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Watchmen is the only good superhero show

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>>138868789This is factually incorrect. Though I'm not surprised since the post is coming from a tripfag. A really BAD tripfag, jesus look at all that shit.

>what if superheroes are the bad guys in the real world

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>>138868757he kinda look like William Dafoe


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I just got the joke

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The Soys

>>138869004I am unironically curious who is paying you incels. Was funny how thoroughly you were destroyed in the previous thread.

>>138869004I think him being from Israel is enough proof. No need to mention he's from a Jewish family or served in the IDF.

>>138869080Israel is 70% jewish. If it were a white country, Holla Forums NPCs would say it had already been genocided by immigration. Sometimes the funniest proof that Holla Forums users are less intelligent than any other mammal is these little thought experiments.

>>138868757 >newfags are so indoctrinated by force meme they see them everywhereSo glad i didnt grow up with the internt

>>138869162Nobody mentioned Holla Forums user.

>>13886916275% actually, and that's prior to counting a few more quarter jews and such

>>138869162The other 30% is from Palestinians aka the native population.

>>138869246>smell shitHey there's shit In here>um no one was talking about shit sweetie!

>>138869004As predictable as ever.The strange obsessions you incels have are surely an indicator of mental illness.Now quick, post an overly used meme or buzzword!

>>138869289it’s 20% arab, 10% christian. Israel uses to be over 90% jewish. ironically the only place christians or Arabs can go in the Middle East to live in solid conditions and freedom is israel

>>138869004>kikes in mediaimagine my surprise

>>138868757Amazon Original SeriesTHE BOYSsept 4 | prime video

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>>138868815No matter how many times I see this I will still die laughing

>>138869374>Israel uses to be over 90% jewishYeah because they annexed more territory. Israel is highly against immigration from non-jews.

Why do they wear their suits all the fucking time? They look uncomfortable. It was nice to see the wonder woman in a sweater though.

>>138869162It's not the percentage of people that has anything to do with genocide, it's the reduction in that percentage. Israel was close to 0% jewish and now it's 70% jewish. As more and more Palestinians get killed and replaced it's going to be closer to 100% jewish. That is genocide of the Palestinian people, same way a white country like America that goes from 90% white to 50% white is experiencing genocide.

>>138869374Yes Palestinians are Arab and Christian is not an ethnicity.

>>13886937422% arabs (out of whom: 80% muslim, 10% christian-arab, and 10% druze)

>>138869004>he doesnt expect jews in hollywoodHow new are you

>>138869442Netanyahu publicly declared support for Trump’s wall to keep our immigrants. Funny how out of all the fake tweets Holla Forums shills spam, the Israeli president is never among them. Whenever I put the slightest thought into it I conclude that Holla Forums has the worst>intelligence>morals>honestyof anyone ever

>>138869487>white genocide in americawhites choosing to breed with colors isn't a genocide

>>138869635it is when they're being brainwashed with propaganda

This first three episodes are so boring...

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>>138869046i don't get it

>>138869652Last one really ramped things up, I hope it continues

>>138869487Israel was 95%+ jewish until they accepted floods of immigrants. Palestine has been experiencing the exact opposite of a genocide. Their population is among the most obese in the world and growing, they receive ridiculous amounts of aid from the US and Israel, and they have incited every single conflict they’ve ever lost. Losing wars you started is not genocide, you clueless incel rat.

>>138869072>>138869354Did you type this before or after dilating?

>>138869646you mean having propaganda removed

>>138869683usually Holla Forums always posts some soijak picture with a thread starting with>(movie/series)but this time the series poster already looks like a soijak edit

>>138869646of the American races whites have the lowest race mixing rate at 11% while Jews have the highest at around 70%. the “propaganda” is targeting literally everyone except whites. these conservations make you realize Holla Forums has literally never won an argument; they just spam until people with lives stop engaging them.

>>138869072>>138869354I doubt either of you have ever been laid

>>138869725you will never be a real man

>>138868789Tripfags are semi-retarded subhumans. I never watched the show but if it's approved by human escrements like you it has to be utter garbage.

>>138869046Wo? I-I don get it?

>>138869771>while Jews have the highest at around 70%.American liberal Jews are not the same as zionists you absolute brainlet lmao

>>138869769oh I thought that was an edit lmao

>>138869046>>138869769that's not an edit?

