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>>138861600For what fucking purpose?!

>>138861600They made his finger rest on the trigger. Is Fury canonically retarded?

>>138861600shit why not just CGI sam too?

>>138861600It's barely even a live-action film at this point, what the fuck. How the fuck can normalfags even put up with this shit?

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>>138861364Are they naked in the dino suits?>>138861821Audience testing, they can decide later what kind of background would work, and can make the gun look less threatening/scary if audiences say that.

>>138861364Put on the velociraptor sex costumes, goy.

>>138861821so they can change the way the gun looks after the entire production has been focus grouped into oblivion

>>138861904>Audience testingMovies made for literal cattle, nice

>>138861600apparently it's because they just film the actors on a greenscreen separately and stitch scenes and other actors together. every movie the actors are just in a room talking to themselves

>>138861900How goddamn lazy.

>>138861600why does he have penises for fingers?

CGI is why cinema is dead, dead, dead.

>>138861844that's denzel

>>138861900This is why i only watch movies made before the 1980's

>>138861968>How goddamn lazy.Wasn't this made by one guy in his apartment with his pc

>>138861364lmao no one seriously noticed this is just a bad shopThe scene was shot on setretards

i made Jurassic world

>>138861900People don't realize how long Hollywood have been creating effects shots like this.

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>>138861900>>138862060Yeah he did to demostrate his CGI skills (source: some user here).>>138861904>and can make the gun look less threatening/scary if audiences say that.Shit I wrote that exact thing probably a year ago.

>>138861600This is fake, but the fact it is so believable still speaks wonders


>>138862615Trust me bro

>>138861600They made him less black. Very based marvel.

>>138861900I hate it, but at least it's an elaborate shot and not someone sitting in a chair like SJ above.

>>138861900this is fake they cgi the scene



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>>138861821>>138861952>>138862600Its not fake. Also on top of not having to get the actors in the same room the real reason is the following.They film several takes of a scene, some funnier, some more emotional, they even change the fucking plot sometimes. They film like for 3 different movies. Then they edit them while they are filming and use a test audience to see the movie as they are making it. That way you can change the plot or the feeling of the scene during or even after filming. Maybe they want this scene to happen on a farm..beep boop, now its on a farm. And you can use the scene you already filmed with Samuel Jackson. Now you only need a single phrase of him adressing the farm. Its a 5 minutes extra scene on a green screen, instead of having to film the whole scene again. And having to keep the set in place for weeks.Imagine the audience feels something is too sad. Luckily we filmed a quip version too. And if for some reason we didnt, we can do it in 10 minutes in a green screen. Maybe Jackson is in England, Captain Marvel on Japan. You can film of that shit from far away.All of the marvel movies do the same. They are made so they can be retooled and reworked into different versions of the same movie (like executives and test audiences decide) even after finishing the principal shooting with little to no reshots. Editing on set is becoming the norm for these kind of blockbusters.

>>138861904>>138863383So wait. All it takes to sabotage a marvel film is to stack the test audiences with a bunch of shitposters and watch the dumpster fire debut in theaters?

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>>138861364me on the left

>>138862572oh ahah glad I came to Holla Forums on this rare occasion. Now I got something to post for my Holla Forums friends.

>>138861364did they had dildos stuck up their asses?

>>138861600>it's cheaper to render a pistol than tape 2 pipes together.

>>138861900what movie

>>138864188for them? absolutellythat pistol is really entry level shit

>>138861364why are they nude???


CGI bad cause... bad

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>>138864235It helps the actors get into character>>138862859>>138864193I hate third worlders so much

>>138864235have you ever been inside a dinosaur suit?

Imagine how painful Ray Harryhausen's final years were watching this shit start to happen

>>138864299Stop avatarfagging.

>>138861900I'm confused about how the camera can zoom out like that when the entire room isn't green screen


>>138864793The only part of the room in the final shot is the girl, that's what green screens are for.

