2-5 years - The Winds of Winter drops10-20 years - A Dream of Spring drops20-30 years - Game of Thrones reboot

2-5 years - The Winds of Winter drops10-20 years - A Dream of Spring drops20-30 years - Game of Thrones reboot

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>>138860463You are delusional if you think that fat fuck will ever write another page of this shit.

he's not finishing the books user, move on

Dream is never coming out. Everyone who bought into this series got hustled.


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Winds of Winter may come out, but Dream will definitely not.

>>138860973>Winds of Winter may come out, but Dream will definitely not.Realistically Dreams will be half done when he dies and the rest will be finished by someone selected by GRRM to finish.

>>138860463The real issue is that the 2 final episodes of GOT are exactly how the books were going to end. They were so badly received, that it doesnt matter if the execution or what preceded those episodes were the actual problem, he is ashamed of it. He doesnt want to do that ending anymore but at the same time he is probably too autistic to let it go. So he cant write a new one either. The delay is probably because he is thinking another ending. Or else people wold accuse the fat fuck of forcing his book ending into a show that departed long ago from the books.

Dream will come out in comic book format, written and illustrated by by Dumb and Dumber.

>>138860973my theory was that WoW was taking so long because he basically had to write ADoS at the same time to make sure WoW set up the last book correctly. that was when we all assumed GRRM planned ahead in detail instead of having no idea whether any of his ideas were going to work before he wrote them out in full prose form. he really seems to have plotted the first three books purely by instinct.

>>138861383>had to write ADoS at the same time to make sure WoW set up the last book correctly.he has the framework for the rest of the series already finished, its a matter now of being able to write it all down


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>>138861463he has the framework finished, but he doesn't know if a scene is going to work before he writes it as a chapter. that's how the ending managed to fail so completely despite being his own ideas. the other issue in play is that his earliest ideas were for a trilogy, with each book dealing with a different geographical area. so Dany wasn't introduced until book 2 (the Essos part), and we weren't originally supposed to be as invested in her story having a meaningful ending. he changed the structure of the story without realizing it would change the viability of the ending.

>>138860973>>138861014>>138861315Brandon Sanderson will finish the series in 4 months.

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Don’t worry, George, my lad. Surely your devoted son can carry on with your literary legacy after you die, right?

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>>138860495he has claimed that he's writing winds of winter every day

>>138861689>he has claimed>the fat angry fuck claimedGod I hope the 'rona takes him soon. I dream with his assistant getting the flu on purpose and doing what all the fandom deserves: cough on him.

>>138861689Yea. And I have sex everyday.

>>138861732>>138861741hence 'claimed'

>>138861732>'ronakys faggot

>>138861776Could you swallow the cum first? I can't understand anything at all with you and all this semen gurgling.Thanks.

>>138861588>that's how the ending managed to fail so completely despite being his own ideas.No, the ending managed to fail because D&D are retarded hacks who wanted to work on Star Wars and butchered his ideas by condensing them into 5 hours and failing spectacularly

Calling it now A Song of Ice and Fire will end very similar to I Am Legend. The White Walkers win this time, everyone fails and man becomes a myth just as White Walkers and Dragons were a myth to man at the start of the series. Maybe this could be the bittersweet ending he was talking about

>>138860463nah cause he'll die and then branderson sanderson will finish the series

>>138861867seethe harder resditor

>>138862567Literally a better ending than what we got in Season 8

dream of sneed

>>138863191I think it could work. Martin originally envisioned the series ending as a character shambles along a bunch of mass graves, it could still happen just in a completely different context. The Iron Throne could also be a mystery to future Others like how the black stones are a mystery to current humans in Westeors.

people actually watched this shit past season 1?

Dude at my old work got me into this series before the show. He read the first book in 1996. Imagine waiting 24 years for a book to move the plot. Longer than many posters here. Poor guy.

>>138863191ngl I kind of wanted this to happen in season 8, like the white walkers and their army absolutely destroying westeros pushing them back to kings landing, maybe they win, maybe they lose, but they suffer immensely for having this game of politics throughout their entire history.they ignored a calamity that they were told about again and again and it bites them in the ass.

>>138861383My theory is he writes one chapter at a time. Then he reads it back, realizes it sucks and starts over. Endlessly since 2004.


>>138860973>thinking that 2 books is anywhere near enough to finish it

>>138861014George told his wife to destroy everything related to Winds and Dreams if he doesn't finish them before he dies.

>>138861383I dunno I still think he is basically writing two books at once. He cant do what he did in 4 and 5 and introduce 20 subplotes more because he would fuck himself over for last book. So he really has to make sure that he sets up Winter in a way that makes it actually possible to conclude series in Dreams


>>138860463what is that this supposed to be on the fake cover?

>>138861519D R O P P E DROPPED

>>138860463Dream isn't happening. Maybe Winter will, but I doubt that too.

>>138863492Would be a neat twist if Lady Stoneheart winds up become some sort of Other Queen or a high ranking official in their army

>>138861383>GRRM planned ahead in detail>The dragons were one aspect that I did consider not including. Very early in the process, I was debating, should I do this just as like historical fiction about fake history, and have no actually overt magic or magical elements, but -- my friend Phyllis Eisenstein, a wonderful fantasy writer who lives here in Chicago, I happened to be talking to her. Phyllis has written some great fantasies herself. She said, "Nah, you have to have dragons. It's a fantasy, you know!" And I dedicated A Storm of Swords to Phyllis, who made me put the dragons in, and I think that was the right thing to do.GRRM doesn't know what the hell is he doing


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post maise and stop whining, the book will come when it comes (or not)

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>>138864174Lord knows with her i'd come, very quickly

>your story gets finished by gigahacks and your legacy will be remembered as the most spectacular failing of a tv show in historyis this the biggest JUST in book history?

>>138864215are you an ogre?

>>138861383I really hope this is the case.Like TWOW is released. A year later ADOS is released as well.Probably won't happen though...

