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HoH: XmasNoms: Bayleigh/DavonneVeto: TBDBB Basement Winners: Dani, Xmas, Enzo?Previously on /bb/ >>138851248

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>>138864976Soup /bb/,I see these threads all the time but never watched big brother? Is it good?

veto pick alreadygoing to be a long POV comp

>>138865090eat shit and die

>>138865800Mom always says, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

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will day ever win a comp

its disingenuous to put enzo as a safety winner even with a ?. stop playing favorites with the OP or dont make threads


>>138866306based good poster

>>138865090It's good but this season is kind of slow so far, check back in a week and maybe it will have picked up. This is also an all-star season with returning players so we're relying heavily on memes from previous seasons, which I imagine would be confusing to someone new.

>>138866306This is the first thread I made, the previous thread was closed and no one made a new one. Enzo isn't even my favorite, I just wanted to include it because it's all but confirmed.

>>138865090depends who you ask. the majority of us are motivated by the live feeds and are generally less interested in the show. however there are show fans who frequent these threads as well

Which are the best seasons of big brother


>>13886642210 is the gold standard

>>138866422bb19 is considered a masterpiece of modern bb

>>138866422bb21 is the worst so dont even bother with that one

>>138866422start from the beginning

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i was promised litty feeds where the fuck are they

>>138866519They'll start next week bro

when tyler realizes dani and nicole ratted him out he could win the veto and pull bay off to mist it wasnt him

>>138866422My favorites: BB6, BB7, BB10, BB14, BB17Maybe BB20 and BB21 too, the last couple of seasons have been fun.

look at those jugs

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>>138866723That sounds retardedHis only options now are to get closer to Xmas, Enzo, and Cody and prepare for war next week

every time i see a laura from now on im posting a jee

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>>138866937war with who? cody isnt going to war against his waifus and memphis.

which one of you is Marty136?

feeds back

rat still trying to make tyler the villain

Will the season become interesting after this week? Y’all said after kaysar was gone it would become good...

Ian will win veto and keep himself safe this week

day picked dani (not HG pick)

nicole dani ian playing veto

>>138867962for steamroll to be stopped two of Enzo/Cody/Tyler would need to be on the block on eviction nightI don't see it happening any time soon

why is dani telling day she doesnt have the votes

5 women and 1 autist in the veto don't ever say grod doesn't rig shit

>>138868328how did she rig the veto pull?

jesus christ is xmas really turned on tylerwhat a retard

>>138868328xmas is not backdooring Tyler so it's a wasted rig desu, worst/best case scenario - Kevin/David is a replacement nom and goes home

xmas ass cheek was just hanging out

>>138868442I actually like David now after disliking him last season I’m hoping he wins

>>138868434you're the retard who got misted by a retardyikes


david is hosting

>flips your closest ally in ten minutes flat

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xmas and maybe nicole are the only ones fighting for the veto

>>138868727wait, are they really gonna backdoor tyler or im i being misted?


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>>138868903this guy >>138868491doesnt seem to think so

>>138868903dani recently told day shes throwing the vetoian feels too guilty hell maybe bayleigh also throws the veto

>>138868903tyler's gone. day's INCREDIBLE reads and bay's OUTSTANDING social game have flipped x-mas

im looking forward to the meeting when BGM and dani try to get tyler backdoored

if nicole actually pulls off this mistman backdoor she wins the game

>>138869086grodner wont let it happen

>>1388664227, 10, 14, 20

I haven't been keeping up with the season but I just saw a clip where Kaysar BTFOd the house. So how's the season going /bb/?

>>138869309another set of tits getting evicted this week

bay has spent more time talking to memphis this morning than she has for the entire last 4 weeks combinedhow transparent

>>138869390Sounds great

>>138869309it's just BB12 without entertaining characters

who knew it will be so tough evicting these girls

>fans scream for a twist to save jaysar>as soon as they are both evicted they announce the basement twistlol

>>138869309kaysar completely ass blasting codyfags out the door is the only highlight of this season. Other then that its not even worth watching.

i hope that baleygihgh goes this week, dayaovonnne next week and davved the followingchristmas started the whitening

>>138869836im convinced that the show isnt rigged now. shit like pandoras box when rachel got it was just a coincidence

>>138869836>block a backdoor>allow you to potentially win consecutive hohbasement twist wouldn't have saved them anyway

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>>138868903i feel like xmas is too loyal for that

natalie nudes?

nicole is trying to control xmasshe's gonna tell tyler and they're gonna mist the house to go against them (dani n nicole)


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xmas saying dani is sketchynicole saying dont do the dirty work of backdooring tylershe trusts tyler

>>138870883>tfw you will never do coke with natalie and shelby

oh my god nicole wants to throw. every one is fucking throwing the veto

nicole pitching xmas that they can work with day

day is gonna win veto because literally nobody else playing wants to win

watch bayleigh win it and kevin gets eviced

>>138870992xmas doesn't trust buddiesdayvonne's game is over

nicole saying her and xmas need to win it because of the powers

nicole worried that the blacks have the power because they are calm and spending alot of time in the have not room

Pretty effay HoH slippers

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jesus christ rat is 3/4 the way up xmas ass

Nicole wants Ian out in a double

xmas saying kevin is the replacement

>>138871448he is going all the way to F3

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>>138871360>>138871448and that one guy kept saying cody would run her hoh

>>138871399a double?

