Why do girls like the Harry Potter movies so much?

Why do girls like the Harry Potter movies so much?

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They're for children and women are basically children

do women really find this guy attractive?

>>138872749I hate women.

>>138872811yes, girls love high school athletes

That entire franchise is onions womanly energy.

>>138872749that bitch isn't even old enough to be a part ot the hp generation. do zoomers like hp too?

>nose piercingWhy do women do this?

>>138872749I found out the answer to this when I changed the gender of every character. As soon as you make all males into females you start to realize they have every single type covered: emo, rich snob, autistic, twins, amazonians, etcWomen love the movies because they have plenty of husbandos to pick from.

It's a fantasy series set in a highly structured social environment, rather than the more rugged outdoorsy environment of something like LotR or Conan.

>>138872872kids read ya novels you know. Harry Potter just happens to be the most popular still.

>>138872927makes daddy seethe XD

>>138872811women find atractive whoever they think women find atractive

>>138872872My little cousin spent this spring reading the whole series and watching all the movies. She liked them but has since moved on to other books and isn't really hanging on to the fandom like older people have done. I think she just likes reading.

>>138872749Arrest all women

>>138872927desu she she is pulling it off decently

>>138872927to indicate they are cattle

>>138872989>women>liking anything

>>138872927it looks nice, mind your own business chudley

>>138872989A lot of the series success comes down to the fact that it was pushed hard in the late 90's, and is therefore the only book series a lot of Millennial midwits ever read. I liked it as a kid, but I liked The Edge Chronicles more. That makes me impeccably well read by the standards of the HP fandom.

>>138872990You'd make a fine beater

Women and failed men appreciate Harry Potter for two distinct reasons:1. Its aesthetics are reminiscent of peak white culture (therefore peak world culture), in that it is a boarding school setting therefore the kids must either have wealthy parents, or, in this case, some unique disposition (magical abilities) which sets them apart from "le other [girls / proles / muggles). The setting itself is absolutely peak white culture, in a cold rural setting within an ancient castle, whose professor speak in RP accents etc. Consider that both Emma Watson and (((Daniel Radcliffe))) were both privately educated at similar IRL schools, and therefore fit their respective roles perfectly (with state-schooled Rupert fitting his role as the Oliver-esque poorfag). It's life on easymode essentially, with no worries about money throughout ones childhood or adolescent, and a guaranteed job at the end. Balls, gowns, ancient portraits, all make for the upper class environment girls love because it affords them a sense of superiority and distinction from their peers (plus a choice of equally upper class guys).2. The fighting in Harry Potter is not done by hands or traditional weaponry, something very unique in fiction. Even Star Wars has lightsabers and laser guns, both advanced versions of swords and rifles (masculine). Instead Hermione can use her nerdiness to battle her enemies (using her academic knowledge and bookishness) and even if she is forced into combat, it isn't as if she has to adopt the nu-feminist idea that "gurls are just as strong as boys hehe!" as seen in many modern movies where some "badass" dyke karate kills ten guys twice her size. Instead she can muster all her repressed energy (which is abundant in nerdy girls) and use it to create a force which shoots from her wand (which satisfies her penis envy) to overwhelm the inner force of her enemies.It's the ideal low IQ female-friendly story

>>138872927>tfw Christian gf who can't get any piercings done

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>>138873051>>138873012>>138872990>>138872986>>138872970>>138872927>>138872813>>138872798holy crincelino

>>138873101ah yes how to forget that famous passage of the Bible about piercings and that story Jesus told about nose rings


>>138873151The end result is still the same. No unnecessary piercings or tattoos.

>>138872749god, that's gay

>>138873089Very based and possibly redpilled

>>138873089it's bad because it represents the white golden age4chan stopped making sense in 2020

>>138873108show us your used tampon baby

>>138873151Its about piercing the flesh and harming your body for superficial reasons.

>>138873101uh user I think you're thinking about jews

>>138872749Women will like what I tell them to like

>>138872749i don't get it

>>138873228so no ear rings as well?

women dont deserve rights

>>138872749Devoid of testosterone

>>138872813even me?

>>138873089Extremely based

>>138873069Harry Potter was a psyop, a coordinated media effort to check how easy it was to manipulate an entire generation, you was legit seen as a weirdo if you had not bought any of the books. From radio and TV personalities, to politicians and teachers, they all promoted Harry Potter as a must read. It was a heavy book so reading it meant that you would do well in school. Fathers were made to think that If their small kid didn't read Harry Potter they would be high school dropouts.

Should have been one of the black male characters. i just can't relate to this tik tok

>>138873327hello hapa

>>138873228retarded old testament cherrypicking

>>138873051She likes practicing kissing as well

>>138873327send my regards to eurasian tiger

>>138872749Same reason male nerds love high school-based anime and/or isekai so much. A combination of childhood nostalgia and a power fantasy.

Why is TikTok so based?

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>>138873460>kids>childhood nostalgiaare you retarded?

>>138872872Yes, it ticks all the right boxes of being escapist fantasy while being so poorly written a dog could read it.

>>138873270Nope, no holes or anything. Clean as smooth skin.