>>138864003he isn't he keeps telling people who think that he hasn't written a single chapter of book 7. jeez theoryfags need to stop, it's not healthy anymore

Btw what's up with the upcoming shows? Cancelled because nobody gives a fuck about GoT anymore?

>>138864520dragon series is still happening so the obese fuck can be involved and not write winds

>>138864520There's 4 in production including House of the Dragon which will feature the dance.The one based on the Long Night has been cancelled because dumb + dumber essentially killed any interest people had in the Others

>>138864595I've only heard of House of Dragons what are the others?

>>138864595This is what I'm mad about most. Martin clearly gave the Others a sort of identity and culture in the prologue but D&D just turned them into stupid mindless killing faux robots instead of mystical creatures they are supposed to be


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>>138861689Remember when he said that ADWD would be released in 2006?


>>138865108I still have a first edition of AFFC when he says he hopes ADWD will come out next year or something

>>138861041>the 2 final episodes of GOT are exactly how the books were going to endthat was the hardest part for me, couldn't convince myself he lied to keep it all hidden until proper release

>Splash some blood upon the moon with me, and I promise you a kiss for every kill.Why wasn't TV-Asha/Yara this badass?In the books she fucks dudes for fun. In the show she's just a generic lesbian.

>>138863706no it's not

>>138865215because women can only be liberated when they don't fuck men. Just look at Ellen Page, she's the most liberated woman in human history

>>138863970his wife's son better save them before that

>>138864275>didn't want to pull off a Lost>pulls something worse>Lindelof makes fun of himLmao at George

>>138865108yeah sometimes things don't go according to plan, get tf over it

>>138864452Yeah but if he doesnt know how the plot and character arcs end then he couldnt write winter. I get why the second to last book would be the toughest for him

>>138860463Yeah but what about the next 4 dunk and egg books? and the follow up to fire and blood?

>>138865309she sure liberated that forehead

>>138861041>The real issue is that the 2 final episodes of GOT are exactly how the books were going to endNot really, the broad strokes yes. Cersei will die much earlier in the books so FAegon can take KL and set up a much better explanation for Dany potentially losing her shit.

>>138864777There's the Valyria one.

>>138865819>>138861041Keep in mind, it's established that Jon Connington has PTSD caused by bells, he's actively haunted by them. This is set up in A Dance With Dragons.I'm pretty sure the bells in King's Landing will ring and JonCon will go crazy over it and order an attack that will end up in mass slaughter.D&D never did any sort of groundwork or foreshadowing or backstory for Dany's sudden turn.

>>138861519that's it for the entire series?

*ahem* Fat fuck.

GoT patch 2.1 is now ready for download:>Victarion Greyjoy campaign has been added>Euron Greyjoy has been buffed>The Night King has been removed>Arya Stark's breast size has been increased by 20% due to Maisie Williams' advanced age>Jon Connington has been added to the roster>Jon Snow's real name has been changed to Jaehaerys Targaryen>Aegon Targaryen aka Young Griff as been added to the campaign>Barristan Selmy has been restored as an ally>Beric Dondarrion has been removed>The mysterious Lady Stoneheart can now be encountered in the Riverlands>Jaqen H'ghar has been relocated to the Citadel>to compensate for this change, The Kindly Man has been added to the House of Black and White>Daenerys' eyes have been changed to violet>Sansa Stark has been relocated to the Vale and her name temporarily changed to Alayne Stone>to compensate for this change, Jeyne Poole has been reintroduced and her name changed to Arya Stark>a new cutscene has been added in which Jeyne Poole/Arya Stark gets married to Ramsay Bolton>Theon Greyjoy's appearance has been altered drastically>Jon Snow's intelligence has been restored to previous values after some glitch made him repeat the same phrases over and overMore changes coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy.

Remember when all these redditors who still defend this fat fuck were telling everyone that Gurm was under contract not to release the books while the show was still running and had secretly finished them both? Lol.

--George RR Martin, A Dance With Dragons, Tyrion IV-->"Good morrow, Hugor." Septa Lemore had emerged in her white robes, cinched at the waist with a woven belt of seven colors. Her hair flowed loose about her shoulders. "How did you sleep?">"Fitfully, good lady. I dreamed of you again." A waking dream. He could not sleep, so he had eased a hand between his legs and imagined the septa atop him, breasts bouncing.>"A wicked dream, no doubt. You are a wicked man. Will you pray with me and ask forgiveness for your sins?">Only if we pray in the fashion of the Summer Isles. "No, but do give the Maiden a long, sweet kiss for me.">Laughing, the septa walked to the prow of the boat. It was her custom to bathe in the river every morning.>"Plainly, this boat was not named for you," Tyrion called as she disrobed.>"The Mother and the Father made us in their image, Hugor. We should glory in our bodies, for they are the work of gods.">The gods must have been drunk when they got to me.>The dwarf watched Lemore slip into the water. The sight always made him hard. There was something wonderfully wicked about the thought of peeling the septa out of those chaste white robes and spreading her legs. Innocence despoiled, he thought ...though Lemore was not near as innocent as she appeared. She had stretch marks on her belly that could only have come from childbirth.For clarification, Tyrion is in hiding, so he uses the fake name Hugor in these chapters.

>>138865528Nobody can get over this cunt because he's so fucking fat.

>>138860973Dreams is already done and he's going to double drop them together retard read his blogs there's a lot that he says withousl saying

>>138866358Better have it delayed than have it turn out like LOLTR's steaming pile of shit kys Tolkientard

>>138866482So you admit he never said that and this is a fantasia from your mind?

