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Just bought pic related. What am I in for?

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Fucking pic uploaded sideways.

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You're in for a dumb fucking movie.

You're going to jerk off to Taissa Farmiga

>>138885604Is the whole conjuring series garbage? I also picked up Annabelle: Creation

>>138885604t. Buttblasted christfag

Good day for horror threads

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>>138885639only Conjuring 1 and 2 are good, rest are garbage

>>138885634The coomer scenes are unironically the best parts of horror

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Looks bad but potentially watchable, let us know how it is.>>138885639That looks decent

>>138885681>sh didn't get her huge tits outSo annoying

>>138885666>using christfag unironicallyOne of the top signs in testing for brain damage

>>138885671>it's crop season then

>>138885671Based scarecrow poster>>138885675I honestly wasnt that impressed with Conjuring 1 or 2. The original Amityville Horrors were way better>>138885691I saw the first Anabelle a while ago. It was decent. Had a good few jumpscares and a few suspensful sequences. The plot wasn't great and the ending was lackluster. Altogether an average horror flick. Worth watching but not spectacular.

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>>138885675Conjuring 2 is shit. I don't know how the fuck people thought that was as good as the first one.

>>138885746a shame

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start revving up that october folder, Holla Forums

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>>138885252>>138885347want to know what I saw there? 2 dogs (black and white) fucking

>>138885681Wouldn't say the best parts but they are certainly up there and one of the reasons I love the genre so much

>>138885671what the fuck is this

>>138885746They filmed a frontal nude of her but it was cut from the movie because they discovered she was underage.

conjuring 1 is the only good one but it's fucking fantastic. Saw it opening week and only go to see horror movies IRL now in the hopes of catching some of that magic. What are some /audienceCore/ films?

>>138885671>mummifies before the teacher's eyes during English class

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Currently doing a Texas Chainsaw marathon, watching part IV as we speak. I actually enjoyed III more than II. Based Viggo and thrash metal soundtrack.youtube.com/watch?v=jOktsSxw27M

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>>138885887Pretty good list. I'm worried about burning through all the good ones before September is over.

>>138885887Looks like shit


>>138885671Stabs people with corn? Pulls off Papa Palpatine spins? Fucking based.

>>138885929Scarecrow. It is...something.

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My list for October so far>When A Stranger Calls (1979)>The Exorcist 3>Dead Ringers>Ginger Snaps trilogy>Vamp>Death Bed: The Bed That Eats>Dead End>Dog SoldiersThis is a rough list. Give me recs if you have any. Would like a nice haunted house kino

>>138886061>>138886226No shit, I've seen everything else. I don't rewatch movies and this ain't my first halloween marathon.

>>138886465Cool list. I'm doing a 70s marathon.>Texas Chainsaw Massacre series>Bay of Blood (1971)>The Last House on the Left (1972)>Don't Look Now (1973)>The Wicker Man (1973)>Black Christmas (1974)>Deep Red (1975)>The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)>Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)>Suspiria (1977)>The Hills Have Eyes (1977)>Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)>Tourist Trap (1979)>Phantasm (1979)>When A Stranger Calls (1979)Might also watch sequels and remakes if I like them enough. May take a break to watch more recents movies if I get bored of watching exclusively 70s stuff.

>>138885929Scarecrow 2002. I just looked through the different ones, lots of scarecrow movies apparently.

>>138885671Would Batman beat this version of Scarecrow?

What are some movies like 2019's Haunt? I loved the "theme park house except it's real" thing

>>138886743>The Last House on the Left (1972)Tough kino, really upsetting

>>138886743Thats a really good list. I'm still shocked at how brutal Last House On The Left was. The remake is worth watching. Theres some give and take but ultimately I preferred the original. The Town That Dreaded Sundown remake is only an okay horror flick, but worth watching because it gets meta. The Hills Have Eyes honestly isn't that great though, but I've yet to see the remakes because they scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. >>138886887Hell House LLC. Dont be put off by the "documentary style" filmmaking. It switches over to more conventional found footage, and is actually extremely well made for a found footage film.

