated? I thought it was supposed to be cheesy as fuck. Just another cringe fantasy in his head.

>>138904609>why is that guy so large of a cuck? Do American men really buy into the notion that it's so hard for women because they have to gatekeep their eggs?this is insanely funny in the context of the movie. your incelism, not what you said

>>138904220When the time comes for that user to end his miserable life, will he revisit his fantasy of watching this film with his "gf"?

>>138917184>Was it supposed to be appreciated? I thought it was supposed to be cheesy as fuck. Just another cringe fantasy in his head.I find that hard to believe. Bad storytelling device either way if you ask me, I'm trying to watch a movie not a musical.

>>138917038I’ve watched it far too many times, recently too, for it to have any effect on me now. Thanks for the suggestion though, it fits. Also, fuck you Janny. B& for replying to off-topic threads my ass.

>>138901809so this movie is a schizophrenia simulator?


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>>138917906They mention schizos like 4 times in the film, no joke

The dog was dead all along. That was the creepiest thing for me. Jimmy was clearly a childhood dog of Jake's, who probably died decades ago judging by the old photo on the wall. A phantom of the past.

Attached: 1.png (1139x893, 1.4M)

>>138918321makes me think how I'll probably be still thinking about memories of my childhood dog as an old man too.

>>138918395But Jake could only remember when his dog was shaking (possibly his only remaining memory of Jimmy), which is why we only see the dog shaking every time he appears.

>>138918321Great catch. This makes the film even more depressing to me. But I take it like a cautionary tale about escapism, much like Evangelion.

>>138895342Already posted it in another thread but if you liked this, check out pic related

Attached: It's_Such_A_Beautiful_Day_Poster.jpg (256x388, 8.75K)

>>138917273Yeah bro women totally have it so hard

>>138919209Once again, missing the point

>>138896554I think it's better. His masterpiece. One of the greatest films of it's decade, and I hate to sound hyperbolic.

what am I in for?30 yo khv btw

>>138919546A story about the average 4chan user

It was like Filth

>>138919647I guess I'll start watching and if it gets too real I just stop

>>138912273>>138904609>>138913992>>138916221The movie is about loneliness and the passage of timeAnd you’re GRASPING at the few lines in the film discussing feminism. Like that was the entire message of the movie. Just can’t stop seething about that! God all i can think about in this movie is how fucking feminist it is VIRGIN RAGE

Attached: 2D155650-5514-490B-BDB0-A220E7E498C7.jpg (785x731, 65.17K)

>>138919546It’s gunna hit a little too close to home

>tfw the girl that got away who i finally stopped thinking about invaded my dreams after watching this film

You guys are such snowflakes.... I promise you that I am in worst shape then most of people on here. You all take this movie so serious as if it’s attacking you, it proves how fucking selfish and self interest3d everyone is, even non normies. The movie was not an attack on you, it was a movie that makes you think and feel, no one here is 50 or 60 or 70 years old like Jake. The movie is not a Jewish attack or Jewish trick to make you feel bad things, you could have made some notes or a mental note to consider some parts of it to grow your self, like the lil quote about David foster wallace and what he said about tv or what debard said in society of the spectacle...but all you fags think is me,me,me. The goyim meme is real and you do it to yourself.

>>138921240You have convinced me that you're a 68 year old janny like in the movie.

>>138920619The scene is the school was interesting with the mosquito line when you think of how true it is, so many interactions with people that just turn into nothing but distant memory. The line where Lucy talks about being a girl and how men’s eyes are always on them was also interesting,I haven’t really thought of that before but it’s probably true and something only a girl can understand. Most people on this site think because a lot of girls have social media that it means they want constant attention and love it, but that’s ofc not true. The scenes with the parents were also pretty good and I like how Jake detached and you can tell he was thinking of the past interactions with parents the whole time and Lucy checks him after and says “Jesus Christ everyone has issues with their parents Jake”. I wish that there was more quotes like the dfw and debard stuff, but this is me being lazy wanting it in an easy format instead of reading it in the book. Was that dance scene at the end a callback to west side story? I feel like it was since they had Oklahoma in there so much and the fight scene in the gym reminded me of west side story.

>want to watch this but know it'll make me feel like shit It sucks, I'd love to re-watch Synechdoche New York again but it's just not worth how depressing it is.

>>138904832>Especially the part about the "rape song" made me laugh, but then he just goes and apologizes like a desperate simp.leave Holla Forums before damage to your brain becomes irreversible. I'm saying this without an ounce of meaniness in me.

>>138921240you type like a real boomer, get off the internet old man.

>>138921559That dance scene wasn’t in the book. I don’t fucking know what that’s about. Just some more Kaufman mindfuckery.

>>138921390I’m 32 years old and never done that type of work. Been here since 2015 and have watched all boards declin by 50 percent in users and all boards significantly decline in quality, it’s so prone to the circle jerk, echo chamber, tired and played out response behaviors that plague reddit. The only difference is the lack of moderation here makes it more edgier and less corporate here, but most people here are so stuck in their ways they can’t even see how much agency they have thrown in the trash... they get off on the dopamine hits of making a funny or attacking something/someone.. but they have blinded themselves to the fact they are willing throwing away what precious time they have left on earth by acting in a manner that they have been socially engineered to be so...instead of think thanks, pr firms,moderation teams and corporations who do the socially engineering....4channers were socially engineered by the past posters of 4chan a decade ago (most who have moved on) in a desperate move to try to relive the past glory days...which in most cases none of us were here during those times. Just like in the movie, there is no going back. Go look at pol today how they desperately try to bring back the 2016 vibe and energy, but cannot muster ever 25 percent of that...

It's lesser Kaufman, nowhere near his best

>>138921888Go back to your blog I've been here since 2012 and its nostalgia goggles. Go watch NCFOM that's who you are

>>138921571This one is darkly funny, so it isn't so bad. Theres more depressing films out there desu

>>138895342Why are you dumb faggots still watching netflix shit?