>>138864793They just cut her out of the green and built a frame around her

>>138864793Only the actor needs to be in front of the green screen to integrate them into the scene seamlessly. The rest can be pasted over green afterwards.


>>138861364omg this can't be true

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>>138861364Jurassic world was so fucking ugly and fake looking.For comparison here's a shot of a raptor from Jurassic Park 3 which had half the budget and was made nearly 20 years ago.Oh look, it's infinitely better looking.Modern blockbusters look fine when they're the only thing you watch. But you just have to re-visit some older movies to realise how much better sets/props/costumes/practical effects used to look.

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>>138865051fuck you

>>138865041wow. i'd give him reddit points if we were in reddit

>>138861600this is why capeshit costs 300 million. You could make the exact same movie if they didn't greenscreen everything and change 40 things for focus groups for like 50 mil.

>>138863383they also film about an hour of Chinese people saving the day for the china release

>>138864309If you don't know what movie, it's okay to admit it. You take random shots out of insecurity then get mad when someone calls you FAG


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>>138861900the gif that saved TV


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>>138861900which movie is it??

>>138866237A single guy did it on his spare time. Its not a movie.

>>138861600All that effort and they still give him an air pistol.

>>138865580Why does this white woman look black?

>>138865041This isn't twitter, go back


>>138865117It will take CGI 10 years to look this good. (Of course, it could look that good now, but not at the speed they operate the render farms at.)


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>>138865117Is overly expensive CGI just a new way to hide money laundering?


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>>138865041Gunfags are some the biggest autists ever but somehow you top them


Can I hijack this thread and post some kino CGI instead?

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Did you know, that usually they have 2 guys do the sex scenes (since it takes a lot physically and woman can't do many takes of it) and they just cgi the girls face in?

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What the fuck did they mean by this?

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>>138868273Remember the first fast and furious movies were just about an undercover agent investigating stolen goods with illegal underground street racing?


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>>138868367I think that's from the new XXX movie (abortion).

>>138868367I remember when Fast and Furious was about driving cars...

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>>138868432Cars were always just a theme, retard. It NEVER was about driving cars.

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>>138865117this post sounds like rose-tinted-glasses faggotry but it's actually completely truesad

>>138868479Whatever, post KINO

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>>138867910>>138867947Say what you will but Scorsese building the set for Gangs of New York was the last time we will see anything like it.

>>138861900>>138861600And they called George Lucas crazy for using the blue screen

>>138868133>>138868176OH NO NO NO NO125 MILLION DOLLARS

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>>138865445wait do you think they are purposely inflating the budget so producers can scrape more off the top?

>>138868559How cold do you think it has to be to freeze a particle wave?

>>138868625I feel bad for these kids if anythingThere are some shots where the actor playing the Artemis grows up between the scenes (literally, like 2 or smth), imagine a terrible adaptation being the start of your career

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>>138868745Water freezes below 0 oC.I'm betting light freezes at -10 or something, well it can't be THAT hard if they pulled it off

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If you love practical effects why didn't you watch the show that brought them back?

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>>138868790>multicultural gang

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Defund the police!

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>>138867910Fucking why? Why do this? Why completely remove any semblance of realism from that shite?

>>138868796I don't really like puppets desuI don't mind CGI, I just like to laugh at BAD CGIAfter all Avatar still looks amazingyoutube.com/watch?v=3wBGYmasl2I&ab_channel=JSNContentsMedia

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>>138868746Fucking brutal whats the story behind this did she just forget to walk with them?

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>>138868796And that show used plenty of CG too, mostly to remove production elements and allow for way more complex puppetry without needing to worry about hiding crew, or for enhancing some shots or expanding the sets.

>>138869071exactly, the right way of using it.

>>138868950God I wish that were me.


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>>138865041/k/ btfo. What a worthless board.

>>138868559You're still breaking the line. That's how they work.

I prefer practical effects

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>>138869037>>138868991>>138868890>>138868133>>138868176What a silly movie

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>>138869313What did he mean by this?


>>138869367Please god tell me this isn't what the final release looked like.