>>138866482>trusts the fat mans blog

>>138865819>much better explanationIt's not though. fAegon is so convoluted that it makes Dany's descent seem ridiculous and heavy-handed by author mandate, throw Quaithe in there too

>>138866379One thing I've always wondered is how come we've never really met any Lannister bastards?I'm sure there are plenty but they are probably kept under wraps or Tywin had them locked away somewhere under Casterly Rock to preserve family honour or something like that

wind of winter will never come out, hopefully after fat man's death some brave soul will have enough integrity to throw whatever he wrote so far into a fire. It will be a service to humanity

>>138866200Bastards don't get the family name Jonfag

>>138865604I would so much rather have Dunk and Egg.

>>138865934>D&D thought it was a good idea to merge Dany with frickin Jon Conningtonjesus christ that's stupid. the bells foreshadowing is obvious now you mention it. but I still think there is no way to kill Dany off in an offhanded way and satisfy the normies. whatever GRRM's original intentions he ended up writing her as the savior of Westeros and her death has to mean something.

>>138866626We don't meet, but we have Tywin's niece Joy Hill

>>138866626Uhh they literally have a whole city called Lannisport for the bastards you do realize Casterly Lannisters aren't the only Lannisters around? They even allude to Lannispirt merchant Lannisters being wealthier than a lot of the major lords in Westeros

>>138866804if I was the fat man I would be asshurt beyond belief at what D&D have done to his admittedly not bad but bloated as fuck story, I think they might have made him so mad he will never write another chapter

>>138865819Cersei can't die until all three of her kids are dead and Daenerys arrives in Westeros to fuck her up.


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>>138864145>>138861383GRRM compares his writing to gardening, where he 'naturally lets the story grow' and prunes storylines to start them over where necessary. I'm pretty sure we were supposed to have a timeskip in the earlier books, aging the young characters a fair bit and making their more adult decisions make more sense. But GRRM eventually decided against that. As the story grew more complex, he started writing himself into a corner because this method of rewriting storylines became harder. I firmly believe he's had a (nearly) finished manuscript of TWOW a few times now but kept on changing storylines because they weren't to his satisfaction.

>>138865934they also merged joncon with jorah for a plot line that didnt matter so whatevs

>>138865934Except that Dany is already hearing voices when she stumbles on the Dothraki at the end of ADWD, and that involves bells too.It's clearly indicated that it's no longer Quaithe talking to her, and she's hearing the grass speak those things. "Dragons plant no trees", "Remember who you are, the words of your House. Fire and blood." And the she hears the bells. Sure, the bells are in the hair of a Dothraki scout at the time, but certainly I wouldn't rule out that the bells of KL would trigger this very memory in her in the books, causing her to go apeshit.Of course, what with Gurm being in such a "robust health" as he himself puts it, the likelihood that he survives long enough to finish even TWOW is practically zero, what with him dabbling in Fire & Blood vol. 2, more Dunk & Egg, being involved in three or more prequel series with HBO, editing Wild Cards, being involved in Wild Cards and Nightflyers adaptations, and blogging every year more about Murrican handegg than he has written for TWOW over the last ten years.

>>138865107there are some legitimately great phrases in there fuck you

>>138867445name one

>>138867611every single Jaime dialogue

>>138867611near enough to make no matterit simply rolls off the tongue, beautifully

>>138867445>>138867611GRRM came up with his own vaguely medievally sounded dialect which admittedly works pretty well and is more than most fantasy authors even bother to doHe's also fucking great at coming up with family names

>>138867665sweet sister>>138867714my dick rolls of your mother's tongue beautifully

>>138867739no arguments, keep coping

>>138867331>Except that Dany is already hearing voices when she stumbles on the Dothraki at the end of ADWD, and that involves bells too.She had been wandering through the Dothraki sea for days with barely any food or water. By that logic Jaime is going crazy too with all those weird dreams and the growing sexual feelings for Brienne.

>>138867786>>138866379>he had eased a hand between his legs and imagined the septa atop him, breasts bouncing>The dwarf watched Lemore slip into the water. The sight always made him hard.

>>138867864what's wrong with these?


>>138867331What are the other HBO prequels? Weren't they cancelled? The only one I know of is the Targaryen one, which does look like it has potential.

This is the man currently not writing the book he will never release that everyone is waiting for.

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>>138868519how? hbo are icnreasingly not willing to shell out the necessary budget to make epics workif the dunk and egg series was finished that wouldve be an easy slam dunk adaption as it's cheaper and more low key but fatarse hasnt finished that either

>>138868610that's cultural appropriationcancel him!

>>138868219nothing wrong with that

Reminder Daenerys crazy and imagined the Khal at the end of Dance. He ain't real.

If GRRM was a hero, he'd walk straight into the pandemic, unmasked and take it like a champ and spare us all the pain of the long wait for books he will never release.

>>138868807he's a boomerdisappoint is his watchword

>>138863492Considering that the others are a metaphor for global climate change, I would be happy with this ending

>>138868638A medieval setting with a civil war plot where families ride dragons sounds like an easy hit to me. HBO has already ordered a full season without even seeing any test footage, unlike what they did with the Long Night prequel, where they cancelled it after seeing the pilot. Whether or not the show works depends on how good the characters are written. They have the budget, so spectacle is not a problem. Sapochnik is in charge, and he has experience with battles, but if the writing is solid, the show will be a success. The plot is essentially a tighter version of GoT but with no White Walkers. If done successfully, this could very well resemble GoT when it was in its peak in terms of character and plot. I can see why HBO wanted to go in this direction, it sounds more safe and less risky than the Long Night prequel.

>>138868959there will never be an ending

>>138869039they were breaking the bank with one dragon. but doing a war with extras and then adding a whole bunch of dragons fighting? nope, not a chance. would it even get the viewing figures? got was lightening in a bottle, unlikely they'll get the numberseither will be shite

>>138869132>would it even get the viewing figures?GoT fans haven't gone anywhere. They will watch another Westeros adaptation if it's good. And Dabid isn't involved, so there is no reason for normies to tune this out. Mandalorian salvaged Star Wars despite the bad rep with the movies. It's self sustaining now because the audience realized that it's done by a different team.

