According to /a/ Family Guy is the worst Western cartoon ever made and signalized the downfall of adult animation as a...

According to /a/ Family Guy is the worst Western cartoon ever made and signalized the downfall of adult animation as a whole. Are they right?

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>>138861373They probably love Rick and morty and bojack so they shouldn't be allowed to talk about cartoons


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>>138861397Both those shows are Pro-life and made by nazis

No, that would be The Simpsons

>>138861373Why would anyone care what /a/ says? It's unironically one of the worst boards.

>>138861373>According to /a/What, all of them?Why can't we ever reach consensus like that?


>>138861484/v/ and Holla Forums are worse, you retards forced Sneed for years

>>138861373They must never have seen Paradise PD, Brickleberry os Steven Universe.

if someone told me that all anime would be wiped from existence but only if I watch nothing but family guy for the rest of my life I’d do it

>>138861537Those boards are still more fun than /a/, where people will chimp out over the littlest things. Back in the day it made sense because it kept newfags away, but now underaged faggots flood to that board anyway. I have a better time talking about anime here than there.

>>138861537why don't you go back then?

>>138861610Those wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for family guy.

>>138861792>Steven Universe

>>138861373>/a/imagine still watching anime outside of high school

>>138862243Big tits girl though

>>138861373unironically yes and because it made so much money it forced itself out of cancellation, inspired spinoff shit like cleveland shows and other 'raunchy adult animations' and allowed for shittier animation overall. although cartoon network is more guilty in this regard

>>138862243Imagine watching any anime outside of DBZ and Gundam Wing during their initial US broadcast.

>>138861792So? They’re all worse by far than family guy by multiple objective measures. Brickleberry basically killed Daniel Tosh’s entire career. And I don’t know who’s responsible for Paradise PD but I do hope they die of something painful and embarrassing.

Who can respect their opinion when they unironically consume endless soulless moeshit. How anyone can watch more than 5 series of anime without becoming bored of the same tired premise and poor presentation is beyond me


>>138861537Yeah lets go back to before sneedposting, when it was formerly chuckposting

>>138861537Shut the fuck up newfag

Family Guy is just a gag-a-day comic strip brought to the screen, I really don’t understand the hate for it. It’s not like it has any pretensions of being ‘high art’, especially these days.

>>138861424whats wrong with being pro life you disgusting abortionist?

Why does /a/ even exist? It's like another website. Doesn't feel like 4chan

>>138862522>Imagine watching any anime outside of DBZ and Gundam Wing during their initial US broadcast.Based and peak toonamipilled. Anime lived and died in that one timeslot.

>>138863445It was good and actually clever during it's earlier years, now it's just shit filled with hatred

>>138861373Family Guy is one of the best western cartoons, I'm surprised those weeb fags don't like it

>>138861707/a/ is one of the only popular boards that consistently discusses its topic and has next to zero of the latest reddit cancer like -oomers and basedjacks.

>>138863620nothing wrong if you're pro life but you don't get to make that choice for women.


>>138861373South Park is worse than family guy. At least family guy knows it's trash, as does its audience. But south park is equally, if not more, shitty but its fanbase pretends it's really deep and makes such interesting points. They're both gen x toilet humor shows, lets not pretend one of them is somehow high art.

>>138864761Family Guy still can make me laugh, even if it’s not as funny as earlier seasons. Nu-South Park just bores me. After Imaginationland they really went downhill.

>>138861373who cares what /a/ thinks? They are stupid. Even in anime department, they don't know jack shit. They are just coomers and retards who never promoted above personal bias in their "criticism". Children watching scribbles for children.

>>138864761South Park is better written and has better characters

>>138863445It is pretentious, they constantly make GIVE US AN EMMY NOT THAT I WANT ONE...BAKA episodes

>>138864909>Even in anime department, they don't know jack shitThis is what bothers me. They literally don't even know about good anime but will instead dive into the most bargain basement nonsense on the front-page of crunchyroll with the odd shock manga thread.>ACCA:13*crickets chirping*>Vinland Saga*tumbleweed blows by*>Some copy paste moe-shitOMG I JUST SAW THIS ON FACEBOOKThey need to make an /a1/ and /a2/ with the latter banning any talk of moe.

>>138864695And yet f/a/ggots always seem to know what's going on in reddit. It's funny how they try to act like they manage to keep crossboarders and other outsiders away, and then have whole generals filled with either Holla Forumsfags or tumblr-tier whiners and fujos.

>>138861373I don't take any poster on this site seriously.

