What are some Holla Forums approved pro christian movies???

what are some Holla Forums approved pro christian movies???

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The Passion of Christ

Christianity is fucking retarded and you are fucking retarded for even pretending to follow it. Christfag larpers will get the rope.

Barton Fink


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>>138864701fuck off, Holla Forums is a christian board

>>138864701Oy vey

MoS, BvS, Zack Snyder's JL


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Quo Vadis

>>138864701>the choice to do righteous is retardedSounds like you're a depressed and or anxious user that could use a little of the Lord's light in you to recede all that. I'll pray for you brother

>>138864859>righteousDude, you're on 4chan...

>>138864815t. Holla Forums larper, the rope is coming>>138864816Judaism is just as retarded as Christianity>>138864859You don't need to believe in god to do good things, user

>>138864644Ben Hurr


>>138864884>calling someone a Holla Forums larper>saying the rope is comingabsolutely pitiful lack of self awareness

>>138864911/pol/ doesn't have exclusive ownership over rope use

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The gospel according to St. Matthew

>>138864701Evolution is just a theory. Stop worshipping science.

>>138864820This. Add Watchmen as well.

>>138864644Andrei RublevDiary of a Country PriestThe Passion of ChristThe Last Temptation of ChristTree of Life Ordet (Dreyer theatrical tho)O Pagador de PromessasSilent Light

>>138864877The amount of christfags on 4chan is astounding. I think it's like with flat earthers where lots of them pretend to subscribe to the agenda to piss people off (on 4chan at least).

>>138865150Evolution has been demonstrated through evidence and reason time and time again. Stop larping.

>>138864884>t. Holla Forums larper, the rope is coming/pol/ doesn't even tolerate christians. Christian crossposters barely can hold down a christian general thread there and get shit on throughout it. It turns out they're from a discord and that explains how alien their posts are.

>>138865297It's a post-2016 phenomena. There's an archive on an alternate imageboard tracking christian crossposting. It wasn't organic.

>>138865339I've never seen a video of a fish becoming a human.

>>138864644Christianity is pure cringe

>>138864644Andrei RublevThe Flowers of St. FrancisNazarin>>138864877What kind of statement is this? 4Chan is what it is, just like the outside world is what it is. Is it amoral also for Christians to live on the real world also, considering much worse things happen on it on a daily basis? Do you unironically believe that Christians are the ultimate paragons of virtue? Everyone is born with sin user, that includes you and all Christians. Remember what Jesus said, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..."

>>138865568I've never seen a video of you not being a fucking retard.

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>>138864644AIDS: The Judgement of God.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPa85GwTYc4

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>>138864654The Passion of Christ is shit.

>>138865649>"I love science user" resorts to ad hominems.

>>138864859Dont he'll be fine.

>>138864884Good man

>>138865297>I think it's like with flat earthers where lots of them pretend to subscribe to the agenda to piss people offBut I genuinely love our Lord, Jesus Christ. I pray that more people on here can believe in Him and shed away the degeneracy of this modern world.

>>138865667>that metadata

>>138865771Christianity is completely compatible with degeneracy. God's love is purportedly infinite and can forgive anything. Majority of christians can tolerate someone who claims they're repentant and avoid legal punishment.

You having fun larping ?There are no christians on 4chan 4chan is anti religious site

>>138865912Absolutely not. Christ is not an excuse to sin, nor to tolerate the sin of others, especially when they are perverting the church.

>>138866023Forgiveness is between the sinner and God. Good luck FOIAing their conversations while you're praying to the same invisible jew.

>>138866074If any society allows sin, then they are complicit with the sin. The forgiveness we're talking about has nothing to do with man made prisons or courts.

>believing in spooks

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Do Bresson films count? What about the Trial of Joan of Arc?

>>138866155Good. You're in some capacity able to admit the futility and fraud of forgiveness of sin. You're not completely far gone.

>>138864644The Missionyoutube.com/watch?v=pTsitO4TXF8

>>138866517You are mistaken. There is neither fraud, nor futility in forgiveness of sin. Why do you think I'm speaking in earthly terms when this forgiveness is completely spiritual in nature? Our Father in heaven knows when someone is genuine with their repentance, so we need not worry whether said person is earnest or not. Can't you see that there is more to our existence than what we can see or are you so blind that you don't fear death? Repent, user, and do not harden your heart to the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Simply believe on Him and you will be saved.

Thread themeyoutube.com/watch?v=35K6vQRt67g

>>138864985but your neck does tranny

>>138864701t. r*ddit tranny

>>138865606keep coping muzdog


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the matrix

God of Heaven, Hear my cries of anguishI'm in painI've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain

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>>138864644Bone tomahawk

>>138864791>please don't cancel meThat priest needs to man up. Suffering other people's hate for your beliefs is part of being Christian

>>138866023Friendly reminder the crime rate in Japan went up when Christianity was decriminalized. In Buddhism you pay for your sins through eternity, in Christ you can do anything so long as you take a few minutes out of your day to say why it may have not been the best idea.