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>>138869771>fact check it>it’s trueholy shit every race mixes more than whites. and jews are being mixed out the fastest. if you don’t count poor jews they race mix almost 80% of the time, which also disproves that they dislike goyim. two of Holla Forums‘s most important lines disproves by ONE stat. how the fuck do neonazis exist when the most fundamental pieces of their dogma are complete bullshit? holy shit they’re stupid

>>138869857What is it about tripfags that make anons seethe?


>>138869791Yes, but at least I'll be one of The Boys, Troonenstein.

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>>138868789shit bait

>>138869871The only people who aren’t Zionists are SJWs, muslims, and neo-Nazis. Everyone with a triple digit IQ is supportive of the one decent country in the Middle East.

>>138869974Insecurity and anglocuck tendency for conformity (anglos are a majority demographic here).


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>>138869937because this is literally an anonymous imageboard, you shit for brainsif you want a name go post in reddit

>>138868789watchmen was race baiting garbage

Why is it so hard for Holla Forums to stick to their containment board?

>>138870069You're still anonymous, user.

>>138868757The few times someone sends me a link to Reddit, EVERY FUCKING AD is for "The Boys." They know the target audience - a lot of spoiled children thinking they're witty and urbane for watching heads explode every 6 minutes between CW-tier dialogue.What an absolute rat-fuck of a show.

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>>138870105>because lefties took over the media >:-[ if I can't escape them then you can't escape me!!!

>>138870121Reminder redditors also eat, sleep, and breathe the same air as you. Life is suffering, huh?

>>138869374What about Lebanon

Is foxy grandpa in this?

>>138870121Reddit is a huge site, it’s like trying to profile people who use google. you sitewars neckbeards are indescribably dumb. imagine thinking you’re cool and mature for posting on a site teeming with neonazis who bate to tranny porn

>>138868757The Sðys

>>138870198>>138870298Yes, we're all trapped on the same planet in similar bodies with the same needs. Made of starstuff, am I right? Truly euphoric, 10/10, epic clapbacks, very nice. Tell me, why are you here instead of there?It's almost like really it's THAT bad and sitewars fucks are right once a day.

>>138868757quick someone tell meis this just capeshit or ironic? there's so many threads made about this show, is it actually good?

>>138868859That's what happens when you hire a guy who hates capes with a burning passion to write a superhero story.

>>138870416It's capeshit with a lot of edge. Shit the maladjusted kid in the back of class would doodle, in HD. Either you're into it or you're not.


>>138870416Anon, cape shit has been working off irony and "realistic, gritty, in-your-face" shit since the 90's. It's all the same thing now. If you're watching shit with a cape, you're getting "irony."

>>138869689Israel was created in 1947 by the Rothschild family.

>>138870371some people first came here longbefore it became infested with neet-o-nazi termites dude. there was a time you could describe four chan as “misunderstood but mostly decent young adults with above average intelligence.” compare that to now when it’s basically a nazi rally with the intelligence of a morgue.

>>138870416Imagine if celebrities had super powers. All your Mathew Brodericks and Harvey Weinsteins, but now not even the cops can stop them. Now yeah, it's edgy as shit since they're doing super drugs and there's a baby with laser vision splitting guys in half, but it's still a pretty good show.

>>138870416It's literally capeshit satire with psychotic superheroes.


>>138869544>Holla Forumshas the worst intelligence, morals, and honestyI dont know. I think people who believe shit like pic related clearly have lower standards for all three, by a mile.

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>>138870545The tenor of 4chan's gotten really fucking bad, but Reddit is worse all over due to mechanics. I'm only posting in this one thread on one board where there's no possible way to upvote or award or clap for clout and Karma. Their idea of "gentle kindness" is constantly a-hemming each other in hopes of themselves getting points, awards. It's a circlejerk by design.

>>138869004>Wow jews have jobs too

>>138870725"Landlord" isn't a job, user.

>>138868757>new episode every Friday And just like that I cancelled amazon prime and will pirate this on release. Fuck off faggots.

So this show is literally about antifa (The Goys) vs. the big bad American corporation whose crime is not wanting China to get the supersoldier serum and the FUCKING WHITE MALE Christofash Homelander who just wants to raise his white son to be powerful and respected and protect America. The Goys are also assisted by the BASED CIA.Peak Weimerica trash programming.

