Predict the box office and RT score

Predict the box office and RT score.

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>>1388645463 billion100


>>138864585Imagine if Dune would make 3 billion, we would get everything adapted. MCU btfo

>>138864546I’m a time travellerScreencap this for proof62 million opening weekend558 million box office run 82% rotten tomatoes Screen cap and have your mind blown later

>>138864546Box office: between 400mil and 1bilRT Critic: 84%RT User: 90%

>>138864659>558 box officeHmmm would it be considered a hit because of the pandemic?

>>138864627>they run out of franks books>start adapting his sons cringeWorst timeline

>Venom made 800 mil close to 1 bil>Dune probably won't make halfWhy?

>>138864546Box office 260mRt 30-40% but who the fuck cares when theres Metacritics which uses much better system

>>138865011Anon, Brian is producer on this movie and they are already adapting the Sisterhood as a hbomax series.

It's not ᑐᑌᑎᕮ anymore.

>>138864546No one is wearing late 19th century parade uniforms>dune

>>138864546My last 2 digits.

>>138865172But it is ᑐᑌᑎᕮ

78%.Some youtuber makes a 30minute video that overexplains why Paul stabs slowly in his first few fights, and the video gets 10 million views

>Idaho not featured on the coverTrash

>>138865202Nah, its just vaguely inspired by it

>>138865189890 million $?89%?


These threads are like talking to a robot.>beep boop predict box offfice and rt score for movie boop bop>generic press picture.jpg>fancy movie title asciiThe shilling is just so bland.

>>13886454643mil opening weekend238mil US box office457mil worldwide91% RT

Why does anyone care about rotten tomatoes? Imdb is way better in every way

>>138864546i dunno but if eamon farren isn't cast as feyd rautha i'm gonna an hero

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>>138865202It's ᑐᑌᑎᑕ.

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Why are americans so obssessed with movies box office? Why would I care about how much money a movie make? Isnt all that matters whether I like the movie or not?

>>138865617Everything is a competition between their ideologies. Everything is either proof that they are right or evidence their enemies are on the rise.Feels good living somewhere its just people getting on with their lives.

Imagine writing 6 great books in a series filled with nuance and subtext, dying before you finish the 7th, having your pathetic son and a hack writer milk your brainchild dry, churning out superficial imitations of your work, them having the gall to say that their work is more Canon than the original, and splitting your final book in the series, your golden capstone, into two incredibly padded books in which they kill off characters whose plotlines you worked so hard on because the hacks don't know what to do with them, and on top of that, have your main antagonists retconned to be completely different characters from what you set up. Then imagine that the David Lynch adaptation of your work, which was pretty good, is being remade by a French Canadian pretentious twat that ruined Blade Runner.

>>138865719You would want your son to be happy and successful and carry on your work. Even if the quality wasn't amazing.

>>138865719the new blade runner was great. It was just ruined by the need for the people who put up the money to insert certain things into it.For example, Harrison Ford shouldn't have been in it and it should have been one self contained story instead of having a totally open ending intended for a series of films.

>>138865739>>138865781Dune being a series of stories means that its possible that we might actually get an okay film where they are faithful to the first book being a single film.

>>138865781It was an OK movie. It was not a good Blade Runner movie.

>>138865233Theres two covers, hes on the other one with the fremen

it's not going to have any soul. All the super subtle SJW politics will ruin any artistic impact it could have had. Normies wont give a fuck about it because no'll maybe break even but meh60% because lefty media will praise it.

>>138865843But Idaho isn't a Fremen. It was Halleck that was sent by Leto to check the Fremen out, not Idaho.

Why must everything I love be shat on

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>spaceships>sandworms>spiceholy fuck it's going to be terrible.

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Box office: 80 millionRT: 80%MC: 79

>>138865894not did you misread that post but you're wrong, idaho had dual allegiance

>>138865822I agree but it was studio meddling. It wouldn't take much to turn it into a good blade runner movie.

>>138864546100.000 bucks100% fresh

>>138865891it already had strong womanz and POC. They would need to insert lots of gaps trannys and blacks to make it worse.

>>138865972My point is, why is Idaho not considered part of House Atreides in the promotional material?


>>138865957also>baron harkonnen is literally pedo drumpf>muh 60 gorillions >space muslims good, goy bad>girl power as jessica, irulana and alia>gender-bend and blackwashed kynes>le epic god-worm

>>138864659It’s not going to make anywhere near 558 million. I’d say it will make 300 million at best and 100 million at worst. The quality doesn’t matter because all a majority of audience care about are if it’s a big cgi action movie with big stars which this movie has none of. While the actors may be great do you really think a normie could tell you who timothee cammelclit is

>>138865202it's september

>>138864546600mil75%6 Oscar noms (cinematography, sound editing, sound mixing, production design, vfx, costume)

>>138864621More like rotten by critics, fresh by audience.

