Why did this scene make me hard?

Why did this scene make me hard?

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cause ur a faget xDDD

>>138870320>cure sadistic neo-nazi domme killing a guy with smile on her faceyeah i wonder..

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>>138870320Because it's hot.

>>138870320I dont read DA COOMIX what's her deal? is she racist? is she crazy?

>>138870456>I dont read DA COOMIXYou're probably too retarded to read anything


>>138870730I don't read the comics either just get the fuck out retard, you're not making any sense.

>>138870780>ask a reasonable question>HUUUUUUR DUUUUR DONT SAY DA C-WORD>masterfully use logic to show why he is retarded>[autistic screeching] followed by IESLBi win

>>138871233why are you still here?

>>138870320Because you're a simp


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>>138871261>w-why a-are y-you s-still h-here?>doesn't even attempt to refute meBEGONE pup, your concession has been accepted

>>138871440Why would I leave my own thread? Again why are you still here?

>>138870320Ticked my balls

>>138871233how fucking embarrassing

>>138871489>how [cope]so that's 2-0 on my favor thennext?

>>138870320You guys know that some jewish girls were used as double agents by the Gestapo to get jews to come out of their hiding places. These girls would be banged by some gestapo officers by night and rat out jews by day. She kinda gives me thise vibes.

the domination aspect of it I supposethink about it, this strong powerful woman getting some strange pleasure out of choking you to death and then snapping your neck after tearing off your handsIt covers:>humiliation>domination>masochism>sadismsince it's a fictional scene, I can see why some people get aroused by it.

Why didn't they just cast the big hair chick from Broad City, they basically wrote this version of Stormfront for her anyways

>>138870320i came across that earlier on youtube. If you enjoy this low quality gore trash you are subhuman.

>>138872200>If you enjoy this low quality gore trash you are subhuman.Then what about a retard who makes his opinion of a scene on a youtube video without the full context given by the serie?

>>138870730he is right u know

>>138870320At times, I think I'd rather have a hot chick beat and slap the fuck out of me than let me fuck her

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>>138872666Based devil trips with a fitting post

>>138870320The twist is retarded and gonna ruin the season. What were they thinking?

>>138870320because nothing is sexier than a post-wall roastie jew with a rat nose and a huge fucking wart on her face

>>138871233Holy cringe.

>>138870320The real question is did it make her hard?

>>138870320I shouted "fuck niggers" when she obliterated the family, but that scene made me sad. I had hoped he and his sis will team up.

>>138873078What twist. I didn't notice any big twist.

>>138873321just wait

>>138870320>that screamidk about you bros but i really, really like my hands and i have a phobia about having them fucked up in some accident.

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>>138871565that's hot

>>138873351I finished ep 3

>>138872666Satan has great taste

>>138873129her face is like 4/10 but her short dumpy body is 7/10 that's just me tho

>>138870363fpbpIf she had taken pleasure into slowly killing niggers, then I would have been hard.In this scene there's absolutely no courage. And it's supposed to be a shock scene...I guess we saw how far they could go, and it wasn't very far. Stormfront will not be based character.Shame

>>138873406Yeah, wait til the end of the season

>>138873406>>138873321the rumor is her and a-train are gonna fuck, but i really doubt it.

>>138873367It's nice to see a man so devoted to and protective of his girlfriend.

>racist white woman will fuck the race she hates of course it'll happen, because it's actually what happens

>>138871233>COOMIXAt least acknowledge why everybody's calling you a retard, retard. Nobody here's read or gives a fuck about the comics, you embarrassing sperg.

>>138873534kek it's true :-(

>>138872666She's too ugly.

>>138873577Yes, but she's a self-hating Jew and wants Aryan chadlander to dominate her. That's why she keeps shit-testing him.

>>138873437>slowly killing niggerand let the supe get away?

>>138873321From leaks She's a dude

>>138870320You have issues either due to an overbearing mother or because you stumbled on the wrong porn too young. Stop masturbating.

>>138873527Honestly with the tone of season 2 it's possible but it's going to be gay af

>>138873674lemma guess "check the usually spots" instead of providing an actual source?

>>138873527fucking HOT, I didn't hope for that much from this season

>>138873702>Stop masturbatingNo

>hot nazi girl is actually a jewessIs the show worth watching? I hate superhero stuff but a nazi woman superhero just sounds too good to pass up.

>>138873674That's hot

>>138873527That's not been claimed anywhere.

>>138873765burn the coal pay the toll fag

>>138873809So far she's the least interesting superhero character

>>138873649No but it could have been a black super villain...I prefer super villainTHAT would have been controversial

>>138870320A shame she didn't facefuck him

>>138873850that's why it's a rumor cletuswonder what the relevance of this was, it's an obvious set-up.

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>>138874031>not calling it a hatefuck

Will she kill A train?

>>138874116she'll smother him with her big kike titties

>>138873078post the leaks now

>>138872271>Then what about a retard who makes his opinion of a scene on a youtube video without the full context given by the serie?ehm, anything that has gore in it just for the edgy teenagers like you is utter and complete und redeemable trash not worth spending time on.

>>138874070Assuming its her then Liberty much have done something to get blacklisted or something and Stormfront is her rebranded


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>>138874186>ehm, anything that has gore in it just for the edgy teenagers like you is utter and complete und redeemable trash not worth spending time on.Ok retard

>"I don't think girls do it better, I just think chicks and dicks are in it together. Why does it matter whether I have a dick or a pussy, shouldn't we just be competent at what we do?"What did she mean by this?

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>>138874357she's a coomer

>>138874357you know they photoshop this shit, she looks a lot fatter in the show.

>>138874357hope she's locked in chastity

>>138874357It's the "hollywood retard writer thinks 2016 Sargon of Akkad anti-feminist video is spicy" episode

>>138874394its the angle, she looks taller which is why she looks thinner

>>138874357That she has a big ol dong

>>138870320Umm liek... someone mind telling me where this is from so liek i can like fap to this? Mmmkaythianksbai


>>138870320>just randomly offs every black person she seesah, I guess that's why she's called Stormfront


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None of the characters in the show are likeable

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>>138874925> not orange

>>138874672>>138874853It was kinda retarded the way she started attacking the blacks, they weren't even in the way...It made me think about the raid of sir Lancelot in the Holly Grailyoutube.com/watch?v=GJoM7V54T-c&ab_channel=FDUK200K

>>138875092I think part of the point was to maximize damage to make it a credible terrorist attack, and not just some nip getting necked.

>>138870320>she's gonna kill someone by making them choke on her tranny dick

>>138875059its supposed to be sneed you TDS moron

>>138875092Well, she clearly does what the fuck she want so it doesn't seem all that outlandish she'd kill that whole apartment tower full of blacks.Just didn't see it coming because I didn't read any spoilers and thought they were going for "everyone acting nice is actually a cunt but this cunt is actually nice" until she started slaughtering them all.>>138874925I thought the Nips were honorary Aryans?

>>138875059jesus fucking christ how new are you

>>138875056Homelander's son is. For now at least.