>>138868176Kids are into those hoverboards. Put that in the movie.

>>138869408Absolutely is.

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normie NPCs don't notice bad CGI

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>>138869408Pfff you think Artemis, skating, surfing, shooting guns and doing parkour was bad?They butchered the movie so hard...>Artemis doesn't know his father is a criminal>Art's mother is dead instead of being sick>Holly's scenes are rushed in a way that she hates Art in one scene and in the next one he lets her out of the cage and they make a handshakeThe scenes that mate it into the final cut were hilarious, for example Artemis enters his mother's room, obviously filled with female clothes, his mouth moving in a way that says "mother" and they revoiced it with Artemis looking for his father.

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>>138869408You missed our glorious Fowl threads I see

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>>138868897without having seen the movie my guess would be that it's used to fake slowmotion (maybe slower than usual slowmotion), having him angled and suspended in ways which wouldn't happen in real time.

>>138869684>>138869562>>138869479Jesus christ that's fucking embarrassing.At that point they might as well not even bother.

>>138869684I sure didn't

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>>138868344they made a minecraft movie?

>>138869684No idea why you posted this scene in particular, I mean the CGI isn't perfect but it's way better than this >>138868133 for example

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>>138868344I don't really know how else you'd portray the whole shield thing when this was made though

>>138868890top kek

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>>138869037>round a corner>age 3 yearsIncredible

>>138869037Oddly the Holly actress didn't age like that, or if she did it didn't show.

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She's a femlet>Height. Lara McDonnell stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m).

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>>138868746These are actually sequential scenes in the film

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>>138870107I mean facially, the Artemis kid blatantly hit puberty, she looks the same throughout. I would assume any reshoots would give her a wig and not have her cut off her hair a second time but I don't notice any.

>>138861364This is my new fetish

>>138868344at some points it looks like jojo's stands


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>>138865041fucking based im voting biden after reading this post, you blew the fuck out of these virgin pol gun babbies

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>>138868511This is unbelievably embarrassing, especially the bit where he stamps the wrong foot

>>138870383>implying Holla Forums wasn't a pro biden board alreadyI bet you think Holla Forums is also against pedophilia?PFFF HAHAHA Newfag

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>>138865117What happened to all the old school prop and effect guys?


>>138868232im not into football/soccer but that goalie fucked right up didnt he


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>>138863689The test audiences are the family members of the directors and producers

>>138867947How do they take themselves serious?

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>>138861364Why couldn't they put real straw on the ground?

>>138870593This is fiction and never happened, and that picture is deliberately taken out of context.

>>138870528He wanted to avoid a corner kick, which is quite dangerous, that's why he wanted to stop the ball. But yeah, he fucked up by hitting it back to the enemy player.

>>138868790The hottest part of this webm isn't the violence on a woman or the rape itself, it's the other woman in the gang cheering on the violence and the rape.

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>>138870635Good one

>>138867910>Yeah, I was totally in Justiuce League>See that chunk of debris? That's me

>>138861364this isn't even a real BTS pic, it's a photoshop

>>138868790Light freezes at -10 degrees Celsius.So that's why it's pitch-black in the winter and I can't see shit?


>>138868746>...So, my boyfriend and I -


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>>138861900Why is the font always green? Why not blue or red?

>>138865041Fury is supposed to be trained. He is supposed to KNOW ABOUT TRIGGER DISCIPLINE. The actor did know. They made him retarded. Why?


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>>138869708Yup. This is happening from the Barry's perspective at superspeed so superman is moving sluggishly.

>>138871136The idea is to be a color that's not seen in human skin - hence green or blue.If they do it with a red screen when they remove the reds from the picture they'll also remove like 20% of the faces of actors.

>>138870593Didn't happen. And even if it did, the old cunt is an actor. If he can't take pretending to be others, then maybe he shouldn't be an actor.

>>138871268>didn't happen>proceeds to get angry at it like it did happen

>>138870593Is this true?


>>138870763It was put of line. He was retarded but the goal shouldn't count.