>>138886887I think Hellhouse LLC and The Houses October Built have a similar theme, but I've never seen them myself. They're also both found footage. The Collector movies are somewhat similar, but it's more of a home invasion meets Saw kinda deal. As for slashers on theme parks, I recommend Hell Fest, fun movie and probably the closest to what you're looking for.

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>>138886983Yeah i fucking LOVED Hell House, is the sequel any good?>>138887014Thank you user!

>>138885347>>138885252Is just me or this looks like penis penetration

>>138886887Extremity is decent. It's about a girl who goes to an extreme haunt to try to get over some personal stuff. It's on Shudder and probably Amazon.

>>138886781Not a chance, look at that superspeed flipping powers >>138886313

>>138887111I haven't seen the seuqle but anons here have said it was dogshit

>>138886983>still shocked at how brutal Last House On The LeftFelt pretty disgusted after seeing it

>>138887114Der ewige koomer

>>138887111The sequel is terrible

>>138887014I liked Hellfest until the ending. It’s like they ran out of money and said “uhhh ok so like he stabs them and then generic chase scene in a funhouse and now it’s over”


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Regret, phaggot

anyone else seen the house on dead end street? super low budget grimy as hell 70s flick about a snuff filmmaker.

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>>138885929Scarecrow, 2002Here is a primer>>>/wsg/3610287>>>/wsg/3610478>>>/wsg/3610468>>>/wsg/3610469

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>>138887638Who can stop this absolute madman?

>>138887380That was laughable. They set up this big brutal setpiece kill for Bex Taylor-Klaus, but then actually she just gets out of it and is generically stabbed 10 seconds later. Fizzled out.

I watched a good solid fun horror movie called "From the Dark" that I think a lot of people probably missed.It's just got a simple premise, and they don't try to do anything fancy with it. They just tell the story. Almost like an action movie. Everything is done well, bordering on clever. Nothing that makes you roll your eyes or takes you out of the film. It's not perfect but it sure is good.I think I caught it on Amazon Prime while just randomly watching horror movies I never heard of, not expecting anything. Could have been Shudder.

*blocks your path*

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>>138889111These are the oldest wrinkliest teenagers I've seen since GoT

>>138885252Who's the best scream queen?

I can't pirate anymore, because I got a letter from my ISP. What are some good horror kinos on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Can anyone tell me the name of the horror film that is about a girl streaming and shit is happening behind her on the live stream?I've never seen the movie but saw a trailer for it on netflix and now can't find it anywhere

I watched this and thought it was decent. The first couple episodes especially have a good atmosphere.Seems like a slow year for horror though.

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>>138891245cancel your netflix and amazon prime memberships and spend that money on a VPN. never worry about people tracking your shit after that.

>>138891288Cam (2018)?

>>138891407damn that sucked. felt like a rejected concept for a black mirror ep that someone at netflix fished out of the trash.

>>138891407Nah I skimmed through cam and that wasn't it. I think it was either a japanese or korean film because it was an asian girl/chat it was showing.Wish I could explain it better but thought somebody else had to of seen it and knows what I'm talking about

Found footage sucks.

>>138891288>>138891516Gonjiam Haunted Asylum?

>>138891489It really did.>>138891516Good luck in your search, sounds interesting

>>138891288There's a few movies like that. I think you're looking for "unfriended"It was really fucking stupid.

>>138891564Nah, that's not it either. It's literally like a girl streaming in her room. Looked like a newer film and her chat is reacting to the shit while like a book falls behind and she hears banging behind herThanks for the help btw guys. It looked promising and really trying to watch it tonight lol

>>138891588that's not it either :/Like I said, I think it's japanese or korean but I definitely saw the trailer on netlfix

Worth watching?

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>>138891351i watched it and couldn't believe how bad it was. like, they were going through the motions of j-horror to satisfy dumb western audiences.