>>138869132Breaking Bank - A Documentary About the Downfall of HBO, narrated by David Benioff

The same amount of time has passed between the entirety of Book 1-4 then 5-6.

>>138869226mate, all the fans are fuming still. they're overhwelmingly not going to come back to watch more tripe.more tripe, may i add, that hasn't been finished as many elements of the dance of the dragons tie into the main story meaning there are plot threads still dangling.normies dont know about dabid, they remember it was shit and they likely don't want to watch more sword and scorceryalso lmao mandalorian hasnt salvaged shit, disney likely are still in the hole in regards to star wars, even more so now due to the rona

>>138869041buddy, I knew I probably wouldn't see an ending to this series back in 2004, why are you posting this?

>>138867012Tommen is killed by Aegon, Myrcella is killed by the Dornish somehow.Cersei doesn't really have to be involved with Dany at all, showrunners just loved Lena Headey / didn't want to add Aegon so they merged storylines.

>>138869393Normies have the attention span of a goldfish, they will come back if the show looks good. I don't know if you've noticed but Mando is big with the normies.

>>138869405you said you would be happy with the ending. there will be no ending

>>138869450we'll agree to disagree, got has been tainted in the eyes of normiesyou forget, most normies still liked the sequel movies, while they all hated the got ending

>releases 4 books in the 9 years between 1996 and 2005>releases one book in the 14 years between 2006 and 2020

>>138869461How are those contradictory, dummy?

>>138869569He could have sired a son in this time and he'd be old enough to finish the books for him by the time he dies

>>138869569>story has moved forward only one click since 1996 - 24 years ago

>>138869598there is no ending. never will be. you will never get to like any ending.

>>138869676ok, you still haven't made a point. I'll ask again, why are you posting this?

>>138869569there is still time to father a son if he finds himself a young broad to bang. with luck, by the time GRRM dies, the son will be old enough to write Dream of Spring, assuming GRRM finished Winds before then

>>138869737there will be no ending you can ever like. it will never be real.

ASOIAF should have stayed a trilogy as originally planned. This obsession with long, bloated, series is the worst thing about fantasy books.


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>>138869803I like plenty of things that aren't real. This is a board for discussion of television and film, where by definition most of the content being discussed isn't real. I truly don't understand you.

>>138869755If Sibel shows up with a son, you know who's the father

>>138869819It’s cos he apparently has no discipline and has to let his characters do what’s natural and so bloat happens.I know he’s fucked over other authors who won’t be touched by publishers who fear the dame outcome again

>>138869851it was merely a reply in response to you saying you'd like the ending. so I said there won't be an ending. that was all really.

>>138869890kek, he's obsessed with her. it wouldn't surprise me

>>138869984I said I'd like that user's hypothetical ending. headcannon endings are still endings. The point of written fiction is to allow the reader to project as much into the story as they want

>>138870035Why? There are far more attractive actresses from the show

At least we have Based Joe to carry on the "low fantasy" genre

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Is he a CHAD or a simp? He got his Stacey crush and her dumb husband killed and now he can fuck their daughter at any moment before selling her to Harry the Heir.

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Why didn't they put cyvasse in Game of Thrones? You'd think they'd want to capitalize on anything that can be sold as merchandise, or video games, right? Cyvasse would make for a perfect online mini game or board game.

>>138869569Reminder that according to the original outline, we've barely started what should've been book two which included Dany invading

>>138870071and you'll have to, because there won't be an actual real ending

>>138870110For me it’s the Prince of Thorns series, and its sequel.

>>138870153George himself has no clue how cyvasse is played or the rules or why it would be popular. Why do his job?

>>138870153i could never figure out how to pronounce cyvasse...>civ-ass>cayv-ass>civ-ass-ee>cayv-ass-ee>cee-vahs-eh>civ-ahs-ee>civ-ah-say>cee-vahs-ayidk man

>>138869443>Cersei doesn't really have to be involved with Dany at allDid you forget the prophecy part of a queen taking away Cersei's spot?

Why do I love Darkstar so much? It's pretty simple when I think about it. Darkstar isn't just the best character in the series, he might just be the greatest character of all time. Just imaging him riding through the sands of Dorne, the wind in his hair, his mighty steed below him. As he rides through the red mountains, the ladies swoon at his very scent. They know how he smells, the essence of his smell is sold in Planky Town under the the name of "Greenblood Orgasm." The very nature of Darkstar is mystery. could he be playing a deeper game than even his creator realizes? The answer is yes, he has transcended such boundaries as the written world, and has free will to do whatever he sees fit. However, Darkstar is filled with such guile, such arcane craft that he does not even use these powers. Why, you might ask? You will never know, for the mind of the Darkstar is not one that is easily penetrated. Darkstar is such a force of nature in his realm that nothing can truly touch him, the only thing keeping him bound to the page at all is his will to exist within the preordained boundaries of his world. Darkstar is not only beyond the comprehension of us, he exists within a plane of true focus and beauty. Observe his playful smile, his gorgeous and rippling biceps, his gallant nose, and most importantly, his eyes. His eyes, like pools of saffron, provide the only glimpse into the true machinations of Darkstar. Do not stare into them. Many good men have gone mad in the attempt. Darkstar is not just a character, a formless collection of words and images, he is himself is the binding that holds the saga together. Without Darkstar, the entire series, the entire world of Westeros as we know it crumbles. The Trident would stop flowing without Darkstar, the Reach would become a desolate crater, and the Wall would melt without his frosty gaze. These are just of a few of the reasons why I like Darkstar so much.

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>>138870102Because she's the only one who he got to fuck

>>138870293I believe some fans have tried to put together some rules for it on a different website. of course it's not official, but better than nothing. wish there was an official board with pieces. They missed out. I mean, they hired a dude to come up with the entire dothraki and valryrian languages for GoT. a board game would not have been too difficult to figure out

>>138860463>Winds of Winter dropskek

>>138870322Arianne, Marg, SansaAll could

>>138870260I'll check it out, never read anything of his

>>138870153I'm more surprised that HBO didn't make a game

>>138870303chai vay sea

>>138870362Ew. Well at least she was accurately cast, even if she couldn’t actAlso isn’t he married

>>138870398It will be Val. Jon's Ice Queen.