>>138871387It wasn't a goal anyway.

>>138861364>>138861600>>138861900>>138867910>>138867947>>138868133>>138868273>>138868344>>138868390>>138868890>>138869479>>138869562>>138869801>>138870306HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO BURN TO THE GROUND

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>>138869294The frozen part of the laser is still stuck to the receiver so logically the alarm is not triggered.

>>138871454Fuck off, pretentious retard.


>>138871454I don't know why you cited that Holly webm, that's a practical effect

>>138866395That's pretty good than.

>>138870931No. Light gets accumulated during summertime by bouncing around in the atmosphere. Then in the winter, when there is no new light it gets slowly depleted and its still bright. But photovoltaic collectors absorb that light and there's nothing left for the winter. Renewable energy sources are evil.

>>138870306This is why Rogue One is the only good Disney SW

>>138864188As others have said, it's so they can focus group every shot of the movie to get the exact right amount of soi to please the normies.

>>138868390This isn't actually bad.

>>138868390Isn't this like the opposite of green screen?

>>138871668That finally makes sense user, thanks.

>>138863383It's not just movies, every form of media in modern society is constructed this way. Politics especially.

>>138870201dad looks like hes going to cry the whole time

>>138872092It isn't the biological father anyway

>>138868390How else are you going to do a movie about an invisible man? Get Nathan MacKinnon and tell him it's game 7?


>>138861600>is his finger cgi as well?


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>>138871161>TRIGGER DISCIPLINEbeta shit

>>138872092It's his stepdad

>>138870733>>138871268>>138871412Prove me it didn't happen.

>>138870975FUCK OFF

>>138871287>angrystop projecting, you're getting angry at the strawman yourself, retard

>>138868644Wow I haven't seen this in like twelve years. I had a psychology professor who was a weird sex pervert leftist and he showed us a bunch of movie scenes and asked us after each one was over whether it was a depiction of rape. The first ones were like people being seduced, then a guy whose female boss pressures him to have sex, etc. And the last one was this one. The point was supposed to be that they were all rape of course. This same professor used to always say how we had to think outside the box and one example he gave was that most people are scared to drive near big semi trailers but that he liked it because supposedly the trucks would protect him from other cars hitting him... I raised my hand and I said that the reason people don't like driving near the big trucks is because they can't SEE you and he just shrugged.

>>138872944>prove a negativefuck ofd

please someone post the lightsaber battle one with the greenscreen guy and the boom I need to show my wife

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>>138868390Why does invisible man have super strength?

>>138861600But why CGI in a fucking table and pot? How does that require CGI?

>>138861844This. At some point I got even use actors? Just create CGI actors.

>>138865580Average american circa 2060

>>138870635So damn good

>>138861364Wait why are they naked


>>138861900Extremely impressive. Did he get picked up by anyone?

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>>138873269That'll happen eventually. CGI construct actors with fake social media accounts. No scandals. No egos to manage. No 20 million dollar contracts.People will love it because they hate having to watch their favorite actors grow old, die unexpectedly or express racist views.

>>138862572This is cute :)

>>138865041based, the faggots who point this shit out every time are the same breed of cringe as virtue signalers on twitter

this green screen thread?

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>>138868273This wasn't CGI.

>>138870768This guy gets it.

>>138869562Is this Doctor Harlem?

>>138862572that's fantastic

>>138868344you know this is kinda charming in it's own way it's pretty unique to be quite honest

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>>138868563Nolan still holds up the torch of using real sets.

Attached: interstellar-tesseract-behind-the-scenes.jpg (940x529, 79.81K)

>>138868511the movie was fineI sat there watching the thing for 3 hours straight but the cgi was absolutely dreadful why is it so fucking hard to contract look-a-likes in 2020 movies. film as an art form is dying

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Attached: laughing 5.gif (320x272, 2.71M)

Why do people find this webm so "dishonest"?