>>138885746>runs to the phonebooth

for me its Kung Fu

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>>138885252>>138885252got shudder for the 61 Days of Halloween shit. cutting the axe at december. Just because the movie is horror doesn't mean it going to get a past from me for being mediocre unless it one of those cult classic shit flicks like chuds.

>>138885252an ending that rips off the ending of Demon Knight

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What are some more obscure films that are genuinely terrifying?

>>138893580I finally saw the poughkeepsie tapes and it spooked me pretty good but got a bit too over the top by the end, still worth a watch

>>138885864I'm excited that we're finally gonna see some uncut stuff from part 2.

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>>138885675Conjuring 1, Annabelle 1 and The Nun are good and fun, not scary, but funConjuring 2 has good moments but is weakerEverything else is SHIT

>>138885887>not a horror>not a horror and shit>dunno>kino>yikes>didn't like it>dunno>haven't seen but I don't think it's horror, no?>nah>don't like the original or remake>couldn't care>by far the best movie on the list in my opinion>haven't seen last two


>>138886983I think Hell House LLC was really shit

>>138886060Leatherface's theme is great; one of the highlights of part 3. Viggo performance is another positive.

>>138888279Which one? There seems to be a few called this/


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>>138893890Yeah it had some fucked up moments but the killer seemed way too Mary Sue

I think there's a subliminal message in this poster

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>>138892728Decent enough. More in the psychological thriller category than straight horror.

>>138894309The Scream Factory set coming next month.>>138887528>there's a 3 hour version of this somewhere.>it's probably all slaughterhouse footage.Pic related.

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youtu.be/H77NQZjEjH8Just finished Possum, pure kino with great ambient score.

>>138894206We are? Please explain yourself right now!

>>138885252>>138885347It felt like a SciFi original movie. I assume drug traffickers were involved in the movie because it could have been shot for a quarter of the budget.

>>138894700Been curious about this one

>>138894785>DISC THREE: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 (1981)Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, 5.1 – English SDH NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative NEW Restored Mono Track NEW Slashed Scenes – The Long-awaited Uncut Gore Footage! NEW Audio Commentary With Actress Amy Steel, Filmmaker Thommy Hutson, And Author Peter M. Bracke NEW My Life With Ginny – A Conversation With Actress Amy Steel, Moderated By Justin Beahm Inside Crystal Lake Memories: The Book Friday's Legacy: Horror Conventions Lost Tales From Camp Blood – Part 2 Vintage Fangoria Magazine Article (BD Rom – NEW To The Set) U.S. Theatrical Trailer Japanese Theatrical Trailer Radio Spots (NEW To The Set) TV Spots (NEW To The Set) Movie Stills Gallery Poster And Lobby Cards Galleryshoutfactory.com/product/friday-the-13th-collection-deluxe-edition?product_id=7444

>>138886465>The Exorcist 3>Dog SoldiersPretty based. The Strangers is great. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is kino. The remake is worth watching for Jessica Biel. The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride are good for the Halloween feeling. Trick R Treat is good too.

>ctrl+f It Follows >zero results>ctrl+f Cabin In The Woods>zero results>ctrl+f Bone Tomahawk >zero results>ctrl+f Monster>zero results

>>138893890Extremely underrated. I would add the first two Collector movies if you enjoyed that.

>>138894877It's definitely a love it or hate it type of movie but the creepy ambient 70's synth/strings score and Harris's extremely emotive silent acting really pushed it to the next level.

>>138894608What sort of uncut? What about the later films that were all censored?

>>138893376Based Kung Fu poster.


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>>138894982Finally, a thread with good taste.

I liked it

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>>138887140>she doesn't rape the qt jap presenter

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I watched Savageland last night and was really impressed. For a faux documentary, with zero video footage on the event that's central to the plot, it gave me fucking chills. The photos featured throughout have some of the best horror imagery I've ever seen.

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>>138895654great movie. same with black water.

No horror movie has ever had any effect on me whatsoever

>>138895825this one was pretty creepy.>>138895935I couldn't even imagine having such dull senses.

>>138895825Some of them are immensely unsettling, the zombies look so deformed and fucked up that I remember /ffg/ wondering if they were demons.