>>138873583no circumcision as well?

>>138873228yeah no that's definitely jews, your girlfriend is jewish


>>138873089Dangerously redpilled and based

>>138873632Nope. Thats mutilation of a child.

>>138873632Mutts BTFO

>>138873541The girl in the webm isn't a kid

>>138873635Nope, Jews cut foreskin.This is just devoted Christians from Europe. Not the retard U.S. ones

>>138872749This video is pretty autistic, ngl

>>138873898don't you want to fuck the autism out of her though


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>>138873222It represents an unconscious appreciation for things that the core audience would never openly admit to wanting. There's also an element of the ivory tower about it "we can live in our nice castles, while we advocate immigration and destroy pleb communities". It's upper class hypocrisy through and through.

>>138872749Harry Potter ruined an entire generation of women

>>138873270Honestly gross. Just because people have been doing it forever doesn't make it not weird. Leave the human body alone. You're not supposed to poke holes in it.

Zoomers will be the last generation to grow in a civilized world. After this they fuck everything up.

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>>138874164stop being such a prude lmao

>>138872749What's it like to hit one anons, I want to see that fake smile turn to fear so that I can have erections again.

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>>138873536Orange is associated with which gang again?

>>138872798This.>>138872813And this.>>138872990And this.

>>138874286The worst of them all. The Dutch.

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>>138873971Haha, jep

>>138874249>stop being such a prude, just do bodily damage to yourselfno. Stop being weird.

>>138872749It's not just girls. I don't really socialise so I don't know how cringe worthy things have become but I grew up reading Harry Potter and thought they were fun books. There's a strong fantasy there for people that's like a western version of the japanese obsession with highschool anime. Hogwarts is an amazing place over-all that arouses strong desire. It's normal to obsess over it.

>>138874584Most people read the books when they grew up. You leave that shit behind once you start getting hair on your balls since it's literally for children.

only factual answers to this1.women love caste systemslook at popular fictional works made by women or loved by women and you will always find social caste systems in themvampires and werewolves in twilight, numbered sectors in hunger games, houses in harry potter, those guilds or clans or whatever in divergent,... the list is long and it is always the same retarded concept of guilds, clans or castes and shallow properties found ONLY in the members of the given castewomen are at their core much more tribal creatures than men and think in childish simple categories when it comes to peoplethe only exception to this tribal thinking is obviously sex and romancejust look at how sex/romance is always the primary motivation to ignore tribal borders - it is always about fucking the Gryffindor or Slytherin chad when you yourself are a Hufflepuff slit2. women are average and are in a love/hate relationship with this factthey love stories where being special is not worked for, but something that came from birth or extrinsic events3.women love to read and think about sex and coquette teasing, even if it is just implied or nothing but a mere possibiltyharry potter, and especially the time in the school, is written like one big slumber partyI mean seriously, underage kids sleeping in the same tower, completely unsupervised for a whole year? Aborticus Fetus must be the most casted spell at hogwarts it the dullest franchise had any integrity4.why the fuck would anyone carewear fake glasses and act a bit shy in the beginning and you can use their obsession against themI was kinda suprised to see so many decent looking hp fangirls - back when the books came out it was all uggos


>>138873536I've always wandered the same. Why do they call it phobia? they aren't afraid of trannies or faggots they hate them which is completely different.

>>138874584The fact that you actually read books about witchcraft is fucking sad, I never read Harry Potter and I’m so glad my parents didn’t allow me to, such a retarded concept for booksHigh IQ people read The magic treehouse series

>why are girls easywatch "the vow" for answers

>>138872749Girls are dull

>>138874249That's how u.s. citizens have accepted mutilation of their own children with the only excuse being tradition. So easy to manipulate an entire population


>>138874737media brainwashing machine, made people think that if they didn't want to allow faggots in public that meant they were faggots themselves

>>138874737you hate them cause deep down you fear you are one of them, that's their logic

>>138874737If the enemy’s hatred of you is rebranded as fear, it makes the enemy appear weak.

>>138874916>you hate spiders because deep down you fear you're one of them

>>138874799>That's how u.s. citizens have accepted mutilation of their own children with the only excuse being tradition.I think it's a lot more simple than that. Men don't want to admit there could potentially be something wrong with their dicks. If they don't circumcise their sons, it's almost an acceptance that maybe their own parents shouldn't have let Dr Goldberg slice up their penises. So they inflict it on their own sons, to protect their egos.

>>138874646I think there may be a deep psychological difference there as well. Harry Potter, despite the deatheaters and shit is very idealised/utopian. People have been writing about utopias of one sort or another for a long time. It's a psychological drive/need that is slaked by indulging in the HP universe. The irony though is that, like all entertainment, it distracts their energies from achieving an utopia. >>138874738I wasn't really raised by anyone so I read whatever I could get my hands on and what caught my eye, which ended up being mostly fantasy and sci-fi fiction. In any case, I think you could argue that magic themed literally reinforces unproductive attitudes in people but if you break it down: magic themed books aren't much different from folk tales that were told around fires in caves...we made it so far with this imaginative fantasy so should we really try to stamp it out now?