>>138865175Forgot to add:Western animation died with Hannah Barbera cartoons. Just mass produced scribbles for children whereas before both adult and children would watch cartoon at the theatre.

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>>138865175Oh but they did discuss Vinland Saga, unfortunately. There was some autist that literally posted the same pasta and pics in every thread, complaining about feminism and some "tranny" character and it managed to derail the thread every time. They made me lose what little faith I had in the board.

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>>138865120>muh fart jokes are WAY better than their fart jokes

No, something like Johnny Test would probably qualify as worst western cartoon.

>>138865473They stopped doing that after season 3

>>138861537and /a/ forced /u/ in everything for years. thats all /a/ memes are now>OMG, MY WAIFU IS A DYKE>I WANT TO SEE HER GET RAMMED BY A DILDO IN FRONT OF ME

>>138861373they're the worst in the sense that mcdonald's is the worst fast foodthere are plenty of shows that have lower-quality writing or art direction or even creativity than family guy. what family guy perfected is a sort of polished, formulaic, crassness set up perfectly for mass-production. It's offensive to everybody and yet somehow totally inoffensive -- and totally empty. and they shamelessly flooded the airwaves wih it. family guy would bother me a lot less if it and its offshoots hadn't singlehandedly taken over Adult Swim.

>>138864639i dont think its true. probably some loud minority. For over 10 years now, weebs have been saying>gintama is japan's family guy

>>138864722>its fine if you don't want to murder someone, but dont make it illegal for other people to murder, it's their choice

Isn't Family Guy actually anime?

>According to /a/>the board that changed overnight because of fucking Lucky Star

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>>138861373Yes>>138861397Those shows are bad but Family Guy is worse and paved the way for dreck like Bojack and R&M


>>138861373I would say some crappy canadian cartoon would fit the title of worst western cartoon better

>>138861373Yes>Edgy for the sake of being edgy>Characters are really unlikable, and the few likable characters are punching bags>Characters are badly written and not consistent>Stiff and lazy animation>Meg Abuse>They explain the jokes too much>Awful continuity>Repeats the same jokes all the time>Way too self-aware and breaking fourth walls>Makes fun of other shows out of jealousy>They steal songs and scenes from other sources>Overly long gags>Horrible morals, such as God doesn't exist because you are ugly, being in an abuse family is good for the abusers benifits and rape is the solution to your problem>Jokes are incredibly juvenille and lowbrow, no subtlety or classThere is nothing redeemable about Nu-Guy, some of the episodes are fucking disgusting too like the Herpes one and Stewie being pregnant, which are some of the worst episodes of all time of any show.


>>138861397>/a/ loves R&M and BojackThose shows are both on the same le edgy adult cartoon tier as Family Gay

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>>138867211Bojack is much more deep, clever and sophisticated than FG will ever be

>>138861424>Bojack>pro life>nazisDid you even watch the show?

>>138867084Why do people hate Meg abuse? I think it's refreshing that an annoying plain girl gets shit on and has a hard life.

>>138867686It's not funny seeing an innocent child getting shat on by everyone, including her own parents

>>138867753But that's how life can be to non-pretty teenage girls. And they all act mean towards each other for laughs, it's not just Meg that gets that treatment. You're not supposed to look for ideal family values in that series, and if you do you're an idiot.

>>138867686It wreeks of we've no idea what to do with this character but we've to keep paying Mila Kunis

>>138867084It's the animation, obnoxious self awareness and saltiness that makes me hate it. Also the fact it hates their audience, why is this so popular with normies?

>>138867275Even if someone thinks Bojack is sad self indulgent Millennial trash, at least it trys. FG hasn't tried since 2007

>>138861373no family guy is based and always has been. i dont care what any faggot pseud says

>>138867211>>138867275See. Family guy fans aren't douchebags that think they're smart because they watch a depressed horse

>>138867406Bojack is interesting because the handful of overt political commentary episodes are so fucking smarmy and brainless, they end up making the opposite side look good.When a character as despicable as Diane is your mouthpiece, your message will have the inverse effect of what she's saying.

>>138862435real sex though

>>138867907Kill yourself zoomer, she does nothing cruel but still gets killed multiple times

>>138861373>According to /a/ Family Guy is the worst Western cartoon everWell relative to its popularity, yeah, probably. I am sure there are worse ones that never caught on and never made more than one season>the downfall of adult animation as a wholeThis never happened, and family guy was never for adults, it was the 10-16 demographic all the way


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>>138868043yeah, Bojack is great like that, a few out of context clips make it look overly political but in the context of the show you know the motives of the characters making the political assertions

>>138868037no, Family Guy fans are just douchbags who don't even think they are smart

>>138867084I think the biggest problem with FG (and McFarlane in general, remember Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West?) is that he flings every half-baked joke from the writers' room at the wall, hoping that 10% of them will stick. The result is sitting through ten minutes of miserable cutaway scenes (I still don't understand why he thinks this is better than even roughly connecting them to the plot) before you get to a single thing that might make you chuckle, by which point you're so annoyed with the characters you're not going to be laughing anyway.