>>138895825what am I looking at?

>>138895825Its a shame they did the dumb sequel hook at the end with the footage of the hikers being attacked

>>138896423Have you seen the movie? If not, go watch it.If you have:The zombies that attack the town coming over the hill, that's the first photo Salazar took.

>>138888862LOL I remember this moviePinata Island or something right? that dogshit fucking CGI trash

>>138896576yes, absolute garbage but hilarious

>>138885639Creation is the best one

My current list.Dog SoldiersThe WitchAlienThe ConjuringThe ExorcistJawsTexas Chainsaw MassacreThe Shining The ThingThe Silence of the Lambs

>>138896058>I couldn't even imagine having such dull senses.maybe i'm just too brave!

>>138897017bravery is overrated!

>>138895120I'll give a shot, user, thanks. Need to watch some new horror movies, I had a habit of retreading ones I'm comfortable with.

>>138895163It looks like some of the death scenes that were cut to get an R rating will be restored. The MPAA butchered part 2 because they thought part 1 got away with more than the usual R rated fare.

>>138885252It’s all downhill after the tree scene. But it’s pretty fucking good. That alone made it worth the watch for me.

>>138885671Goddam masterpiece.

anyone who can recommend me any movies from 90s to now with SOUL? doesn't have to be really scary or anything

>>138894982why discuss the same shit movies every thread? kys

>>138895825I stopped watching ~20min in when it looked like a zombie movie

>>138885848>>138894229I actually liked Conjuring 2 a lot more than 1

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>>138899767Crooked man was really gay

>>138899310Lord of Illusions (1995)

Hounds of Love (2016)Savegeland (2015)worth watching or waste of time?

>>138901083sweetonly seen hellraisergonna download that and nightbreed

>>138899310Sinister The autopsy of Jane doe

>>138901204seen them bothtwo of the few films that actually made me feel uneasy in later years tho!

>>138901108I was pumped to watch hounds of love last year but I got stoned and missed the ending. It was very snowtown violent tier, so yes

>>138885252first half of the move and setup up is pretty good and the actress of the sister is really cute kinda falls aparte becomes meh later.

>>138900061That was the scene that made me turn the movie off. Even before that the movie was bad, but that shit was beyond retarded.

>>138894982>Ctrl F Jacob's Ladder>zero results

I'm putting together a Halloween watch list. recommend me something. I'm gonna put a list of movies that normally watch but i wanna branch out so don't recommend based on taste.Nosferutuau Phantom of the opera (1920s)Frankenstein Bride of Frankenstein Invisible man The fly (original and remake)Dracula Island of lost soulsHorror of DraculaNight of the living dead Halloween Halloween 4Friday the 13th, 1 or 4A nightmare on elm street A nightmare on elm street 3 (dream warriors)Trick or treat The mummy (1959)Reanimator

>>138902082I know you want to branch out, but Haxan (1922) gets my recommendation as my favourite of the silent era horror films and a very interesting film conceptually.Don't watch the narrated version though as it's abridged. There's actually a new release with an electronic score which works rather well in creating a creepy atmosphere (the original score has been lost, unfortunately).For something a bit different, try House (1977). Great Japanese horror comedy consisting of exaggerated character archetypes being killed in ridiculous ways.

The BurningHostTom at the FarmThe CellHereditarycolour out of spaceafflictedis all i have so far for my flicka a day during october with the fellxs, would like more gay kino on it if anyone has any suggestions

y'all ever get scared to walk through your house alone at night after watching a scary movie?it's an interesting experience. waiting for something to pop out to come out of the shadows or be there when you turn the lights on.it's such an incredible experience honestly. i'm curious about the psychology or neuroscience behind it. just intense dread. wonder what chemicals cause it, etc. if it's just lingering adrenaline or what.