>>138870422Just a warning, the Thorns series has an edgmeistersupreme as the main character but it’s for a purpose and they get less edgy as time goes on.Red queens war series is much more normal from the outset but should still be read second. As should the short stories.

>>138869819At one point grrm started caring more about worldbuilding than about the plot and characters he had set up which is why half of ADWD is telling us about the lore of Meereen and Essos' sellsword companies

>>138864131if she does not drop dead by Jon's ressurection, like Beric did possibly saving Jamie from hanging

>>138866626There's a theory that Marei, a whore in Alayaya's brothel, is Tywin's bastard daughter.>Blonde with green eyes>Was born during Tywin's tenure as Aerys's Hand>Varys states that the secret passage from Alayaya's to the Red Keep was built on the orders of a Hand whose honour could not let him be seen frequenting whores

>>138870128The simpest of simps >Catelyn and Petyr danced six dances that night, but when he tried to kiss her, she pushed him away and laughed at him.>Petyr, scarcely fifteen years old, challenged the twenty-year-old Brandon Stark to a duel for her hand. Petyr asked Catelyn for her favor to wear, but she refused, giving it to Brandon instead

>>138870711Jon will be resurrected by the Others' God like Coldhands and he will be the new Night's King. He will control the Crows with his warg magic and the wildlings will worship him as a God.

>>138870153>>138870293It's just not-Chess

>>138870480>We had such an amazing cast, I mean not only the people here tonight but some of the people who couldn't make it, like Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Sibel Kekilli, umm... you know... Mark Addy who played Robert, great great great cast I was honored to work with them>On Thursday, we're off to Germany. I have a big event in Hamburg, and Sibel Kekilli has promised to show me her city... seeing as how I showed her Santa Fe a few months ago, it's only fair.>When I met George R.R. Martin for the first time, he said, “Oh Sibel, your Shae is better than my Shae.”>And we're quite proud of the fact that George R.R. Martin has grown to love the show's Shae, thanks in large part to Sibel's brilliance in the role.>I've met some wonderful people through GAME OF THRONES, and Sibel is one of them. What an amazing, talented, courageous young woman. And yes, I confess it: her Shae was better than my Shae.

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'member all the Nedposting lads?i 'member

Attached: got ashara ned.jpg (600x838, 54.44K)

>>138870374George said he tried to work it out with a board game company but they couldn't get it to both work and be something as popular, complex and smart as the books pretend it's meant to be

>>138870789>She had not thought of that in years. How young they all had been—she no older than Sansa,Lysa younger than Arya, and Petyr younger still, yet eager. The girls had traded him betweenthem, serious and giggling by turns. It came back to her so vividly she could almost feel hissweaty fingers on her shoulders and taste the mint on his breath. There was always mint growingin the godswood, and Petyr had liked to chew it. He had been such a bold little boy, always introuble. “He tried to put his tongue in my mouth,” Catelyn had confessed to her sister afterward,when they were alone. “He did with me too,” Lysa had whispered, shy and breathless. “I liked it.”Catelyn was a slut. I bet he wasn't lying about taking her virginity. Ned is too dumb to differentiate between a virgin and a non virgin after all.

>>138870911Wildlings don't like skinchangers

>>138871073Most of them love Lord Snow tho

>>138870964grrm.livejournal.com/155522.html>it's real

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>>138870964Disgusting. She was shit.Also I remember someone tallying up the amount of words he’s written on his blog. Frankly shocking.

>>138871053No, Ned took her virginity, though he sucked at it>Ned was shorter and plainer of face, and so somber. He spoke courteously enough, but beneath the words she sensed a coolness that was all at odds with Brandon, whose mirths had been as wild as his rages. Even when he took her maidenhood, their love had more of duty to it than of passion.

>>138871204>now with the rona on there’s no distractions>it’ll be finished quickly>right?

>>138871165Most don't know he is one and just like being south of the Wall. Plenty more didn't even bother going to the Wall. Lol at Mother Mole

>>138870334I prefer Rickon the Cannibal

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>>138865528there's "sometimes things don't go according to plan" and then there's being a fat lazy fuck, take a guess which one applies to gurrm

>>138871624Nice fanfic

>>138871634This. Stop making excuses.He should have had the whole series done by 2010 at the latest.

>>138870789>>138871282She wanted Brandon the CHAD inside her. Ironic how she treated his son Jon who inherited his looks and temper. She probably wanted to fuck Jon but she won't admit it.

>>138868959Remember when the great global threat disappeared after episode 3? Haven't heard a peep about climate change since 'rona. Must not be a big deal after all.

>>138871676>lives in island full of cannibals>not a cannibalCope

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>>138871624>>138871880He needs to be King in the North in the ending

>>138871779>his looks and temper.Fuck off Jonfag. Jon looks like Ned, is a spoiled little shit and is too pussy to get his dick wet without getting raped. Aka nothing like Brandon

>>138871880Osha is best girl desu

>>138871951For me, it's Amerei Frey the Onahole of the seven kingdoms

Attached: 250px-Amerei_frey.jpg (250x330, 49.5K)

When will they meet?

Attached: g4eezh1e2ay31.jpg (2230x1310, 334.02K)


>>138872182I think in the books she is going to go right to the wall to help out and meet Jon there, Aegon will establish a peaceful rule while she is up there and Euron knocks down the Wall and steals a dragon or two After victory Tyrion will talk her into sacking King’s Landing and she will do it. Sometime during all of this her and Jon have a better love story than the show but Jon still kills her in the end after her tantrum and knowing after Aegon that he will be next eventually.