>>138870784Buddy, it's not a coherent world. It's "WHAT IF SUPERMAN WAS ... BAD?!?!" while wanting to also do the French Connection.

boring season so far too be completely honest

>dude what if superheroes but REALISTICWatchmen did that and did it better. I won't watch any capeshit show forever

>>138870784Yeah idk about all your meme words but I’d like to meet one writer who can write for a show today without trump living rent free in their head 24/7. Just one.

why did they have to ruin the best character and turn her into a villain

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>>138868757Marshal Law is far superior.

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>>138870765havent people been asking for this exact format?netflix does it and it works too

>>138870885I too enjoy seeing people staring into space while thinking in LiveJournal posts.

>>138870833even doom patrol did it better


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>>138870833"Realistic" is completely fucking boring. Writers take that to always, ALWAYS means "let's make it violent, with sex and anger." That's not adult entertainment, that's asking a 12-year-old what he'd like to see.

Anons I'm ArabI had a dream last night where I had to negotiate on behalf of The Boys with the Seven and Stormfront showed up She forced me to drop my gun and toyed with me, shooting the gun at me and catching the bullet before it hit me.The dream ended around there but I was diamonds when I woke up.Should I be concerned?

>>138870908>havent people been asking for this exact format?No, absolutely fucking not. Consumers have been fine with binging seasons or watching them as they go. MARKETERS want a return to weekly releases. They want mindshare, they want positive sentiment, they want "buzz." That's even worse now most coverage THAT SHOULD KNOW BETTER is just a compilation of tweets about "that last episode."Don't confuse what people are asking for versus what companies want to give you.

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>>138871046If you or your story were true in any way, yes. As it is, go the fuck back to LinkedIn with that empty line spacing.

>>138869004She's so cute with that dark blonde hair!

so waddup with that CIA chick head exploding i get the feeling this was the actual CIA tryng to scare people they did give amazon 600mill after all

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>>138869072I don't even think they are real people. They have got to be bots.

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For those who hate it's not all released right now, it's probably just due to corona.The big wigs know that a very large chunk of people will wait until all the episodes are out, AND a very large chunk of people will not watch a show if it's been "majorly spoiled" for them.They know this format bleeds viewers.

>>138871104>so waddup with that CIA chick head explodingThey hadn't killed anyone in a while and needed to remind viewers they were watching The Boys(tm) on Amazon Prime(R).I am in no way kidding. This is like comedy punch-ups, but for violence. Story editors request this shit on those grounds.

>>138871084noI want mommy Stormfront

>>138871141>They know this format bleeds viewers.That's great and all, but we're not greedy children grubbing for a daily candy bar. I have an irregular schedule and want to knock out a show and get it out of my fucking life. I do not give a single shit if it makes Chet in Sales and Marketing nervous.

Politics and religion make me want to kill myself because I don't belong on the spectrum and can't identify with any religion, I also don't consume and don't go on social media. I spend my time exercising and browsing this shithole (which is hypocritical I know), just what the fuck is everyone excited about? I might as well have been born on fucking Uranus. If I knew for sure that there was an afterlife, I wouldn't think twice before using the rope.


>>138871104There is clearly something bigger being hinted at with that in the show. Now i'm very curious. We don't really know much about Vought or this compound V. For instance where does it come from? What's it made out of? Who discovered what? They brought german scientists over after ww2. We know this in the real world as operation paperclip, did no one in the government in this show really know what these people were doing after they brought them here? This was such a short scene, but it raised so many questions. The most important being. How much does the government know?

>>138871295its a good show even tho its kind of dumb


>>138871353At this rate, I'm almost certain they've known since WW II and have a long-game surveillance campaign. Three or four generations in, they may take the formula or a derivative to make super-soldiers. I think that was the real plan behind the Pentagon banning the use of superheroes in the field. They'd make it illegal, but as an olive branch offer Vought to develop similar products for the US.At some point we'll find out the Boys are just telling things to people who already know. At MOST the US Government may let the Boys fuck over Vought to make this all go faster.

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>>138868757This is what snyder should have done

>>138871435I wonder if the showrunners will touch on any of that. It's hinted at to the point now where they need to go there, but will they?

>>138871385It absolutely isn't. Viewers are confusing shocking images for good plot. The plot is Homelander has near-infinite power and no scruples, and the world suffers for it. That's really it. The "whodunnit / French Connection / run the jewels" is all window-dressing for it, until somehow Homelander gets his due.