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>>138902385Thanks. I'll be sure to add these to my list

>>138902514no not really but maybe because I am 25 years old. used to be pretty paranoid back in the day when i 420 smoked weed lmao and turned off the basement lights and had to walk up. some ghost fucker just grabbing my legs from the darkness


>>138902975i'm in my 30's i still get it

>>138894982the bababdook shits on all of them

>>138904184>i'm in my 30's i still get it

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>>138902082Watch Black Sunday (1960) if you haven't already.

>>138893490>d-deadtime storyhold me bros

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Anyone know any obscure, genuinely creepy j-horror? I'm craving spooky Japanese supernatural shit but I feel I've seen them all, already seen the work of kiyoshi kurosawa, Kobayashi, and obvious shit like ju-on and ringu.

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>>138885252I'm feeling very depressed at the moment. Is there a fun horror movie to watch to let my mind off things?

>>138908500idle handsits a good one to watch when youre feeling down

>>138885639creation was kino, the nun is the worst in the seriestaissa was hot though

should i watch it follows or babadook? feel like watching some nu horror today for some reason

>>138908863it followsi thought badadook was really bad. onions horror to the max

Just finished A Dark Song.

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>>138894982>bone tomahawk Don't be that user, user, you know it's not a horror film

>>138908863Babadook. It Follows is one if the worst 'horror movies' I've ever seen. So fucking bad.

>>138909156in what way is it horror?

>>138908946>>138909251kek guess ill just try a coin toss

>>138895825Yeah it's worth a watch.

>>138909156Yup, accurate. >>138908500The Final Girls is funny and has a lot of heart. Trick r treat is also comfy and fun.

>>138909300Yeah, they're both polarising films so you probably won't get useful advice. >>138908500If you can get it with subs, One Cut of the Dead. Trust me on this.

>>138885671Did somebody order CORN? ON THE COB.

>>138909268How is it not? You think horror is just monsters and people dying every two minutes?

>>138908716>>138909374Thank you, I'll check them out>>138909428I've watched that, it was great but it won't have the same effect on me right now.

>>138885347>buying physical media in 2020you and my dad would get along great

>>138909782Fair enough, glad to hear you've seen it, it's a good one.

Movie is a strong 3/5But the pool scene is one of the best horror scenes of the last 20 years. youtube.com/watch?v=7fIEeW6DxYsAnyone else ever watch this one?

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>>138909156Intending on watching this once my tv is fixed

>>138885671>how are you doing, fellow kids?

Bout to take a shower y'all want anything

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>>138910600>I might have been held back a year or two but I'm gonna graduate dammit you'll see!

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>>138885639Annabelle Homcumming was a fun little b-horror

>>138911759he looks like he posts on Holla Forums

>>138885666>t. Buttblasted christfagThose digits

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>>138899767Everyone did, it's much better than the first movie.Like Ouija: Origin of Evil is much better than the first movie.

October is almost here and I need to update this, what movie should be added

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>>138887638Freddy vs Jason vs Scarecrow when?

>>138910063Made me think of Razorback, pretty boring movie, but the intro sequence is 10/10. Give it a watch.youtube.com/watch?v=b2tt_X5OZ6U

>>138914263>pretty boring moviekys it's kino

>>138914422What makes you think so? The razorback itself looked terrible and inanimate.

ended up watching it follows and thought it was boring

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>>138915080Under the silver lake is better

>>138885887Pulse is the best silent hill style of movie we gonna get.

>>138915120Nigga if he thought It Follows was boring, how the fuck would he find 150 minutes of a schizo searching for conspiracies in LA compelling?

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>>138913343HostRelicAmuletVivariumThe Beach HouseColor out of Space

>>138915177there are many movies called pulse which one do you mean?

Been told my whole life this movie was z list shit. Turns out it's a decent little slasher. Good atmosphere, good music. Yeah the killer is some random fuck but he's presented pretty well ala Myers in the first Halloween. It's got a prank sequence that would cause an absolute fucking meltdown if they tried it today. Not too shabby.

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Good slowburn. I'm shocked they haven't cranked out a shitty jumpscare filled remake yet.

