It's going to be brutally hot today and tomorrow...

It's going to be brutally hot today and tomorrow. What movies should I watch to take my mind off God's wrath over California?

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>78 is considered brutally hot in commiefornia

>>138864467How do you get through daily life?

>>138864467reading is hard

>>138864204How will you watch kino when the power goes out?

>tfw Americans live under 113º Chow do you not boil?


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>>138864620>doing political stuff in uniformthis faggot needs a court martial

>>138864204> God's wrathStill waiting. Just pray harder maybe?

>>138864540not as hard as getting through oppressive 78 degrees heat you sissy

>>138864544guess I'll just have to use my imagination

californians deserve iti hope they all roast to death

>>138864680Durr durr hurr nurr abooboo?

>>138864510>>138864540holy shit can't you read it literally says 78F how the fuck are you guys even functioning?

>c*mmieforniaPlease let there be wildfires.

>>138864730why does california make flyover states seethe so much?

I just want it to be winter again, lads.

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>>138864779>trying this hard babbys first trole

>>138864796because you retards are flooding my state like somalian refugees to get away from problems you voted into reality FUCK OFF TEXAS IS FULL

>>138864833what makes you think all of california votes the same way? what makes you assume my political leanings or voting preferences? you do realize california is a large state with all sorts of demographics aside from LA, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, right?

>>138864833Your state would have nothing but oil jobs if not for us.

>>138864919The fact you're replying means you're a gigantic faggot. Case closed.

>>138864813Wait, that's summer/autumn for you? Poor lads...

>>138864919anyone that defend california must surely be from there because the rest of the us besides washington hates you commies

The US literally could not function without CaliforniaProve me wrong


>>138864796California and Jew York both deserve the worst. t New Yorker

>>138865009oh no however will we function without yuppies, avocados, and 7 million illegal spics????

>>138865009I... i kneel california sama

>>138865009Get rid of San Francisco, LA, and a couple other cites I’m forgetting right now, and California would be fixed.

>>138864813Norf > Souf you bloody wanker

>>138864960>>138864979>projection, namecalling, and feigning ignorance just another day of dealing with non-californians desu

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>>138864620His shoes melted to the pavement because the US government contracts making those shoes to the lowest bidder lmao

>>138865168>Doesn’t mention his state because he knows it’s an embarrassment

>>138865240stop flooding my state like rats from a sinking shipno one wants you here >>138865268i already said texas you illiterate faggot

>>138864817>he can't refute so he resorts to calling others a "troll"

San Gabriel Valley bros, it's going to be 114 today...

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>>138865218>SF is basically Arkham Asylum for trannies, gays, and leftoids >LA produces kino

>>138864467this bait smells like it'll catch a lot of (You)sgood job

>>138865295how the fuck am *I* responsible for what other people do, dumdum? I'm obviously still in california so how about you stop your bitching like a goddamn woman and go fuck a horse

>climate change isn't re-

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>>138865295>muh illegals>lives in Texas LMAOOOOO


>>138865411we didnt force ours to vote for hillary, that's why i can hold the superior moral position

>>138865387>pretending to be retarded>baitDoes your mommy know you're posting on this site?

>>138864587>all of the US is CaliforniaHow do you remember to breathe?

>>138865338626 here. pic related

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>>138864796You're the epicenter of everything wrong in this country.

>>138865351I don’t know if the good outweighs the bad there.

>>138865446>Still crying about something that happened 4 years and his candidate still wonDawg you’re not actually from Texas


>>138865454>>138865454Of all the posts to sperg about you chose one of the most innocuous, harmless, dumb baits. I'm guessing you're a commiefornian.

>tfw it’s gonna be 15-18C for the next 8 daysThank god summer is over, bring on comfy Autumn

>>138865574go vote to legalize nigger crime some more commie or maybe you faggots can try to decriminalize sex with kids again

>>138864204cali cocksuckers really are pussies

>>138865710Oh youre one of those "white" Hispanics ahahahahaha

>>138864796Commiefornian here, and I want San Andreas-chan to dump this hellhole into the ocean more than any flyover ever could. At least then it wouldn't be on fire anymore.

I woke up today and it was already 97...

It will get to 115 easy if it’s already 100 at 8 in the morning

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>>138865009Why? Seattle basically has a Silicon Valley. Movies? Atlanta, Austin, Vancouver, Albuquerque , NYC, Toronto . What else?

Falling down is a good film if anyone cares

>>138866089my az niggathis summer is the worst ive experienced in my life

>>138864204>>138864467>78>FICWhat does it mean?

>>138864620Looks more like he stepped on a bunch of oreos

Mad MaxIce Age

how are you going to watch movies when your shit state can't keep the power on because they wasted tons of money on "renewable energy"?

