Did I get filtered or was this shit?

Did I get filtered or was this shit?

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>>138867485Well, it's for a certain audience. Maybe you're just too young.

Don’t know don’t care. LOST is the greatest creation for the audiovisual kinographic medium and will always be the greatest. Nothing will ever compare to it. Sorry zoomers and esoterically challenged anglos.

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>>138867485filtered hard

>me seeing the first episode as a kid

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>>138867485Zoomer zoom zoom

>>138867550GoT (season 1-3) is better and it’s not even close.

Unironically the ending is overlyhated, the last season is utter trash but the ending isnt a problem.. its a good finale and closure for the characters


>>138867485It's good for a a few seasons, marches on strongly for a couple, then it kind of drags out and just isn't that good but you are invested so you watch the last season

Who is the best character and why is it Sayid?

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>>138868082If he wasn't an iraqi, he would have been rich from making lasting batteries.

>>138868082No, Sawyer is the most based character

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>>138868082>>138868177All characters are 10/10 perfect even Paolo and Nikki

>>138867485>episode starts>dialogue>dialogue>dialogue>last 5 mins>OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING WTF AHHH>Next time on LOST>OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING WTF AHHH>next episode>dialogue>dialogue>dialogue>last 5 mins>OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING WTF AHHHYeah, it started clickbaiting, shit series that could've been about survival but went the "time travel 3deep5you" way


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>>138868289I was wondering how a Balkanoid got a role in this

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To think that people still getting filtered this hard by LOST is amazingShow is 11/10

>>138868228ESPECIALLY Paulo and Nikki

>>138867883GoT falls off the rails way harder than Lost. Imo Lost stays just as good, the parallel universes just filtered most of the people watching

IMPOSSIBLE TO HATE TIERRose, Bernard, Hurley, VincentBASED GOD TIERLocke, Jack, Mr. Eko, Jin, Boone, Richard, Ben, Desmond, Miles, Frank, Sayid, Sawyer, DanielLOVEABLE BUT NOT FLAWLESS TIERSun, Juliet, Charlie, WaltMEH TIERClaire, Libby, Charlotte, Shannon, Michael, Ana LuciaWHO?Nikki, Paulo, NeilKate Episode TierKate

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>>138868252they got to a point where they just started making shit up as they went and I see no problem with it

>When you see a LOST actor randomly appear in another TV show

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Has a TV show ever filtered so many people?

I can’t believe millennials actually liked this shit.

>>138868681Nope. LOST is the height of what the medium can achieve. It is not for the masses.

>>138868289Tania has perfect feet

>>138868530>finally a new episode of lost after an entire week>it's a kate episodezoomers will never understand this feel

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>>138867485filtered, sorry dudeski you seem ait otherwise


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>>138867485pure shit

>>138868530>IMPOSSIBLE TO HATE TIER>rose and bernardfuck them

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Why people shit so much on season 4 and 5? I think its AMAZING, they bring new plots and time travel to the table, they leave the island and add more mistery to the show

>>138868530bernard isn't that hard to hate, he can be a little annoying sometimes


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>>138868949they do...? i hear mostly praise for those, it's season 6 that gets shat on

I know one of the Major theme of the show was Life and DeathBut do we seriously need this much fucking Birth giving scenesI cant decide if they tried to force down the "GET IT? NEW LIFE IT'S THE THEME THE CYCLE" on our throat or the writers had a massive Pregnant fetish

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>>138868949Season 5 is my favorite but i understand why the hate, people disliked how that season feels like jumping the shark

>>138867883>>138868451both of these are true. got s1-s3 is the best show of all time by a big fat marigin. but while last 4 seasons of got are netflix tier shit, only bad lost season is the 6th one and not because of the idea, but the execution. it just doesnt feel on paar with the rest.


I started calling everyone by nicknames thanks to Sawyer

>>138869314>Lost reboot>Sawyer is banned from the safe space created on the beach

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>>138869314I wanted to do this but can't come up with any good nicknames on the fly like he can

Which girl is best girl?

>>138869979All of them

>>138869979Not Kate


>>138869979the Australian girl

>>138867550> esoterically challenged anglos.Kek

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>>138870170Her accent was annoying

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>>138870357I watched lost when I was younger and now I have a thing for australian girls because of her and her accent


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>Why yes, I'm the best introducted character, how did you guess ?youtube.com/watch?v=DgsNjTyGsRk

>>138870517I had the complete inverse of your expeirence.

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>>138868752>LOST is the height of what the medium can achieve. It is not for the masses.KEK you post some severely gay shit, SupaGayFag. Lost is trash. It had promise but they kept stringing us along for big reveals that never came. Garbage show.

it was ok at the time. you can tell they all had fun making it.

>>138871198Stay mad anglocuck

Man, I sure miss all the L O S T generals while this was airing back in the day, some of the best times here on Holla Forums The ending sucked thoughyoutube.com/watch?v=TZ0hFSLPOJE

>>138871543>The ending sucked thoughNo it didn't.This guy >>138867916 got it right.Also, most of the things in the show were explained, contrary to what a lot of people are saying.

>>13886748510/10 cast10/10 mysteries100/10 soundtrack10/10 storylines8/10 characters (because of the occasional 0/10s that level out the other 10/10 like jack, locke, sayid, sawyer)4/10 resolutionsstill averages out to a 8/10, so you're probably fucking retarded OP

>>138867485Ya got filtered hard buddo

>>138871784and even a lot of the things that weren't explained in the show are explained somewhat in supplementary material

Why are you people like this, Saying shit like, "Some things are not explained so the show is bad"It's like you saying midichlorians are good because it explains the force for Star Wars

>>138872674Bad example because midichlorians are good and LOST explains its mysteries. However, I sort of understand what you’re going for. LOST touches on esoteric matter that is best interpreted via inference and between-the-lines analysis. Some of its answers are obvious, others require much more learning by the viewer to connect the dots and understand the thematic parallels.I will give one such clue for one of the bigger themes of the two brothers. Look up Zurvanism.

>>138872293100/10 soundtrackMichael Giacchino deserves more credit, Guy is really fucking good with giving emotion with music. Just look at the movies, tv shows and video games he made soundtrack for.


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>>138870580desmond was best boy. that jesus swagger

>>138872901he even put parts of his Medal of Honor soundtrack cues in the episodes with the World War 2 submarine. it's not in the official soundtrack though, i think

Come Holla Forums, LOST ended 10 years agoYou have to let go and move on.

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>>138868082I liked Jin and Sun the most, especially the backstory. Got really emotional when they died

>>138867485The first episode is arguably the greatest TV episode of all time, and the last season is completely unwatchable garbage, what a decline.

>>138868530I didn’t like Hurley. He was a reddit character

>>138868228>tripfag with his shitty take kill yourself already

>>138868530BRUTHA TIERDesmondo

>>138867485It was pretty good at first. Turned to shit towards the end though.

>>138873298I just got pissed since they died in such a shitty way.