>>138871522I think they absolutely have to. Think about it. The military didn't take it DAY ONE because right now the formula requires infusion from birth. The only known alternative is Homelander's accidental offspring. If there's any indication it can be tweaked, or has been tweaked, to instead augment adult recruits, they absolutely fucking will embrace Vought with open arms.The only way this plays out with the US both breaking Vought AND Compound V being gone forever is if there's evidence V itself, in all forms, causes psychosis ... that they CAN'T control. I suspect in season three a pilot program in the Armed Forces will prove exactly that, but the product will somehow kill Homelander.

>>138871669* requires infusion from birth, with very uneven results in adults, including death

>>138871669It DOES work on adultsHomelander just says it's messyI assume there is a good chance of dying from it if you take it as an adult

>>138871703>>138871714Damn you got that addendum in pretty fast huh

>>138871295Fucking Uranus, ha ha funny! Now do a flip.

>>138871644Anon, don't simp for marketers who haven't been able to cope. The formula they're asking for barely made sense 30 years ago.>>138871744Yeah. Sometimes I wish I could edit posts, but that has its own problems.

>>138871703>>138871714How old were the Japs when they got infused? The brother was an adult right?

>>138871714Hughie gets infused as an adult, there are hilarious side effects

>>138870977garth ennis is an edgelord supreme, who would've guessed

>>138870421Thats when you just read a comic thats been out for a long time? You kbow its based on a comic?

>>138871781The fact you think I'm simping is why I'm calling you a brainlet.

>>138871793Could be there are some variants which work ok on adults, but they'd require a ton of human testing to get right

>>138871793Yes. That's part of the mystery in season one. Homelander and the gang need some big bad threat, so they're seeding the world with super-powered terrorists. He SAYS that he just took it from the lab and it was all hush-hush among the Seven, but ...

>>138871902Anon, the argument is "company may make FRACTIONALLY less money because people TALK ON THE INTERNET," like that just happened in the last two years and they're verklempt.Fuck off. Fuck all the way off.

>>138871975I never made an argument though, moron

>>138871914Yes. Both Kimiko and her brother were lab rats for the Seven before their big campaign. I very much doubt Vought doesn't know, and isn't taking notes. If the US keeps pushing Vought, it will 100% absolutely be their bargaining chip.

>>138870750rent is due soon, don't spend it all on funko pops!

>>138871922do you think they'll be bold enough to make a Chinese superterrorist? So far the only mention of them as a bad guy was Stan Edgar going "you don't want China to know about it do you?"

>Ok lets unpack this latest Jewish media

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>want to discuss a show or film>one guy spergs out and starts spamming that everyone is from Holla ForumsWhy is every thread like this? Why cant we discuss shows any more?

>>138872034Oh, so you're just doing "cope seethe why you mad." Fuck off.

I've never seen the show but since it's Holla Forums I'm just gonna guess it's pozzed shit

>>138872052Honestly, no. Homelander only really wants some cardboard threat. Giving any major superpower "the juice" will GUARANTEE the US will just overtake Vought and fuck with his lifestyle.I half-suspect he'll encounter one "easy, dirty terrorist" Super-Adult he just made that NEARLY ices him, only to realize this was a very bad idea all along - ESPECIALLY if Stormfront capitalizes on how vulnerable it made him look.

>>138872135You’re correct. It’s pozzed by anglocuck fetishism. Always do the opposite of what anglocucks say.

>>138872176* not just giving them the juice, giving them some propaganda piece Hero of the Day. It would absolutely spook the US into delving into HOW superheroes work and taking it over.

>>138872087I mean I wasn't originally but you're clearly seething over something

>>138872306I don't know, maybe numbnuts stirring up shit?


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>>138869965>Jew>Mixed outLol

>>138869246Every naziboo, stormnigger and alt-rightie on 4channel is Holla Forums.

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how old's his character supposed to be

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>>138872184the fuck is this schizoid babble

>>138868757>>138868815>>138868859>>138869004>>138869410>>138870121>>138870198>>138870298>>138870371>>138870341It’s not about being söy or gigachad. It’s about what you stand for.Now will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog?

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>>138872468Late 20s

>>138869974>>138870050stop replying to yourself no-good nigger

>>138872369Tripfags and other identityshitters need to fuck off back to plebbit, but that hardly really works as a comeback.

>>138872468Mid-20's, minimum-wage retail job type. I'd guess at most 28.

>Holla Forums is so contrarian it hates The Boys even though it loved it a year agoIt’s all so tiresome

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>>138869354cope, seethe & diaIate

>the Nazis had honorary Aryans for people like the Japanese, some Jews who were useful, and even an Arab guySince A-Train is pretty powerful all things considered, would Stormfront consider him an honorary Aryan?