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Why is season 10 considered the gold standard

>>138871729fights, strategy, michael jordan

>>138871729>perfect casting>dan >was constantly entertaining and never had dry spell weeks>tons of fights>tons of memorable moments

enzo wants day out but its scared to say it

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>>138871729this cutie

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>xmas bashing kevin and calling him sketchy>kevin walks in

Jackson was the best winner since Dan. These are the facts.

>enzo wants to bd you, yo>bay and day were trying to get you put up before the noms>kevin and ian have you clockedi guess its all tylers fault. what made ratcole go aggro on tyler? something has her really shook

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bay making fun of the way david walks.... oh

women and an autist is playing

>>138865090its frustrating because every element of production is driven by absolute drooling retards, but its rewarding to get intowhen the season is happening it honestly ruins other TV for me

ian is playing a shitty game

>ywn tongue her fartbox

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too early for OTEV and hide vetowhat comp are they doing? might be bringing back spelling

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>Day and Bay nom'dWith the current systemic racism crisis in America right now, how is this even allowed? We should be better than this.

>>138865090Watch the challenge instead

>>138872594Its hard when you dont have Dan to hold your hand the entire game

>>138872777>comes in to report day old news>give shit take >waste sevens

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>>138873064Liana Bor-Assyoutu.be/gnhmnOk7L3o

>>138873085she has the 3rd power, she was way too calm


>>138873201if she did she would have told dani just like she told rachel last season

>>138872178Only because Paul was robbed twice

>>138873331naw, i think she learned her lesson on that one


>>138873201no, she's mindbroke

>>138873201>Bayleigh>calmPick one.


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Will Xmas backdoor Tyler? Who is she more loyal to Mistman or the rats?

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Mistman will talk his way out of it. His mist is just too powerful.

veto will have punishments. there are none this week and no have nots

>bayleigh is going to make Ian self evict out of white guilt and save herselfbest move of the season

>>138873627grodner should put the clown costume punishment like they did on bb15 for the buddies

>>138873750what happened?

>>138873814ian started to call her Day but before he even finished he corrected himself and said Bay but she spazzed out and stormed out of the roomits completely retarded

>>138873882what a cunt whore

>>138874022ian being bothered by it is equally as retarded.


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Basically everyone is afraid of doing anything because they are scared of fans ganging up on them and creating false narratives, cancelling etc. Either lose and go home or get cancelled.Seems like a dystopian experiment.

>>138873576>racism>casual racism>implicit racism>microaggression>hidden biasesAll wypipo should self-evict.

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>>138874182all future HGs should be NEETs with no career paths or social media footprint

>>138874261as long as they play hard

i havnt seen tyler or cody on the feeds all day

>>138874348they haven't showed the light or photo rooms either


>>138874243Is that lydia?


xmas, bayleigh, davonne, nicole, dani, ian playingdavid hosting

feeds will be litty after the veto ceremony, trust me bros

>Have 3 black people on the cast>can't send one home week 1,2,3 or 4 or you're racist>send one out on week 5, fine>can't send them out back to back so not on week 6 or 7>send another out on week 8 >can't send them back to back so one makes it to final 2>never had a black male winner so we gotta vote for him>mfw I'm the winner of All-stars

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Just heard Ian tried to self-evict but production talked him out of it. Any updates on who has the 3rd power?

>>138874586naw, tomorrow after bay/day are still OTB and tyler greets bay good morning


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>>138874528Candice from 15

>>138874623David is playing the ultimate Anti-Big Brother Game

>>138874643tyler isn't leaving his room till bayleigh is evictedthat's clear enough to see

>>138874623There's 4 black people on the cast you racist ass

Kinda hope my wife wins, uses it on Day & says “f*ck y’all, I just wanted to show y’all I can win comps but peace the f*ck out”

>>138874787This. Enzo is the farthest thing from white.

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assuming bay doesnt win veto, how does she stay this week?

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>>138874837GANG GANG

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>>138874933unironically play the race card with christmas and force a backdoor

>>138874933she'd have to ally with people she hateswhich she won'tso she's gone

>>138874182They're just playing a cautious game but go off queen


>>138874578every girl left in the game plus ian

i want xmas to win and not use it for maximum chimp out from the buddies