Attached: lets-scare-jessica-to-death.jpg (580x878, 152.49K)

Kinda shits the bed the last 20 minutes or so with the Pinhead type baddie giving a big boring speech and it just sorta gets all Event Horizon in a bad way. But up until that point this one's pretty damn cool. Nice atmosphere.

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>>138902514I booby trapped my house with pull string poppers after watching NOES

This and Pelts were the only good episodes of this horrible series. Though Pelts is just stupid fun and pretty much a gory comedy. Imprint is quite disturbing and leaves a....wait for it....IMPRINT in your mind ;)

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>>138916229Cigarette Burns is alright too.

>>138885252REC 1 and 2. Ignore the rest of the movies, thank me later.

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>>138916045I didn't mind it, but I really felt this was a video game, as a movie. The whole pacing, setpieces, escalating monsters and encounters, "faux-Lovecraftian" designs, kinda surface level plot, it felt like a video game that someone else was playing.

>>138917222True. I'm an atmosphere junkie and i liked the feel and look of the film. I can forgive a lot if I can vibe with the atmosphere. It's why I'll always vouch for Halloween 6, either cut, because as fucking TERRIBLE as the screenplay is, it's pretty fucking dark and atmospheric.

>>138917168Anon you're talking about it like it's some sort of hidden gem.

>>138917479Just giving recommendations, I thought this was horror general.

>>138917698Nothing wrong with that user, i'm just pointing out the tone you were using hardly felt coherent with such a known movie.

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>>138885671What was his problem?

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Watched Diary of the dead yesterday. I'm just speechless. How could they fuck it up so bad? it was fucking awful. Probably the shittiest dialogue I've ever heard in any movie. The """"""""acting"""""""". The absurdly fake scenes. Fucking everything was wrong with this movie. This might be a legitimate 1/10.

>>138901204Sinister is impossible to take seriously.>bagool, the sumerian demon of slipknot

>>138919189He was an incel.

>>138885347>>138885252conjuring>conjuring2>annabelle creation> the nun> annabelle>curse of lla lorona>annabelle comes home

>>138899767It's just too much, the ending isn't scary in the slightest, it's a superhero battle ending. It has good moments, the Crooked Man was pointless but the reveal was really good, and the best scene by far was the the out of focus morph of the girl into the dead man.For real Enfield Haunting kino, watch the BBC miniseries. It's actually good. Or just GhostWatch, really.

>>138907404Try Reincarnation, it's by Takashi Shimizu. I liked it quite a bit.

>>138899310Phantasm IIIPhantasm IVPhantasm V

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>>138919700>Phantasm Vdidn't this come out a few years ago?

>>1389197332016, yeah

>>138916045I really fucking hated this entire movie. I torrented it and still want my money back.

>>138916332Cigarette Burns starring Normal Reedus is great

>>138919733Cant get anymore SOULFUL than that

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>>138885887I have no idea this year. Probably going to watch random shit on Shudder (my 70s-90s b-horrorn is lacking), Jap shit, and some horror of Criterion. Otherwise this is the year I finally get around to the Silent Hill series

>>138919860the games or the movies?

>>138885887It's a /ffg/ october.

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>>138899310you probably saw these but:Jacob's ladderIn the mouth of madnessNight of the demons 2Trick or treatJeepers creepersJurassic park

>>138919885The games but actually I haven't seen the movie in years, and I heard the second is really bad in a fun way so maybe I will watch.

>>138919189He was in high school for thirty years.

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>>138894540I don't see it.

>>138899310the reflecting skin

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Anyone here like Mushi-shi? Anime series about a travelling 'mushi master' who helps people with problems concerning preternatural beings called mushi that live all around us. It's like Shinto folklore crossed with cosmic horror (very From Beyond by Lovecraft), but really calm in tone, slowly paced, with hints of creepiness or weirdness instead of dread. Mushi are just creatures trying to survive, too, but they cause strange things to happen. The description of what mushi are in the first episode is fantastic.>man lives at the tip of the middle finger>as you travel up the arm, to the shoulder, and to the chest...>life becomes more primal>and mushi live here, at the heart

>>1389199243>2>1>4>homecoming>shattered memories>origins>downpourthe first movie is imo good and worth watching. the second one was shit and I dont remember anything from it but I think it was kind of funny

Is Taxidermia (2006) good?