>>138872528> it hates> it> it's a monolithic, unchanging group of people, not a message board people forget about and visit every 8 months> changing opinions about a show that changes plot and direction confuse meYou stupid fuck. Between turnover, the flogging of HOMELANDER IS BAADDD, and the fact Season 2 was boring right up to the end of episode 3 - yeah, it's not very fucking good.If you want positive, unchanging opinions, there's probably a sub-Reddit for Amazon Videos you're sure to enjoy.

>>138872605No. He's a black guy that runs fast. As far as she's concerned, he's a wind-up Happy Meal Toy. As it is, he's also slower than younger speeders. She doesn't need to deal with him in any real way, and not for long.

>>138872612You visit every 8 months? Almost like a tourist huh

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>>138872654The alternative is trying to find enjoyment from a constant churn of opinions and people baffled by them, just like now. Are you fucking dumb?

>>138872605>Since A-Train is pretty powerful all things consideredIs he? Accidentally killing Robin was a pretty powerful feat, but he was on V at the time. He didn't really harm Kimiko, despite bashing her head into concrete wall at superspeed, and he did next to nothing to Starlight.

>>138872647>Hey good to finally talk to you Stormfro->Don't touch me filthy niggerI'd be shocked if they had the balls to do this


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>>138872612>> it's a monolithic, unchanging group of people, not a message board people forget about and visit every 8 monthsYes

>>138872084Dunno man. Sucks but it’s how its how it is after the creation of fast internet

>>138872688Well Kimiko has regeneration and even Noir couldn't kill her. Starlight I think is pretty strong compared to most other supers.Now the Deep. That dude's more useless than Chiaotzu.

>show about superheroes>thread about jewsfuck this site

>>138872698No, I think they'll lean into "I don't need to talk down to blacks. I already know I'm fucking better."Alternatively, "Why would I abuse the field-- oh, sorry, SPORTS equipment?"



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Attached: SNIFFman.webm (1920x800, 1.2M)

>>138872416Why can’t they be? Because it would disprove your religion entirely so you have to come up with some excuse why they’re magically immune to genetic and cultural dilution? I can’t believe how brainwashed you guys are

>>138872698They couldn't bring themselves to have her say chink or gook so we will definitely not see nigger

Why did Homelander spare the baby? He hated that fucking baby.

>>138869354>Now quick, post an overly used meme or buzzword!Nigger.

>>138872880I would say Homelander doesn't kill needlessly but then again he killed a whole fuckton of people on that one politician's plane when he heat visioned it in half

Does anyone else suspect Noir is concealing his identity because his powers include some form of reduced aging or immortality - a Supe from the WW II test run? As Or at least part of the Vought superhero creation program ... as a control.I say this for a few reasons. In the original comics, he was an insane clone, "worse than Homelander." His actions drove Homelander around the bend. In the TV adaptation, Homelander is supposed to be the maximum bad Supe already. His every action is motivated by either immediate sadism or the goal of greater sadism later. Having Noir be "oh yeah, he's, like, insane and worse and junk," lets all the air out of the room. If Noir was bad or worse, why have that all off-screen and not even mentioned? It's a complete fuck.If Noir is a "positive" control, it also twists a knife. Homelander is a lab rat, even long after leaving the lab. Learning this will absolutely fuck with Homelander's head, especially after this long campaign to be master of his fate and the world's.

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>>138872953It wouldn't be needless, though, because in every scene he shared with it, his resentment was written on his face. He even made a point of bringing it to the first floor, closer to the bomb.It would be very easy to say the baby died, or not mention it at all, but they made a very specific point of saying it lived. I'm wondering why.

>>138869072>>138869080>>138869354>>138869396>>138869540>>138870725>>138871087>>138872497I see the JIDF came in full force

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Will they survive Homolander and The Boys?

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>>138872959Wait so how come the Eagle guy is obsolete with bows but Noir is not with knives and what looked like a shortsword in that Syrian mission?

>>138872953I think despite all of Homelander's flaws, he usually only targets people who have fucked with his plans or lifestyle, or is about to. If you cross him, he will absolutely fucking fry you. If you haven't, he probably just doesn't have the motivation.He's a dog that snaps, not a rabid one. Absent of a negative stimulus, he doesn't attack. That doesn't mean he isn't fucking dangerous.