It'll suffer in comparison to both the original Lynch film and Highlander 2. Why? A worrying Virginia Madsen deficiency.

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>>138866038i'd guess because it's just promoting the movie and they don't really care, plus not enough big names are attached to the fremen and they need to take up an entire cover

7+ IMDb75~ RT/MC220~ boxoffice (bomb to budget)10/10 on Reddit

>>138865957There are no sandworms in this first film though.

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>>138866152Unless of course it pushes an agenda, then reverse the scores.

>>13886454654%/55%37mil opening weekend148mil domestic372mil globalperfectly mediocre movie


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>>138865719I don't have that kind of capacity to imagine such imaginations.

>>138864546RT: 96%Box office: $400 million

>>138866431Looks like a bad cosplay.

Low 100 millions70

When is even the release date? people are creaming themselves over a fucking trailer announcement. No movie can fulfill these expectations.

Box office:250 milRT Critic: 95%RT User: 40%Metacritic: 50%

>>138866651Looks like the future and how royalty dresses for a party. You fags complain about lack of color and when some gets posted...Lynch sucked ham beast balls and Denny will too. the mini-series is the best.

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>no god emperor Leto IIcringe and yikes

>>138864546Box office: about 90% of production cost, so it will be considered a flop due to poor marketing mostly and the pandemic.RT critics:85%RT audiences:45%General audiences will think it’s slow and dull, Dune fans will likely appreciate it, and Critics generally love Villeneuve’s work.

>>138866861God Emperor was the best. Leto II makes Paul look insignificant

>>138866090>big stars which this movie has none ofIt's an ensemble cast. What are you talking about? People who star in those big cgi action movies are in this film too.

>>138864546Where is the trailer Villeneuve?

>>138866286>Dune isn't a political story

>>138866942This. Leto II is the main character of the series imo.

>>138865617Well if a movie I enjoy makes a lot of money it increases the likelihood of getting more movies like that. Whereas if a movie I dig bombs that may drop the likelihood. So to me that's the only reason I give a shit.

>>138865891>>138866062The book is all about elitist machiavelian scheming and the exact opposite of equality is repeatedly affirmed, 'godmaking,' the intentional creation of a messianic ubermensh that becomes a living god, is a typical herbert trope, ethnic profyling, the interplay betveen phenotype/genotype and culture/enviroment, inherent traits as functional qualities all these are literaly plot devices, genetic and cultural differences make a direct difference in the story, mental and physical training are crucial and set people apart from others as well, but eugenics and harsh selection are a basic element of the backstory and it unironicaly works, ethnic hatred and group identity also work, so does mental manipulation and conditioning, as well as fanaticism, holy war and genocide too, and violence, discipline, manipulation, as well as drugs, can and do trigger desirable epigenetic changes and are psychologocaly transformativeThe female characters are all postfeminist neotrads that fight and kill for theyr bloodline, past, present and future, since 'race memory' race meaning breed or lineage, is a thing, and having kids is literaly a way to live onThis emphasis of biological memory and genetic program is constantly repeatedTheres a part in god emperor where herbert explains why humans are xenophobic and it basicaly ends with 'your cells remember'Theres loads of stuff like that, culture and religion being ways to prevent selfextinction, homosexuality being a potentialy dangerous abberation, the barron is a gay pederast serial killer for example, theres frequent caveats about hedonism and permissivenes leading do decadence, mass extinction and way way worseAnd thats just the dune series, theres other books where its even more radicalFrank Herbert wasnt PC at allI dont know how they will pull this off without mutilating it completely

>>138865822Blade Runner is mediocre anyway. One great speech and some nice aesthetics does not a masterpiece make.

>>138864546178 million, 87 percent fresh, 53 percent audience review

>>138868057Why do you fags think audiences won't like it?

>>138867292People dont pay to see their Hollywood stars anymoreAt least not on a large scale

>>138868388Because general audiences are fucking idiots who watch every marvel movie and applaud at the end like any of them have been better than a 7/10.


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>>138868050>mediocre anywayAccording to what standards? It's Scott's most personal film, has an incredibly layered story that's also a tribute to Noir film, has Vangelis' most iconic soundtrack outside of Chariots of Fire, etc. If anything it's the opposite of mediocre.>nice aestheticsSo Douglas Trumbull's and Syd Mead's most recognizable and influential work, that went on to inspire multiple pieces of media, films, videogames, including the actual best sci-fi of the century (AI) is just "nice". I can only imagine how petty you must be IRL.

>>138868388Im scared they will like it

DUNC is gonna cure corona virus.

>>138868506The structure and pacing vary from meh to dogshit. Also personal =/= good.To be fair though I was underselling the aesthetics for hyperbolic effect. The movie is gorgeous.