>>138868127No one cares scitzo

>>138868037You are confused. Watching Bojack doesn't make you smart, but being smart makes you like Bojack

>>138866042>they're the worst in the sense that mcdonald's is the worst fast foodNah, Simpsons is McDonalds while Family Guy is the warm food at a gas station

>>138868132I mean I have a soft spot for Bojack because I watched it from the get-go but I absolutely don't think the political stuff consistently misfiring is intentional, or even meant to make you consider both sides. Most of the criticism about the show being enlightened LA trust fund wankery is accurate.

>>138868258classic simpsons is a legitimately brilliant show

>>138868088Who the fuck white knights a cartoon character in a crude comedyget help faggot

>>138868088The joke is she's Mila kunis in real life detective

>>138868281>I absolutely don't think the political stuff consistently misfiring is intentional, or even meant to make you consider both sidesI definitely wouldn't go that far, but watching the whole series gives you a lot more context. Like fucking obviously Diane holds these beliefs, this isn't some sort of revelation or stretch for her character

>>138868185>I still don't understand why he thinks this is better than even roughly connecting them to the plotThat would take effort and eat up valuable time where he could fit in another two or three "nyeeeeeh rememba dat time Hitler played for the Atlanta Falcons?" jokes

>>138868341Cope faggot, imagine laughing at a child getting hurt and killed multiple times.

>>138861610>>138862619You're trying to draw some line of succession from Family Guy to Steven Universe, champ. Did you see both were animated and called it done?

>>138868663ohhh nooo not the imaginary characters and their imaginary lives

>>138862243Call me a normie but I like hunter x hunter and jojo they’re good shows

>>138867084>>138868185These two posts nailed it. I'm uncomfortable saying it, but current-season Simpsons can be more consistently funny than nu-Guy. I don't like either and the Simpsons somehow seem MORE wooden, but it doesn't rely on three cutaway jokes and a call-back about a breakfast cereal discontinued in 1978.

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>>138868258Family Guy is a tray of gas station rolling hot dogs the cashier dropped on the floor. He laughs every time someone's dumb enough to buy one.

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>>138868833Retarded Zoomer, it promotes child abuse and people being terrible parents. It's a bad influence for viewers

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>>138861424Nigger tourist from chapotraphouse detected


>>138869126>motes child abuseI don't have any idea what show you are talking about but this argument sounds fucking ridiculous

>>138869065Your way of words I just know you've seen every bojack episode

>>138869210The fact all the characters beat each other mercilessly in what's supposed to be a near-normal world with no repercussions, gee, big think there user. Or didn't you see the episode where Meg finally says exactly what they've done to her and how little she wants to never see them again after she becomes legal -- then backtracks because the show admits she's the only think keeping their roiling circus together, a common punching bag?Do you even watch the fucking show you're defending, user?


>>138861373>according to /a/MY PENIS HUNGRY 2 HOURS AGO

>>138869284No. That show sucks.

>>138869286>Do you even watch the fucking show you're defending, user?I literally just said I don't even know what show you are talking about

>>138869341Family Guy. You're in a thread about Family Guy. If you're doing a Le Epique Troll right now, shout out to all the other 17-year-olds in your Dank Memes Discord server.

>>138861373>something made by a Jew destroyed animation forever Hmmm

>>138865175>ACCA:13Constant threads while it was airing. Even a couple of threads when the ova (you probably don't even know exists) came out. You only know about this anime because it got recommended to you from some guy who got recommended it from some /a/non.>Vinland Saga/a/ was talking about the manga before you even knew what 4chan was.

Family guy started as a liberal cartoon and now it's "alt right". The funny part is they didn't change their opinions at all. I like the fact that it stayed true to itself unlike South park or the Simps

>>138869389Seth Mcfarlene isn’t jewish

>>138869126That's why autists like you who can't differentiate a cartoon from reality shouldn't watch it. If FG makes you abuse your children then you shouldn't be a parent to begin with.

>>138869498> stayed true to itself> LIKE SOUTH PARKAre you fucking kidding? That show's shifted focus from young boys having fun and getting into wild situations to Randy Marsh's Political Cartoon Hour.

yeah because anime is in such a great spot and didn't peak in the 80s

>>138869552he literally says untrue can you read user?