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>>138870298>you’re cool and mature for posting on a site teeming with neonazisCorrect.

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>>138873019the thing's an orphan now, right?it's probably going to have a shitty foster home life instead of a wealthy upbringing with StillwellMaybe that's why?

>>138872528New season is boring

>>138869652No shit they had it planned since they're doing episodes weekly my guess is next Friday will be interesting followed by 2 weeks of shit episodes and the last two will be bangers.

>>138873068Probably because Noir has the dexterity and speed to kill at close range and take a compound, while Bow is just a target with a mostly-effective mid-range weapons. He wasn't right for the mission.

>>138873071That's what I like about him as a villain, that tension is always there. Sometimes he's kill-on-sight full on psychopath, sometimes he's making little plans in his head and fucking with people. You're never quite sure what's going on in his manchild brain but you know the gears are always turning.

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>>138872528There was a lot of contrarian shitposting during season 1 too. There was just less because there were less threads in general.

>>138872468Youngest 24 Oldest 27

>>138869046chuck's seed and feed

>>138873107>the thing's an orphan now, right?I thought it was fast-tracked for Compound V. If anything, Vought probably has it as a ward.

>>138873134yeah I guessthe Eagle guy would be good for silently taking down a few key targetslike sniping the guys on a roof guarding a complex, not having to fight dozens upon dozens of dudes

>>138873068The bow is a much worse weapon than a knife for a superhero. There is a limit to how fast the arrows can fly, there is a limit to how much ammunition you can carry, there is a limit to how much force the bow can handle. Even if you are a super archer, who can hit a mosquito from a kilometer away, you'll still have those issues.Knives don't have those problems.

>>13887246840 year old virgin.

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>>138868789Not gonna listen to an user with set username

>>138871139How do I get a glowing eyes Annie gf

So, why did Homelander keep Butcher alive? Is this another Joker/Batman relationship. Is he 'too much fun' for him to kill Billy?

I'm very confused about where the Deep's arc is going, especially now that the swordfish leak has been confirmed false.

>>138873227Sure, but this is an interesting example - the US called in for aid against something like a "real world" terrorist faction. They absolutely don't have guys just patrolling the roof with guns, that's a dead giveaway and painting easy targets that'll die in 20 seconds - for exactly that reason.VOUGHT does very careful selection and curation, matching a known problem to a hero for a specific public reaction, casing entry points, planning out specific fighting. The Supes have rarely, if ever, encountered Real Shit before. I can almost guarantee they're going to have one of their new ready-made Super-Terrorists do something that hurts or kills a Supe, and this becomes less of a stage fight than a real fucking problem.

Could the Deep do something like this, or would he be such a buttmonkey he'd get hurt?

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>>138872654I rather have posters that have been posting every 8 months for years than you that have been posting constantly after the 2016 election

>>138873381Deep wouldn't be shirtless.

>>138870121the ads on Reddit are personalized to you, based on Amazon trackers that follow you all over the internet. For example, my ads are all about cybersecurity and cloud computingIf your ads on Reddit are all capeshit, you are admitting to browsing a lot of capeshit websites

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>>138873333 He wants Butcher to bring down Vought, then he’ll clean up the boys.

>>138873333100% because Butcher suffers more alive. Homelander can play house with Buthcer's wife, remind him constantly it's HIS kid and he fucked his wife, and Billy has almost no way of stopping him. Billy's a toy. I think Homelander also respects the kind of single-minded violence Billy can display ALL THE TIME, something he has to mask.

>>138872698Would be kino but no nu-shows are gonna do this and even if they did they would have cut it out during post-production due to all this BLM bullshit in the BBC loving States

>>138868789The watchmen was hot garbage. The show, movie and comic book were pretty good

aughaughaughhhhhhh jews run hollywood!!!!!They've done a terrific job, don't you fucking agree? Imagine if italian americans got their fingers on hollywood in the heyday of the mob, imagine the cultural loss.

>>138873407You've got a point, user. I didn't expect hate-watching trailers to result in further examples.

I hope the big twist/departure to mirror the end of season 1 at the end of this season is Hughie’s fucking death.

>>138869004That's pretty sick he was a paratrooper tho

>>138873448Imagine if whiteoids ran hollywood. We'd be on our 16th Gilligan's Island movie by now.