>>138866804I feel like Dany should die on dragonback, as it would parallel how many of the dragon riders in the prequels went down with their mounts. Her death also wouldn't have to be particularly detailed or dramatic that way.

>>138871921Cope>“My lord is wise.” Ser Alliser seized Jon by the arm.>Jon yanked away and grabbed the knight by the throat with such ferocity that he lifted him off the floor. He would have throttled him if the Eastwatch men had not pulled him off. Thorne staggered back, rubbing the marks Jon’s fingers had left on his neck. “You see for yourselves, brothers. The boy is a wildling.>And then the years were gone, and he was back at Winterfell once more, wearing a quilted leather coat in place of mail and plate. His sword was made of wood, and it was Robb who stood facing him, not iron Emmett…>…In the end Halder and Horse had to pull him away from Iron Emmett, one man on either arm. The ranger sat on the ground dazed, his shield half in splinters, the visor of his helm knocked askew, and his sword six yards away. “Jon, enough,” Halder was shouting, “he’s down, you disarmed him. Enough!”…>Iron Emmett pulled his battered helm off. “Was there some part of yield you could not comprehend, Lord Snow?” It was said amiably, though. Emmett was an amiable man, and he loved the song of swords. “Warrior defend me,” he groaned, “now I know how Qhorin Halfhand must have felt.”>The spears were eight feet long and made of ash. The one on the left had a slight crook, but the other two were smooth and straight. At the top of each was impaled a severed head. Their beards were full of ice, and the falling snow had given them white hoods. Where their eyes had been, only empty sockets remained, black and bloody holes that stared down in silent accusation…>Jon Snow grasped the spear that bore Garth Greyfeather’s head and wrenched it violently from the ground. “Pull down the other two,” he commanded, and four of the crows hurried to obey.

>>138872440Based Jon

>>138872391>Jon>nextWith what dragon is Rhaegar gonna enforce his polygamy? With what charisma is Jon gonna rally troops to support him in order to be a threat to Dzny when he's never been south, would be an oathbreaker if he leaves the Wall and knows no one of influence?

>>138870110Fantasy books are super cringe unless they become translated into video game format in which case they start becoming kino.

>>138863970I don't think his wife would want to throw away millions in royalities

>>138872440So nothing about looking like Brandon and getting angry three times in his life means he's wolf blooded like Chad Brandon? Lmao

>>138871779No, he looked like Ned. She hated him for that and because she thought that Ned was in love with the mom.>Whoever Jon’s mother had been, Ned must have loved her fiercely, for nothing Catelyn said would persuade him to send the boy away. It was the one thing she could never forgive him. She had come to love her husband with all her heart, but she had never found it in her to love Jon. She might have overlooked a dozen bastards for Ned’s sake, so long as they were out of sight. Jon was never out of sight, and as he grew, he looked more like Ned than any of the trueborn sons she bore him. Somehow that made it worse.

>>138872182>>138872391Jon+Val is the end game.>“Have you been trying to steal my wolf?” he asked her. “Why not? If every woman had a direwolf, men would be much sweeter. Even crows.”>“Har!” laughed Tormund Giantsbane. >“Don’t bandy words with this one, Lord Snow, she’s too clever for the likes o’ you and me. Best steal her quick, before Toregg wakes up and takes her first.”>But that bridge had been burned a long time ago, and Jon himself had thrown the torch. “Toregg is welcome to her,” he announced. “I took a vow.”>“She won’t mind. Will you, girl?”>Val patted the long bone knife on her hip. “Lord Crow is welcome to steal into my bed any night he dares. Once he’s been gelded, keeping those vows will come much easier for him.”

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>>138860463>2-5 years - The Winds of Winter drops>10-20 years - A Dream of Spring dropsYou are as delusional as GRRM himself. We will likely get Winds at some point, but that's it. And it's not going to be two more books. There are AT LEAST three books left.As of now, we aren't even at the halfway point for the story. People don't understand this because they either havent actually read the books or they've let the show carry them forward mentally in the narrative. But, let that sink in: most of the character arcs havent reached the pivot point of moving towards the final confrontation / reunion. We aren't even halfway through ASoIaF yet. Unless there are several multiple massive die-offs of entire character sub-plots / locations, the series will almost certainly never be finished by GRRM.

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>>138872551Jon will be reborn as the champion of the Great Other. There's no need for charisma when he can march an army of the dead. No one will will question his oaths then.


>>138871880>Falling for the cannibal propagandaSkagosi are probably the chillest of chills living their lives in isolation away from greenlanders faggotry and backstabbing AND refusing to pay their taxesYou cope

>>138872929With how fast and efficiently he moved Jon Connington and Aegon's plots along in Dance, it is technically doable to wrap everything up in Winds and Dream. But only if GRRM doesn't well on worldbuilding anymore. The time for that is well past. If he uses the same fast progression as in those Tyrion/JonCon chapters, it's doable. I mean in the span of a few chapters we found out about Griff and Young Griff's existences, then about their "true" identities as JonCon and Aegon and then the plan to marry him to Dany and then Aegon's decision to go to Westeros instead. It was pretty fast paced for GRRM.

George is 71

>>138872551Why did no one in show call jon an oathbreaker after leaving the watch?

>>138860463No way he lives long enough for dream of spring.

>>138872908Best ship, maybe I'll play CK2 and marry them

>>138873152cause the vows only go until the person's death. Jon died.

>>138861383Taking out the five year gap broke his flow. Its ogre we all have been had.

I lightly hope that the old fart is writing both books at the same time, only releasing them when both are ready. This would be the high-iq thing to do. But I don't want the old man to torture himself too much: he either writes it or he doesn't and we shouldn't be hard on him. I'd like an end to asoiaf that he wanted and managed to write, rather than a conclusion that has been pressed out of him, dictated under Chinese water torture and ecstasy .>>138861658This would be pretty amusing. And all he has to do is to write 'fuck' instead of 'storming' or whatever. Also, Cosmere tv/movies soon (sometime later this decade).