>>138919733And it kinda sucked shit.

>>138920109it's kinda artsy, but i'd say it's worth a watch for the imagery alone.

>>138920119It sucked but it was made with passion and i love it

>>138920119it was as good as any of the sequels tbqh

>>138919916>blackwell ghost fucking FOURHoly shit, what? I heard there was a second one, but fucking four movies? I really like the first one, but heard the second was shit.

>>138920343I was disappointed, given how great the Phantasm films looked before, especially 1 and 4, 5 had a hideous SyFy cheap digital look. It was obvious it wasn't the same director.

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>>138913343Whats the film between eraserhead and jacobs ladder? Guy looks cool

Is Host any good? I'm really not a fan of shit that cashes in on current events because it's cheap and automatically dated.

>>138919189He was a god in a world of insects.

>>138920492>He doesn't know Threads

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>>138920496It's alright.It doesn't really cash in on the whole covid scare, it's barely a pretense to have a séance movie over Zoom.

>>1389204163 and 4 are impossible to find outside of The Horror Charnel

>Downloaded Houses that october built>Keeps freezing and unfreezing constantlyfug

Best goddamned Werewolf movie ever right here.

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Time to break my M.R. James pasta back out.I'm here to raise awareness of Victorian ghost story writer M.R. James and the adaptations of stories, primarily the BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas series, which ran intermittently from the late 1960's to 2019.The BFI released a collection of these adaptations, along with readings by Christopher Lee. There is also an adaptation of Charles Dickens' The Signalman included (and two not great originals, Stigma and The Ice House). The 5 Disc Definitive Edition contains every M.R. James adaptation up to the mid 2000s (it excludes The Tractate Middoth (2014), Dead Room (2018) and Martin's Close(2019)) and The Signalman, as well as the two originals. There is also a separate release of semi-dramatized readings by Michael Bryant and Robert Powell. The 6 Disc Expanded version contains this.Most of the adaptations are available on YouTube in these playlists and others:youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE4vwL-egOh2alu_fKhCUJ-enh_1y4Q3vhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJuchkexVINEilP0eeBf2Ivxz_X_6FBnRThere is also a 1957 movie Night of the Demon (aka Curse of the Demon), adapted from the story 'Casting the Runes'. The antagonist's performance makes the movie:dailymotion.com/video/x1xd6p8There is a 1979 adaptation of Casting the Runes that isn't very good, though the DVD release contains an adaptation of Mr. Humphrey's and his Inheritance which is better and unavailable elsewhere.Lastly, there is A Podcast to the Curious that has covered James' entire oeuvre, and has moved from James' inspirations to writer's contemporary to him. It's a good comfy listen with good hosts.Give them a try this Halloween (or Christmas, as were written to be read aloud at Christmas), these are unfairly obscure and fantastic adaptations of some of the best ghost stories in the English language. Expect comfy collegiate and ecclesiastical surroundings and characters, where demons, elementals and vengeful spectres intrude.

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>>138921030That's not a pic of The Howling, user.

>>138920709Muy basado, THCfags uniteAre they any good though? Very unsure about this.

What's some horror movies that feature gratuitous sex and nudity?I wanna COOM.

>>138921280No fucking idea, i just found out about these movies and only saw the first one

>>138921232Yeah see I posted a good movie. The Howling is a good transformation scene surrounded by a bunch of boring bullshit.

Good spaghetti slasher

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>>138921030That isn't Dog Soldiers.

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>>138921434SyFy channel original lol

>>138921491>that showed em!


>>138886465Did Tarantino rip off Vamp for From Dusk till Dawn? Saw Vamp for the first time recently and its fucked me up.

>>138921434that isnt project metal wolf

>>138921434my favorite werewolf design ever

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>>138921336>Yeah see I posted a good movie.You sure about that?>>138921491Absolute top tier yikes over here, lads.