>>138873464No, I sincerely think Season 2 will end in Billy unable to do "the work" for some reason - in jail, dead, wounded. Hughie will have to take up the reins. At first he's concerned he can't do it. He quickly becomes concerned because he absolutely fucking can. He's not anything like the kid at the electronics store any more.


>>138873374It would be cool if they did an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge like they did in the comics and that scenario would show the failure of supes when shit does really go down.

what is Black noir super power anyway??

>>138873457That's fair.

>>138873526He’s still a civilian with no training and no testosterone.

>>138871216then wait for all the episodes to drop

>>138873526I don't think Butcher will die his role is to be Captain. Huey is important in the same way the others are important but Huey just isn't the leader more like an advisor. I think the season will end with the Boys taking compound V and begin playing on a close to even field with the supes physically.

>>138868757>clicked on it to watch>list of "shit" to watch and buydoes amazon think this show is really popular?

>>138870885marshall law blows the boys completely the fuck out

>>138873592Smelling bleach and cucking

>>138873631Anon, TV has been like that for most of my life. Having a bulk of a show I can watch on my own time and avoid spoilers like a grown-up is fine. You're asking me to wait for it to broadcast and tape it like it's the 1970's.

Have people not noticed the signs that Starlight is going to cuck Hughie with A-Train.

>>138873715A-Train would die of a heart attack if he got excited enough to fuck somebody

>>138868789Does this guy ever fail to bait a bunch of soimen? Every thread he's got the first post and 20 replies

have you guys ever tried kratom

>>138873607Depending on the timescale of season 2, he's been running with the gang for months. I'd be surprised if he wasn't called out for NOT being able to fight, and at least able to train. More importantly, most of what Billy's been doing against Homelander doesn't require direct physical confrontation. For the supes they encounter, fighting (as in fists) may be absolutely fucking pointless or just asking for all the Boys dead.On the other hand, it's possible Hughie may become "Cap'n," and ultimately have to use Kimiko as a weapon, a prop. It'd be another "degredation" of his character. I think it'd be interesting for them to invert that premise from Season One ("Everything I did was an accident - everything YOU'VE DONE was on purpose!") and point out he's adapting to a rising threat. If that makes him a villain, too fucking bad.At least I'd prefer that to "oh bloo bloo, my life isn't simple and nice any more."

>>138868859In a world where superpowers exist youre gonna get some magic assholes

>>138873715What? What the fuck are you talking about? They hate eachother, and not in a cute rivalry way like Homelander and Annolph Frankler.

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>>138869004why don't you people bitch about Koreans owning all the nail salons? Jews had the wits to create studios and make a successful industry out of it. That's capitalism baby

Are you excited for Soldier Boy this season?

>>138873817its great but makes my nose itch like mad

>>138873715Uh>>138873853Pretty much this. A-Train and Starlight in no way get along. At this point they have a mutual pact not to rat each other because one murdered a girlfriend and the other may upend their entire way of life.That said, it's VERY possible Starlight will drift away from Hughie and fuck some random guy. He's on the run, he DID use her, and constantly putting herself in danger may be okay for The Good Of The World is nice ...but extremely draining if he can't be there for her to support her.

>>138873913we better see Tek Knight

>>138873817I'm considering it. A bit worried about the addictive qualities and tolerance

>>138873974do you have an addictive personality?

>>138873949Yeah I can see her maybe going with someone else in a moment of weakness, it's been lightly hinted at, but it sure as shit wont be A-Train.

>>138869965because theyre the perfect scapegoat: successful yet theres only a small number of them. Theyre easy to demonize for the success and insular culturen and there aren't that many jew voices to argue against it. Also they don't really care what neonazis think since jews are generally very wealthy while nazis are broke bumpkins so most just ignore it

>>138873071How did the blind superhero cross him?

Will this happen?

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>>138873959Do they have the balls to show his rape escapade.

>>138874063I don't even understand what's going on here

>>138874016Right. And thing is, I know it'll get played up for Drama, but fuck, that makes sense. You're basically estranged right now. If something happens, you can be adults and decide if it's acceptable. Like shit, consider: maybe they don't remain a couple, but continue working to stop Vought. WILD, RIGHT?

>>138868757love that poster

>>138873060A-Train is not gonna make it. Anyway, who blew up that lady's head in the first episode. I must've missed something.

>>138872528>Noooo you have to love this product no matter whatSilence shill.

>>138874138We're not supposed to know that yet.