Attached: Lala Land.webm (480x480, 2.93M)


>>138868644wow now that's quite something, what movie?the director had some balls of steel to depict something like this how did they even convince the parents to film this what the fuck?

Attached: NAH.png (387x363, 117.83K)

>>138874207No one says that

>>138874207frogs can't dance

>>138870306why did the empire park two Star Destroyers so close to eachother?

>>138867910I mean, even though the end result is shit at least this has some work put into it.

>>138872944they can’t uk.movies.yahoo.com/ian-mckellen-broke-down-over--hobbit--green-screen-scenes.html?guccounter=1

Attached: 1581774898141.webm (718x404, 2.43M)

>>138873493lmao that's great

>>138861904>Audience testingHas to be the worst thing that has happened to the craft.

>>138861364Do...do they have to be naked?

Attached: 1491802310532.png (340x380, 74.39K)

>>138870306>Lara McDonnellthis scene isn't bad, tug boats move large ships all the time and the blockade runner has large engines for high sublight speed.

>>138873493The best part about this is how cool she is about it, I can easily imagine Natalie Portman or Brie Larson demanding the guy be fired.

>>138874476This is an snl skit I see getting posted way too often


Attached: Bronn.gif (355x343, 1.79M)

>>138874308Its probably the 15 most dishonest seconds in the history of cinema.

Attached: 1581763819852.webm (480x360, 2.95M)

>>138874095I don't give two shits about what this gay board saysNolan is a true film maker, memes and all, he shits on every green screen faggot

Attached: IMG_2134_LARGE.jpg (4416x3312, 1.2M)

>>138874565Tug boats move willing completely immovil large ships. If the large ship dont want to move they wouldnt be able to move it.

Attached: 1572653916219.webm (1280x720, 2.25M)

>>138874653wow that's amazing, got any more?

>>138870306Good visuals, makes zero sense. The moment you start thinking about it, the whole thing falls apart.

>>138874565>randomly mention a teenage Irish actressAh yes, Star Wars.

Attached: 1597385144058.jpg (439x1189, 79.94K)

>>138874634I did not know that, my bad.>>138874656

>>138874645This means absolutely nothing.

>>138874565If the frigatte has that kind of power, it could punch through a star destroyer no problem.

>>138874695stop motion still holds a special place in my heartit's so much effort in the craft that I have to watch everything I come across this technique

>>138874706Just some random stuff.

Attached: fifth element.jpg (852x480, 71.41K)

>>138861600why tho

>>138873083Is this some old copypasta or something like the vin diesal mailbox dream?

>>138861904>Audience testing, they can decide later what kind of background would work, and can make the gun look less threatening/scary if audiences say that.Reading this has been the most depressing part of 2020

>>138874656I feel that the thing with Nolan is that if the movie industry was in the right place the level of Nolans movies should be that of what an above average to good movie is but with the steady decline in quality hes output in terms of the mainstream is the creme de la creme.

>>138870635>first few seconds looks like some titays coming at you.Kino.


>>138868232absolute disaster

>nothing on this scene is CGI

Attached: Terminator 2 CPU access Scene (Director's Cut).webm (640x270, 2.09M)

>>138861364Whoa! I couldn't even tell! It's like he's really there!

>>138874760Of course it means something. That stupid stunt doesnt translate to the picture. It would look exactly the same if they did it the conventional way. It was only done to show off the backstage footage to impress retards. It has no purpose other than backstage reddit upvotes. I repeat, it doesnt make any difference in the final product. And thats being dishonest.

>>138868176the last shot looked alright but the rest looked super off


>>138874565It looks retarded, user. I don't give a shit if a tugboat can do it. Nobody watches Star Wars to see tugboats in space.

>>138868790>Eurocop Initiation Ceremony

>>138861844If you only knew the shit these studios had brewing. If you only fucking knew...

>>138873493she wanted to touch it. like she was drawn to it.

>>138875019I can't believe he let them split his head open like that

>>138870768A man of culture

>>138875063Why does your life revolve around thinking about reddit?


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>>138874207cinema is dead and buried