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>>138873152Only bad guys care about oaths. Ramsay called him out>>138873192>implying anyone would believe his ridiculous story

>>138873132Yeah, people always say how slow Dance is, but I think that's mainly because of Meereen and Dany. She's very static.Other POVs in Dance move the plot along really fast.

>>138861658>Brandon Sanderson will finish the series in 4 months.Brandon Sanderson is a Merman who literally cannot write ASoIaF as you know it on general principle. He is also a shitty writer who churns out giant doorstopper books every year and fools retards who know nothing about writing that that is actually "really good" because "more content is more gooder".A significant reason that we are in the mess we're in is because GRRM fired his previous editor and replaced her with someone who let him ramble and write a giant absurd tome. This, by the way, is why fantasy authors are hated. It's not fantasy itself.. it's the fact that most of them are just bad writers who pop adderal and just write and write and write. Sanderson would litearlly be the exact opposite problem of GRRM.

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>>138873192God that's so lazy

>>138873249They killed him. They literally killed him and then he was alive again. Whats there not to believe? They all saw it

>>138873142So? American meme candidates are both like 90+, and its arguably more diffucult job then writing novel about tits and dragons. He'll be fine

>>138872551>With what charisma is Jon gonna rally troops to support him in order to be a threat to Dzny when he's never been southJon is pretty charismatic. The wildlings army was ready march with him when he asked.The northern will fellow him when he takes Winterfell for sure.>would be an oathbreaker if he leaves the Wall and knows no one of influence?Stannia is willing to reward him with lands and title. No one will call him an oathbreaker if he supports Stannis and Shireen.

>>138873034Nope. D&D got the show partially because they answered that Jon is Rhaegar's son. Also, what is the point of Ned ruining his honor to protect Brandon's bastard?

>>138873132i suspect he'll kill them off and they were only there to pad the story to allow other storylines to "sync up". But he's going to have to kill off more than that to be done in two books.

>>138873307They're both senile and have little to no presence of mind

Attached: alys_karstark.jpg (220x281, 12.75K)

>>138873192No one will believe it tho

>>138873292Thats the whole setup for itThey keep hammering it into peoples heads how they serve until death. Then he dies. So he no longer serves

>>138872440Ned also had a pretty bad temper when pissed off. Remember all his nonstop seething towards Jaime and Tywin, how he choked LF for telling him that his wife was in a whorehouse and how he nearly slapped Cat for mentioning Ashara's name

>>138864276Lad just has a British fetish.

>>138873341GRRM isn't senile at all though, like if you watch interviews of him, he is always coherent, rational and thoughtful.

>>138872908Wildling whore can't compete with ubermensch dragon auntie

>>138873299>Whats there not to believe? They all saw itThe people south of they wall didn't see anything. Everyone besides the watch, wildlings and queen's man will call him an oathbreaker if he goes to war south of wall.

>>138873299Who saw it? The wildlings the Northerners hate or Jon's friends at the Watch after he let Wildlings pass making them oathbreakers?

>>138873345>Alys Karstark

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I only watched the first season, 2 episodes of s2 and then most of the last season. I also would watch sequences like the red wedding, the big fight with the Mandalorian and the mountAin, sex scenes, stuff like that. I actually think it’s all pretty good. They should do a recut version and jettison some of the hokier plot lines and dumb stuff. I think on balance the show could be a great one but too much nonsense.

>>138873465Good thing the books have Robb's will in addition to Jon dying.

>>138873456Barren slut has taken miles of cock from Drogo, Daario and Moon boy too

>>138873529Jon turned down Stannis' offer to be made Jon Stark. Literally all he had to do was say "Okay." but he didn't.

>>138873311>charismatic>massive conspiracy to kill him surrounding him and he doesn't even know cause he has no friends and is unpopular Yeah, sureThey'll still call him an oathbreaker, most don't even consider Stannis their king so whatever he says doesn't matter. There's a reason Stannis needs to win over people one Lord or clan at a time and promise Rickon, and even then the Northerners might turn on him

>>138861519Wish the D R O P P E D poster would return

my boy Victarion gonna win this thing with brute force

>>138873450Yes but that won't last forever, if he keeps at this pace he might not have it in him by the time ADOS needs finishing. Unless the fact he spent his life on intellectual efforts keeps his mind sharp well into old age.

>>138873469There is no oath breaking in letting the wildlings pass. The swore to protect the realm of men and the wildlings are part of it.

>>138873564And then he was stabbed to death by his own Night's Watch brothers. If he thinks that he can't do what he has to do as a member of The Watch anymore, and if he wants to honor his "brother's" will, I could see him leaving The Watch. He was stabbed because he tried to play politics and still be a member of The Watch, so this could be what he needs to get what he wants.

>>138873662Euron is playing him like a fiddle

>>138873529>kings can dismiss vows to the WatchAccording to who? At best, Robb's kingdom won't immediately try to kill Jon for being an oathbreaker, everyone South not including Riverlands however will call Jon what he is, oathbreaker

>>138873677No, they aren't. That's not the way the North saw it or the Watch.

>>138872908>Jon+Val is the end gameHis last chapter in the book will be going North and marrying Val and leading the Wildlings. The show gave us a suptidly motivated version (exiled) while in the books it will be entirely his choice to give Bran the throne and they go to where he was last happy

>>138873784And Jon will care why?

>>138873862*and then he goes

George has locked himelf away in a cabin and he's been writing feverishly for months.

Attached: don't believe his lies.jpg (535x800, 64.44K)

>>138860463>20-30 years - Game of Thrones reboottry less than 15 years

>>138873784Stannis was going to make him a Stark. Kings can dismiss vows apparently.

>>138873561>and Moon boy tooIt's amazing how that guy slays so much pussy despite being a jester with brain damage.

>>138861463>its a matter now of being able to write it all downPairing it down really, IIRC he has like 3000 pages of manuscript written, the challenge is trimming the irrelevant shit without breaking plotlines.