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>>138869552read it again retard.

>>138869623>>138869633I can read, but missed the "unlike." Apologies.

>>138869552>reading comprehension

That Santa and Meg episode last season was the most fucked family guy has been

>>138861373>signalized the downfall of adult animation as a wholeDid actual "adult animation" ever really exist outside of a few niche movies? 99% of the animated stuff people call "mature" is really only intended for teenagers. It's all comedy, sci-fi/fantasy action, or music videos.

>>138867686I think it's funny as fuck

>>138869761True, the real redpill is furries killed adult animation.

>>138869714Anon, I missed the prefix for one word. Calm your tits.More importantly, Family Guy's gotten worse, and I'd argue more steeply since the bank vault episode. They don't even attempt to try interesting things. MacFarlane wants as little input as possible as he shifts over to that sweet Universal deal. We're looking at a zombie product - rotten, still shuffling somehow.

>>138869525Fuck off shill


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>>138869761Mass-market, Hell no, but animation projects and short films intended for adults have been around since the 1930's. It's just no one gives a fuck.

>>138861373Mr. Enter considers it the worst cartoon of the 2010s

>>138861373Are you the same user who keeps making these threads on Holla Forums

>>138861373>According to /a/

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>>138870063>Mr. Enter

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>>138864639>I'm surprised those weeb fags don't like itIt doesn't have badly drawn girls who make "nani baka baka" while some underage incel accidentally falls into her breasts as a fountain of blood comes out of his nose. It's easy to see why they don't like it.

>>138866262Don’t act like you care about this, user.

>>138870554Tsunderes haven't been popular in more than a decade.

>>138869727I just watched it because of you. It's pretty tame, I think the episode where Quagmire's sister is getting abused is worse.

>>138870956That was a hilarious episode. Last season in general was pretty messed up

/a/ doesn't give a shit about other boards

>caring what weebs and randos you'll never meet irl think/tv/ will never not be the designated cuck board

Only good current western animation is boondocks. Bar season 4.

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>>138871009>Watching Nu-Family Guy Fucking retarded virgin

>>138861373Nah that would be simple life.

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>>138867084>They steal songs and scenes from other sourcesI fucking love when they reference an old song or musical, because you don't see that anywhere else these days. A good musical number is still good if it's executed with care. It doesn't matter if it's borrowed from some old performance that nobody but boomers remember.

>>138871629This isn’t animated you bafoon. If you’re reading comprehension is that bad you need to get tested for severe autism and borderline retardation.

>>138867084This is why Cleveland Show is better, it's much more lighthearted and has better characters.

>>138872521It's also rather boring.

>>138861373what western animation does /a/ like?


>>138868942Modern Simpsons like like watching some one who you used to really like and look up to become uncool and old. Watching modern Family Guy is like finding that odd ball kid in school was kind of funny occasionally is now a sex creep and kills small animals

>>138869498What was liberal 14 years ago is right wing now, see The Amazing Atheist

>>138873682Jesus Christ, you got it.

>>138872521Cleveland has some good jokes once in a while but fuck a whole show dedicated to him

>>138861373>Family Guy is the worst Western cartoon ever made and signalized the downfall of adult animation as a whole.that's the flinstones, which came out in the 1960

>>138874321Isn't it fucking wild how MacFarlane tried to reboot that, only to eat shit? I chuckle a little every time. Schadenfreude's great.

>>138874390He didn't do it because he has respect for the source material, the executives wanted a new FG.

>>138874661I have my doubts. It was probably dropped because the Flintstones haven't had a reboot, even a Z-tier animated reboot, in 20 years, and that was a Muppet Babies thing. The money required to develop a GOOD Flinstones show is just too fucking high, and Family Guy's reputation is going down the tubes. They can't really order anything and come away with a good result.

>family guy>simpsons>bojack horseman>rick and mortyA new challenger appears

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>>138875038Good show

Every time Family Guy does anything good Simpsons takes credit.Every time Simpson’s does anything bad Family Guy gets blamed.

The thing is no matter the industry, eventually something cheaper will become popular which everyone chases because it's capitalism. Family Guy wouldn't have existed if Larry & Steve was picked up. Seth repackaged the concept as a Simpsons knockoff so FOX would buy it and now we have knockoffs of the knockoffs. Management loves doing the same thing over and over again because they don't have a creative bone in their body so it's really the fault of how people respond to success.

>>138862838low key based sneedpost. 11/10