>>138868495Oy Vey

i dont think this is going to make a lot if money.way too bland looking, way too intelectual. i think it will be another blade runner for villeneuve.

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>>138864627>Imagine if Dune would make 3 billion>due to inflation>a big mac will cost 80k

>>138869553They might go for the whole heavy psychodrama aspect

Come discuss Timothée's sex life in this lovely Saturday. We also discuss the possibility of Paul being sexually fluid like the actor>>>138865424

>>138868717>The structure and pacing vary from meh to dogshitI've never felt this "structure or pacing" issue that you're saying. Anyone that I know who is familiar with the film doesn't have these issues either. The film crams tons of information under just 2 hours and is easily re-watchable.>To be fair though I was underselling the aesthetics for hyperbolic effectSo you're also being hyperbolic by saying that the structure and pacing are dogshit too? ;)

>>138869924No, the pzcing and structure are dogshit. Glad you love it so much, but it was very 7/10 for me. Preferred 2049 by a Longshot.

>>138870148Nice cope.>Glad you love it so muchThank you, I know how good is to have great taste after all.>he rates movies with a numerical score>in 2020the absolute state of Holla Forums

it will bomb. its impossible to make its money back and is the example why shit like 40k and other niche sci-fi will NEVER work on screen>zoomers dont care, never heard of it>leftist dont care, its not SW or marvel so no basedboy whale demographic>fans hate it because its a shit adaption,

>>138870503Do you know what cope means?>he's too autistic to understand a basic shorthand for 'fine but not excellent'I always suspected Blade Runner fans were just autistic, thank you for proving it.

>>138870663The only autistic Blade Runner fans are the ones making endless 2049 waifu circlejerking threads, but hey, you do you.

box office 350 millionrt 80+%imdb 8.1

>>138866264Well then I won't be seeing it.

I'm confused now, so this is a movie? I thought they wanted to make a series. Then there is this Dune Sisterhood thing as well, are they connected? What is the timeline here?


Boomers can't ᑐᑌᑎᑕ.

>>138869835Timothee isn't fluid or some woke shit like that, he's straight. Stop pushing your tranny agenda


>>138872453gullible people like you is why Hollywood still do PR contracts no matter how obvious it is


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>>138866264what the fuck? I know it's split into two parts but how can there not be sandworms in a dune movie? One appears in the book soon after they arrive on the planet, it eats one of the factories

>>138865011Dangerously probable

>>138864546>box officeMuch better than Mulan that's for fucking sure lmao

>Holla Forums forgets thst zoomers know about Dune via Pewdiepie


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>>138872964Why dosent he ever order more than onevat a time, he could have a legion of them and organize orgies with the finest fishspeakers to create his own chosen people

>>138864659when will they release it? those numbers are impossible if it comes out in december.

>>138865015dunc isn't fun



>>138872491The first book absolutely. The sequels are great too but feel like you have to really be into the first book to enjoy it and it ends on a cliffhanger cause author dies

>>138870660Of all the directors out there with big budget sci-fi experience, Villvenue is quite possibly the only man for the job. A lot of you fags forget that movies are essentially like businesses. Must meet quality of product standard while maximizing profit through accessibility. BR2049 is by no means a perfect movie but was definitely the best possible outcome for a big budget reboot.I think Dennis respects the source material enough to do it justice and has a good enough relationship with execs to maintain creative control. So no, I don’t think it’s going to suck. Might not be a masterpiece of kino but it’s going to be better than ANY retard tier capeshit. And that’s the least you can ask for with sci fi these days

>>138873368The problem is >>138868031Theres no way to make that PC without hollowing it all out

>>138866431The costumes in those series were top notch

>>138866817the only thing about the series that was bad was chani. ugly fat sow

>>138864546>Duncso it's a movie about Duncan Idaho?

>>138864546approximately $260.50 million USD

>>138864546critics will love but it will flop just like blade was right, villememe can't do anything right. TOO LONG

>>1388645468 billino JIHAD

>>138873246>cliffhangerBut they got sequels

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>>138870163they changed the design of nearly everything yet they matched baron harkonnen's actor almost exactly and he's acting almost exactly the same way as Kenneth McMillian. That's a bit disappointing. I need to rewatch this though.

>>138872586he has no reason to lie if he's fluid or a tranny, hollywood loves that shitlook at all the celebrities kids who are the future stars of hollywood, they're all trannies

>>138873944They were ridiculous

>>138874202how the fug the sanworms still alive in fuckin water?

>>138874504Brandon Cooper would out himself if that's the case. but it's not. Hollywood is the producers, not writers rejects-turned-critics or film twitter.

>le feints within feints within feints within plans within plans within plans within le wormo emperor of the golden path