>>138873784He just need to win the throne. No one is going to call the king an oathbreaker at his face.

>>138873744Euron is too cocky and greatly underestimating Victarion. He's not as stupid as everyone thinks. He's just very focused on his strength, but he'll surprise everyone I think.

>>138860973Then dont release at all or just end with winds of winter.

>>138873912But the House of the Dragon show is still in show canon. You don’t think that will push a reboot back a few years?

>>138874003Euron = Daario

>>138866085despite what people tell you here, most actors are not jewish

>>138873995>No one is going to call the king an oathbreaker at his face.Yes they will, just like everyone did with Jaime

>>138873864Have you been following anything we've been saying? >>138872551>>138873920No, he wanted to, doesn't mean it would be recognized by others especially people who don't consider him to be king of jackshit

>>138874064i'm just happy Maisie isn't jewish

Attached: Maisie blonde watch.jpg (720x884, 55.56K)

>>138861383My theory is he has a harem underneath his house where he has massive portraits of all kids who used to bully him, so while he is fucking 5 hot chinks at the time he is screaming at the portraits "look at me now Kyle!! Look who is the fat slob now huh Kyle?!", and he does this for most of the day so he has no time to write.

>>138874136I have. I was the one you responded to. If the Northerners make Jon king due to Robb's decree, what the fuck are the Riverlands going to do? Declare war on them? Why? I have no idea what your point is.

>>138874096>>138874136What if he blows the Horn of winter and let the others pass? Who is going to call him an oathbreaker then?

>>138874143what difference does it make? look at the way she lives her life, she has embraced everything the tribe wants her to do and say. Sophie on the other hand claned up and married and reproduced with an upstanding Christian man.

>>138870398Would be kino if it ended up being Myrcella. Cersei chooses to kill her own daughter- who is being used as Arianne's puppet- to retain her power, which is what makes Jaime decide to kill her.

>>138874220How is Jon gonna be next and a threat to Dany with one kingdom at best, with all the rest considering him an oathbreaker? Riverlands wouldn't side with Jon, no Tully blood and neither Edmure or Blackfish trust Jon cause Cat. And that's not even getting into the fact he'd have to contend with Bran, Sansa and Rickon for rights to the Northern throne

>>138874096Spikes, heads and walls.

>>138874223Are there giants in the Wall now? Why do you think a horn that legend says woke giants is gonna break a Wall that existed with Joramun blew it?

>>138874511Yes, just like AoT.

>>138874453>How is Jon gonna be next and a threat to Dany with one kingdom at best, with all the rest considering him an oathbreaker?I never made that argument. When I said I was the one you responded to, I meant >>138873529 and >>138873684. I'm saying that Jon can become KITN. The other shit wasn't me.

>>138874606Well then how is he gonna contend with Bran, Rickon and Sansa then?

>>138874649Because Robb legitimized Jon, not Bran, Rickon or Sansa. Furthermore, where are Bran, Rickon or Sansa? Not many people know.

>>138874235>Joe Jonas>an upstanding Christian man.Lmao everyone on the planet knows he's a brother fucker.

>>138860463Fart winds of anus. This series is trash and nobody cares anymore. LOST 2.0.

>>138874742Legit children > Legitimize bastard from a King who didn't even get his independence

>>138874782You are just jealous

Attached: A94F3489-A9FE-4B46-B7CC-8F43F3C87AFA.jpg (800x1058, 140.79K)

>>138874606You Jon fanbois are ridiculous.

The real Dream of Spring was the dreams of release dates we had along the way

>>138874803More people talked about LOST for a year after it ended than GoT.

>>138874742Sansa is in the Vale with Littlefinger having a plan to bring her North with an army, Davos is getting Rickon right now, and both are Ned's legitimate kids by birth. Manderlys are already vying for RickonJon's claim will be in dispute with facts about his being made heir being faulty and whether a king can really choose their heir

>>138874868Post a recent image of her. She is fat and bloated as fuck


>>138874096Jaime still managed to keep his job despite doing more than enough to get Wall'd

>>138860463He's too old. It won't be finished.

>>138860499As someone who actually read the series back from the 90s, I at least need some fucking closure, even if the last 2 books haven't been great

>>138861689one letter each day

>>138872285She does it for free

>>138874843Not everyone in Westeros sees it that way. In fact, the story of Daemon Blackfyre was meant to show that George can't solve this problem.

>>138865107>as useless as nipples on a breastplateActually a funny line though. I use it IRL

>>138874843Whether he got his independence or not is completely fucking irrelevant. If the North want to follow Robb's will, they will rally behind Jon. Bran isn't there, Sansa isn't there, and Rickon is little more than a baby. Why do you have such a hard-on against a plot that GRRM has setup in multiple ways? I'm not saying that Jon WILL be KITN; he could be Rickon's protector until the latter comes of age. I'm also not saying that Jon will STAY as KITN. All I am saying is that GRRM laid the groundwork for it to be possible.

>>138874940She just had a babby, probably enjoying the booze for the first time in nine months.

>>138874868Well if he's actually fucking Sophie then congrats to him, but we all know they're both gay.

>>138874868The pharmacy didn't give her a bag for her Valtrex?

>>138863970Which is so bizarre because GRRM keeps saying shit like "nobody cared that Franz Kafka never finished his books." Yeah, George, and we never would've been able to appreciate them if his family burned it all after he died.

>>138875144One thing I've realized about GRRM is that he seems extremely selfish and has little self-control. To the point that he only writes to amuse himself and if he's not amused, he loses all interest. You don't see many fat writers for a reason. He's more like a Kevin Smith type... a fanboi who tried his hand and being a creator, actually had some success, but never lost the "fan" mentality. You would think that would be a good thing and make him more humble and "real" but we all now how "superfans" are. It's actually not a good thing.

>>138870789Still more Chad then the anons here, who have never even danced with girls.