>>138874059I flat-out don't know, but skipped around in season 3. It's entirely possible he lets the mask slip when his plans are not going right, repeatedly.

>>138874063what's happening here?

>>138874181Homelander punched off Maeve's head.

Why do Jews hate white people and America and capitalism so much ?

You guys think Stormfront's making it out of this season alive?

>>138873959There have been rumours for a while that Patton Oswalt was going to play Tek Knight but so far we've only seen him (well, heard him) as The Deep's shroom gills.

>>138874227is starlight flying after her decpitated head or something?

>>138874181I think that's Maeve's head

>>138874268Considering all the protests this summer and the general tenor about racist anything, no. Hell no. Amazon will absolutely kill her off to avoid constantly putting out fires in PR. Consider: "a long-standing racist white supermacist superhero--" ain't worth it.

>>138869445Literally the point, user.

>>138874320I'm probably wrong but I think they'll go the opposite route. She's obviously the next big villain of the show, I think they're going to go all in and make her racist as fuck so that the audience can root against her and root against racism. I don't think she'll be on the level of yelling nigger every 5 seconds but I think they will make her effectively full on nazi.In an extremely polarizing time like this I think they're gonna opt for the extreme "FUCK RACISM" route rather than water her character down too much. She'll be racist then get a fitting humiliating death at the hands of some minority (probably Kimiko because it's already personal with her).

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>>138874268stormfront dies in the comics so i doubt it

>>138874480I think it's already well established at this point that the comics are only the loosest guidelines for the show. It's already deviated from them a lot.

>>138871889Of course it's based on a comic. It's based on a comic written by a guy who hates superheroes. Except Superman. He tolerates Superman.

>>138871295Uranus smells

>>138874480Yeah, but the comic Stormfront and the show Stormfront only have the name in common.

>>138872528Again, the users that were here a year ago are gone.

>>138872528>liking one season>hating another season never happened before in media history Holla Forums has to be contrarian

>>138874526Yeah. For example, despite how edgy Amazon Studios are, I think Maeve won't die. I think her girlfriend absolutely will. Homelander loves putting women in distress just to hurt their lovers. It'll piss off the people who get mad about "bury your gays," but means a titular "heroic" lesbian won't get killed for plot reasons.

Kimiko is so cute lads

>>138873272When Stormfront calls him an idiot for joining the Church is this something we're going to see later? They seem to be awfully interested in getting him back with the 7

>>138874268I feel her and A-Train won't survive this season. Stormfront will probably get her eye gouged out in the season finale.

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>>138874479I think that may have been true 5, 6 years ago. Now some people aren't comfortable with trafficking in the pain of minorities just to set off the "totally proportional" death. Because killing one super with some super-laser in some super-fight doesn't un-kill all the black people she throws out windows.I seriously think they'll kill her, and in this season. The spectre of coverage about "white supremacist and RETURNING CHARACTER Stormfront" is probably making some PR staffer shit themselves.

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Can we get her in The Boys as a milk monster or something?

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>>138874526It actually kind of annoys me that the boys don't have powers in the show. I get why they made that decision, but it seems like they should all be fucking dead by now.

>>138874320>Hell no.Bullshit. These companies love the race bait and it swells their numbers.

>>138873257They could make you an advanced bow fit for a superhero though. If you've got super strength/speed/whatever, there's no reason you should be limited to typical conventional bows today, rather than using some advanced material high durability compound shit. Like a crazy carbon nano titanium alloy bow which no human could draw, but a super could use to shoot a tungsten arrow through a car or concrete wall, or a normal arrow like half a mile.

>>138875024Well, they don't right now, but I think there are plot threads suggesting Vought is interested in, or may be Shanghaied into, developing some kind of Compound V for adults. If The Boys get their hands on a stash, even "5 Minutes of Power" stuff, it would still work with the show.And let's be real, it means the writers beat off making some poignant scene where the Boys wonder "are we any better than the Supes now? We even have their powers. We've hurt people. Have we NOT BECOME WHAT WE MEANT TO DESTROY?!?!"

youtube.com/watch?v=NdYWuo9OFAwThe Deep is based, hope he gets his redemption

>>138872782is Homelander /ourguy/?

>>138875024it would be stupid if they had powers. the entire appeal is watching the underdogs try to fight against superheroes.

>>138868757Looks like s2 isn't going to be following any of the book's plot. which is probably bad

*blocks your path*

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>>138869162To be fair the remaining percentage is Palestinians, who Jews are attempting to remove