Seriously, why ameritards keep using the imperial system?

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>tfw love in New England where weather works normallyHaha fucking west coaster.

>>138869044Our country is run by a bunch of geriatrics. Education policy is doomed to be decades behind what it should be.

>>138864620Those shoes are made of plastic and they are the cheapest and most uncomfortable shit on the planet. Also you aren't allowed to protest in uniform.


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>>138865009Prove you're right.The US would have problems without California's geography. Silicon Valley and Hollywood can set up shop elsewhere, but California's primary inherent advantage is its ports.

>>138869359*hides in freezer*psssh nothin personnel sun

>>138865351LA has a massive homeless problem. I was shocked at the number of bums in downtown during a visit past year, literally one on every street corner.


>>138869359how is it even possible to survive this?

>>138869044The US is largely not beholden to the rest of the world and so the population feels no need to change when foreigners whine.

>>138870075AC, which is a big problem considering what our boneheaded "leaders" did to the state power supply.

>>138869359>RiversideYou deserve it desu

>>138864796Doesn't your whole state catch fire twice a year because almonds? Fucking retards

>>138866876Fucking hell it's been brutal. Phoenixfag here too, I've been contemplating leaving for good

>>138870757No, almonds and other stupid water-intensive luxury crops are why our central valley aquifer is being depleted. Rice farming too, probably. Oh and of course the delta guppies, because we have to dump tons of groundwater into the river for the sake of some endangered fish. Our state government is run by children.California catches fire on the regular because of dumb "environmentalist" policies which somehow ignore how controlled burns are a good thing. That's begun to change after Paradise burned down last year but there's a lot of old fuel to clear out.

>>138870178Whole county should be nuked, not as bad as san bernadino though


>>138864204Either escape with a cool-weather film, or indulge in the heat with a movie that has deserts or summer themes.

>>138869359Hello fellow riverside bro

>>138869969all those homeless are from out of state. flyover niggers send them over here then talk shit.

>>138865338>>138865499based 626 chads. stay hydrated, kings.

I hate summer so much, brosand it hasnt rained in months

>>138871898Is that the new cope? Usually it was "California attracts bums from out-of-state because the weather here is so great." I guess the insane summer temperatures finally rendered that too laughable to accept.

415/707 lads how is the smoke treating you?

>>138864204feels comfy man

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>>138864730Possibly based, definitely redpilled.

>>138864467>commiefornia>make an absurd amount of money working in Hollywood and freelancing for tech startups>low income minorities living just outside my neighborhood so I can get great foodif this is communism I don't want to be right

already winter here in England. Depressing.

Right now I'm glad I'm living in Finland

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>>138864204That's not THAT hot

>>138872128I love hot and sunny weather. Here it's almost spring. I love going to jog to the park, look at the little girls playing around, scaring women away when I walk stealthily behind them or when it's just me and her and she crosses the street. The other day it was cold and rainy and went jogging anyway, was pretty fun too

>comfy autumn weather>nights are getting darker>most insects have fucked off>trees are getting yellowSeptember is the best month.

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>>138871948your women are whores>irvinechad


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>>138864204>113>115Where the FUCK do you live? In some African shithole?

>>138873077>11That's brutally cold, man. >>138872701>14Still below freezing. I'll pray for you, my Finnish friend.>>>138865409Fake.>>138864813How is it THAT cold in England when we're still in summer for the Northern Hemisphere?

>>138874471>14 Celsius>below freezing>September>still summer

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>> this is the power of American education.

>>138874583>14 >below freezingYes. Do you Fahrenheit? >September>still summerAutumn doesn't start until September 22, retard.

>>138864467that's celsius retard

>>138873977Name a single place on earth with non whore women. I will wait.

>>138874662>Autumn doesn't start until September 22, retard.I guess by that logic, summer doesn't start until June 22nd, which would make September more of a summer month than June and that's just utterly retarded considering June is warmer than September most places in the northern hemisphere. American logic, everyone.

Midwest is best

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>>138871948Pasadena sweatybois, what’s good?

>>138874662He says Celsius in his post. God I fucking hate Amerimutts and their retarded ways of thinking. The world would be far better off if you all collectively choked yourselves to death.

>>138864813I would KILL to have a summer where the average is below 25º. Hell, my winter is hotter than your summer.>t. brazilian

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>>138874733>I guess by that logic, summer doesn't start until June 22nd, which would make September more of a summer month than JuneThanks for proving me right, street shitter.

>>138874908>He says Celsius in his post. God I fucking hate Amerimutts and their retarded ways of thinking. The world would be far better off if you all collectively choked yourselves to death.Without America, the crux of Western civilization, you wouldn't even exist.

>>138864467based user dabbing on these commiefornians