>>138867825dont` read wikipedia's early life of the director

>>138868459>Friendly reminder the crime rate in Japan went up when Christianity was decriminalized.Purely coincidental.>In Buddhism you pay for your sins through eternityAnd this is why Buddhism is not worth your time and will only lead to your damnation as you worship your own futility. Without atonement, our lives are meaningless, and Jesus Christ is that atonement.

The da foe one, ben hur

>>138866812Sophist christian speak won't save you. The reality is that you only have the word of the sinner asking for forgiveness.

Fatima just released go support it if you want it's good.

>>138869574What sophistry have I committed and why would it matter to me whether someone is genuine about their repentance or not?


unironically strong christan undertones moreso, one of most kino war movies

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>>138864701I tip my fedora to you sir!


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Notice all the seething l*ftoids at the mere mention of Christianity

>>138870427Its almost like they are possesed by demons ot something

>>138870427Satan would rather no one hear the name of Christ, lest they should be saved incidentally, hence why not many Christian films of merit are made.

>>138870319Christfag larpers are the new fedoras.

>>138867780Most based post ITT

>>138870766not even christian but it's pretty telling how buttblasted trannies are when mere mention of christianity causes them to seethe. Literally same behavior how l*ftoid scream about christians, but cower when islam or kikery is brought up.Keep seething tranny

>>138864904This.Calvary was fucking Kino. I've never seen a movie deal this well with the theme of a Silent god

>>138871649God isn't silent, He's deafening.


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>>138864644Which christianity? Protestant or orthodox?

>>138865339Have you seen that evidence yourself and verified it? No? Okay then.

kingdom of heaven

ehhI think a better use of your time would be just reading Isaiah.

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>>138872248This is a good movie I watched it recently and didn't expect much.

>>138865000Based sweeds comneamning homosexuals linking them ti satan

>>138865000>>138872343>gay couples all ok, transgenders are evil, ugly and cretors of dissentbased and J. K. Rowlingpilled

>>138865568>>138867771They do this all the time and die.The only "people" who don't know that are citycucks that only see animals on TV.

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>>138864644Velocipastor, The Exorcist, basically a lot of exorcism movies, Les Miserables showed the church in a good light.

>>138865339Yeah, which is a theory. Which means it has enough evidence to be considered a model that represents true observations. What are you defending?

>>138868667Is there no medium between the two? Perhaps some things cannot be atoned for and you will pay for all eternity. Balance must be met.


>>138870720>Satan would rather no one hear the name of ChristAccusations of satan worship is the prototype for shutting down the conversation that jews and jew worshipers have repurposed over the years. It's the same as a lefty entering a thread and saying, "Wow look at all of these rightoids seething over a tranny."> lest they should be saved incidentally, hence why not many Christian films of merit are made.There's 2-3 christian films made every year. They're just not big budget theatrical releases.

>>138870302Based and dying for israel pilled

>>138874608>jew worshiperyou just outed yourself as a tranny faggot, now dilate.

>>138874729Explain how christianity is not jew worship.

>>138874754Because Christ denounced jews.

>>138874796He only didn't like the sadducees ans pharisees. He still wanted to save them. Try again.

>>138874829he wanted to same mankind including jews, christians don't follow a looser nazi ideology, so to them jews are not subhuman and following teachings of someone who happened to be a jew is not a subject of shame.

>>138874886So then you don't deny christianity is jew worship. You also don't find it a subject of shame. Good to know.

>>138864701Fuck off retard, christbros are coolt. muslim

>>138874932it's not a jew worship, because him being a jew is an incidental. You bring up jew worship as an ad hominem because you can't argue and all your posts come from the bad faith. Very typical of a tranny

>>138872478They will die until one is born with the proper mutation.

>>138875005>it's not a jew worship, because him being a jew is an incidental. He is jewish. You worship him, a jew. Christianity is jew worship. >You bring up jew worship as an ad hominem because you can't argue and all your posts come from the bad faith. Very typical of a trannyHow are they bad faith? You conceded you worship a jew. It's you who is arguing in bad faith because you are repurposing your offense taken to at first deny the above statement, then concede, and project your bad faith arguing.

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>>138875142repeating same tired argument does not make it true. He is not worshiped because he is a jew. This implies that you are out of arguments, meaning it's you who has conceded and now you are trying to argue the same thing. Keep coping though, jew worship is mostly used by trannies as a gotcha term, but you are not fooling anyone dilator.

>>138864644So why is Holla Forums so fucked lately? Like I feel like everybody is arguing>inb4 it was always like this